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01-01-2010, 04:21 PM

:dust: HAPPY NEW YEAR Magnolias. Let us all make this year of good losses as we join hands going down the road to thin.

Have a wonderful day. Type at y'all later. :wave:

01-01-2010, 05:18 PM
Good afternoon to all of you and a Happy New Year to you all!!! We are now decoration free, went and did a few errands and I am finishing up putting the house back to normal. I finish here and will get upstairs and remake the guest bedroom up so Thomas can come visit again with clean sheets.

I hope the new year brings us all great weight loss success and a great year of good things.

I talked to my sister yesterday and my nephew is very, very ill. He is retaining water so much that he weighs 330 lbs and is only about 5'7" or so. She said he can't wear shoes or any of his clothing and looks 9 months pregnant. He has pneumonia now and liver and heart problems. He has no insurance and is out of work so has not gone to the doctor until he collapsed at her house and they had to send for an ambulance. He has abused alcohol and cocaine on and off for about 25 years so I am wondering if his body is shutting down. I feel so sorry for my sister as she can't afford to pay his medical bills. I just hope family will rally around and help out for the time being.

Talked to Jackson today and he told me all about all his dinosaurs he got for Christmas. He is dinosaur nuts right now. He got off the phone and I heard him say, "I talked to my nonny!" Warmed my heart right up! :D

Well gals, I better get clothes taken up and put away and get that bed made. Have a great new year's day!

01-01-2010, 05:44 PM
:newyear: Good evening, ladies! Another day overcast and in the 40s but just a little rain early morning.

Kohl's was have a big sale today so I went over because they had the Bella Rocket Blender ($49.95) on sale for $19.95. I also found 2 sweaters and a pair of jeans - $48.00 jeans for $4.80, sweaters were originally $50 and $36.50 and I got them for $10 and $9 each. So for $23 I got $134 worth of very nice clothers. Of course I didn't read the fine print in the add and the blender was still regular price but the cashier told me she would put it under the counter for me (they only had 1) and I went back at 3:00. It's just like a Magic Bullet. I wanted it to make smoothies. I have a big blender but it takes up too much room. Anyway, I saved $30 which more than paid for the clothes.

As you may remember, I am from a German family in the north and our traditional New Year's Day fare for good luck is pork, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. I put it in the crockpot this morning with a couple of carrots. There'll be enough for 3 dinners. I found some nice divided plates to freeze dinners so I'll make up 2. There were 14 heavy microwaveable plantes in a package with 2 tops for reheating. And they can go in the dishwasher. Less than $4.00, too.

I got all my Christmas (not that there was much) things put away.

Tomorrow is WI and I'm hoping to break even. Yesterday was not a good day. I have a box of Cinammon Graham Cracker sticks that kept calling my name.

Faye, I'm very sorry about your nephew. It sounds like liver disease or congestive heart failure. Our bad habits do catch up with us eventually.

Maggie, I'm with you. I looked back at my weight for last new years day and I'm 4 pounds heavier. How sad is that. Well I intend for next new years day to show me at goal or below.

Jean, I hope you are enjoying your Christmas with the kids today.

Have a good evening.

01-02-2010, 09:36 AM
Good morning gals! It is cold here this morning but at least we aren't buried in snow. Jay has had a major snow storm come through yesterday and more lake effect today so they will probably be buried.

I am getting a list ready to hit WW again really hard. We have been slip sliding through the holiday season and both of us gained weight, which isn't surprising. I am getting us set to get back to all healthy eating and that will include a trip to the store and such. We no longer have a teen here in the house, no parties, get togethers, etc to make us eat poorly so we can now kick it into high gear!

Susan: Wow, what great deals you got at Kohls. I have to go to the mall and return a handbag bought for me for Christmas. She included a gift receipt in case I didn't like it and it isn't I don't like it, the clasp/snap won't stay closed and I won't use a bag where I can't keep it closed so back it goes to Penney's. YUM, German food! I am mostly German too and sure do miss it. Jack won't eat it of course but when I can, I get some. My grandma used to make her own sauerkraut in big crocks in the basement. I learned to eat sauerkraut when I was really little. My mom and grandma would put sugar on it so we would eat it. I am probably the only one as an adult that has embraced German food.

I found out at the hospital from one of our practice dr's that came to visit Jack in the er that my doctor's resident rotation is up in July. :( I have an appt next Friday to sort out all these female tests and to finally find out what they can do for me and I am going to ask her to recommend someone for me to see when she is gone. She got high praise from the dr that visited Jack in the er. She said my dr was top notch and that she would have her as her family dr if she could.

Well girls, I am going to sit and knit until Jack gets up. It is so nice to have my house all put back to normal and the nice quiet house again. I see why God stops us ladies from having babies in our 50's (except the numbskulls that do it invitro.) It is too hard raising a kid at our age! :D

Everybody have a fun Saturday! Jean, I hope your late Christmas was smashing with the kids!

01-02-2010, 02:39 PM

It is cold here. Wind chill is below zero with the temp saying it is 5. I am staying inside this day. Will is on first call this week. Which means when someone has gone to the police for help they call him and he arranges food and lodging for them. The police do transport the folks so Will doesn’t have to do that which could cause problems for sure. It is good volunteer work for the area. I have a great book put out by Better Homes & Gardens which is titled Eat Well Lose Weight, It has the nutritional information in it so I entered the points values on every recipe. It has some really good sounding ones which I will be trying for sure. Great tasting & healthy recipes. They have taken some of the regular old favorites and lowered the points. There is a picture for every recipe which I like for it tells me better what it is about. I love a good cookbook. Burr, feels like it is time for the heater to kick on. I haven’t yet taken down our lights that are on the Fica tree and will do that today. Get them back in the box for next year. My little village can stay up though. I can have the inside lights on without the roof lights. I will be adding to the village as the year goes along. And ladies I have not forgotten that you are on my “to build list.” Sometime this year all 3 of you will be receiving a house.

JEAN I do hope your holiday festivities went well even though you had them later than the rest of us. Later is good, better than not having it at all.

DONNA FAYE I feel so sorry for your nephew and do hope they can do something to ease his condition. Good for you for getting the holiday all cleaned up and back to normal for you. I am sure though that you will miss your niece for a bit though. Too bad your favorite doctor is moving on. I have to get to a doctor soon to get new prescriptions written.

SUSAN Oh girlfriend you sure got a good deal shopping at Kohl’s. Don’t you just love it when you can get “stuff” that you need for a fraction of its original price. Don’t like those crackers calling your name ~ change it for the day and they won’t know who they are talking to. It was Sachel Page that said, “It is OK to look back but you don’t have to stare.” I think of that when I look back and wonder why I didn’t do different. Just a quick glance if you will learn from it then go on.

Time for me to go find some lunch. Type at y’all later. :wave:

01-02-2010, 03:08 PM
Good afternoon, ladies. Burr - it's cold - 32 degrees right now and down in the low 20s tonight.

I went to WW this morning, down .8. That was good for a start for this year. It means I can do this and I need a real plan. That's what the meeting topic/newsletter was about today - "Aim for Success" and we civered the 4 key elements of an effective Winning Outcome: 1) Make your goal positive - express what you want to move toward. 2) Make you goal specific - Detail when and how you will achieve goal 1. 3) The goal must be within your control - base you goal on changes you can make, not on changes you think others should make for you. 4) Make your goal a good fit with your life - the way you live now, not how you hope your life will be in the future. Post your plan in a visible space and see the results when you work your plan. I'm going to give this a lot of thought, then put in writing and put in on the fridge. I making a goal for January, then the first of next month, I'll make another. I am determined to get below goal this year.

Faye, I'm with you - too old to deal with children daily. I'm too tired, too. Have you heard from Ruthie or your brother since she went home? Just wondering how her family reacted.

Maggie, that's for the January Calendar. I look forward to that. I'll take a look at that book. I get a newletter from Eat Well once a week. They have a very nice website, lots of recipes, too.

My microwave seems like it's about ready to go. I'm going to start looking for one that goes over the stove. I have a hood there but it isn't vented to the outside and is, therefore, about worthless and it's old and ugly. Hopefully the one I have now will keep working until I can find a good price on a new one and the installation.

Well, I need to get on with a little housework and then I can sit and contemplate my Winning Outcome.

Have a good day!

01-02-2010, 05:05 PM

I just finished cleaning my stove top. It is so easy to clean now that I got it cleaned when we first moved in. It took me over 6 hours the first scrub way back then now it is a whiz since I keep it clean. Thanks to Donna Fay for pointing me in the right direction for the cleaning products. Will had picked me up some WW frozens today for I had some “free” coupons. One was a new product which is a breakfast sandwich made with an English Muffin with egg beaters and cheese in it which is only 4 points. It was really good with a half cup of sliced peaches which cost me only zero points. So my meal was only 4 points which I love.

SUSAN You did at WW what we did last week. I too liked the meeting for we had a great discussion. Will offered to take me out to lunch but I said we are going out tomorrow and I wanted to stay in today because it is so cold outside and I can eat better here at home. I know where we will go tomorrow and have decided what to order and count it’s points. I am going to have to really watch my points close on Sundays for we go out for lunch and dinner that day. Make smart choices.:D Applebees has WW meals on their menu with the points values listed on the menu, so maybe I can get the group to go there one of the tmes on Sunday. Well I can just say that is where we are going anyway. ;)

Everyone have a lovely afternoon~evening. Type at y’all later. :wave:

01-02-2010, 05:56 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is cloudy and cold here in my neighborhood! It was -24 :fr: degrees when I got up this morning and now has 'warmed' up to -8. I'm ready for the January thaw to begin! I had some lookers and some buyers this morning so my time in the gift shop went by fairly quickly. Bob took me so my car wouldn't have to sit out in the cold; I'd be home before it would ever begin to warm up.

We had a nice Christmas yesterday . . . too much food and lots of bottled up energy! :lol: We didn't get home until around 10 and I went to bed. I know why people have their kids when they are young! :D

"Gma" -- I was sorry to read about your nephew. That's so hard to stand by and watch someone make bad choices which eventually affects their health. I don't know what it is about dinosaurs but every little boy seems to go through that phase. I hate getting or shopping for a new doctor; I'm sorry that you will have to do that. We need to get back to healthier eating also! :crossed: :) Both my doctor and Bob's doctor are on the same track about diabetes . . . don't eat anything white! The funny part is they each quoted a different # as to what is considered being diabetic. I hope that you hear from Ruthie to see what kind of reception she had when she got home.

Susan -- You did good at Kohl's! :yes: Congrats on losing another .8#! :cheer: I like the "setting sensible and attainable goals" idea. I think too many people go on a "diet" thinking they'll never eat chocolate or their favorite foods again, and that's just about impossible. I may get ambitious and put my little Christmas tree back in the box today . . . then again maybe tomorrow.

Maggie -- Your emails are still coming back to me as "undeliverable." :( I thought it was fixed the other day because I can get Beth's ok now. I sent the tech guy an email, with a copy of my email to you, so will talk to him again on Monday. It is frustrating beyond words!

I have laundry going and hear the dryer buzzing so better get moving. I am ready for a nap! :yawn:

Jean -- :brr: :brr: :brr: in Iowa!

01-03-2010, 10:07 AM
Good morning gals! It is a balmy 23 degrees here, well that is compared to Jean or Maggie that is. My son got hit with a snowstorm and it looks like it is going to snow everyday up there this week. I know now why I moved down here, but it is still cold today.

Let's really try to make this the biggest loser year for all of us. I know I am sick and tired of the weight and am determined that I am going to get it off this year and work hard at it.

Jean: So glad you and Bob got back home safe and sound and had a good time with the kids. I always enjoy the visiting, but am glad when I get back to my peace and quiet. Ruthie sent me a message after I sent her one asking how they reacted and all she said was, "It went ok." I take that to mean her mom and dad didn't go ballistic over her haircut and color, makeup and clothing. She looks like a normal teenage girl of 16 now instead of a 12 year old that people make fun of. She is pretty immature for her age, but maybe all the changes we made to her will stick and help her to grow up some.

Maggie: If we can put in requests, I would like a really cute done up dog house rather than a regular house whenever you make any of us a glass house. The ceramic topped stoves can be easy to clean if you use the right stuff and don't let it build up. I have been trying to find the new ceramic top scrubbers advertised on tv, but haven't found them anywhere yet. I use something different to scrub that doesn't scratch, but would like to try a scrubber made specifically for the ceramic cooktops. I would also suggest, with regards to eating out, that you visit some websites of chain restaurants to see if they have nutritional info so you can have a few more choices when eating out. Olive Garden has nutritional info I know because we eat there a lot when we are going full tilt on WW because I can pick things in points.

Susan: Thanks for the Winning Goal Outcome. I too am going to sit and do it so I can work hard to get my weight off this next year. Except for our cruise in Dec, we aren't going to be traveling much during the year, which always helps me to stay on the straight and narrow. Having to eat out a lot and not always being able to be the one that chooses sometimes restricts what I can eat. I have to work on an exercise regimen for my treadmill and do it daily to and get my strength and endurance back. Besides, I want my quilt! :lol::lol: Surprisingly, the amount of junk, sweets and fatty foods really didn't pack on the lbs that much, but I did gain some.

I guess I need to get started on cleaning the downstairs. We goofed off all day yesterday and I returned the handbag my sister bought me for Christmas and got another one. The snap would not stay closed if you put any weight into it so I didn't want it. Cool this was, Penney's, where the bag was bought, is having a 70% off storewide sale. She got a $55 bag half off when she bought it, so I had around 26$ to spend. I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted, but finally found a black back with brown accents, a color combo I don't have and it had pockets at both ends and inside with a zipper, which is a must for me so with the half off discount the sign said, it would have been around $35 as it was a $70 bag. I took it up and exchanged and she checked me out and said I needed to walk over and get a gift card. I was confused about why and she went over and got it and put $13 on it. The bag ended up costing me less than $15!!!!! I may go back tomorrow and buy another one and use up the rest of my Christmas present! :D No one can ever have enough bags!

You all have a great Sunday and Jean and Maggie, you guys keep warm and out of the snow!

01-03-2010, 12:19 PM
Good morning, ladies. It's up to 24 degrees at 11 am this morning. The water in the creek is frozen and the ducks are not happy. I put a pan of water out and will change is all day long.

I went to church this morning. This is the day the wisemen found Jesus so we had plenty of incense and I had to use my inhaler. I felt bad because Father order special incense that wasn't supposed to bother those with breathing problems and he asked me if it helped. Smoke is smoke.

I'm writing down my winning outcome goals and how I will achieve them today and I have to answer the questions for bible study tomorrow.

Faye, I'm glad Ruthie was received okay at home. That should inspire her to keep it up. Biggest Loser Couples starts on Tuesday. They actually have a very healthy plan similar to WW Simply Filling. I'm with you, let's all be big losers this year.

Jean, My doctor uses a blood sugar of 125 to diagnose diabetes. At our age, I think its wonderful when the kids go home, no matter how much we love them.

Maggie, we must have been a test market for the Smart Ones you mentioned because I've been getting them for at least 1 year. They are good.

Have a good day and stay warm!

01-03-2010, 01:50 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another COLD (but warmer temperature of -3, if that makes sense) morning in my corner of the world. Bob has to usher the month of January so he leaves a half hour earlier than I like to. I don't know what the problem is/was but our sanctuary was so cold this morning people left their coats on! I asked the organist, after church, if she wore her gloves to play during the service. :lol: We just replaced three motors on the furnaces before Christmas so I'm guessing "someone" never turned the thermostat up until this morning when it was too late to get warm before the first service. After church we went out for breakfast and now home. I'm staying inside the rest of the day; once I get chilled it takes a long time for me to get warm again.

"Gma" -- I'm glad you heard from Ruthie and that her reception was ok. I guess there is a Wii game made similar to the Biggest Loser exercise regimen -- I doubt that I could keep up. Being a loser this year is my goal no matter what! :yes: I feel like I have overdosed on sugar and can't remember the last time I felt that way. :(

Susan -- I'm surprised that a couple of the ducks didn't stay in the creek to keep it open. They will do that in different spots around our lake if someone is feeding them. We went to a Catholic funeral several years ago. A young family sat in front of us and the little boy kept asking his mom what smelled. She kept trying to shush him and he finally spotted the smoke. He thought there was a fire! :eek: His dad finally took him out of the church. :lol: I'm sorry that the incense still bothers you but glad you can use your inhaler if it helps. I don't remember what the higher # was called (too scientific) but it is 100 at our clinic. Maybe the variation has to do with age because when I did the test it was probably 5+ years ago.

Well, my dishes are still waiting to be unloaded and the dryer must be done by now so I had best get a move on. :spin: Have a nice "rest of the day!"

Jean -- :brr: in Iowa!

01-03-2010, 07:35 PM

It has been a bit warmer today and lightly snowing as I type but this week is supposed to be much colder once again. Glad I have some warm coats. Well a mom and daughter and her little girl came over and they wanted the cats so we gave them to them. All along with all their toys and but hut and cans of food and dry food and dishes and everything else that was the cats except the scratching post which I will give to someone that has a cat with front claws. The cats had the stuff for sure. We will surely miss them for awhile but not the picking up 3 book shelves full of books on the floor and the desktop cleaned off with everything on the floor. Wills office always looked like a hurricane came through. Will said he can put all his books back up now this week and leave the basement door open. AH, but they were neat little kittens and we are glad they were wanted by those folks who wanted a couple of inside cats. Yeppers they went to a good home. They wanted inside cats because they had an outside one that got road rash (in the road and hit by a car). Ragg Mopp will be looking for them for a while but he didn’t help with the picking up of the books and stuff. He did keep them out of the plants though.

DONNA FAYE So you want a little dog house :ginger:. Can you find a miniature dog that looks like yours to sit by the door? I can surely make a dog house with even a light in it. What name do you want me to put on the placard above the door? Fortune? Fido? Spot? You choose the name. (Doesn't have to be one of those 3) :o

JEAN Breakfast isn’t my favorite to eat out because of the large amount of points I can rack up. I can blow the whole days worth at breakfast and thoroughly enjoy every bite. Hope your computer guy can find out what the problem is because I do miss your emails. We ate out :hungry: at lunch and I chose a green salad and pork chops. Tonight it will be at Applebees and I will have one of their WW offerings. :cofdate:

SUSAN They do have an area to choose to marked things and you are probably correct about this breakfast item. I am glad they went over well in your area and now we can enjoy them here. :burger: I found this all very interesting when I took that “Marketing” class in college when I went back in my 50’s. It was really interesting to me to find out just why a certain item was picked to market first in any given area.

OH Magnolias I am going to end this now. There are folks speaking out in the front room so I better stick my head out ~ well my whole body will be there also.

Type at y’all later. :wave:

01-04-2010, 10:16 AM
Good frigid morning to you all! They are predicting snow by the end of the week here, UGH! I have clinic on Thursday and a dr appt on Friday of course so I hope if it does snow it isn't slippery. I have so much trouble when it is slippery on the sidewalks and all with my dumb knee.

The condo downstairs is freezing this morning so I had to crank up the heat a couple degrees. So much for keeping the utility bill down, but I just can't stand to have freezing cold hands.

Maggie: Yep, I can get a little Yorkie to put at the doghouse. Fortune would be nice to be on it. It is very sweet of you to make us all houses this year. I will try and reciprocate and make you a pair of socks. What size shoes do you wear and if you would, measure the circumference of your ankle area and around your foot so I can size it correctly. I hope the girl enjoys her kitties. I know you will miss them, but like you said they went to a good home.

Susan: Sorry the incense got to you. What is the purpose in using it in the first place? We baptists don't do that sort of thing so I have no idea. I am thinking about doing meetings again because I know it will keep me on the straight and narrow. They are just so ridiculously expensive I think. I mean, they spout off how they want the country to lose weight but they charge huge fees for someone to weigh you and spend half an hour yakking at you about stuff you hear over and over. My main goal going would be having to have someone weigh me and mark my little book. I know I would stay OP if I had to face going in and getting on the scale. I want to be down 100 lbs by cruise time so I have to kick it into high gear and get things going.

Jean: I too feel sugar sluggish. It makes you feel terrible and I will be glad to get it all out of my system and get to feeling more energetic. We have had a lot of junk over the last couple weeks and I am more than ready to be back on track eating correctly.

Well I need to go, get a shower, eat breakfast and get some work done. I wanted to go out and walk, but it is too cold since I don't have winter clothing. I may have to face that treadmill this week.

Have a good one! Faye

01-04-2010, 10:22 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's -18 as I'm typing but it looks like the sun is coming up so maybe it will warm up a bit. They are predicting more snow on Wed., and that's not what we need. I've got more decluttering and cleaning to do; I swear there is more now than when the kids lived here. :rolleyes:

Maggie -- I was really surprised at your post about the kittens going to a new home! :sorry: I'm sure RM will miss them. If we eat breakfast out, after church, that is our meal for the day. We both grew up on a "popcorn and milk" menu for Sunday night supper, so that's how we do it. I actually had a dinner yesterday at 10:30 -- the pictures of the dinners on the menu looked so good I couldn't resist. :hungry:

"Gma" -- You posted while I was typing. :lol: It was 63 degrees when I came downstairs this morning. :brr: When it's cold outside it makes a huge difference in the house; I like to sleep cooler but hate getting up to a cold house. Good luck on using the dreadmill. Ours is so noisy and Bob thinks it's because it is sitting on the tile floor rather than carpet like it used to; we may need to invest in a carpet runner to put under it and see if that helps.

I've got to get busy. I've got another blocked email address and spent time with the tech guy on Thursday; he fixed the first one from his store. Now I still have one I can't get unblocked so will call again today. Tech stuff makes me nuts! :hyper:

Have a super duper Monday! :jig:

Jean -- :brr: in Iowa!

01-05-2010, 09:01 AM
Good morning gals! Still isn't precipitating here thank goodness. I keep hoping they are wrong and we won't get any. I have clinic on Thur and WW and dr on Friday if I can manage both in the time frame so I hope the weather is not too bad.

Jean: Just keep thinking your sunny skies and warm beaches are only a month away! We turn the heat down to 68 in the house, but this old condo is drafty, especially downstairs so sometimes in the daytime I have to crank it up to around 71. I hate cold hands and feet. I wear a sweater with a hood on it and put it up on my head a lot if I am cold and it seems to help. They are now saying there is no evidence that an uncovered head during cold weather is bad, but I don't believe it. I just know that when I am cold all over if I cover my head I seem to get warm.

Jack and I are back completely on WW, but I have to get to the store and pick up a few things to tide us over until Saturday when I can commissary shop. He is about out of milk and heaven forbid use my ff and we need ff chips and some ww or skinny cow ice cream for him to have for snacks. I need fruit big time so will get all those things later today. I really need to get housework done, but I want to get those socks done and I tore an almost completed one out yesterday again as the leg seemed way too big. I adjusted but am seriously behind so I doubt I get it done in time to give them to her on Friday.

I have decided to fork over the money and go back to meetings. Like I said, it is mostly for the weigh in as I know I will keep on track if someone is tracking my weight in a little book each week. I kept the one from 2007 and noticed I do weigh about what I weighed when I quit going to meetings, so I am at least even steven that way!

I hope you are warming up where you are. It is pretty darn cold here this morning. Have a good Tuesday and let's make it an OP day for all of us!

01-05-2010, 04:16 PM

It is a cold day here in the heartland. The mist left a smooth layer of ice on the road in front of our house. Guess what, yep we aren't going out today for there are lots and lots of crazy drivers around here. Good news for me for the scale showed me down 4.4 at weigh in last night. The little weekly paper they handed out will start the momentum 2010 challenge which is 10 weeks of try-this-now tricks that will get you moving toward a new you. So next meeting we are to bring a list of 10 things we have learned about food through tracking. Each week will be a different assingment and are all listed on the back of the little flyer they gave us. I am going to do this. I am back down to have lost 50 pounds and really am serious not to put any of that back on.

JEAN I hope your tec can get your computer squared away and you can send emails again. I know several folks that do that popcorn thing for Sunday evening. Bet that would be good with apple wedges and orange sections.

DONNA FAYE Good for you that you have decided to go back to WW. Now is a good time to rejoin and get all the new stuff. Do plan on staying for the meetings. I will certainly measure my feet so you can make me a pair of sox. That will be great to receive them from you.

SUSAN I do hope this day is going well with you.

Type at y'all later. :wave:

01-05-2010, 05:33 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! Way up to 36 degrees today, but for here that is cold and we don't have the clothes for it. I've been wearing a thermal undershirt undershirt under my sweaters.

I forgot to come back here since I posted on Sunday! Just had a lot to do. I had a talk with my boss and told him I wanted to cut back to 2 days a week. I'll have to tighten the budget, but I'm tired of working. He tried for 3 but I stuck with 2 and he finally agreed. Money isn't worth it if you can't enjoy your life while you earn it.

Last night was back to Bible Study. I really love it and my group has the best discussions.

Tonight I am going to dinner with 4 friends to a restaurant I'm not familiar with and they don't have a website so I'm hoping I can find something for reasonable points. I've allotted 10 but still have 20 WPAs I can dip into if I have to.

Faye, Can you get the monthly pass in your area? It's $39 a month and you get etools, too. I love my etools. You can sign up on the WW website and print your pass to take to the meeting. Cancelling is just as easy and I had no problem when I did it sometime ago (and when I rejoined everything was still there). We also get a little newsletter every week at the meeting now that has more on the topic of the week, a recipe, coupon, and other stuff. I really like them. This week is starting the 10-week Challenge and I know it will be helpful to me. Every week it will focus on a different part of WW. This week is food. My friend who was going with me on Saturday can't go to that meeting anymore so I am going back to Friday meetings. Both leaders are nice and good and inspiring and have great meetings, but Friday's is just that little bit more and she's the one who sends us a monthly newsletter, recipes, etc. On the incense question - Catholics use incense during important services to symbolize the prayers of the congregation rising to heaven. One of the gifts traditionally associated with the Magi was frankincense. (We celebrated the arrival of the Magi last Sunday.) This aromatic resin was part of the traditional incense associated with the Old Testament Temple of Solomon. I know, too much info.

Jean, I'd have to stay in the house all winter with those temperatures. I have to cover my face with a scarf now to go out. The cold air really gets to me.
There is a more open area of water that I can't see from my house and the ducks probably went there and came back when they knew I usually fed them.

Maggie, :bravo::cp: Congratulations on the big loss to start the new year! I think I'm going to love the WW Challenge. It's just what we need with all our New Year's resolutions. I'm sorry you had to give your kittens away. If you get more, keep a squirt bottle of water around and give them a spray whenever they do something you don't want them to do. That's how Cupid was trained and he is the best cat I've ever had. WW probably looked at the area that ate the most Egg McMuffins and tried there sandwich out there.

Well, That's all folks! Have a good evening.