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01-02-2010, 09:12 PM
There I have said it. Am I having a hard time right now? YES! LOL!!! If one more nice person leaves chocolates or cookies here in this house again, I'm going to commit mayhem!!!! I'm sorry but beef jerky just doesn't do it for me when I see a chocolate truffle just sitting there! I'll live!

Now I'm going to tell you about two of the worst Christmas gifts that my DH ever received this year. Both of these gifts came from physicians and I'm sure they were regifts......First one - nice big box that had a really badly rewrap job and when we opened it, there was a nice big bunch of chocolate covered cookies. Now you say "What's so bad about that?" The first whole tray was gone!!!! Out the door those went. The next one came from a neurologist....a box of regifted chocolate covered pineapple. When we opened it, it was so moldy, I'm surprised the stuff didn't climb out of the box!!!

The fellows where my DH works say these gifts beat the one that was given to one of their coworkers....a nicely wrapped brick. He was told there was a package for him on the porch so he picked it up and carried it around with him all day.....It was part of their outdoors Christmas display and he'd gotten it by mistake.

Hope you all are having a nice holiday and hope this year brings you good health, much energy, and NO CHOCOLATE!!!! LOL!!!

01-03-2010, 01:50 AM
Nan I have completely emptied my kitchen of all crap and everything else so right now we ahve no food save for 3 boxes of whole grain pasta (a "healthy choice" from DH" and 2 mini cans of tuna
Ideally we can hit the store tomorrow and restock with good stuff and it will be SBD Defcon level 1 for this chick
That being said I'm having ravioli day next weekend with some chicks which I'll be eating the inside of!
Nan we can get back on the horse and kick some arse!

01-03-2010, 11:03 AM
OMG what an embarrassment.. maybe you should hold on to those icky chocolates and cookies and regift them back to the doctors next year bwwaaaaaaaaah. Moldy ick.

Maintenance is hard... I did it for 13 years and then poof ! can you say puffer fish.

Hang in there Nan, you can and will do it :hug:

KO, I'm bringing some veggies to much on :yes:

01-03-2010, 12:13 PM
:) Leenie My Hero
It's funny when you're losing I found people more willing to adapt things for me. . .however when you're attempting Maintenance. . .they expect you to be able to eat like them.

Nan I can't believe ppl regifted old food that's just gross!

01-03-2010, 12:30 PM
Nan - someone once gave me a nightgown with a HUGE coffee stain on it!!!!!

we're all re-committing, i think. I went to the grocery store yesterday because there HAS TO BE more than cheese and crackers in my refrig!!!! so i have artichokes, zucchini, cucumber, red peppers, cottage cheese, pink grapefruit, asian pears [a splurge!!!], yogurt, high-protein pasta, sliced roast beef and sliced chicken. and lots of chick peas. and cans of tomatoes. NOW, all i have to do is slice, dice, pack, cook. THERE's the challenge!!!

YAY!!!!!!! and thank goodness ravioli can happily live in the freezer!!!

01-03-2010, 01:06 PM
Worst gift I ever got was a sweater with a kleenex in the pocket :) no reused food that I know of --- ICK!!!

Maintenance is the real challenge if you ask me. The first few years were the easy part :) Time to renew our focus for the new year :)


01-03-2010, 01:07 PM
The holidays have been horrible for me. Also I have been bad... reallly really bad. I have had chocolate (3 pieces total), chips and guacamole and popcorn. All justified with the excuse "it's the holiday's" and yes I dumped and it didn't stop me. Well there is no excuse. Time to be good and do what I am supposed to be doing.

01-03-2010, 03:08 PM
I don't like chocolate very much, or candy or sweets (yes, I'm weird) but the hardest part of the holidays is always the food. Turkey, ham.. biscuits, carb overload!

But ok, gross on the regifting of food? EW!

01-05-2010, 05:09 AM
worst gift I ever heard of was the "family Fruit cake" No kidding it was OLD!!! might as well be that brick rewrapped over and over and over...it was a joke in the family for years! If you knew who got the thing last year, when it was time to pick names out of the hat, everyone hoped that person DIDN'T get your name!! hehehe Usually, that person gave a second gift as well but not always!

I'm with Leenie, save it in the freezer and regift it back to the Dr. next year! Or mark it "Return to Sender' and send it back with a thank you card with the "thanks for the thoughtful gift", with the "thoughtful" crossed out and replace with "thoughtless" hehehe