Lighten Up! - Advice peeps (not related to weightloss)

01-18-2010, 09:48 PM
I have just applied for a job i used 2 do 3years ago. As i seen an ad they were looking for staff. I loved the job but left due to isses with money and depression i had. I needed a job with less travel costs etc.

However i got another job for 3year in which i left a few months back 2 go on 2 full time education however it didnt work out as i wasnt entitled to and studnet funding.
So now i have found my self unemployed and desperate for a job.

Do you think its bad to go back to the past? i mean as in "Go for this job" my life was alot different back then, i was young (20) living alone struggling with bills , partying etc however i was good at my job i just had alot going on that ended in depression.

However now im 25 and settled down with the man of my dreams :dizzy: cheesy i know . Desperate to find work so we can save to have nice things and have holidays. Ive been searching for weeks and keep being unsuccesful with what drapes of jobs that are out there.
Where as im qualified and experienced to do this job and i liked it , its just if i get it its going back 2 the past .........but in reality i need 2 go 4 what i can ...and ill do anything to give me and my partner a better life

01-18-2010, 10:17 PM
Call me too logical on this one, but when faced with really tough decisions like this, I write down a list of pros and cons of a choice - here it would be the pros and cons of taking the job. (Include such things as impact on you directly, how you feel about yourself, impact on others, how others feel about you.) Then "weight" or rank these in importance to get an idea of how strong the pros and cons are - not just how many pros of taking the job vs. the number of cons. For example, if you only have 2 pros (let's say, essential money for living and doing something you are really good at) and these 2 are much more important than 10 cons - you can begin to view your options more clearly.

Take your time with the list. Revise it as needed. Get input from others if that's important to you.

Some think this is a coldhearted way to make decisions, but when choices are very important and aren't emergencies, why not be considerate in your decision making? Plus, you can ALWAYS change your mind. This isn't an irreversible decision - is it?

Just my 2 cents.