Other Reduced Carb Diets - anyone doing or want to make a protein power thread??

01-01-2010, 04:00 PM
I am going to start protein power on sunday, now that I have my book and know what I'm doing, lol..
Are there any other protein power followers out there who'd like to join me or is there a thread set up somewhere for it? I couldn't find one to join..

So anyway, I've been on 3fc for many years now, tried all sorts of diets some with sucess some didn't last the week. But I'm beyond ready for a real change, a real lifestyle change and I know my gains are due to carbs for me. I'm addicted so low calorie plans really don't help because I'm hungry all the time in between meals and my blood sugar is all over the map. I tend to go hypoglycemic depending on what and when I eat so I need a plan with structure and less carbs and from weeks of research protein power is calling me name :) I have a family reunion in june of 2010 and need to get off more than 40 lbs so I'm hoping to lose all of it by then and that will only be possible with structure and lifestyle changes but I don't want to just lose it for the reunion, I want to lose it for good this time. I'd rather battle maintenance than losing weight, something different for a change, lol..

so anyway, sorry to go on and on, just looking for some protein power buddies to do this with, thanks!!! :hug:

01-03-2010, 12:49 PM
Well I need a place to stay accountable, even if it's just by myself for now since I can't find an active protein power thread on this site and I love 3fatchicks so I want to post here :)
So anyway, I think I'll try to post daily right here and maybe someone will join me eventually, lol

Today is Day 1 for me... I'm super excited. I went shopping last night and stocked up on tons of lc options.. I have built a no fail zone in my kitchen and pantry for this week. I'm not a big cook, In fact I don't enjoy cooking at all so I do simple quick meals and that is a challenge on any real diet plan since I'm trying to stay away from processed foods. But that is ok, it will fit in with my lifestyle change.
I can have 30-40 g of carbs per day which seems luxurious, I'm sure each day I won't even come close to those numbers but it's nice to know it's there for those difficult days. Breakfast was 3 fried eggs and 3 slices of bacon, once I'm into ketosis my meals will shrink but for the first couple of days I know I'll battle hunger as my body is transforming on the inside so I'm going to let it guide me with how much to eat and eat more protein to off set it.

So anyway, here is to a great DAY 1 of my new life. My weigh in days will be sunday of each week (I chose that day too so I'm not tempted to go off plan on the weekends, my #1 diet failure in the past was weighing in on fridays and thinking I could cheat during the weekends and get back on plan each monday...nope.. was sabbatage for sure, and I knew that.. not gonna happen this time) and while I mentioned it, I'm taking the word CHEAT out of my vocabulary.. cheat signifies something unmoral and we beat ourselves up for it. I plan on sticking to this plan 100% but I'm realistic and know I'm human.. so there may be "off plan" moments or meals or nibbles but no cheating will be mentioned here. I loved the book Living Low Carb where the author mentions that a diet should not be a religion but a STRATEGY to get to our weightloss goals and he is so right. We can't be perfect but we can change and tweak our strategy as we go along. So my plan is to stick to this plan as closely as humanly possible but plan on tweaks and changes as my goal weight comes in view.

if you are interested in joining me, please do! I can use all the support and buddies possible, thanks!

01-03-2010, 10:08 PM
Evening, just wanted to pop in quick to post my first day results. It went fantastic! I did find I was hungrier than usual today. I normally never eat snacks etc, I'm a 3 meal a day person and that is all I need but today the meals weren't cutting it so I allowed myself two snacks and they definitely helpd. But all in all I hit about 20 carbs for today and hit my protein minimum as well, so I'm very happy with that :) So I'm off to bed and looking forward to tomorrow! G'nite!

01-04-2010, 07:23 PM
Day 2:

today was a bit more challenging than yesterday as far as cravings, I know my body is burning through my glycogen stores and once it gets through them I'll be in ketosis and burning my fat stores and my cravings and hunger will subside so I'm hanging in there!!! Im just so excited to get through another day and be one day closer to my goal weight.. tomorrow should be my last day before ketosis hits so I know I'm almost there!!!
I think I might be loving pre-made hamburger patties though, lol.. I had one for breakfast with sour cream on it (like a make shift taco of sorts) and it was good. So for lunch I had another with sauteed mushrooms, sour cream and 1/2 an avocado, lol.. it was delicious and quick to make so I'm sure I'll have a variation of a hamburger pattie everyday, I don't tire of the same foods so it works for me, lol. Dinner was fried chicken tenders (rolled in parmesan cheese) and mock mashed potatoes, yum! snack s were string cheese and a serving of almonds.. it all hit the spot.
So anyway, day two done and over with, hope to have some buddies soon! ;)

01-05-2010, 07:22 PM
Day 3 is about to end, another great OP day :) my company is killing me with overtime this week so dinner is a quick and tasty high protein shake :) I just want to stretch out on the couch and relax until bedtime. I can tell I'm in ketosis now, yay!! I slept so good last night and had so much extra energy today! no more cravings and I'm less hungry! I knew this day would come! just had to get to day 3 :) so for all you doing a low carb plan hang in there! the benefits and perks of low carb are sooo worth the initial 2-3 days of issues :)
Well I'm gonna hop off here and relax, it's been a LONG day.

01-06-2010, 07:31 PM
Day 4 is coming to an end and I found a protein power thread on low carb friends!! So I guess since no one has been interested in it here I'll mosey on that way, lol.. so tonight will be my last update on this thread but you can find me and lots of other low carbers on lowcarbfriends.com :) I peeked at the scale and I'm down 4.8 lbs already, in 3 days! I was shocked! I can't wait to see my full week results on sun..
So anyway, I'll still be around lurking and reading threads but as far as this one goes, it's done, thanks so much for those who have read it! Good luck on your journies!