Does it Work? - Can This STack Actually Help Me Lose Weight?

01-21-2010, 01:44 PM
Hi There,

I am seeking some advice on this weight loss supplement which is known to be one of the best in the fat loss industry. It is called Thermo Fat Blaster Stack. As it is slightly high on pricing, i would really appreciate if someone can guide me through.

Thanks a lot for your help!

01-21-2010, 01:56 PM
I wouldn't count on it. Usually these products that make such extravagant claims only make you lose weight in your pocket book.If it was so great every overweight person would be using it.

01-21-2010, 02:28 PM
Time after time again, new pills come on the market with bigger and better marketing but the same ingredients of pills that never worked in the first place. Diet pills aren't the way to go.