WW Clubs and Groups - #227 Bale of Turtles Keeping Our Resolutions

01-08-2010, 10:28 AM
:carrot: :welcome3: We are the Turtle Group here at www.3fatchicks.com. We welcome you to join us as we work toward good health and fitness in a persistent manner. As our inspiration we use the race between the turtle and the hare where the turtle was the victor because he didn't give up. We believe in keepin' on by using the skills and techniques we have learned from our experiences to keep us on track. We believe in giving each other support. Good luck to us all!
(for Lin and Lauren)

01-08-2010, 10:44 AM
Hi Turtles,
Please go back and check out our last thread, #226. There are a lot of inspirational actions by our turtles and they'll help you jump start the New Year.
As far as the New Year for me, I got off to a late start, but better late than never. Yesterday I got on the :tread: and I did my arm exercise toning tape so I feel virtuous!

Cherry, great idea to write down what you're eating---no matter what it is. What most WWs find is that writing it down makes you want to think before you eat. :bravo: to you. You will do this!!! :cheer:

Lauren, loved hearing how you're off to such a great start. Officially sore from Curves is a very good thing!!!!! Getting the heart rate up is important and I give you :cp: for monitoring and getting it where it needs to be to be effective. Also interesting about the sugar=scary. I agree. Once I get sugar into my body it calls me for more and more and more. Each day I've been eating one dark chocolate Giardelli square and that's working right now. But Christmas and the cookies was tough and I indulged more than I wanted to. (My one tremendous effort was not eating crackers on New Year's Eve. In the past I've had horrible times trying to control the amount of them I eat and that's not good!! I was proud of myself although I over indulged in other items. But the weight from them is gone and I'm on a good track!)

Lin, I'm hoping your Mom is fully recovered now. Always scary to have an infection like that. Hey, here's a recipe you may find intriguing. A fellow WW brought in a portion of this to me and I liked it.

Pumpkin Sauce (for Whole Wheat Pasta)
1 can chicken broth
1 large can pumpkin
1 large onion
1 can evaporated ff milk
Saute onion and add the rest of the ingredients. bring to a boil. simmer for a bit and serve over whole wheat pasta.

Makes a huge amount. If you have 1/8 of the recipe, it's one point!!!!
(It doesn't replace good ole' tomato sauce in my opinion, but if you're looking for something different and creamy for pasta, you'll like it!)

Bandit, I bet you'd like this recipe! :chef: How's the weather up there? Our winter has been tough so far. We're looking at more snow today.

All goes well here. Putting my "reward stickers" on my calendar for each type of exercise makes me feel like a "very good girl". Yay!

Gotta run. Take care. Be well and happy and keep on keepin' on.
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01-08-2010, 11:47 AM
Hi Turtles!
Just a quicky--one of the girls at my WW mtg. is a pumpkin crazy lady and she offered this idea which I just tried.
She adds 1 cup of pumpkin, plus pumpkin pie spices ( a little cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and splenda) to her oatmeal and the regular amount of water and cooks it up. It makes a huge amount basically doubling the amount of oatmeal. I am super full and it looks like the pumpkin just adds one point. I liked it a lot even though it looked funny. If you're unsure but want to give it a go, I'd suggest adding only one half cup of pure pumpkin at first. (of course, as with all WW recipes, it's the canned pure pumpkin, not the pumpkin pie canned product.)
Good luck and good cooking! :chef:
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01-08-2010, 01:37 PM
Hi turtles:

Judy - the pumpkin recipe for the pasta looks interesting. I might give that a try soon, haven't had pasta for awhile, thanks.

The weather up here has been really cold minus 20C but has warmed up abit the last few days. Good thing about being so cold is that we haven't had tons of snow like last year, and is warmer today so light flurries. My yard is covered in snow since nothing is melting from last snowfall.

I was down 1# at my meeting Wednesday so was happy not to be up lots from holidays. Going today for my walk/swim & trying to behave over the weekend. Have singles dance tomorrow & might just stick with club soda instead of alcohol - we'll see.

Hope everyone is re-focussed for the new year and has lots of success on this crazy weight loss journey.

Lets do it!

01-08-2010, 02:49 PM
Judy, very cool pumpkin recipe. I'm going to keep that one, maybe add some spices. I'll bet it would be good with pieces of grilled chicken in it, too. Maybe tofu? Garbanzos? Trying to think of a way to get the protein in.

One square of chocolate is a great idea. That's actually what they give you on my meal plan. I now substitute fruit fairly often, but it's nice to know I can have the chocolate if I prefer.

Bandit, you lost weight over the holidays! WOW! :carrot: Congratulations! That's positively heroic.

Bunch of snow here, made driving interesting yesterday and today. Like driving on soap. I take the back roads for my commute; pretty views, less traffic. It took me an hour to get in to work today (usually 45 minutes or so), but another woman who lives near me took more than 2 hours to get in. She took the highway, and it was a parking lot. I love my back roads.

Heading to Curves again today, then probably do some shoveling later today. Eating is fine. Stress is way up, though, due to some problems with DH's job. We didn't sleep well last night. No fear of him losing the job, fortunately; we don't have that particular stress, unlike many of our friends. But things are very bad there for him and likely to not improve anytime soon. Last night he really hit a wall. Haven't seen him like that in a long time.

Anyway. That's life. The exercise will help with the stress, I'm sure.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

01-08-2010, 06:04 PM
Bandit, weigh to go! :goodscale: I think it's fantastic that you lost a pound over the holidays. Wow. I'm kinda speechless and I'll make that my goal for next year too. :bravo: :cp: :cool: :cheer: :carrot: :dancer: Are the singles dances fun? They sound good.

I've been thinking about you and your dh. I'm sorry he is having some problems with work. I'm sending :goodvibes: and am hoping for the best. Exercise is great as a stress reducer. You guys have been handling a lot lately with your folks and their move and all the company. I'm glad you're working so hard to go with the flow as much as possible.

Also, this is another food tip. I had tried Shiritaki noodles in the past and found them vile. However, at my WW mtg. one of the girls is a big fan and emphasized that you have to thoroughly rinse the noodles--loads and loads of water. Then pat the noodles dry and microwave them for about one minute. I did that and found them tasteless which is perfect! They take on the taste of the sauce. This product is zero points and zero carbs. It's imported from Japan and has been the rage on Hungry Girl website. It's probably not for everyone, but I hate to spend the points on real pasta and using this preparation method worked enough that I would buy the noodles again.

Okay, everyone have a good weekend and keep you spirits up!
Love, Judy
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Lin S
01-09-2010, 01:50 AM

Mom's home from the hospital. Chris says she talked the doctor into giving her an oxygen tank for her breathing problems. She has emphysema. I haven't been able to visit yet. She has to start seeing the cardiologist regularly because she apparently had a myocardial infraction, which she says didn't happen. (sigh).

Lauren, I hope things get better for your dh. Hugs!! Nice that you're feeling more back to your normal eating patterns. :)

Judy, you're our cheerleader. You really do a terrific job keeping things going around here. I LOVE pumpkin. One of my favorites is pumpkin waffles. They're really filling, so you don't need to add bacon or eggs or anything to make a meal, which is a good thing because they're pretty high in points. I like them for a light supper rather than breakfast.

Instead of a square of Ghirardelli's which are good, I prefer a Godiva truffle gem. I love truffles and these are 1 point each.

My weighin this week--I lost the weight I gained over the holiday, plus a half pound. YAY!!

Gotta go. I think the laundry's done, which means my nightgowns are dry and I can go to bed. Busy weekend. Concert Sunday and we're almost sold out, so it's been a very hectic week for me and I have two more days to work.

Keep on turtlin'! :balloons:
:comp: :write: :book2: :chef: :corn: :coffee:

01-09-2010, 03:40 AM
It's real late at night, but I just read Lin's post. :bravo: and :cp: and :carrot:
for losing the holiday weight and an extra half pound. Weigh to go!


This is great, Lin. So glad we're all clicking and working on this challenge of getting thinner and healthier. we rock! Thanks for the kind words.
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01-09-2010, 01:52 PM
Hi turtles - nice sunny day up here today, cold but nice to see the sunshine.

Judy - yes, the dances are fun. Tonight there are 6 ladies going, which makes it nice that there is always someone to sit with in between dancing.
Sometimes we dance together insteading of waiting for someone to ask us
and then everyone gets to dance all night.
Also, have you tried making zuccini "noodles" just peel the zuccini then use a veggie peeler and make them into noodles, then I quickly sautee them up and top with alfredo sauce or whatever you want. They are really good & looks like pasta. I heard those shirataki noodles are fishy, which turned me off even looking for them.

Lauren - great job on getting in your exercise & hoping your DH situation improves at work. Good that he is not in danger of losing his job. So many people from our city who work at GM were pushed into early retirement even at 50 or lost there jobs completely. Very sad for lots of them.

Lin- congrats on losing weight over Christmas! Excellent!

Got in 28 laps yesterday, then 10 laps in the pool. Going back today then dancing later. Hoping for another loss this Wed at the scale & am planning my menu for the next few days. I bought some chicken breasts to grill up & a nice sirloin roast for tomorrow.

Last night I made shrimp/scallop dish with white wine/butter sauce and served over whole wheat noodles. Very tasty & so fast & easy.

Well, hope you all have a great OP weekend!

01-09-2010, 06:03 PM
Hi TUrtles,
Bandit, that zucchini "pasta" is brilliant. I can't wait to try it! As far as the Shiritaki noodles go, yeah----your friend is right. If you don't drown the noodles with water--I mean really drown them--and then pat them dry they smell and taste fishy and the texture isn't great either!

Hey, I use Boca burgers for dinner if I've overused points during the day. What do the rest of you do for a very low point protein for dinner? I'd love to know.

Take it easy and have a great weekend.
Love, Judy
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Lin S
01-11-2010, 10:25 PM

Just checking in and noticing it's been kind of slow in here this week.

Thanks for the kudos, Judy and Bandit.

Judy, my favorite low-point proteins are beans and eggs.

I love to make a fast huevos rancheros with an egg and a half cup of beans from my freezer. I thicken some stock and salsa with a cornstarch slurry. Toss in the frozen beans and simmer until the beans are hot. I either poach or fry an egg in oil spray and put it on top. If I have a point, I'll soften a corn tortilla and put the beans and egg on top. If I have a half point more, I grate a tablespoon of cheese and add that. The trick to the cheese is to use a fine grater so you get more volume for few points. Then you can spread it out over the egg and get the flavor in every bite, which is what you really want.

The points are: 2 for the beans and 2 for the egg. The stock, salsa, and cornstarch are 0. The corn tortilla is 1 and the cheese is .5. A piece of fruit, particularly slightly acidic like oranges, tangerines, kiwi or star fruit makes a great accompaniment, if you have another point. A 0 point veggie soup or a salad with salsa on it can add bulk, if you need more volume in the meal.

Bandit, your zucchini pasta makes me want to get a small grater blade for my food processor. Not really wanting to grate it by hand, but it sounds wonderful. So does your seafood pasta.

I'm doing fine so far this week. I had some higher point meals, but was able to balance them with lower points. I've gotten some treats in and that keeps me from feeling deprived when I have to keep the points lower. I'm getting a lot of walking in. So, all in all, I'm feeling good about how it's going.

Keep on turtlin'! :balloons:
:chef: :comp: :corn: :book2: :coffee: :write:

01-11-2010, 11:49 PM
Hi, turtles -- just a quickie from me here. Thanks for the kind words. DH's work situation is what it is and isn't likely to wildly improve for a while. But as you point out, Bandit, we're very grateful he has a job at all. Michigan has the highest unemployment in the country, and we know a lot of people out of work.

Judy, those noodles sound interesting; I'll have to check them out. What are they made of?

Lin, WTG on losing that holiday weight plus more! :carrot: I'm impressed! I hope to get there in another month. I'm glad your mom is doing better; sorry she's in denial about the heart attack. That's challenging.

Bandit, outstanding on the exercise. An inspiration, as always.

Did my Curves routine today and am feeling it. That's a good thing! The shoveling, too. Am sticking with the good eating; I seem to be back in my groove.

My parents are looking to move up here -- by the end of the month! Wow. They just told us last night. So things are really happening. Lots to do.

Have a great day, everyone.

01-12-2010, 11:34 AM
Morning, turtles:

Lin - for the zuccini "noodles" you don't grate them, just use veggie peeler and make ribbon-like strands. Give them a try - I make big plate & add sauce for a nice low-point meal.

Lauren - nice job with the Curves. I went there for a year, but got away from it when I hurt my knee & had to do physio. I really liked that you could go to any curves centre when travelling - did that a few times.

I mostly stayed OP yesterday until late last night when I found a small bag of of chocolate drizzled popcorn that was leftover in a gift basket. So I ate that & I really didn't need it. But on the upside I had done my walk & did
29 laps (increasing laps gradually)

We still have some turtles that I haven't seen posting for awhile & I hope they are all doing well.

Princess - how you doing?

Have a great OP day & lets drink some extra water!

01-12-2010, 09:02 PM
Hi Guys,
Dh and I took a tiny break and drove to Atlantic City to a casino. We stayed overnight. Food there was OP and I'm so proud. Salt may do me in at my WI tomorrow, but I'll know the reason. I enjoyed all your posts and I'll catch up real soon.
Be well and happy and OP.
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01-13-2010, 02:17 PM
Lin, thanks for the heads up with eggs and beans. I wish you were here to :chef: them for me!

Lauren, the shiritaki noodles are made of tofu (I'm almost sure). They are a huge food in Japan and I can see why now. They'd be great to add bulk to a soup (like chicken broth where you'd like some noodles. ) Actually, that would be a freebie if you think about it. 10 calories for chicken broth and 0 calories for the noodles. Hmm. I'll have to get some more.

Bandit, glad you're getting in your walking., :tread: that's the way to do it!

Just back from WW's mtg. I lost a little and am heading in the right direction. Salt held back my weight loss, but at least I didn't gain. Next week should be better and I plan to keep OP and get in :tread: and exercise for my arms.

Sending :goodvibes: to us all. Take care, be well, and drink that water!
Judy 234.6/196/189 and deeper into onederland :cool:

Lin S
01-13-2010, 03:54 PM

Lauren, way to go with the exercising. And it's great that you feel more in the groove. :dance:

Bandit, standing with a veggie peeler and turning vegetables into pasta-like strands is more work than I want to do. I think I'll stick with using my food processor and make thin slices. It won't look like spaghetti, but it will still taste good. :D

WOW! Nice going with the walking!

Judy, :cheer3::cheer2: on losing weight. Don't worry about the salt thing. If it's water, you don't care about whether you lose it or not because water comes and goes. What you want gone is the extra fat, which is what you accomplished. :D

Beans are so easy. Soak at least 8 hours or overnight. You can freeze them after you soak them, if you don't have time to cook them right away or you want some ready for a dish that calls for soaked, but not cooked beans. This helps if you're like me and tend to forget to soak them ahead of time. If you have a recipe that calls for cooked or canned beans, cook your presoaked beans when you have time and freeze those. Dried beans are cheaper than canned and they taste better. If you use the prep in advance thing, they don't even take too long.

I wrote a blog entry about that idea yesterday.

Today I wrote a blog entry about the Weight Watcher Magazine article with Julia Child recipes remade. I'm not impressed with the Weight Watchers recipes and I wrote about why. But the surprising thing was what I discovered about Julia's points vs. the Weight Watchers points for her version vs. their version.

Keep on turtlin'! :balloons:
:chef: :coffee: :corn: :comp: :write: :book2:

01-13-2010, 04:16 PM
Hi TUrtles,
I don't have much time to write and I am running out tonight again to see dd and dear grandson. However, Lin's blog rose my curiosity level. Hey, I get it! Lin, you're right-----have to compare portion size to portion size otherwise it isn't scientific. Weigh to go!
234.6/196/189 and deeper into onederland :cool:

Lin S
01-15-2010, 11:32 AM

I have to leave a bit earlier than the rest of the week, so this will be a short, check-in post.

I did my weigh-in this morning. lost 2.5 pounds this week. This breaks that hovering around 209 I've been at since right before Christmas. It's nice to be moving down again.

I hope to hear some updates from you alll soon. It seems like Judy and I are having a private conversation around here!! :p

Keep on turtlin'! Have a great weekend. :balloons:
:chef: :comp: :coffee: :book2: :write: :corn:

01-15-2010, 11:49 AM
Hi turtles - just trying to keep warm up here & today, finally a break in temperatures, which is nice.

Stayed same this week at my weigh in, so hopefully will have a nice loss next week. I have been getting in extra walks which I hope will help at the scales.

Lin - congrats on your weight loss, that is fabulous!

Judy - hope your week is great as well.

Everyone else, chime in when you get a chance - love to hear from the missing turtles.

01-15-2010, 05:05 PM
Hi turtles,
:bravo: :cp: :dancer: :dance: :carrot: :goodscale: to Lin. My goodness Lin----that is a wonderful one week loss. Fantastic! keep up the good work.

Bandit, that :tread: has got to make a difference. Keep on keepin' on---this blasted weight has to come off. We can do it!

I'm having a good day and the scale isn't cooperating. I'm back to exercising and am hoping that I'll see a loss on the scales tomorrow. I really want this Christmas weight off and now! I didn't gain much, but it sure is sticking around. Okay--I'm going to have a good attitude and keep on keepin' on myself.

Here's :goodvibes: to all the Turtles and :cool: to you too.

234.6/196/189 and deeper into onederland :cool:

01-15-2010, 05:09 PM
I meant to mention and forgot. Check out hungrygirl.com today. she's talking about the amount of calories in the dinner I always get at Outback and it's horrifying. I always get the 7 ounce filet, a house salad with tangy tomato dressing on the side, and a baked potato (w/o the butter and sour cream). They're pointing that out as 31 points. I wonder if the house salad they ordered came with croutons and cheese, etc. which I tell them to hold?
In any case, you might want to see what the hungry girl has to say. Very informative and scary.
Love, Judy

01-16-2010, 12:02 AM
Gack, Judy, that's appalling! Another reason I rarely eat out anymore. I do miss it sometimes, but I pack on pounds when I do.

Had a good week foodwise, until today. Went a bit nuts today, mostly on ... nuts. And this Indian snack food that a co-worker brought back. So I'm not expecting a great WI this weekend. Sheesh. I don't know what brought it on, either. I was very hungry for some reason, and it went from there. I'm pretty bummed.

I know, these things happen, pick yourself up and move on. And that's what I've done; went and worked out tonight, though it was the last thing I wanted to do. But I'm bummed that I'm having such a tough time, stuck in this decade for the past 6 months. And I'm horrified by how quickly I can put on weight now, too.

OK, vent over. I know what to do. Judy, you and I can both work on our attitudes.

Lin, great loss this week -- way to go! You're really closing in on onederland.

Bandit, good for you on the walks. The scale will move.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

01-16-2010, 09:19 AM
Hi Turtles,
:bravo: and :cp: and :carrot: and :cheer: to Lauren for recognizing that this losing weight and doing the right thing and abstaining from bingeing is just not that much fun! Congrats to you for venting here and getting to Curves. You will see the weight move in the right direction because you are determined to make this work. The hungry bit makes me wonder. Are you eating enough protein? Was it true hunger or emotional hunger and stress? You are right that you know what to do and you're doing it. I hope the scale is kind this weekend. and you know this weight will budge. :goodvibes:

MY sister spent about a year getting off about 50#. She thought she had it conquered and actually told a friend, "It's amazing. Even though I eat junk food, I don't feel the need to binge on it as I used to." Guess what? She just wrote me that she gained 15# in the last two months and she's really buckling down again. She realized that sugary and high fat foods do "call" to her even though she's thin now. A fast fifteen pound gain is miserable and I feel for her and I'm so happy she's back on track.

I don't know if you know this about me, but when I was about 35 I joined OA.
It taught that junk food really is the enemy and we didn't eat bread or dessert or any added sugar. It was too tough a "diet" for me and although I was very successful getting down to 133#, I put the weight back on quite quickly. But I do know that when I eat core foods and avoid bread I do better, so that's what I'll aim to do this week.

I'm having a tough time too, since my Christmas weight which was a very small amount is not budging. (I lie. this morning the scale moved downward a little). I am determined and am exercising and eating well. I have to avoid restaurants this week since they are playing havoc with my weight loss.

Okay-----way too much about me!

Bandit, keep up the good work at the fitness centre. Are you going to do anything sociable tonight?

Lin, are you cooking up a storm this weekend?

Cherry, how are you doing?

Newbies, would you like to pop in and let us know how you're doing?

Good luck to us all. Be well and happy and never give up. This week I'm going to try and give a little extra effort and make this work.

234.6/196/189 and deeper into onederland :cool:

01-18-2010, 05:41 PM
Hi Turtles,
Having a good day. Exercise is done and my points are nice and low.
Good luck to us all!
234.6/196/189 and deeper into onederland :cool:

01-19-2010, 01:29 PM
Judy, sounds like you're in a good place. It does take time to recover from the holidays, doesn't it? I've still got 5 more pounds to lose, just to get back down to my lowest. Amazing how fast it piles back on. BUT. I will forge ahead, because any other alternative is unacceptable to me.

Thanks for those encouraging words. You're such a sweetie.

Ate (and drank) a bit too much over the weekend, though not catastrophic. Weight went up, then came back down to pre-weekend levels. This week, I'm focusing on getting in my exercise and had a great workout last night at Curves. Eating is fine, though still slightly more than what my plan allows. I'm thinking I might soon cut back to 5 days a week on the plan, then 2 days a week counting points. Not sure when I'm going to start doing this, but I'm feeling the need for more leeway in my food choices.

We're having our January thaw here, which is anticipated to go until the end of the month. So much for our ice festival this weekend! We'll be walking around looking at the sculptures and trying to figure out what they were intended to be before they melted into ice blobs. Poor sculptors. But I'm enjoying the more moderate temps.

Hope everyone is doing well.

01-19-2010, 06:56 PM
Lauren weigh to go on figuring out what works for you. :cp: and :bravo: for :tread:

I've done better with exercise this week. My calendar is full of little stickers I give myseslf when I get on the :tread: or do arm exercises. Tomorrow is my WI and I'm hoping for good results.

:goodvibes: to all of you!
234.6/196/189 and deeper into onederland :cool:

Lin S
01-20-2010, 12:29 PM

I've been having a busy and difficult week. That makes it hard to get in here to post, even though I really need to.

Judy, you're really doing a great job, especially with the exercise. I love the sticker thing. I've done that in the past when I've had a hard time with a particular part of the program.

I may need to steal your idea and get some stickers to put when I exercise on days I work from home. Because I have so much exercise built into my schedule when I work downtown, I don't think about it. But when I work from home too many days in a week, I notice my weight loss slows or I gain.

Lauren, I wonder if winter is getting to us. People do tend to be hungrier and eat more when it's cold, and it's been cold everywhere. Hang in there. You'll get where you want to be because mainly it takes determination and persistence and you have plenty of both. :D

I've had a very huge food week. I have one weekly point left and a trip to San Francisco tomorrow (unless we still have thunderstorms). I probably won't be eating in a restaurant because the people provided food at the last lunchtime meeting. But--it was sandwiches loaded with mayo, potato salad also loaded with mayo, chips-regular, not baked or lowfat, cookies and maybe an apple.

I need to leave by 7:10 to get to the train and it takes about an hour and a half to get to SF using public transportation from my house. The meeting is from 10-1. I'll bring a Kashi granola bar. I'm thinking maybe I ought to take a more substantial snack and plan to go find a salad at a restaurant after the meeting, which ends at 1 pm. But the weather has been so bad, I don't really relish roaming around SF looking for a place to eat. It's a dilemma.

One thing I've noticed is that I'm more willing to make changes and choose better when I'm out than I was in the past. I don't know what changed, but I'm not complaining. Even if the choice isn't a "perfect OP choice", it's better than I might have done in past weight loss attempts and often is the best of multiple evils. Sometimes there is no "perfect " choice available and when that happens, I do my best and don't let myself feel guilty about it. If the guilt starts to invade my brain, I simply remind myself that it was the best option or the thing is in the past and can't be changed now. What matters is moving forward with my plan. Even if I don't lose that week, the trend is still downward.

That's something my husband keeps telling me. Keep an eye on the whole chart. It's not the little up and down and maintain blips that matter. It's the whole trend. If the whole trend is down, it's fine (until maintenance, when staying approximately the same is what matters). My husband, the engineer-scientist type keeps me from worrying about things that don't make a difference, scientifically.

With that philosophy for the day, I need to go. Work, chores, all that daily stuff awaits.

Keep on turtlin'! :balloons:
:chef: :comp: :corn: :write: :book2: :coffee:

01-20-2010, 01:09 PM
Hi Turtles,
Lin, you're doing great! I love hearing you recognize that even when your choices can't be exactly OP or perfect, that you are making much better choices than you have in the past. You're so close to onederland. We are all going to celebrate as you cross that triumphant lline!!!!! :bravo: :cp:
Keep up the good work.

Since I'm retired, I'm pretty sedentary. When I exercise and stay OP without eating the extra 35 points, I can lose a pound a week. Don't forget, I'm older than you gals and I'm sure my metabolism has slowed. However, this is who I am now and I'm willing to give this my best effort. I had good news at the scale this week. When I do the same next week, I'll be back in virgin fat territory. Yay!!! This week I lost 1.6# for a total of 39.6 pounds. :goodscale: I will be working very hard this week to get in the exercise and good foods. I did concentrate on eating more filling foods this week and was less hungry. Okay!!!! I'm doing great and plan to keep up the good work.

Bandit, how's everything going?
Princess and Cherry, how are you? Chime in to say hello.

Hey, here's a recipe for unstuffed cabbage that I really liked. it's a comfort food---reminds me of my Polish grandmother. I ate it all by itself, but it could be served with low point mashed potatoes and green beans and it would be yummy. Easy to make and quick.

1# 90% ground beef
1 medium sized onion, sliced
3 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped
1 can 28oz. stewed tomatoes
1 can 6oz. tomato paste
1 1/2t. dried parsley
1 1/4t. salt (I left this out)
1 t. dried oregano
1 t. sugar
1/4 t. black pepper (I used more)
1 small head cabbage, shredded (about 8 cups)

Heat a large nonstick saucepan over med. heat. Add beef and cook for 6 min. until no longer pink, stirring occasionally. Drain fat. Stir in onion and cook 4 min. Add garlic, cook 1 min.
Add tomatoes and paste. Break up tomatoes. Stir in 1 3/4 cups water, parsley, salt, oregano, sugar and pepper. Simmer 5 min.
Add cabbage, cover pot and simmer for about 90 minutes.

Makes 8 servings at 3 points per serving. Hearty (I ate 2 servings for only 6 points and felt like I was in heaven!! LOL)
Okay--gotta run. Take care and be well and keep on keepin' on! You're the best and it's our time to take care of ourselves.
Love, Judy
234.6/194.4/189 and lower into onederland :cool:

01-20-2010, 04:00 PM
Wow, Judy, great loss this week! Way to go!! :cp: You're almost at that 40-pound mark -- any celebration plans? That's huge!

I lose weight like you do, unfortunately -- must exercise and eat fewer than the total allotted WW points in order to consistently lose weight. And I'm younger than you! That's just the way it is. I'll wait and see what a comfortable maintenance level is for me; I suspect it may be over WW's weight target for me. I think I'm OK with that so long as my health remains good. I don't have to fit into a certain size or see a certain number on the scale; I want a weight I can maintain over the long haul without being miserable. Right now, I'm hoping that's in the low 140s or high 130s, but maybe it won't be.

Lin, your husband sounds like a keeper. Looking at the overall trend is wise, definitely. I like how you're pondering possible options in advance of meetings, etc. You're a planner, and that's a great trait.

It's possible that the winter weather is making it harder for me to lose, but I've really been plateauing for 6 months now, so I don't think that's actually it. I think part of it is all the trips I took, then company and holidays. Part of the current struggle is the stress of having my folks moving up here shortly and the changes that will bring.

And part is that I truly don't know how motivated I am right now to keep going down. Am I willing to cut back on what I'm currently eating in order to continue to lose weight? So far, given the evidence, I'd have to say no. I'm not sure why, except that I'm fairly comfortable right now. I can find clothing easily; I have energy; I fit well into my environment (chairs, tight spaces, planes, etc.). I can wear a small size large, or a large size medium. I can walk a while without getting fatigued. Blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol -- these are all good.

But hey, I'm still at least 23 pounds overweight, and only 6 pounds from being obese. Yes, I've come a long way, but I do truly still have a ways to go. It's just getting my head back into that place that seems to be taking me a while. Maybe this plateau is just a needed adjustment period while I make that transition from "I'm not obese anymore! I'm kind of normal again!" to "Now I want to be as healthy as I can possibly be, even though it means eating less and moving more."

I hope I make that transition sooner rather than later. I think I'm ready.

Have a great day, turtles.

01-20-2010, 04:46 PM
Lauren, you're very philosophical. I think you really are saying that you are ready to move forward and lose the next five pounds. Am I right?

I know I'm ready. I had lost 40# before Christmas and then gained 3+# which had been sticking to me like glue. Now I'm shaking them off, but it is taking a monumental effort. Well, I'm lucky at least that when I make a huge effort, the weight does budge.

Gotta run---food is good today. Had a vegetable sandwich for one point and a ff yogurt w/ blueberries that was yummy for three points. All good.

01-21-2010, 12:27 PM
Hi turtles - wow, lots of information here, thanks.

Sounds like you are all trying your best & I like that.
Judy - you really have done fabulous dropping those pounds. Keep it going!

I have been working my butt off up here & was only down 1/2# at my weigh in & other than a few chocolates & a few coolers at the dance I stayed OP.
So don't know what to think about that. I will just keep plugging along & hope for a big loss at the scales in the near future, hopefully.
Gets discouraging when we work hard & don't see big results.

I know "baby steps" is better, but really - everyone once in awhile you need a great weigh in to keep you motivated.

Keep up the good work, ladies and here's to great success at the scales!

01-21-2010, 04:40 PM
Hey Bandit, I'm glad your weight went down, but I hear you loud and clear about making a huge effort and getting a reward on the scale that was less than expected. When that happens, my WW leader always says to "shake it up". If you're eating only chicken, have some beef or fish. If you're eating high carbs, try lower carbs or the carbs from veggies more than fruit. I know your weight will come off with the exercise and eating right. You're doing it and I expect this week coming up will show a nice loss. :goodscale:
234.6/194/189 and deeper into onederland :cool:

01-21-2010, 09:42 PM
Thanks Judy - good advice. I will try some different things for this upcoming week, lately I have been pretty much staying on same foods. Tonight, I went and picked up a few more things to make a beef stew - that is always good especially in the cold months.

And I will keep up with my walking and maybe get in some extra fruit. Lately, I haven't had much of that. Thanks, again

Hope you are all staying OP and drinking your water. I think I will try adding some lemon to mine for a different taste.

Take care

Lin S
01-23-2010, 11:50 AM

You all are doing great! We seem to be hearing from the stalwarts of the turtle club. I hope everyone else checks in soon. I've been wondering how you all are doing.

Wow, Judy! You're really moving. :carrot::carrot::carrot: Great loss this week. I can see how hard it is for you and I really applaud you for your persistence. I agree that eating more filling foods really helps with weight loss.

One trick I use with that is to eat the salad and veggies first and the higher calorie foods last. That way if I get full before I've eaten everything on my plate, it's the higher calorie foods that get tossed or saved for later. My "old" eating pattern was to do it the other way around, but you know what that got me. :lol:

Lauren, I can see how your motivation could be diminished. You're healthy, you look good, you can find clothes that fit. It makes sense that you might want to stay where you are. Perhaps you should indulge in that and maintain for a specific length of time-a month or two. Then reassess your motivation. Or try to find something that you want that you can't have/do unless you lose more weight. You need something other than a number on the scale or a dress size (which is pretty much meaningless, anyway) to motivate you. Good luck finding it. :) You've come so far. I know that you can find your way to the finish line. :hug:

Hey, Bandit! Nice work. A half pound is a half pound you don't have to lose next week. And a great weighin is nice, but they don't come around too often, which is a good thing because losing too fast is not healthy.

I've noticed that psychologically losing slow is better for me, too. It takes time to readjust my image of myself as a smaller person. When the change is really gradual, it's easier to make that mental adjustment.

My turn. I'm right with you, Bandit. A half pound this week. I was expecting to maintain or maybe be up a little because I used every point, plus a couple of activity points and I had several days where I worked at home, so no walks to the train. The weather was abominable, so I didn't get any walking in at all. My total so far is an even 39 pounds. I just noticed I didn't move my turtle last week, so it's going to look like I lost three pounds this week. But it's actually two week's losses being recorded.

My biggest challenge is my weird schedule. My trip to San Francisco was fine, in terms of getting the information for work from the seminar. But from a food standpoint, it was really hard. They started a 3-hour meeting at 10 am and gave us no breaks. So everyone headed straight for the bathroom at 1 pm when it ended. We were in a theater, which meant no food or beverages. and everyone was starving and thirsty by the time it ended.

I had seen a little place called Soup Freaks while walking from the train station to the SFMOMA. I went there. Good choice. They serve organic, fresh food. Not loaded with fats. I had a tomato soup and half roast-beef sandwich. It came with a tiny salad. It was perfect. My only regret was that the 2-hour trip on public transportation and having a choir rehearsal that evening meant I couldn't spend any time doing anything fun in San Francisco. I couldn't even use the free ticket to the SFMOMA they gave us. :(

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Keep on turtlin'! :balloons:
:chef: :comp: :corn: :write: :book2: :coffee:

01-23-2010, 01:58 PM
Wow! We're doing great! Yesterday I got super tired and didn't finish my exercise. I started a small binge (is that an oxymoron?) and realized I was beat. I took a "nap" that lasted an hour, woke up, skipped supper since I wasn't hungry and redeemed the day.

Today we are having a mystery party. Our guests include vegetarians and meat eaters---always tricky for me to plan. There will be nine of us and I'm expecting a lot of fun. Food is ready and just needs to be heated to serve. I hope a couple of people give me a hand because I will be grateful. My part is an airman during the early part of WWII. We are traveling on a train out of Paris.
Okay----hey Lin, I love your input about our weight loss journey. I feel all of us will reach that magic finish line this year! Weigh to go Turtles. I am soooo glad I stuck with this club.
234.6/194.4/189 and deeper into onederland :cool:

01-26-2010, 03:26 PM
Judy, a mystery party! That sounds like a blast. I've always wanted to go to one of those. Are you hosting it? How did you get involved?

Lin, sounds like you did well in SF; good for you. That's hard.

Bandit and Lin, congrats on that loss! As Lin says, a half pound down is still DOWN.

I'm up a bit after the weekend. Socializing appears to create problems for me at the moment. I'm sure some of it is stress. The movers should be at my folks' house today, packing them up. Tomorrow, too. Then everybody leaves Thursday and heads for Michigan. Doesn't everyone want to move to Michigan in January??? It's supposed to be in the low 20s when they arrive. Oy.

Things are falling into place; the closing is set for Friday at 10. I have power of attorney. They said they'd be wiring the money directly to the title company, so that should be fine. I'll plan to get their place cleaned before they arrive Friday night. Truck arrives Saturday.

I'm not big on limbo/transitions. Really looking forward to them being settled in, and I know they are, too. I'm trying not to worry about Pop (my stepdad). He has had a cold/bad cough since August because of what the chemo did to his immune system. The docs are now saying he'll need multiple treatments of IV immuno-globulin ASAP to try to restore him to health, so we need to get him established with doctors as soon as he arrives. He has a lot of health issues. I had a bit of a meltdown in the car yesterday over it (just emotional, no food involved). It's hard to see your parents grow old, isn't it?

Well, I'm rattling on. Eating was fine yesterday and will be fine today. It helps that TOM arrived finally. Hormones! Who needs 'em!

Have a great day, turtles.

01-26-2010, 03:58 PM
Oh Lauren,
I'm sorry about your Dad. You can keep yourself together. I know how strong you are. I'm sending prayers that all goes well with your folks and their move and health, etc. I've gotta run, but I'll try and get back online later today.

01-26-2010, 04:42 PM
Hi turtles

Lauren - moving for anyone is very stressful & worse on your part with a sick parent, hoping it goes as smooth as possible & you get him settled with new doctors. In the meantime, be kind to yourself & hang in there.

Judy - how you doing this week? Good, I hope.

I had an emotional day yesterday as well. Our cat (who is 17-1/2) is looking thin & wasn't eating his dry food, so I stopped in vets to see if they had moist dry food & of course, they don't. I was talking to one of the girls there & she said maybe he had dental problems. So, I took him for a visit & teeth are fine & they did bloodwork. So I waited for results & was very weepy whenever I thought that he was probably sick inside - cried all the way home yesterday. Then got news from vet that blood work was fine. So have no idea what is going on with him. Maybe just age creeping up. And for me, sometimes things just set me off & I end up having a crybaby episode.
THis usually happens when I am driving home by myself & by the time I get home am OK

TOnight, suppose to get together with my ladies group for chicken wings. Just what I need the night before weigh in - I think you get 10 wings for $3.50 but have no idea what to count for points = any clues? I am thinking about 15 points

Where are all the other turtles. Am afraid they have fallen into bad habits & don't want to face the group - hope not.

Have a good evening.

01-26-2010, 05:53 PM
Bandit, Caution and alert!!!!! I tried to quickly get a point count for chicken wings. I think they are about four points each if served with ranch dressing. I just thought of one more place to try. If I'm off by a lot, I'll come back and let you know.

01-26-2010, 06:01 PM
Okay. I checked on the WW site and it's not quite as bad as I thought, but still very high.
Chicken wings with skin on are 3 points apiece.
Buffalo chicken wings are also 3 points apiece. I hope there is something else there you can get since these are so high.

All goes well here. Saturday and Sun I was more lax than I wanted and Monday I was ridiculous. Today has been great and I'm going to make a chicken soup for supper. That's why this whole trip is a journey for a lifetime. I get my resolve way up there and then tumble again. My tumbles aren't as awful as they used to be, but they're not allowing me to lose the weight as fast as I want.

Bandit, I had a crying session in my car today too. I think half of this emotional spin is the winter and lack of light. I've got a light box and I'm using it, but I'd like it to work better. I hope your dcat gets ungrumpy and starts to eat better soon.

Lauren, about your folks. It's so hard to see loved ones age. When I had my wonderful lunch with my aunts and uncle at Christmas I felt bad to see two of them dealing with serious health problems. They are brave and a good example, but it's tough to watch. It's also scary to me to look ahead just a few years and wonder what might be in store for me. I'd sure like to be a normal weight before I'm 92! LOL

Okay, not funny.
Lin, how are you doing?
:goodvibes: to all the Turtles. Chime in no matter where you are with jobs and weight and attitude. We all love you.
234.6/194.4/189 and lower into onederland :cool:

01-26-2010, 06:55 PM
Bandit, I'm like you re: getting weepy in the car. Wonder why there of all places? Sorry to hear your furbaby is getting thin. It can be hard to get older animals to eat, even when there's nothing really wrong. Actually, I think the same is true of some older people, too! I doubt very much that I'll ever be one of them. :halffull:

But back to your kitty ... I had a friend whose elderly cat got very finicky as he got older. We discovered that if we stood by his food dish and smacked our lips and sounded all interested in his food, that worked and he'd eat some. Actually, I discovered this by doing it a few times when I was visiting her, and she was pretty ticked off because after that, it was the only way he would eat! But it did keep him going for another few years. He lived to be 21, I think.

I think getting moist food for him is a very good idea. It will probably be easier for him to digest. I know some brands make a "senior diet" variety. Did you try the grocery store? Or a pet store?

Judy, I could've written part of your post, I think. Thanks for the reminder that this journey is for a lifetime. I've been getting pretty impatient lately, and I need to watch that.

01-27-2010, 12:37 PM
Hi everone

Judy - thanks for the wing information (but I still had them & they were tiny with no breading) but still would be high in points. I ate light during the day,
and skipped wine I usually would have had, so hoping for not too much damage.

Lauren - thanks for the cat tips. Also I am going to feed him some of the meat I make for my dinner, since he still seems to like bits of it. The other night I gave him some of my grilled salmon & of course, he ate that up.
But hard not to worry about him.

Judy - I think some of this weepiness is from lack of sunshine as well. Seems like it has been dark when I get up & dark when I leave work for a long time.
And just the everyday grind sometimes get us down.
And the trying to lose weight, get in exercise, dealing with co-workers
etc etc etc. All part of life, I know but sometimes buggy.

Tomorrow I am having dinner with a friend that I haven't seen for awhile - one my male friends that wanted to date & for me, just didn't work. Anyway, he called & wanted to get together to catchup on things. So, hopefully that will be enjoyable & since it is after my weigh in day, I might just have a few drinks & relax.

Too much rambling - but good place to vent!

Thanks, turtles for being here.

Lin S
01-27-2010, 01:32 PM

It's nice to read all of your posts. :)

I used to do mystery parties. My mystery party friends always tell me they'd like to do another one, since we all live in the same area again. But so far, I can't find a time when all of them can come. I hope you had a great time, Judy.

The current issue of Fine Cooking magazine has an article with vegetarian recipes designed to do double-duty as both vegetarian and omnivore food. You start with a vegetarian dish and add some meat prepared to go along with it. They allow you to cook basically one menu and serve everyone. If you have that issue come up a lot, you might want to check it out. You might have to tweak a bit to get the points down, but it shouldn't be too hard.

But, I don't see why you don't just do a vegetarian menu when you have some people who are vegetarians over for dinner. There are many wonderful dishes that non-vegetarians love, too. I NEVER cook two menus to accommodate picky eaters. I figure out one menu that will work for everyone. If you need help with that, let me know. It saves a lot of stress and kitchen time.

I'm sorry your kitty is having problems, Bandit. I'm not sure feeding your cat food from your plate is a good idea, though. We had to stop feeding ours her favorite plain roasted chicken and turkey because she started to get tummy problems when she ate it. But, canned tuna seemed to be fine her whole life. You might try canned fish--tuna, sardines, and salmon. The senior cat food seemed to be fine for my elderly cat, too. Be sure your kitty always has plenty of fresh water available. Not getting enough water can be a real problem with older cats, especially those who eat mainly dry food. Good luck!! :hug:

Lauren, many :hug: :hug: :hug: and prayers. It's very stressful on many levels to deal with aging parents. I hope the move goes well and your stress level gets manageable soon. Good luck! :)

Looks like I'm the only one who hasn't had a major teary session in my car, but that's probably because I don't have one. :lol: I'm really stressed out over managing two jobs and an active social life and now adding extra care for my aging mother to the mix. It's a matter of what I'm going to cut from my life. Right now is the first time I've wished for work in a for-profit industry. I need the benefits, but more, I need the higher salary than non-profits can afford to pay. I sat down yesterday and took a look at the time involved in doing my job, keeping up with the chores, and keeping all of my social & personal activities and it's not going to happen. Since I can't afford to hire someone to help with the housework, I'm going to have to give up some of my social activities or personal projects.

It's VERY stressful to have to sacrifice things that I enjoy doing or are stress-relievers in order to keep up with the duties of life, especially since the main reason I can't keep up is that I have to add caring for my psychologically abusive mother to the mix. I can't get much help from my brother with that because he lives too far away to be more than an occasional help. My son who's living with her and her tenant do a lot, but I can't expect her tenant to take on what's really my responsibility. Plus, when it comes down to making decisions, neither of them have any legal standing to do that. So, aging parents are definitely a stress point in our lives.

On the weight-loss front, I'm doing pretty well this week. Despite the stress, I'm still managing to stay OP. My current wish is that someone would make affordable skirts in a style I like so I can replace my too big ones. I especially need a long black skirt for concerts, but black is not exactly a spring/summer color. Right now, I'm managing with the aid of safety pins at the waist so they don't fall off.

I noticed a couple of you worrying about what you eat the day before your weigh in and not so much the day after. Ummm...managing our eating that way dosen't work. Our emotions and brains are very immediate with regard to cause and effect, so we think what we eat today causes a good weigh in tomorrow. And we can "make up" for overeating the day after our weigh in because we have a whole week before the next one. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. It's our eating pattern, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year that decide whether we lose, gain, or stay the same. I'm stating this very important point because understanding that concept and living that concept is the key to maintenance. We're all on long journeys to our goals. If we don't learn to live each day as if tomorrow is our weigh in day, we'll end up having to do the journey all over again. Weighing every day doesn't counteract the problem, either, because our weight naturally fluctuates. It's the overall pattern of our weight that counts and you only get that by charting it over time. That's why I love the WW graph. It's an easy way to see the pattern and figure out when I need to make adjustments and what I need to adjust. Just a thought for today.

Keep on turtlin'! :balloons:
:chef: :coffee: :comp: :write: :book2: :corn:

01-27-2010, 08:00 PM
Guys-real fast----I'm up 1.2# this week and have to figure out how to break the silly plateau I'm on. I exercised less last week, so today I got both forms of exercise in.
I'll respond to all later, but right now my dd and dgrandson are here and I have to run.

01-28-2010, 10:07 AM
Hi TUrtles,
It looks like we're all doing a lot of thinking about where we are right now in our weight loss journey. It also looks like a few of us are down and crying in our cars----Lin, I must say I laughed out loud when I read your reason for not crying in your car. You are the best! I am so glad Bandit started with the weepy car syndrome because I was feeling as though I was the "only one" and thought I might need a therapist to get me through this. Nah! I'm fine and you're all fine too. We're strong gals who are dealing with a lot now. Add into the mix the lack of sunshine and family/friend complications and job issues and you get the idea. Thank goodness we can vent here!!!!!

Okay Lin. What you said about juggling the week for a good weigh-in makes perfect sense. That clicked into my brain. I've been beating myself up for not getting back to my 193# weight, but your writing clicked and reminded me that I had been eating very very low points right before WI to achieve that low weight. I had even mentioned that here. I was getting an artificial low weight that was difficult to lose from and I wasn't even able to maintain it during Christmas. I'm glad you pointed out your long-term philosophy because you are spot on! :goodscale:

So, for today I will make believe that I'm weighing in tomorrow. I will exercise, I will eat my points (but not over my points) and I'll watch the salt, etc. I'll also watch the BLT's and get my head on straight. I'll do more than the best I can and see how that works out. :tread:

Bandit, I hope you had a good time with your male friend. :goodvibes:

Have a good day, be well and happy and keep on keepin' on!
234.6/195.6/189 :cool:

01-28-2010, 12:16 PM
Morning, turtles:

Lin - so funny about the car, got a chuckle out of that, thanks.

Judy - hang in there & your weight loss will follow.

As for myself, I was down 1# at my weigh in, so was happy with that.
And a 6 week challenge was started last night at Tops, so I am that should help keep us on track. You get monopoly money for different things like losing weight, bringing in journal, suggesting food/exercise tip etc etc
Then the person with the most $$ wins the challenge.

My friend is taking me out for dinner tonight - have no idea where we will go
But there is always something healthier than we usually pick on most menus.

Anyway, have a good day!

01-28-2010, 01:54 PM
:goodscale: Bandit!!! That is wonderful! Weigh to go! :bravo: and I know how well you do with challenges, so I think you'll be pulling in lots of Monopoly money.

Lin S
01-29-2010, 11:57 AM

Just checking in with my weight loss for the week. Bandit, you and I are weight loss twinsies this week. Mine was also one pound. That makes a total of an even 40 pounds since I restarted this journey. :D Congratulations, Bandit. Go us!!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful week. I have a very busy weekend, and a challenging one. Par for the course. Tomorrow after rehearsal I have to grab a quick lunch--probably soup or salad and a half sandwich before heading to church to help cook for the annual youth fundraiser. I've donated a gift basket and dinner for 8, so it will be interesting to see what people are willing to pay to have me cook for them. I hope a lot because the youth need the money! They go to Mexico and build a house every summer and it's not an inexpensive trip. And that's just one of the activities they do. :D

Sunday is the SJCO orchestra fundraiser dinner. It's a Julia Child theme with music and a Q&A session with a local food guru. It will be fun, even though I'm working. I probably will be using weekly points to get through the food parts. And the cooking adds activity, because it's all on your feet with a lot of moving around between tasks.

I hope you all have a great weekend and post something. I'd like to hear how you all are doing.

Keep on turtlin'! :balloons:
:chef: :coffee: :comp: :write: :book2: :corn:

01-29-2010, 08:14 PM
:goodscale: to Lin!!!! Weigh to go! :bravo: and :cp: and :cool: Lin, congrats on your pound loss! that's great. Hitting 40# is wonderful. Keep up the good work. You are soooooo close to breaking 200# I love how you have a busy social life and a busy work schedule and yet you keep on losing weight consistently. Yay!

Everybody have a great weekend. Princess and Cherry, sending you regards.
234.6/195.6/189 and deeper into onederland :cool:

01-30-2010, 02:32 PM
Hi Turtles,
Tomorrow I'll make time to start a new thread since this one is getting long. Tonight we're having another couple to dinner here. We play games and chat so it should be fun. the fellow is a high school buddy of my husband's who we've kept in touch with all these years.

Just a thought for a one-point lunch. A WW friend of mine roasted a batch of veggies. Then she put them on a Thin Bread for a sandwich. The bread is one point, the veggies zero. I thought I'd try it with the idea that I'd have a heavier snack later in the day. Guess what? since it was all filling foods, I didn't get hungry and lasted, with a yogurt, until dinner. Thought you might be interested for those days when you know dinner with be point-heavy.
234.6/195.4/189 and deeper into onederland :cool:

01-31-2010, 11:01 AM
Morning, turtles:

Lin - congrats on your weight loss. 40# down is a major milestone - good for you!

Judy - your sandwich sounds really good & such a great idea as you say for when you know you will be having heavy dinner. Lots of times when I make Sunday supper I have leftover veggies - so that is something I can do with them, thanks.

Quiet weekend for me up here - but got in 2 walks each day. There was a singles get together last night that I decided to pass on. By the time I got back from my walk & had some dinner, I was tired and it was sooooooo cold last night (-20C) I didn't feel like getting all fixed up to go out, so nice quiet evening watching Sex & the City.

It is overcast & gloomy today - but I think it is too cold to snow, so that is good. Tonight am making some pasta with sausage instead of beef in the sauce for a change & of course, lots of mushrooms & peppers.

Hope you all have a great OP day!

02-01-2010, 10:08 AM
Bandit, brrrrrr! That is cold. We're super cold here in NY as well. Today is sunny, so that helps my outlook. Also days are slowly getting longer and that's a very good thing.

I'm starting a new thread. See you all at #228 Bale of Turtles Keepin' On!