Calorie Counters - Counting calories vs. Low-ish carb, and trouble getting all my calories in.

01-27-2010, 06:41 PM
OK. I have always struggled with eating enough, I usually feel if I am not eating too little, then I am eating too much. And I guess I have the mentality that if I am not suffering, then I am not losing (also the less I eat the better). I know that all those things are not true, and the body needs a certain amount of calories in order to function properly...So why then am I having an almost anorexic mind-set of "the less I eat, the more weight I will lose". I am almost convinced of the previous statement...PLEASE TELL ME IT IS NOT TRUE! Today I have consumed only about 600 cals, and I know I will not be able to squeeze in more than 500-600 for dinner. (I am supposed to be eating at least 1700 daily).

I have also recently upped my activity level, and changed my routine. I have been pretty active through this entire thing (30Dshread, 3mile walks, gym a few times a week, misc. dvds) but now I am going to the gym at least 5X a week, doing some sort of cardio almost every day, doing a kettle bell work out at least 3x a week, and some other resistance training at the gym.

Here are the (dreaded) questions:
1)Is 1700 calories sufficient given my weight of 195, and above activity level?

(Precursor to next question): I calorie count obviously, but I also eat moderately low carbs because low carb seems to be near the only effective way for women in my family to lose weight. (I am by far the smallest, at 195).

2)Given that I seem to have trouble making my calorie goal, can I eat more carbs without gaining? Will I see an initial gain.

I have trouble understanding calorie counting. Like if I stay at or below my calorie goal, in theory I can eat anything...but is that a fact?

For instance: One day I have eaten 1300 calories of healthy food, I have 400 remaining...Can I guilt-free have a donut?

I know that I rambled, and I am not sure if this post will be hard to understand, but please try to help...I am SO confused.
Thanks in advance ~Sara.

01-27-2010, 07:38 PM
In theory, you can eat anything as long as you stay below your calorie goal. A lot of people suggest 90/10, so if 90% of your calories are healthy foods, it's ok to be more flexible with the other 10%.

However, since you are saying that you have to stay low carb to lose, then I think a donut isn't a good choice even if you have enough calories.

As far as how many calories to eat, I'm personally a bit skeptical about the whole "you need to eat more to lose" theory. The contestants on the biggest loser are working out intensively for hours and hours a day and losing on 1200 calories. I'm not saying you should go down to that, but I would think that 1700 should be fine, unless you are feeling weak and tired and/or hungry all the time. You don't have to suffer and feel deprived to lose weight, when you make good choices, you shouldn't feel that way, IMO. (at least not all the time, we all have those times when we want the donut or whatever and feel a little deprived but also a little good about choosing not to have it)

01-27-2010, 08:34 PM
Thanks for the advice PeanutsMom! I don't know how it could be healthy for those biggest loser people to be so big, eat so little, and work out so much. (I have always wondered why and how they were encouraged to eat so little, as it also is not practical in the very long term). I know that I have lost muscle mass from eating 1200 calories, so I know it needs to be more than that. I guess the reason I am suffering is because I don't have enough "acceptable" foods in my rotation. And Carb cravings, I get headaches all the time because of the lack of carbs. Thanks again!