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01-16-2010, 06:29 AM
I suppose if I have any intention of hanging around here (and I do ;) ) I ought to give a formal introduction.

First - you can call me 'Mel.' Well... you know... if you want to.

I'm 25, married (to a chef :) ) and we have 2 awesome children, Emryk, our 4.5 year old son and Clementine, our (just turned!) 2 year old baby girl. I'm a stay at home mom.

Hmm... I'm unsure of what information will be useful. I don't really have a "story" I guess. I've always been overweight. Always. I was relatively comfortable with my weight before I had kids. I gained 50+ pounds with my first child, lost 25 of it, then gained, like, 35 back. :rolleyes: I lost that... and then gained it back yet again. I then got pregnant with my daughter and (fortunately) gained almost nothing throughout that pregnancy. So my pre-preg weight was 205. My highest ever is 274 (while pregnant with Clementine), my highest non-pregnant weight is 267, and my starting weight for when I actively began trying to lose weight was 257, as you can see over <---there. I've lost 36 pounds with off and on dieting (over the last 8.5 months, which was roughly 2 months on, 4 months off, and now 2.5 back on) but I'm totally serious about dieting now and am in it for the long run. :)

Yep... I already feel like I'm rambling. Do notice the time... it's 5:30am and I've yet to go to bed. :rolleyes: With my husband being a chef, we have pretty unusual hours. This is still late though, and I ought to be sleeping. I posted on another thread and thought I should at least do an introduction before I go to sleep. I'm sure I'll read it tomorrow and realize I should have waited until I was using a larger portion of my brain, but... eh... too late now. ;)

Okee doke. I'll just go ahead and finish my little 'about me' segment tomorrow, assuming there is even a remote interest. ;)

01-16-2010, 09:17 AM
Hello Mel! Welcome to the boards and well done on the weight you've lost so far!! :broc:

Everyone here is really lovely, I'm sure you'll make plenty of friends and find great support with your weightloss :D

Good Luck!

01-16-2010, 11:09 AM
Welcome Mel!

01-17-2010, 09:41 PM
Welcome to the group Mel! :)