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01-25-2010, 02:30 PM
Ok- Just to let you know I have a GoWear Fit (like the bodybugg) to track burn. I just say this first so no one is confused.

I MAY have figured something out that is VERY important.

I have been feeling down and frustrated because after I thought I was out of the 150's I had jumped back up to 150.6 and stayed there for a couple of days.

Yesterday I was exhausted. We had a crazy busy week and it had just taken its toll. So we agreed that yesterday was a full fledged rest day. No work, and no working out. I knew my burn was going to be low and I started rethinking my meal plan for the day. Should I eat less than normal to keep my deficit the same?

At the same time I was participating in forum discussion on zigzagging calories. It is often suggested that when zig zagging you should have your lowest day on your rest day and your highest day on your most active day. And as someone who has been trained that weight loss is all about eating less than you burn.....that totally makes sense.

Except, that doing it that way defies the whole idea of zig zagging. If you do it that way you still have the same/similar deficit every day. Your body isn't guessing. It knows what its going to get.

So yesterday I decided I was going to eat 1800 calories even though I knew that my burn was only going to be about 2100. Only a 300 calorie deficit. Usually I am around 800 calorie deficit. I even had 2 beers! That was hard mentally. As I fell asleep I was really worried about it and I had a dream about waking up and having gained 5 lbs (dreams are so funny the way they exaggerate our fears).

Well it worked!!! Today I am down to 150. (-.6)

What I learned is....

#1. Your body really does need a day of rest. I've decided to do this every week.

#2. Zig Zag your DEFICIT, not really your calories......

Wild Vulpix
01-25-2010, 02:36 PM
:cp: I'm glad this worked out for you! You're SO close to being in the 140s!!! :D

Shannon in ATL
01-25-2010, 03:24 PM
You know, that makes beautiful sense. :)

01-25-2010, 05:21 PM
This is just me and my weird body, but I have, in some form or another, followed this formula since "the beginning" and if I behave, it rarely fails me.
I make sure I am in my calorie budget and eating very carefully M-F, and exercising hard. On Saturday, I may take a hike or do some intense yoga, but I do something DIFFERENT in terms of exercise than I did all week, and I eat withing my calorie budget, but, I may skip lunch so I can have BOOOOOOOOZE!!! or some such unhealthful nonsense. Then, on Sunday, I don't do any exercise, walking around the park excepted, and I ate whatever the heck I want, aiming for a small deficit if possible but not stressing out too much. And Monday morning I weigh in. It works for me, what can I say...
And MAN do I LOVE Sundays...