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08-14-2002, 07:56 AM
Hi Everyone,
We're a group of folks in various stages of weight loss, and we're quite friendly, so come and join us!
(I've forgotten how to start a thread, so please go with this one!)
Anyway, I lost 2.5 pounds last week (FINALLY):dancer: so now my weight and my age are at least in the same decade!
Love you all, and I need to go get the kids ready for school---first day went really well for them; they start gymnastics classes tonight, but Papa has to take them to that; I just have to pick them up...we were both instructed that they did NOT want anyone watching them during class. I guess we've got to get some blinders!
Love to everyone,and happy Wednesday!

08-16-2002, 09:39 AM
Morning Ladies~~Checking in just to make sure you all know I'm still around. Not a darn thing going on here except the usual work. Still haven't got my food where I want it, but I keep trying. Hubby is going to be off for the first Sat. in about 9 weeks so we are going fishing. Would you all believe that we had 5 and 3/4 inches of rain day before yesterday and the weather has cooled off. My pool is too cool to swim in already. My sister and her daughter is coming for Thanksgiving so that means I have pressure to lose weight and finish some jobs around here.
Skeeter~~no we didn't get the trolling motor. After we got home darned if he didn't start wondering if he wanted the one we picked out or not. I give up, I guess he'll make up his mind soon. Boy he ain't like me...when I went after a puter I come home with one. You know I thank I will apply for a Walmart Credit card, I could use it once in a while just to get my credit going again. It's kind a bad, when you keep several thousand $ in a checking account and can't get a credit card. Live and learn. I've got other credit cards on the spot. I got one from garden ridge not over 3 months ago. Of course I don't use it, I just signed up to get a free gift. Hang in there on that food plan.

Sally~~CONGRATS ON THE WEIGHT LOSS. I tell you girl you got to be getting close to your goal. How much you like???
Going to run now and get my day started. Have a great day and a wonderful week end. And here's wishing all of us could get on a good food plan and stay there.

08-16-2002, 10:45 AM
Hello everyone. I've had trouble with my puter again. Pages don't want to load. Its so aggrivating. I just wanted to come in and say hi to you all now and I'll try to get here after work. According to the announcement, they are switching servers this weekend so we may have trouble getting in here.

Not alot going on with me. I've got a headache this morning and my jaw is bothering me to. I'm going to work a couple hours late. I almost feel like staying home all day but I've got some stuff I've got to finish up.

I'll try to get back here later. Have a nice day.

08-16-2002, 12:24 PM
Just seen the notice about the move. It's about as clear as mud to me. I hope I can find my way back. If not I have email address's. See you later.

08-16-2002, 05:13 PM
Hey Everyone :wave:

I hope everyone us doing good this week. I have done pretty good with food all week except yesterday. We had a work day at church and we had salad and spaghetti for lunch. We were sorting and sizing clothes that were donated recently to another ministry that our church helps. There was a tremendous amount of clothing for this small rural community. Today was a smaller work day at church cleaning up after vacation bible school and only a little from yesterday.

Marlana~I need to get some of this weight off before we go on vacation in October. Let's get our acts together and join the others in losing some weight. I want to lose 20# before I see my family. If I tried really hard and used this treadmill, I could do it. Is your niece going to your sister's first then the two of them to your house? That will be a great visit since you haven't seen them in so long. Are you and your hubby going shopping again or is he going to order out of a catalogue? I like the convenience of a catalogue but I like to see what I am buying and I usually want it right now not later. :lol: That's a cool avatar that you have now.

Sally~WTG on losing more weight and getting into the 40's. When are we going to get to see a picture of the new and skinny Sally? :cb: Have you bought a whole new wardrobe yet? Thanks for starting the new thread. I have been getting all my chores done in the morning and then getting knocked out of my computer time by afternoon storms. At least we have gotten a lot of rain and the drought of three years is over. Of course, now we have the mosquitoes in swarms and the viruses that they carry. I just stay indoors most of the time.

JoJo~Hope your headache is gone and so is the pain in your jaw. It is Friday and close to the end of the work week so you need to start feeling better to enjoy your days off. Hope that you have a good weekend. I am starting to hear people talking about the cooler nights up that way. That is unheard of here until late October. Oh don't mention computer problems to loudly. :D Mine is still doing okay. I won't hesitate the next time to run that recovery disc. It is worth having to reinstall everything because it works so much better. I bought a whole box of floppies to be prepared for it the next time.

Well ladies, we are going to have to get through a weekend without this site. Might be hard on us. Even though we don't post daily, I'm sure that the rest of you read on the forum daily like I do. Have a good weekend and see you all when the site comes back up.

08-18-2002, 12:24 PM
Hi there. I managed to get in here today by going to the home page of the site. Now I've got to remember to re-save the support page in my favorites. So far everything looks ok but I'm not exactly sure what changes have been made. I posted a short reply Friday but it looks like its gone.

Marlana, I love how you've got your name (and Skeeters to). Do you think you could make me up something like that? Its cool. Is that something you learned in your classes?

Skeeter, headache is gone and my jaw is feeling better. I had bought some taffy at the fair and I think that is what got my jaw going. It doesn't take much, sometimes just brushing my teeth with get the TMJ to flair up. I ran my Norton diagnostics last night and it said I had some missing files (where they went, who knows) and hopefully that problem is fixed as I just clicked what Norton told me to click. But.....everything is loading much faster so I did something right. Well, I also defragged. That always helps.

Well gals, the state fair ends today. I've been so bad this past week. I've had so much junk its not funny. I am hoping to get myself going on a food plan this week. Anything is better than this past week.

I'm going to scoot out of here now. Take care everyone.

08-20-2002, 02:40 PM
I can finally get in here. Haven't had time to look around yet. Just wanted to check in really quick to let you know I'm still around.
Skeeter~~I wish I could get my act together and get on a food plan and stay there. It's hard to overcome an addiction, which is what I have. I'm never going to give up. I'm doing really well today so for, of course it's just noon.
Jo Jo~~I've already made your name for you. I hope the size isn't too big, and yes I didn't learn how to make those is the class. If it is let me know and I'll make it smaller. How in the world would a person ever go to a state fair and not eat. The smells a lone is enough to break you down. Glad it's over. I haven't been to a fair in years. I just don't like to be in the middle of a bunch of people anymore.
I said this is quick, have a good day everyone.

08-21-2002, 07:08 PM
Hi Everyone.

I'm so relieved. I signed papers for our home insurance today and got it at an excellent price. I'm not going to be totally relieved until I get the official policy from them but I got this done with just 3 days left on our old insurance.

Dh & I are going to the gambling boat Saturday morning. I'm looking forward to that. We almost did it last Sunday on a whim but I was worried that we'd have to come up with a full years insurance premium so I thought we should wait until I knew for sure. The only thing is when your playing slot machines, your money seems to go so fast so keep your fingers crossed that we win some money.

I'm fixing diet cola chicken tonight for supper along with some of the instant "roasted garlic" mashed potatoes. Those potatoes are downright yummy with the sauce from the chicken. Can't wait.

Dh had to see the dr today for his arm. Its probably carpal tunnel and for now the dr is just trying to settle the pain and swelling down with anti-inflammatories and a brace. I hope it helps but I'm sure somewhere down the line he is going to need surgery.

Marlana, thanks again for doing my name for me. I've not downloaded it yet so I'm not ready to re-do my profile yet. I just think its so cool your doing your own avatars. Oh, I saw Eric, he liked the one you did for him and said to tell you thanks very much.

Gosh, just noticed only one has written since the last time I wrote. Guess everyone is busy.

Skeeter, I keep meaning to ask you if you'd send me an email to work. I've tried to email you but it keeps coming back. If you don't have my work email, let me know and I'll give it to you. The email at work is kinda picky and doesn't work for some email addresses for some reason. Its kinda aggrivating.

Well, I'm going to play a game for awhile and then get supper started. Take care and I hope your having a good week.

08-22-2002, 08:02 AM
Hey Ladies,
Need to get going, but wanted to say Howdy do--how're you all doing today? Have a happy Thursday!
JoJo, I'm so glad you got the insurance mess settled! That's such a relief for you I bet. The fair sounds like fun! I haven't been to one in ages; they have the local one the last weekend in September.. almost always on my littlest daughter's birthday--it's the end of September, so if it's not on the actual day, it's the day we're having the party. Maybe I need to plan to take her and a few buddies to the fair for the party one year.
Mama, how's it going? I want my name with a quill pen! Do me, do me! That's cute! Is it still hot in Oklahoma? It's horribly hot here.
Skeeter, you finally got rain, didn't you? It's about 10 inches below normal around here...just very hot and dry. At least next weekend is Labor Day; it has to end sometime!
I'd better run and finish getting the mutts ready for school. Oldest mutt made fifth grade Glee Club yesterday, and they both like gymnastics, so let the activities begin! Also, I registered for college Tuesday--I'm going back to the local community college and get my medical transcription certificate--I want to work at home. My boss is taking it also, so we're going together; she has a teenager and a three year old, so we figure we'll suffer together with our busy schedules! But it should only take a year of courses since I already have a bachelor's degree. We'll see how good I do! It's been a long time since I was in college.
Love you all, and I'll try and get in sometime this weekend.

08-22-2002, 10:22 AM
Hello to everyone. Waiting on the school bus for my oldest and I am planning to get a trim this morning before going to work. Things are going great. The day job and the night job are working out. My Dh and grandma think I am going to kill myself working so much. But I don't think it is that crazy of a schedule. I go in to my day job at 11am, get out at 2pm, come home get things a little situated, greet the kids at the door, then leave at 3:30 pm for the evening job, clock in at 4pm, work until 11:30pm with breaks and dinner in between. I am up by 6am to see the kids off on the bus. It was hard in the beginning and now it seems to be getting better. DH says it will all catch up to me in a few days. I don't know?

I see everyone is doing well. That is great. That is good Starkeepr that you were able to land that insurance. I don't know much about home ins. since we rent this house from my parents. Marlana you are awesomely talented that is great. You learned that in a computer class? Wow I wish my teacher had taught me that. Shoot! I had to figure out how to use PowerPoint on my own because she ran out of teaching time. Sally going back to college after how many years? I am in college. I am going at a very slow pace though. I returned after many years and I was so scared the first semester. DH was totally against the thought of me going to school. I guess he was still in the frame of mind that his X-wife had left for him many years ago. She would go then drop out, also all she was doing was looking for other men to fool around with. So I had to fight tooth and nail to get myself back into college. But then really I just had to say "Well you know I don't need your signature to get enrolled and I don't need your support either." Because I knew I had qualified for financial assistance to pay my tuition. So it wasn't like I needed my husband to sign any checks or anything. NOW...I try to quit and he is like "OH no you don't. You're going to go and you're going to like it." It is funny how life seems to just make a full circle. So I am glad to say he is very supportive and loves me for the fact that I have proven myself in the most effective way...determination. Good Luck in your classes and learn to juggle would be my best advice. LOL Juggle kids, school, chores, work, and maybe a social life, heck maybe a breath or two if you're really good. hahahaha.

Many smiles to all of you throughout your day. bye.

08-23-2002, 08:50 AM
I guess they aren't sending emails to let you know someone has wrote on the board, at least I haven't seen any. I'm about blind this morning, I've been working on one of my PI lessons for 3 hours. I like 5 and I'm through. I've been spending all my time trying to figure out which cell phone I want. I don't have a lot of choice where I live. Three is it. One of them seems to be pretty local and I've been warned time and time again not to choose them. The other two is Cellular1 and Cingular. I've had a Cellular1 phone out here and it don't work worth a darn. If I sign a contract with Cingular and bring their phone out here it will end up costing me 36.00 for nothing if it doesn't come in good. I may not be able to have a cell phone out here. We would like to have one when we travel. JUST WANT TO LET YOU ALL KNOW SKEETER IS REALLY SICK. She's gone to the doctor and is on pain meds. It's her sinus's.

Jo Jo~~ I hope you enjoy your week end gambling. Sure hope you win a bunch. That isn't one of my things, I want a sure thing. Well not really, we do fish a lot, that sure isn't a sure thing. Glad you got your insurance too, I know thats a relief off your mind. We are spending all our money on getting cars fixed is seem like to me. We spent 350.00 yesterday on the air on his car. Summer is almost over, but we figured we better get it done before we retire. Oh Lordie, you talked about food. I don't know how to fix the chicken or potatoes. Send me the instructions if you don't mind.

Sally~~Yes girlfriend it's still hot here. We are having cooler nights though. I would love to make your name for you. Know what, I don't have your email anymore. Maybe I can post it on the bottom of one of my post and you can copy it and file it that way. OK? I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Kina,Kina,Kina~~What are you thinking working so much. I know your young, but it will make you old before your time. No wonder your losing weight girl, you don't have time to eat. Lordi...I just read that your going to school too. Super Women. I hope you don't burn out. I've worked a lot myself, but mostly at home. I like doing my own thing here at home. I'm proud of you working on the next 10 pounds. You'll get there. I'm going to make you an avatar with your name too. You don't have to use it if you don't want to. I just don't want you to be left out.

Girls, I've got to run, I've got names to make. Have a good day, and get on a food plan and try to stay there. I said I would post the names I make on here. We'll see if I can. I talked to 2cute for about an hour yesterday and she told me that we could post gifs again.

08-23-2002, 10:33 AM
Sally~~Here's your avatar. I had to make it twice. The first one was too big. You know how to right click and copy don't you? I had to try it out by changing my avatar and then when I went to put mine back in, it wouldn't take it...said it was too big this time. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

08-23-2002, 10:51 AM
Kina~~Here is your avatar. If it's a little bigger or smaller it's because of the name itself. If you don't know how to put it in. Ask! You don't have to use it unless you want too.

08-23-2002, 04:48 PM
Hello Y’all :wave:

:sorry:I know it's been forever since I've visited, the new job got off to a slow start due to computer issues. But I've now gotten somewhat of a handle on things again. Besides it's Friday with less than an hour to go...The girl I'm to cover while she is on maternity leave is now out for about 2 weeks. The baby moved and she has a pinched nerve...my training isn't complete so I'm hoping she makes it back or this could be a disaster in the making.:yikes: Although I'm glad I got this extension, the state budget here is really bad and the Governor announced the week a hiring freeze and possible lay-offs...so the all ready tight job market here in Richmond is getting worse.

Food has been good this past week and I'm back to exercising:barbell: at lunch 3 to 4 days a week. I lost what I gained while I was at the Longaberger Bee so that's good. If I didn't tell you all, I had a GRAND time and came home with several awards. They really reward you for your accomplishments...something you don't get many places.

Jo Jo, glad to hear you finally got homeowners insurance again...who'd you end up with?

Sally, don't have to worry about me catching up with you now, if I ever get out of the 80's for good the best I'm looking at is the high 50's or low 60's...I'm just too tall for the 40's can't maintain it.

If anyone knows a good :rain: dance, can you start and have it directed to Virginia. We are now considered to be in an extreme drought and some areas have gone to mandatory water restrictions including no outside watering at all. I've noticed leaves turning already and some have just dried up and gone brown like the tree is dead. Acorn’s are falling that are not mature...it's going to be a ruff winter for the wildlife for sure. The only thing around here doing well is the mosquito with the West Nile Virus.

Well I have no idea how this will turn out as I've not really looked at the changes to the site yet...Hope everyone has a nice Weekend and will catch you later.


08-25-2002, 02:27 AM
Of course I am going to use it. It is beautiful. Thank you! You are just one of the smartest computer person I have ever met. That is great. I love it:love: .

Wow did you see all these new smilies? I guess I have been lost in the loop for so long that I hadn't realized that life had been passing me by.

Oh gosh! We had potluck at work the other evening and I was so bad.:devil: But even worse is that this girl made some different colored pasta with chopped olives, chopped cucumbers and grated carrots then tossed in Italian dressing. :hypno2: OMG! I fell in LOVE. That pasta was to die for. I ended up taking all the left overs of it home and then practically ate all of it over a period of 2 days by myself !:mad: I know I am going to have a hefty price to pay for that one. I haven't had any time to exercise so there is no way out for this one. It's going to be bad. O well I guess I just have to stand up, dust myself off, and don't look back:?:

Well I am managing the 2 jobs quite well. I already bought my books for school and have started reading one of the books required for English. I am loving it. It is called "Nickel and Dimed on getting by in America" . The other one is "Hiroshima" I read that one back in High School, years ago. So I wasn't too interested in reading that one right away. Classes start September 3. I am looking forward to it. It is always exciting to get back into school until they start loading us with work...then the excitement just fizzles out.

I better go. Hello to all of you. and may you share many smiles with your loved ones tomorrow and everyday. Tomorrow (Sunday) will be my first day off since 2 weekends ago. What do you do on your day off? I don't know what that is anymore. It has been so long that I don't know what to do with my time:chin: . I think we are inviting my parents over for dinner since they help us out so much with the kids. I love my mom & dad. I thought I would share that with you all. Oh didn't I say I was going now! OOooops well talk later.


08-25-2002, 03:40 PM
Happy Sunday!
Darn it, I lost my post! I had a lovely message all done,and it disappeared.
Anyway, Papa has taken the girls to the movies so I can study for a couple of hours. Of course, I'm not studying.:devil: But I'm going to in a minute; just wanted to come in and say howdy ho.
This was their dad's weekend, but he called this morning and asked me to come and get them (He now has no car)...he said he just could not take it anymore. Soooo, I did. I wish he had called in time for us to go to church, but he didn't.
Kina, I love all these smilies, don't you? I wish I had time to fool with all this new stuff. I only have one class this semester---wanted to ease back into this college business again. I got my bachelor's degree 22 years ago, but my certificate should only take a year to finish. All my classes are Distance Ed, which means I just go register and check out the tapes and get my book and syllabus, and do them at home. I just go to the college once every two weeks for a test and to turn in assignments. It works out better for me that way, with the kids and working and all.
Mama, thanks for my name! I will use it proudly! You're so smart!
JoJo, Skeeter, MaryBeth, have a wonderful weekend!
Love to everyone and I'll "see" you in a day or so.

08-25-2002, 04:07 PM
Hi everyone. I'm here for a quick post to you all. We are heading out in a little bit to run some errands.

We went to the gambling boat yesterday. It was fun but oh man, what a waste of money. I don't think we'll be going back for quite sometime. You just can't count on being lucky. I've never been very lucky.

I'm having puter problems again. Things are either loading verrrrry slowly or not at all. Surprisingly I got in here. I am going to run some Norton programs when I get off here to see if I can fix the problem, er, I mean see if Norton systemworks can fix it.

Oh, the errands will have to wait. My dog just got in the bathtub so I'm giving her a bath. She went in there to sleep but I've got news for her, its bathtime.

Take care everyone and I'll come back later tonight or tomorrow and post to everyone.

08-26-2002, 06:18 PM
Hey Everyone :wave:

I am still alive and kicking. I got some good drugs :hypno2: from the doctor and am feeling better but still not up to speed. This was a bad one for me and all I wanted to do was sleep, and did.

Marlana~Thank you so much for the cool avatars. You are sure a smart lady and a good friend. Thanks also for letting everyone know that I had a bad bug. I will sure be glad when I feel normal again. My food has been terrible while I have been sick although I don't snack at all but eat good meals. One of the young ladies from the church brought me some home made chicken vegetable soup and a delicious Greek salad. That was so sweet of her. We have sure found a great church with some wonderful people although it is very small. We got very close with these people in a very short time. Well, I hope that you find a good deal on a cell phone that works soon. :chin: Just keep talking to people that have them and surely you will find one. We have a similar problem here with bad reception.

JoJo~I got your reply to my email back immediately. The time on my emails is messed up because it states that I sent you and email at 4:20 pm and you replied to it at 1:30 pm. That is California time for the reply and I can't figure out how to fix that. I am so glad to hear that you got your insurance at a reasonable price. I'm sure that was a big load of your shoulders. I think that computer problems are common if you turn one on. :lol: Mine is still working good since I ran that recovery disc. It is a lot of work saving everything to floppy and then having to reinstall programs afterwards. It took me days before I got mine back the way I wanted it.

Sally~Your ex is such a loser!! :joker: Is he paying any child support? In Florida, the payment goes through the system and he would go to jail if he didn't pay. The ex wife doesn't have anything to say about it either. The system takes care of it. The biggest problem here is getting them to court and that court order issued for the support.

Kina~I haven't taken the time to look at all the new features in this forum yet. It seems like I had just updated my list of smilies and now have more new ones. I can't believe that you are working two jobs, raising children, going to college and writing on this board too. You are definitely a Super Mom. :strong:

Marybeth~I can't believe that you guys are going through what we did earlier this year. We are nice and green down here again for the first time in three years. I'll try to send some rain your way. We also have the West Nile Virus and tons of mosquitoes with all the rain that we have had. It's too bad that you still have the mosquitoes in dry weather. I couldn't find a smilie for "that sucks".

I need to get this posted and do my duty in the kitchen. All the critters are hungry. Y'all have a good evening.

08-27-2002, 07:48 AM
Morning~~Someone really should be here with me, so when I blow they could take me to the hospital. This wouldn't be important, except, these are the things that drive us to eat. Ok..We ordered a trolling motor,for fishing for those who don't know. The shipping cost 14.90, I thought that was cheap enough. I tried to get hubby to order the other one that he first picked out. I thought this one wouldn't fit our boat very well. But nooooooo...everyone else has this kind. It wouldn't fit our boat. So I drove to Muskogee to send it back the way it come..Fed-X. Four Fed-X places over there and none of them could handle it. I had shopping to do, but with a 500.00 package in the back of my truck, I didn't dare leave it set in the parking lot. Bass Pro told me I could send it back Fed-X or Post Office. I went to the post office and they wanted 41.00 to ship. So back home I come, motor and all. I got on the phone and talked to Bass Pro, guess what this person told me I could ship UPS. Called them, they close at 1:00 and open again at 4:00-7:00. Left the house at 6:00 mailed it back and it cost me 14.90. Got back home and called BP and proceeded to order the other trolling motor. You ain't going to believe this one, if I hadn't been home, I would have thought I was on candid camera if I wasn't in my own house. Mind you this motor I'm about to order is lighter than the one I just sent back. Shipping on the new motor was 14.90 + 55.00. I tried to order last night and this morning, same thing. I thought that lil gal was wrong, no I just tried again this morning, same thing. I can't believe it. I tell you what I'm going to do though. I'm calling the company that builds that motor and telling them what BP is doing to their sales. I had a pretty good day with food yesterday in spite of all that crap. I didn't have time to eat super before I run back to Muskogee last night, that helped. Ok enough of my crap.

Marybeth~~I thank every state is having lay offs, next will have a big issue with the people out of work. It worry's me, I have kids that would fall through the cracks without a job, and quick. We would be fine, he retires next March. I sure hope you can hang on to your job. I afraid if I do a rain dance for you it will stop raining here. It is Aug. and Okla. if as green as it is in the spring, hard to believe but true.

Kina~~Yesterday is the best day I've had with staying on a food plan in months. It was a help to be gone instead of eating super. I ate a few bits when I got home at 9:00 last night. I noticed some of the swelling had gone out of my feet this morning. I tell you overeating cause all kinds of problems. Glad you liked your name. And I sure wish you luck with all your trying to do. Hang in there with the food plan. Losing the extra weight will be the best thing you ever done for yourself.

Sally~~I thank you X takes the cake. I've never heard of anyone who is so so so...well I don't know what to call him. He's a real winner, ain't he???? Glad you liked your name. I will make everyone in our group a name if they want one. We have to be different you know. I wish we would all be different by losing all our weight. Now that would be different!!!

Jo Jo~~I feel real lucky, just to be alive after the abuse I've done to my body. I'm not a bet-ter on anything though. I know I wouldn't win. Glad my pets are already in water and I don't have to give them a bath.:lol: You haven't got your name in yet, get with the program. You know I had to put each of the names in as my avatar for a min. or so to see if they was too big. Would you believe that when I went to put mine back in it wouldn't take it, said it was too big. grrrrrrrr
I've got to make it again.

Skeeter~~Glad to see your up and about again. I need to go back to sleep, I was up late and up early. I can't because my friend sent me a email telling me she would be here at 9. We was suppose to go to Muskogee tomorrow and have lunch. But she's coming today. Lordie...I'm too tired to enjoy that. Besides I don't really need to go out and eat, I need to get another day in of healthy eating. It's always something to interfere with our diet. I'm going to eat right anyway. Girl I've only got 2 choices on a cell phone, and one I've already tried, so I have one choice left.
I've went on way too long and I'm dropping over here. Guess what I done last night while I was at town. I'm wanting a new kitchen floor. It cost 3.00 sq. yard to get the old stuff off, 3.00 sq yard to have the new stuff put down and 9.00 for the new stuff. 12-17 room would make it cost me around 300.00. I bought Parquet oak for 1.09 a sq foot. I'm guessing it will end up costing me somewhere around 160.00 and of course I will put it down. it's going to be so much prettier than inlaid flooring. You know me, I will never get done. I can do that a little at a time. I figure if I stay on my food plan while I do that job, I'll lost 15 pounds. What a great thought. Got to go and check Bass Pro's pricing and shipping on the web. I neve give up!!! bye bye

08-27-2002, 04:02 PM
Hello Y’all :wave:

Well the weekend wasn’t all-bad…I did get a great workout in on Sunday. Woke up and it was a beautiful day, humidity down, nice breeze and for the first time in weeks it was only to be in the 80’s. Needless to say I went jogging, for an hour! The only problem was I snacked on and off both Saturday and Sunday. Mind you they were low fat snacks, but way too much. I don’t know what it is lately; I just can’t seem to stop the snacking. I’ve got to stop or I’ll never get out of the 80’s.

We bought a new truck last night, another black Ford Ranger. We traded in the 2000 one, 0% financing was just too good to pass up. So now we have a car payment $30.00 less a month than before and only one vehicle with 48,000 miles. I think I finally showed hubby how trading in before the vehicle goes over 50,000 is better than holding on to it. I should get to pick it up tonight on the way home from work. Now if I can just convince him to use some of our equity in the house to do some of the re-modeling I was to do!

Marlana, I’ll take one of those nifty aviators. Glad to hear things are green in OK, they keep saying we’re to get :rain: today and tomorrow, but haven’t seen a drop yet.

Skeeter, I’ve noticed how you all down in FL have been getting a lot of :rain: this year. I’m glad your drought is over, now if ours would only come to end! We were watching the flooding in Europe this weekend on TV and I told hubby they are getting all our rain!

Kina, I get :dizzy: just reading your posts. You are one busy woman, don’t let yourself get burned out or too tired…that’s just as bad as overeating. What are you studying in school?

Sally, I want to hear all about your classes. I have been thinking about going that way myself. The :idea: of working from home is looking better and better every day. Beside since hubby wants ‘a change in lifestyle’…which he defines as selling our house and moving back into the city…maybe if I can work out of the house and be around more that would be enough of a ‘change in lifestyle’ that we could stay where we are. Can you tell I don’t want to move!!!

Jo Jo, so good to hear from you again…doctors and their drugs can do wonders now and then can’t they!

Well got to get back to work, will catch you all later and if I’ve missed anyone sorry…


08-29-2002, 05:47 PM
Hey Everyone :wave:

I had to call my doctor yesterday and get another prescription for antibiotics. My sinus infection started getting worse again on Tuesday. Today is better and maybe I will get over it with this round of medicine.

Marlana~Did you ever get a reasonable price for shipping on that new trolling motor? You are going to need that new motor on this 4 day holiday weekend. I hope that you have a really good time fishing this weekend. We aren't going to do anything different here. As a matter of fact, the men are going to work over at the church on Monday finishing up the hurricane shutters on the fellowship hall. After Monday, we will have a safe place to wait out really bad storms. You are going to love the parquet floors. I had that in my kitchen in Orlando and it was so easy to keep looking good. Did you ever decide on a cell phone?

JoJo~Where are you, girl? We are missing you in here.

Marybeth~Did you ever get any rain up there. Our weather report showed that you should have gotten a whole lot of rain. Hubby has been looking at new trucks lately too. He doesn't know what kind he actually wants yet but he is looking at diesels.

It is almost supper time and I haven't planned anything yet. It's not that hard to pick out a Lean Cuisine dinner. :lol: Y'all have a good evening.

08-30-2002, 10:27 AM
Kina here! Just stopped by for a quick :wave: hello to all. Well the lack of sleep :yawn: is finally catching up. I presume next week when classes start will only be worst. We have passed the half way mark on the cotton. So that means it is all down hill from here. Which is good because that means the season is coming to an end and they will be letting go of some of us soon. Hopefully I will be one of them. I say that but then when I won't be getting that regular check I may not be so happy any more. Well my mom always said "This world was a give and take business."

So anyhow. I think I slept wrong because I am sore. But I think if I do my yoga, it should work the kinks out.

Anyhow...Marybeth I am studying to become a CPA someday. I really enjoy numbers as long as it has nothing to do with geometry. The core classes is where I am at right now...history, english, math, and other boring stuff. It is not very encouraging to know after all the classes I will take I won't be able to get a job until I go on to the "big" college school. Where I will then get into the accounting stuff. So I don't know if I have the time to spend on all that or if I want to just get into banking or some other kind of accounting called para-professional accounting. Which that persons works along or beneath "The Accountant". I don't know but this is my last semester that I have for me to make a decision.

Sally I have considered the distance learning even through the online courses but I am afraid that I may need that extra attention at times. I guess what I am trying to say is that seeing that instructor at the front of the class is my security blanket. But I am going to have to take an online course at some point.

Thanks Skeeter. sometimes I don't feel like super mom especially when I notice the "glue" starting to unstick. Our kids are acting up so horribly. I know it is because MOM (me) is not home. But what am I to do? They aren't babies. I shouldn't feel guilty and quit just because. When they were babies my life encircled them. This is the only time that I work every year. It's not like it is this way all the time. You know? After all that I do I still have chores here at the house because DH doesn't help in that area.

Well I am doing what I can to keep focused with the daily food intake. But stress is getting the best of me. On a happier note I pampered myself and bought a box of hair color and colored my hair. Next week I plan to put highlights. Today I took the day off from my day job. So I plan to go visit my godmother for a little bit. I really should sleep but last week was her birthday and I she is my godmother.

I better go now maybe I can get a little bit of sleep. Bye.


08-31-2002, 04:03 AM
Hi everyone. I've been absent for awhile. I came down with sinus crap this week. I did go to work all week but I felt like crap. My ear was really sore but I didn't go to the Dr for it cause usually I'm told its just allergies, not an infection. I've just been doctoring myself and I am doing better. Sorry I didn't get in here to write but I just didn't feel much like it.

Its really late, 2 a.m. and I'm getting ready to go to bed finally. I was so tired earlier in the evening I almost fell asleep in the chair and then I got a second wind. Luckily I don't have to work tomorrow or I probably would go in a couple hours late.

Skeeter, still not over your sinus infection, huh? This bug just hit me out of the blue. I went to bed feeling fine and the next morning I felt like crap. I hope your antibiotics clear it up for you.

Corina, sounds like you are super busy. Do you have a yoga video and if you do which one do you have? I could use something that would help with flexibility.

Marybeth, I heard there was deals on vehicles with 0% financing. Its to bad we couldn't trade dh's truck in but it will have to wait till at least next summer.

Marlana, I think I'm going to have to make my name avatar a little smaller. I'll just go to that one site (Gifworks, if its still there) and make it smaller. I've not been on here much this week but I'll get it done this weekend. I think it would be pretty cool that all of us have the same sort of avatar with our name. Everyone at work comments about my "signature" on my emails. Thanks again for doing that for me.

Well, I'm going to drag my butt to bed now. Take care everyone.

09-03-2002, 10:00 PM
Good evening Ladies~~I haven't been in here in a few days. I've been so busy since last Thursday I haven't had much extra time. Hubby was off work for 4 days and we fished, worked like dogs around here as well as having kids here almost everyday and night. Yahoo!!!! I just turned in my last lesson to the PI group. I've done 50 tutorials, and I can tell you that some of them was hard. I sure hated to finish in a way and in another I was so glad. It sure took a lot of my time. I'm not going on to the next class until winter. I have some things I want to get done around here. I'm going to paint faux rocks on the sunporch floor before it gets too cold. I've bought hardwood flooring for the kitchen, and I've got to finish Hubby's room. So I have plenty to do. I want to start putting a lot of time in on thanking about getting my life together as for as losing some weight. I can't tell you how big of a pig I've been lately. I'm just very unhappy with myself. I'm going to not turn on the puter as often in order to get some of the other things done. I'll try to be in at least every other day. It's time to get this show on the road!!!

Marybeth~~I will find some time to make you a avatar in the next few days. Yours will be hard to make because of so many letters in your name. They can be just so many pixels. We'll give it a try though. We have a ford ranger that we bought new in 1989, it has almost all the original parts on it and has 365000 miles on it. Yet you read it right. It still don't burn oil. However it looks like heck, because the paint is pealing off. Only one dent in it. Hubby drives over a 100 miles a day to work. He still drive it once in a while, like this week, his car is in the shop.

Skeeter~~My sinus infection wasn't as bad as yours was. I know 4 or 5 people with a sinus infection, strange huh? Yes we got the trolling motor and got it installed. Now the boat is in the shop to be worked on. We took it to another place, we got tired of fooling with the one in Wagoner. And not we didn't get a reasonable price on shipping. The first one weighed more than the last one and the last one cost us 55.00 more to have shipped. Don't make since to me, but we wanted a new motor. Oh well it's paid for now. Cell phone...never have got the neighbor to bring hers by to see how it worked from here.

Kina~~I was afraid that you would start to run short on sleep sooner or later. Even if you are young you can over do it. I thank sometimes we can even get too busy to keep on a food plan the way we should. I know that's been my problem lately. I don't have any time to cook the things I need to be eating.

Jo Jo~~Boy, you've had that sinus crap too? That makes 3 of us in this group a lone. I hope your feeling better by now. I'll see if I can make you avatar smaller. It's crazy, I put yours in as mine for a min or two to see if it would work. Now it won't work for you. Well heck, the same thing happened with mine. When I put yours in then mine would go back in.

That does it for today. Just wanted to let you all know I heard from Skeeter and her monitor has gone out. She'll be back as soon as she buys a new one.

09-03-2002, 10:05 PM
I forgot to tell you all, we got a check for 500.00 from our daughter today. What a shock that was, she only owed us 444.00. There is hope I guess!

09-04-2002, 06:46 AM
Marybeth, I made your name. I'm not sure it will work, but give it a try. The more letters in your name the harder it is to get it into the space they give you.

09-13-2002, 10:25 PM
I am here everybody. I was laid off from my evening job so now I am just working Mon & Wed and going to school on Tues & Thurs with a couple of hours at the office after class. Needless to say I now have some time in my day to catch a breath or two. I am happy about that. The kids are in a state of shock still that I am at home at night now. They were getting away with murder while grandma was watching them. Not anymore.

I think I may have mentioned my mom's weight challenge that was worth $750 bucks. Well my dad won at a loss of 32 lbs in 3 months! I only lost 11 in 3 months but I was happy with the fact that I weighed less on the weigh out than I did on the weigh in. So that was good enough for me. My mom started another weight challenge this one will be worth $450. I bought myself an elliptical machine for our anniversary present. I know kind of corny but that is what I wanted. It is hard but I have worked myself up to 25 min.

I joined this challenge at school also. It is called 100 mile challenge. It is through the athletics dept. You exercise at your leisure any exercise that you can count up mileage and report in weekly. I have til December 11 to complete 100 or more. For every 100 miles I complete I will earn a shirt. I figured well I will be exercising to try my best for my mom's weight challenge I might as well let my mileage count towards a T-shirt. So hopefully the two will go hand in hand and aid me in losing those extra pounds. I have been able to maintain my weight under 200. Today I weighed in at 195.5! I haven't be able to lose too much but maybe using the elliptical machine daily will get that scale moving.

Anyhow this thread has been slow or maybe you all made a new thread and I don't even know it. Well I hope everyone is doing well. Take care, talk later.


09-13-2002, 10:37 PM
Kina I'm writing on this thread so you will get a notice in your email. I'm moving your last post to thread 150. We finished with this one a few days ago. See you there.