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01-23-2010, 08:38 AM
Hey gals, how's it going? We are back to cooler temps, but only in the 40's so not too bad. I will be glad when spring gets here though.

I have to admit I am having a rough time of it. I am a bit blue with all this medication causing weight gain and other symptoms. I just have to look ahead knowing the weight will come off once they take me off the darn stuff and figure out why I am still having spotting issues and such. My dear sweet hubby is taking the day off on Thursday to go with me for the tests. I know he is very anxious, but I just don't have anything to tell him at the moment. They haven't figured out why I am still doing this. I just hope these tests will get to the bottom of it so no matter what it is, we can fix it.

Maggie: I expected little pamphlets and I got two beautiful books. Thank you so much for the cookbooks. I picked them up yesterday and looked through them. They have some great recipes I want to try on Jack I think he will like. The chocolate recipes are to die for and can't wait to try some of them to help our sweet tooth. No one should ever say they have to deny themselves good tasting food that is healthy and weight friendly. How sweet that the two dogs play together nicely. Fortchy is getting a bath and some trimming tomorrow. I will be glad when I can get him back into the groomers for her to work her magic though.

Jean: Ooooh, less than two weeks and you can wing your way to sunny Hawaii. I know you have to be looking forward to getting out of the nasty weather you guys continue to have. My bil called last night and he said Flagstaff got another big snowstorm (his dd goes to college there) He said Phoenix was getting a lot of rain, which is unusual. He was on his way to Ca to see his wife. I don't know why she hasn't quit her job and moved yet. I know she was not happy about leaving her grandkids, but I sure couldn't live without Jack for 2 months and just be on visiting terms if I didn't have to.

Susan: How interesting about how you got started in quilting. My knitting is none to exciting. I learned to knit when I was 13. My best friend and I joined 4H together when a 4h leader came to the school. She taught me how to knit and taught me how to knit left handed. I didn't do a whole lot with it, but when I had my emergency surgery, I picked it back up so I would have something to do while recuperating. I have since really learned a lot about a lot of knitting techniques, tools and such and really do love it. It keeps me busy, I can make things for family and friends and of course, you can't eat and knit! lol

Today is commissary day. I am not feeling that great this morning, but it has to be done. I have also got to get a walking routine started. It isn't that I am dreading it, just have felt so crummy that it isn't something I even want to think about, but I know I have to get moving that in the long run it will make me feel better and give me more stamina.

Thank you all for being so supportive. I really need my friends that understand being an older woman. I don't want my youth back, I just want back what I had before they started trying to make me better! :D You know the adage sometimes the cure is worse than the sickness, I am beginning to believe it in this case.

I think Jack and I are going to plan a little weekend trip over presidents' day and get away just by ourselves. I may ask Kelly if Thomas would like to go with us. We are thinking of driving over to Chatanooga and going through their aquarium and a couple other things. Thomas likes fish so I thought he might like to come.

Have a wonderful weekend all! Faye

01-23-2010, 03:35 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! 41 degrees today but the sun is shining and I am happy.

As expected, I gained this week. My own fault but I'm back on track so plan to have it back off by next week. Went to the grocery store today and have everything I need, so no excuses.

Faye, I can certainly sympathize with you on meds causing weight gain. I wish I could get on one that caused me to lose weight for a change. It's very discouraging to try so hard and not have the scale cooperate, but it will catch up eventually. Did you get the newsletter about exercise at you WW meeting this week? It has a nice way to start a walking program. You need a pedometer and you should wear it all day. The first week, aim for 3,500 steps a day. Doesn't have to be all at once, just daily activity and maybe a short walk. Each week thereafter increase 500 steps a day until you are walking 10,000 steps a day (about 3 miles). It doesn't seem so much like exercise when you can count daily steps, too.

Hi, Maggie and Jean!

Have a great day!

01-24-2010, 01:28 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! I am on my way to bed shortly but wanted to check in here first. We had a rainy ride to Sioux City and a foggy ride home. We got home before dark so that helped with driving in the fog. I did find some capri pants and that was my main goal. Bob found a shirt that he liked so he got something too. The stores have a lot of winter merchandise to get rid of and the spring/summer clothes are beginning to arrive. On the way home Bob said he thought maybe he should try on his shorts and see of they still fit. Men!

Susan -- I have shrunk about an 1" in the last year or so. I buy slacks that are labeled "short" (not petite) and I don't have to shorten them. I'm 5' 3" if the nurse measured right. Your veggie soup from yesterdays post sounds good. :T The fog gives a damp cold feeling to the air and soup sounds so 'warming.' You will have your gain gone in no time with your determination and motivation. I know I could meet the 10,000 steps if I were still in school but that will be a huge challenge at home. Our streets are slop with todays rain, but I would really like to get back outside to walk again.

"Gma" -- I certainly hope the doctor will be able to give you some help with the meds! :yes: It's nice of Jack to go to your appt. with you. My bil called from AZ and said the Phoenix airport was closed for awhile due to the rain. I was worried about going through Denvier and now Phoenix was having the weather challenge. I hope your commissary trip went smoothly since you weren't feeling the best.

I am heading to bed. :yawn: I was thinking tomorrow was Bob's last Sunday to usher and then realized there are 2 more Sundays in January.
Have a relaxing Sunday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-24-2010, 09:22 AM
Good morning to all my gal friends. It rained all night, thunderstorms mostly so like Jean, it is sloppy here, but not with snow and rain combo.

Susan: I watched a quilting show on PBS yesterday and the quilt they made was neat looking. The two hosts seem a little inept doing tv though. lol The show is something and porter's quilting I think. It must be the two ladies' last names. The quilt center pieces looked like a Japanese tri fold screen and the blocks around it making it look like a huge picture frame were put in such a way they made the "frame" curved on each side. It really was beautiful and the colors were neat too. I imagine I will get myself up and going and get a walking routine going. I have just been having a pity party because I felt better before they tried to find out what is wrong with me and put me on all these darn meds!

Jean: I have to get my behind going and get the weight off so I can buy new summer clothes for the cruise. We decided to move it to next February instead of this December so I have time at least. The fashion experts are always saying how older women shouldn't wear capris, heavier women shouldn't wear capris, blah, blah, blah. Capris are my favorite thing to wear in summer. They cover most of my leg but yet are cooler than slacks over all. I live in the darn things in summer. I am not short, 5'7", but have really short legs and a long torso. I bought 4 pair of these expensive jeans about 3 years ago, normal price was $70 and they clearanced them for $10 because they only had the largest sizes left and they were all petites. I ordered them to see if I could wear them and the length fit perfectly, though the stride is too short. So, I tend to hike them up a lot when I wear them unless I wear a belt with them.

We are going to Chattanooga over Presidents' Day and taking the T boy with us. We are looking forward to it and I think it will be fun. Jack's supervisor said something to him about how much there was to do there and it is only 5 hours from Memphis. We are leaving right after T gets off school on that Friday (too bad I am not on his emergency list or I could check him out a bit early from school since I work clinic that Friday) Anyhow, we are going to do Rock City Gardens and ride a rail trolley up the side of Lookout Mountain and then we are going to a dairy about an hour away and got through their tour showing how they make ice cream and milk and such, get some ice cream before we leave then back to the hotel to swim and relax until evening. I am buying tickets to a murder mystery theater dinner on Saturday night called, "Mystery at the Redneck's and Italian's Wedding." It is an all you can eat Italian meal with drinks and dessert and you get to help solve the murder. I thought Thomas and his brilliant mind would love it! :lol::lol: Sunday we are going to the Aquarium, doing an Imax movie about Africa and riding a speed boat catamaran through the Tennessee River Gorge. At night we plan on going to one of their fairly popular restaurants. The hotel is a Residence Inn and we get free breakfast and this one is only 6 months old. It has an indoor pool, an excercise facility and a 6 hole mini golf you can play. It also has free washer and dryers to use, which is unheard of. Tripadvisor gives it 4 1/2 stars out of 5 and all 14 reviews raved about the place so it should be good. I think Monday we will go across the freeway to the mall and look around for awhile then head home. I bought Thomas a Mille Borne card game so I am going to have him bring it with and we can play it. It is a fun game to play.

Well I guess I talked your ears off so best go. Have a wonderful Sunday. We are going to shampoo a couple carpets and do an area rug Fortune urped on yesterday and I am going to give him a much needed bath.

01-24-2010, 04:11 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! NO fog today! :cheer: We could see the lights across the lake for the first time in over a week. We even had sunshine for about two hours this morning. Now it's back to cloudy, windy, and cold. :( We went to early church and then out for breakfast. I've read the papers and have laundry going in both the washer and dryer. I need to clean my bathroom but may put that off until tomorrow.

"Gma" -- I don't think capris pants are the most becoming but, like you, I prefer them to slacks. I only wear shorts around home simply because my mother never wore shorts out in public! I am getting lots of spider veins which are ugly too! Your trip to Chattanooga sounds like so much fun! Did you find all of the activities online? We did a mystery dinner one time and it was held on a train ride. The actors were from Omaha and asked for a volunteer actor/actress from each table. Bob volunteered from our table and he had fun doing it. I know you will have a fun time with Thomas along. :yes:

I need to keep moving and hope you all have a nice "rest of the day" as well as a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-24-2010, 08:05 PM
Good evening, ladies! A day in the high 60s with sunshine!

I went to Church this morning, then stopped at Walmart for a few things. Nothing else but paying bills online and cleaning house.

Faye, Fons and Porter have been on tv since 2003. When I was first starting to quilt, I took a class from Fons in drawing feathered quilting designs. We get no quilting programs on our PBS anymore :(. Your weekend with Thomas sounds like it will be a lot of fun. My dad took me to Rock City when I was about 10 years old. We also rode the incline railway up lookout mountain.

Jean, did you have a bone scan when you lost inches? I'll be having one soon. My doctor put me back on 50,000 units of Vitamin D once a week and told me to take Calcium 1000 mg + D 400 mg twice a day. I'm glad you found your capris. I like them, too. The stores around here are advertising summer clothes...and I am freezing!

I need to take myself upstairs to my bathroom and attack my hair, the roots are showing.

Have a good night!

01-25-2010, 10:44 AM
Good morning ladies! It is back to cloudy ugliness this morning. I would love lots of sunshine. You always feel so much more cheerful when it is sunny.

My poor Jackson is having major tonsil and ear issues. He goes to the ENT this week and I hope they decide to take them out. With his daddy, the Navy wouldn't do it and by the time I could do private, he already had hearing loss that was permanent. I think Jackson's may be genetic as his problems are exactly like Jay's. Alicia said poor thing is choking when he eats they are so swollen.

Susan: I am on calcium with vitamin d also along with a regular vitamin and acidophilous, which seems to keep my intestines balanced a bit more. Top that off with the 5 medications they have me on and I have run out of room in my little weekly box I put my meds in for each day. Hopefully when they get this test over with on Thursday then go back to the dr, I will be off both hormone meds.
I did a bleach job on my hair last week so now I am blond again. On Friday one of the little girls that comes in and talks to me from time to time said, "you don't have purple hair anymore!" I laughed and told her no that you never know what color my hair will be that it might be green next time. I was joking with Jack last night after a commercial was talking about aging and told him I looked 70. He said he always liked older women....:^: than said I did not. I told him I guess I don't because when I went into the cafeteria on Friday to get ice in the cooler for the clinic and was coming out, a girl turned around and asked whose mother I was. So, I guess if I look young enough to be an elementary school mother I am not too bad! :lol::lol:

Jean: I have capris in all colors and even some designs. Of course, some of them are too tight right now, but should be ok by summer. I have a white pair that is jean material that are made to look like sailor's pants and I just love them. I have a red, white and blue short sleeved sweater I wear with them, very nautical! Yes, I used a great site Chattanooga has Tennessee's visitor's bureau and it has everything you could possibly need to look up for Chattanooga. This murder mystery theater is an actual theater that runs year round with different murder mysteries. I have always wanted to do one so am looking forward to it and I think it will be fun for Thomas. Sort of like living Clue and he loves Clue.

They added another test to the one I have to do Thursday. Now I have an ultrasound on the ovary, a needle aspiration on it and they added a saline injection into my uterus to check for polyps. UGH! I will sure be glad when they figure out what is going on. I am tired of all these darn tests.

Did I tell you that one of my step cousins son's was killed last week in a car accident with his girlfriend and two of their friends? They think alcohol was involved but the boy was driving and he and his girlfriend have a new baby. Now my step cousin is trying to get custody and there is a big battle between them and the girl's parents. It is going to get ugly I guess. I got to see her when we went to Arkansas at Christmas, but only her dd came with her not her son. She is such a sweet woman and has really serious type 1 diabetes so I worry how all this stress is affecting her. My aunt has some big health issues too so I imagine this will be doubly hard on her as well.

Well gals, I need to get my day going. Have a great start to the week! Faye

01-25-2010, 12:35 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! I got up around 5 this morning and no electricity! I went back to bed and fell asleep until about 6:30 and still no electricity. :eek: Bob offered to buy breakfast so I turned on the fireplace, got dressed, and off we went. The house had cooled down to 59 degrees :brr: with the wind blowing 50 miles an hour. It is snowing a little but mostly blowing the loose stuff around. School has been cancelled for another day. We ate breakfast at the same place we went to yesterday. The counties south of us have been without electricity for days and crews from the southern states have come up to help the rural electric company get the poles and lines back up. Our ditches are full of snow and they can't get their trucks to the poles so have to climb them by hand. These guys have no winter clothing so cleaned out the 2 local farm stores and some traveled to Sioux City for clothes. They had no clue what an Iowa winter is like, and I suppose can't even buy our type of winter clothing where they live. Several bucket trucks were at the local grocery store for breakfast, more trucks at Burger King, and a few more where we went which is right next door to the "no tell motel" where they are staying. Our server said they've been feeding around 150 - 200 each morning. This morning they were later because there is a semi blocking the highway half way to where they need to go. I can't imagine trying to fix anything in this wind. :no:

When we came home the electricity was back on again. I had called to see if the answering machine would come on and talked to Ernie :lol: when it did. Otherwise I was going with Bob to the office until it came back on.

Susan -- I've had several bone scans but insurance will only pay for one every other year and it has to be exactly 730 days or else. I'm not sure why I started so early unless it is because I was on HRT for so many years. I take a generic prescription once a week for bones. I think it was Fosomax originally. I also take 1200 mg of calcium with 800 I.U. (?) of Vitamin D. I drink orange juice with added calcium and also take another Vitamin D supplement because I don't drink milk at all, unless it is hot chocolate. :T I ordered a nylon jacket online so I hope it gets here before we leave. I have a spring jacket but it is more dressy than what I want for being in the trunk and wadded under the boat seats. :)

"Gma" -- Jason had a lot of ear infections when he was little but they left his tonsils in. Beth's tonsils never went back down in size after having a bad cold and ear infection so out hers came. I hope the doctor will take Jacksons out while he is too little to remember. Did you really have purple hair? :lol: I'll bet the kids get a real kick out of seeing you come to the clinic. I always thought they drained ovarian cysts. Mine broke which is painful, but one of the teachers had one before she ever had children, and they drained it. She never had any more problems that I know of. I know you will be glad when it is Friday! :yes:

Bob commented that at least the Democrats can't blame our weather and the earthquake on Bush. :lol3:

Since I have electricity I need to vacuum and get my day going. I took my shower when I got home and am finally getting warm again.

Have a marvelous Monday!

Jean -- :brr: in windy Iowa!

01-25-2010, 01:51 PM

It is cold ~ in the 20's as I type and the wind is blowing. I am not looking forward to getting out in it to go to WW this evening. Will is down town doing some shopping while Ragg Mopp is at the groomers. I have not much going on this day because for some unknown reason my back hurts. Hopefully this will pass soon and is just a temporary flare up. You gals are talking about the vitimins that you take and I smiled. We are all taking about the same things ~ Lots of Calcium and D along with my other vitimins that are in my coctail which I have been taking for years. I had a bone scan and was put on that one a week pill and my bones are fine and I now want to keep them that way. It was only a spot in my right hip they were wanting to toughen up and evidently in a years time it did.

JEAN Your linemen do need the proper gear for your area for sure. Hopefully they will get it all fixed up before the next storm hits. You can tell Bob that they are still blaming Bush. They are saying that he has found a way and can control the weather and earthquakes. They need to treat him better if he is so powerful that he can do that.

DONNA FAYE I certainly do hope they do decide to take out Jacksons tonsils. That poor dear does not need to have those things causing problems every year. You know they do make bigger med boxes. :p But don't spring from one before you find out if you are going to have to continue that handful of meds. That MM theater sure sounds like fun. I love a good mystery.

SUSAN Hope your hair turned out like you want. I use the same number each time and it seems like someone has mis-numbered it because the color is not the same all the time. Wierd.

It is almost noon o'clock and I need to get some sustanence. All I have had so far is my coffee. Love my coffee. :wave: type at y'all later.

01-25-2010, 04:18 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! It was pouring all night and this morning but the sun is out now and it's 59 degrees.

I got up to a leaking pipe this morning. I called my plumber and luckily he was able to come in about 15 minutes and get it fixed and I was only 15 minutes late to work.

Tonight is bible study - Matthew 14 and 15. We are more than half way through already. I love this group.

It sounds like we are typical ladies of AARP age - more D, more calcium, shrinking, thining bones. Now I know why they say getting old is not for sissies.

Faye, I hope they get Jackson's tonsils out soon. Poor little guy. I know you'll be glad to have the tests done and a treatment plan that will work.

Jean, you poor thing! I hope you can get to the airport when you leave for Maui.

Maggie, I use the very lightest blonde shade. My gray blends in better and I don't have to do it but every 2 months.

Well, I have to get busy cleaning up the mess from the pipe. Have a good evening.

01-26-2010, 09:06 AM
Good morning to you all! It is pretty chilly this morning but supposed to warm up into the 40's.

I talked to the agent for our condo and she said they have looked at my gate but have to notify my neighbor because she has a dog. I said, what dog? So, she was going to call and get it on the schedule to get it fixed. I sure hope it is soon. The wind kept blowing it open yesterday even with it being tied up. I almost let Fortune out before looking.

Jean: Glad you have electricity again. I sure know how it feels without it for any time. You don't realize how much you miss it until it is off for nearly 3 days. I think about folks in hurricanes, earthquakes and such who don't have it for weeks. I guess we are spoiled, but life has changed so much we can't do the pioneer thing, we don't have wood burning stoves, oil lamps and such if we live in the city. Well, my hair wasn't totally purple, but I did do a red that had purple colored highlights!:D I liked the color a lot, but when it washed out, my gray started showing a huge amount. So, I am now a bleach blond again. They are not even sure what they saw was a cyst or that the slighly enlarged ovarie is anything to worry about so who knows. I was not in pain until I started taking the hormones then the cramping began. I will just be glad to get it all over with no matter what.

Susan: Glad you got your pipe fixed. Ruthie's dad called here yesterday about something and said the Chicago area is totally ice. He has fallen twice, Ruthie twice and their youth group leader fell and broke her leg in two places and her arm. He said he retires in 13 years and they are moving!!!

Maggie: I could never get a taste for coffee but I love these coffee cookies my grandma used to make. They were called coffee hermits and were this soft spice cookie with walnuts in them. I have a similar recipe in one of my cookbooks, but since I don't even have a coffee maker, I would imagine I would have to make instant coffee if I made them.

I am hoping to get some downstairs cleaning today. I pulled a muscle in under my back ribcage in what way I know not, but is was really sore yesterday and I had to sit with a heating pad so I feel somewhat better today so I want to get the downstairs cleaned if I can.

Tonight is "fried" chicken, taters and ff gravy and green beans. Jack loves this and it low pts.

Have a great Tuesday all! Faye

01-26-2010, 10:05 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! Bob is out blowing snow so I will check in here. We didn't get our daily papers this morning; all highways around us were closed last night and the plows were pulled in. I don't think we got much snow but the wind blew it around into huge drifts. I've got "more of the same" going on today. I'd like to go tan since I missed yesterday. I also need to start digging out and trying on summer clothes that I never wore last summer. I hope they still fit. :crossed:

Maggie -- I hope your weather is warmer and you back is feeling better today! :yes:

Susan -- It's a good thing you were home when your pipe started to leak. Also nice to get such quick service from your plumber! :yes: We will spend the night in Omaha before we leave for Maui because our flight leaves around 6 AM. If the weather is 'iffy' I'm going down days before! Omaha is usually a little warmer than we are as it's 21/2 hours southwest of us. Of course they also get the weather blowing across the plains.

"Gma" -- Several people have wood burning stoves around here. My grandparents had one in their kitchen stove and I can still remember waking up to the smell of the wood fire. :) I hope your back is feeling better as the day goes along. I keep thinking of my mil saying that getting old isn't for sissies and boy was she right!

The snowblower is quiet so guess Bob will be coming in for coffee. Have a terrific Tuesday and stay warm! :D

Jean -- :brr: :wave: from Iowa!

01-27-2010, 11:13 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It is snowing - yet or again whichever. I just finished addressing sympathy cards for one of Bob's biggest clients. They are a family of six brothers who lost their parents when they were small and were raised by a single uncle who just died at 93. I have no ambition since the sun isn't shining. Yesterday was so pretty with bright sun and clear blue sky, even if it was cold.

I'm taking some of my grandmothers antique dishes to an antique shop this afternoon. I stopped in yesterday and the owner said she would be glad to take anything I bring. At least I know if someone buys it/them it will go to someone who realizes their value and appreciates them. She makes home made candy of all kinds and did it ever smell good in there. :T Yum! I didn't buy any patting myself on the back. :cheer:

I'm off to put in a load of laundry and get going. Have a wonderful Wednesday today! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-27-2010, 11:32 AM
Good morning, ladies! The sun is shinning but it's only 33 degrees today.

Nothing much going on but I do have one of my quilting bees tonight with dinner before hand. That will be fun.

Faye, I'd be housebound for sure if I were in Chicago. I'm really afraid of falling and breaking something. Your "fried" chicken sounded good so I did a chicken breast that was oven-gried, too. I mixed up 1 T panko bread crumbs and 1 T of parmesan cheese, dipped the chicken in FF ranch dressing then dredged in crumbs and baked. It made a nice change.

Jean, my pulmonary doctor told me not to go anywhere there was a burning fireplace or wood stove. Just as bad as cigarette smoke on the lungs. We had a coal furnace when I was young. Stan's aunt had a wood burning stove in the basement rec room and she would put a stew or soup or pot roast on it and let it cook all day. You've had snow and we've had rain. I can deal with rain a lot better than snow and cold temperatures.

01-27-2010, 11:43 AM
Good morning all. Of course one day before these tests and I am cramping up a storm. Brother! It is like a never ending circle of something all the time.

Tom goes and gets his saliva gland sorted out tomorrow morning. At least it is outpatient surgery and he won't have to stay. I just hope this puts him back on track.

Jackson goes to the ent today to find out what they can do for him. I hope they decide to do surgery now so he won't have problems ongoing all the time. It is hard on him and hard on his parents having ear infections and tonsilitis every couple months or so.

Jean: We are supposed to get winter weather starting tomorrow sometime. I just hope it bypasses us and all we get is rain, but not bloody likely. We are supposed to get icy rain tomorrow night and snow on Friday so I figure I might not be working the clinic on Friday that school might be out. If so, I just hope it doesn't mess up Thomas going with us to Chattanooga by telling them they have to makeup the day on Monday.

Susan: I wasn't feeling up to par but Jack said the chicken was great. I take boneless skinless breasts and dredge them in a flour, garlic powder, salt and paprika mixture then brown them using a bit of Pam and then mix up low sodium, powdered chicken gravy with ff chicken broth and pour over them and cook them. I gave him some leftover mashed potatoes warmed up and green beans for dinner. It is one of his favorites.

I guess I should get a move on and get some chores done. I know nothing else is going to get done today but I can at least keep things on a even keel house wise.

Have a good day today all! Faye

01-27-2010, 02:17 PM

It is in the 30's as I type but tomorrow it is supposed to be real cold. Don't now how cold but they say it will be cold. My back hurts, not real bad just a steady ache. It is my weakest point so when I am fixin' to get something or have something. I just plain don't like it but don't do too much when it hurts like this so I don't make it worse. Gives me an excuse to be lazy. We had guests for dinner last night and had a lovely time. I served Lasagna, green salad and toasted french bread. I stayed within my portions and feel good about my points. I did show a bit of a loss at WW on Monday's weigh in which was point eight. Not much but I was happy because my record has always been if I miss a week I show a gain. The fog kept me home last week as it did for a lot of the WW members according to the leader. The building inspector was here this morning and she said that all is OK for we don't have any termites. She also said that they may come because of all the moisture we have been having this year. But if they do come between now and the next check next year they will be easy to eradicate. It is set up that the church building and this house gets a thorough check each year. Don't want termites.

DONNA FAYE Not feeling so good are ya. :hug: This too shall pass for they will get your system all fixed up. I hope Tom does get good results from his surgery. My heart goes out to little Jackson. Poor dear. Those bouts must make him so miserable. Yank those tonsils out, I say.:p

SUSAN The sun here also ~ but cold. Burrrrrrrrrrr

JEAN No candy ~ :bravo: for you! Sometimes it is hard to resist and others it is easier. Go figure. Those antique dishes will find a home that appreciates them I am sure.

Everyone have a wonderful afternoon. :wave: Type at y'all later

01-27-2010, 02:23 PM

It is in the 30's as I type but tomorrow it is supposed to be real cold. Don't now how cold but they say it will be cold. My back hurts, not real bad just a steady ache. It is my weakest point so when I am fixin' to get something or have something. I just plain don't like it but don't do too much when it hurts like this so I don't make it worse. Gives me an excuse to be lazy. We had guests for dinner last night and had a lovely time. I served Lasagna, green salad and toasted french bread. I stayed within my portions and feel good about my points. I did show a bit of a loss at WW on Monday's weigh in which was point eight. Not much but I was happy because my record has always been if I miss a week I show a gain. The fog kept me home last week as it did for a lot of the WW members according to the leader. The building inspector was here this morning and she said that all is OK for we don't have any termites. She also said that they may come because of all the moisture we have been having this year. But if they do come between now and the next check next year they will be easy to eradicate. It is set up that the church building and this house gets a thorough check each year. Don't want termites.

DONNA FAYE Not feeling so good are ya. :hug: This too shall pass for they will get your system all fixed up. I hope Tom does get good results from his surgery. My heart goes out to little Jackson. Poor dear. Those bouts must make him so miserable. Yank those tonsils out, I say.:p

SUSAN The sun here also ~ but cold. Burrrrrrrrrrr

JEAN No candy ~ :bravo: for you! Sometimes it is hard to resist and others it is easier. Go figure. Those antique dishes will find a home that appreciates them I am sure.

Everyone have a wonderful afternoon. :wave: Type at y'all later

01-28-2010, 07:05 AM
Good morning ladies! Just a quick post as I have to get around and get showered and such. I have to be at the clinic for the tests at 7 am sharp. I don't know why they make everyone come at 7 am but they do. I want to get this over and done with. I am told the uterine thing is uncomfortable, but they so was the barium enema and I got through that so I imagine I can get through this. I just hope it doesn't take long and it is over and done with.

Maggie: You take it easy and rest yourself. Sometimes we just can't push ourselves even when we want to. It is supposed to get pretty nasty here tonight. There is a possibility of 1/4 to 1/2 inch of ice, UGH! I wanted Jack to take tomorrow off too so he doesn't have to get out in it, but he didn't want to. I just hope it isn't too bad. Leaving in the dark like he has to is the worst part.

They gave Jackson antibiotics. This is the crap they did with Jay over and over again, give antibiotics and check in two weeks to see how they did. Well of course they took the tonsils down and everything looked good then a couple months later everything was swollen and infected again. It is ridiculous for them to continue this yoyo, but drs just don't like to take them out. I am not happy about it, but hopefully he will feel better for a longer time this time. It isn't the parents fault. They can't make the dr do anything.

I better go and get a couple things done before I go upstairs and shower. You all have a good day today and I will take to you later and let you know how it went. Faye

01-28-2010, 10:51 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining but it's cold out there . . . -7 when I came downstairs this morning. A grocery store chain has bought our our three small local pharmacies and now when we call for refills, each time we get a different person answering the phone and a chance that we will have a different pharmacist filling the scripts. The pharmacy we go to (for 30+ years) stayed in the same place while the other two moved into the main store pharmacy. They have given us old meds mixed in with new, meds I don't need refilled, etc., etc., etc. This morning I got fed up and we are switching to Walgreens because the only other choice is WM and I refuse to go there. I know my bp is probably sky high right now. :hyper:

Susan -- How long do you bake your chicken? :?: I am always afraid mine is not done when I bake it in the oven. If we had all of our snow in the form of rain, I most likely could use the basement as a pool. :yikes: I don't think that an inch of snow equals and inch of rain though. Bob did say the other night that WE need to get down there and clean the junk out, then put the leftover boxes up on shelves before the snow melts. I hate the basement so would be nice to have company while I sort and pitch. :yes: We still have some stuff of his mom's that if any of his siblings come back this summer they can go through the boxes. If not he says that stuff will be gone too.

"Gma" -- I hope that Tom came through his surgery ok and everything checks out in his favor. :yes: I remembered that today is 'your' day and also hope that you get some much needed answers/solutions to your health challenges. You and Susan talking about chicken dinners makes me hungry for chicken! :T When Jason was little he would just get over one ear infection and a couple weeks later have another one. We tried the tubes; had 3 sets of those. I wish Jay good luck! :crossed:

Maggie -- Any loss is a good loss! Congrats! :cheer: I never thought about having termites until Jason and Amanda had them in one of their apts. They were really thick and the exterminator just couldn't get rid of them. He told them not to worry though, because when they moved the termites that moved with them would die because their family had been split up. :dizzy: I see you were chatty again yesterday! :lol3: I hope your backache is better today. I've been there and it's not fun for sure.

I'm off to get dressed and get busy. I need to do a clothes hunt as I found some shirts and not the slacks to go with them. :rolleyes:

Have a terrific Thursday! Remember to :D big!

Jean -- :D in :flow1: Iowa!

01-28-2010, 11:11 AM
Maggie, I am sorry I was so self absorbed this morning I didn't recognize your loss! WTG girl!!! :bravo::cp:

Ok, here is what they said as they were doing the tests. I have no cysts on either ovary and they look ok. I have a large polyp, small polyp and a cyst in my uterus (guess that is what has been causing the trouble.) I have a reg dr appt the 18th to discuss the results. I am placing bets on them wanting to take out the plumbing so to speak, but we shall see what they want to do.

Kelly warned me the test could be painful so at least I was prepared for it. It did cramp significantly when they put in the saline and groped around in there, but I had taken a bunch of meds before leaving the house and took some more after the appt when Jack and I went and got some breakfast so now am ok with just a little cramping. I did have bleeding but she said that would slack off pretty quickly, so I am ok. The saline leaks out gradually over the day so you kind of feeling like you peed your pants sometimes, but even that seems to be finished now.

I will let you know what they say about all of it after the dr appt. in a couple weeks. Thanks for your good thoughts!!

01-28-2010, 04:45 PM
I'm glad your test is finished and you are home again! It's too bad you have to wait so long to see the doctor. :(