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01-15-2010, 03:23 AM
I'm thinking of starting the SBD when I go back to school, but I'm a little worried that it won't agree with my meal plan. As far as college food goes, my school is pretty good. Our dining halls do serve more than french fries and hamburgers and there is a salad bar every day.

I'm curious to know what people on this plan think before setting out to buy the book but right now I'm clueless about what foods are do's and don'ts and if they fit in with what I'm being served.

Thanks a bunch!!! :D

01-15-2010, 07:38 AM
I think you can easily do it. There are clear "no" foods in each phase, and other than that you just need to be reasonable with portion sizes and the fats. If you make sure you eat 4.5 cups of veggies a day, 2 portions low or non fat dairy, 1 portion beans, and no more than 2 portions low fat cheese you can pretty much eat whatever you want besides the "no" foods. One recommendation I make is to bring your own salad dressing for the salad bar. You will need to get one with no sugar. It doesn't have to be low fat, just don't use too much (but use enough). Those bulk dressings are filled with sugar.

Also, and I know I'm generalizing about college students here, but no booze in Phase 1. That would have been very hard for me! And, you don't have to buy the book - I'm sure you can check it out at the library. Take a look at the "on Plan" threads here for an idea of what people eat on each Phase. Good luck!

01-15-2010, 04:35 PM
I agree with MMc! There are lots of things you can buy for your dorm room microfridge too -- refried beans, cheeses for snacks, precut celery sticks, cucumbers, salads...There are lots of ideas here too. I think you should try it and second taking the book out of the library!

01-15-2010, 04:37 PM
I agree too! I can eat what ever and I still eat salad with every meal and you will know what to pick out.

01-15-2010, 04:57 PM
I strongly suggest that you read the book first before starting this plan. You have to know why you should avoid certain foods, and why you should eat the foods that are allowed. Phase 1 is pretty restrictive, as it's designed to rid your body of sugars and other toxins, and in order for it to work as it's supposed to, you must follow the guidelines. It's only for 2 weeks, though, and many of us on The Beach haven't found it difficult to follow at all. Once you get into Phase 2, you'll be allowed whole grains and fruits, and it's a lot easier to follow. This is a healthy, sensible way of eating that you should be able to follow with no problems the rest of your life.

Good luck, and let us know how you're doing!

01-15-2010, 06:11 PM
Kateh, try searching for college, dorm, etc. in the search. We've had a couple of college students doing SBD in the past who've talked about their challenges. It's totally do-able. I lost the bulk of my weight while eating about 70% of my meals in a college cafeteria. :)

01-15-2010, 08:13 PM
I lived in a sorority in college, and knowing what I know now, I could have easily done SBD in college. The problem was I was far more interested in going out for FAC's and happy hours.

I regret I didn't educate myself back then and learn habits for maintaining a healthy weight. My weight steadily creeped up for almost 25 years after finishing college.

Best wishes on whatever plan you choose!

01-16-2010, 01:11 AM
Thanks for the help, everyone! I got the book today and started reading it and I'm finding it very interesting and very adaptable to my lifestyle. Coming off weight watchers, college was a shock to my system. I'm the kind of person that if I'm going to do something, I'm really going to do it once I make my mind up... and Points just consumed my life. I've tried WW twice, so I think it is time for something new.

I think I'm going to finish the book this weekend and then start Phase 1 next week, giving me a week before school starts to adapt. My plan when I get back to school is to head out to the super-market and stock my mini fridge with good snacks and good deserts!

01-16-2010, 07:20 AM
Kateh, the same thing happened to me on Weight Watchers. I know it works for some people and is generally considered to be a very healthy program, but the points just didn't work for me. I was obsessed too (did you know the points values are different on their website and in the book they give you? Less points in stuff in the book) and I also found myself eating a lot of processed foods because I could fit them in with the points. I literally became obsessed with food and felt like I was out of control with food.

That's why South Beach was a revelation to me. Once I removed the carbs, I was really good with food! I didn't over eat or drown myself in fat. It helped identify for me that carbs are my real issue, and set off some kind on ongoing craving that encourages me to make poor choices.

01-16-2010, 06:14 PM
While it's not the same as a college cafeteria, I frequently eat at a hospital cafeteria, so it's fairly similar. For breakfast we always have scrambled eggs, eggbeaters, V8 available. In Phase II you could make oatmeal in your microwave in your dorm room. I second the salad bar. This is my go to meal on work days. There is always a ton of SBD friendly ingredients there....beans, lean turkey, chicken, veggies, boiled eggs, cottage cheese (If its low fat). Watch the cheeses as they are not low fat. I would take my own salad dressing as someone suggested. Low fat milk, mozzarella cheese sticks, fruit (Phase II) are also good choices. We always have chicken breasts in our grill area that I can eat for an evening meal as well as cooked veggies. We never have 100% whole grain bread or plain non-fat yogurt there, so I would suggest buying some of that if you have a dorm refrigerator. Also SF jello cups, hummus, natural PB, nuts are handy to keep around.