100 lb. Club - For those of you scared to eat at the high end of your calorie intake...

01-14-2010, 08:53 AM
I was eating a 1500 cal diet and it took me about 3 months to lose 10 lbs. I was just so frustrated and angry, then I started working, then the holidays, my bday, and before you know it, the 10 lbs is right back on.

Now I'm eating in the range sparkpeople.com has set for me, which is closer to 1800-2000 some calories. The lbs are totally melting off!!!!! I guess I wasnt' eating enough....wow. I've lost 9 lbs since the 3rd of this month! yay! :D


01-14-2010, 09:04 AM
Ah...the mysteries....it is so counter-intuitive...Congratulations, Lottie !

01-14-2010, 09:10 AM
:cp: Congrats on your success! It really surprised me too that eating less does not necessarily equal weight loss. I found that out the hard way too, trying to eat a lot less than was recommended. Although sometimes it does seem like 1800 is a whole lot more than I need, oh well. Keep up the great work!!!

01-14-2010, 09:13 AM
:carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot: Woo Hoo!!! Congrats!!!

And seriously thanks for the reminder. Because I do this all the time.

01-14-2010, 09:21 AM
that's awesome Lottie!!

01-14-2010, 10:30 AM
That's great to hear. I'm starting at 2000 to see how I do but I'm sure I will have to adjust once my son is weaned. I'm a little worried that it won't be low enough, so I enjoy hearing that you have better results with a less extreme number.

01-14-2010, 10:32 AM
wow, congrats, Lottie!!

gorgeous pic, btw

Thighs Be Gone
01-14-2010, 10:33 AM
YAY Lottie! That is awesome. Can you tell us what types of foods you are eating--including the bits of limited nutritional value (isn't that the PC of saying *bad" food)?

01-14-2010, 10:34 AM
I'm glad you started this thread. It's certainly a good reminder. I'm going to start exercising TODAY and I need to increase my calories.

I'm so happy for you that the pounds are "melting off"! It's such a great feeling.

01-14-2010, 08:37 PM
dragon, thankee. :D

thighs, I'm eating a vegan diet. so mostly rice, beans, tofu, seitan, veggies and fruit smoothies.

and popcorn. :P

01-14-2010, 09:03 PM
Thats awesome Lottie!

01-14-2010, 09:29 PM
Great job! I am glad that you've found something that works for you!!!!

Wild Vulpix
01-14-2010, 09:42 PM
I want to add that I was eating 1200 cal/day before and lost 10lbs in 4-5 months... This time, I'm upping it to 1500-1600! I hope it works as well for me as it is for you :D Congratulations on the success!

01-14-2010, 09:50 PM
Amen eating 1800-2000 calories helps me with weight loss also and I don't feel hungry since Im eating enough.

01-14-2010, 09:55 PM
I do want to let you know that I left sparkpeople because I found that their cal. amounts were incorrect. If I tracked the same food on a few different sites spark people was always a few hundred off.

01-14-2010, 10:54 PM
ajowens - I have been worried about that so, I have been trying to make sure to double check with the actual labels of the items I've been eating and I'm noticing that some things are, some aren't. I've been making my own entries a lot to counteract that. :)

01-14-2010, 10:54 PM
Lottie thanks for the reminder that it can be okay to eat a little more (while keeping within the range of course).

01-15-2010, 12:34 AM
I use sparkspeople too. I just enter my own foods. It's time consuming right now, but eventually I will get the ones I eat most in.

01-15-2010, 09:40 AM
I enter my own as well and read labels and match to the labels.

01-15-2010, 10:04 AM
I agree about eating more. The past week and a half I've eaten differently on my journey than before - incorporating cheese everyday, putting a small amount of turkey sausage on my homemade pizza and having a high calorie (but very filling) granola for breakfast. I was scared of all of these things before and only allowed myself to have them sparingly, if at all.

That, with 20 mins of regular exercise, and I've had the best results yet. I really do think for some of us low calorie may not be the best way to go, even though logically it seems like that would be the answer.

01-15-2010, 11:34 AM
I'm living proof it works! At over 300 lbs, I'd starve myself for a few weeks at about 1400 - 1600 cals, lose about 15 lbs and then STOP. My weight loss would come to a grindnig halt, and I'd get frustrated and say 'why bother i was meant to be fat!'

This time around, I only changed a few things at first, gave up snacks most of all, gave up fast food and diet soda. Ate about 2000 cals a day, felt full and not like i was living a miserable existence, and the weight came off! it eventually slowed, but I stayed at those calories for 6 months to see if I could LIVE that way forever, and i could. So I dropped down to 1800 to see what would happen, and more weight came off. I'm still eating around there, some days a bit less, and the tonnage is still coming off. I know dramatic losses each week are way more exciting, but i'll take 20 pounds a YEAR if it means it's going to STAY OFF FOREVER!!!

01-15-2010, 12:37 PM
YAY LOTTIE! You go girl! I am so glad that you are seeing a difference!

01-15-2010, 01:54 PM
I believe this is what happened to me. I cut my calories to 1500, and burned around 450-600 calories a day, and did not eat any more to make up for it. At first, it worked really well. I lost 17lbs the first month, but then it went down to 10lbs, and then it went to 4lbs, and then it stopped. I eventually gave up and gained it all back.

This time around, I'm starting at around 2,000 calories a day. Different calculators say that I can eat around 2,500, but I'm definitely not going that high. Sometimes i go a little over and I don't beat myself up about it. I try to absolutely not go over 2,500 though which isn't very hard. I can be quite full on 1,800 - 2,000 calories.

So far, I'm averaging about 5lbs a month, which is a little slower than I like, but pretty much the whole month of December was a complete stasis. I'm not too concerned with the exact numbers, all I want to see is that the general direction is down, even if it's slow.