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01-26-2010, 11:30 PM
Well today is my 5 week surgiversary...the first 4 weeks went GREAT! No problems whatsoever...but for the past week I have had such a tummy ache that I don't even want to eat...I've been diligent in getting in my protein shakes everyday..50 grams at least...and drinkin water...but not as much as I should..I had been doing so well. I was enjoying egg whites with cheese...mashed beans with cheese...tilapia nice and moist...cottage cheese, soup,,.everything soft and chewed well..last saturday I took a small bite of chicken breast chewed well and I became violently ill vomiting for nearly 30 mins (no one else got sick the chicken was fresh so I knw that wasn't the prob)...ever since (been 10 days since) my tummy has been aching something AWFUL. I liken it to a tummy ache like when u catch a stomach bug or virus...bathroom business is normal but I can't help but worry about some of the stuff I've read like strictures or blockages, or even leaks :( I called my surgeons office today. I didn't have my one month followup til this coming Friday. First thing they ask is if I've been able to keep down foods and liquds...yes mostly but have had a few vomiting episodes...then they asked if I had severe sharp pains...well "no" but I am in pain. Dr. Decided I wouldn't get an xray at this time and bumped my visit up to Thursday morning. I know any kind of pain after having been feeling great isn't normal so I'm scared. I wonder if I should ask for an endoscopy or something? I just wanna go back to feeling normal...and being able to eat a little again and be pain-free. Thanks for takin the time to read this. Any ideas or suggestions to ask Doc would be so appreciated :) hugzzz Oh! And btw...week 5 and down 27 pounds whew!

01-27-2010, 10:19 AM
oh boy. trust me - i know what you're go through. after about a month, i threw up several times a day for 6 weeks! my surgeon said that some folks just have what he called 'a touchy stomach' - and that it would stop almost as suddenly as it started.

but i'm concerned about the pain - and am glad that the doc moved your appt up. it might be a good idea to keep a log about what you're eating/drinking and WHEN you feel pain [and make notes about whether the pain is sharp or dull and constant, or whatever]. it'll help your doc figure out what's going on.

keep us posted!!!!

01-27-2010, 03:02 PM
Great tips jiffy! Thanks so much...you always have such helpful words of wisdom...the dull pain comes and goes like now I'm feeling great and lookin forward to going to the gym after work. We'll see what doc says. I'll keep ya posted. Happy Hump Day!

01-28-2010, 10:22 PM
I went to see my surgeon 2day. He asks a bunch of question trying to eliminate the. Worst:
Are u able to keep water and protein shakes down? YES
NO vomiting with the liquids? NO
Fever? NO
Taking ur vits, calcium, and gall bladder prevention med? YES
U having regular BMs? YES
Drinking enough water? YES
But I have this pain in my tummy I can't take it I was feelin fine first 4 weeks. Then comes the good part...what have u been eating...well week five I'm handling very moist tilapia shrimp cheese low sodium deli meets and pureed legumes. Then I got the stern look and I could tell instantly he was NOT happy with me...he actually looked upset and his jaw tightened up. "Where did u get the idea you could have that? No where on ur diet does it say u should be having that. You are to be on stage 1 liquid diet for the 1st month" I told hime @ my 1 wk followup the nurse said in 2 weeks I could progress. He said he was gonna find out who gave me the misinformation and I hope I didn't get any1 in trouble. He made it sound like heads are gonna roll! He says poultry fish and shrimp are dense proteins and ,+( good for my pouch which is still healing. Based on my answers 2 his questions he feels confident I have no leak nor a stricture. I'm back on the phase 1 diet for one week at which point next week I can graduate to stage 2 which is the mushies "babyfood" (figuratively speaking of course) and then he wants 2 c me in 2 weeks. He says if I experience any severe pain call him asap. Oh and I need 2 start takin prilosec as well...so pouchie needs a rest and let's see if that helps. He was thrilled with my weight loss which he says avg is 20-30 lbs first month and I made it rite @ the 30 lb mark yayyy!

01-28-2010, 10:49 PM
good for you, darlin!!!! and don't worry about his ISSUES with the office staff - they're supposed to be telling you what his policies are - and if there's a problem, he needs to know about it.

soooo, how about doing something really nice for yourself? manicure/pedicure? a new haircut? red lipstick? just something to lift your spirits.

great job!!!!

02-01-2010, 11:47 AM
I had the tummy thing going on also. My doc told me to take an antiacid every morning...sure nuf, pain stopped.

02-01-2010, 10:02 PM
Well I'm on day 4 of the whole back to basics thing and prilosec and thank heavens my pouchie seems happier...sumtimes tender but certainly better than it was...still can't rid my brain of the "look" doc gave me tho..yikes! Oh and Jiffy I liked your idea about small rewards so much I took ur. Advice and bought myself a 10 dollar pair of jeans that fit...I figured for ten bucks it was what I would have spent on a lipstick :) and the boost it gave me was incomparable...even if they don't fit me for long I was happy happy happy....Annie I'm thrilled to knw the antacid worked! My hub went and bought me the prilosec as per surgeon orders but DH got the time released which my surgeon said RNY patients should avoid b/c of absorption issues so I haven't taken em yet...I was gonna go look myself to see if they have a regular version of it...but its good to know that may just do the trick...I am such a worry wart...I was the same way when I was expecting my first daughter ( 13 yrs ago)...reading a lot and scaring myself with all the things that could go wrong but I still believe its always better to err on the side of caution, educate onself, and practice prevention...I want to take advantage of this opportunity to finally get my health and weight under control and not mess this up

02-02-2010, 08:10 AM
great job, darlin!!!! you're off and running with this.