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01-11-2010, 09:42 AM
Good morning to you all! It is still cool here but it doesn't seem to be as frigid. My poor son in law has a trip to the surgeon planned today. He has been so very sick and we just found out he has an infected salivary gland that has a stone in it. I hope they can quickly sort him out and get him back to feeling well again. We took a box of Ruthie's clothing that Kelly gave her back to Kelly's to ship FEDEX (Tom has an account and cheaper rates since he works for them) and Jack ran it in and said he was all bundled up and looked awful.

Maggie: Thanks for the scale, you are a peach. I will try and watch out for it. I imagine it will be here towards the end of the week. I am hoping they work on my gate either today or tomorrow or I am going to call the agent for our property and find out what is going on. Jack says there is a piece missing to the metal pipe looking thing that makes it long enough to slide inside the teeth latch to keep it latched. No hurry with the size stuff, I have some stuff I have to finish first anyway, but you can send it and I will just store the email like I did Jean's and will Susan's then when I am ready can do my sock calc's to make the right size.

Jean: It is still pretty frigid where you are it seems. Hope Bob's soreness has lessened this morning. It sure doesn't take huge effort anymore to be sore, at least it doesn't seem to. Is most of your town closed up still, like shops and such? I would think it would make it hard for you guys since you have to drive so far to get to a bigger shopping area and the drive is hazardous too.

I had a terrible food day yesterday. I guess you have them but I was starving all day long. At least, nothing I ate was junk food as we don't have any in the house. The snacks we have are all sugar or fat free stuff and I didn't eat any of that anyway. I had extra fruit, some cheese and stuff that put me over my points. Hopefully, today will be much much better.

I guess I better tackle those morning chores and get the day going. Have a great day and maybe we will start a warmup now that freezing stuff has passed through. Faye

01-11-2010, 05:59 PM
Good evening, ladies! We're having a heat wave and it's been up to 40 degrees today.

I have bible study tonight and went to work this morning and that is my day so far.

Jean, I know you are still a month away from Hawaii but I hope it warms up in Iowa soon. I'll give you a surprise quilt as you asked.

Maggie, I'll take your colors to the shop and keep it in mind. Fortunately, those colors are "in" in fabric right now. You sure have the right idea to keep only those possessions you are using.

Faye, don't forget your WAPs. There are there to be used. Use them when you need more than you daily points.

Well, I need to get some supper and get to church. Have a good evening!

01-12-2010, 07:16 AM
Good morning ladies. This may be short and sweet as I haven't slept all night and got up with a headache, tummyache/cramping and backache. I just hope I don't have some flu virus or something. I am dog tired and hope I can go back up to bed and get some sleep this morning.

Susan: I know I have the extra points, but I hate to use them if I don't have to. I guess sometimes you just have to dip into them though. Yesterday came off without a hitch eating wise. Maybe I need to work on weekends and why I seem to have more trouble on weekends than other times.

I give my nails a "rest" from time to time from acryllic nails and darn if I didn't take them off this weekend and part of my pinkie nail came off. I have it wrapped in a bandaid for now to protect it until it grows back. I don't usually have problems as I soak them in acetone, but for some reason though it seemed it was coming off ok, it took my nail with it. So, it will be a few months before I do my nails again I imagine.

Well gals, Jack is done showering so I think I am going to go upstairs and go back to bed and see if I can get some rest. I have chores, but for now they are just going to have to wait until my tummy settles down and my head quits pounding.

Have a great day today and stay OP all! We are all going to be where we want to be by December this year I just know it. Faye

01-12-2010, 12:04 PM
Good morning, ladies! 36 degrees right now.

The man came to start on rebuilding my shed today. I have no idea how he can work in such cold weather. He just laughed and said he was a deer hunter and used to working in the cold and heat.

Tonight I have night chapter of quilt guild meeting with dinner before hand...canadian bacon sub with lettuce, tomato, and mustard I think.

Faye, how is your SIL doing? I know it's scary to use the extra points but it is there to be used and people do lose better when they eat them. Ouch on your pinky fingernail!

Maggie, thanks for the Week 2 Challenge. This will be easy because that is how I usually eat.

Hi, Jean!

01-12-2010, 11:51 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I'm back for good, I hope! The tech rerouted my email through my isp whatever that means. He claims Outlook Express had a glitch somewhere. I don't know why he didn't dump it and reload it. Oh well . . . . . It was a nice day with sunshine and a cold south wind that I thought was supposed to be warm. I ran some errands this afternoon and my car is a spattered dirty mess from trucks passing me on the highway. I'm hoping "someone" will take it to the car wash soon. :D

I've been sorting through the paper piles for tax stuff, and writing checks for taxes due on the 15th and 31st. I just wish we could designate how "they" spend our hard earned money! I went to the tanning place yesterday and again today. Tomorrow is my lunch bunch so will skip and go on Thursday again. The dust bunnies are back so need to do some vacuuming sometime.

Maggie -- I haven't given much thought to what kind of house . . . a cat house? :lol: I have the little cat face box you made several years ago. I will send you an email and see if it goes through. :crossed:

"Gma" -- Most of the stores either just closed for the afternoon if they opened at all that day. The radio and tv were telling people to stay home and I don't think there were too many dummies out and about. Now the challenge is to remove the piles of snow from the street corners and parking lots. :eek: I've met dump trucks full of snow on my way into town, but I don't know where they are taking it. We are supposed to be in the high 30s later this week so we are hoping some melting will happen . . . slowly! I hope your sil is ok after his surgery. That sounds painful. :(

Susan -- Did I miss something or what happened to your shed? :?: Your dinner sounds good! :T

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow! Smile and be happy!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-13-2010, 08:34 AM
Good morning to you all! We are supposed to have a big warm up starting today and go into the 50's for the next week. I look forward to it and nice sunshine.

My sil has to have a cat scan and meet with an ENT specialist and they will decide what is best for him. They may have to remove it depending what they find. I feel so sorry for him because I know he has to feel just awful and there isn't anything we can do to help him.

Susan: I know the points are figured in so that if you need them they are there without adding extra weight, but I do try to stay on my points and use only them at least for now to get me a good running start again. At least I am not eating junk, but fresh fruit, lowfat or ff cheese, veggies and such.

Jean: Hope you are having somewhat of a warm up and maybe your snow will start melting. We are gearing up for figuring taxes too. We just have to wait for the City's tax form and they tend to wait until the last minute to give it to everybody. We have already printed out the Navy one. They have it done right away, which isn't normal government for sure! :D

I have got to get Thomas's other sock on the needles and get it finished. I haven't felt like knitting for several days and I have a feeling it is because of this new med. I was told it would make me sluggish and that I may have to adapt to it as it tends to be permanent not just an adjustment. I noticed Jack always has to have a nap in the afternoon and he takes another type but still a beta blocker. So, I am going to have to try and figure out how not to feel so tired and sluggish.

Well, I need to get going. I have chores and some cleaning I would like to get done today so I need to get started.

Hope you all have a great humpday! Faye

01-13-2010, 10:29 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining and it's 28 degrees already. :cb: The wind is blowing so I'm sure it feels colder than that outside. Maybe some snow will melt this week. I've got more of the same projects to work on this morning and lunch bunch at noon.

My email is still not right so if you send me something and it comes back to you, try and send it again. I'm going to have to set up a yahoo or hotmail account when I have the time. Maggie, the tech said that maybe your address is considered "spam" and that's why my emails won't go through. I just told him it had worked fine for a long, long time! :mad: I can send and receive, but I just have to remember to check the blocked folder each time.

"Gma" -- The school district sends out their tax stuff on the last day of the month also. It used to make me nuts but Bob's company is the same way. I hope your sil gets some relief soon; I can't imagine the pain. :no: I wonder what causes the infection to settle there in the first place. My bp med makes me sleepy when I ride in the car! :lol: I can always sit down for a cat nap. :o

I've got to do some much needed ironing this morning. Have a wonderful Wednesday . . . the choice is yours so make it a good one!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-13-2010, 11:36 AM
Good morning, ladies. It's 25 degrees right now so we aren't warming up. :-(

I had a good time at quilt guild last night. I ended up sharing a small calzone with a friend at dinner and it was 6 points so that worked out good. Tonight I'm getting more stuff together for the weekend, mainly checking out my Featherweight and filling extra bobbins.

Jean, my shed was just getting rotten wood after 20 years and being in the salty air. The roof was leaking and it was just time to do it. The man is taking off the old roof, siding and door and putting on new stuff that is made from some form of concrete that looks like wood and is guaranted for life. The frame and foundation of the shed are still good because they were made from salt-treated lumber. I hope you have a good time with the lunch bunch! I see you asked Maggie for a cat, you do know that is another term for a house of prostitution. LOL

Faye, I hope they get busy and get your sil taken care of. It just sounds so painful. Have you heard anything from Ruthie and what the kids at school thought of her new look?

Hi, Maggie!

01-13-2010, 01:35 PM

We went on a long drive yesterday and stopped in at a guys ranch. He happened to have a couple of pups that were begging for a home. Well Will has been wanting a big dog to be an outside dog and be trained to detect snakes and such so to be a good companion while we are out tramping around in the wilderness. No one likes to come upon a snake unaware "out there." Anyway she is a mutt which will make us a good dog. Part German Shephard, Lab, with a tad bit of who knows what else. Anyway she is a good looking pup and we will get her to the vet for shots and fixed when she is old enough. Ragg Mopp likes her and is probably glad that he still gets to be our only inside dog. She is definitely an outside dog for she was never inside where she was born. I don't want a big dog inside and we have a huge fenced in back yard. In fact when we are out side then come inside she only comes up the back steps to the door and doesn't want to come inside which is great. Now Will gets to build a dog house for her. I am so glad she is already used to being outside for it will make it so mich easier to keep her out there without whining to come inside. Ragg Mopp was born inside and was already an inside dog when we got him. He does like "outside" but lives inside. Anyway we now have a new puppy that doesn't want to come in the house.:D.

DONNA FAYE I certainly hope they can make your SIL more comfortable soon. Also I do hope your get used to your meds and can function like you want you buzy lady. Those blockers sure do make folks want to nap.

SUSAN It sounds like your worker will get your shed up and being good once again quickly. It is always nice to have an outside building in which to store outside stuff in. We have a couple of little barn shaped ones here.

JEAN I am with Susan, got a laugh that you want a "Cat House." How bout I make you a building and you can set a little cat figurine out by the front door. Or I could make a sign to hang on the front of the house that says "Jean's Cat House" :D if you would like. And you can still put a little cat out front.

Will is going out to the shooting range and I don't want to go this day because it is cold out there and there is a breeze that cuts right through you. So one of his buddies will go with him this day. It always best to not go alone because sometines no one else is out there and it is a lonely feeling. An too if you have an accident you are all alone . . . Always best to have a friend with you. So I will stay inside here and do something constructive ~ or not.:o

Pot-luck is Sunday and I am going to make "Potluck Chicken Tetrazzini" which is a recipe from a neat little booklet with 56 recipes that I got free along with a cookbook I had ordered from Better Homes & Gardens. Anyway it is titled "Best Ever Potluck Favorites." I am always on a search for something to take to pot-luck.

Everyone have a wonderful day this day. :wave: Type at y'all later

01-14-2010, 08:37 AM
Good morning to you all! It is chilly in the mornings now, but warms up quite nicely by noon or so. I will be glad when spring gets here, warmer weather and baseball!

Jean: I haven't really slept well in months and this new med just seems to be making everything worse, but I have to take it as they can't seem to find a right combo bp med that works or doesn't give me problems. I just seem to be so tired all the time and just want to sit around. I have tried everything I know to kind of throw it off, but for now, I am just going to have to work through it somehow until my body adjusts I guess. I am having trouble off and on with Outlook also. With mine, it shows it being connected than will dump the connection and give me an error message. I have an email service through my ISP and can use it, but I have to go through more hoops than just clicking on the outlook icon and doing it that way.

Susan: Sorry the weather is not cooperating for you just yet. When are you going to your scaled down hours? I know you will like having more time for you and your home and friends. I think it is troublesome that retirement age people have to continue to work. My sister should be retired sitting at home and instead not only has to work a 40 hour week but put in overtime just to make ends meet. Part of that is what they are doing to her with her husband in the nursing home, medicare, and social security. Sometimes I wonder just how dumb the people that run this country are. I know there are millions and millions of tax $$$$$$$ going to stupid programs that benefit no one but the people getting the grant money from them.

Maggie: I fixed a beef bourginoun recipe last night out of the ww magazie. I did tweek it though using less meat, more veggies and more ff broth an a bit more burgundy. It was pretty yummy and ended up being less points for more stew using less meat. I usually try to keep stews, casseroles, etc to a total of 8 oz meat as you don't seem to need as much if you have other things mixed up with it. I only use that much ground sirloin when I make chili, then we can have more chili that way. I think as long as "Jean's Cat House" is not in red blinking lights she should be ok......:lol::lol:

I made my appt for the ultrasound and needle aspiration. I have no clue how they do that exactly. Jack is half freaked out about it, but I keep telling him not to look for trouble as I have no symptoms that anything is wrong. They are just making sure the enlarged ovary with the cyst isn't a problem of some kind. I would rather they be thorough that throw up their hands and not doing anything. I am just sick of tests and stuff.

Well, guess I better get going and get the day started. I am not going to go to WW until tomorrow and going over to the one by Kelly's house. I have to pick up the handbag I bought her for her birthday and send it to the corporate office of HSN to get my money back. I bought it in Sept, it was brand new in the bag until the middle of Nov and the strap broke already. I paid $90 for the darn bag so it shouldn't haven broken and I put up a stink when the online site wouldn't do anything. I got a call from the assistant to the CEO where I sent the letter and she is having me send it back to her directly and refunding my money. Kelly bought another bag from the same company online and I am just paying for it.

Have a good day today and stay OP!

01-14-2010, 10:49 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining and it's supposed to be another "warm" day in my corner of the world. The weatherman said maybe 40s over the weekend, but the weather chart had the words 'stormy weather' on it for next week. :( Yesterday at lunch someone said they had read that we are to have 5 more snow storms this winter. :hyper: We meet at noon; other people came and went when finally one of the the servers started to vacuum! It was 3:30 and we had just visited away most of the afternoon! :o I think we were all just glad to be out of the house.

Susan -- It will be nice to have your shed redone looking like new again. :D In case I don't get a chance to see you again today, have a fun weekend with your quilting friends. I guess my mental picture of the cat house was like a dog house with the sign above the door saying 'cat.' ;) Bob's farmer friend had a dog house for his dog and the farm cats kept having their kittens in it. :lol:

Maggie -- I will be curious to hear what you name your newest family member. You do come up with such creative names! :D I have lots of little cat figurines to sit beside a 'cat house.' :yes: Your potluck dish sounds delicious. :T I'm glad Will had someone with him at the shooting range. We don't know the guy, but he went snowmobiling alone never to be heard from again. He was from eastern Iowa and they think he went out on ice and broke through. We've had so much snow that the ice isn't as thick in some places; there is open water that doesn't show up until it's too late. Dumb! He was an experienced snowmobiler and old enough to know better.

"Gma" -- You were sure chatty today! :lol3: I went through a cycle of not sleeping well this summer and really couldn't blame it on anything that I was or wasn't doing out of my regular routine. The worst is when I can't go back to sleep if I have to get up to go to the bathroom. :( Bob has been on the same bp med for years and it works great for him. Well, he goes on Medicare in Feb. and they won't pay for this drug. So the doctor called the pharmacist and they will switch him to something else which will cause him to cough. When he starts to cough the doctor will fill out the Medicare forms saying he has to have his original med because it didn't cause the coughing. What a rig-a-ma-role to go through! :mad: I wish the government would stay out of the health care system and let the doctors and pharmacists, who should have the knowledge and expertise, run their business! Doctors have to run extra lab and other procedures to justify the end treatment, and some wouldn't be necessary at all. Good luck with your ultrasound; I'll be thinking of you. I'm going to work on my email switch today so stay tuned. :cb:

I didn't get squat done around here yesterday except some ironing so need to rev up the vacuum and get going. Smile while you exercise, and have a terrific Thursday!

Jean -- :wave: from :flow1: Iowa!

01-14-2010, 01:10 PM
Good morning, ladies! Warmer today - 46.

Jean, Medicare prescription drug coverage is provided by individual companies and they are the one not providing Jack's medication. There is a Part D tool that lets you put in your prescriptions and it tells you what companies cover them. There isn't one standard formulary for all Part D insurance. It's just like Medicare supplements are provided by different companies and have different benefits. Only Part A and Part B Medicare government controlled.

Faye, have you ever been tested for Sleep Apenea? It causes you not to get a good nights sleep and fatigue all the time. I hope your test results come back quickly after they do them and are okay. I'm with you on the purse. I swear expensive stuff is no better made than Walmart stuff anymore. Your stew sure sounds good.

Maggie, what's the new dog's name? He sounds like an ideal pet, being outside. Once summer comes, you can take him for long walks and count it as exercise.

I'm going to WW tomorrow since I'll be gone on Saturday. Can't miss my newletter or whatever they are calling the booklet we get now.

In case I don't get back tomorrow, have a great weekend!

01-14-2010, 02:42 PM

It is a lovely day in the Heartland. The new dog in the neighborhood is getting aclimated. She at first looked longling at the gate she first was brought in to the yard. Now when Will goes out the gate to the Jeep she follows him and doesn't try to jetison away. When he walks back in she follows. Now if Ragg Mopp gets out the gate he is gone down the block in a flash. She is named Kansas Chica which means Kansas Girl for those of you who don't know Spanish. She answers to Chica. She is gonna be a big one. She eats well so all is good in that department. She doesn't know how to play fetch yet but she will learn. :o She didn't know what raw hide was. I don't have a cue what I am making for dinner this day and had better get a plan. I am going to mix up another batch of that "Herbed Rice" recipe that I made and put in jars at Christmas time to give away. I had one left and have been making the rice and Will really likes it and that is a good thing to have on hand. The whole recipe makes up 5 pints.

Mix together:
3 pounds long grain rice,
2 cups dried celery flakes,
2/3 cup dried minced onion,
2 Tbsp. dried chives,
1 Tbsp. dried tarragon,
3 tsp. salt &
2 tsp pepper.

To make 1 serving:
Bring 2/3 cup water &
1 Tbsp. butter to boil
add 1/4 cup rice mixture
Boil covered for 20 minutes or until liquid is absorbed.
Fluff with fork.

I don't use all that butter but give it a spritz of I can't believe its not butter or add some butter buds. "My way" is 3 points. I shudder at that 1 Tbsp. of butter per serving. Anyway I thought you would like the original recipe and how I lightened it and it is just as good lightened.

DONNA FAYE I do hope they don't find anything alarming at your ultra sound session. They sure don't make products as good as they used to. So many of the products are not made in the US of A and don't follow our standards. Not sleeping is not good girlfriend. You need your proper rest for a mariad of reasons.

JEAN I do hope your hubby can get his meds that work best for him without much hastle. You do know that we are now in a 10 year cycle where we will be having colder winters and cooler summers. At least that is what the experts are saying.

SUSAN When I was forced out of my insurance plan because of my age into Medicare my insurance plan instructed me to NOT get the perscription plan because my old insurance (I got to keep when I retired) would keep me covered there for it was much cheaper, they at least were looking out for me. You are right that perscriptions aren't government run, thank goodness.

I need to get to work now. Type at y'all later. :wave:

01-15-2010, 07:02 AM
Good morning to you all! I imagine I am going to show a gain on WW today. My scale at home says so. I have been keeping OP except for one day and then used a bit of extra points, but I am wondering if taking this progesterine is the problem. I started spotting last night so who knows what is going on. I am hoping they get to the bottom of it as I am not comfortable at my weight taking this medication.

Susan: I don't sleep and wake up, I just don't sleep. I toss and turn and am uncomfortable in bed so I get up and end up sleeping in the chair. I imagine we just need to replace our mattress again, but the thing isn't that old. I wish we could afford that select comfort. I think then I could find a support for my body that Jack could also be comfortable with. Hope you have a grand time on retreat!

Maggie: Thanks for the rice mix recipe. When we become medicare age, we will continue with both the insurance plan we have now as a backup to medicare and we can continue to use the current prescription plan we have now, which is excellent for most drugs. It irks me a lot that you are forced into medicare. I think it should be a choice you have, especially since Medicare for us will be 4 times the cost of what we pay now, but there you go, give it to the old people, the ones that can least afford it.

Jean: I do not know how my post posted twice. I didn't hit the button twice, but who knows! I kind of chuckled reading about your lunch. I watched that reality show Housewives of Orange County or whatever it is called. I have never seen such a catty, snotty, self indulgent group of women in my life. They are all whining because the economy has had to make them scale down their lives, for example, one gal was going to loose her house so was looking for rental property. She scaled back, $5000 a month for this house she looked at, all travertine marble floors, etc. She was really hard up. Another family bought their daughter a BMW on her 17th birthday! Sheesh, you would think they would be grateful for what they had instead of being so ugly and condescending about it all the time.

I have WW early this morning so I have to get chores and such done. I will then come back to the house for a couple hours then head out to the clinic. I haven't been there in several weeks now so it will be a bit strange. Last week they had a snow day, the two weeks before that were vacation for them then the two weeks before that I was sick with a cold. It will be good to get out of the house for awhile though.

Jack will be up in just a couple minutes so I should get going and get the dishwasher emptied and blankets put away and such. I slept the whole night downstairs so did get more rest last night. I hope you all have a great weekend and the weather is nice and warm wherever you are!

01-15-2010, 11:37 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's really foggy here this morning. The sun is supposed to shine so I hope it hurries up. It disappeared yesterday and the fog rolled in late in the morning. The snow along the streets is dirty and icky looking from the melting slop. I have lots I need to do today so need to make a plan. I did go to the noon WW meeting yesterday. I figured it was an "at work" group because it is held at the hospital, but there were more people there who don't work at the hospital than do. I was surprised. The leader is 100% better than the night leader; she's young with personality, and she's lost 100 #s keeping it off for 4 years. She does 2 other meetings that she mentioned so is a busy gal with young children. The bad part is that she drives in from another town that calls a 'no school' day at the sign of a dark cloud. If her kids don't have school then she won't have a meeting. :(

Susan -- I knew that Medicare doesn't pay for prescriptions because Bob sells the BCBS supplement. I guess I worded it wrong. :o I hope you are having a fun day!

Maggie -- Does Chica have the markings of a shepherd? I'll bet she will fit right in from the sounds of it. I don't mind cooler summers but could do without the colder winters. :yes: I don't think we ran the air much last summer as compared to other years. The rice dish sounds delicious!

"Gma" -- I've not seen the Housewives show; I'll have to look and see if we even get it. After watching the news about Haiti, I'm thankful for what I have! I'll take a blizzard over an earthquake any day. I just can't imagine living like the 'rich' do. :no: I hope you are surprised by the WW scale! ;) Enjoy your afternoon at the clinic.

I need to get dressed and get moving. Have a fantastic Friday and a super weekend! Don't forget to :D !

Jean -- :D in Iowa!

01-15-2010, 02:01 PM

It is a bright sunshiney day here in the Heartland. Will is out back building a dog house as I type. Later this day we will go pick up my new shades which are finally here. I didn't need new clear glasses since my perscription didn't change and because I hardly ever wear them. Besides I still like the frames and they are "in style" still. I don't need them in the house and when I am outside I need my shades. Anyway I will be happy to get a new pair. I also need to get a new container to put that rice mixture in. I didn't put it into jars since it is for my own use and didn't have an empty container to fit it. The only empty one I had was twice as big as I needed but put the rice mix in it till I get one that fits better. That is something I do believe I will always make sure I have on hand for it goes with so many meals and Will really likes it. :D Not much news coming form my direction this day. Just another day with every day happenings.

JEAN Chica looks like a shepherd. Boy is she exuberant. I have just about got her trained to "sit." Yesterday she was jumping around and stepped into her water and then planted her paw on me and got my blouse really wet. I laughed and it made her tail wag to beat the band. Then I made her calm down and "sit." Then gave her a treat. She will learn. Then I will work on "stay." Sit and stay. Yeppers, I like a dog that can mind and sit and stay when you tell them to. She is watching Will build her a house as I type. Too bad your leader can't bring her kids to meeting with her.

DONNA FAYE I do hope your are a loser this day. Sometimes one big day during the week makes the program work better. I have nothing good or positive to say about Medicare so I won't speak on it now. Got a couple of WW paperback cookbooks coming your way.

Gonna go check on the house bulding now. Type at y'all later :wave: It is just now noon o'clock. Have a great afternoon ~ evening.

01-15-2010, 03:31 PM
Good afternoon, ladies. 53 degrees today so we are having a heat wave.

Just time for a quick update. I made it to WW this morning and was happy with another.8 loss. My pulmonary MD wants me to see a Cardiologist about my Pulmonary Hypertension. Problem is, she says, the medications for that cause a worsening of COPD. My BP was 100/60 which is a little low, but my blood oxygen levels are staying steady at 98% which is a very good thing. With my family history of heart disease and stroke, she just wants the cardiologist to check me out.

My ride should be here in a few minutes. I swear, I have more junk to carry, but it takes a lot to quilt with irons, cutting boards, 24" rulers, and the actual sewing project stuff, then I have a grocery bag of food for the shelter (get a chance on a cookbook for that), snacks and drinks for the retreat, a bag of fruit salad, english muffins, cream cheese for breakfast one day at my friend's house, my clothes. I think we should just rent a U-Haul when we go to these things.

Have a great weekend!

01-16-2010, 11:35 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining and the sky is bright blue, so I hope it stays out all day. :crossed: I have laundry going and need to do some picking up around here. I need to get myself on a morning schedule since nothing seems to get done after lunch. I always knew I was a morning person. Hah! We are going to Sioux City later today; Bob has outgrown his Dockers . . . surprise, surprise, and needs a couple pair for upcoming social events and meetings. I hate them because they always look like they need ironing. I iron them and after he sits down they are all wrinkled again! Makes me nuts! :hyper:

Maggie -- I hope Chica likes her new house! :) It's nice that Will can build it for her. I would have no clue on how to train a dog; I'd have to invest in a "how to do it" book and go from there. :o We had a dog when I was a kid, but he stayed at my dad's station so I was never around him much.

Susan -- I'll bet 53 degrees feels like spring in your corner of the world! Congrats on another .8# loss! :cheer: I hate it when meds fight with each other! Sometimes the doctors will prescribe something and the pharmacist will catch the fact that it doesn't get along with something one all ready is taking. You did pack lots of "stuff" for your weekend! I'll bet your hostess thought you were moving in for good! ;)

"Gma" -- Is today your shopping day? :dizzy:

My kitchen counters await my attention so I'm off! I hope you all have a great weekend . . . remember to :D !

Jean --- :wave: and :D in Iowa!

01-16-2010, 06:39 PM
Afternoon gals! I am sorry I didn't get in here this morning but seems like the new medication finally hit full force and I have felt exhausted all day. I am really dragging, so much so I have done nothing today. Jack has helped me out today just to get regular chores done so I didn't feel so guilty, but wowee! I went into WebMD and looked up both new meds and found that they both can cause fatigue so I guess I just got a double whammy and it finally caught up with me.

Jean: No, next week is shopping week. Thank goodness as I can barely put one foot in front of another. I have never been this exhausted feeling. I believe that Dockers have a style that actually is made to be non wrinkling. You might want to look for them. I have bought Jack a couple as he wears Docker style pants a lot too besides jeans.

Susan: Hope you are having fun this weekend and the weather is nice for you.

Maggie: Hope the new doggy is adjusting well. She sounds like a sweet dog. It is time for me to go to the eye doctor. I want to get bifocal contacts and try them this time. My sister wears one distance and one bifocal and has for years but there are new ones I guess that are a combo. I have terrible vision so have to have a strong prescription. Thanks for the WW paperback recipe books. I look forward to seeing what is in them.

Well gals, I need to get things around for supper. We are just having spaghetti tonight with plain marinara sauce. Everyone have a great evening!