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01-05-2010, 06:11 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another cold (-12 this morning) but sunny day in my corner of the world. The "weather" is suppose to move in tomorrow; now it is 3 - 6" of snow with wind. Great, just great . . . NOT! I covered for Bob's secretary for an hour and a half this morning and then went for a perm which was scheduled for tomorrow. She had a cancellation so called to see if I could come in. I just got home and it's too late in the day to start any major projects. :yes: I should make a bread and milk run in case the weather forecast comes true.

We must have been a chatty bunch this past week since we rolled over to page 2 with 16 posts! :cp: I see now that it's all on one page . . . gremlins are at work again! :mad:

"Gma" -- I always thought a covered head kept one warmer. That's why they keep hats on newborns although my kids never had a hat. Bob won't eat anything FF if he can help it. :( He'll drink 1% milk but that's it. I'm not a milk drinker so that doesn't bother me at all. I'll bet you can get your socks done in time . . . you are fast! :running: I really do think that joining WW and facing the scale each week is a good plan. I'm not crazy about the leader here and her meetings leave a lot to be desired, but yet it's a good plan to stick with.

Maggie -- Congrats on the 4.4# loss! :cheer: I can send and get emails from everyone except sending emails to you. I'll be curious to see if it works today since the tech was on my computer when I left this morning. He did run a different version of spyware than what I have. I'm :o to say that I'm one who weighs in and doesn't stay for the meetings very often.

Susan -- I'm sorry, but I just had to :lol: at you wearing a thermal undershirt when it's 36 degrees outside. That would be a heat wave around here right now. I must admit I've worn two layers more than once this winter. I should invest in some long johns so I could walk outside; I'd need new boots too, kind of like big tread boots. You will enjoy a two day work week! :D What days did you choose? Good WW leaders are hard to come by for sure. Be sure to share any tidbits from the newsletters you get. Enjoy your dinner out tonight! I hope wherever you go is WW friendly.

I'm waiting for the mail to come and should unload the dishwasher so it looks like I accomplished something today. Have a nice evening and stay warm!

Jean -- :brr: in Iowa!

01-06-2010, 07:22 AM
Good morning to you all! It is again very cold here, at least for our part of the country. They keep talking a snowstorm tonight (2-4") which for us is a blizzard. I have clinic tomorrow, but school may be closed it snows overnight tonight. They don't have school in horrible blizzards like we have.....:lol::lol: I would rather they keep the kids at home as these idiots can't drive in snow at all.

Susan: Thanks for the incense info. I didn't know the significance of it. Have you ever tried cuddly duds? Kelly swears by them for warmth. I thought joining the website and joining in person were separate and you have to pay separately, ie pay your $39 a month for your epass then pay another $12 when you go to a meeting. I can't afford to do both. I still get the magazine, in fact got it yesterday and enjoy reading everything. It is just ready to expire so I will be getting it again when I join. I am going to have to do the week to week route until next month then plan on buying their coupons to use for weekly meetings.

Maggie: Right now I am not accomplishing much with my socks because the cold has really made my hands sore. I can't knit very fast when they are stiff. I read in the WW mag yesterday that being overweight can cause carpel tunnel, but my hands are the only non-pudgy things on my whole body! :lol: I wear size 7 rings and would wear size 6's but my knuckles are swollen from arthritis so I can't get a ring over them. My size 7's roll around on my fingers, but I can't do anything about it since I can't get a 6 over my knuckles. Big :carrot::carrot: on your losses. I normally stay for meetings, but I have a dr appt at 1:20 and the weigh in is at 12:30 so I know I can't stay for the first meeting. I am hoping I can get in, get set up and weighed then rush to the doctor's, which isn't too far away from the WW meeting.

Jean: Heaven help us, I do not know how you and Bob live in that weather all the time. I can't believe how cold it is up there, but I did see the Farmer's Almanac was saying colder wetter weather this year for most of the country and I believe it for here! Jean, I will make you a pair of socks if you give me foot and ankle circumference too. I will have to think of something else for Susan. She makes her own socks so mine would be poor substitutes.

I hear Jack upstairs and he is about done and ready to come downstairs for breakfast so I better go. Everybody keep warm and inside if at all possible if you are in bad weather. Have a great day today! Remember to stay OP today!

01-06-2010, 12:03 PM
This is my post from yesterday. I didn't see the new thread and posted on the old one last night.

Good afternoon, ladies! Way up to 36 degrees today, but for here that is cold and we don't have the clothes for it. I've been wearing a thermal undershirt undershirt under my sweaters.

I forgot to come back here since I posted on Sunday! Just had a lot to do. I had a talk with my boss and told him I wanted to cut back to 2 days a week. I'll have to tighten the budget, but I'm tired of working. He tried for 3 but I stuck with 2 and he finally agreed. Money isn't worth it if you can't enjoy your life while you earn it.

Last night was back to Bible Study. I really love it and my group has the best discussions.

Tonight I am going to dinner with 4 friends to a restaurant I'm not familiar with and they don't have a website so I'm hoping I can find something for reasonable points. I've allotted 10 but still have 20 WPAs I can dip into if I have to.

Faye, Can you get the monthly pass in your area? It's $39 a month and you get etools, too. I love my etools. You can sign up on the WW website and print your pass to take to the meeting. Cancelling is just as easy and I had no problem when I did it sometime ago (and when I rejoined everything was still there). We also get a little newsletter every week at the meeting now that has more on the topic of the week, a recipe, coupon, and other stuff. I really like them. This week is starting the 10-week Challenge and I know it will be helpful to me. Every week it will focus on a different part of WW. This week is food. My friend who was going with me on Saturday can't go to that meeting anymore so I am going back to Friday meetings. Both leaders are nice and good and inspiring and have great meetings, but Friday's is just that little bit more and she's the one who sends us a monthly newsletter, recipes, etc. On the incense question - Catholics use incense during important services to symbolize the prayers of the congregation rising to heaven. One of the gifts traditionally associated with the Magi was frankincense. (We celebrated the arrival of the Magi last Sunday.) This aromatic resin was part of the traditional incense associated with the Old Testament Temple of Solomon. I know, too much info.

Jean, I'd have to stay in the house all winter with those temperatures. I have to cover my face with a scarf now to go out. The cold air really gets to me.
There is a more open area of water that I can't see from my house and the ducks probably went there and came back when they knew I usually fed them.

Maggie, Congratulations on the big loss to start the new year! I think I'm going to love the WW Challenge. It's just what we need with all our New Year's resolutions. I'm sorry you had to give your kittens away. If you get more, keep a squirt bottle of water around and give them a spray whenever they do something you don't want them to do. That's how Cupid was trained and he is the best cat I've ever had. WW probably looked at the area that ate the most Egg McMuffins and tried there sandwich out there.

Well, That's all folks! Have a good evening.

HW 356 pounds - CW 164 - WWG 155 - PG 140

Strive for progress not perfection.
Success comes in cans; failure comes in can'ts.

I'll come back this evening with more.

01-06-2010, 12:11 PM
Faye, I checked Memphis and you must be in a franchise and they don't offer Monthly Pass. Too bad because I love my etools and find it very helpful and as I said I only pay $39 for both so it saves nearly $25 a month over separate meetings and etools.

01-06-2010, 04:36 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It has been snowing all day since about 7:30 this morning. :( It is 10 degrees so is "warming" up if you can call it that. I made a grocery run earlier this morning and now need to do some more of the same old thing (declutter the counters!). I told Bob I am tired of cooking! It seems like I fix food, eat, clean up, and run the dishwasher way more than I used to when I was working! :rolleyes:

I'm still having trouble with my email -- if I "reply or forward" that address gets dumped into my blocked sender folder, except for Maggie and her address seems to be a permanent "fatal error." The tech guy has been working on it from his office but hasn't solved the problem yet.

"Gma" -- I guess since we were both born and raised in this weather we don't know any different! :D The snow is coming down in big huge flakes and is really pretty even if we have had enough. I don't mind the snow as much as the cold temperatures. My big fear is if it melts all at once we will have a wet basement and that is a royal pain. I will have to find my tape measure; you must be addicted to knitting socks! ;) That is a nice thought. I wish I could do something like the rest of you, but I have no talent that I'm aware of. I hope you are able to get to your clinic tomorrow and there is no storm in your area.

Susan -- I did see your post on #1. It said we had rolled over to page 2 and that's why I started #2. When I looked again it only had 1 page. :shrug:

Maggie -- Are you snowed in? ;)

I need to put a load of laundry in the washer and work on the the ironing pile. I was much better at keeping that pile at bay when I was working and ironing my own clothes for school. I don't iron jeans or sweatshirts unless they are dressy ones and I'm going someplace!

Have a nice "rest of the day!"

Jean -- :shocksn: in Iowa!

01-06-2010, 07:47 PM
Good evening, ladies - cold here down in the 20s tonight, but warm for Jean and Maggie. It's all in what we are used to. We may get some snow tomorrow and Friday so the kids will probably get a day off. I guess the price of fruits from Florida will skyrocket as it is freezing there, too.

Didn't really do anything today but go to work and come home. I'll be glad when Thursday is over and I can get back to staying inside. I have First Thursday bee tomorrow night. They want to go to a Mexican restaurant and I'm thinking I'll opt out because it doesn't work well with the GERD.

Faye, If you go to WW this week, we can all do the 10 week Challenge together and maybe share our answers. That would be inspiring for me!
I hope you don't get any snow, either.

Jean, I think all I do is unclutter. I wonder if I'll ever get it done but only have 2 rooms and the attic to go. How we ever accumulated all this "stuff" is beyond me. A lot is from Stan being a pack rat. I'm aiming to work Tuesday and Thursday so far. I might change that if something special comes up.

Maggie, thanks for sharing the Week 1 Challenge. I printed out the bookmarks and am thinking about it now. 10 things is a lot to think of.

I've attached a couple of pictures since last night. I'm the one with the black hat. We sure had a good time.

Tonight at 8 pm on Discovery Health Channel there will be a program about Eric who won the Biggest Loser 3 and gained all the weight back. I'm going to watch that. I know one of his problem is working in a Deli.

Have a good evening.

01-07-2010, 08:35 AM
Good morning to you all! It is very cold and snowing here which means lots of accidents and stupid people on the road. I am waiting for Jack to call me and let me know he got to work ok. We have a lot of up in the air interstate roads, which means a lot of slick roads and people drive too fast here on bad roads. I went out and took out the trash this morning then swept off the deck. The county schools are closed so I have no clinic today. I am going to go out around noon and join WW as long as they are going to be open today since I have nothing to do this afternoon with the schools closed. City schools are open, but the temps are plummeting so I imagine they will be closed tomorrow.

Susan: I take it I will receive stuff on the ten week challenge when I go today? I look forward to a good challenege. I am doing very well back strong on WW and having no trouble. I have a bit of hunger, mostly later evening, but I just ignore it and go upstairs and watch tv if it is stronger. You look nothing like I imagined, but then neither did Jean when I saw her pic the first time! :D You are a beautiful woman none the less and cute hat. I can't wear hats like that, I look ridiculous. I only look good in hats with big brims.

Jean: I guess I didn't make it clear we didn't want your poopy snow...:lol::lol: We are going to get your artic air too, which I don't look forward to. I guess the gas stations and grocery stores were overrun, as usual. People think an inch of snow is going to cause them to be stranded or something. It is so stupid. They have known for a week we were expecting this and they wait until last night then flood gas and groceries. Oh, make sure you send your shoe size too when you email me your measurements. In exchange, I will let you come here and wrap Christmas presents next year! :lol::lol:

Maggie: Like I told Jean, when you send you measurements, make sure you send your shoe size too.

I better get going. I want to finish the upstairs cleaning this morning first thing so I have tomorrow and the rest of the weekend free to get stuff done. We have commissary shopping to do and mother hubbard's cupboard is about bare.

Try and have a good day everyone! Faye Let's be OP again today!

01-07-2010, 05:34 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I'm not sure if it's snowing or just blowing, but know it is blowing big time. The thermometer says 5 degrees but the wind chill is down in the - 20s. Everything in town is closed down today so another day stuck at home. I'm just glad I didn't have to be anywhere. Bob, Ernie, and I had a nap after lunch, so lunch and a nap have been the excitement around here. I've got some ironing to do so that's next on my list.

Susan -- Thank you for sharing the pictures! I love your hat! I'm not a hat person and I think it is because none of them fit right. I have a bigger head or something. :o I always have good intentions to get a lot done each day, but lose momentum as the day goes on. I have finally decided if it doesn't get done by 2:00 it will still be there tomorrow! I'm really bad when it gets dark so early; the older I get the more I hate that.

"Gma" -- I'm happy to share the snow! :coolsnow: ! We have a lot of STUPID drivers up here and you'd think they'd learn after being through one winter. I must admit this has not been a "normal" winter so far. We used to :lol: at the natives when we lived in Ohio because they would panic at the first sign of a measureable snow fall. We lived a block from where Bob worked and he even rode his bike in the snow. I'd get in the car and go run errands; usually a neighbor would ask to go along because they didn't want to drive in the snow.

I need to do some ironing so better get a move on. Hope you all are keeping warm where you live.

Jean -- :brr: in Iowa!

01-07-2010, 05:37 PM

WOW I am sure I posted on this new thread but it is not to be seen. The grimlins are at work again. It is cold here this day and I am staying inside for sure. It is 7 with a wind chill of 20 below. The wind is blowing for sure. Will is at the cancer center for his volunteer work so he had to get out in it. I made a big pot of chicken noodle soup so it will be ready when he gets home. Went to the doctor yesterday for my yearly to have them write me perscriptions for my meds. Now I need to make an appointment to have my blood work that goes along with getting the meds done. It's the law ya know. Where I go is about 30 miles away and the snow was polishing the road all along the way. Lots of folks had cancelled their appointments yesterday.

I already filled out my 10 things I have learned about food through tracking.
1. Best to eat protein for breakfast
2. Keep paper and pencil handy for "hungry days"
3. Drink water when you think you are hungry
4. Cleaned veggies in a baggie in the fridge is very helpful
5. Don't let self get to hungry
6. Weigh cereal ~ sometimes we get a surprise when we get more than your eye tells you (except Grape Nuts, of course)
7. One box of WW Friities can last a whole week for me
8. Applebees has points on some items which takes guess work out of it
9. Figure points before dining out if possible ~ DWLZ has lots of restaurants
10. Save a couple of points for afrer dinner "snack" like eg. fruit or popcorn

JEAN I feel for you and your computer woes. Bet you will have to end up taking it in to be looked at. Yep I am staying inside where it is nice and warm. Ragg Mopp didn't even want to go out way untill after 2 this afternoon. He sure can hold it a long time.

SUSAN Thanks for posting the pictures. You look like a pleasant nice woman that you sound like for sure. Please do post your 10 thingies when you get them. I am happy to forward the neat things my leader sends me.

DONNA FAYE OK I'll get out my measuring tape and measure the widest part of my foot, ankles and submit my shoe size. I will be totally jazzed to receive a hand knitted pair of sox from you. I imagine you don't have one of the newer versions of the food scale that WW puts out since they offered it for sale since you were there last. I ended up with two of them and would be happy to send you one if you wish. Let me know if you want it.

Well ladies I must be going. Got some things to get done before long. :wave:

01-08-2010, 02:06 AM
Evening gals. Since I can't sleep at the moment and we are heading out early to get groceries tomorrow morning, (Jack took tomorrow off so he could stay up late tonight and watch the BCS bowl game,) I thought I would post for tomorrow tonight! lol

I am officially a WW person now. I went to the meeting today and signed back up. Considering the holidays, I didn't gain that much so don't have a lot to come back to from my initial losses from May. I have to switch my tracker again, but am going to wait until I weigh with the dr tomorrow and see what their scale says.

Maggie: What kind of a scale are you talking about? I would be happy to get anything I can use with my ww stuff. Hope you don't freeze to death. It is super cold for this area here tonight. The downstairs is a good 10 degrees colder than the upstairs.

Jean: Our snow is pretty much gone for the most part though it is really cold here tonight. You will certainly have a case of cabin fever when this weather finally breaks and it warms up in your area though they said you guys are going to have bad weather for awhile yet.

Here are my 10 things about tracking I learned:

1 you put more in your mouth then you realize if you don't track
2 it keeps me honest
3 I seem to have extra snacking points this way everyday I can use
4 my portion control is much better
5 i know what kind of activity I am doing
6 helps me to tweak where I am weak in foods, ie veggies, etc
7 helps me to better balance out what I eat
8 helps me keep better control of fiber and such for my colon health
9 can go back and find pts for recipes I have made previously easily if I have my tracking sheets
10 helps me know what foods to buy when I shop

there you go! I have never had trouble tracking as I will probably continue to do it even into maintenance. I guess maybe I have more time than other people who work to get it done everyday.

Well gals, bathroom then bed for me as we want to get up early. Have a nice day tomorrow. Faye

01-08-2010, 02:44 AM
DONNA FAYE It is an electronic food scale that they sell at WW meeetings here for $40.00. It has a points value database for over 500 foods and you can even add your favorites if you have the nutritional information for it. It is easy to read with a large display. It also stores points for up to 10 of your favorite foods. It gives weights for food in both ounces and grams.

Magnolias I just came to shut off my computer and then I had to peek in here to answer Donna's question. I am going to bed now for it is after 12:30 and so I'll say good night and type at y'all latter this day. :wave:

01-08-2010, 12:25 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another cold gloomy day in my corner of the world. Snow flakes are falling again . . . yet . . . still. :( Several highways around our area are closed or have just one lane traffic. We have no school again today so it must be bad. All of the out-of-town teachers probably called in saying they couldn't get here. :lol3: I am still having trouble with my email addresses getting dumped into the blocked sender folder when I send emails. I called the tech guy this morning and he said he's done all he can without seeing the computer so it's going into the store on Monday. I hope they are fast at fixing it!

Maggie -- I should have asked for the other computer guy in the first place! :mad: He seemed to be much more in-the-know when he has helped me before. Of course maybe this is a glitch that he couldn't figure out either. We'll see. Your 10 items are all good ones, and I think I've done them all! :yes: The hospital WW meeting was yesterday and I wasn't about to take a chance on leaving home and getting stuck somewhere, if they even had it.

"Gma" -- Congrats on rejoining WW! :cheer: I know that facing the scale every week is a big push for me to watch what I eat. It may not always be OP, but at least I am thinking about what goes into my mouth. You shared 10 good points too! :cp:

Susan -- Are you working today? I hope your weather has shaped up for you! :wave:

Not much newsy going on. The dust bunnies are having babies so I need to vacuum. I told Bob I think we need a furnace that's better at dust control!

Have a nice day and stay warm wherever you are!

Jean -- :brr: :brr: in Iowa!

01-08-2010, 05:14 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! It was 53 degrees when I left at 9:15 for the Quilt Guild Meeting and at 11:30 when we came out is was down to 41 and now it's 33. We had barely a dusting of snow in the night so they must have put the schools on a 1 hour delay because the buses were picking up when I was going to the meeting. There was more snow to the north and west and a couple of my friends decided not to come to the meeting because of it.

Faye, congratulations on rejoining WW. You'll love the scale Maggie wants to send you. I use mine several times a day. I can put an apple on the platform, enter 'ap' and press enter and it pulls up apple and I can press points and find out that big apple is actually 2 points not the one I thought. All the nutritional info has the weight in grams and it will compute the points when you enter calories, fat and fiber and serving size. And of course you can just weigh things on it in ounes or grams. It's a huge help to me. You are off to a good start on the 10-Week Challenge. I'm taking my completed bookmark to my meeting tomorrow and so can impress everyone thanks to Maggie sending it to us.

Jean, I found filters for the that fit in the heat/air registers in every room and it does cut down on the dust some. They were pretty inexpensive at the hardware store. When I lived in Ohio I was in Akron, 50 miles from Cleveland and we had cold and snow similar to yours. That lake effect snow is something else. I remember driving in whiteouts and hoping I'd not be in a accident before I got home from work.

Maggie, I think you are our leader for staying on track this year. You give us so much helpful information and I love it! We need to get back to our recipe thread.

I had lunch out today with my friends - and dinner last night before bee - so I'll be having a light supper of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. I did okay and have WPAs and APs left over this week. Today for lunch I had 1 slice of cheese pizza and a small Italian salad. Last night I had chicken frajitas and just ate that, not the tortillas and not the chips, but I did have 1/4 of a piece of chocolate cake, which was the dessert for the bee, and some grapes.

01-09-2010, 10:10 AM
Good morning to you all! It is still cold here and I am looking forward to next week and the warm back up.

I am still on the doctor yoyo. They have decided I have no endometrial tissue but the gyn head at my clinic doesn't like the fact I have had spotting infrequently so another ultrasound and they are putting me on progesterone, which I am not to happy about. I did quiz my doctor on whether I had more of a chance of cancer, heart attack, clots exc, and she said it shouldn't be a problem. I guess HRT meds are a combo of progesterone and estrogen and this is a single drug, which makes it a bit less of a risk. So another round of ultrasound then we shall see what they think. I also talked to her about leaving and she is personally going to pick a doctor for me according to my requests. We talked for about 10 minutes about it. I am going to miss her when she leaves this summer as she has been a really good doctor, proactive and really helpful with all aspects of my health.

Susan: I imagine you are having the same freezing weather we are having. I haven't decided what day I am going to go to WW as I want to find a good fit for me. I like my WW meeting place a lot, but I may check out the main WW center for Memphis, which is over by Kelly's house. They have tons of meetings there to choose from. My WW has mainly afternoon and evening meetings.

Maggie: Thanks for sending the scale. I will definitely use it bunches. Jack will too as he usually measures the weight over taking the # of a package, ie 1 oz of chips over 13 chips. If you would let me know when you ship and if you ship usps, ups or what, I would appreciate it. My gate is broken in back and I have put a maintenance call in but they haven't fixed it yet. I too string and tied the thing closed to keep Fortune from getting out so I will have to make sure it is undone so they will deliver it.

Jean: I think your state is in for a very rough winter. It doesn't look like you are going to be digging out or warming up anytime soon. I know you have to be hearing the call of those Hawaiian waves!

Everyone have a wonderful day. We are just going to hang out today and relax I think. Time for cereal and fruit for breakfast! Faye

01-09-2010, 12:08 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's -7 this morning but the sky is looking brighter. :cp: We must have had fog during the night because the screens are all frosty this morning. It didn't snow during the night for a change. There were deer snuggled in under our pine tree when I went to bed. One little one is getting very brave. Bob was on the deck, after dark, but we have lights around the rail and the little deer came right up on the deck to eat. Bob could have touched him but was afraid he might get spooked and hurt himself trying to get away. I've got my first load of laundry going and need to get busy. I've saved recipes from newspapers and magazines over the years and it's time to get rid of them so that's my project this morning. :yes:

Susan -- I will have to check and see if I can find the register filters. I looked in my curio cabinet yesterday, which we just cleaned for card club in Nov., and I could write my name on the top shelf. :hyper: I'm tempted to cover the light hole because I never turn it on; maybe that would stop some of the dust. My basement needs a good cleaning and I just hate going down there. It's dark and icky plus we still have some of mil's boxes down there! :( We are on the west side of our lake and took a ride around the area last night. The east side of the lake has houses that are close together so there is no room for snow except for it to drift. They only have one car length driveways and from the looks of it will have to start hauling snow away. I felt like I was driving in a tunnel without a top. The plows have not gotten close to the curbs in town and now the snow is too high for the blades to push the snow up and over. I don't know what the city will do because the intersections are very dangerous. According to the paper we have over 30"+ of snow. I just pray it doesn't all melt at once!

"Gma" -- The HRT that I took was 100% estrogen, but I don't remember why. I just remember I liked it a whole lot. :D It's nice of your doctor to find a new one for you when she leaves. I hope they can decide what the problem is with the next ultrasound. In the newspaper this morning there was an article about the calorie count on fast food and the frozen diet dinners (including WW); it said they all contain more calories than what is printed in their information labels. :( I have several WW dinners that I like and used to eat a lot of them when I was in school. I sent you an email with my foot info; did you get it?

Have a great day and enjoy whatever you are going to do today!

Jean -- :brr: in Iowa!

01-09-2010, 04:11 PM
Good afternoon, ladies. It's all the way up to 34 degrees and I am freezing.

I had a good WI today, down .8 so that's a total for 1.4 so far for January. I will have to go to a meeting earlier in the week next week because I'll be leaving Friday for my Quilting Retreat and not back until Sunday evening and I don't want to miss out on the newletter and Week 2 of the Challenge. I had a real surprise after the meeting. I head someone call my name and looked around and it was my dentist. He is such a nice man but he really needs WW a lot. He's well over 300 pounds and heading for 400. He was with his wife who looks like she might be 165 or so. But she is doing it to keep him encouraged. I think she might have been bigger many years ago because they were married for 12 years and thought they'd never have children and the doctor said so, too and then she got pregnant. They have 2 children now and they both are chunky. Hopefully this will get the whole family healthier.

I'll made you ladies a lap quilt each if you will tell me what colors you would like. I won't send them until I have all 3 done so it will probably be into the fall, but then you'll have them for next winter.

Faye, I'll send you my sock info. Unfortunately I have big feet. I went to bring the paper in this morning and found 2 boxes on my door step. I guess the delivery man was too tired to push the door bell. Anyway, its 4 4-packs of the biggest English Muffins I have ever seen. They are about an inch and a half thick and weigh 4 ounces - 5 or 6 points each. I put the Wild Maine Blueberries in the freeze after cutting them in half but the other dozen are going to my friend's house where we will be staying for the retreat (we're day campers to save money). Lunch and dinner are provided at the retreat but she has to provide breakfast for us. I'm taking my own because there isn't much that is healthy in her house. She'll love the muffins and the others who are coming can have some. I can't keep them here or I'll eat them too often. Bread and muffins are not my friends. I can make a meal from a loaf of good bread and a cup of tea. :( Definitely try different WW meetings until you find the best fit. I love my meeting. We have a wonderful group that doesn't just sit there but participates.

Jean, you poor thing! We might have 34 inches of snow in 34 years. We just aren't used to temperatures below 40. You can't even buy a winter coat this late in the year and then they are lighter ones. I don't have a basement now or it would be full of water (only 6 feet above sea level) but we did in OH and I always hated to go down there to wash clothes. We had a nice finished basement, wood paneling, etc. but I let my dh take it over. I want to be up with the angels, not down with the devils! LOL. I still have 2 rooms to unclutter and my resolve is not seen by the fact I'm here on the computer instead of working on it. I have made some headway, though. I'm throwing most of it out. I've reached a point where minimal possessions seems attractive. I don't want to have a load of junk here for my friends to throw out when I die.

Maggie, I hope you are safe and warm. If you make a house for me, could it be a quilt shop?

Well, I am going to get going on the vacuuming and empty the dishwasher and make a pot of Garden Vegetable Soup. Have a good day.

01-10-2010, 09:44 AM
Good morning to you all! Boy, I will be glad when this freezing weather gets out of here. My darn hands stay so cold that it can be hard to knit sometimes.

I was up at 2:00 AM watching tv this morning. I am thinking we are going to have to invest in a new mattress or something as I am just not sleeping through the night on the current one, but then again, I am not sleeping on mattresses at hotels either so it must be me. I have got to get some kind of walking regimen started as I just can't commit to that darn treadmill. It is so cold here that it is too cold for me to walk outside as I don't have proper clothing so I need to do something. I guess I am going to have to find places to indoor walk for a while.

Jean: Sorry, yes I got your foot measurements. I have already picked out colors for the three of your socks. I haven't ordered them yet in case I decide to change my mind, but I put them in my virtual shopping cart and they keep them there 30 days so I am good until I definitely decide. Part of the fun is picking out colors. Top of my fridge probably needs that cleaning. I don't have Jack do it as often as I should because I just plain forget about it needing cleaning. I have noticed some dust webs around the corners and such so will need to take the broom to them. Seems like it is so much worse in winter and you have to keep on top of it all, which I have to say I don't.

Susan: I love bright colors so anything you want to come up with would be great. I think bright colors are cheerful and keep you that way. Hope you have fun at retreat and don't freeze to death. Do you stay in cabins or at a hotel? I found some nature's own whole wheat lite bread where it is two slices for a pt so I bought it at the commissary. I am a toast eater with fruit for breakfast a lot and I try to buy high fiber for the colon but hate dry wheat bread. I hate dry any bread actually, but especially whole grain or wheat breads.

Maggie: Maggie, I hope you are ok as your post was abrupt and confusing. Looks like you started your post and then nothing. Hope all is well with you and Will.

I have laundry and dishes started this morning and am going to go up and put a basket of clothing away, take a shower, strip the bed and come down and wash sheets today. I need to get moving so I will talk to you later. Faye

01-10-2010, 01:05 PM
Good morning, ladies! It was 24 degrees when I went to church at 8:00 this morning.

Nothing to report since I haven't done anything but housework and quilting since I last posted. I have a pot of broccoli and cheese soup on. Only 1 point a cup and it makes a nice change. I'll have that for lunch with a sandwich and some fruit.

Faye, my 2 friends and I are going to be day campers and stay at Sandy's house which is close to the retreat. We save money that way. There are cabins there, each one sleeps two, but I can't imagine they are very warm in this weather. I'm planning on wearing thermal shirt, sweat shirt and taking a heavy sweater in case I get cold during the day. I've got to locate that fingerless gloves pattern for you. You can weat them and knit and keep you hands warm.

I hope you all have a great Sunday!

01-10-2010, 01:37 PM
I forgot: CONGRATS SUSAN ON THE LOSS!:cp::bravo:

01-10-2010, 03:06 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We've been to church, out for breakfast, to the grocery store, and now are home for the day! It's 15 degrees here with a 25 mph wind so the wind chill is -13, and it's bitterly cold outside! I have lots of projects I could work on today; I 'm going to read the paper and then get started. I think Bob has an afternoon of football and a nap planned. He raked snow from the roof edges yesterday and is a little sore today.

Susan -- Congrats on another loss in January! :cheer: Actually, I would like any color combination for a lap quilt. Surprise me! As I've said before, I've been with my "sister" when she bought quilt fabric and what I would never put together turns out beautiful when made up. That is really thoughtful of you. When the kids were home they took over the basement, but since they've been gone it has become a "catch all." It's not quite as bad as the "Hoarders" show on tv though. :no: I'm good at making my "to do" list and then get sidetracked too easily. :o

"Gma" -- I have a cupboard that covers the top of the fridge so I figure no one can see the dust on top. :lol: What I need to clean more often is the air vent grate thing on my microwave. It's above the stove and I'm too short to see it -- Bob reminds me when it's time to take it apart and wash it. :D I was just checking to see if you got my email because mine have been glitchy lately.

Maggie -- What's up at your house? I hope all is well. :yes:

I hope you all have a nice day! Stay warm wherever you are!

The computer is going into the shop tomorrow so I don't know how long I will be gone. :(

Jean -- :brr: in Iowa!

01-10-2010, 05:38 PM

YIKES I don't have a clue what happened to my yesterdsys post. Like Donna said it looked abrupt. Actually it was as usual but not this time for it only put the first line there and it didn't make any sense without the rest of the sentence. What I was yammering about was that I had done some closet cleaning in my crafts room and re-arranged things to be more usable since I do use everything in that closet. We don't keep anything that we don't use now for after living in a motorhome for some time we have learned not to accumulate "stuff." However, when Will does finally decide to retire we will have a large sale because we did furnish this place. I don't remember all I typed but that is some of it anyway. I did cut out some glass patterns for a Dog House and a Quilt Shop.

DONNA FAYE Up at 2 am is barbaric! :?: Sometimes I don't get to bed until then. ;) I will locate my cloth measuring tape and get my foot measurements sent to you. BTW I got your scale wrapped in a box I had cut down but will work. Will is taking it as I type to Dillans Market and it will go out in the mail early in the morning first class. So however long it takes mail to get from here to there you will have it. BTW you may want to get a new battery for it though. I left the one in it that I had been using but it may need to be replaced. You can tell by the date on the booklet when I got it. My new scale, which is just like it, was a gift from a dear friend so, of course, I am using it and sending you the "used" one.;) See how I am.

SUSAN :congrat: on your January (so far) weight losses. Have a great time at that retreat and do stay warm. For my throw I would like mine in earth tones like ecru, avacado & orange. (Sounds like the 60's doesn't it.) What ever you think will go good together in that type of color group. Our living furniture is a dark sand color. I have ecru hand crochet table cloth on the oak dining room table that can be seen from the front room. I think your throw would look lovely in there and be my raa raa. :D (What I used to call my special blanket when I was a young child.)

JEAN I know what kind of buildings to make for the other gals but you haven't made a preference. Do you want me to choose like a two story Victorian slim type house for instance. Or would you prefer a low ranch type house or cottage. Let me know. Doesn't sound like you have started any melting yet. It has warmed up here some and it is beginning to melt. If it decides to freeze again it will be one huge mess of slipping and sliding. :(

Everyone stay warm. Type at y'all later :wave: (hope this post goes in like I have typed it and not like the one I deleted earlier)