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01-05-2010, 12:37 PM
So I thankfully made it thru the holidays only having 3 cosmos. I'm not a heavy drinker as it is but this weekend we are having some friends over for the football game. That means chips, dip, and beer. Thankfully I'm not a big beer drinker but I do like wine and hard liquor. So what should I do? Should I just cut out some food and drink the calories? Or is there a magical diet liquor? Like diet vodka? haha I know mikes hard lemonade comes in a light version. I havent tried it yet but would that be worth it? I also wont be mixing any hard liquor with soda as I am jut trying to avoid soda at all costs (makes my face break out) So what does everyone else drink if you do at all?

Amba Dawn
01-05-2010, 01:06 PM
I sometimes drink vodka with water and crystal light (I use cranberry flavored). Tastes a lot like a regular vodka & cranberry, but you're drinking water (rather than juice or soda), and it's about as low calorie as you're going to get for an alcoholic beverage. One shot of vodka is around 60-80 calories (depends on the brand, proof, etc.). And there aren't any carbs in vodka.

01-05-2010, 01:10 PM
Oh I never thought of those crystal light packs. Great idea! I know I have some light fruit punch ones at home I will have to go see what they say on them. Thanks for the idea!

01-05-2010, 01:19 PM
I thought I'd post b/c I am not one of those admirable dieters who completely cut out alcohol, as I feel many of 3FC'ers are. Honestly, I'm 24, single, no children, and my girlfriends and I love to go out in the city, so it just wasn't realistic for me. I respect those who completely give it up, but for me personally, that wouldn't be realistic. And, although I've continued to drink alcohol (and on a weekly basis), I've still managed to lose over 30 lbs. I have, however, cut out the after drinking binges which has been pretty difficult (there's nothing like a slice, or 4, of pizza after a night of drinking, before retiring to a nice drunken slumber.. am i wrong??). I do manage to have healthy stuff on hand to munch on though when I get home (Carrots and hummus, snow peas, anything that does not require any more work than taking it out of the fridge/pantry). I also cut back my calorie intake (a significant amount) the day of (with the exception of a decent meal before going out) and the day after and drink an insane amount of water those two days as well. As far as what exactly I drink, my first choice is always wine, but at bars thats not always really an option, so then i go for beer. I'm not crazy about beer, but I feel like liquor (the stuff you mix it with, esp.) has sooo much sugar and calories. I do, however, like vodka with club soda and lime. I used to like vodka tonics before i realized how many calories tonic water had!!! who knew??

Amba Dawn
01-05-2010, 01:27 PM
Alexandra--I'm in the exact same boat. I haven't cut out alcohol completely. I still drink on a weekly basis (usually Saturday nights). I have tried to cut back a LITTLE...I try keep it to 1 night a week instead of 2 (and sometimes 3). And I too have stopped pigging out late night before I crash. I keep 94% fat free popcorn in stock for those nights :) I'm normally a beer drinker. But I have my water/vodka/crystal light drinks now and then. Little tip--if you try the vodka/water/crystal light drink and find that you like it, get a box of the CL packets, carry them in your purse when you go out....then just order a shot of vodka and a glass of water and mix it up! :)

01-05-2010, 01:55 PM
Yeah, I haven't been able to completely give it up.

Surprisingly, I went a whole month without drinking and I did not lose any weight, I might have even have gained a little. I found myself constantly eating.
I do agree with the other posters that its that late night binging after drinking that will really pack on the pounds. I am really making an effort to not do that, as I think I've completely screwed up my metabolism by not eating and then binging, I am going to make an effort to cut back. I like wine ,but I also agree that vodka and club is probably the best to drink.

01-05-2010, 02:02 PM
I am a wine drinker, which is a no-no due to the sugar. I am going to try the vodka and CL Cranberry. Thank you for the tip! I usually like eating while I am drinking, tortilla chips are my downfall.

01-05-2010, 02:15 PM
Okay, I have to pipe in on this one.

If you don't remember the crystal light, there's always diet soda and hard alcohol.

Also, the calories in beer and the calories in sugary cocktails are quite comparable. Meaning: beer is deceivingly high in calories and carbs.

To save calories, I usually order a diet coke with lemon in one glass and order shots of tequila or vodka. It doesn't take too many before I'm having a good ole time!

Its not the best, prettiest, or tastiest of drinks - but I typically don't go over 300 calories in an entire night.

Amba Dawn
01-05-2010, 03:15 PM
I am a wine drinker, which is a no-no due to the sugar. I am going to try the vodka and CL Cranberry. Thank you for the tip! I usually like eating while I am drinking, tortilla chips are my downfall.

Omg, I *LOVE* tortilla chips w/salsa. That's the main thing I used to eat late night after drinking....which having a few isn't too bad but I would eat like a half a bag of chips and practically a whole bowl of salsa lol I even catch myself these days going for the chips and salsa late night.....I'll pull the salsa out of the fridge..only to remember I don't buy tortilla chips anymore SPECIFICALLY for that reason LOL! My main cravings are salty/spicy foods. One late night when I really wanted chips and salsa I made popcorn and put hot sauce all over it LOL! Sounds gross, but it was actually pretty good...and satisfied my craving without going overboard on calories :dizzy:

That was WAY off topic. My apologies :^::p

YumYum 8itall
01-05-2010, 08:34 PM
I am glad to know I am not alone on the not drinking thing! The one thing I really love to do is relax on the weekend with the hubby over drinks!! I too, love the beer and wine.:devil:
I think everyone here is on the right track with the vodka...the most "diet" we could hope for in a drink! Thankfully it doesn't have much taste to it, and the mix ideas here are great!
BTW Amba Dawn - you share my downfall...salty/spicy and Crunchy foods. OOOH the best. Good idea with the popcorn! I think that is the biggest problem with the drinking...the munching and chow down before sleepy time (or as Alexandra put it...drunken slumber!!) lol
Strength to us all!!:cheers:

01-06-2010, 12:32 AM
Thanks for the tips! I too am a drinker and although I usually choose beer before anything else, I have cut down to just vodka and diet coke. I know it's not the best answer, but I have a high tolerance for beer, so it would take me a lot to get a bit tipsy. I'm definitely going to try the vodka and CL.

On the other hand, my weakness when drinking is pizza and Flamin Hot Cheetos. Keep those away, and I'll be good! Lol.