100 lb. Club - Accountability, menu, support. etc...

01-18-2010, 07:41 AM
Do you want a place for accountability, post your menu and/or exercise, or some support, please join in! This is for week of January 18.

01-18-2010, 07:46 AM
Hi chicks - yesterday was a good day living with food in a healthy manner. I am very grateful.

My bad headcold has turned into stuffy ear that is aching. My foot is feeling better than Saturday. I guess my rewrap was good enough for now. I need to get that rewrapped and my ear checked.I don't like going to the doctor = oh well. I should be grateful I have a doctor. That sounds better. I don't know if I'll be able to do two performances tomorrow.(errr)

lots of water
log food and times
fork down between bites
eat only when SEATED
no second helpings
remind myself why I want to do these things

breakfast - grits with cheese, boca bacon, clementine
lunch - turkey and light cheese sandwich, steamed carrots with cinn.
snack - fiber one cereal, .5 banana, milk
dinner - tuna, small baked potato, green beans
snack - protein bar, fruit

Hope everyone has a GREAT day.

01-18-2010, 08:55 AM
hello ladies, I started definately getting more manic last night so I went ahead and starated taking the zyprexa. it's great for my sleep! I slept the entire night through on a day that I WORK the next morning. That never happens anymore.

I've been doing good. :) baked last night for some friends (had about 9 people over) and made vegan peanut butter blondies and my friend made vegan macaroons. yummay! I only had one blondie and two small macaroons. AND I stayed within' my cals.

01-18-2010, 09:45 AM
Hello, early morning chicks!!

lottie63, it's great you can recognize your manic symptoms and take steps to ameliorate the episode. That's hard to do! Your blondies and macaroons sound fabulous... don't know how you restrained yourself, but well done!!

Beverlyjoy, so sorry your cold has turned into such a gruffy ol' bear. You seem like you're doing extremely well, however, despite adversities -- go, girl!! And I hope you're feeling better very soon!!

I'm up way too early this morning and forgot it was a holiday.... actually, that's lucky for me, as this time of year is so busy and I'm glad of an extra day to get ahead of all my tasks. In some ways, I'm happy to be so busy in advance of T's visit, because I'd drive myself nuts worrying about everything otherwise.

Haven't stepped on the scale yet this morning, but I AM comfortably wearing a pair of jeans for the first time in, umm, ok, years!! I actually fit into my largest pair of 501s this morning but they're not quite "wearable" yet. Another week. I'm starting to see some real changes in the mirror -- it reinforces my commitment to accomplish my goals!! I'm still rather shocked that I'm doing it at all.

Best to all, Rae

01-18-2010, 11:05 AM
Hey Chicas!

@Beverly: Sorry you're not feeling well but your breakfast sounds delicious! Get some rest and take care of you!

@Lottie: Good that you're on top of the manic thing. I have Bipolar 2 so I have hypomanias and severe depressions. I eat more with the depressions and less with the hypomanias but the sleep thing is a killer. Glad you got some rest.

@Rae: Go girl! Wear those jeans!!! Enjoy it!

I weighed in the morning and lost 2 lbs! Psyched about that. I also walked 3 miles before work. I'm going to try out my Wii Active this evening.

Today's food (as it stands now):
1 Jimmy dean D lights bagel sandwich 5
yogurt -2

Beef shepherd's pie 7
1 c. mixed veggies 0

1/2 cup(s) cooked couscous 1.5
Shrimp & Bean Stir fry 3

2 small clementines 0.5
2 serving(s) Kettle Corn - Popcorn, Indiana 5
1 medium apple(s) 1

Have a good day everyone!

01-18-2010, 02:36 PM
Hi all. Had a good weigh in after a couple of weeks of bad weigh ins. So, that helps the mood!!
I have to go to a meeting out of town, so that will mess with my routine and gym time. I'm going to stay focused and not get carried away with food, drink, and no exercise.

Have a good week everyone!

01-18-2010, 08:49 PM
heya everyone, I had some percocet left over from a sore tooth, I took it today to see if it would help my chronic pain and I felt so great not being in pain the last 4 hours of work! normally they KILL ME.

but I even stood on the 40 min bus ride home and was ok. I can't wait to see a doc and find a med to take that relieves my pain all the time. I only have enough percocet for maybe 2 weeks if I only take it once a day each day that I work.

calling the doc on thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-19-2010, 08:07 AM
Hi chicks - yesterday was an on plan day - I am so grateful. :) I am going to see my doctor today to address a few things. I was able to reschedule my programming for today - to February.

Good news - I am down 2 pounds from last week - yay!


lots of water
log food and times
fork down between bites
eat only when SEATED
no second helpings
remind myself why I want to do these things

breakfast - cornbread, boca bacon, clementine
lunch - turkey and lite cheese sandwich with lite mayo, veggies and lite dip
snack - yogurt, fruit
dinner - salmon, cauliflower with cheese, small baked potato
snack - cereal fruit and skim milk

lottie - I hope your doctor can help. Chronic pain is so, so tough. Glad you were able to stay within your calories

slash - glad you had success at the scale...yay. Safe travel.

soul - down 2 more is fantastic! Great plan - give me ideas.

raebear - getting into those jeans - wow - that is a real victory. It isn't always about the scale...this is concrete.

MJ - hope you are doing well. Am thinking about you.

01-19-2010, 09:04 AM
Hello Chicks!

I'm glad to say I'm staying completely on plan, and have been since Christmas, however... I'm not losing any pounds!!! So now I've started a crusade against what's stalling me. This week it's all about egg, shrimp, cheese and mayo - and if that doesn't work I'm going back to just steak, bacon and cream cheese.

What don't we do in order to lose weight? A week of meat? Really.

01-19-2010, 09:32 AM
Good morning, Friends!

I'm back and ready to do this again. My ticker is now honest and it's a sad sight indeed. This is on-plan day #1. Wow! Talk about deja vu. ;)
My goals today are 64 oz of water, 30 minutes of cardio, meditation time and 3 meals + 1 snack. I'll add calorie tracking later. Right now, the thought is too overwhelming.

Lottie - Hope you find relief for that tooth soon.
Beverly - Congratulations on those 2 pounds!
Soulnik - Congratulations on your two pounds!
Diane - Stay safe. Hope you have an enjoyable trip.
Rae - Hurray for jeans NSV's!

Have a great on-plan day.

01-19-2010, 09:54 AM
yay it's so fun to see girlygirl back :D

I LOVE CALORIE COUNTING! just sayin' !!! Yesterday I wanted to have roast chicken and mashed potatoes, so I DID! and stayed within my calories!

Br: cereal, 1% milk, 'nana, coffee (350 cals)
sn: handful plain almonds (110 cals)
Lu: salad with chicken (350 cals)
Din: gorgeous slices of roasted chicken, 1 cup mashed taters, tons of veg (750 cals)
Dessert: cup of tea, ginger snap (170 cals), apple.
Total Cals: 1730

01-19-2010, 10:08 AM
Good morning, ladiez!! :carrot:

Welcome back, Rhonda. :) You know how to do this, and you're ready to go -- we'll enjoy watching you annihilate those pounds!! :hug:

299lbs, I'm with ya -- I hate when the scale won't move. I know it's just a matter of time if I'm following my plan, but it's hard not to panic. I hope your strategy pays off with big dividends!!

Beverlyjoy, big congrats on your 2-lb. loss!!! I'm envious and hope to join you soon. Isn't it wonderful to see a total 40-lb. loss on your ticker?? Just... wow!!! :carrot:

lottie63, sure hope your doc can help with the pain soon. It's so hard to focus on life in general when everything hurts. Hang in there!!

Slashnl, have missed seeing you around!! Thrilled you had a good weigh-in -- sounds like you needed to see that. Your commitment to stay on plan while traveling is impressive... I know how hard that can be. Will look forward to hearing from you when you can spare a moment!!

soulnik, you're doing so well!! Congrats on that 2-lb. loss!! Your menus always sound so good and good for you. Keep going, girl!!

dgramie, where are you? You are missed!!

Same goes for mj5 -- I'm thinking of you and wishing you well!!

I'm Ms. Boring today... it's a day full of work. The scale is being sulky and not seeing things my way... but I'm being good on my plan and know results cannot be far behind. I think I have collarbones.

Best to all, Rae

01-19-2010, 10:43 AM
Hi everyone! I am super busy at work today, but wanted to pop in quick and say hi! I WILL go to the gym today! I WILL drink lots of water today!

Have a great OP day!!!

01-19-2010, 11:06 AM
Hey All,

Work is nutty and I've only been here for an hour. Walked 3 miles this morning. Yesterday was good. Food for the day:

1 serving(s) Jimmy dean D lights bagel sandwich 5
yogurt - 2

lean cusine -6
mixed veggies -0

1/2 cup(s) cooked couscous 1.5
1 Shrimp & Bean Stir fry 3

100 calorie pack 2
1 small pear(s) 1
1 large apple(s) 2
pineapple cup 1

Don't have time to say individual hellos but just want you all to know YOU ROCK!!!! Have a good day!!!

01-19-2010, 12:17 PM
I made it to spin class today. I was running a little late, and I got there with just one bike left!!! Whew! I need to get up earlier so that I don't miss out. It was really tough today, but I'm glad I was there. I'll work out tomorrow and then hit the road around noon to get to Denver. It looks like it will be a snowy trip over the mountains, but that's ok. I'm ok with driving in the snow. I can't remember if this motel has a workout room, but I'll have my stuff with me, so maybe I can venture down to see if it does. We have lots of company get togethers for meals, but there might be some time in the morning to get a little workout in. I just have to control my appetite. That's been a struggle since Christmas.

Lottie: Dang, I hope you get some relief! That's no fun.

Beverly: Congrats on your weight loss! Looks like that put you at the 40 pound mark! Yay!

299: Don't you hate a slow scale!? The only thing I wonder is if you might have to tweak your plan? I don't know. I struggled with all plans until I just went to calorie counting.

Rhonda: So glad to see you back! We missed you!

Trazey: You are so close to 100 pounds gone!! Good for you!

raebaer: Good to see you too. Some of my problem was not having time at work and then going home only to have my son working on his science project, so I didn't get much computer time. Keep plugging along!!

MJ: Way to stay on plan!

Soulnik: Hope work gets better for you today!!

Have a great day everyone!

01-19-2010, 06:02 PM
Well, this weekend I was feeling downright lousy. Something I ate did not agree with me!! I was eating a lot at our church because we were having a special meeting. I think the food was just greasier than I would normally eat and it caught up with me. I didn't track everything, but I kept an eye on my portions and tried to make sure I wasn't eating too much. We'll see what the scale says after exercising this evening. I'm back to logging everything in Livestrong today, good choices or not. I grabbed Arby's for lunch because it was convenient and I didn't have a lot of time, but I'll probably go to the store tonight and get some healthy food for the rest of the week. I should still be able to stay within my calories for the day despite it. It's been a challenge so far this month because we changed banks and haven't received our debit cards yet.

Yesterday I woke up with some dead skin (from my gums) in my mouth, and it was really sore. Apparently my upper right wisdom tooth finally broke through my gum. I can't chew anything on that side for awhile without it hurting. So, that's fun :P The tooth itself looks really good and is actually fairly straight. I think it still has a little ways to come in fully. Hopefully my gums won't take long to heal up.

01-20-2010, 08:52 AM
Hi chicks...yesterday was great until after dinner. I have a habit of overeating the evening of the day I weigh myself. I need to really work this out.
On ward for a good day today!

I saw my doctor - she recommended some meds for my cold. She also ordered some pt for my sore knee.

lots of water
meditation = I haven't been doing it much and it's helpful - so I must
log food
eat only when seated
no second helping
aware eating

breakfast - egg white scramble with ketchup, 1/2 english muffin with pnb, clementine
lunch - english muffin pizza with turkey pep. and mushrooms
snack - yogurt, fiber one bar
dinner - fish, taters, salad
snack - oatmeal, raisins, s. milk

slash - I am glad you made to spin class. I know you are struggling with the food. Keep trying -- you CAN do this!

soulnik - glad things are going well! Great daily plan.

mj - I was so happy to see your post. Hope things are going well. Good thinking on the water. Hope your knee is feeling ok.

raebear - collarbones...yay. Darn that scale when it doesn't move!! but - collar bones are good!

trazey - I like calorie counting too. Good plan.

Rhonda - I am so, so happy to see you. Your approach sounds good - taking it one step at a time.

299 - welcome - I hope that scale starts moving for you!

rakel - ouch wisdom teeth....I hope your tummy is better, too.


01-20-2010, 11:51 AM
Hey Chicas!

@Slashnl - How was the drive? Hope you made it safely.

@rakel - Sorry you feel yucky. Hope your gums feel better.

@Beverlyjoy - I overeat just after a weigh in too. I call it a black hole day. Hope your cold gets better soon.

I have a cold too and feel positively lousy. I did work out this morning with the Wii Active which just made me feel worse. I'm supposed to go walking with my Biggest Loser challenge team (doing it with some friends). Not in the mood but I'll still go. I've given up my kettle corn again. I think the salt is making me retain water. It' like giving up a drug! I love that stuff!!!

Food for the day:
1 serving(s) Peanut Butter Cliff Bar 5
1 medium banana(s) 1.5
yogurt - 2

lean cuisine - 6

1 WaWa Turkey Shorty w. Swiss 5

1 small apple(s) 1
2 small clementine 0.5
100 cal pack - 2

01-20-2010, 12:16 PM
Hoping I could join all of you inspiring ladies :)

Beverlyjoy - I FEEL YOU! I weigh in on Mondays at Weight Watchers and it's always so tempting to just eat something completely off-plan and delicious when I know I have an entire week to "work it off." Along with you, I would love to work on this little habit...

Soulnik - Sorry you feel so lousy! Hope you get to feeling better soon! Way to go on your commitment to your biggest loser group. (BTW - I love your menus...they have already given me great ideas! Thanks! One question...what is a WaWa Turkey Shorty?)


Breakfast -
High fiber cereal - 4 points
Apple - 1 point

Snack -
Yogurt - 1 point

Lunch -
Garden Burger on Sandwich thin - 2 points
Low-fat mozzerella - 2 points
Mustard/Mayo Sauce - 1 point
Roasted Red Pepper Soup - 1 point

Snack -
Orange - 1 point

Dinner -
English Muffin Hawaiian Pizzas - 5 points

Dessert -
Trader Joes Whole Grain Cookies (so yummy!) - 2 points

Total - 20 points
*Note to self - Need to work on eating more of my points. WW says I need to eat 35 points per day but I feel like that's way too much...but I really need to work on getting more so my body doesn't go into "starvation mode"

Exercise -
Lifting weights (first day...yikes)
60 min. cardio (elliptical and treadmill)

I look forward to joining your group and getting to know you all better!

01-20-2010, 12:30 PM
wow lots of activity here...so glad to see everyone!
I feel so far behind to try and catch up on personals.
I did great yesterday after not doing so hot on monday. We had redlobster for lunch on monday but I did only eat 2 rolls...lol
food for today; coffee, thinbun toasted with 1tb peanut butter, cutie
morning snack 1tsp of peanut butter
lunch bowl of veggie soup homemade (broth skimmed)
dinner- kraut, polish sausage and beans
should be a good food day and my points should be right if I dont take extra servings...
Im tracking my points as well as my calories...just kinda curious to see how the compare

01-20-2010, 01:00 PM
Just a quick note. I leave today and won't be back until Friday. Just wanted to tell everyone to have a great week!

01-20-2010, 06:55 PM
Hi everyone! Work is SUPER hectic, nothing bad, but really busy, which is a good thing, really!

Beverlyjoy---awww, thanks! How are you feeling?

lottie--How are you doing?

299--good luck finding what is stalling you.

Rhonda! Welcom back!!!

Trazey--Great job!

raebeaR--it's been super busy at my work too....

soulnik--Hope you are feeling better!

Diane--Have a safe trip!!!

rakel--Ouch! Hope your tooth feels better!


dgramie--It HAS been busy around here...great to see so much activity!

I have been totally OP so far today! YIPPEE! My knee is doing terrible, again. Ugh, SO sick of this. I have an appt 2/5...I think that's it, anyway, I HAVE an appt w/ my ortho, so hopefully that will help.

K, I really need to finish making a grocery list! Have a great night everyone!

01-21-2010, 01:12 AM
I hate when this happens... I slip up over the weekend, neglect exercising, neglect counting my calories diligently, and of course when I get back on track the following week I have negated my recent progress. As long as I am closely tracking my food and exercise, I lose weight. When I don't, I lose nothing or even gain. I know this... yet I still allow myself to slide. Emotionally, I just felt extremely disappointed and frustrated about being fat, like that does me any good. I am... ready to kick myself into high gear and see the scale move. It seems like I always do so well at the start and then fizzle out. After I do well, I relax on my rules a bit and then lose my progress. It's just not efficient, and I'm not doing myself any favors.

Anyway, enough rambling. I finally input my 90 minutes of exercise (yes, I was feeling quite motivated among my pity party) and dinner into livestrong.

Now, it's way past my bedtime, so off I go!

01-21-2010, 07:22 AM
Hi chicks...yesterday my food was good, water good, but - no exercise. I'll work on that today. Maybe it's my headcold. I am grateful for all the things I DID get done!

Today I am going to take it easy. I am going to do two programs tomorrow. I need to have some strength for that.

I haven't been doing my meditation - maybe it's my awful headcold. I need to do this!

the usual =
fork down between bites
slow aware eating
log food
lots of water
eat only when seated
pma - positive mental attitude

breakfast - 1/2 raisin english muffin with pnb, boca bacon, clementine
lunch - italian veggie stew on boiled potatoe with lite provelone cheese
snack = yogurt, fiber bar
dinner = cheese toast and tomato soup, veggies
snack - rice cake with pnb, sf cocoa

rakel - don't kick yourself...hop back on your plan and try and do what you know helps. You can do it!

mj - darn that knee!! I hope your ortho has some 'magic'. ice ice baby.... Hope yesterday was good.

slash - safe travel, friend.

dgrammie - good job tracking those points...it always helps.

brandijune - WELCOME! Glad you are joining in! Good food plan. I don't do ww - but my friends say to use your points.

soul - feel better - headcolds are the pits. If you're sick - pace yourself on the exercise - let your body get better. great food plan

Shout out to rhonda, 299 and trazey.

Everyone have a GREAT day.

01-21-2010, 09:44 AM
Hi, Team!

I'm having a tough time getting started again. Each day, I say "this is the day!" Today, is on-plan day #1 again. I've finished my meditation time so that is one thing off my list. Here is my plan for today:

Meditation time
32 oz water
30 mins of walking
3 meals and 2 snacks

Tonight is ladies's night at church. I'll have to be creative to find the time for my walking today.

MJ - I'm so sorry to hear that your knee is hurting so badly. I hope you find relief soon. Did you ever have your surgery?

A big "Hello" to everyone else. Have a great on-plan day.

01-21-2010, 10:50 AM
Good Morning!

rakel--exactly what Beverlyjoy said! Get back on plan. You can do it!

Beverlyjoy--You better rest up today! Thank you for the reminder to ice!!! I need to be doing that more consistenly. I KNOW it works....I need to do it as soon as I get home and at least once more at night! I will tonight, I promise!

Rhonda--I am right there with you....see below. I had my knee scoped in September and it really helped. More than we thought it would. Unfortunately, as usual, there is more damage than the ortho thought and I am looking at a total knee replacement in the fairly near future. ICK! There are other surgeries he can do to push that further down the road--still not "easy" ones, but not as "involved" as a total knee.

Ok, so I am also struggling with getting myself back on track. I do pretty good w food--now that dh is eating healthier too, that is MUCH easier--NOT easy, but easier. But the exercise part is really hard. I like to exercise. I like my gym. I find myself falling into my "old trap" of if I miss one day then I throw in the towel and make it ok to miss another and another....So, it's time to change that. When I VERY first started working out, I started more slowly--3 days a week. Then when I was used to that, I bumped it up to 4, then 5, then 6. By then it was such a habit that I rarely thought of missing a day. So, that's what I am going to do. REALLY start over. I have new sneakers (excellent deal at the Nike outlet!) and a couple pairs of new workout pants. I have my calendar all ready and a reward all picked out. I also have a VERY eager 16 y/o niece who I will tell that my goal is "X" number of days at the gym each week and she will text me until I go! LOL!!!!

So, that's my plan!!! I know I can do this! We all can!

Have a great OP day everyone!!!!

01-21-2010, 10:58 AM
Hey Chicas!

@brandijune44 - A WaWa Turkey Shorty is a hoagie from a convenience store we have here in the Philly/NJ area called WaWa. It's a hoagie on a short(y) roll. WaWa puts the nutritional values of all their foods online so there's no surprises. BTW - I'm supposed to eat 35 pts a day too and I can never do it. It's too much food!

@dgramie - Red Lobster cheddar biscuits are heaven! They have all their nutritional info online and 1 biscuit is 3 pts, 2 is 7 pts. I'm eating there on Saturday with my "male companion" and I'm planning 2 of them into my meal!

@mj5 - Sorry you're in so much pain but good for you for being OP!

@rakel - Don't be so hard on yourself. We've all been there. Take it one day or even one hour at a time. You can do this! Congrats on the 90 mins!!!

@Beverlyjoy - This is like the ever lasting cold! Hope you feel better soon.

@GirlyGirlSebas - Your plan sounds totally doable. Have a great day and a good time at church!

Yesterday I walked 13,000 steps which is like 6 miles! Today I’m beat!!! So no walking, just Wii Active tonight. I was a little disappointed by my Biggest Loser team last night. One of them isn’t interested in losing weight at all, just getting more active. And the other was just kind of lazy...didn’t seem to want to do much and had a lot of excuses for not getting together to work out. So, guess I’m gonna have to pull the weight – literally – for the team.

Food for the day:
1 serving(s) Peanut Butter Cliff Bar 5
1 medium banana(s) 1.5
1/4 cup(s) fat-free skim milk 0.5
yogurt - 2

1 serving(s) WaWa Turkey w. Swiss no mayo 5
side salad - 0
1 cup(s) papaya(s) 1

2 item(s) Sugar Free Pudding Chocolate 2.5
1 Beef shepherd's pie 7

100 cal pack - 2
1 large apple(s) 2

01-21-2010, 05:20 PM
Thanks for all of your encouragement guys. Some days are harder than others! I just need to remind myself that if I keep going one step at a time, then eventually I won't be fat anymore!

Rhonda: welcome back :)

mj5: I know what you mean about if you miss one day it's easy to miss more. I was struggling with that this week, but I finally got back on track today. I know it's probably even harder because you've been having some issues with your knees, too.

soulnik: holy crap, 13,000 is amazing! Whenever I wear my pedo I am painfully aware at how stationary my job is. On the weekends I can get in 10,000 if I'm out doing things, but sitting in front of a computer all day at work means that I only get around 5,000 steps in an average day. Good work, keep it up!

01-22-2010, 07:04 AM
Hi chicks - I stayed within my calorie range :) ...but, didn't stay with my original plan. It took many twists and turns and luckily stayed with the calories part. Drank about 100 ou of water,...I've been blowing my nose so much.:dizzy: I did my stretches. Still no meditation...gotta work on this.

I am staying home again today....I am ready for this cold to be gone!:p

lots of water
stretches and strengthening
eat only when seated
aware eating
no second helpings
remind myself WHY

breakfast - oatmeal with 1/2 banana, almond butter, cinn, and skim milk
lunch - egg scramble with cheese, veggies, potato
snack - yogurt, fiber bar
dinner - roast, brown rice, salad
snack - cinn. toast, sf cocoa

rakel - I agree some days are hard :hug: :D ...keep moving forward the best you can.

mj - oo- new sneakers...fun! :D Sorry getting to the gym has been a struggle. Maybe it's that darn knee - maybe you could go and concentrate on upper You;ll find your groove!

soul - wow - six miles is fantastic. :carrot: I love sf pudding too. I put it in the freezer, nuke it ten seconds before I eat it...it's like lovely ice cream.

Everyone - have a great day!!!! :D:D

01-22-2010, 08:55 AM
Bev- you must be sharing your cold with me. It hit hubby day before yesterday and me during the night. My nose is about to run off... Hope you get feeling better fast!
rak-its such an eye opener when counting steps. I really have to work in the winter months to get to 10,000. My average day of daycare is about 6,000.
soul- enjoy your meal...what do you get there? I usually get the salior platter. I have been known to take my spray butter with me...LOL
mj- sorry your struggling hang in there and take it one day at time.
Rhonda- jan 27 08 was my start date. I had kept saying today is the day and it took till the 27th to start it.IM so glad I started it!!
slash- hi
44- hi and how are you doing?

Im doing really well right now. I may not always make the best choices but am able to work my menu plans around to make up for it. Been on track 3 days now.
Im sure I will not do as great on monday..its my bday!!
Im going to have a no eat out weekend!! I normally really screw things up on the weekends.

01-22-2010, 10:04 AM
Hola, chickies!!

Nice to see everyone posting and encouraging each other!! What an awesome bunch of women!! :carrot:

dgramie, go, girl!! Just keep plugging away, and results will follow. I think you're doing great!! :)

Beverlyjoy, I am sending good thoughts your way for the cold to be gone. Horrible how they can just hang on and on and on.... you'll be back on track as soon as you can be, I know that!! :cool:

rakel, keep working on the positive self-thought!! What you're doing is HARD, so be sure to give yourself lots of credit for doing well!! :hug:

soulnik, you have this unflappable calm in your approach to weight loss... we can all take a page. :) Nice work!! Pull along that BL team of yours!!

mj5, LOL, I love the idea of enlisting your niece to keep you honest in your exercise!! Very creative, and will no doubt be effective as well. I admire you for working through your pain and other obstacles to keep doing whatever is necessary to accomplish your goals!! :carrot:

GirlyGirlSebas, you're prepping for the long haul... you'll know when the time is right. When you're ready, you're ready -- and not a moment sooner!! One day, you'll be a Nike commercial... you'll just do it. :hug:

Brandijune44, welcome!! How did the weight lifting go?? Your plan and your exercise look great -- you're already an inspiration!! :)

I'm hanging in with the food, still no reportable progress on exercise... unless you count mucking out the barn and henhouse... my wonderful handyman is leaving after today and I won't be able to watch him chop wood <slurp> for a few weeks. Probably just as well, with the sweetie (paramour? FWB?) turning up in just a couple of weeks... don't mind me, I've clearly moved out of the Grieving Widow stage and into the Merry Widow stage... :o

I did have a rather nasty shock a few days ago... I decided to put the feet on my Wii Fit balance board because the weight measurement kept bouncing all over the place... well, it settled. Six pounds heavier!! So my ticker is a little white lie at the moment, but not for long!!

Rae's menu for the day:

Breakfast: hardboiled egg, 2 slices deli ham, 1 light BabyBel cheese, 12 oz. V-8 juice

Lunch: Chicken burrito with lots of veg, beans, whole wheat tortilla

Dinner: Grilled Barimundi with roasted vegetables, steamed spinach, glass of wine

Snacks: Handful of peanuts, cup of sugar free cocoa

Have a great day, everyone!! :D

Best, Rae

01-22-2010, 10:16 AM
Morning everyone! It's a beautiful day here in Ontario Canada, sun is shining, cold but glorious!

On tap for today:

Br: high fibre cereal, sliced nana,1% milk, coffee (400 cals)
sn: few almonds (90 cals)
LU: ham sammich on grainy bread, coleslaw, apple (450 cals)
Din: Lean Cuisine Skillet Sensations ADDED extra chicken and veggies 400 cals
salad with kraft lite balsamic dressing (YUM) 50 cals

That's about 1400 cals, leaving room for a 250 - 350 calorie snack since it's Friday night! woot!

1 individual sized bag of pretzels - 230 cals
1 diet coke

01-22-2010, 10:58 AM
Good Morning! I am happy to report that I remembered to ice my knee last night AND I had a small glass of red wine....not sure which one helped my knee more, but it feels much better today! Might do the exact same thing tonight!
soulnik--Wow, that's a lot of walking!!!! Sorry your BL team isn't all pulling their weight.

rakel--that's right, one step at a time!!!

Beverlyjoy--Yea for staying w/ in calories! I am happy to report that I DID ice last night!

dgramie--Great job! Keep it up Happy early bday!

raebeaR--Thanks....I may regret asking for her "help"...LOL! A 16 y/o w/ a cell phone...scary! LOL!!! I would call that exercise!!


We are having dinner out w/ friends tonight. I have never been to this place before and I can't look the menu up online. I will have to order carefully, of course. Wish me luck!

01-22-2010, 11:59 AM
Hey All,

Just getting out of two-hour morning meeting so only have time for a quick check in. Yesterday was great! Took an exercise rest day. Walked this morning but was really slow and tired. Not sure why. Going to a happy hour for dinner. Have to check out the restaurant's menu to plan but here's the rest of the day's menu:

1 serving(s) Jimmy dean D lights bagel sandwich 5

Lean Cuising 6

yogurt - 2
1 small apple(s) 1
100 cal pack - 2
pineapple - 1

@raebeaR - "Unflappable" - I LOVE THAT! If only it were entirely true!

Have a good day chicas!

01-22-2010, 12:45 PM
Good Morning everyone!

Thank you all so much for your kind comments! I was so excited to join the group and the first day back (yesterday) I was completely overwhelmed with work and forgot to check in! I WILL BE BETTER! It's a learning process right...haha.

mj5 - Hope your knee is feeling better! You are such an inspiration...I need to make exercise "a habit"...it is still such a chore everyday. Keep it up!!!

rakel - Way to go...90 min. of exercise even when you were feeling less than chipper! I need to take noes from you next time I'm feeling down! Hang in there girl...we will through this...

Beverlyjoy - Thanks for the warm "welcome." I just love your attitude...it's so inspiring! I have been think about meditation. How are you liking it? Any tips of how to get going?

GirlyGirlSebas - I hope you are feeling better about the journey...one step at a time. We'll be there before you know it :)

Soulnik - Thanks so much for explaining what a WaWa Turkey Shorty is! (Although I must admit I'm jealous because we don't have them here and they sound delicious! sigh) It will be interesting to see how the points work out for us. My leader and many people emphasize eating ALL of my points...but I worked it out and since I tend to eat foods that are very high in fiber, I would be eating close to 3000 cals/day if I ate them all. I just can't imagine losing weight like that. I may have to "up them" though if I don't see results. It's nice to know someone else is having this issue :)

dgramie - Happy early birthday! Good luck with the weekend...you'll do great I just know it!

raebeaR - Thanks for the kind words! Weight lifting went well yesterday...I'm sore today but the good kind of sore you know :) Way to get on the Wii and stay motivated. Your ticker will be going down, down, down in no time!

Trazey - What can I say...I'm just trying to "soak up" any amount of knowledge I can gain from your post :) You are such an inspiration and I hope to follow in your footsteps.

Well, here's what my day looks like.

Breakfast -
Apple 1
High Fiber Trader Joes Cereal - 2
Low-fat coconut milk - 1

Snack -
WW Yogurt - 1

Lunch -
Whole wheat Hawaiian Pizza - 5
Light Thousand Island (for dipping) - 1

Snack -
Orange - 1
Cottage Cheese - 2

Dinner -
Turkey/Zuchinni Chili - 6
Mozzerella Cheese - 2

Dessert -
Trader Joes Whole Grain Cookies - 2

= 24 points

Exercise - 60 minutes treadmill

Have a great weekend everyone! I won't be back until Monday...but I look forward to seeing your progress...keep up the good work!

01-23-2010, 09:29 AM
hi chicks - yesterday was a good day - I am grateful. Tonight DH and I are invited to Cocktail Party! I didn't think folks did them - at least my friends. It's very 50's or 60's. This is being given by a friend of my senior aged mom. I am almost over my headcold - I may go. However, I don't want to expose any of the old folks. If I do go...I will take only ONE plate of healthy things and not go near the table again.

breakfast = cinn. raison english muffin, npb, grapes
lunch - eggs with cheese, toast, veggies
snack - yogurt, fiber bar
dinner - a little roast beef and salad
snack - a few nibbles at the party if we go

Also -

write down food
lots of water
exercise - done
eat only when seated
no second helping
aware eatingi

I hope you all have a great day.

01-23-2010, 10:57 AM
Hi everyone. I'm back from the meeting in Denver. It went ok. The part where we went over how bad our revenues were from last year was a little painful, but once we got past that, the rest of the meeting was great. I did ok over there. I could have done better, but I also could have been lots worse!!! This meeting is usually considered a "treat" (when the economy is good), so they have lots of good food and lots of free drinks, etc. I didn't drink much at all. It's funny, I really think I've lost my taste for it. It's always in the back of my mind, "Do I really want to waste calories on this?" So, that part was much better than last year. The food was tough to overcome, so I probably went over on that. I had moments of victory, like when they bring in the afternoon cookie/brownie/soda snacks. I didn't get those. But, exercise was nonexistent, so that wasn't so good. But, back home now. It was kind of funny, though. There was this guy there that used to work at our office and now works at the Denver office. He's just a really good friend. They had a biggest loser challenge, so he was telling me that he lost 40 pounds. I knew he had lost weight, so that was fun talking to him. He's inspired me to go to the "Body Pump" class at the gym. I've been tempted to do that for awhile now, but didn't have the nerve. So, he challenged me to do that. I think there is one on Monday, so I'll give it a try.

Sounds like we have lots of struggling going on. I have also been surprised at how difficult it has been to get back on the roll I was on before Christmas. But, we just have to keep trying. It's the old "fake it till we make it".

Hang in there everyone!

01-23-2010, 07:12 PM
breakfast-WW yogurt-1pt

lunch- canned navy beans 1/2c 2pts
polilsh sausage 4pts
tiny bit of cornbread no butter 4pts

snack- string cheese

dinner- peanut butter on thin bun -4pts
got to be sure and snack later to get all my points in

wow that sure sounds strange..having to work to get my points in. I was very satified with my lunch and will make it again soon.

01-24-2010, 08:45 AM
Hi chicks - yesterday was good :) until I started to feel horrible foot and ankle pain in the evening.:( I did eat a little extra. It didn't help at all for two reasons. First - eating doesn't make physical pain go away. Second - with my headcold and can't taste anything - so it double wasn't worth it. :p

I did most of my other things...lots of water, logging food, no seconds, etc.:)

ice and heat for my hurting pieces and parts
lots of water
remind myself WHY
no seconds
fork down between bites
write down food eaten
aware, slow eating

breakfast - egg white scramble, 1/2 c. potatoes, ketchup, clementine
lunch soup, toast, veggies
snack = yogurt, cereal
dinner = pasta, red sauce, parm. cheese, garlic bread, salad
snack - fiber bar, 1/2apple

Have a great day everyone.:D

01-24-2010, 10:52 AM
5 POP days in a row!!
breakfast- coffee egg thin bun-4pts

lunch - taco salad-

dinner- something for how many points i have left...lol
no snacking today

01-24-2010, 01:25 PM
Hi everyone! We had a great family dinner / game night last night! It was SO much fun!!! Kinda made me miss my dad a LOT, but it was great to talk about him and share funny stories, too.

I am just relaxing w/ the dogs today. Hubby works a short day, then were are going going to watch some football. We are having a VERY special treat for dinner....grilled steaks, baked potatoes, mushrooms, tossed salad...YUM!!!

My exercise plan for the week is to workout Tues, Wed, and Friday. I am about to text my niece the info....she can't wait to help!!!

01-24-2010, 02:53 PM
Hi Chicas,

I don't really have a plan for today except that I'm going to eat my points and get a workout in. I tried to give up my kettle corn but I failed. It's just too yummy and the calories are low enough to make it ok to eat.

My Biggest Loser team totally sucks. All the other teams are posting online how often they work out and eat healthy meals together and how well they're doing. My team has only met once and we never even talk to each other. I'm so annoyed by how uninvolved they are. It doesn't matter though. I'm still committed and determined to win!

Anywho, have a good day ladies!