Calorie Counters - This is going to be great for my OCD/Binging

01-15-2010, 11:23 AM
I'm am just a chatty Cathy today.

I'm only two weeks into this and still figuring it all out, but I'm realizing that this is probably the answer to my OCD/Control/Binging issues. I now have something new to obsess about! Obviously I need to be mindful of what I'm doing and do this in a healthy way, but everyday is like a game trying to meet that magic daily number and it is really fullfilling at the end of the day when I've met my goal. Not to mention I'm very concious of everything I eat, eating more slowly and really enjoying the smaller portions and learning to be satified with them, not eating just to eat or eating because I'm bored, stressed, etc.

If you have OCD/Control/Binging issues, how do you keep yourself in check and not get too obsessed over the counting? I have the LoseIt app on my phone so I can pretty much stare at my numbers all day, maybe not a good thing, but it's keeping me on track for the most part.

01-15-2010, 11:36 AM
well...the bodybugg got me to be pretty ocd over the counts calories burned throughout the entire day by measuring your temperature, heartrate, etc. i logged everything i ate on the program and would constantly obsess over burning more. sometimes i would binge and then record everything and then realize that i would have to run for like 2 hours to burn off what i just ate to get me back to deficit. it is easier if you just make sure you do 5-7 small meals a day to keep your metabolism fueled. by counting the calories in each meal, you will keep your mind occupied and by eating frequently you won't binge as much...knowing you eat two hours later.

01-15-2010, 11:45 AM
I have OCD tendencies and obsess greatly about whatever the new craze is. Thankfully it's usually a good craze; debt, weight loss, various hobbies.

I try not to get too hung up over the numbers. I try to make it ok to estimate a little given my personality. I don't want to beat myself up in any way. I have to make this something I will continue to do long after the phase wears off, and it will wear off. Once I decide calorie counting is too hard, I will be gone. So I keep it simple. I do not journal. I have a running tally in my head and I keep myself at a simple 200 calories six times a day.

I was obsessing about the scale, as in it's all I thought about. I thought weekly weighing was the answer to that. Apparently for me it's the opposite. I just started weighing daily this week and thought it would drive me insane. It doesn't at all! I'm no longer thinking, "Gee at the last weigh in I was 206, now I wonder what I am today? Could I dare to dream I'm 200 today?" In two days...yeah right. It's no wonder I was always disappointed on weigh in day. I only lost two pounds? What? But I dreamt about losing six! :tantrum: LOL!

I'm struggling right now with keeping exercise simple. I just started working out again yesterday. I've been putting it off because I do not want to become obsessed about it. It's got to be sustainable. So I'd welcome any tips on that!

01-15-2010, 02:38 PM
I looove numbers. For me, finding the lowest calorie product or some new health food, and fitting it perfectly into my day is sooo fulfilling lol. I have some control issues. Well, I wouldn't call them issues because I see them as a positive thing. Basically, I love to set up a plan and follow it exactly. I like to know what I'm going to eat, when I'm going to exercise, what exercise I will do. It's just part of my personality. (Even when we go on vacation I like to make a little spreadsheet of what we'll do on each day. This is only for MY eyes, I don't bother anyone else with my nonsense, but it makes me feel in control of the situation and confident.) Anyway, I feel like I'm over-sharing today, but I just wanted to let you know, I know how you feel :) This is part of why I love calorie counting, I'm SO in control lol.