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01-17-2010, 10:19 AM
Quite a few months ago I got Thrush, which is something that a baby or eldery person usually gets. Someone with diabetes can get it too. Its basically a yeast infection for the mouth. Gross I know. The hospital did tests and stuff to make sure I didn't have diabetes and stuff but they never found an explanation for it. Well they gave me this medicine which was the worst thing ever. You have to swish it in your mouth, hold it as long as you can, than swallow it. Well, its thick and milky and has the consistency and a man's semen. So needless to say I couldn't deal with it, and I have pretty much just left my mouth alone. Well, was brushing my teeth this morning and saw that my tongue looks SOOO good! I know this has to be because of all of the water and fruits and veggies and stuff. Plus with the 7 lbs I've lost this week. Thought it might be water weight but it's stayed off for a few days now, plus w/ my TOM and everything. It's been a good week! Sorry for the long story. lol. :p

01-17-2010, 11:01 AM
That's awesome! I find the yeast goes away once the sugar goes away, too. Plus rinsing with Listerine twice a day really helps. (I tend to get those little cracks in the side of my mouth due to yeast sometimes so I know remedies for yeast.)

Good for you for eating healthy and starting a new you!