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08-13-2002, 07:52 PM
I haven't posted for a couple of days but I am doing great!!! You know that little feeling that you get? Well I got it and there is no going back now!!
I am headed for a size 10--am 14 now. It is so wierd ....some of my 14s hang on me and the others I am afraid to wear ot of the house!!!! anyway--yesterday I put on a size 12!!!!!
I have been doing my eliptical and I love it! I feel so good when I get done. I have been only doing 20 min. I could do more but am going to keep it at 20 for a couple of weeks.
It is 95 degrees here today...so much for my water working huh?
Anyway...I would love to reply to all of your posts but don't know what to say with out saying the same to all of you so I will do it this way..
Keep it up ---if you try there is no way that you can fail.

take care


08-14-2002, 04:39 PM
Way to go Anna!!!!!!

I wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about you! I still need to get that info together (writing it on a post it, riiiiiight.... now) and I'll PM you tomarrow. I swear I go home and forget *everything* that happened at work - probably a good thing though!