Calorie Counters - Would you lower or up your calories?

01-19-2010, 04:08 PM
Well as I am sure most of you have read I am gaining weight :mad:

Mondays are my WI days ( I am changing to Wednesday) and of course this monday I gained ANOTHER pound! I have been on plan for 2 weeks worked out last week 5x and week before that 5x. I eat mostly healthy food but usually fast food once per week. i have always done this. 1800 calories per day (lost 38lbs doing this). I slipped off the wagon for about 3 months gained weight and now am back at it.

My question is... I have talked to a few people and some of them to that maybe I am not eating enough calories and this is based on my burn from my Body bugg and then there are some that say I am eating to much.

On days I dont work out I typcially average about 2500-2600 calories a day burned on workout days i burn about 3000-3200. I am shooting for 1lb-1.5 pound per week so 500/750 a day deficit.

Let me just say that 1800 calories per day is perfect for me! I feel like I can eat what I want in moderate portions and dont want to change this but will if it will help kick the loose in.

I am just so confused as to what I should try? I cant keep gaining when i am trying so hard to loose. Its frustrating and p*sses me off to no end. :mad::mad:
It makes it really hard to be on plan when I cant see results anywhere.. Makes that ice cream in the freezer look way more appealing than it did the first week i started.

So if you were in my spot what would you do? Lower or raise?

Shannon in ATL
01-19-2010, 04:16 PM
You've been back on plan with diet and exercise for two weeks, right? I would keep my calories at the 1800 per day for another two weeks to see what happens. You could be retaining water from the exercise, or the once per week fast food? Exercise changes and meals out always pop the water onto me. Takes a week or so to settle out.

01-19-2010, 04:24 PM
i agree maybe give it a bit more time, however how much weight did you put back on (if you dont mind me asking) as you did loose a fair bit of weight and what you where eating then and loosing would be different to now i guess?

but i personally i dont understand how eating more helps? but then i am fairly new to this x

01-19-2010, 04:26 PM
Not sure if this is a factor, but is Aunt Flow going to be visiting any time soon? I know she effects my weight in a positive scale reading, damn water retention!! I don't feel comfortable giving suggestions regarding calorie intake because I just got my body out of starvation mode after consuming too few calories and busting my butt at the gym. Good luck though!! Keep up the work, it will pay off I promise!:hug:

01-19-2010, 04:42 PM
I plugged into my Daily Plate numbers to see what it generated for your height and weight. It suggested for someone who was Lightly Active (computer use, sitting and standing) a daily calorie average of 1843 cals.

So if you're job is very active, and you're REALLY sure your workouts are that intense, then you could always try experimenting with your daily intake. The number seems good, so it must be your body's reaction to the kind of food or to the exercise.

01-19-2010, 10:23 PM
I put back on about 12-13 pounds ( I dont mind at all :) ). As far as what I was eating then and now its really the same. I ate fast food every week the whole 10months i was losing. The rest of the week I ate well but I do have occasional treats like one time per week maybe 2 if I have the calories after eating good all day. These treats are about 200 calories.

I am lucky that I get to stay at home with my little one. But I have a body bugg so the numbers I gave above are from it. Seems like I burn about 500-600 calories per workout.

If only she was that close I wouldnt be worried. I just got finished with her the first week of January. I was worried the first monday I WI but wasnt really bc I had just stopped AF a few days before. This week I have no clue..

I guess i will stay course, make sure to eat really good foods, give up my fast food once per week for the next 2 weeks, drinks lots of water, continue my workouts and see what happens!

It is just so depressing to work so hard with no results.

01-20-2010, 10:43 AM
Since you workout 5 days a week I would continue to eat between 1800-2000 calories a day. Its rare that I see people who are eating over 1800 cals on this site as part of there diet. Im happy to not be the only one who eats that amount and loves it. I don't feel hungry or starved and I can eat a lot of stuff in moderation. Keep up the great work, what your doing is awesome

01-20-2010, 11:00 AM
I would stop working out for 2 days (if you lifting weights, you are definitely retain some water) and during those 2 days double my water intake (flash out extra sodium, if this is the reason for retaining water) and lower calories to 1,200/day (with limited carbs and low sodium food). Always, always helps me.

Good luck and stay away from that good looking ice cream! ;0)))

01-20-2010, 11:33 AM
I would stop working out for 2 days (if you lifting weights, you are definitely retain some water) and during those 2 days double my water intake (flash out extra sodium, if this is the reason for retaining water) and lower calories to 1,200/day (with limited carbs and low sodium food). Always, always helps me.

Good luck and stay away from that good looking ice cream! ;0)))

I might give that a shot! 1200 calories seem soooo loooowowwwwww to me :dizzy: but if it will jump start me back to losing I think I can do it for 2 days.. if only i would get the sickness that my son has right now it might be a little easier;)

01-20-2010, 11:48 AM
There's a couple of threads that have me thinking about a couple of things so please don't think I'm just talking to you Eilla05 ;).

When we read the nutrtional information on foods, it gives the percentage of nutrients based on a 2000 cal diet. Think about that when you are frightened to raise your calories. 15 or 1700 cals is not really a lot. Actually is a nice lesser amount.

I'm a big fan of Tom Venuto who recommends trying something for two weeks before deciding whether or not it's working. From experience, I'm going to add that if you have a period in that two weeks, it may still not be a fair sampling.

If you're lifting weights, yes you need a rest day. Try investigating a four day split and spread it over a week.

There ... I'm out of thoughts ;)

01-20-2010, 04:05 PM
Personally, I would stick to the calories your on for another few weeks. I think you may also be retaining water so what I would do is focus on drinking ONLY water and lots of it. Divide your body weight by 2 and thats the MINIMUM amount you should be drinking per day. Make it a goal to drink until your pee is clear and keep it that way all day long.

Also, if you're not already, do NOT exercise 1-2 days before your WI. I know I personally always weigh more the day after a good workout, ESPECIALLY with weight training.

If this doesn't work after a few weeks and you are still gaining then maybe lower you calories 100-200 calories per day until you are losing
Try Calorie Cycling to get things moving again.

Overall, DON'T stop working out! The activity is great not only weightloss but for our overall health. And stopping would only be a tempory fix, once you started back up again you would run into the same problem. Your body needs to adjust and it just takes some longer than others.

I hope that helps!


01-20-2010, 07:03 PM
I would actually try calorie cycling and stay with in a 1600-1800 cal range with 1800 being your max, go two days at 1600 then two days 1800 and then two days at 1700 and then one more 1600.. and drink plenty of water!