100 lb. Club - What are your advantages of losing the weight and moving more.

01-10-2010, 11:02 AM
I am reading the Beck Solution - it's a cognitive way to break habits associated with over eating, etc. One thing, in the beginning, is to make a list of your advantages in losing weight etc. Dr. Beck recommends reading your advantages out loud everyday. It surely reinforces why!

My advantages:

- I will feel better physically.
- I'll be able to get up and down off the floor more easily.
- I will be able to wear a smaller size.
- I will be much happier when I look in the mirror.
- I will be in better health.
- My pieces & parts (back, knee, foot, shoulder, etc) & those pains will improve.
- I won't be embarrassed to eat around other people.
- I will feel that I have really accomplished something important.
- My family will be proud of me.
- I will feel less self conscious when I perform.
- I will do more things.
- I will feel more in control of this aspect of my life.
- My lab numbers will be in a normal range.
- I can avoid becoming a diabetic.
- I will have food sanity - which I have wanted for a long time.
- I will be able to look at myself in a photograph and smile.
- I will be more active with my grandson.

What are your advantages. I am sure many are the same as mine.

PS - sorry if I already posted this in December. I can't remember.

01-10-2010, 01:38 PM
Although I don't follow the Beck method, I did read the book and came up with these advantages. Perhaps repeating them here will remind me of just what I have to gain (by losing!)

I'll have more fun moving my body
It'll be easier to backpack and hike
My knees will be so much happier
I'll be an active older person
I'll look better
I'll have more energy
I'll reduce my chances of heart disease/diabetes
I'll enjoy wearing better-fitting clothes
I'll have proof of my self-discipline
I'll have an easier menopause
I'll be better & stronger in karate
I'll enjoy a longer life to share with my partner
I'll feel sexier