Calorie Counters - How long do you give it to see progress?

01-17-2010, 07:41 PM
I'm on Day 13 of CCing at my target is 1,500 cals.

This past week wasn't much of a weight loss (not even a full pound), so I looked over my food diary to see what was going on. The very first week I was only eating about 1,100 - 1,200 cals a day and that's when I lost 5lbs. ((I'm sure quite a bit of that is water weight.)) This past week I've been eating 1,300 - 1,450 and lost 0.8lb.

How long should I give it before try out a different cal range? I was thinking a week should be enough time to see progress, but am I being too strict and not giving myself enough time to respond?

I work out at at least 3x a week. Last week I worked out 4x, so I was really surprised not to see a larger difference. I'd be satisfied with 1.2 lbs, but geeze... not even getting one?

I have 100lbs to lose (from my starting weight) and I know it's going to take a while to come off. Maybe I'm just expecting too much right now?

01-17-2010, 07:56 PM
I'd give it at least 2 weeks of no loss before I would think about changing my routine. I'm a newbie though, and I don't know anything yet, but I have heard that the scale can stick for awhile after a weight loss. So what happens is, you have one good week, then one or two or even three "bad" weeks, then another whoosh and suddenly more pounds are gone. My body seems to work that way anyway. I've gone on mini-diets before (never had this much to lose before, so this is a new experience for me) and that's how it always worked with my body. I'd lose water weight the first week, be stalled the second and third weeks usually, then another whoosh of a couple three pounds or so, then another stall. I have no idea why my body did that but that's how it went for me. Maybe your body works kind of like that too? It sounds like you are doing great - I'm certain if you just stick with it, you will be slimmer by summer, and happier and healthier!

Wishing all of us here good luck on meeting our goals! :) I know we will get there! And with every pound (or half a pound) gone, that's more health for us, and we are more comfortable with each pound lost.

01-17-2010, 08:39 PM
Other things to look at- are you drinking enough water? Are you consuming too much salt? These two things greatly inhibit weight loss in my experience. I don't add salt to ANYTHING anymore- and I stay away from broths unless they are low sodium, and so on.

01-17-2010, 08:44 PM
After a big loss your first week, the second week can often be less. Hang in there for one more week (and I agree with beerab, watch the salt) and see how it goes. I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised. Also, are you weighing your food? I have found it harder to fudge on my portions than measuring cups when I weigh on a digital food scale.

01-17-2010, 11:35 PM
If you watch Biggest Loser, they are ALWAYS talking about the dreaded Week 2 - it's pretty common that after that first week bump, Week 2 is tough. Think of it this way - yes, some of what you lost Week 1 was water. Week 2, you do lose some more weight, but your body is balancing out for that water loss too, so the scale doesn't show a major difference. Things should pick back up again soon.