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Ole Miss Ang
01-11-2010, 11:47 PM
I am allergic to most raw vegetables, fruit, and tree nuts. I can't seem to find a lot of snacks that don't include any of these foods. So I usually end up snacking on carbs...cereal, crackers, sandwiches, etc. They're all whole grain, of course, and I do have some fruit every day. But I've only been doing this for 8 days and it's already becoming repetitive. Not to mention that fact that I'm eating way more carbs than I should.

Can anyone give me any other snack ideas? (BTW, I can eat vegetables if they are cooked to death, so I guess I could eat a bunch of mushy vegetables for a snack, but I eat a bunch of mushy vegetables every day at dinner. That doesn't really help with the repetition.) If it helps, here is a list of the veggies, fruit, and tree nuts that I am NOT allergic to:

most types of lettuce
blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, cranberries

If anyone has any suggestions, I would be very grateful. Thanks.

01-12-2010, 12:42 AM
Are you vegetarian? Or just trying to stick to veggies for snacks?

If not, try snacking a some cold chicken.

Also, you can get your "mushy veggies" in the form of soup, like minestrone, or puree the whole deal. Like a veggie enriched tomato soup.

Cashew butter on apple slices.

Maybe try a green smoothie (spinach, chard) with apple in it.

Have a little cheddar with some grapes.

If dairy works, Greek yogurt is fabulous with berries in it.

Roasted chickpeas are another great snack.

01-12-2010, 01:10 AM
From your list. I've recenlty become a big fan of apples. Because of dental work I can't eat a whole apple but bought one of those apple core/slicer things {push down from top}. I slice one in the morning and eat a few slices, then keep the rest in the fridge for later. If I put them 'front and center' so I will reach for them instead of other less healthy things. Or stick them in a baggie and take them with me. Okay, they get a little brown but they still taste good. Fiber + juicy/refreshing in one snack. What's not to like? I also discovered I like a few TB of applesauce in my morning oatmeal. Another great way to sneak a little more fruit in for the day.

One of my friends freezes grapes and eats them like candy. I tried it but wasn't as thrilled.

I also like cranberry sauce. Not just for Thanksgiving! I've opened a can and scooped a little out for a snack.

Hubby loves pineapple as a snack; he'll eat a small can in one sitting.

01-12-2010, 02:05 AM
Heres some things I like to eat..

Non fat yogurt
A cup of hot tea
Wasa Crisp Bread with Lite Baby Bell cheese
Hard boiled egg
String Cheese

If your trying to use more veggies, use the ones you can eat within your meals. Try to make one snack a protein based one like yogurt or cheese and maybe at a piece of fruit to it? I love eating my veggies, but I'm not all to fond of veggies as a snack.

Ole Miss Ang
01-13-2010, 11:32 AM
Thank you all so much for the suggestions! I've never eaten "real food" as a snack before. I've always had sweets for a snack...cookies, brownies, Little Debbies, etc. I guess once those were gone and I excluded the foods I was allergic to, I just had no clue what else to eat! Cashew butter sounds delicious! I'm in small town Mississippi which is obviously not the health food capital of the world. In fact, I've never even seen cashew butter, chard, chickpeas, Greek yogurt, or Wasa Crisp Bread, but hopefully I can find some of them and try them! Thanks again!

01-14-2010, 03:00 AM
Well, with the crisp bread you can easily switch it for a fat free cracker. If you can't find greek yogurt or it is too expensive, I would try any non-fat yogurt. I just gave examples what I eat ( I live around a college town where health food stores are abundant). I find low fat crackers at places like target or walmart sometimes. Good luck !!