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01-01-2010, 08:21 AM
Welcome to the discussion group, support group, diet coach group, diet buddy group relating to the two books by Dr. Judith S. Beck:The Complete Beck Diet for Life ( the first bookThe Beck DIET solution: train your brain to think like a thin person. (

The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Therapy (CT).

The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful deiting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck easues you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before monving on to the next. And you'll learn tehcniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll acheive a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.

This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies and our daily efforts, to receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet buddy (coach) to each other.

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01-01-2010, 08:23 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Finished the year with two events yesterday; eating was sufficiently on-plan at both for a CREDIT moi. Except for a bowl of heavily smoked pecans which drew me like a moth to a Pendleton wool shirt. Ouch. That's the second time this week to catch my hand in a bowl of roasted tree nuts. Have clearly demonstrated that they're a trigger, and that I can't trust myself to munch from the bowl at a party. But the food I skipped, or sampled lightly, was plentiful at both events and I'm pleased that I continuously used my Beck strategies to remember that just because it looks appealing isn't license to dig in.

Exercise included shoveling the minor snow before we left home and then dancing the night away. Sang the traditional, in the Scottish, "And there's a hand my trusty friend ! And give us a hand o' thine ! And we'll take a right good-will draught, for auld lang syne." May it be a good year for us all!

FutureFitChick - Hope the snow is deep and fresh for your ski trip. Ouch for the “last supper” eating. It continues to amaze me how many ideas we conjure up that justify eating.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats on making 2009 a year of no weight gained. And Honking Kudos for making your December goal of 1300 minutes of exercise.

CeeJay - Neat job stopping the "cookie melt down" and for having the insight to give yourself credit for it. I'm convinced that learning the stopping skills is just critical to staying the path. Kudos. And thanks for "may your forest echo with laughter all year" - I'll chuckle on that one next time I hear anything by Zeppelin.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Yay for residual sore from your hearty workout with the kettle balls and your HITT (on a treadmill?). Kudos for resisting those extra snacks. I wish there was some way to keep a tally of food not eaten to show how big we'd be if we had indulged.

midlifecrisis57 - Just WOW for dealing with your inlaw to chisel away at the barrier. It's such a good reminder of the ways that eating help us to stay in our stuck places and that getting on top of our eating opens the opportunity to move forward. Huge Kudos for doing that.

Readers - day 14
Plan for Tomorrow

If you're not already dieting, you'll start tomorrow! If you already started dieting, you'll still need to do today's task.

Today, you're going to write a food plan that includes everything you're going to eat tomorrow. And, tomorrow, you're going to check off whatever you eat that's on the plan and write down any food you eat that isn't on the plan.

You'll continue to plan and monitor your eating in writing every day for many weeks and months, possible until you've lost all the weight you want - and maybe even beyond.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 135.

01-01-2010, 08:37 AM
Good morning and Happy New Year. I have already done today's plan and will stick to it. Today's challenge will be the Mayor's New Year's Levee but I am feeling very strong.

01-01-2010, 11:36 AM
For the last couple of weeks I've really been struggling. Trying to figure out what's best for me. I've gone back and forth on whether to stick with the Beck program. I'm concerned that following the program makes me more obsessive and focused on food, etc. I feel 'abnormal' and wonder if I'm setting the good example for my children that I want to. (Setting a good example for them is one of my "advantages".) For example, when I'm sitting and eating dinner with them and they see me weighing out my portions of food. :( However, following the Beck program doesn't require this. Aghhh... I know I'm all over the place here, but it's a perfect example of what has been going on in my head. I've been getting confused about what is a valid argument for doing something a certain way and what is an excuse. I have thought about letting the whole idea of Beck, checking in on these boards, etc. go completely. Going back to trying to leave more "normally". Last year I lost about 30 lbs. loosely following the Beck guidelines (still haven't read the whole darn book yet :mad:) and was then able to keep it off while feeling like a "normal" person. A big part of that though was my running and other exercise (although mostly running), but I have since given up running (for now).
In the past couple of weeks I have had days that I start off gung-ho and on-program, only to blow it in the late afternoon or early evening. While other days I've decided right off the bat that I'm not worrying about it at all and let myself eat freely all day (yuck, those days have not felt good physically, emotionally or mentally.) The final type of day I've had is the kind where I try to just eat like a "normal" person. Those haven't turned out so great either :(
So, at this point, I've decided I need to stick with this and do the best I can. Even if I don't always do this perfectly (can you tell that perfectionism is a HUGE part of my problem?), it's still better than not doing anything at all. So instead of going into this full steam ahead and all gung-ho, crazy obsessive about this, I'm going to do this to the best of my ability. That's the plan for now.

Today I have:
Weighed-in: 129 :broc:
Read my Advantages Deck and Response Cards :broc:
Checked in here :broc:

For the rest of the day I would like to concentrate on:

Not putting anything into my mouth unconsciously; no nibbling, picking or tasting.

"Good enough", that's an expression I need to remember and use! Good for you for a whole year of gym entries-- that's got to be so gratifying. Just out of curiosity, do you keep a separate journal just for your gym workouts?

I can so relate to the the "last supper" and hurry up and finish this so there's not left feelings :( As a matter of fact, I almost got up out of bed last night when I realized I didn't have a piece of the cheesecake I wanted to have for dessert and thought since I of course am starting fresh today, I wouldn't want to eat it. Then I realized how damaging that thinking is and that if I really want a piece of that another day, I can have it, just need to account for it.
I think you should give yourself credit for trying to find the menus online. Perhaps before you go to any of the restaurants you can think ahead of time what would/wouldn't be acceptable choices for you. I think most restaurants have some type of salad with grilled chicken, etc. Think about having soup if it's not cream-based, no fried food, etc. Good luck with that and I hope you enjoy skiing (I'm jealous!)

I have to say, your "venting" on the forums is very helpful and insightful to those reading too (at least for me it was). It's also a reminder to me to do the same when I'm struggling, rather than waiting to report about it later, just jump on when I'm right in the thick of it (if I can)!

Thanks for checking on me and thinking of me... I'm glad that my plan now includes to keep coming back here, because the support I get is incredible! I can't imagine how giving that up would be beneficial.

OMG is right! Your breakthrough was awesome! I know so much of my eating is about stuffing feelings, yet I struggle so much with how to break that cycle. You are a shining example! Good for you for working hard and feeling the feelings. Seems like you got quite the reward. Perhaps you can print out your post (or find another way to remember) and place it in your "memory box" as a reminder of your accomplishment.

Congratulations on ending the year on a low note :D I agree with you on posting here and I think we do need to remind ourselves that posting "just the stats" is okay too!

I think your ability to stop the cookie crisis was HUGE! Congratulations! To get that rational voice in there to remind you that this was not going to make anything better. Thanks for sharing that, it was helpful to hear.

Welcome! Looks like you've got the hang of things already :) I look forward to getting to know you better in the New Year!

01-01-2010, 02:34 PM
Coaches/Buddies Happy New Year! The second half of 2009 had some challenges, but I'm ready to get on with it.

Reasonably good day yesterday, with one notable exception, and today is on track as well.

Going to play on my mountain bike in a few minutes. Really looking forward to that!

BillBE Thanks as always for starting up the thread, and leading us fearlessly into the new year. Sorry the nuts got you again. Bad nuts.

Ruthxxx Good on you for making up your plan and sticking to it.

Kim I do what I have to do. I've been morbidly obese. It is worth weighing my bananas to make sure that doesn't happen again. Are you dedicated or obsessed? Who cares? My rules for food are different from my children's, but that's life. They also don't get coffee or alcohol, or really spicy foods. I hope you find the path you are looking for. Some times are harder than others, and it gets easier again. Ride the waves when you get them, and try not to get carried away when you don't.


01-01-2010, 03:05 PM
I'm being lazy today. I slept late again. It seems I only get a good sleep after Hubby has left for work, LOL. He has a sinus infection {again} and is being noisy at night. Since I'm on vacation I feel I should be getting more done than usual, not sleeping late and knitting all day. I help teach an adult Bible study that coincides with the school year. We are off for Holiday break, but start again next week Its only two days a week Wed and Thurs, but sometimes I feel like it takes over my life, especially after we get back from a break.

I counted up my DVD workouts from last year's journal. I did 152 titles. Most frequently used was Rodney Yee's AM Yoga for Your Week {5 10 min segments} 12 times. and Results: 10 Days to a Better Body at 11. I did STS, a 3 month strength program, at the beginning of last year, only using one title/disc once, and had two surgeries in the middle of the year with recovery times, so that may have skewed things a little. I did more pilates and yoga than in years past, and more strength workouts. Also I got a treadmill which I used by itself 10 times.

Kim, Would you be more comforatlbe following a different food plan for a few weeks that didn't involve weighing your food? You can still follow the Beck plan, but the 'obessive' part might go away. In a few weeks you can check your progress and how you feel and re-asses? I found this saying on a quilting site "finished is better than perfect". To me that means that trying something and moving on, is better than being stuck in the same place until I get it right or give up. Most people appreciate everthing we do much more than the few things we do perfectly.

Bill, The HIIT,, was a new DVD by Cathe Friedrich, who also put out the above-mentioned STS workout system. I like your idea of the 'food not eaten', my friend likes to say 'how big would I be if I wasn't trying?" Was it Frost who wrote the poem about the 'road not taken?"

Beach Patrol
01-01-2010, 03:48 PM
Hey BECKstars!!!! :wave:

Just popping in to let y'all know I'm still alive, LOL! - I've been visiting family during this holiday season, and got back home late yesterday, & HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone today!!!!

Now it's time to get back into the swing of regular life. I go back to work on Monday, so I have a nice long weekend to recover from the last 10 days off!:dizzy:

I weighed in before I left and am now down 12 pounds. I ate without abandon while at my family's - but didn't really ever go overboard (except one meal... omg, the best pork chops on the planet!!!) and altho I didn't eat anything really special (no egg nog, fruit cake, etc.) I pretty much kept to small portions & did alright. I didn't exercise tho, (... Bleh! :shrug: ) cause it was cold & rainy nearly the entire trip.... and I stayed up late most nights talking with my brother.

I may be changing my "diet" soon, but of course I'm sticking with THE BECK because it works with any diet and I am finding success with Beck.

2010 blessings to all the BECKstars! ~ I'll be back soon to cheer everyone on!!! - in the meantime, maybe this will do!!! :cheer: :cheer2: :cheer3:

"Everyday's a new day!" :sunny:

01-01-2010, 07:29 PM
Hello everyone:

Penguin- When planning to eat out when I don't know what I will be eating I just give myself some rules, i.e. no sugar, no fries etc. Works to keep me in line a bit.

BillBlueEyes-credit again to you for sensible behaviour at yet 3 more social events. I am going to try your sweet potato with yogurt, sounds good.

FutureFitChick- sorry about your rough day, know all about "last suppers".

midlifecrisis57- Giant credit to you for getting through your craving by writing about your anger. And what a nice moment with your difficult in-law. A wonderful example of dealing with an issue instead of numbing yourself with food. Thanks for posting that.

gardenerjoy- great news about being back to where you were Jan 1 2009. That is quite an accomplishment given you have only been at this about 4 months. Credit to you for being on program. I agree about the posting being important to success. I am finding it very helpful.

Ruthxxx- kuddos for planning your day.

bennyhannahmama- sorry for your continuing struggles. You just have to trust that you will find what is comfortable eventually. I like your plan of doing your best and that is enough. That is all any of can do.

wndranne-kuddos for a reasonably good day yesterday and today being on track.

Beach Patrol- Hello there and Happy New Year to you too. Good bye 12 pounds. Sounds like you did awesome with eating sane on your holiday.

For me today giving myself credit for:

Weighing in
Walking with DH, even though it was -23 C. Brrr.
Eating a sensible breakfast and lunch.
Posting here

Before the end of the day I will:

Do weights
Read advantages and response cards

Take care:grouphug:

01-01-2010, 08:08 PM
:newyear: Coaches

I promised myself a new start on New Year's and I have followed through.
I haven't made a resolution, I've just gone cold turkey. Basically I spend soooooo muuuuchhhhh tttiiiimmmmmmeeeee ruminating over what plan, how, it is right, can I get the stuff for it, should I wait...OMG the self-questioning is endless. In the end, looking back on what has worked for me, it's very simple.
Cold turkey.
Just stop.
Deal with the feelings and expect to deal with the feelings (also accept the feelings; let them come). I have re-introduced the notion of abstaining from binge foods. Abstain=stop=cold turkey... see? For today this is sugar and second helpings. I am choosing to limit my white carbohydrates for today as well and including vegetables at every meal (fruit for breakfast). I am also abstaining from being sedentary. Everyday I will move my body.

credits for today: having a plan and following it
walking to the polar bear swim and back and walking home from the transit station
eating veggies at lunch and tomato at breakfast
drinking 6 glasses of water already
waiting to eat-knowing that hunger is NOT AN EMERGENCY and not acting on feeling STARVING (BiG CrEdIt for that one)
measuring my dinner portions out and eating just that

So, why the change? What's the difference? All I can say coaches is I just feel like this year is such an important year for me it is critical I improve my health. It is equally crucial I have a plan of eating as the things I foresee happening will kill me if I don't have a plan. I was re-reading the posts from January 2009. I was about to head to 235 then. I remember. It felt scary. Then the whole school year ramped up for me and I just ate and ate and ate as I pushed myself relentlessly to get my artwork done for my graduation. I did do that but under the stress I used food to cope. I gained 40-45lbs in 2 months and have not been able to shed it. I have not had the willingness to do what it takes on a daily basis. Excuses aside, this is just true. As a result I have numbness/pain due to the quick weight gain in my upper thighs as the nerve going through my hipbones gets pinched. This may or may not right itself when I lose the weight. I choose to believe my fantastic genetic code will kick in and fix things not to mention my body's will to be healthy. My body wants to be healthy and will be if I get out of my own way on this one!
I continue to take blood pressure medication. I do believe this is weight related again and until I drop the weight I won't know for sure. I don't like the not-knowing. It's just another reason to beat myself up so it's got to go.
I have postponed seeing the Dr. about my bloodtest results that show an elevation of my LDL cholesterol number. I do not want to be given another prescription for cholesterol. can I right this with a diet change? Possibly. But again, I have to do it to see if that's true.

These are just the facts as I know them today January 1st, 2010.

Upcoming this year are two looming possbilities: DH gets a big job requiring a big move, possibly out of the country. I cannot afford to use food to cope with this. If I repeat what I did last year with the grad stress and the 40lb weight gain I'll put myself into 300+ territory. Being only 46, and expecting to live another 40 years at least (50-60 is what I really want!), what o what will my body feel like over the coming decades? I think this was a real revelation to me over the last few days. I still have a lot of living to do in this body and geez... I have to do what I can to keep it running smoothly. If I have some kind of genetic flaw so be it, but I just don't want it to come down to me and simply being unwilling to eat less and stay away from the foods that do me no good whatsoever. How lame is that? comes to mind.

So, if this post sounds serious it's because it is serious and I am serious. I'm hitting the reset button and doing what I need to do so I can read this NEXT new year's day here on 3fatchicks/Beck forum and be proud of what I accomplished. I am thrilled to share the journey with all of you my worththeirweightingold coaches. Thanks.

01-01-2010, 10:22 PM
Exercised + pedometer~2790
took vitamin
ate mindfully mostly
read ARC once
stuck to food plan

Not so Much:
Read ARC only once
did half of my daily to-do list

My weight goes up and down so much I feel I should only weigh once a week, but the suspense and curiosity get to me. Hubby is going to help me measure tomorrow. I don't expect any changes but its nice to check once in a while.

I feel like I should be doing more for the weightloss. I feel if I'm not working hard, its not going to work/happen. I tend to lose a few lbs, regain, lose a few, regain, get discouraged. give up. Restart. I've only being trying to lose weight seriously {as opposed to marginally, LOL} for the past few months, but with little success. And I'm getting discouraged. Any thoughts?

Several times over the past week I've gotten hungry after dinner, and stayed that way for hours. I usually give up and drink some 1% milk. So I'm thinking about starting an evening snack. I feel like I'm eating all the time during the day but then there are these big gaps at night. We eat dinner at 7-8pm then stay up till 11-12. I need to think on this.

Onebyone, I think small daily goals are a very good idea. I like situations where I can give ONE thing my best effort.

Beach Patrol, congrats on the 12 lbs!

01-02-2010, 12:00 AM
Hey, anyone? what happens when we quickpost? I just wrote a long post and hit quick post and it seems to have disappeared. If it appears, I apologize for repeating, but I haven't experienced a delay in posting before so I will assume the last post got lost in hyperspace.
In briefer form:

Bennyhahamama (BHM).... I would miss you too much if you gave up.The dancing broccoli makes me happy every time! Keep checking in! Personally, I support your portioning food. There are ways to do it out of the sight of your kids. I gave up portioning for a long time, but it was tantamount to giving up on myself and the benefits and advantages of dieting. My vet made me portion for my cat so he doesn't get fat (and need insulin) again. I guess if it works in nature, its the way to go! What you could do, first, is portion your self-doubt and self-sabotaging thoughts to, say, 15 minutes a day? Write down your objection to portioning, then counter it. Beck does that for us in each of the first 14 days the Diet Solution book to get us to argue with such thoughts. That's the cognitive part of the program! You might counter your objection with, oh, say, food would be apportioned to you if you were under a dietician's care in any luxury spa, or, maybe closer to home and reality--the fact that you portion food for your family members in order to keep within the household food budget. Oh, and did we mention that obesity in America is often blamed on supersizing at fast foods--that portions here in America are 3 times what people eat in most other cultures? Hope that gets you going again in the program! You are allowed to object, just remember to counter argue! You can do it here, anytime!

Onebyone: Abstaining. I agree with you. Indulging in foods known to trigger the pleasure centers of our brains to override the preferences of our thoughtful selves is a receipe for giving up on dieting altogether. I am convinced by studies I've read that gauge brain activation during the consumption of certain foods that there are few items I can live without if it means I can be free of craving and impulsive eating. My cognitive argument to skipping certain things on the menu and in ingredients on the menu is that if I were to indulge, it takes about 72 hours for a substance to transit my body chemically, and during those 72 hours, I'd be at greater risk to suffer withdrawal symptoms--which is the same as cravings. Maybe the next girl can eat those things, but my brain gets hijacked by them. So, know you are not alone--I concur that successful long term dieting requires complete abstinence from trigger foods. Hope my agreement with your point honors your seriousness and resolve. I just urge you to search for reasons for your trigger foods that you could defend to, say, an inlaw? The brain scan research did well for my case!

To all my fellow Beckster Stars, LETS GO 2010! Another year, month, day, hours to our next meal, to practice eating girded with cognitive mental and behavioral resolve, health and strength. What an adventure. Let's do it together, supporting one another, as Beck would do!

01-02-2010, 12:25 AM
Happy New Year, everyone!

I started a new Excel file for my 2010 weight recording and I finally took BillBlueEyes suggestion and put my Advantages and Responses on a sheet in that file. (CREDIT!) I anticipate that will help my consistency of reading them.

WI: +0.7kg, Exercise: +45, 45/1400 minutes for December, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: Good job on finishing the year utilizing Beck skills at two events.

Ruthxxx: yay for having a plan for New Year's Day complete with a challenge

bennyhannahmama: I think your plan not to be perfect is perfectly Beckian. It seems like it's all about getting back on track more and more quickly than it is about getting off track now and then.

patchworkpenguin: Thanks for the "finished is better than perfect" quote. I've heard that in scrapbooking circles, too, and applied it there. I hadn't thought about how useful it could be with my healthy lifestyle. It could mean yoga instead of dance on a low energy day or saying "oh well" when lunch ends up being more than I wanted because DH unexpectedly wanted to cook.

Beach Patrol: Welcome home!

CeeJay: Great job with things to give yourself credit for on the first day of 2010!

Onebyone: The cold turkey approach sounds great! That's what worked for me, too. Love all your credits in pink!

midlifecrisis57: The quick post should work. I type all my posts in Notepad and then cut and paste them into the forum window so I don't lose things due to the occasional misfiring byte. Go us in 2010!

01-02-2010, 08:02 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Spend a simple day without having to steer around leftover holiday treats. Got out for a walk (CREDIT moi) looking for winter birds but they were scarce, perhaps respecting the Red-tailed Hawk that was circling. Glad that my problems in life do not include having to watch out for hawks that want to eat me.

The gym (CREDIT moi) was sparsely attended in the morning - recognized everyone as a regular. I was expecting the New Year crunch - but perhaps the morning after New Years Eve celebration is too soon, LOL.

onebyone - When cold turkey is what's called for, cold turkey is the way to go. Sounds like you have a plan, and started it right off with "hunger is NOT AN EMERGENCY" - that's gotta be one of Beck's best. Thanks for worththeirweightingold - feels pretty important to have shed $81,000, LOL.

Anne (wndranne) - Yay for "ready to get on with it" - it's always encouraging to me to read the words of getting right back up.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - That's a difficult Sabotaging Thought - to be overthinking how to be less obsessive. Kinda nails you before you start. Wishing you well to find your path without tossing the whole Beck approach. Although I believe that measuring food is the best way to go, I don't; it's just not for me because I wouldn't keep doing it for life. I've done it a bunch, and will again from time to time, to fight the syndrome of growing portions. But the beast I most need to continuously fight is the unbounded portions. That's what got me large.

And Yep, I keep a separate gym journal - just the raw data. It helps me to complete a plan knowing that I'm going to permanently record it.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yep, Kudos indeed for a spreadsheet if that'll help you read your Advantages Card more often. Just to let you know that what you write is being read, looks like you copied "December" into your exercise goal for this month, LOL.

Beach Patrol - Congrats on the 12 pounds down. Yay for long talks with your brother; siblings are great for getting back to reality.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Can't be more Beck than to have a plan and stick to it. Thanks for making me look up "Levee" - I hope it went well.

CeeJay - Walking in "-23 C" is some dedicated exercising.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Kudos for 152 DVD workouts - that's a bunch. LOL at "Two foods appeared on a plate and I - I ate the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference."

Re lose, regain, and restart: You might review your planning and checking off your eating against your plan for a few days. If you're on-plan, then an adjustment is in order. If sticking to the plan is an issue, then it's time to pull out some of Beck's strategies for staying the course. Keep the faith, this Beck stuff can help with keeping to your plan.

midlifecrisis57 - Ouch for a lost post; BTDT. I frequently COPY PASTE into an opened Notepad file since that happens to me from time to time. I've also discovered that I can often BACKSPACE to the page where my typing remains. And just recently, I've discovered the Firefox feature of the HISTORY button to open recently closed PAGES or TABS. Good luck.

Readers - day 14
Plan for Tomorrow

Okay, I can almost hear your sabotaging thoughts. Writing a plan and monitoring what you eat is the single task the people I've counseled have most often resisted. You might be thinking the same kinds of things they've said to me, such as:
I don't really have to do that, do I?
It'll be so much trouble. I don't want to do it.
That means I can't just eat whatever I feel like eating.
The Beck Diet Solution, pg 135.

01-02-2010, 09:02 AM
Just joined the group. Already own Judith Becks books. She makes sense. Very excited to find online diet buddies. Just starting on day 1. Will read comments from the group for awhile before I post more.

01-02-2010, 10:00 AM
Lisa, I'm a newbie too and trudging along.

Bill, I met the challenge of the levee by just not going. It's usually a very boring event full of stuffy and conceited politicians so I made my excuses. I am not doing anything anymore that isn't fun - except funerals and even then.....

My food plan was followed correctly yesterday and I did do treadmill. Today will be the same and I will take at least an hour to continue to read.

Beach Patrol
01-02-2010, 11:46 AM
Hello BECKstars!!!!! :wave:

and.... Welcome Lisak!!!!!

CeeJay~ YIPPEE! - for doing the walk with your DH, "even though it was -23 C." ... I know how hard it is to get out there when it's cold! So, yay you!!! :carrot:

onebyone~ I feel ya! - looking at those "facts" ... noticing just what the weight is doing to your health, & how it will affect your future! - getting to THAT POINT is soooo important in our struggle with our weight. It's not pleasant looking at it with a magnifying glass, but that seems to be what it takes to really get to the nitty-gritty. We must love ourselves & appreciate ourselves in order to take good care of ourselves! You're doing GREAT! :congrat:

PW-penguin~ WOO HOO for exercising, taking vitamins, eating mindfully & reading your ARC!!! YAY!!! You said you need some encouragement... feel like you should be doing "more" for weight loss? Here's my trick... 1-2 minutes MORE per exercise sessions IS more. You don't have to go 30 minutes more, or an hour more, or twice a day more... MORE IS MORE - no matter how you look at it. Besides, 2 minutes here, 3 minutes there... really adds up!!! Credit yourself for every single little "more"! And the more you credit yourself, the less discouragement will creep up on you. ALSO - keep up with The Beck! - it's all about self-encouragement! :goodvibes

MLCrisis57~ Thanks for the "LETS GO 2010" words of encouragement! I completely agree!!!! :grouphug:

gardenerjoy~ Way to go for starting that Excel file!!! - I'm thinking of doing that, too!! - and thanks much for the "welcome home"!!! Cause truly, there IS no place like home!!! :cp:

Bill ~ CREDIT for walking and gym time! And I'm very glad no hawks ate you! LOL!! :lol::yay:

Ruthxxx ~ "I am not doing anything anymore that isn't fun - except funerals and even then" OMG!!! LOL!!!! Thank you for that giggle! :lol3: And CONGRATS for following your food plan yesterday & doing treadmill! You go girl!!! :cheer2:

I had TONS of yummy baked goods from "well-meaning do-gooders" thru-out the holiday season. I gave most of them away to other peeps (who were NOT dieting!!) and some, I just said "OH THANK YOU!" and threw it out when no one was looking!! I'm getting better & better at that "throwing away food" trick. Wootage!!! :woohoo:

I was doing very well with my exercise until the big break from work ... when my "routine" goes away, seemingly so does everything else. It's very hard to keep on track (eating, etc.) when I'm not in my regular routine, so I want to work on that.

Altho I have been eating "ok" - I have not really been eating OP either (also due to non-routine) so I must hop back on that wagon - especially where the sugary stuff is concerned. It really is making me sick. I thought I could just "cut down" & be OK, but it looks like I might have to cut it completely out, and boy will THAT be hard. :stress: I've actually done it before, tho... about 6 years ago - I completely cut out junk food - the only sugar I got was naturally, from fruits. I felt SO GREAT then! (And coincidentally lost 30 pounds! ...but that was by dieting AND exercising) - so if I did it then, surely I can do it again. Wish me luck! :crossed:

Remember y'all... EVERYDAY'S A NEW DAY!!! :sunny:

01-02-2010, 12:05 PM
Hi :) Im Maggie and I live in Sweden. Im starting a weight loss program in a few weeks here in Malmo and doctor and nutritionist are using The Complete Beck Diet as a guide. The course starts on January 13. I have a goal of losing 55 pounds. Then will go from there!

Im very excited and in the mean time Im trying to change the way we eat and starting Monday Im going to start walkin each day even its below freezing,Im tired and i dont want to do it! My next step is to join a gym.

In this program we must commit to exercise for one hour a day! Im a student...I can do that! Plus at 37 I want a child and we need help to get pregnant...The doctor said that they wont help me until I lose at least 25 pounds. So Im determined to lose weight!

I meet with the IVF specialist sometime in the next few months and I hope to have lost a few pounds by then!


01-02-2010, 12:56 PM
Hi Becksters and Happy New Year! I've been AWOL and probably will be for a few more days. But I'm so energized by all the positive 'new year, new life' energy here, I just wanted to say a quick hello.

I've been burned out from work and from trying to get the big photo project done for my son's xmas gift. He loved the movie I made from the still photos (lots of good 90's music too), and appreciates having a dvd of all the pics we have from his life.

But I've been off my computer for 4 days and feel better than I have in a couple of months. I'm ready to exercise again, and get back into the happy routine I developed in the 9 months I lost weight last year. So, I'll post daily again very soon.

In the meantime, :welcome3: to all the newbies, and :wave: to my old friends on this journey!

01-02-2010, 01:25 PM
Hi Coaches

Yesterday I went to my favorite place in town, Britannia Park, to attend the polar bear swim. Last year I painted the polar bear swim on canvas. This year I watched it. Next year I will do it. DH thinks anyone who willingly does that is nuts. Maybe. But I just finished reading Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer and climbing Everest is nuts. Getting baptised in freezing cold river water to start off the new year seems mild to me compared to climbing Everest.

I suppose these things are all relative eh?

I had a successful on-plan day yesterday. :carrot:cre-dit:carrot:Today has begun the same way and since all I have is today to worry about that's where my focus is. My attention is on getting it right today. I am going cold turkey, abstaining from crap food today: sugary things, snacky things. I am abstaining from being sedentary today. I am off to the bank and the grocery store for fruits and vegetables thereby taking care of my physical needs twice-over. Today I am eating vegetables and drinking water too.

I just ate breakfast. It consisted of leftovers from two nights ago. Credit for eating leftovers and for eating green things (salad) for breakfast.

Here's some video I took of the polar bear swim in case you're interested: and also

I'll check back with personals later. :wave: to everyone reading this!

01-02-2010, 06:39 PM
Hello to all, and welcome, Maggie from Sweden. I thought I had better check in with my coaches before you are all welcoming *me as a newbie!

I have been hanging out on the Fat Smash thread some. I just feel so out of whack from holiday over indulgences that I am going to concentrate on "real food" for a while..plant based, real food. I must share with you something that has been my salvation:

Good Earth Caffeine Free Original Tea

I just keep my cup full and it really helps. I need to get some sodium out of my system, so the more liquid the better. This tastes so good!

Woke up to a balmy 28 below this morning. Ah, January in Minnesoda. My car started ..can't believe it! I have the wood furnace so stoked, it is 71 degrees in here..gets pretty nippy by morning, though. Hope I am burning some fat off staying warm.

Happy New Year, all. I am so grateful for all of you.

01-02-2010, 08:21 PM
Hi Everyone

Quick check in tonight. Not a stellar day. But that is OK cause we all have those.

Credit for ?????

I got it- credit for moving on...:D

01-02-2010, 09:28 PM
Got myself organized for the new year with charts and graphs and check lists! I included exercise and posting here and all my other good Beck habits so that I can track them and motivate myself. It's remarkable what I will do to get a check mark!

WI: -0.25kg, Exercise: +45, 90/1400 minutes for January, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: we watched a couple of red-tailed hawks tearing apart a squirrel in our yard today -- our theory was a mother and juvie. The only other birds around at the time were blue jays to harrass and a flicker that ignored the whole thing.
Thanks for catching the "December" -- made the switch!

lisaK: welcome! Looking forward to hearing more from you!

Ruthxxx: good job on letting go of the boring event which had the added benefit of letting go of a challenging food situation. And kudos for the followed food and exercise plans!

Beach Patrol: great awesomeness in your handling of the yummy baked goods! Good luck on working out what you need to do with sweet stuff. I'm still eating sugar, but only when it appears in my food plan -- mostly in the form of an afternoon snack of dark chocolate chips mixed with a handful of nuts or a slice of toasted yeast bread from my bread machine that is a little sweeter (applesauce bread or date bread). That seems to be enough to satisfy my sweet tooth and chocolate craving. Surprised me, but it's working!

spacecadet: welcome! That course sounds very cool!

ChinaMaine: great to see you!

onebyone: Way to get 2010 off to a roaring start!

maryblu: Happy New Year in the frigid north!

CeeJay: Kudos to you for moving on!

01-03-2010, 12:41 AM
ate mindfully
took vitamin ~ if I forget too many times I get sick, so it seems
exercised about 45 min ~ did weights two days in a row but I had a good reason, LOL, see below.
talked Hubby into buying me yet MORE exercise equipment!
dinner was a date with Hubby! :hug:
wore ped 4769 so far!

Not so Much:
Ate off plan but only two meals with no snacks, this is typical for weekends
forgot to read Beck chapter! This is what I get for abandoning my schedule!

Had a nice day! The exercise equipment was another kettlebell. I returned the 20 and bought a 15lb and a 25lbs. Since the sale ended today I had to make sure I made the right choice. I may be paying for it tommorw! A friend is going to lend me two of her kbell DVD workouts while I lend her two of mine.

Joy, I hear you on the check marks. Although I prefer the line though, obliterating it for good!

CeeJay, Great Credit. WTG!

Mary, Welcome Newbie, Just kidding! I've only been here a few days myself!

Maggie, Welcome to you! I have a friend who lost weight to conceive and she got pregnant right off. Best to you!

Beach Patrol, Thanks for the encouragement! Good job handleing the 'baked goods'.

Lisa, Good to have another member. I'm on day 19 myself.

Bill, thanks for the tip. Food less traveled by. LOL!

Midlifecrisis, I can get quick post to work here but not at another forum I frequent. Not sure why! I try to save quick post for "one liners"

01-03-2010, 06:18 AM
:welcome: lisaK :welcome:

And, in honor of your first post on 3 Fat Chicks, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about Dr. Beck's books?

And how did you find your way here to 3FC and this thread?


01-03-2010, 06:32 AM
:welcome: Maggie (spacecadet) :welcome:

And, in case you didn't get one of these when you signed up two years ago, :wel3fc:

Did you first learn about Dr. Beck's books from your program?

How did you find this thread on 3FC?


01-03-2010, 06:50 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Another good workout shoveling snow, CREDIT moi. Spent a looooong time figuring out the "programming" on the new thermostat. Once mastered, it's easy, but like my router problem of a week ago, I fell into a hidden "ignore-everything-you've-done switch" that had the effect of ... well ... ignoring the schedule and temperatures I'd just entered. I should have borrowed somebody's twelve year old, LOL.

Had a bit of banana bread for my afternoon snack instead of my favorite toasted pita bread with humus. Got reminded that sweet stuff makes me want to eat more sweet stuff, while my humus just makes me feel satisfied and happy. Yay for celebrations and all that but will be glad when all the happy food is gone. (On the other hand, the Harry and David pear tonight was really good.) Dinner included a turnip mashed with butter and spices; so yummy that it made me feel better about my ancestors living off their root cellar vegetables through the long, cold European winters of yore.

maryblu - Thanks for the tip about Good Earth tea. Hope you'll share other "real food" ideas as you dig in. Glad that you can celebrate your car starting in Minnesota in January.

onebyone - Brrrrr ... a polar bear swim is, indeed, nuts. At least it's way beyond me. I'll send you cheers and encouragement from here, in my warm house next January. I was mesmerized by Into Thin Air - it didn't make me want to climb Mt. Everest, that's for sure. Kudos for an on-plan day.

ChinaMaine - Yay for taking four days off the computer - I can understand that that would be harder than skipping a meal. Maybe Beck needs to add the slogan The Computer is Not an Emergency, LOL. Congrats for completing the photo project for your DS, that was one act of love to get all that together.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yep, I know that notion of what I'll do for a check mark. Just love reading that your Blue Jays were harassing your Red-tailed Hawk. You'd think that after years of being ignored by the hawk that they'd quit. But harass they do, LOL. The January-February issue of Audubon magazine has a picture of a Bald Eagle capturing a Starling in mid-flight; just awesome.

Beach Patrol - Kudos for "throwing away food" from a guy who probably has never done that. Yep, that sugary stuff is hard to play with in moderation.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - You're on to something with "I am not doing anything anymore that isn't fun - except funerals and even then....." - taking notes. Avoiding all the FREE food at the Levee by simply skipping it altogether is a very Beck like response.

CeeJay - Kudos for finding something to give yourself credit for. Yep, the non-stellar days are likely to always be with us.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Yay for getting too much exercise "Since the sale ended today." Now that's the kind of logic I understand, LOL. And Yay for kettlebells; I've seen some strenuous exercising done at my gym by a young lady moving a kettlebell so hard and fast it was a bit dangerous to be walking near by.

lisaK - Glad you're here. You'll catch up and pass the quotes I'm posting each day since I linger on each Beck day. Lots of folks here are in the early days or stages of the Beck program.

Maggie (spacecadet) - Glad you're here also. I think it's neat that your program is using Beck. If you go walking in the cold of Sweden, that'll encourage me to get out despite the cold of Boston. Have you chosen the gym yet?

Readers - day 14
Plan for Tomorrow

Writing and monitoring are very important, and if you're like most of the people I've worked with, I think you'll find that the idea of doing them is much more burdensome than the reality.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 135.

01-03-2010, 09:16 AM
[B]Thanks for the warm welcome!!!

BillBlue Eyes!!! Its going to be in the teens in Malmo tomorrow,we might even get some snow over the night.....but I will no matter how much I dont want out in the am walking!

As for a gym...Im waiting to see if this program teams us up with a buddy. Im not 100% sure what they are going to do. I live out in the suburbs a bit so I have to bus into the city to attend the gym....There is one closer but its very expensive! BUt my plan is to join a gym the middle of Jan :)

I didnt know about the Beck diet until I got into this program! Ive read a lot about it the book on line.....Im really excited to get started!! :)

01-03-2010, 11:19 AM
My latest binge cost me 17 pounds. No kidding. I got down to a weight I haven't been at in a LONG time, freaked out and ate my way back up. You could psychoanalyze that bad boy all day long.

01-03-2010, 11:52 AM
Good Morning Coaches

What a winter wonderland out there. :snowglo: It's been lightly snowing non-stop now for about three days. Everything has about 6" of new snow. I'm not sure how I feel about all this and then I remember it's January. I always feel crummy in January. It's the depths of winter and so this is the way January looks in these parts and completely what I expect. I find January tough. Maybe it won't be that way this year. Things do change.

So I had my breakfast, credit moi, and allowed myself 2 slices of store-made white bread that I bought for DH yesterday. I was pretty obsessed about it after I brought it home, lots of desire to have just one slice whisperwhisper come on just have some it won't hurt you, have it with your dinner, come on but it wasn't in yesterday's plan so I stayed away from it. credit for staying OP yesterday.

ohoh, now i have a cat on my lap so i am one hand typing = no caps... forgive me!

the bread tasted super-sweet to me this morning. wow. I think if i choose to have bread i will go back to making sure i have the expensive ezekiel bread and only occasionally have a slice or two from that loaf that i always keep in the freezer. i did that before and was much happier to eat that bread than the white stuff i just had. can my tastebuds have already started the shift away from sweets? maybe. interesting. i am also watching to see if i have more cravings today due to eating this bread. if so i will go cold turkey with white flour too. so far no ill effects. i may switch just to get more nutritional bang for my calorie buck.

to abstain from my sedentary ways today i will be walking to the mall to buy a 2010 calendar. i am also freeing up my wii fit workout space. today i am clearing out "the spaces in front of the coffee table, the ikea shelf on the left, the big tv straight ahead and the wall on the right". these tasks should fill up my day today.

better get going. i have found if i don't get started by noon i simply don't start at all.

have a good sunday coaches.

01-03-2010, 11:58 AM
My latest binge cost me 17 pounds. No kidding. I got down to a weight I haven't been at in a LONG time, freaked out and ate my way back up. You could psychoanalyze that bad boy all day long.

:hug: my last binge gave me a 40lb gain which I have now carried for a good 8+ months
you're in the right place
welcome back.

01-03-2010, 02:19 PM
OK, I’ve been trying to post this for a few days now. Does anyone else have trouble accessing this site? For the last few weeks, when I try to get to this page, I get an unable to connect message that I don’t get on any other site. It takes me a few reloads to finally get the page up (and I have to do that with every page. And for the last few days I haven’t been able to post at all. I don’t know if it’s the site or my connection, which is a bit slow. I’m on satellite, which is faster than dial-up, but not by a lot.

Happy New Year Beckies! I won our running club’s Resolution Run on New Year’s morning. This is the only kind of race I can ever hope to win. Everyone resolves a time and those with the slowest resolution times start, the clock runs backward and everyone starts at their resolved time and those who finish closest to 0 win. I resolved 19 minutes for the 2 mile course and finished 20 seconds after the clock ran out. Our running club earned its name—Windy City Striders. We’ve all been waiting for the wind that always follows a storm and it arrived today. We were out running in 25 mph winds and the trails that had been cleared, though icy when I ran them a few days ago were picking up some pretty big drifts today. But it was a ton of fun to be out running with a bunch of people who also think it’s a good idea to ring in the New Year by slogging a couple miles through snow drifts.

I am still trying to get my eating under control. Apparently my sweet tooth has taken over and my resistance muscle is not strong enough to overcome it. I blame this sudden backslide to 1) I still haven’t caught up on my sleep 2) my house is complete chaos and eating has followed suit 3) my eating got sloppy over the holidays and it’s difficult to get back on track. So tomorrow will be spent getting my house in order, doing some meal planning and we’ll see about the sleep. This is not so much of New Year’s resolution as it is a Beck resolution.

BillBE, neat that your veggies and light dip were a hit in the middle of sugary options. I wonder if that is a sign that everyone is sugared out from Christmas, starting to think of New Year’s resolutions or many people are just more health conscious than we realize. Interesting that nuts are a trigger food for you. Is this a new development?

FutureFitChick, I understand that “last supper mentality.” I’ve been doing the same thing. Good luck on “winging it” during your vacation. It’s always tough when you try to plan but are unable to, but if you keep up the good habits your developing, you’ll be successful.

Patchworkpenquin, yay for a good night’s sleep! I think many of us underestimate how important that is for success. And give yourself a break for not being super-productive on New Year’s Eve day. Everyone deserves a break. Sounds like 2009 was your year to get some serious exercise.

Midlifecrisis57, great job avoiding a craving by finding a more productive way of dealing with emotions! It’s a good reminder that eating to suppress emotions not only sabotages you’re diet, it also sabotages your emotional well-being and relationships.

Gardenerjoy, yay for a scale reading that is lower this year than last. Here’s to continued success in the New Year! Good job putting your advantages and response cards where you will be sure to read them.
CeeJay, great job stopping mid-cookie melt down! I’m impressed that you didn’t let cold weather stop you walk. And yes, you do get credit for moving on after a not-so-great day.

Ruthxxx, kudos for following your plan and doing the treadmill. Skipping the event sounds like a great idea.

Bennyhannamamma, dieting certainly becomes more complicated when you know that you are modeling behavior for children. Most of us probably learned our unhealthy (and healthy) eating behaviors from our parents. But I think it’s all in your attitude. I learned unhealthy dieting behavior from my mother, but her attitude was “I’m dieting because I’ve been bad” and conversely, food was reward for good behavior. I think if you approach it as “I’m dieting because I want to be healthy and live a full, active life” that is a much more positive model for children.

Wndranne, mountain biking sounds like fun! Kudos for a reasonably good day and an on track day following. You may have had challenges in 2009, but I also remember a lot of success.

BeachPatrol, congrats for 12 lbs down! Good job eating well while with family over the holidays. Always difficult for me. Do you have a new diet in mind or are you shopping for something new? Good luck getting back into the swing of regular life. Good job getting rid of all of the junk the healthy way. I’m so impressed. I’ve been getting rid of mine the old fashioned way, eating way too much of it.

Onebyone, hurray for a New Year and a fresh start! You sound so positive and that is great. You’re right that you can spend forever looking for the perfect plan, and in the end, the best answer is right in front of you. Good for you for staying OP even with a craving and for working the craving into your plan the next day.

Welcome LisaK and Spacecadet! Glad to have you here with us. This group has been incredibly helpful on my Beck journey and I’m sure you will find the same—lot’s of wisdom and great advice.

ChinaMaine, good to see you again and happy for your positive attitude! Glad your son loved the gift. It sounds so cool.

Maryblu, yikes for cold temps! Sounds like you guys are getting hit by some serious cold! Stay warm by your wood stove!

KidsLibraryLady, welcome back on the wagon. Do you have any idea why getting down to a low weight freaked you out? Not that you need to psychoanalyze it all day. Sometimes the best thing is just to put it behind you and move on.

01-03-2010, 09:12 PM
Hello fellow Becksters, familiar names and newbies--welcome!

My heart is currently going out to our diet buddy struggling with little losses and gains and not seeming to get anywhere. I've spent soooo long in that place between diets: trying to feed the hungry heart with food. But the heart doesn't live on food. Address the needs of the heart first, then address dieting and scales. I don't think we can diet when our heart is not heeded first.

Tough day here: thanks to a longer than normal meeting, the break between breakfast and lunch was over 3 hours--it was actually 7 hours--and by the time we got lunch, mexican joint, it just didn't fulfill and gave me gas. And I couldn't eat slowly and feel satisfied, I was too hungry. Then family dinner was only 2 hours later--so that was kind of whack. It was not a good day for dieting, although I did stay roughly in boundaries of my diet plan it wasn't solid, I didn't feel like I was dieting and I WANT TO! I LIKE TO! remind myself, I tested my memory of the BECK first 14 days...and I did well! I remembered every step! But when I tried to recall my benefits from memory--I really didn't do that well! Thank goodness we write them down! I found it interesting that I could remember what I've learned from Beck, but not recall my own aspirations by heart. What a people pleaser I am! I must listen to my heart more.

Have a great day tomorrow you all! and to all a good night.

01-03-2010, 09:22 PM
Hello Everyone:

onebyone- I applaud all your efforts to make this year different. I am in it with you!! Yay Brittania Park- it is lovely there. Credit for staying on plan.

patchworkpenguin- about the evening snack. I have one almost every night- I think it is the only thing that keeps me from eating off plan. I eat dinner between 5 and 6 and I would not make it till breakfast. I try to eat about a 100-150 calorie snack.

midlifecrisis57-losing your post is a drag, especially if a long one. Grrr.

gardenerjoy-good for you creating the spreadsheet and getting your "paperwork" lined up.

BillBlueEyes- I am totally with you on saying goodbye to the "happy food".

lisaK- welcome!!!

Ruthxxx- kuddos for following your food plan and getting on the treadmill.

Beach Patrol- major credits for giving away and throwing out the baking. YOU ROCK!!!

spacecadet- welcome to you!! And best of luck on your journey towards your child.

ChinaMaine- welcome back to you.

maryblu- thanks for the tip on the tea. Have not tried Good Earth.

KidsLibrarylady- there you are!!I am glad you are back. Have not been doing so well myself-eating pretty bad during the holidays.

Shepherdess-I have not had any connection problems. Congratulations on winning the run. That is excellent.

For me- credit today for:

Riding exercise bike 30 minutes
Walking 30 minutes (double bonus cause it is so cold out)
Weighing in
Reading Advantages and Responses twice
Eating a sensible breakfast
Posting here

No credit for:
eating an unhealthy lunch

Going upstairs to have a sensible dinner and pack tomorrows lunch.

Take care everyone :grouphug:

01-03-2010, 10:05 PM
while we're on the subject, my last binge cost me 40 pounds too, and it took 15 years to get back to dieting! One binge--15 years lost years of struggling and self-flagellation. eegads. the guilty pleasure wasn't worth all that suffering.

Note: I freaked out when I attained my low weight, too--I was angry all the time--like raw emotional nerve endings--I would have tantrums! I think now it might have been a chronic illness (detected later) or pre-menopause, or a lifetime of avoiding conflict catching up with me. This burning urgency would well up and I would stamp around till I tired out. And I couldn't get help. I went to a therapist and said I had anger issues--I recall that being brushed off. And my best friend gave me **** for being thin. And another friend for "changing". But I never really regained my former life by giving up my disciplines. I just seemed to slip farther away from my self.

Things don't always turn out the way we planned when we lose enough weight that old friends don't recognize us anymore in a crowd. But I think that I gave up too soon on my SELF, and that my goals were too superficial to satisfy in the long run. I didn't really care enough about my "emotional intelligence" back then. I just wanted to look good and wear a certain dress size. It wasn't enough to continue to diet for looks alone--the effort is so great. But this time, I'm older and the dress size isn't that much of a concern. I am more interested in peak performance and stamina and resilience. And those take discipline at any weight or size.

Hope this helps anyone struggling with staying on or getting back to program! Dig deep, don't settle for superficiality in your goals and advantages. Your food program should support nurturing your very being, not just your external, measurable dimensions. And if you uncover emotional depth you didn't expect--you've already got some experience with cognitive therapy--get some further expert help expressing them without losing your Beck program. What other choice do you have, once you've discovered that you can adhere to a diet, there is no going back to the life you had before.

01-03-2010, 10:35 PM
Chalk me up as another Beckstar glad to be back to more normal routines and food. I did well today, it helped a lot that I ate every meal and snack in my own home from my own ingredients.

WI: +0.1kg, Exercise: +55, 145/1400 minutes for January, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

patchworkpenguin: Yay for reading your cards twice!

BillBlueEyes: I am so impressed by your realization that your normal hummus is satisfying while sweet banana bread makes you want more sweet stuff. I love Harry and David pears! At this time of year, everytime I pass their store in the mall we go to most frequently, I check to see if they have any half price ones -- they are ready to eat right now!

spacecadet: hope your walk in the cold goes well. I'm chickening out with a short walk at the mall and an exercise DVD in my warm home.

KidsLibraryLady: Oh boy! Have I been there! I'm so sorry that it's happened to you. I can say from the perspective of having done exactly that a year or so ago, that this time I seem to have stronger resistance. I've been tempted lately now that I've lost enough wait to really notice, but I keep reminding myself what happened last time.

onebyone: yay for saving the white bread until you could plan for it and double yay for realizing you like your Ezekiel bread from the freezer better! Hope your walking and clearing out plans went well.

Shepherdess: Glad you could finally post! I was having problems with this site, but it's been fine for me for several days. Congrats on your Resolution Run win! A group run in the Wyoming cold is a very committed way to start the new year.

midlifecrisis57: sorry for the tough day -- glad you're seeing where you need to touch and remember your own heart more. That should help in all kinds of ways, not just with dieting. And thanks for all the wonderful thoughts including your conclusion "once you've discovered that you can adhere to a diet, there is no going back to the life you had before."

01-03-2010, 10:58 PM
Hi Coaches

I needed to check in with you so I could post my
:carrot:credits for today:carrot:
-was OP
-ate fruit and veg
-stayed away from sugar'n'snacky things
-drank water
-no seconds *very tough today. (Shoved a tiny baby corn into my gullet before I sat down to my plate; caught it instantly.) I made a meal I have been wanting for a while and was upset I had to have a moderate portion. Sorry, no exceptions, it's not an emergency. Accept it. No Dr Beck says: we can have more food or we can have weightloss-choose (paraphrasing here) I chose and put the food away, deciding to be grateful that i had it at all. and that there is some for tomorrow*
-walked to the mailbox and back. shorter activity but i did go = credit earned
-cleaned up right side and middle of living room in front of coffee table. found my Beck Workbook!!!! will re-start the exercises in my new journal given to me by the Secret Santa at work this year. I worked imperfectly cleaning the living room/wii fit workout space for 15 min stint a la suggestions. everyday i will put forth a moderate 15 min effort... just like with the food. I also removed the cardboard to the recycle bin at the end of the townhouse complex parking lot where I live. It's always overflowing which discourages me and so it was again. You end up leaving your recycling on the ground where it blows away. That feels crummy but moving it out of the house felt good. I can get right next to the microwave again. Yay.

Off to work at the school tomorrow. Wish I was independently wealthy. Grateful to have a job I like though, and at an art school no less. Good place to keep making things for one such as I who needs to make things as much as she needs to breathe.

Thanks for reading coaches. I promise to get back to personals soon.

ps. the white bread didn't trigger me or cause any cravings, neither did the white potatoes so this is good to know. I still think white bread isn't even fit for the birds. I am mostly triggered by quantities of food. I always just simply want more. That, my friends, is my most major obstacle to overcome plus eating to quell any emotional state! But I shall Persist in Victory chums;)

01-03-2010, 11:36 PM
Happy New Year all!

I am surfacing to greet all our new members and my steady coaches. Today I tracked food, credit. Stayed under my calorie goal, credit(after all this holiday craziness, I was glad to have a moderate day), and walked 4000+ steps, credit. I had a revelation on New Year's Eve day which was really helpful. Dh and I planned to eat out, a 5 course dinner, and I was anxious because of eating so many treats already. It occurred to me that when I needed to fast because of my surgery last month, I did it without difficulty because I knew it was important and necessary, so why not think of saving calories for our holiday meal in the same way? Normally at work I eat junk out of boredom, stress etc., but that day I stayed away from it, and saved enough to calories to only go a bit over my goal and have an enjoyable meal. And both dh and I left half our dessert on the plate--every other course was a lovely modest size, but the dessert was as big as my head. . .I'm curious to see if I can replicate this mindset.

Well, off to bed. Hoping to do personals soon.

01-03-2010, 11:53 PM
Hey All!

-1.2 lbs
Read ARC once * hangs head in shame* {and I did so well yesterday! Hubby reminded at dinner or I would have forgotten then too!}
ate three meals, 1/2 evening snack
ate mindfully mostly
took vitamin
wore ped ~ 5505 for yesterday.
wrote 'oh, well' card.

Not so much...
Only read ARC once
no exercise, I have exercise planned for every day, if I don't exercise its a 'rest day', but too many rest days a week is bad! I try for 5-6 days a week.

Today was a lazy day with Hubby. Went to church, met my parents for lunch, rolled change jar {$102}, took a long nap. Hubby has been sick with sinus, but woke up feeling normal! Yay!

I cut out my two afternoon snacks to see if I'd miss them and I haven't. I think I will have the 9pm snack instead. Maybe reorganize my mealtimes to fit in the afternnon snack again.

The "oh, well" card reinforces something that I learned from the book several days ago. It may not be 'fair' that I don't get to eat everything that I think I want but...get over it! I'm glad I have a card.

I'm embarressed that I forgot to read my cards again. I was so proud that I had remembered yesterday. Try again tomorrow!

01-04-2010, 02:49 AM
Hello Fellow Beckers,
Today is my first day at work following breast cancer surgery, radiation, and the Christmas/New Year Break. The BC is one of my major incentives to lose weight. I've read the Becker books and started to make changes that already lead to a 10 pound weight loss. It's day 1 for me. I prepared my ARCs. Went to the office cafeteria for lunch and realized that it is hard to eat mindfully in a crowded and noisy room. At least I reflected on the problem and tried to put my fork down once in awhile. I'm not quite up for exercise yet but I walked around the building. That's a start.
You guys are an inspiration. You are so nice to each other, funny, and I'm getting alot of ideas from your posts.

Billblueyes I read slate magazine online. Emily Yoffee is a frequent contributor. She has a column called "Dear Prudence".... A modern day Ann Landers... She recently recommended Judith Beck's cognative behavior approach to dieting in one of her articles. It made sense. I googled Judith Beck, liked what I saw, and ordered the books. But.... I havn't been able to find a diet coach. So yesterday I googled judith beck diet coach and found 3FC. I liked what I saw.

onebyone you did a great job typing with one hand. What do you do when the cat wants to lie on the keyboard? :)

01-04-2010, 05:02 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Yet another day shoveling snow for exercise; CREDIT moi.

Lunch was very high calories even though not out of control. It was a small private party - the only party at a restaurant that served us six exquisite courses over the afternoon. Each course was small, which I particularly appreciated, and whisked away with its tableware before the next was brought in. We were welcome to stay however long we wished - there was no event or dining after us. It was just one lovely French country dining experience - fresh, organic, local. I'd gain weight if I ate like that every day, but it's on my plan to enjoy that kind of experience when it happens - so technically I stayed on-plan even though more calories than I burned for the day. For the record, I didn't gain weight eating like that; I gained on grocery cookies, ice cream, and vending machine chocolate bars. As a minor compensation, I skipped my morning snack, afternoon snack, evening snack, and even dinner (nearly a first for me). I didn't feel stuffed, but I did feel full which is more than my goal of satisfied. Tasted like I discovered where Julia Child learned to start each dish with a pound of butter.

onebyone - LOL at the white bread whispering into your ear; Kudos for ignoring it. Yay for continuing on your clearing stuff plan. Interesting, "I am mostly triggered by quantities of food" - I have that a lot. I recently read a recipe for balsamic vinegar and maple syrup used to roast pecans that greatly appealed to me until I realized that a major part of the appeal is that I'd make a pound of roasted pecans. This is not what is needed by a guy who has recently twice found his hand stuck in a bowl of roasted tree nuts. Enough to make me again recall your line, "Anything worth fighting fights back."

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Your New Years Eve dinner sounds like a neat experience and "fasting" in advance to have the calories available seems sound to me. Kudos for leaving half the dessert.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Don't think I could make it past a Harry and David's at the mall if they had half price pears, without a few in my grubby little hands, none of which would be likely to make it home, LOL. Yay for normal routines and your own ingredients.

KidsLibraryLady - Ouch for the gain; Kudos for being back, since bouncing back is the most needed strategy to succeed. You could "psychoanalyze that bad boy all day long" or you could write out a food plan for tomorrow and check off each item as you eat it.

Shepherdess - Big Congrats for winning your Resolution Run - that's such a neat way to made a competitive/cooperative event. Yay for the resolution to get back on track. Re nuts: It's new for me to be digging in since I've been on my journey, but before that I ate nuts by the bag full. I still avoid cashews since those were the most frequent offenders, and, fortunately, they seem to have less nutritional value than pecans, almonds, and walnuts.

CeeJay - Yep, Double Kudos for walking when it's so cold.

midlifecrisis57 - Ouch for the schedule whacks; that kind of interruption can make my eating go crazy. Neat thought that we can't "feed the hungry heart with food." I guess it'd be ideal if we all could address the needs of our hearts before we attempt dieting, but it's also possible to use the strategies to stick with an eating plan and exercise plan at the same time that we work on the heart. Either way, it does seem super important to recognize the adage around here, "if it isn't real hunger, then food isn't the answer."

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Yay for using the "Oh Well" card as Beck designed it - for getting over disappointment that you can't have something. I, inappropriately, use it for to get over the disappointment that I strayed more than I wish. And Yay for a FREE $102 from the change jar.

lisaK - Congrats on the ten pounds gone before you even hit Week 3 Go: Start Your Diet. I'll track down Emily Yoffee - anyone smart enough to recommend Judith Beck and Cognitive Therapy is OK in my book. Sending supportive thoughts for your healing path. Kudos for working on eating mindfully in a crowded room - Yep, that's a tough one.

Maggie (spacecadet) - We've got cold and snow, but if you're going walking in Sweden in your cold, I'll walk to the gym in mine.

Readers - day 14
Plan for Tomorrow

Planning what you eat is essential. It helps you do the following:

Think about how you're going to get and prepare the food on your eating plan.
. . .
The Beck Diet Solution, pg 135.

01-04-2010, 06:50 AM
:wave: Hi everyone!! Im still around and kickin' Fighting the good fight!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

01-04-2010, 08:32 AM
Fellow coaches,
I mentioned Emily Yoffe as my source of info re Judith Beck in my earlier post. She also writes about Judith Beck in Iora magazine. I can't post the links

Just google +"emily yoffe" +"judith beck"

Only a few links will come up.

And if you love dogs and laughing read her book Tales of a formerly reluctant dog owner.


01-04-2010, 09:22 AM
Coaches/Buddies I've had a great weekend. Lots of bike riding, including some time with my daughter. Wonderful day on the trails yesterday, but also a hard fall and a close encounter with a cactus, so I'm feeling a little beat up today.

Eating has been so so. I'm having issues at bedtime after the kids go down. I need to make a plan for that.

Have a good one everybody.


01-04-2010, 09:40 AM
Hello coaches

I ate breakfast, less than ideal but satisfied protein + carbohydrate needs. I stuck to recommended serving sizes. credit

I'm off to catch the bus. I've aleady tossed staying home until this afternoon but think I'll go in anyway. The sooner I start the sooner I get to leave.

I just heard my mother is traveling back from Key West tomorrow morning. 3 connections to be made for her: Ft. Lauderdale - Atlanta - Cinncinnati - Montreal then a drive home to Ottawa. *crossing fingers there are no snowstorms in the offing* But that's for tomorrow. Right now I need to get to work. And stay OP above all else.

See ya later.

01-04-2010, 10:42 AM
Strange that today's Beck quote is about prepping food. I have two recipes to do this morning and a new dish for dinner.

Hey, onebyone, I'm just 90 minutes away from you and am an Ottawa girl. What art school are you at? I hope the snow lets up so your mother can get home on time.

Having a long and serious talk with myself about the wine drinking. My dear departed husband had a real European attitude about wine with every meal and I'm trying to break myself of the habit. I may invest in some bottles of Perrier.

My side door is drifted in so I need to shovel and then do treadmill. I hope to make it to the gym this afternoon. "Hope"??? PLAN to go to the gym this afternoon.

01-04-2010, 01:21 PM
I have to 'confess' to umplanned eating yesterday. Actually, early this morning {1am} . I ate peanut butter on Triscuit crackers. about 10 crackers with about a tsp of PB on each.

Not so much what I ate, but that I didn't care, didn't read my cards, did it willfully, wasn't hungry, didn't even eat mindfully! I ate for the joy of eating something! But was remorsefull right away. :o

On the credit side, I weighed in this morning at -.4 lbs which brings me to a total of -5lbs.

I feel funny just saying 'oh, well' try again tomorrow!

01-04-2010, 02:41 PM
Hi everyone,
The walk in the cold was great this morning. Met up with my fellow American at a park in the center of Malmo. We walked the park, It was snowing but didnt matter...we wore warm clothing and the brisk walk kept us warm.We had coffee afterwards and then met another expat and spent the day shopping! Tomorrow the 3 of us will walk again! We hope to make this a weekly thing...walk for a hour one night a week in the park! Rain,snow or shine....We will be out there!

01-04-2010, 09:42 PM
Hello everyone:

midlifecrisis57- like what you said about being interested in stamina and resilience, not the clothing size. Good for all of us to keep in mind- make this about our health- physical and emotional.

gardenerjoy-kuddos for your good day yesterday. I am also enjoying getting back to normal.

onebyone- credit for being on program yesterday. Good for you for choosing to not overeat a special meal. That is always tough.

Nuxmaga-credit for tracking food and walking. Good job on your dinner out.

patchworkpenguin- Congratulations on your loss of five pounds. Never mind about the crackers and PB, done and over.

lisaK-Sorry you have to deal with cancer. And congratulations on 10 pounds gone already.

BillBlueEyes- your lunch party sounds excellent. But you didn't tell us what the 6 courses were. LOL.
RobinW- hello there!

wndranne- sounds like a wonderful weekend with lots of activity.

Ruthxxx- good luck with the wine. Can add on a lot of calories for sure. Probably better to use those calories on real food that fills you up. Hope you made it to the gym.

spacecadet- credit to you for the walking. Sounds very nice to have your friends to share that with.

For me, what a great day. Finally.

Giving myself credit for:

weighing in
reading response and advantage cards
charting food and counting calories
posting to my coaches
eating on plan. YAY.

I am getting back on the exercise bike as I just don't feel like bundling up and walking in the dark tonight.

Take care:grouphug:

01-04-2010, 11:08 PM
Just came here to check in about my day. I stuck to my cold turkey plan and eschewed the sugar even though I really really wanted to grab a pop on the way to the bus to drink on the bus. I didn't do it. It is, after all, sugar. (I long ago gave up fake sugar. :carrot: credit.) I also abstained from being sedentary building walking into my day. credit. I've also drank my water today and faced going back to work. credit.

So I got some news tonight. Two of my classes will be starting next week: Paint Your Pet's Portrait and Drawing and Painting. Both beginning adult classes.
Yikes. I've never taught before coaches. And I cannot use food to get me through the fear and the stress of this new situation that will stretch me. I am excited but I am anxious as well. BUT I will be so thrilled to add "Art Teacher" to my resume once the 10 weeks go by:yes:

CeeJay Kudos on doing all that On-Your-Plan work today.

spacecadet I relate to walking in the cold. What I really want to ask you is how much daylight do you have right now? How far North are you? Credit for walking and for finding buddies and making sure you keep walking.

patchworkpenguin I think you're disturbed more by the "I didn't care" attitude than the actual food. The last time I did this, I was reminded by my coaches that this was a "sabotaging thought". Have you come across this is Beck yet? Specifically that it is really not true you don't care as you have been thinking about this and ruminating about it. Best thing to do: move forward, and if you find yourself in the food at 1am again you may need a nighttime snack.:hug:

Ruthxxx I work at the Ottawa School of Art in the market. I don't know where Delta is. Is it near Cardinal? I think I thought you were in Delhi, and when you said 90 min I knew I had it wrong. I hope you did make it to the gym!

RobinW Hey there! Happy New Year! How goes the bathroom reno?

wndranneOoooo ouch for the cactus but yay for the bike ride and for feeling better!

lisaK Hi! Welcome!

BillBlueEyes For the record, I didn't gain weight eating like that; I gained on grocery cookies, ice cream, and vending machine chocolate bars. Yes. Me too and I can add I also gained by having BIG portions. And sometimes two of them. I have been eating like a lumberjack felling trees in the northern climes who has to walk through the snow to get there then saw them by hand and haul them to the river's edge where he stands on them and guides them down the river. (see here for a great iconic Canadian cartoon ... -- and if you're going to see that this is a personal favorite:

Better get to bed. see you tomorrow coaches.

01-04-2010, 11:09 PM
We're frigid here -- didn't leave the house today. Which makes staying on plan pretty easy!

WI: -0.25kg, Exercise: +45, 190/1400 minutes for January, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: love seeing all those credits and your dancing carrot!

Nuxmaga: great observation about voluntary fasting to prepare for surgery or a great meal (preference for the great meal, of course)

patchworkpenguin: One of the best things I got from Beck is that things feel more "fair" when I compare myself to "successful dieters and maintainers" than when I compare myself to my warped notion of normal (which is that everyone eats lunch at Hardees and stops by Quick Trip on the way back to work for a candy bar dessert). Comparing myself to successful dieters and maintainers, especially with the great models I have here on 3FC, has been a great cure for the "it's not fair!" thought.

lisaK: yay! for moving at all -- walking around the building is a great start when you are recovering from surgery. That will help you develop the habit so that you will be ready when your body has healed. I'm a cancer survivor, too. Hope everything is going well for you!

BillBlueEyes: Love this "it's on my plan to enjoy that kind of experience when it happens" and that the meal emphasized local foods -- so cool! I'm glad you were able to enjoy it!

Hi, RobinW!

wndranne: glad you had a good weekend, but ouch for the crash. Making a plan for after the kids go to bed sounds like a great idea!

Ruthxxx: Hope all went well for you to get to your gym.

spacecadet: yay for walking with friends! The walk I take with my friend has, at times, been my most consistent exercise. It's really nice to have that as a basis for all my exercise.

CeeJay: yay for a great day! I'm with you on opting for indoor exercise -- today it was my Brazilian Dance DVD.

01-05-2010, 12:36 AM
Read ARC twice today!
-.4 for a total of -5lbs.
wore ped ~4520 so far.
took vitamin
got my 'to-do' list DONE!
wrote 'Dieting is NOT Fair!' card {what Joy said!!! :carrot:} which actually WAS today's chapter.

no exercise
ate off plan for lunch

Thanks for the encouraging thoughts regarding my 'umplanned eating!"

Joy, Thanks for the idea to compare myself to my peers, not to 'normal'. LOL, I've never been very good at normal anyway.

Onebyone, I read your post too fast and thought you said "faked going back to work" LOL! Good job on skipping the cola and getting in a walk. I'm sure you will make a great art teacher. My mom got me involved in Bible study several years ago. I've been terminally shy most of my life and didn't want to face a room ful of strangers, but I gave it a try. Two years later they asked me to help lead a group!!!! I was so horrified I laughed at the poor person who called me! But I said yes. I was terrified my whole first year! I still wonder how I got involved in this some mornings when I don't want to get up so early, go in and face my class. Some weeks I put off my lesson until the last day, but then remember that I'm the leader, I have to do my lesson! But the rewards are wonderful. I've made friends, come out of my shell, and mostly had the joy of sharing what I've learned, too!

CeeJay, Way to get me to focus on the positive! :hug:

My vacation is over tomorrow. Back to the schedule! Gotta get to bed early! Or at least not so late as yesterday.

01-05-2010, 12:40 AM
Hmmmm.... make that 20 pounds as of this morning (results of my month-long binge.) Guess there were a few pounds hiding from the scale somewhere.

I am taking onebyone's lovely statement- **I'm hitting the reset button and doing what I need to do** to heart and moving on. Thanks for the kind words. They summarize why I love this group-- you make me feel warm and fuzzy. I am backing up just a couple of days on Beck but not restarting. Restarting from day one would make me kookie so I am going back to day 11 tomorrow: Differentiate between hunger, etc.

Read my advantage cards twice-- will have done before I shut my eyes
Ate slowly/sitting down-- nope
Gave myself credit-- yep
Spontaneous exercise- yep
Planned exercise-- yep (following a plan to walk a 5K in a couple of months.)

Planned on doing personals but am hearing a baby crying. Sigh. She slept through the night two days in a row, though. HALLELUJAH! Best sleep I have had in many, many months!

01-05-2010, 05:21 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Normal day with food; CREDIT moi. Normal trip to the gym; CREDIT moi. Did have a working meeting in the evening where we bring and share snacks. I tend to eat more than I wish since we sit at the table with snack food for about forty minutes before it's put away, but most people bring "real food" so I have too much fruit salad and taboule salad (parsley, tomatoes, bulgur). Skipped my evening snack to adjust.

Art Teacher (onebyone) - Congrats for creating the two teaching opportunities. A little healthy fear does help to get things organized. Remember that adults are much easier to teach than kids, basically because they don't ask hard questions, LOL, or think about boy-girl stuff all class. Yep, BIG portions was my history, also. Thanks for the cartoon links. As a kid, I dreamed of riding logs down the river.

Robin (RobinW) - Waving back. Yay for the "good fight."

Anne (wndranne) - Ouch for the cactus. Yay for DD time.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Interesting that staying at home all day makes on-plan easier.

KidsLibraryLady - Yay for "sleeping through the night" to teach us to be grateful for some things we used to take for granted. The hunger stuff is a great restart place.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Smart to "invest in some Perrier" to actively replace the wine rather than just experience the negative part of abstaining.

CeeJay - Kudos for a great day. First course was Warm Onion Tart with Thyme. Second was Petite Croque Madam Comte, fried egg, bechamel. Croque Madam is a Croque Mousier with an egg on its head - go figure.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Yay for "Dieting is NOT Fair!" And yay for "Oh Well" and on-plan for tomorrow.

lisaK - I googled as you suggested and the first link that came up was . . . your post of yesterday, LOL. Emily Yoffee's writing came after that.

Maggie (spacecadet) - Just love it, "Rain,snow or shine....We will be out there!" I did my end and walked to the gym in the cold yesterday, but don't think Boston was as cold as Malmo.

Readers - day 14
Plan for Tomorrow

Planning what you eat is essential. It helps you do the following:
. . .
Remember what you're supposed to eat and when. If you don't plan ahead, you put yourself in the tougher situation of solving problems in the moment. When you feel hungry and look in the refrigerator to eat, you might not come up with a diet-friendly solution.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 135.

01-05-2010, 07:47 AM
I have been AWOL, and very fatigued, for quite a while. I did try to maintain my Beck-habits, although I've done little of the core work required to lose weight. I'm sure I've gained some weight, but I'm hoping it's no more than 5 lbs. So here's my report for the last few weeks:

The Good :angel:
- Identified hunger vs non-hunger every time I ate – This is one of the things I concentrated on doing before choosing to eat. I did it most of the time, and didn’t eat to feeling overstuffed at any meal. :woohoo:
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – most of the time – credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – most of the time – credit!

The Bad, :no:
- Read my cards – I haven’t done this in weeks.
- Used resistance techniques – this was hit or miss, but I did try so credit for that!
- I posted here – nope, and I didn’t even lurk…
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – nope.
- Daily weigh-in - nope

and The Ugly :stars:
- Make a food plan for each day – I haven’t done this in weeks. Today is a new day…
- Log every bite I eat - ditto
- Make an exercise plan for each day – ditto
- Spontaneous exercise – ditto

So today I really begin my path back to living the good Beck-life. I read her second book last year at this time, today I ordered the 1st book from Amazon and will read that one. I will make a plan, and log each bite. I’ve got an exercise plan, and will see how I hold up in terms of fatigue. I will also get back into the habit of reading my cards, using resistance techniques. I may not weigh-in until next week, we’ll see…

Bill Your lunch of six exquisite courses sounded, well, exquisite. ;) Congrats on not eating past fullness. I find your scale of hunger – satisfied – full – stuffed to be a very interesting one. I always try to gauge when I’m full, and then stop eating. But eating until satisfied is something I’d like to try out. How do you gauge when you are satisfied, but not yet full?

Robin :wave: and nice to see you!

lisaK :welcome3: although the welcome is belated. And from the Phillipines, how cool!

Anne Kudos for a great weekend, but ouch for the close encounter with a cactus! Good luck with developing resistance techniques for bedtime eating; I find a sprinkling of No Choice does wonders for me. :)

Ruthxxx, one by one I want to thank you for sending us your warm Canadian air. Maine is one of the warmest states in the Northeast / Midwest USA because of your balmy January air. :D

Ruthxxx I guess you’ve started reading the book – congrats! Kudos for prepping food and PLANNING to go to the gym yesterday. You know wine can be okay as long as you plan for it (and then stick to the plan). But the sticking to plan can be hard, which is probably why so many folks forgo drinking while losing weight.

one by one Congrats for another successful day going ‘cold turkey’. And for doing so much planned and spontaneous exercise lately! I found teaching to be very rewarding, although a ton of work, and I’m sure you will too…

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) Kudos for catching your unplanned eating and posting about it here! And congrats for walking over 4500 steps (btw that sounds like exercise to me!) I love your dieting is not fair card – it’s not fair, but it’s what we need and want to be healthy and thinner…

spacecadet How cool you met a fellow walker, and a fellow American as well, in the park. It’s much more fun to have a exercise buddy to walk with! Do you mind my asking what brings you to balmy Sweden?

CeeJay Sounds like you had a great, credit-worthy, day yesterday – Kudos!

gardenerjoy Kudos for an on plan day, and for getting 45 mins of exercise in while at home!

KidsLibraryLady Ouch for the 20 lbs, but you are in the right place, doing the right things – so Kudos! Some of that is likely to come back off pretty quickly as you get back into the Beck-habits. Great job with all the exercise yesterday!

Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain. ~Anonymous

01-05-2010, 09:35 AM
Good Morning Coaches

I'm about to have breakfast but I wanted to check in here before I start my day. I've been weighing myself once a day, as recommended by Beck, and the weight is coming off. At this point I know it's water weight and that is great. I'm not going to dwell on the number on the scale except to say it supports my efforts today.

And what are my efforts for today?

-eat breakfast before I bolt out the door
-get some exercise in, perhaps do a workout DVD this evening
-eat two more meals today.
-no second helpings
-drink water throughout the day
-no sugar today


01-05-2010, 12:26 PM
Coaches/Buddies: Still having difficulty committing. It's strange, I don't remember ever being so resistant. Not sure what that's about. Today though, the scale had a # I haven't seen in awhile and I really didn't like it. At this very moment I feel capable of doing this and recommitting to this program and myself. My goal at this point is to keep that feeling alive!

Weigh-in: yes- 130 :broc:
Exercise: yes- 1 mile run :broc:
Read Cards: yes :broc:


Hope you had fun playing on your mountain bike. I appreciate your perspective on my post and your honesty. I understand what you're saying about obsessed vs. dedicated, but for me, that difference is really important because of the added complication of having an eating disorder. I do also understand your point about the kids having different rules for alcohol, etc. However, I'm not so much talking about rules as I am just a healthy example. I know many of my struggles come from watching my mother battle food/weight issues her entire life and I would really like to end that cycle. My therapist just lent me a book, "Like Mother, Like Daughter: How Women are Influenced By Their Mother's Relationship with Food--and How to Break the Pattern" (

I'm very curious to read it.

I think you should change your self-talk to, "I'm taking a break today" or "I'm resting today" as opposed to "I'm being lazy today" Now if I could only follow my own advice :D
Congratulations on all your workouts and how cool that you tracked it!

I think what I've decided to do is the best I can with my "program". It's really just tracking my calories in so I can compare it to my calorie expenditure (I have the GoWear Fit which very accurately calculates the calories I burn each day.) What I need to do is be accurate an honest with my tracking without making myself crazy about it. I don't like when I don't know the exact nutritional information for something I've eaten. I need to let go of that and do the best I can. I know that I will typically err on the conservative side (estimating higher calories, etc.) and that if I do the best I can, most things will even out. Besides, there are many foods that I do know the exact information for and others that I can easily measure. I don't mind measuring/weighing my food, especially if I'm at home and eating on my own. What I don't like is drawing attention to myself in a group situation, etc. I really appreciate the "finished is better than perfect" quote, thank you! I'm using that philosophy on an afghan I'm currently crocheting for my son-- I will try to apply it here too!

Beach Patrol:
Wow, sounds like you did fantastic over the holidays- congratulations!

Good for you! Thanks for the inspiration.


Thanks for your thoughts on my struggles! I am going to think about what you said. I do agree with you about the need to count portions and I teach my daughter that. When she asks me how many of "x" she can have (usually a treat, cookies, jelly beans, etc.). I have taught her to look at the nutritional information to see what the serving size is. I think that's important to know. I just don't want to be weighing every gram of rice I'm eating, etc., especially if I'm at a friend's house for dinner or something. So, like everything else in life, I'm looking at moderation. I do need to work the program more with the cognitive objections, etc.

As always, I continue to to appreciate your perspective. It's helpful to hear that you have been successful without actually weighing and measuring. I believe I need to weigh/measure as much as possible when reasonable. That's what I will try.
I don't think I ever thanked you or your DW for sharing the pumpkin soup recipe-- thanks so much!

01-05-2010, 12:54 PM
So today I wake up and have gained 1.2 lbs since yesterday! I was very discouraged! Now in the past I would have blamed the single snack I had that was off-plan and given up again. This week I went back and really looked at everything I had done over the past two days. No exercise, eating out, watching TV with Hubby.... I think this is progress, looking at the whole picture, not blaming a single slip and giving up. Today's chapter was on 'discouragement'. Appropriate. :D

BHMama, The Mother/Daughter book sounds interesting. I think you have a point about the 'lazy' comment. My idea was more of 'swinging in a hammock' lazy not 'I should do this, but I don't fee like it" lazy. When I started here at Chicks I got into calorie counting. I started using Fitday, then progressed to Daily Plate. It drove my crazy that they wouldn't have the exact thing that I ate, thus giving me an imperfect tally of my cals. Drove me nuts over time. I was never 'sure'. And to be perfectly honast I found I was 'cheating the system' 1600 cals of junk is still junk.. The measuering and weighing is good but as you said, I can't do that away from home. I wanted to 'permanently fix' my relationship with food, mostly so I don't have to think/obsess about it.

Chinamarie, I like your Good, Bad and Ugly system.

01-05-2010, 12:56 PM
I’m still having trouble logging on. My posts are going to be a bit sporadic until I get this figured out, but I am trying to check in every day even if it doesn’t happen.

Sunday’s Report: Finally a day On Plan! I won’t lie and say it was easy, but I did force that resistance muscle to do some work. I had to get out my advantages and response cards again in the afternoon when I was trying to tell myself that I didn’t care. I’m also back to carefully weighing and measuring everything. I was starting to eyeball my portions, and I have gotten pretty accurate on those things that I eat day to day, like a tablespoon of peanut butter or a serving of trail mix. But measuring and weighing just acts as a reminder before I sit down and eat anything that I am committed to my plan.

I also did my weights yesterday and got some spontaneous exercise digging the truck out of a snow bank while dh and I were feeding cows.

Monday’s Report: Eating was on plan. . .that is until my evening snack. I don’t know why I just couldn’t stop myself. So I had double the portion of crackers I had planned and almost double the portion of chocolate. That resistance muscle was just worn down. I had been fighting eating off plan all afternoon. Read my cards again and was successful until about 8 PM. Oh well, today’s a clean start.

On the positive side, exercise was great! I didn’t feel much like going for my run. It was warm (relatively) and there wasn’t much wind (again, relatively), but there’s still a lot of snow and it just sounded slick and muddy, which it was. I gave myself permission to finish my workout inside if I just did two miles outside. Once I started it just felt great to be outside and I was feeling pretty strong. I did all of my miles and put in a hard effort and came home very muddy but happy.

Midlifecrisis57, I’m totally impressed that you remembered the first 14 days of Beck, but it is funny that you couldn’t remember your own advantages. One thing at a time I guess. It is difficult to diet when you have such a long break between meals. That’s something I struggle with and hope that it will get easier with practice. Thanks for sharing about your struggles once you reached your goal weight. It was helpful.

CeeJay, kudos for getting your exercise, even with the cold, and getting back on the bike is an excellent alternative when you just can’t get yourself to exercise in the cold. And kudos for a day that was mostly on plan, and for packing your lunch to avoid the mistake the next day.

Gardenerjoy, yay for getting back to the routine. Kudos for a good day and for getting your exercise in. LOL that frigid weather makes you stay indoors and on plan. When our temps drop, I just want some comfort food.

Onebyone, congrats on another good day! Good job using your resistance techniques to avoid seconds. I like your incremental commitment to getting your house organized. I need to do that. I always feel like I need to get it all done at once. Congrats also on having classes filled. I know it’s scary, but just prepare and you will do great. Instead of stress eating, put the energy into your class prep.

Nuxmaga, what a great New Year’s realization. It is interesting that we need just the right motivation to resist food. I wonder why it is that I, and apparently many others, have such a difficult time seeing weight loss as enough motivation. Good job on having a sane, yet enjoyable dinner.

Patchworkpenquin, well I think that reading your ARC’s once is a credit and doesn’t deserve a “hang your head in shame.” We all have our moments of mindless eating, but that “Oh well” attitude is so important. It’s already eaten and the best thing to do is re-commit to your plan and move on.

LisaK, congrats on a 10 lb weight loss! Major kudos for getting in a walk—yes it’s a start and a great one. And good job recognizing how difficult it is to eat mindfully in the cafeteria. It is probably one of those things that is going to take a lot of time and practice, but recognizing the problem is the first step. Thanks for the Emily Yoffee recommendation. I’m also a big fan.

BillBE, LOL at “Tasted like I discovered where Julia Child learned to start each dish with a pound of butter.” Great job working that kind of dining experience into your plan and it sounds like you were still very mindful of your hunger levels.

Hi RobinW! Glad you’re hanging in there.

Wndranne, ouch for the fall and close encounter with the cactus, but yay for the fun exercise outdoors and time with your daughter. Good for you for recognizing a weak spot and working on it.

Ruthxxx, sounds like shoveling snow is helping everyone get a bit of extra exercise. ‘Tis the season. Wine is also a weakness of mine. DH and I had wine most nights out of the week. It was a glass while cooking, a glass with dinner, and a glass after dinner to sip on until bed. Before Christmas, I had limited the habit to two, and sometimes three nights a week, which had been working well for me. I let myself slide last week, but I’m back to the old schedule.

Spacecadet, it’s great that you’ve found a group to walk with. It’s so helpful for the motivation. Your walk in the snow sounds lovely, and you’re right that the exercise is doable if you dress for it.

KidsLibraryLady, don’t get discouraged by the number on the scale. Yes, maybe you gained 20 lbs, but also remember that that might be a few lbs of water weight. My weight can sometimes change pretty drastically day to day because of water. But whatever the scale says, does it change your commitment to get back on the program and take care of yourself again? And I think your plan of going back, but not to the very start is a good idea. Just go back to what where you got stuck.

ChinaMaine, it sounds like you’re on a good start to getting back to Beck. And even though you were not practicing all of your Beck skills over your break, I am impressed how many you managed to keep up. Eating mindfully and identifying your hunger levels seems to have become second nature. That’s impressive and shows a lot of great work.

Bennyhannamamma, it looks like you and I are in the same boat, in that we both find re-committing difficult. I also have a difficult time when I don’t know the exact calorie count of every item I eat. Like you, I’ve struggled with eating disorders in the past and have had what my psychologist sister calls “disordered eating” all of my adult life. I’m always impressed with those on this site who are more intuitive about their eating. That’s my ultimate goal and for me, the Beck program is more about dealing with that than it is the numbers on the scale (though seeing them drop is a fantastic bonus).

01-05-2010, 01:09 PM
Billblueeyes- Boston is much colder then Malmo! The coldest its been here so far this winter is 4F...Now northern sweden is another story!! There is REALLY cold!!! -10F is what they are used to. Malmö is balmy to them!

ChinaMaine - My hubby brings me to balmy sweden. He is swedish and we moved here from sunny California in 2005;)

onebyone- I live in Malmo in the south of sweden. Its called the florida of sweden...In the winter the sun is up from about 8 till 4...Its not bad...Took me a few years to ajdust! Way up north in sweden they have no or little sunlight in the winter.....But the summer makes up for it with sunshine from 4 am to 11pm!
The high today was right at freezing and the coldest its been with the windchill is 4F

My walking buddies and I had to walk on our own because the snow plows didn't make it out to the burbs until well past noon....So the dog and I went down to the beach and walked along the frozen marsh lands for over a hour! We got about 2 inches of snow over night and its been very cold since before Christmas in the teens and 20's dog had fun playing on the ice and I tried to keep him moving since the pup is a boy and has to sniff and piss on everything!

I really hungry in the daytime and are finding it VERY hard to not want to eat. Im still waiting for my Beck Diet book to come in the mail. Ive been trying to distract myself with reading and watching movies....I think that tomorrow I might take a walk when the hunger starts.

My hubby is doing weight watchers and we are having a contest on who can lose the most weight in a month.....I will WIN!!!:carrot:

Beach Patrol
01-05-2010, 02:04 PM
Hi BECKstars!!!! :wave:

Ruthxxx ~ I believe shoveling snow is MUCH exercise, so YAY you! - and did you make it to the treadmill and gym?

pwpenguin ~ So you "didn't care/didn't read the cards/wasn't hungry/ etc." and you ate for the joy of eating. But did you see something there? "WAS REMORSEFUL RIGHT AWAY". For me, that is the Big Kahuna of this dieting thing. Somewhere in BECK (can't remember exactly where) she tells us that we are to RECOGNIZE that as a CRAVING and not as hunger. I have even been known to say it out loud: "OK, I know, I'm NOT hungry, but I am CRAVING this..." and somehow that helps me either ignore the craving, or not eat AS MUCH of that particular food.

And congrats on your NEGATIVE 5 lbs!!!! :congrat:

spacecadet ~ Major kudos for walking in the cold! :cheer3: When it's really cold out, I find myself myself being a wimp & refusing to walk... but I try to get in some other kind of exercise to make up for it. I'm trying to train myself to get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning and do some yoga or T-tapp or something, but so far, no joy. :dizzy:

CeeJay ~ YAY for your great day!!!! You're doing it! :carrot:

onebyone ~ Way to go with your "cold turkey" plan! - That sugar thing is SO HARD to quit... I didn't have any luck w/that myself yesterday (TWO cupcakes! argh!!!!) and WOO HOO for abstaining from being sedentary AND for drinking your water!!! :woohoo:

gardenerjoy ~ ...uh, YAY for the frigid weather? -hey! whatever helps ya stay on plan, I always say!!! :dizzy:

ChinaMaine ~ Sorry you've been feeling fatigued! - it's SO MUCH HARDER to diet & exercise when you're tired as all get-out! I hate it when I feel like that! ... :tired:
But YAY YOU for identifying your hunger vs. not-hungry and for eating mindfully & enjoying it! :cp:

bhmama ~ YIPPEE for your weigh-in, exercise & card reading! :broc: (dancing broccoli just for you!!!) I'm sorry you feel you have trouble "committing" this go-round. I never have trouble committing! I only have trouble STAYING committed... :chin: :D

shepherdess ~ It's GOOD that you're back to weighing & measuring... even tho eye-balling it can sometimes be easy, sometimes we DO go a bit overboard. I occasionally weigh/measure too, just helps stay on track when "my eyes are bigger than my stomach...." :^:

And of course YIPPEE for doing your weights & getting some spontaneous exercise, too! :cheer:

And last but not least.... Bill!!! ~ Congrats for your "normal day" with food & gym! And for skipping that evening snack to "adjust"! I think that's the true secret to weight loss.... ADJUSTING! :yay:

AS FOR ME... I ate on plan yesterday - PLUS (ugh) ...I was bad yesterday with the sugar. :dunno: Some WELL MEANING PERSON (:mad:) brought cupcakes AND left over b'day cake to work. I was fine - no cravings! - until I SAW them. :rolleyes: So I thought... well, I don't have a morning snack OR an afternoon snack planned for today... ONE little itty-bitty teensy-tiny cupcake won't hurt!.... and that one turned into TWO and THEN I even had a piece of left over b'day cake! (But! a little silver lining of credit in the dark cloud of sugar!!! ... I licked off the icing & threw out the "cake" part"... helped that it was kinda old & dry... heh!) :sssh:

I didn't exercise (walk) yesterday... it's too cold to "get out there"... so I'd planned to exercise when I got home from work, but my DH had a raging migraine, and I didn't want to make any noise to disturb him. I SHOULD have done Yoga or something else that was quiet, but I did nothing.

So ... plan for today... STAY away from sugar as much as humanly possible! - AND... will work out tonight at home with a DVD or ride my recumbent bike.


01-05-2010, 02:13 PM
I’m still having trouble logging on. My posts are going to be a bit sporadic until I get this figured out, but I am trying to check in every day even if it doesn’t happen.

Sunday’s Report: Finally a day On Plan! I won’t lie and say it was easy, but I did force that resistance muscle to do some work. I had to get out my advantages and response cards again in the afternoon when I was trying to tell myself that I didn’t care. I’m also back to carefully weighing and measuring everything. I was starting to eyeball my portions, and I have gotten pretty accurate on those things that I eat day to day, like a tablespoon of peanut butter or a serving of trail mix. But measuring and weighing just acts as a reminder before I sit down and eat anything that I am committed to my plan.

I also did my weights yesterday and got some spontaneous exercise digging the truck out of a snow bank while dh and I were feeding cows.

Monday’s Report: Eating was on plan. . .that is until my evening snack. I don’t know why I just couldn’t stop myself. So I had double the portion of crackers I had planned and almost double the portion of chocolate. That resistance muscle was just worn down. I had been fighting eating off plan all afternoon. Read my cards again and was successful until about 8 PM. Oh well, today’s a clean start.

On the positive side, exercise was great! I didn’t feel much like going for my run. It was warm (relatively) and there wasn’t much wind (again, relatively), but there’s still a lot of snow and it just sounded slick and muddy, which it was. I gave myself permission to finish my workout inside if I just did two miles outside. Once I started it just felt great to be outside and I was feeling pretty strong. I did all of my miles and put in a hard effort and came home very muddy but happy.

Midlifecrisis57, I’m totally impressed that you remembered the first 14 days of Beck, but it is funny that you couldn’t remember your own advantages. One thing at a time I guess. It is difficult to diet when you have such a long break between meals. That’s something I struggle with and hope that it will get easier with practice. Thanks for sharing about your struggles once you reached your goal weight. It was helpful.

CeeJay, kudos for getting your exercise, even with the cold, and getting back on the bike is an excellent alternative when you just can’t get yourself to exercise in the cold. And kudos for a day that was mostly on plan, and for packing your lunch to avoid the mistake the next day.

Gardenerjoy, yay for getting back to the routine. Kudos for a good day and for getting your exercise in. LOL that frigid weather makes you stay indoors and on plan. When our temps drop, I just want some comfort food.

Onebyone, congrats on another good day! Good job using your resistance techniques to avoid seconds. I like your incremental commitment to getting your house organized. I need to do that. I always feel like I need to get it all done at once. Congrats also on having classes filled. I know it’s scary, but just prepare and you will do great. Instead of stress eating, put the energy into your class prep.

Nuxmaga, what a great New Year’s realization. It is interesting that we need just the right motivation to resist food. I wonder why it is that I, and apparently many others, have such a difficult time seeing weight loss as enough motivation. Good job on having a sane, yet enjoyable dinner.

Patchworkpenquin, well I think that reading your ARC’s once is a credit and doesn’t deserve a “hang your head in shame.” We all have our moments of mindless eating, but that “Oh well” attitude is so important. It’s already eaten and the best thing to do is re-commit to your plan and move on.

LisaK, congrats on a 10 lb weight loss! Major kudos for getting in a walk—yes it’s a start and a great one. And good job recognizing how difficult it is to eat mindfully in the cafeteria. It is probably one of those things that is going to take a lot of time and practice, but recognizing the problem is the first step. Thanks for the Emily Yoffee recommendation. I’m also a big fan.

BillBE, LOL at “Tasted like I discovered where Julia Child learned to start each dish with a pound of butter.” Great job working that kind of dining experience into your plan and it sounds like you were still very mindful of your hunger levels.

Hi RobinW! Glad you’re hanging in there.

Wndranne, ouch for the fall and close encounter with the cactus, but yay for the fun exercise outdoors and time with your daughter. Good for you for recognizing a weak spot and working on it.

Ruthxxx, sounds like shoveling snow is helping everyone get a bit of extra exercise. ‘Tis the season. Wine is also a weakness of mine. DH and I had wine most nights out of the week. It was a glass while cooking, a glass with dinner, and a glass after dinner to sip on until bed. Before Christmas, I had limited the habit to two, and sometimes three nights a week, which had been working well for me. I let myself slide last week, but I’m back to the old schedule.

Spacecadet, it’s great that you’ve found a group to walk with. It’s so helpful for the motivation. Your walk in the snow sounds lovely, and you’re right that the exercise is doable if you dress for it.

KidsLibraryLady, don’t get discouraged by the number on the scale. Yes, maybe you gained 20 lbs, but also remember that that might be a few lbs of water weight. My weight can sometimes change pretty drastically day to day because of water. But whatever the scale says, does it change your commitment to get back on the program and take care of yourself again? And I think your plan of going back, but not to the very start is a good idea. Just go back to what where you got stuck.

ChinaMaine, it sounds like you’re on a good start to getting back to Beck. And even though you were not practicing all of your Beck skills over your break, I am impressed how many you managed to keep up. Eating mindfully and identifying your hunger levels seems to have become second nature. That’s impressive and shows a lot of great work.

Bennyhannamamma, it looks like you and I are in the same boat, in that we both find re-committing difficult. I also have a difficult time when I don’t know the exact calorie count of every item I eat. Like you, I’ve struggled with eating disorders in the past and have had what my psychologist sister calls “disordered eating” all of my adult life. I’m always impressed with those on this site who are more intuitive about their eating. That’s my ultimate goal and for me, the Beck program is more about dealing with that than it is the numbers on the scale (though seeing them drop is a fantastic bonus).

01-05-2010, 04:22 PM
I've been giving my eating plan some thought. I seems to be eating all the time during the day, which I thought would be a great thing, but I feel like the eating is interfering with my life, and I'm always thinking/planning about eating. Also I'm getting hungry at night. So I moved my mid-morning snack to nighttime, and that seems to go much better.

The Beck plan tells us to eating sitting down. chew our food, eat mindfully, concentrating on what we are eating, and savor our food. These are principles I learned in a previous 'eat only when hungry' diet but I don't alwyas put into practice. I made sure to do this for lunch today, when I ate my leftover steak, sweet potato, and bread. Afterwards, I went to write lunch down in my journal, and thought "is that all I ate? I thought I ate much more than that!" Which is what I'm supposed to think, so apparently that's working in my favor.

Shepherdess, LOL! but I was sooooo proud that I had finally remembered to read theARC twice for the first time ever. Next day, I forgot TWICE! I've decided to try to read my ARC three times a day and I might remember to read them twice. :D Right after the update a few months back, I had logged out of Chicks and was unable to log back in. One of my friends here could log in as me on her computer, and I could log in on other peopes computers but not my own. We found out the computer's date was incorrect, once it was fixed I could log back in. My plan is to never log back out again, too risky!

Beach Patrol, Well of course you realized this WELL MEANING PERSON was just rrying to get the food out of their house so they won't eat it either! I've been known to eat the cake but scrape the icing off. I think for me the 'didn't care/remorseful' thing ment 'its easier to ask forgiveness that to get permission' attitude of I'm going to do this anyway. Live and learn, do better next time! :).

Thanks guys for helping me see the positive within the negitive. :hug:

01-05-2010, 09:53 PM
So I totally forgot to keep track of my hungry status today. It was lunch before I even remembered. We are having work done on the house and I am hanging out in my basement with my girls for a few weeks. Throwing off my groove thing. :) Going to try tomorrow! Nope-- going to do it tomorrow!

BBE-- I haven't thought about Tabbouleh in such a looong time. YUM! Just looked it up on and there is a lot of prep time involved. sigh. I am impressed that you can sit by all that food for 40 mins. and eat fruit salad. :)

Chinamaine-- While you feel you have been off for a couple of weeks, I am impressed that you never felt overstuffed, especially considering the holidays season. That seems to imply that you are an incredibely conscientious eater, that is pretty awesome.

onebyone-- love your special challenge. I swear muffins speak to me. They looks so fluffy and yummy. And filled to the brim with calories! Good for you! I am sure you were successful and the muffins will speak to someone else's thighs.

Bennyhannamama-- Sorry about the scale today. Glad it served as a good motivational tool for you. Your post was interesting to me. It reminded me (and this is not meant as a criticism of you) that we are own worst obstacles when it comes to weight loss. Sounds like you are hard at work at doing the head-work required to get out of your way.

Penguin-- hi there! Nice to 'meet' you. I've been on an eating hiatus and haven't been posting. I like your idea to look at the last week as a whole. I, too, tend to get caught up in one singular food item instead of looking at the whole picture. I will keep that in mind.

Shepherdess-- Muddy but happy-- love it!!!! I am glad you had a good time. Sometimes it is fun to be a little child-like and get all grubby. Glad you were on plan for the most part. I can't keep crackers or chocolate in my house. Seriously. It could have been worse!

Spacecadet-- Nice to meet you! A walk on the beach sounds lovely. Keep us posted on how badly you beat your DH at the weight loss in JAN.

Beachpatrol-- the advantage of being a SAHM is that there are no co-workers to bring in food that isn't all that great but will I will eat anyway. I am loving the image of you licking off the icing. That is hysterical!

01-05-2010, 10:23 PM
Does any one else struggle with overeating as a distraction from disease? I've always had problems during allergy season. Now I'm dealing with an itchy rash. I have an appointment with a dermatologist next week. In the meantime, I need distraction. My favorite comfort, of course, is overeating.

Today, I put both of my afternoon snacks together to get something that approached what I really wanted (which was to eat non-stop) and then found a distraction far away from the kitchen.

Other suggestions welcome.

WI: -0.25kg, Exercise: +45, 235/1400 minutes for January, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

patchworkpenguin: yay for moving forward on the fairness issue!

KidsLibraryLady: give yourself credit for posting, too! You get credit for that whether or not you do personals!

BillBlueEyes: yay for a pot luck with real food and for finding a way to make an adjustment for larger than normal portions

ChinaMaine: great to see you back, with some Beck style credits in your back pocket and a new day to get some more!

onebyone: love your red note to yourself with the megaphone smiley -- I'll bet that worked!

bennyhannahmama: great to see you here and gently working your way through things. Reminds me of the "Act as if" advice I've seen around (can't remember if that's a Beck thing). Also that experimentation seems to be key -- what works for one person may not work for another / what worked for me a few months ago may or may not work now. It takes experimenting to figure out what works for me in this moment.

patchworkpenguin: (again) Yay for not giving up! I moved my mid-morning snack to later in the day, too. It works much better for me.

Shepherdess: Good job on getting back on plan. And starting today clean after a slip. Great job on the exercise! Muddy but happy sounds like a win!

spacecadet: You were warmer in southern Sweden today than we are in Missouri! Glad you got your walk in -- are frozen marsh lands scenic?

Beach Patrol: LOL at cheering the frigid weather. Bummer about the sugar-filled no-exercise day, but yay for a new plan for today!

KidsLibraryLady (again): looking forward to hearing how your hunger monitoring goes tomorrow. Workmen in the house always throw me into a strange state.

01-05-2010, 11:17 PM
Credit ~
Read ARC twice ! {aiming for three times helped:D}
ate mindfully mostly
exercised~ 50 min boxing DVD
wore ped ~ 2623 so far...
ate almost on plan
took vitamin

Not so Much ~
didn't finish to-do list but made a big dent in it.
+1.2lbs oh, well!

I've been cooking more which I think is helping with the healthy eating/weightloss. If I cook we aren't opening a can of something. And then there's leftovers. I'm a big fan of leftovers. Hubby is helping me with the eating, He might say he wasn't seconds, but he hasn't been a stumbling block for me by going back for more in front of me. He had a snack on Mon. Walked intot he den and stopped, then asked me if it was okay if he ate in front of me, offering to go elsewhere. Very sweet of him

Joy, Have you tried witchazel on the rash? I'm prone to dry rashes in the winter and sweat rashes in the summer {always something!] for me witchazel works much better than rash creams. I used a cream for two weeks once, switched to witchazel and my rash went away within three days.

LibraryLady, Hi to you too!

01-06-2010, 01:27 AM
Here's my Before Bed Check-in Coaches:

I successfully met my challenge and walked on by the muffin and coffee place TWICE on the way to work and back home. credit x 2:carrot::carrot:

:carrot:today's credits:carrot:

- ate breakfast
-ate lunch and dinner
-no sugar
-abstained from being sedentary by walking to mall and back
-ate sitting down 99% on track but I did have three strands of spaghetti "testing" them for doneness as I stood at the kitchen counter. I had to remind myself to stop. That's not OP behaviour. I stopped BIG credit here. Really.
-ate only one on the larger side, but only one, bowl of spaghetti, a meal I alweays overeat BUT NOT TODAY. Ha! In your face spaghetti:p
-drank water
-read my arc and some response cards
-read chapter 3 in Beck Workbook "sit down to eat"
-wrote in my journal

Lots of credits today. Thanks coaches for all the great support. Have a great night.

01-06-2010, 05:28 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Took a long walk after work - CREDIT moi - grateful for enough sunlight to get started even though I returned after dark. For all my whining about cold weather, winter does bring killer good grapefruit and the one I had for my evening snack was as good as they get. Eating OP; CREDIT moi.

onebyone - Two MONSTER Kudos for twice skipped muffins and another for "In your face spaghetti." Lots of moving about yesterday.

ChinaMaine - Great quote that nobody trips over mountains - gotta remember that next time I take on some small task that eats an entire weekend, LOL. Neat that you're going to read Beck's first book. I assume that I got the eat til satisfied notion from Beck but don't recall where. For me it means that the feeling of hunger has passed. Ouch for the fatigue, sending supportive thoughts for that to pass.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Well, posting is a commitment so you're doing that much. Just keep on stepping over those small pebbles.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Good strategy to find a distraction away from the kitchen. Yep, I've eaten for every reason that can be devised - distraction from itching is one of them.

KidsLibraryLady - LOL at the thought of camping out in the basement while work is being done in the house.

Beach Patrol - We just gotta get a law passed that baked goodies CANNOT be brought to work to give out - maybe OK for personal use, LOL.

Shepherdess - Yay for "muddy but happy" - I'll think of that next time I try to use the weather as an excuse not to go out. Kudos for fighting the off-plan eating. Sorry about your login difficulties. On another thread someone had that problem until they set the date and time correctly on their computer. (By the by, you can delete - [EDIT, DELETE] - your duplicated post if you care to, although I enjoyed reading it twice, LOL.)

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - I'm glad that Beck directly addressed discouragement so that it doesn't feel dirty or something. Kudos to your DH for being so supportive and sensitive. I, too, like leftovers and find that knowing I am planning them into lunches helps me to avoid eating them straight from the fridge.

Maggie (spacecadet) - It's good to be reminded how looooong Sweden is; 4 degrees F certainly doesn't seem like winter. Walking the frozen marsh land appeals to me.

Readers - day 14
Plan for Tomorrow

Planning what you eat is essential. It helps you do the following:
. . .
• Eliminate Spontaneous eating. Spontaneous eating - the little nibbles of snacks, leftovers, and other food - is often what keeps dieters from losing weight.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 135.

01-06-2010, 08:52 AM
Good morning. I walked to my Book Club meeting last night and the trip was cold but fantastic! We met at a house down on the Lake and it was just gorgeous with the Christmas lights. No reflections as the Lake was frozen solid.

One goof in planning - forgot to take my Perrier. However, I did have calorie allowance for a glass of wine and kept it at that so I would not be picked up for impaired walking. :)

Planning is better today. Yes, the grapefruit are wonderful now! I'll get some more next time I hit the city.

01-06-2010, 09:25 AM
The Good :angel:
Lots and lots of credits yesterday!
- Used resistance techniques – (I had to liberally use ‘hunger is not an emergency’ before lunch AND dinner ;)) – credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – this is one I actually did today, after weeks of procrastinating. Someone really smart on this list commented that it’s just as easy to log good behavior as it is to log food and calories. I started doing it today and it’s pretty simple to fold into my routine – credit!
- Make a food plan, ate on plan
- Log every bite I eat
- Make an exercise plan, walked 33 minutes!
- Read my cards
- Identified hunger vs non-hunger every time I ate
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating
- I posted here

The Bad, :no:
- Daily weigh-in – nope
- Spontaneous exercise – ditto

and The Ugly :stars:
- Used resistance techniques – I had unplanned food after dinner last night – ½ glass of wine and 2 Hershey’s kisses. I only ended up 10 calories above my goal for the day, but I want to be able to make and stick to a plan after dinner. So, I will find those post-dinner response cards again and put them on the coffee table to keep my inner-adolescent-fat-chick in line.

Yesterday was the first day I exercised in almost a month. It felt great to walk outside. I’ve adjusted to the winter temps, so our warm spell (34 degrees!) felt positively balmy to me. Today however, I feel quite tired. But I’m hoping I’ll feel better later and I’ll be up to doing the 30 minutes of walking I’ve planned for every day this week.

one by one :yay: for the pounds coming off. All your hard work is beginning to show! :yay: for avoiding the coffee and muffin cart!

Kim (bennyhannamama) Weight fluctuations of even 3 or 4 lbs happen to me all the time. But if that lb sticks around for a while, I guess it’s a sign that something should change… About the lack of commitment – and this thought is probably way too Freudian – but could you be feeling a lack of commitment in response to your recent divorce, sort of a generalization? (yeah it’s a wacky thought and probably has nothing to do with anything…)

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) 1.2 lbs could easily be short term water gain that will disappear just as quickly if you eat well and begin to exercise again. But your response – to look at the big picture – was perfect. Kudos! I too do a snack in the evening rather than mid-morning most days. I only have a mid-morning if I’m really hungry.

shepherdess Congrats for working that stiff resistance muscle so hard – it’s just what it needed! Lol at the spontaneous exercise involving a snowbound truck.

spacecadet The nice thing about Beck is that it’s more a way to think about food, exercise and weight loss, rather than a traditional diet plan. You can use her approach with whatever weight loss plan works for you, even WW. So, you could join WW and still beat your hubbie. ;)

Beach Patrol Yes being fatigued can make almost anything harder I’m afraid… Ouch for the attack of the sugar monster . I hope you had a much better day yesterday!

KidsLibraryLady Thanks for the positive words about not feeling overstuffed. It’s because I’ve been practicing the Beck-skills for almost a year now, so some of them have become pretty easy to do with minimal thought and effort. Besides I hate that overstuffed feeling now. ;) Good luck logging your hunger status today!

gardenerjoy I have a habit of using food to distract me from anything unpleasant. Just yesterday I had to use my resistance muscle to keep from eating when I didn’t want to do something at work. Can you try your response cards, or your list of distractions that Beck had you put together?

Bill I walked mid-day yesterday. It’s really not safe to walk in the dark on our dirt road, especially as the snow piles on either side of the road make the road skinnier and skinnier as the winter goes by. I’m going to give your ‘satisfied’ standard a try when eating, it’s a very interesting concept.

Ruthxxx Your walk to the book club sounds enchanting. And kudos for using the lesson learned last night to plan better today!

01-06-2010, 11:49 AM
Kudos moi....I'll read your posts soon my friends, but I just have a sec and want to thank you for helping me resist a desire to eat late last night. I had driven home in very bad slippery weather on the hills of my area and I was shaken and tense, particularly in my neck area. Also had just seen "It's Complicated" which was a reminder of all the pain of being the child of divorce. Anyway, stood before a cabinet full of good comforting food at my inlaws and waited until I felt the embrace of this forum chanting "don't do it, you don't have to eat, it won't be worth it" and I resisted! And I got very sleepy and went to bed. THANK YOU FOLKS!!!! You have become a still small voice that I can "tune into" when I need your help.... much appreciated!

Benny: hang with us, you!
more soon. xxxx

01-06-2010, 02:23 PM
Its cold here! Its 28*! And its supposed to snow for the rest of the week! Snow! whine~ I thought I lived in the hot humid South!

We normally have dinner at another couple's house on Thurs night. She called and asked if we could meet tonight because of the weather. So I have to get myself together a day early. I make a dessert Wed {for Thurs' dinner} anyway so I have everything ready i just need to get busy. She and I both quilt so I bring my sewing machine and we sew after dinner, while the guys watch TV.

01-06-2010, 10:13 PM
Hello Everyone

onebyone-kuddos on going cold turkey and no sugar. That is great. Resisting pop- great and good for you for walking and drinking water. Don't forget to celebrate how good it feels to do what you want to do!! Congratulations about your two classes.

gardenerjoy-credit for another quarter pound gone. Love the idea about only comparing self to other dieters and maintainers. Makes so much sense.

patchworkpenguin-do not worry for a minute about the 1.2 pounds, it is likely just fluctuation. Beck says to weigh ourselves every day so we can get used to the fluctuations and not get discouraged.

KidsLibrarylady-glad you are back. That is the only thing that matters at this point. It is all just learning how to do it different. That's the way I am trying to look at my many, many attempts.

BillBlueEyes-normal food, normal trip to the gym. Credit.

ChinaMaine-welcome back, hope you are feeling better soon. Your plan sounds excellent. Yay for all your credits.

bennyhannahmama- I am going to try to find the Mother/Daughter book. Sounds very interesting.

Shepherdess- yay for your on-plan Sunday and Monday. Darn evening snacks. I hate it when things go well all day and then I blow it half hour before bed. I did the same thing as you did yesterday- ate on plan all day and then gorged myself on dip, guacamole and tortillas. Till I felt sick.

spacecadet-hope the Beck book comes soon. I am sure you are going to like it. I found so much in there that has changed the way I am looking at myself and eating.

Beach Patrol- lol your comment that you have no trouble committing, just staying committed. So true for me too. Darn food at work. Yesterday I just wanted to say, "keep your freakin treats out of my sight". I feel like I need to put on a blindfold to go get coffee or my ever-so-healthy lunch out of the fridge.

Ruthxxx- I bet it was beautiful down by the lake. Delta is such a nice town.

midlifecrisis57- excellent that you were able to resist eating last night. Glad that this forum is helping.

For me- I had a great day yesterday until last thing at night, where as described above I did not exercise my resistance muscle. This is stuff I cannot have in the house, was left over from a weekend dinner I had with friends. I just can't afford to see food like this. So I took everything I should not eat, which is stuff left over from Christmas i.e. chocolates, and put it in a plastic bin and put in husband's at home office and told him to feel free to eat it when I am not there. A good thing though, I went to bed feeling stuffed and it was a very unpleasant feeling, which is good because before stuffed just felt normal.

Credit for today:

weighing in
reading advantages and response cards
30 minute walk
20 minutes on exercise bike
eating on plan
made lunch and planned tomorrow's dinner
did weights
posted here.

Take care :grouphug:

01-06-2010, 10:49 PM
Hi coaches

Today DH and I went shopping for his job interview outfit. I know more about sport coats vs blazers, boat shoes vs. slip on "casual" (they don't look very casual to me), shirts tucked in, untucked, two button jackets, three buttons, two vents, one vent. Man. Men's clothes are quite limited in pieces but the minutiae is endless. Sport coats originated for sporting ie. hunting. The leather patches at the shoulder or the elbow are to help with the recoil of the rifle. Who knew? Blazers are traditionally nautical with brass buttons. Brass buttons or metal buttons go with gold watches. What I couldn't recall is do the socks match the sport coat or the shirt cause I know they aren't supposed to match your shoes... your pants?

Anyway DH found shoes (bland black slip on conservative. I am soooooo not conservative!), khaki pants, flat fronts. They looked good but in a very weird non-colour a grey of some sort: green grey? I almost want to say sage green but it's not. Weird bland non-colour=perfect goes with everything. We didn't get a shirt and he wore his suit shirt but it's just wrong. DH bought a suit without me this year and it is AWFUL. :p DH is a big man and his suit does nothing for him and ladies we all know suits can do a lot for a man. A LOT.
I chose his socks. That was fun. Woo!

Tomorrow we'll see about the sport coat downtown and maybe a shirt. I saw some great shirts today on the way home from the school.

Anyway I am freaked out now. OMG this is really happening. And then when my mind leaves DH and the drama of a job interview far away for a job even farther away (London England *gulp*) my mind travels to my own drama of teaching a week from right now, today.

So how did this affect my food today?
It didn't.
Food is not a solution to these stresses or "high class problems" as my sister calls them. Indeed I am LUCKY to be stressed over this!

I remembered: if I have a problem and I eat over it, then I have two problems.

So checking in today:
credits for
-3 meals today
-no sugar, second helpings or being sedentary
-ate sitting down
-weighed in once
-did not use food as stress relief today
-read my arc and response cards from the workbook
-will read chapter 4 before bed and do my journalling then too

BillBlueEyes I thought of you today as I ate my leftovers for lunch. I have enjoyed leftovers all week long due to my moderate portions. There are always leftovers and gee, it's really nice! Now I know why you mention it so often. It is REMARKABLE to me that _I_ am doing that now. Wow.

Ruthxxx I really enjoyed being out last night too. We have had snow for 13 days in a row now and along with that we've had very little wind so the snow is building up on the braches of the pines around here. It's quite unusual as the patches of snow are meeting up so there are huge swaths of snow on the branches. The snow travels down the to the tips of the pine tree branches and it always looks like a big white gloved hand to me. Winter definitely has a beauty all its own.

ChinaMaine So many Beck Behaviours in your list! :cp: CREDIT for each and every one!

midlifecrisis57 Isn't it amazing how a bunch of text on a screen that shows up attached to a pseudonym can come to have such meaning in our everyday lives? I too have felt the wisdom of this group when I was in trouble. I give this group all the credit to keeping me connected and willing to try to figure this out and to keep trying until I get it (I got it right now.) I would surely be 100lbs heavier without this group. :hug: to everyone and kudos to you for listening to us! ;)

patchworkpenguin It's always interesting to me to hear from someone in a different weather zone. Here we have had 13 days in a row of snow, there you guys are readying yourself for a snowfall. The difference, of course, is that we expect snow and are prepared for it. You guys will really be caught off guard: no snow tires, or snowplows I assume. It really will be a weather event. I wish you well! It sounds so pleasant, your sewing after dinner with your friend. Do you work on a quilt together or your own projects?

Time for bed. I actually have a printmaking class starting tomorrow. I am a student, not the teacher in case you wondered or I'd be :crazy: right now.

01-06-2010, 10:56 PM
A good thing though, I went to bed feeling stuffed and it was a very unpleasant feeling, which is good because before stuffed just felt normal

Hi CeeJay we were both posting... I completely relate to this as I have spent more time feeling hungry in the last 6 days that the last 6 months. I am getting used to it and haven't been stuffed during that time. I look forward to this being "the new normal".

Kudos for all your credits today!

01-06-2010, 11:14 PM
No major news-flash-- I eat until I am past full. :) Tonight I had some off-plan pop rocks. I'd be lying if I said I regret it. That was a tablespoon of fun, yes it was. Did my exercise and sat for most eating. Ate slowly, not so much. My big girl was gone all day (she is two) so I just had the baby so no spontaneous dancing today for me. It is freezing so I am VERY GRATEFUL that we own a treadmill and elliptical!!!

Gardenerjoy-- Ugh for an itchy rash. I hate how long it takes to get into a DR. when you are miserable. Sounds like you were able to find a distraction.... would an oatmeal bath be a welcome distraction and help with the rash?

Shepherdess-- I am not having any problems posting... are you still having issues?

Penguin-- how sweet is your husband! I have started cooking a lot more today. I am making our bread now to try and cut down on preservatives. Problem is, I like it a lot. :) It's 20 degrees in Ohio... but it is supposed to be.

onebyone-- What a FABULOUS credit-licious day! --- edit-- I think we were posting at the same time... love the quote you shared-- "if I have a problem and I eat over it, then I have two problems." Perfection.

BBE-- I didn't know that about grapefruit. I may have to buy one. The basement is finished so it isn't too bad. Just two more weeks and back above ground we go.

Ruthxxx- I knew people who were picked up for impaired walking... ahhhh college.

Chinamaine-- I just noticed your weight loss.... WHOOOOOOO! Glad to know some of the beck skills will become second nature. Gives me hope. ;)

midlifecrisis-- I also hear the Beck-thread voice. Glad it proved useful to you. I put down some bread today b/c I didn't want to confess. :)

Ceejay-- glad to be back, too, thanks! "it was a very unpleasant feeling, which is good because before stuffed just felt normal." Woohoo!! That is a very good thing, yes?

01-07-2010, 12:38 AM
We had DH's nephew and his girlfriend, sophomores in college home for winter break, over for supper and a movie. I discovered a nice thing about entertaining -- I get to obsess about food all day (planning, shopping, prepping, cooking) and still eat completely on plan!

We're expecting 4 to 8 inches of snow tonight and ridiculously cold temperatures for a couple of days. Besides food for tonight, I got enough food that we don't have to leave the house for a week if we don't want to!

WI: +0.45kg, Exercise: +0, 235/1400 minutes for January, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

patchworkpenguin: thanks for the witch hazel suggestion -- I would never have thought of that. But I have some, so I'll try it tonight!

BillBlueEyes: yay for yummy citrus!

Ruthxxx: kudos for walking to Book Club and keeping it at one glass of wine

ChinaMaine: what a long list of credits! Yay you!

midlifecrisis57: I've also experienced this group as helpful voice in my head -- cool, huh?

CeeJay: kudos on recognizing that overstuffed no longer feels good -- and all your credits for today!

onebyone: Oh, good job, on acknowledging all of those stressors and not letting it effect your eating! DH has been upgrading his wardrobe, so we have the Nordstrom book about Men's Style on the coffee table -- socks match the pants!

KidsLibraryLady: I have some oatmeal stuff somewhere...okay found it! It's sitting on the edge of the bath and I'll use it in a few minutes. Thanks for the reminder!
I bake all of our bread (using a bread machine for most of it). It does get easier to resist overeating when it's just a normal part of your routine. However, I always try to plan a snack for when it comes out of the machine. If I can have a hot slice or two and have it be on my food plan, that makes me happy!

01-07-2010, 01:26 AM
Credit ~
-1 lb :D
read ARC twice
exercised < 5 min -150 kettlebells swings- burned 62 calories.
wore ped ~ 6195 so far
took vitaman

Not So Much ~
ate off plan
off and on mindfully

I got to the sabatauging thoughts day. Started my list/card.

Joy, I hope the witchazel works for you.

LibraryLady. I'm not very good at yeast bread. it doesn't rise well in the house, and the bread gets dense. I'm much better at quick bread.

OnebyOne, basically the city shuts down when it snows, even only a few inches. People don't know how to drive in snow/ice either. My sis lives in FL, they don't have heat in their house, only a space heater.

CeeJay, You were right about the lbs. Its gone. Hopefully for good. Good job on all the exercise!

Midlifecrisis. Credit for resisting temptation!

ChinaMarie, LOL, inner-adolecent-fat-chick

Bill, My BIL won't eat leftovers at all. Hubby looks at them and asks if they are still good, everytime. "Dear, would I serve you something that would make you sick??"

Its late and I"m off to bed.

01-07-2010, 01:40 AM
Hello Buddies, I'm going back to Jan 4 page 3 to catch up on our journeys together.

BillBE: I just saw "It's Complicated" (by accident, but it was an interesting movie for thinking about transforming lifestyles midlife and, oh, FOOD/pleasure/sexuality!) and it brought to mind your french repas. Hahaha--and coincidentally, the piece de resistance of the table in the movie was Croque Monsieur! And I LOVE "if it isn't real hunger, food isn't the answer." :DThis is one to recall often!

LisaK: I looked up the Emily Yoffe link and found her dog book. Thanks for the tip! I work with rescue dogs and I find beagles to be one of the toughest breeds to rehab--they are quite the rascals, very vocal, and so busy sniffing the ground and burying goodies that they are extremely hard to walk! No offense to any beagle owners out there--I'm sure they can be sweet and well-trained, and I do love Snoopy (who is a beagle, right?!) We certainly can learn alot about appetites by observing dogs--that's for sure!

wndrane: what I'd give to be cycling in Arizona this time of year! I envy you!

Rithxxx: I'm with you on the wine. I was dry for years, but recently started enjoying a bit of wine with friends. It's tempting to get back into a bit of wine and beer now and then. Its good to hear your wariness, it resonates my conscience.

Penguin: Oh, you are so good at confessing you broke diet willfully! I love that you offer no excuses for your transgression! I wondered if you were to look back at your food recently you might see some indiscretionary over- or under- eating leading up to the incident. I see that later you did just that and found a pattern before the willful break--as if your mind was trying to signal to you at that point to look at what was going on and where it was headed. Credit for confessing and busting yourself and then triple credit for reflecting and weighing in and reporting!
I love that you spread your wings teaching Bible study and have come to appreciate the role of leader! Do you know that you are teaching by example in your brave admission of being on a slippery slope? Thanks for reminding us to reflect on our behavior and to recollect ourselves and recommit to our mission. It's inspiring.

SpaceCadet: I LOVE WALKING with walking buddies! I used to walk in the evenings with a gaggle of new moms in the 'hood. I walked off all my baby fat that way, and we talked too! Walkin'talkin'therapy! AH, those were the days!

Ceejay: thanks for the encouragement and the good example!

Onebyone: Big portions, I hear you! I enjoy your posts! I think its cool that you checked in after breakfast and committed a resolution to pass the muffin stand to us! Hope it is going well. AVERT THE EYES!!!! AND BLOCK OUT THE SMELL. Got perfume on a lapel or scarf or something you can bury your nose in as you walk by?

Gardenerjoy: Comparing myself to successful dieters and maintainers, especially with the great models I have here on 3FC, has been a great cure for the "it's not fair!" thought. Brilliant. Haven't come to this passage in Beck yet and never ever considered this before you brought it up! Righto!

kidslibrarylady: ohhhh a baby? And ooooo I just clicked on your link to fitday. What a cool tool! Thanks for making it appear on your posts!

ChinaMaine: your post makes me happy!

BennyHM: There you are! On your sensitivity to measuring in public--yeah, that would be awkward! How were you doing it--carrying measuring utensils? Eyeballing is the way to go in public, no? What choice do we have?
On nutritional info: I found a great website just putting in the search engine: nutritional info hummus...or whatever I ate. I think the website was something like nutrionalinfo. Anyway, the worldwideweb is at your service for any and all such information, its all there. Also, when you are out, you can ask. Today I was at Panera and had some tomato soup--and I asked the barista for nutitrional info and she went and got a book and looked it up for that very portion of that very dish. OMG it was 300 calories and 19 grams of fat! I was surprised at the content, but pleased that I could ask and get an answer. So, do ask either a person or find an online source. Also, check out kidslibrarylady's link to FitDay. I think it finds the nutritional info when you type in the food--automatically. Right? Yes, you might have to estimate a bit, but be conservative and go for it. (supposedly, women underestimate how much they eat, so go conservative, Mama)

must get sleep. I will check in again later. Adios amigos! Love youse!

01-07-2010, 05:24 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - The gym (CREDIT moi) still wasn't crowded. Maybe the New Years crowd isn't coming this year. Had cherries for evening snack to finish a day on-plan - CREDIT moi. I asked DW to measure a "serving" of cherries for me since they are in that group of foods for which I think the container is one serving. (Like Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies and cashews.) I'm happier serving myself an orange, apple, or grapefruit where the serving size is obvious.

onebyone - Boggling thinking about having a visual person such as yourself helping me shop for clothes. My DW considers my clothes to be my problem. Yep, "non color" is just right for khakis. If you go to London you'll have to buy yourself proper clothes to meet the Queen - won't that be fun.

ChinaMaine - Interesting that you were whacked with hunger before two meals in the same day. Kudos for fighting that. Glad you got out to walk in balmy Maine weather.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for obsessing about food yet staying on plan. Sounds like you could be a professional chef and not gain weight.

KidsLibraryLady - Ouch for "past full" - good to be able to observe it. I'm becoming a fan of eating very slowly for the first few minutes of a meal; it truly helps to kill the hunger feelings.

Shepherdess - Waving (in case you can read but can't log on).

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Cold night walking appeals to me. Thinking about your Perrier reminds me that we didn't "take away" DD's crib to which she was so attached, but we gave her a "big girl" bed about which she was very excited and didn't notice that the crib had been secretly removed out of her sight.

CeeJay - Kudos for dumping the holiday goodies on your DH (presuming that he doesn't have a weight problem). Course three was Fruit Dish - small cubes of various fruits with finely chopped mint and lemon juice. Course four was Poached Chicken Breast, Sweet Potato Hash, Spinach, Sauce Bearnaise - a single small mound with just the tiniest bit of hash.

midlifecrisis57 - You've made me add "It's Complicated" to my movie list. Neat that you can carry the thought of this thread in your head for support.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Just love it that Tennessee is colder than Maine. LOL at you DH's response to leftovers; I couldn't live without them.

Readers - day 14
Plan for Tomorrow

Planning what you eat is essential. It helps you do the following:
. . .
• Tolerate occasional hunger and cravings and learn that you can withstand them.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 135.

01-07-2010, 08:54 AM
Hi Coaches:

I am rushing this morning-I have an errand to run before I make it mto class and will be late for the class I think-and I am grabbing food to get myself out the door.

Just telling all of you I am NOT EATING SUGAR TODAY.

:wizard: muffins be gone!:wizard:

01-07-2010, 09:28 AM
:df: WI-no weigh-in. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – op; Exercise – off-plan – (no exercise). I was very tired again yesterday and chose to give my body a day of rest.

The Good :angel:
- Used resistance techniques – I didn’t succumb to the sabotaging thoughts that I have every evening – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating
- I posted here

The Bad, :no:
- [NEW behavior] Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – This something BillBE mentioned doing at a event-meal, and I find the idea intriguing. I imagine this is something that most thin people do without thinking about, and I’d like to learn to do it too…
- Daily weigh-in – nope
- Did planned exercise - nope
- Spontaneous exercise – ditto

and The Ugly :stars:
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – I can give myself partial credit because I did give myself credit before 9 AM, but forgot to keep track of my positive behaviors the rest of the day. Today I will log all my positive behaviors.

midlifecrisis Kudos for hearing the small, supportive voices of this group. I find the voice of my sabotaging voice can be quite loud and insistent, so I find this very impressive!

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) My DH and I have been chortling watching the evening news the last few nights because the temps in the deep south and Maine are comparable this week. It seems that most people in the country could come here to warm up right now. Quite an unusual weather pattern we are having. But, it’s got to be tough for you guys and I hope it warms up soon.

:yay: for being down a pound.

CeeJay Kudos for moving Xmas food out of your space! And credit for all the exercise you did yesterday – quite impressive.

one by one DH might get a job in London? Wow! I’m so jealous; I’d love to live in London for a year or two. It’s a really fun city and so close to all the places in Europe I’d like to see more of. You could take weekend mini-breaks to go to Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels. (sigh – did I mention I was jealous?) But I understand a change like that is stressful to contemplate, and admire the way you are handling it! Lol – muffins be gone indeed.

KidsLibraryLady Kudos for exercising indoors, when it is freezing outdoors. Yes, Beck has been the key to my losing over 40 lbs. I’m sure I’ve had a small step backward over the last 6 weeks of not adhering to the plan, but I’m getting back on board now and things will start moving in the right direction again. And yes, it’s so much easier when the skills start becoming second nature.

gardenerjoy I too prefer entertaining because I can control the food. Even the snacks can be on plan when at home, and that’s usually hard to do when you visit other folks.

Bill Can your DW come and measure my portions too? ;) It’s one of the things I’m afraid I’ll never get good at…

01-07-2010, 01:10 PM
From Tues Jan 5th 11:56 through page 4-6 Jan2010 Beck,:carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot: through mine.
Kudos for saying “But measuring and weighing just acts as a reminder before I sit down and eat anything that I am committed to my plan. “ I agree! This is so true! Weighing and measuring is A behavioral WAY TO SLOW DOWN AND BE MINDFUL. If we are struggling to get back on track, why not weigh and measure a slightly larger portion than usual, account for it, plan for it, and get the discipline back before trying to eat desired portions. I think that’s what is meant by stepping back to restart. I think you have to work all the steps of the program, but you can change your diet plan temporarily (ease back on portion size). Sometimes some of us can go cold turkey, other times we need to be kind and gentle to the little demanding appetites within, and retrain the outer behaviors first. The appetites will follow. Can you log in when you feel you in danger of giving in? Just sharing your struggle AS IT HAPPENS, a la early intervention—can help. I grab my personal journal at every desire and craving and reflect, but knowing and using this site to intervene has helped me get through the times I couldn’t do it alone. A little breathing exercise—, 3 minutes of any breathing awareness exercise helps. First it gives you 3 minutes to reflect before you give-in, and second: it can move awareness of need to body digestive system to check in. Try breathing shallow long breaths, like Pilates breathing—you know? with rib cage still? Sitting with back supported, it helps me feel my pelvic muscles and stomach “breathing” in and out: and that awareness can give my resistance muscle needed support to trump mind hunger or eye hunger. PS. I LOVE YOUR PICTURE OF YOUR SHEEPIES! They ARE (part of?) your flock, I assume?
Beach Patrol:
My heart goes out to you for giving in to the sight of the cupcakes/cake. Was it really craving, preceded by obsessing about sweets? Or was it desire, acting on impulse given the opportunity? I think it’s an important distinction to make in terms of learning to avoid in the future. Had you just eaten lunch? Or were you waiting for lunchtime or planned eating? Was lunch a meal you really enjoyed? Was you next meal going to be enjoyable? I think part of the trick of managing temptation is to be able to look down your nose a bit at stale/left over/discarded food because you just ate something you enjoyed more (fresh! Colorful! Tasteful!) or you are looking forward to same (“ummmm, I’d rather wait for roasted curried carrots than eat this day old junk!”)…If we are gourmands, let us step up to the bat and become gourmets. No Sams Club cake, nono, hold out for more interesting fare of your choice!
I am enjoying the geography lessons on Sweden! There is a Florida of Sweden? Ha! Who knew? I’m going to check that out! What is your situation with Beck books? You have one or none of the 3 books yet? On the subject of distracting with reading and TV/movies: I just read somewhere that these two activities are the last two choices to make if you are trying to resist. In fact, people tend to eat more snacks after doing these (and extended computer work) because intellectual activity uses up glucose which depletes blood sugar which raises hunger! Suggested alternatives were to organize a closet, or a drawer or get out for some sunshine or do an errand. Or quick post an sos on 3fatchicks!
Onebyone: LOVE the “Before bed checkin” to coaches. Kudos! Sounds like you had a good day. Is accountability helping you? I knew you could master the muffinshop resistence with all of us pulling for you from hyperspace!
BillBE: you are my rock!
ChinaMaine/BHM: CM: I think you are on to something. Divorce--along with any major life change--is a Significant Stressor is a red flag for weight fluctuation. My dearest BHM: professional therapy an option? You might not want to face this period of your life without expert support. We’re here to back up what you learn from an expert!
CeeJay: Kudos, girl, for Step 7 work, arranging your environment! I call it Stage Setting and think of it as my job at my theater, I am the diva of course! It’s fun and empowering to do something like that. And I bet hubby is impressed woth your courage and resolve! My poor hubby gets lots of my castoff foods, and his moms, and he is showing it! But he can diet much more quickly and easily than I can. I’d never win in a competition with him on this front! He’s more muscle and less soft fat tissue, he is always busy with some project that involves his hands, and he’s not that interested in sweets.

Kudos Moi: I have made 25 posts! Can I do dancing vegetables yet? And I noticed that I might be overdoing raisins in my morning oatmeal. Cut way back today in a sobering moment. I want to see if it helps reduce the "itch" later in the day. I make a little face of it with raisin eyes and grin. Kudos in the bowl. ha. Grace to you all! CU

01-07-2010, 01:50 PM
I managed to avoid chocolate last night, but it took about all of the willpower I have. It bothers me that eating on plan has been such a huge struggle this week, but I guess I just need to give myself credit for one successful day and work on making a second successful day in a row. I don’t know why I find it so difficult to remember that hunger is not an emergency. I guess the struggle is a good reminder not to let myself get sloppy because it is so difficult to get back on plan. A few lazy days just aren’t worth it.

I did jump roping inside yesterday instead of running. It was 0 F when dh and I were feeding the animals yesterday and the wind was blowing and the snow was falling. Luckily we didn’t get too much snow, but it’s going to be a few more days of indoor workouts. Dh and I were laughing at the weather report that predicted highs of 5 yesterday and then temperatures falling rapidly by late afternoon. Luckily, we were safely indoors by the time they started falling.

BeachPatrol, LOL for licking off the icing and throwing out the cake. I have to remember that one when I’m find myself with that cake that I just can’t say “no” to. The cake is just a vehicle for frosting anyway!

Patchworkpenquin, it is amazing how helpful it is to be mindful when eating. I just never understand why it’s so difficult to make myself do it consistently. Yay for a supportive husband! That is so helpful. I hope you warm up soon. 28 is very cold when you are not prepared for it!

KidsLibraryLady, isn’t it funny how it only takes one change to throw off your whole diet? Well, good luck staying on track while your house is in chaos. Thanks for the reminder that the off plan eating could have been worse.

Gardenerjoy, interesting that a totally unrelated medical condition leads to overeating. Do you think it is due to some crossed brain connection—you feel discomfort and immediately think of hunger? I don’t know if an Aveno oatmeal bath would help with the itching. I get them for dh during the winter to help with his itchy skin. I’m totally impressed that you ate on plan while entertaining.

Onebyone, huge kudos for walking on by the muffin and more for not overeating on spaghetti. And yay for not letting stress effect your eating!

BillBE, I’m loving those winter grapefruit as well. I liked your idea of enlisting your dw’s help in measuring portions. I have those foods in which a package=1 portion, no matter the type of package (dried fruit, crackers, chips, nuts etc.). Thanks for waving when I can read, but can’t post.

Ruthxxx, your cold walk sounded great. Kudos for sticking to a single glass of wine. BTW, I also use sparkling water as a substitute for wine. Somehow it feels like I’m drinking something fancy without adding extra calories.

ChinaMaine, I love the idea of logging credit like calories. Congrats on adding that to your plan, and it looks like you had a lot of credit to log!

Midlifecrisis57, huge credit for resisting the urge to eat after a tense drive. I HATE winter driving.

CeeJay, good job getting rid of food that you can’t have around. I need to do some of that.

01-07-2010, 02:04 PM
I got up at 6am and it was white outside. I checked and the county schools were closed which ment no Bible Study so I went back to sleep. We didn't get as much snow as they expected {less than an inch??} just a dusting but AR got slammed. Last night the weather prediced snow just for today, now today's weather says its going to snow/flurry the rest of the week, with a low on Fri of 5*. :eek: Its been years since it got as low as 5*. The most snow I've ever seen living here in Memphis was 6-8 inches back in '84.

Lately, I"ve felt the thinner. I've lost 5lbs and keep gaining and losing the last lb over again. But I feel thinner, healthier, and just happier about myself and my shape. I should concentrate on the way I feel not what Mr. Scale says.

MLC, Thanks for reminding me that I can be a good example, and the triple credits. I started eating oatmeal several years ago for the fiber help. I don't really like it but could choke it down with several TB of brown sugar. Then I realized the 'several TB of brown sugar" was defeating the point. I was getting fiber but at what cost. so I stopped eating it. I would occasionally try it again {especially in winter} with something else. April loved the oatmeal with melted peanut butter experiment. ICK, I finally dicovered I could mix a few TB of applesauce in and almost enjoy it. Love your raisin smiliy face! Bring on the dancing veggies!

ChinaMaine, Reading is a little hard for me sometimes, I just realized you are China Maine not Marie as I thought. Sorry for getting you name wrong. Did you hear me say BRRR! when I got up this morning! :eek:

Shepheress, Mindfull eating may be a habit like any other that we need to work on to develop. I find I can do it better home alone than when trying to talk/engage someone else. Kudos on avoiding that choc! Exercise that resistance muscle to make it big and strong!

01-07-2010, 03:44 PM
Penguin-- pick up and carry around a five pound bag of flour.... you lost that!! No wonder you are feeling better!

01-07-2010, 11:02 PM
Evening Coaches

I have one HUGE credit to report.

I went to the visual art teacher's meeting tonight and they had pizza for us. My friend G, also a teacher and fellow art school grad with me last June, reminded me at printmaking class this morning that they serve pizza at those meetings.

I spent the afternoon wondering how to handle this.

The meeting went from 5:30 to 8:30pm and I got home at 2:30, fast food lunch in hand. Too early to eat supper before I left for the meeting so I planned to have: 2 slices of pizza, no seconds, no soft drinks. I carried my coffee from home with me to tide me over. IT WORKED. I followed my plan. I feel great right now. Though it would have been unlikely for me to actually get up for seconds in front of all those people, I would have had an iced tea which is definitely all sugar so credit :carrot: credit :carrot: credit :carrot:

:carrot:carrots earned today:
-read my arc and response cards last night, journaled in my book and read chapter 4 Build Your Confidence = giving yourself credits ... doing that here and now
and today:
-no seconds no sedentariness no sweets
-no stupid muffins either
-at sitting down
-ate slowly and mindfully
-drank water and will have more before I go to bed
-3 meals no snacks = the right plan for me for today
-faced my teaching fear by going to see the room I will be in, taking a tour and getting the lowdown on procedures. It now feels borderline do-able. Having seconds of pizza would not have made dealing with the fear of teaching a class any easier or any worse. I would have just felt bad about going off plan and bad about eating.
rememberrememberremember :soap: if I have a problem and I eat over it, then I have two problems
also: I can be stuffing my face or facing my stuff
also: persist in victory

01-07-2010, 11:10 PM
Credit ~
Read ARC twice
Dusted and Laundry
ate mindfully mostly ;) sitting at the table not in front of TV like I wanted
exercised ~ 30 min walk/jog intervals + 10 min Pilates
Had a minor mid-morning skirmish with choc but did much better the rest of the day
wore ped 4844 ~ including exercise

Not So Much ~
+1lb :?:
minor mid morning skirmish with choc

LibraryLady, Good point about the flour. 5lbs seemed insignificant in face of my overall goal.

Onebyone Good job facing down that pizza and coming out the winner!

01-08-2010, 12:17 AM
Our 4 to 8 inch snow storm dropped about 2 inches. As one of my Facebook friends said, Snowapocalypse 2010 was a wee bit overhyped. Instead of weather, our news was dominated by a scary drawn-out workplace shooting incident.

After telling KidsLibraryLady that I don't overeat on my home-baked bread once it became a normal part of the routine, I did today. Two problems: a new recipe (so not as routine) and eating standing up (so I barely registered what I was doing). Two solutions: be extra careful when I try new bread recipes and eat it sitting down, for pete's sake.

WI: -0.15kg, Exercise: +45, 280/1400 minutes for January, Food: off by 2 slices of bread, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: LOL at the container is one serving -- BTDT on Thin Mints, too.

ChinaMaine: sending you energy vibes for that fatigue -- hope you're feeling better soon, and I'm so impressed how much on track you are in spite of it.

midlifecrisis57: love the raisin smiley face -- sometimes it's as simple as that!

Shepherdess: I think it's a success to realize that the struggle to get back on track makes the sloppy days not worth it. Good job on finding an indoor exercise to substitute for your preferred sport!

patchworkpenguin: Glad that you got less snow that expected, too. Do you think it's the exercise making you feel thinner? I've noticed that I feel thinner at this weight than I did the last two times I was here; I'm crediting the tiny amount of strength training that I've added to my routines.

onebyone: yay for following your plan with the pizza -- and double yay for making the plan in the first place!

01-08-2010, 01:02 AM
Joy, Someone on my exercise forum posted this quote today.

Jenny Hendershot says "When I started training I weighed 130 and was a size 7. Today I weigh 130 and I'm a size 2. I always tell everyone the scale determines nothing. Its the size of the pants that matter."

I Googled Jenny

01-08-2010, 04:36 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Crunch time at work, with the singular saving grace that I get to take credit for not raiding the vending machines for Hersey Almond Chocolate bars; CREDIT moi. I so unfondly remember the days when I'd just buy two to save making the next trip. No exercise today; Oh Well.

onebyone - Waving back at the blur who is "NOT EATING SUGAR TODAY." And sending HUGE Kudos for making a plan about the pizza and sticking to that plan. Yay for "persist in victory."

ChinaMaine - Yay for "identified satisfaction vs fullness."

Joy (gardenerjoy) - LOL at "Snowapocalypse 2010." But not laughing at your workplace shooting - that was scary reading from way over here. Interesting that a new bread recipe is enough of a break in routine to forget.

KidsLibraryLady - Gotta try that carrying around the lost weight idea to get some gratitude juices flowing. It seems funny to me that it took me a while at the gym before I was lifting weights that weighed as much as my lost body weight.

Shepherdess - Hope that posting means that you've solved the login problem. Yep, "temperatures rapidly falling" from 5 degrees F would send me inside. Good thing you have your new warm coat.

midlifecrisis57 - LOL at too many raisins because I do that. I have to count the raisins going into my granola or I end up with about half raisins. Drives me crazy that I can't just sprinkle on a few raisins like a sane person.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Feeling thinner is one sweet reward. And yay for pilates - 10 minutes of those can be a workout.

Readers - day 14
Plan for Tomorrow

Planning what you eat is essential. It helps you do the following:
. . .
• Make decisions about eating before you encounter triggers. Let's say some friends invite you to dinner. They offer you some tempting dessert. The decision is already made: no. The dessert isn't on your plan so you don't eat it. You don't have to weigh the pros and cons. You just stick to your plan. This eliminates the tension and struggle.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 135.

01-08-2010, 07:47 AM
:df: WI-no weigh-in. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – op; Exercise – op (40 mins).

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – yay!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – yipee!
- I posted here – oh yeah!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yep!
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – I did this yesterday, and wow what a difference it made. I ended up eating almost 200 calories less than I planned! I was quite resistant a couple of times; I had to really talk myself into it.
* At breakfast I left half my food on my plate, and ate about 1/2 of what was left as a mid-morning snack.
* Since I had a mid-morning snack, I wasn’t hungry for lunch until almost 2 PM. For lunch I left about 1/4 of my mac and cheese on my plate, but I finished my fruit and veggies.
* Since lunch was so late I wasn’t hungry for a mid-afternoon snack.
* For dinner, I ate all but 1/2 a ravioli.
* And then I only was hungry enough to eat half my evening snack.
* Even better, it felt good to be satisfied, rather than full. This exercise was a real eye-opener for me.

The Bad, :no:
- Daily weigh-in – nope

and The Ugly :stars:
- Spontaneous exercise – nope

It’s nice to feel I’m getting back in the groove again!

midlifecrisis Kudos for cutting back on the raisons. What do you think of putting in a small amount of blueberries and nuts instead?

shepherdess I too have found that using my resistance muscle is much harder after exercising my giving-in muscle even a little bit. But if I do my best to use my resistance muscle over and over, it does come back to full strength. Kudos for working your resistance muscle so hard! Ouch for the cold weather!

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) :yay: for feeling thinner! It can be frustrating when the scale is slow to show what we can feel is happening, so kudos for your positive attitude. Lol at jennyh’s quote – that is classic! And credit for all that exercise.

one by one :carrot: for your successful day of planning and follow through yesterday. Who’s the boss now? You, and not food!

gardenerjoy Ouch for overeating ‘new’ bread. Lol at for pete’s sake

Bill Posting at 3:30 AM – hope your work crisis subsides today… Credit for avoiding the vending monsters!

01-08-2010, 09:06 AM
Good Morning Coaches

CONFESSION: I was disappointed by the scale today. It's is 3lbs higher than the number I saw yesterday BUT 4 lbs lower than when I started last week.
I am 272.8 down from 276.8. :carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot: 4lbs gone.
The shift, of course, is sodium for eating TWO fast food meals out of 3 meals yesterday. Persist in victory I say! I warmly accept my 4lb loss.

I just had breakfast: carb protein veggie fat and now am enjoying my delicious Baby's Coffee sent to me by my sister from lovely Key West Florida. Caramel Decaf coffee to boot! My mother arrived home a few days ago and I retrieved the xmas parcel from my sil yesterday morning. My sister told me there was an island-style t-shirt for DH to bring with him to the Bahamas + a shirt for me. He now has a bright blue tshirt with a giant eye in the front and all the Baby's Coffee info on the back. Nice.

I am in at the school this morning but doing some work for myself in the print room. I am meeting my friend S there and showing her how to use the wood carving tools to make a woodblock for woodcut relief prints.

Oh boy. I have to run. I pledge to run past the muffin stand and to check in later. Have a great day gang.

01-08-2010, 09:12 AM
Still working on getting my head together. Had a bad encounter with some baked gorgonzola crackers because I was hungry and didn't do an intervention. :nono:

Today will be fine as it is planned, allowing for having a guest for lunch (male) who will want dessert after he has his healthy cabbage/bean/soup tarted up with a swirl of yogurt and some French bread just for him. I've got a sf raspberry syrup and lf ricotta thing in mind and have already prepped veggies for tonight's stir-fry.

Go me! (And get on the treadmill first thing.)

01-08-2010, 11:13 AM
Well Im still waiting for my Beck book to come in the mail. Next week my weight loss program begins. Since the 1st of Jan Ive been working on my own with diet and exercise at home. Ive lost 2 pounds :)

Did some more walking yesterday but today its been bitter cold for a change so we worked at taking down the christmas stuff and a bit of winter cleaning. I was out with the dog for 30 min but it was -4C or about 18F outside and we both were very cold. Tomorrow the temps will be in the 30'sF so I will resume my walking!

Midlife: The part of sweden I live in is called Skåne. We are just across the sound from Denmark.
Its much warmer here then the rest of the country but we have fierce winds all years round. Thanks for the tips...When Im hungry I will clean or go for a walk :)

01-08-2010, 12:02 PM
Another day on plan, nevermind that it was harder than it should have been. Oh well, hopefully that resistance muscle is getting stronger. I was having huge urges for pre-dinner snacking, but read my cards again. Then, after my evening snack I was tempted to scrounge around in the cupboards for something sweet. I almost gave in, but then thought, “If I can resist until bed, this will have been a perfect food day.” That did the trick.

I did run a short run outside. It was cold, but too pretty to stay inside. Chinook winds are here and temps are on the rise today, so things are looking up.

Patchworkpenquin, you guys are having some crazy weather. I hope there are some good points to waking up in a winter wonderland. Yay for feeling thin. It’s indicative of a positive attitude—the scale just takes some time to catch up. But don’t toss out the scale. It always helps me on those days when I’m feeling fat. I’ll step on the scale and see that it’s the same as the day before. I love the Jenny Hendershot quote.

Onebyone, great job coming up with a plan for a difficult situation and then sticking to it! And kudos for finding a constructive way to deal with teaching anxiety. LOL at “I can be stuffing my face or facing my stuff.”

Gardenerjoy, LOL at the Snowpocalypse of 2010. I guess it’s better to prepare for a big storm and have it arrive pretty mild than the other way around. Sounds like you did a good job coming up with a plan to avoid unplanned bread incidents. But it looks like you have a lot of successes (weigh in, posting here, exercise, reading cards, etc) and one minor mistake.

ChinaMaine, yay for “it felt good to be satisfied, rather than full.” It’s great that you able to listen to your body and stop eating in response to fullness. Congrats on all of “the good!”

BillBE, Ouch for the crunch time at work, but yay for not turning to the vending machine. Are you still taking your fake vending machine runs to give yourself a break? Hope things ease up for you soon.

01-08-2010, 07:05 PM
I am so %&*^3(^@^$ COLD! The house is freezing, everything I touch is freezing. Its not supposed to GET this cold down here! I thought about working out but I'm too cold! I've started drinking coffee to stay warm. I don't even LIKE coffee! There's water dripping out of all the pipes so they don't freeze, which combined with the coffee keeps me getting up every few minutes.

Not much planned for the weekend. Does huddling in bed to be warm count as a plan???

Hubby and I watched the movie Up a few days ago which started out depressing but had a cute middle and end. Yesterday we watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs which turned out to be pretty cute. We watched District 9 which was horrible. Anyone else seen any good recently we can try??

01-08-2010, 10:38 PM
Hi All,
I'm excited that I met my calorie goal all this week, yay! It's a good motivator for me to get the numbers to trend down, rather than have each day "perfect"--and it's easier to give myself credit. Today I did about 3000 steps, and Zumba, credit. That makes three Zumbas for the week! I also ate only my planned snack at work, in spite of having a spike of obsessiveness and general "stuck in my head" anxiety, so big credit for that. Dh's car remains in the shop, with no word on whether it is fixable, and he just found out that his school is eliminating its residential program to save money, and selling the grounds, which would include the garden he runs for the horticulture program. Lots of uncertainty. I went into Marshall's last night and did the circling of the snack shelves, definite foraging for treats behavior, plus some ocd indecisiveness for good measure. . .but I haven't done that in awhile, and finally left with some candied almonds, and didn't have the whole bag, so credit for that.

patchworkpenguin--dh and I like to joke that any steps taken in cold weather count for at least double!

Shepherdess--yay for resisting scrounging for something sweet, and finding the right motivator for stopping. I've been noticing that the more distressed I get about it being hard to resist old behaviors, the more stressed I get which in turn amplifies the old patterns even more. I'm trying to practice reacting less--it's hard, but I'm listening to a mindfulness meditation cd from Jon Kabat-Zinn's book on mindfulness as a way to deal with depression and that is helping.

spacecadet--Credit for being down 2 pounds, and for taking the dog for a walk!

ruthxxx--credit for planning a nice menu for your friend, and making it healthy as well as tasty.

onebyone--Yay yay yay for all your Beckian actions the past couple weeks!! And dealing with dh's job interview brouhahah!

ChinaMaine--very cool for checking to see if you are satisfied! That's a victory, since my automatic behavior is to finish what's on my plate as if the plate magically knew what I needed. . .

Bill--Kudos for resisting vending machine snacking! Starting with the new year our cafeteria is closed between 2-4 and the sign encourages us to use the vending machines for any snacking. . .it does cut down on pudding parfaits, but I don't need anyone advising I visit the vending machines.

Gardenerjoy--Yay for adding strength training to your routine. I am in the pre-contemplation phase with that--I know it would be good for me, but I'm scared of injuring myself.

midlifecrisis--congrats on making 25 posts! That's a great habit to get into.

01-08-2010, 11:54 PM
credit ~
+.4 lbs Wait, if I gained is that a credit or a not so much????
Read ARC twice
wore ped ~ 2419
took vitamin

not so much ~
overate at dinner.
didn't eat mindfully either

Not a great day but there's always tomorrow.

01-09-2010, 12:26 AM
Shoveled snow for 60 minutes of exercise today! It wasn't as cold as they predicted.

WI: +0.35kg, Exercise: +77, 357/1400 minutes for January, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

patchworkpenguin: thanks for the great quote -- I'm really starting to believe that it's the pants size that is going to matter to me more.
I recommend working out as an antidote to being cold -- my favorite cold day workouts are the Island Girl DVDs, hula and Tahitian dance. So much fun and filmed at a tropical outdoor location. I just pretend that I'm in Hawaii. They're still cheap on Amazon:
We liked Up, too. The last movie we really liked was 500 Days of Summer. Baby Mama is pretty fun, too.

BillBlueEyes: good job on avoiding the vending machine -- and remembering to credit yourself for it!

ChinaMaine: so glad that the satisfied vs full exercise has worked so well for you! And that you are feeling in the groove and enjoying it.

onebyone: way to go by counteracting the disappointment from one day's scale reading with the elation from an entire week's scale readings.

Ruthxxx: sounds like a great plan! Go you!

spacecadet: good job on the walking -- LOL at 30 minutes of walking the dog on a day when you claim no walking.

Shepherdess: yay for staying on plan even when it's hard and for things looking up weather-wise.

Nuxmaga: I have injured myself every previous try with strength training, so I'm terrified of it, too. My strategy is to do one 10 minute workout from the 10 Minute Solution: Target Toning for Beginners most days. I've been doing it, I guess since October (but not always as consistently as I'd like). I haven't injured myself and I have been very pleasantly surprised by the results, not just in how I look but, even more, in what I'm able to do -- walk up steps and work in the garden without pain. I get the video free with my Netflix account on the Watch Instantly tab, but I'm pretty sure it's available as a DVD as well. The only equipment required is a pair of hand weights. I'm using a 1-pound pair since I'm so scared of injury. If I could keep my consistency up for a couple of months, I suspect I would feel comfortable graduating to 2-pounds.

01-09-2010, 06:37 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Crunch time at work resolved for the week. It works for me to go in at oh-dark-thirty when no one's around to get some stuff done without interruptions. Put a banana in my briefcase for an extra morning snack to keep me away from the vending machines. Even though it was cold and snowing lightly, we walked to our play last night; CREDIT moi. A brisk walk does wonders for fighting the cold.

In the minor achievement department, I stopped eating the corn chips I had served myself with dinner when I was finished with the soup; CREDIT moi. There were only two left (and, since no one was looking, I put them back in the bag) but my former self would have just snarfed them without thinking. It's a step for me to work the option of stopping - however small the amount left.

onebyone - Congrats on the four pounds gone. Yay for coffee that makes you happy. Hadn't heard of "Baby's" before. Googled and found this review, "Best. Coffee. Ever. Should make Starbuck's cry."

ChinaMaine - Yay for leaving "1/2 a ravioli" and half of breakfast. You're really working this satisfied thing.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Neat to think of weekly goals instead of daily; Kudos for meeting both your calorie goal and exercise goal. Nope, nobody needs to be encouraged to go foraging at the vending machines.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - 60 minutes of shoveling snow is exercise I'd recognize, LOL. Kudos for continuing your strength training carefully rather than being blown off by prior injuries.

Shepherdess - Kudos for flexing that resistance muscle - especially when the evening snackies were attacking. Yep, I did take a couple of faux vending machine breaks. It reminds me that there's high value in short breaks; a little movement and a little distraction allows the mind to re-engage.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - That soup lunch sounds great. Ouch for "gorgonzola crackers" sneaking up on you, buy Yay for goraonzola in small quantities to add resounding flavor to just about anything.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Nope, Memphis just isn't supposed to get that cold. But you're better off than parts of England where many houses don't have central heat.

Maggie (spacecadet) - hmmmmm... your "-4C" does seem a bit chilly for the Florida of Sweden. Congrats for losing your first two pounds even before your Beck book arrives. Hope they aren't shipping it by boat, LOL.

Readers - day 14
Plan for Tomorrow

Once I accept the fact that I have to
write a food plan every evening for the
next day, dieting will be easier.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 139.

01-09-2010, 08:08 AM
After weighing my self in Kilos and then pounds....Ive lost 6 pounds since Jan 1 2010. Its a great start to my goal I hope to make and go over in the next 6 months! Those size 20 capri pants I bought in the states last summer will never be on my *** again!!! :)

The mail service is horrid here between Dec 20 till at least the second week of Jan. I get a sms saying it was shipped on friday....So I hope I get it tuesday for my weigh loss class on Wed night :)

01-09-2010, 08:54 AM
:df: WI-no weigh-in. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – op; Exercise – off-plan (no exercise). I was fatigued yesterday, so I skipped exercise and quit work an hour early.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – oh yeah!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- I posted here – yipee!

The Bad, :no:
- Daily weigh-in – nope
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – I did it until 9 AM and then forgot once I got into work…

and The Ugly :stars:
- Spontaneous exercise – nope

one by one yay for the 4 lbs down! And kudos for the great attitude in spite of the short term spike on the scale.

Ruthxxx Sounds like you had a great plan yesterday!

spacecadet Kudos for losing 2 lbs before your book even arrives! Nice you can bid size 20 adieu!

shepherdess Congrats for working that resistance muscle so hard! Ouch that you have to…

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) Kudos for your doing your daily weigh in, and ouch for the fluctuation up. I hope the weather starts changing for you soon; some parts of the south seem to be warming up …

Nuxmaga Yay for meeting your calorie goal for the week, and for leaving some candied almonds. I’m sorry about your DHs job, I’m sending positive vibes your way…

Bill Kudos for walking to your play. Nice job putting those 2 corn chips back in the bag!

01-09-2010, 08:55 AM
A Good Cold -18C (windchill -29C) Morning Coaches

I had a bit of a wObBLy food day yesterday. The weigh-in continued to bother me though I tried to push it aside so I think that set off sabotaging thoughts and behaviours. After I came home from the school I was very hungry and I ate some leftover spaghetti but was still very hungry and was craving protein. DH was starving and I found 2 pork chops so we cooked them up and I ate it, a good 30min after my spaghetti meal. This is slippery behaviour for sure. I did stop. and then I was satisfied. Meanwhile I was cooking a turkey and for dinner, when the turkey came out of the oven I was testing the leg to see if it was really done and then I starting picking at the bird; little bit here, little bit there. I could barely wait to eat it. I made potatoes, stayed obsessed about the bird, then FILLED my plate as much as I could, more to satisfy my eyes and my need for MORE. I overate but I didn't have seconds and I was very full and the scale showed a 0.8 loss today so O WELL. The other thing that was going on was DH discovered he'd be responsible for a $150 hold for every day of his stay in the Bahamas and we don't have $450 clear on ANY card! We have beggged and borrowed to get this trip for DH. Even though he is being reimbursed we still had to find the money upfront. Very tough but hopefully a real investment for our future.:crossed: He emailed a few folks and it's all cleared up now and
we heaved a sigh of relief and this too was going on right before the turkey was served. This is the kind of thing I have to guard against: using food to calm down or to get some pleasure when I am stressed. It easily slides into uncontrolled eating binges, something I cannot afford at any price.

So a credit for stopping and a big credit for big leftovers!
Credits also for no seconds and for no sugar....and on this front... my friend at school handed me a gift. Her mother sent her these cookies, only available in Macau, China. She traveled there and send S a whole box of them so S brought me one. A famous Macau almond cookie. Lord what do I do with that? It's like the box of Key Lime Coconut patties made in Key West that sit on DH's desk right now. Special food, not from here, that I have never had. Such a HUGE trigger for me to eat them up! I have resisted but I really don't want to let sugar back into my life today. So, for today, they are verboten. I'll freeze them in the big freezer if DH still hasn't eaten them by tomorrow.

I didn't do much exercise yesterday but I wasn't sedentary either. Just normal moving. I didn't read my arcs, or day 5 in the book, or the response cards and I didn't journal.

Anyway enough of what's past here, we are at today, Saturday. I am off to the school to continue the final studio touches: making the commercial glazes and filling up the glaze buckets. I don't have to have this done today but I need to have a few more hours on my cheque to get my max pay and it's all about max pay right now. I'll get extra exercise by walking to the transit station to get bus tickets this morning. When I get home we pack DH's
duffel bag and our friend will pick us up at 4:45am to get DH to the airport for his 7am flight. He'll arrive in the Bahamas at 12:55pm. He's taking my netbook so we will be using Skype to communicate. A first for us! I can't wait to get my Bahamanian reports...

Better go.

Enjoy your Saturday coaches.

01-09-2010, 08:36 PM
I just got the Beck book from the library last week and it makes a lot of sense in my life. I only have 10 more lbs to go but can't seem to stay motivated. Its hard and I need support so I'm here to join in with you

01-09-2010, 09:45 PM
I just got the Beck book from the library last week and it makes a lot of sense in my life. I only have 10 more lbs to go but can't seem to stay motivated. Its hard and I need support so I'm here to join in with you


Congratulations on your success so far! Beck will help you get the rest off and then help you stay that way. There is lots of wisdom here. Glad you found us and Dr. Beck's book(s).

01-09-2010, 10:24 PM
Evening Coaches

It's supercold here tonight. On the plus side we aren't expecting snow or stormy weather so DH's plane ride should go as planned. Our friend Tim is picking us up at 5am to get DH to the airport for 5:30am, a good 90 min before his flight to Toronto and then to the Bahamas. He'll be at his destination at 12:55pm if all goes well. We've got him all packed and checked off his lists and everything is a go. I/we are so hoping for a good outcome from all this. Everything is financially even more precarious this month. It keeps getting worse but if this goes well it will start to get better. A nice shiny new job would be great.

Once DH leaves I will write out my first lesson plan for my first drawing class on Wed night. yikes. But from the reaction I am getting from friends when I tell them what I am planning to teach they are super supportive and almost all of them say they wish they were taking my class too. In my art class we had a severe lack of demos or of practical direction. I think the rationale for this is to avoid imprinting our way onto the delicate students. I think that's being too cautious. I have had teachers imprint on me and I've shaken that loose too-and kept some tricks as well. It all evens out in time if you keep making things/doing art. I'm not worried. I'd rather a new student feel confident and solid to move forward. My real goal is to get them out of the fear of drawing and into the creativity of it all-the freedom of drawing I suppose. Only 5 classes to do this in too and then 5 painting classes. It'll go by very quickly.

Foodwise it was a very odd day for me today. I ended up consuming only two meals, completely missing lunch as I was in transit this afternoon and arrived home to a starving DH so we made he dinner I was planning early. Now it's late and I am still full (we split a big huge plate of nachos that DH made. This is one of the best things he makes.) Credit :carrot: though here for: no seconds, no sweets, walkingwalkingwalking=no sedentariness, I'll take credit for journalling and reading my Beck Book Day 5 and my arcs and response cards. I also installed a ticker to my signature with my goal weight on it. I don't plan to stop until I am there or below or wherever it is best for me...this is just a suggested number for now but I am staying positive:yes: that I will reach it and then maintain it. Credit also for buying food to make several more dishes from my turkey that I will freeze for meals later in the week. This is a planning ahead credit that I really want to savour as I am trying to do more of that, especially as I see that leftovers are such a great thing!:carrot:

ChinaMaine credit for all your Beck behaviours. That's quite a complete list! I have been eating to fullnes the past two suppers and need to go back to the satisfied feeling just as you are practicing it. Thanks for the reminder. I doubt that you can eat to a very full tummy AND eat to shrink the tummy at the same time.

spacecadet Congrats on your 6lb loss and your banishment of the size 20 capri pants off your ever shrinking ***. I too have size 20 black capri pants I want to get rid of cause they don't fit my *** anymore. I look forward to letting you know when that happens for me.

BillBlueEyes Tonight we had about 12 nacho chips in the bag and I couldn't leave them there. I emptied them onto the rest of the pile and we ate them. Kudos to you for carefully putting them away. I definitely would have either eaten them or tossed them if I had been in your shoes. You chose the moderate path. This is why you are such an inspiration. Kudos also for staying away from the vending machine and for walking on a cold winter night, though, as I have posted before, some winter nights are spectacular. May you have many of those this winter BBE :)


01-09-2010, 11:13 PM
Hello everyone

onebyone-you are doing great. You are so right that food is no solution to stress. Even good stress. Thanks also for your encouragement. BTW, excellent job on the pizza.

KidsLibrarylady-laughed about your description of eating the pop rocks and not regretting it.

gardenerjoy- kuddos for eating on plan. And 60 minutes of shovelling, that ought to have burned a few calories.

patchworkpenguin-congratulations on another pound gone. And never mind about the bouncing of the scale, I go through that all the time too and am determined not to worry about it.

midlifecrisis57-thank you for posting about the breathing exercises. I was using this today to slow down. I find it hard to remember to "calm down" as Beck recommends before eating. I am the original speed eater!!

BillBlueEyes-nope, DH does not have a weight problem. He is in the same size jeans as when we started out together- which was 30 years ago. No, I don't hate him. :D. Thanks for the description of your big lunch. It sounds divine.

ChinaMaine- your good list is getting very long. Sounds like you are really "in the groove" again. Yay.

Shepherdess- good job avoiding chocolate. And good for you for resisting even though you don't want to. Building the muscle!!!

Ruthxxx-your planned menu for the meal with your friend sounded healthy and delicious.

spacecadet- congratulations on 6 pounds gone. LOL re the capri pants.

Nuxmaga- congratulation about meeting your calorie goal all week. That's fantastic.

katiekonie- welcome!!!! Good luck on your journey to lose the last 10.

As for me, it has been an up and down couple of days. Went shopping with DH in the city all day yesterday. Ate Dim Sum for lunch, which I had planned and did not overeat (this may have been the first time in my life I did not overeat Dim Sum). Stuck mostly to the steamed stuff. However, not so good was going through the McD's drive-through on the way home. Had planned a veggie sub at Subway but did not practice any resistance. Oh well. Done.

Today I ate on plan, weighed in, rode exercise bike 30 minutes, did weights, read cards, and posted here. So a good day.

Tomorrow's food is all planned and healthy. I am on a mission to do 7 days straight of on-plan eating. I really need to stop the amount of straying I do.

Take Care. :grouphug:

01-10-2010, 12:07 AM
An uneventful Beck day.

WI: +0.2kg, Exercise: +57, 414/1400 minutes for January, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: yay for stopping the corn chips! That's a skill I need to work on.

spacecadet: yay for 6 pounds down!

ChinaMaine: yay for all those credits about monitoring your state of hunger and satiety!

onebyone: good job thinking through all of these issues and making small improvements in your thinking as you go along. Hang in there!

katiekonie: Welcome!

01-10-2010, 01:04 AM
Credit ~
I'm thinking... :(
wore ped 4057
had a nice day with Hubby.

Not So Much ~
Forgot the actual ARC card but went over reasons in head twice {partial credit :cool:}
+2lbs ~ overeating on pizza
no exercise
some mindfull eating but not very much
chowed on tortilla chips before lunch at Mexican place ~ but did stop when I realized {partial credit }
attacked the choc

Not one of my better days. The gain has me flustered and disappointed.

Bargin Watch: For those of you who video exercise...check out Dollar Tree for 6 different DVD workouts in acrdboard cases from Exercise TV {blue and white packages}. These are pretty good workout demos of what's available from ETV. Each DVD has a 20 min workout and a 10 min workout.

CeeJay, I need your attitude about gains.

Katie, Welcome. good job on your loss. Beck can surely help you with maintaining your loss.

Off to bed. Looking for a fresh start tomorrow.:dizzy:

01-10-2010, 07:04 AM
:welcome: katiekonie :welcome:

And, in honor of your first post, :wel3fc:

How did you learn about the Beck books?

And how did you find this thread on 3FC?

01-10-2010, 07:09 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - It's kinda embarrassing; we've been invaded by those moths that find their way into grains. Been sorting through all cereals, grains, rice, even granola bars where they've burrowed through the plastic wrapper. Ugh! Some old stuff being tossed isn't bad, but they don't discriminate and some recent stuff is going also. Haven't had this before; I feel violated.

Did my gym that I skipped on Friday; CREDIT moi. Ate on-plan in a standard Saturday way that included my much loved peanut butter with banana and walnuts sandwich for lunch; CREDIT moi.

onebyone - Good grief, you've already left for the airport! Bon Voyage to your DH. May he return with a new job and the major upheaval to both your lives that that will cause. Kudos for channeling your stress into planning for your new teaching role rather than eating. Thanks for the wish for spectacular winter nights; I do love those.

ChinaMaine - This is just so Honking good, "Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied." Kudos for diving right into this.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for "An uneventful Beck day." It's my dream to have those day, after day, after day.

CeeJay - Dim Sum has the draw to overeat; Kudos for conquering that. Ouch for the Mickey D's, it happens. Course five was Coffee Pots de Creme, Warm Palmers (a little elephant ear pastry). Course six was Coffee, Herbal Tea, and Birthday cake. Glad to share the menu.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Ouch for the "flustered and disappointed" with a slight upward bump. Beck has some useful thoughts for dealing with that when she discusses dealing with a plateau - it's day 38 in her first book. Kudos for the clear attitude, "Looking for a fresh start tomorrow."

Maggie (spacecadet) - Congrats on your six pounds gone. Keeping my fingers crossed for a rapid delivery of your Beck book. Is there a nearby library with English language books that might have this before yours comes?

katiekonie - Yep, those last ten pounds take a bit longer, so some extra support is good. Are you already on a food plan and an exercise plan?

Readers - Week 3
Go: Start Your Diet

It doesn't matter if you're starting a diet for the second time or the twentieth time. The knowledge you've gained and the practice you've put in for the past two weeks makes you more equipped than you've ever been to:

Plan what you're going to eat.
Eat in a healthy way.
Resist hunger and cravings.
Respond to sabotaging thoughts that lead to unplanned eating.
Give yourself credit and build your confidence that this time you can succeed.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 140.

01-10-2010, 07:45 AM
Reading voraciously and not eating that way.

Bill, I've had those dratted meal worms a couple of times. Just ditch them before they start building webs on the ceiling of your pantry closet. I keep most grains, seeds and flour in the freezer now.

I've printed out Week Three's excerpt and it's on my fridge. I did stock up with fresh fruits and vegetables yesterday and plan the coming week menus so I'm ready to roll. My birthday is Thursday but the friend who is cooking dinner for me is a healthy cook so I think I'll be fine. I just need to get a grip on quantity.

01-10-2010, 11:55 AM
WI-no weigh-in. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – off-plan; Exercise – off-plan (no exercise). My fatigue was worse than ever yesterday. I was hoping to help DH stack wood as my exercise, but I just felt woozy and weak so spent the day in bed. It made me really bummed, and ‘I don’t care’ floated in-and-out of my head. After carefully measuring a serving of off-plan chips after lunch, I worked my resistance muscle as hard as I could and did well until after 9 PM. Then I had a gin and tonic instead of a glass of wine while we enjoyed a fun and bloody episode of Dexter. Considering my emotional state yesterday, I think I did fairly well. So credit moi for making it a day of small mis-steps, rather than the complete debacle it would have been in 2008.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – (except for the chips) yippee!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – that’s a credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – oh yeah!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – yeah!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- I posted here – yep!
- I read Day 1 in the pink book – credit!
- Used resistance techniques - partial credit

The Bad, :no:
- Daily weigh-in – nope. My goal is to do my first weigh-in tomorrow. I’m a bit nervous…

and The Ugly :stars:
- Spontaneous exercise – nope

one by one Kudos for dealing so well with the toxic combo of high hunger levels and feeling a bit wobbly. I agree eating until fullness will keep me from reaching my goal weight. Maybe I’ll add a response card for that. A daily reminder isn’t a bad idea… Sending positive thoughts your way and I wish DH good luck!

katiekonie :welcome3: I’m impressed you are 10 lbs from your goal! We’re here to help.

CeeJay Kudos for not overeating dim sum! Re McDs – I have a mental list of allowed foods for McDs. So if I do go through their drive-thru, I know exactly what I can, and can not, get. If you do choose to go off-plan, isn’t it better to be in control of what you eat? Just a thought… ;)

gardenerjoy Congrats for an uneventful Beck day!

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) Do you graph your weight? To me it’s the single most important way for me to keep weight fluctuations in perspective. Daily fluctuations in your weight are as likely to be caused by phases of the moon as what you had for dinner last night. But, the longer term trajectory of your weight does indicate whether you are doing the right things or not.

Bill I had meal moths frequently when we lived in NJ. I hated it when I had to throw all that food away… Kudos for catching up on your missed gym session on Friday!

Ruthxxx Congrats for your Beck prep-work for the week!

01-10-2010, 12:10 PM
DH and I had a second “Christmas” dinner last night. He read an article on making a prime rib and wanted to make one last night. When I asked him what he wanted to go with it he said cashew loaf, my vegetarian dish that I make for Thanksgiving and Christmas. So we made a special dinner complete with some lowfat mashed potatoes (he was a little disappointed) and an apple pie. I had small, but satisfying portions and we spit a piece of apple pie. It was a lot of fun to have a festive dinner for no particular reason. I even used the good china, the good table cloth, candles and all.

My running club had the first of its Winter Race series yesterday. The Winter Race series is 5 races that starts with a 2 mile run and ends with a 10 K in March. It was nice weather, though the route was icy in spots. I ran it about a minute faster than our New Year’s day 2 miler, so I’m proud of that. I followed a woman who is usually runs these races just a bit faster than me. She’s great motivation. She’s probably in her mid 50s, but runs the Pikes Peak marathon most years (that’s 13.1 miles straight up the mountain and 13.1 miles straight back down). I stuck with her the whole race then pushed on ahead for the last few hundred yards. Of course she’s chatting and encouraging everyone the whole time and I’m huffing and puffing. She’s my inspiration for what I would like to be in my 50s, though I may not be as fast.

Ruthxxx, your lunch sounds fantastic! Sorry about the gorgonzola cracker encounter—I’ve had more of those lately than I would like to admit. But the good news is that once you get your resistance muscle working, there’s no stopping you! Yay for reading voraciously rather than eating voraciously.

Spacecadet, congrats on losing 6lbs! It’s proof that you know what to do already. Beck just teaches you how to stick with it when you don’t feel like it and when life gets difficult. Sounds like you had a good backup plan for exercise when the weather doesn’t cooperate. My husband’s cousin lives just a stone’s throw from you on the Danish side. Dh promises that some day he will take me there.

Patchworkpenquin, ouch for the cold. It’s easy to stay warm when you dress for it, but when you live in warm climates, you just don’t have the right clothes. I moved up to Wyoming from Arizona and discovered my “sweaters” were just tissue paper. Going over advantages in your head twice is not partial credit, it’s extra credit for remembering when they aren’t right in front of you! Don’t get stuck on the numbers on the scale. Weight fluctuates day to day; it’s the long-term trend that matters.

Nuxmaga, congrats on meeting your calorie goal. I think your idea of thinking in weeks rather than trying to make each day perfect is a great idea. I can identify with the “’stuck in my head’ anxiety.” Kudos for not turning to food to deal with it.

Gardenerjoy, you seem to know what winter is all about! Shoveling snow is a great whole-body workout. A day where you stay on plan and get your exercise does not sound uneventful to me. I would be shouting that from my rooftop.

BillBE, glad to hear you resolved your crunch time, and did it all while staying on plan. Your walk in the snow sounds wonderful. Kudos for getting back to the gym and eating on plan. I used to get those moths when I lived in Arizona. I had to keep all my grain products in sealed containers. I still have to do that to keep mice out, LOL.

ChinaMaine, congrats on keeping up with identifying hunger vs non-hunger and for stopping when satisfied. You’re really making this into a habit. Sorry about the fatigue. I find I’m a lot more tired during the “dark months.” Hope your energy returns with the sun.

Onebyone, way to resist those exotic treats! That would be a huge challenge for me. Yay for continuing to skip seconds and for planning ahead. It always surprises me how much easier it is when I plan ahead. I think your teaching philosophy sounds great—count me as one of those who would love to take your class.

Welcome KatieKonie! Congrats on only 10 more lbs to go, and yes, Beck is great for helping you find the motivation to keep going.

CeeJay, ouch for the McD’s drive thru. But huge congrats on sticking with steamed stuff at Dim Sum and for not overeating. It’s all about building on the success and learning from the mistakes. Yay for a good day following a day with disappointments.

01-10-2010, 03:15 PM
Hi coaches

I just had my planned lunch: roast turkey leftovers:turkey + a potato. OMG was it good! Me and the two cats feasted heartily! But I am also practicing the Beck Workbook day 5 and trying to slow down and eat mindfully. I only managed to put my fork down once though. Really tasty food makes me want to shovel it in. I wasn't that bad and I didn't overload my plate and I didn't have seconds. Dinner will be lots of veggies and more turkey: maybe some turkey stew or soup. Not sure yet.

Well I saw DH off at the airport. Couldn't believe the long snaking security lineup. They were moving pretty fast though. We were up at 3:55am. I made myself some toast and I made DH some toast and jam + an egg and cheese sandwich. He's really got limited funds so I felt it'd be a good idea to feed him while it's free, and while I can show him some love before he goes. I never like to see DH go away. :( 19 years for us this year and I don't like it when he goes away...but THIS trip is soooo worth it! Our lives could be completely different-or not. DH knows I'm behind him whatever happens. I am. We're going to skype each other this evening so I'll get to see where he is. So exciting! I found out his hotel room is between $475 and $645 A NIGHT:yikes: Are there people who can really spend that and not suffer for months afterwards? CANNOT WAIT to get the review of that hotel for that price.

After we dropped DH off my friend and I went to McD to chat and I had a sausage muffin and a coffee and gave my bakery muffin to my friend. No sweets=no muffin. (BTW I froze the special Macau cookie my friend gave me [CREDIT HERE ]for the day I decide I will eat it. That's not today.) I hesitated as to whether I should get any food given that I ate 2 toast at 4am. it was about 6:30am when we were at McD's. I decided to get it as if I hadn't had the toast at 4am I would not have been functioning and DH needed me to function. I made an exception to my 3 meals no snacks for today only. It hasn't triggered me to snack all day so it must have been the right move. Anyway it's over and O well to it and I move forward. I can't be so rigid that I rebel against my own rules. I've done that way way way too many times too. it's a real fine line we walk isn't it coaches?

Think I'll go call my mom.
CREDITS:carrot: for today so far:
weigh in once: +1.8lbs (yesterday was 272.0: today 273.8)
ate slowly and mindfully
assessed my food consciously-did not overeat to stuffedness

01-10-2010, 09:12 PM
Hello Everyone!!!

gardenerjoy- your uneventful Beck day sounded pretty great.

patchworkpenguin- credit for wearing your ped 4057. Oh well about the rest of it. Please don't let the gain concern you or stop you from doing what you want to. This is what has sabotaged all of us many times each I am sure. But reading in Beck about this has helped so much. How many times did I turn a 2 pound gain into a slide of gaining everything back? Lots!!! Hope you are having a better day today.

BillBlueEyes- ick about the moths and what a pain to do all that cleaning out. Credit for going to the gym and eating on plan. Course five sounded delicious.

Ruthxxx-good for you- you are ready to roll. You have prepared yourself well. And early Happy Birthday!!

ChinaMaine-sorry you are still feeling so tired. Hard to exercise when you feel like that, it also makes you feel depressed. You did very well- lots of credits. Hope the first weigh in goes OK. But remember what Beck says, that it is just a number that gives you information. I like your idea about a mental list of allowed foods for fast food. Because I have always looked at it like this: if I am at McD's I already blew it, so it is time for a Big Mac meal. All or nothing thinking. I am going to try your idea next time I find myself in the drive through. Luckily living in the country, don't have to deal with fast food daily.

Shepherdess-Your dinner sounded great. Have never had cashew loaf, will google that. Nice to have a special dinner for no reason. Credit to you for your race. It must feel like such an accomplishment.

onebyone-understand your struggle eating slowly and mindfully. That is hard for me too. Hope your DH and you got to talk tonight. Let us know what a hotel room that expensive is like. LOL.

As for me: A lovely Beck day with no trouble. This is day one of my personal challenge to focus like crazy on eating on-plan for 7 days in a row. I really feel great right now. I ate a fantastic dinner of sweet potatoes with pineapple, swiss chard and carrots (both frozen from my garden) and sole. Yum. Lunch was homemade pea soup and salad. Breakfast was oat bran. Afternoon snack was yogurt and berries and am planning on an evening snack of popcorn.

Credit today for:
weighing in
reading response and advantage cards
riding bike 30 minutes
doing weights
planning food for tomorrow and packing lunch
and best of all eating 100% on plan.

Have a good week everyone!!!:grouphug:

01-10-2010, 09:29 PM
Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone!! They are much appreciated! Billblueyes I found the book at the Library. I actually checked out half the diet section and skimmed through them, when I saw that Beck’s was based on CBT I knew it was for me. Most of my eating isn't related to actual hunger.. as to how I found 3chicks, I've been a lurker for years.

Credit –
-I passed up munching on some tempting potato chips and cookies (my sister gave me a high-five for that one, lol)
-My weigh-in went well 
- I bought a diet journal and took notes from the book.

Not so good-
I gave in to a craving and went down, had 3 heaping handfuls of mini marshmallows, could have been worse.

My meal plan changed - my mom made French onion soup, a healthy version, so I chose that over cooking what I had planned. A lot of time I trade in convenient for healthy, this time I didn’t have to.

Onebyone great job at freezing that cookie, that takes strength!

Shepaherdress congratulations on your race!!!

01-10-2010, 11:44 PM
Our temp reached the mid-20s today -- definitely an occasion for taking an outdoor walk. It was really lovely, too; I felt sorry for all those people who thought it was too cold and wintery to take a walk today!

WI: +0.25kg, Exercise: +59, 473/1400 minutes for January, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

patchworkpenguin: thanks for the video exercise sale heads up!

BillBlueEyes: bummer about the moths -- that sounds frustrating on several levels.

Ruthxxx: yay for heavy reading and light eating.

ChinaMaine: good job on only small mis-steps while dealing with fatigue. I'm very impressed that you are staving off apathy. Fatigue and apathy so often go hand-in-hand, for me, it's nice to see that I can issue them a divorce.

Shepherdess: Your festive dinner for no particular reason sounds wonderful! Good job on the race -- sounds like a great strategy!

onebyone: thinking good thoughts for you and DH during this thrilling-scary-exciting time for you. Good job on thinking things through for yourself. It sound to me like the sausage muffin worked for you and that is good enough.

CeeJay: yum! Your day's eating sounded wonderful! Could you have us all over?

katiekonie: sounds like you're going strong already with the Beck program.

01-10-2010, 11:52 PM
Hi All,
A quick check-in. 4700+ steps, credit. Tracked food, credit, and stayed under my calorie goal--yay! In fact the week averages out to my target, which is exciting. We had lunch out, and I remembered to ask for dressing on the side. I left half of the gargantuan chunk of feta, some of the olives, half the dressing--credit. Dh ordered latkes, and I ate just half of one, which really was plenty since they are very rich. Dh made a fabulous white bean and cabbage stew with cumin seeds for dinner--big credit for eating at home, and eating something we'd never had before. The cold weather has me feeling like hibernating, and my spontaneous exercise is way down, and I had an encounter with saltine crackers a little while ago, but overall I am pleased with how I did this week.

01-11-2010, 12:14 AM
ate on plan but added a few snacks
reasonable portions
wore ped ~ 5654
I had a ARC in my purse but I can't find it, its not that big of a purse either!
exercised ~ 30 min cardio/strength circuit {ExTv Slimdown DVD}
ate more veggies than in past days.
breakfast and lunch mindfully, some dinner, but not snacks
trying to get back on track...

Not So Much ~
+.2 lbs
too many snacks!

Its typical for me to lose 5 lbs, gain it right back, then think "see, I can lose it but not keep it off" Beck tells us to not think that way and I'm trying. I know the plan works, I just need to stick with it, like I'm supposed to!

Nuxmaga, I hear you on the cold and the exercise. I KNOW that the exercise will warm me but but crawling out from under my cocooned down throw seems counter-productive.

CeeJay, Thanks for the encouragement. I did have a better day and plan on having a better one tomorrow.

Onebyone, sorry to hear your Hubby is on his job trip.

Shepherdess, Thanks for the encouragement. I'm looking for the day when the upward trend heads down.

ChinaMaine, I graphed my weight on Daily Plate for a while. Looked like rick-rack. Drove me nuts.

01-11-2010, 12:31 AM
DH landed in Bahamas and already had a long walk and found a grocery store to get real food for himself. He already found the biggest whitest loaf of bread on the Bahamian island chain I think, a loaf of "Big White Bahama Bread". He showed it to me on Skype. He was so happy to have it.

(Skype's awesome btw.)

He's had no contact with the potential boss yet but is completely non-plussed. DH is one cool cucumber. Thank goodness.

I had an encounter with my GIANT bowl this evening, choosing to fill it with the whole pound bag (one bag=one serving I am one of those too) of meat ravioli (4 servings worth according to the package) with about 3 tbsp of melted margarine and 2 oz low fat monterey jack cheese. I had one credit HUGE bowl for dinner.
Volume volume volume my greatest foe.
I waited way too long to eat, was already shaky from low blood sugar and anxiety for not hearing from DH yet, even though we didn't plan to connect up for a few more hours. I, coaches, succumbed to eating for stress. Yikes. No sugar creditand no seconds credittoday. But I was sedentary (is okay I needed the rest).
I have veggies thawing for soup or stew tomorrow credit. O well another rough day but it was to be expected. Hopefully I will start to emotionally even out soon.

Given what's going on I am in a self-forgiving mode but I can't keep giving in for much longer.

Goodnight coaches.

01-11-2010, 05:52 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had an encounter with a fresh loaf of raisin walnut bread. Ouch. Raisin bread was a childhood favorite, something that I remember any time I see the stuff. Usually I can ignore it, but this time it called my name too loudly. Oh Well. Otherwise, I ate on-plan; CREDIT moi. Dinner was a new recipe for lentil soup with a long list of ingredients, including several we didn't have, LOL. I loved it, but I love the several other ways the DW prepares lentils, so that's not a surprise.

Warmed up to 30 degrees F for a very pleasant long walk in the sunshine; CREDIT moi. Cold is easier to tolerate when the sun is hitting my face. Thanks for all the encouragement about my meal moths. We continue the battle. Pantries have a zillion little corners where a partial bag of something wonderful is stashed away and forgotten.

onebyone - Yay for "up at 3:55am" - that's my kind of morning. Be careful, you could grow to love it, LOL. Congrats for surviving a tough day even with the "GIANT" bowl of ravioli.

ChinaMaine - Sending supportive thoughts for the fatigue, and Kudos for recognizing that the ‘I don’t care’ wasn't a natural thought for you, but to be wrestled down. Yep, Kudos for bounding the damage on a tough day.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Gargantuan Kudos for leaving feta cheese - I've NEVER left a morsel of feta cheese anywhere I could get my hands on it; gotta be one of my favorite cheeses. Drooling over your "white bean and cabbage stew with cumin seeds."

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for a winter walk in the balmy mid-20s. And Double Yay for warm winter clothes that make that possible.

Shepherdess - Yay for having enough energy to burst forward in the last hundred yards. Your "second Christmas dinner" sounds like a gas. I googled cashew loaf and found a dozen recipes - apparently I'm the only person on the planet who didn't know about it. I have an unopened bag of cashews that might just find there way into one now.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Yep, "I just need to get a grip on quantity" - don't we all. When you master that, clue us all in.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - LOL at losing your ARC in your purse. BTDT with my briefcase. I've had to empty the thing out to find some item that was lost simply because I hadn't put it in its usual place.

katiekonie - Kudos for buying your diet journal and getting started right away. Recording stuff is one powerful ally. And Kudos for working that resistant muscle on the potato chips and cookies. Neat that your sister is supportive. That checking out half the diet books to choose the one you wanted is something I'd do.

Readers - Week 3
Go: Start Your Diet

These are all life changes that will become part of your new mindset as you continue to practice your skills every day. Are you surprised by how much you've learned? If you're starting your diet this week (or if you started it a while ago), don't you feel better prepared? For example, you now know two crucially important things about hunger and craving. The first is that you can tolerate these uncomfortable sensations no matter what, and that if you don't give in to them they'll pass. The second is that you can make them pass more easily by using your anti-craving techniques. Now, you'll know what to do for the rest of your life.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 140.

01-11-2010, 07:51 AM
Good morning. Rather than leap right into my day, I am going to take a half hour each morning to review my food plan and think about my mental attitude. I want to be an island of calm in a sea of chaos but am not going to get there by charging around first thing. Gym will be later this morning - when it's daylight!

01-11-2010, 09:59 AM
:df: WI-no weigh-in. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – off-plan (by 2 Hershey’s kisses); Exercise – off-plan (20 minutes stacking wood). Fatigue levels still high – I went to bed after helping DH with the wood for 20 minutes. I had been thinking this was stress-related, and that is probably still a factor. But my guess now is that something else is amiss. Either or my thyroid levels are off, or I’m deficient in iron, B-12 or D. (For those of you who’ve joined the group in the last 4 months or so, I have 3 auto-immune disorders celiac disease, Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism and pernicious anemia. I’ve had bouts of extreme fatigue, on and off, for most of my adult life.) After I post this I’ll call my doctor and get the requisite prescription to do blood tests to find out what is going on.

On a more positive note, DH made his Lobster Stew (low fat) for dinner last night. MIL loves it, and so do I! It was the highlight of my day. :D I found I was satisfied after eating about 3/4 of a serving and took the rest back to the kitchen - extra credit!

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – yep!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yippee!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – kudos!
- I posted here – yep!
- I read Day 2 in the pink book – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – partial credit (see Hershey’s kisses below)

The Bad, :no:
- Daily weigh-in – nope.
- Spontaneous exercise – nope

and The Ugly :stars:
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – I had 2 Hershey’s kisses last night when the sweet-monster visited after dinner.

I’m so exhausted today, I’m going to have to work from bed. I’m not sure I’ll be able to work a full 8 hours, but my best shot at it is to do it from bed. I HATE this, but I’m going to just take a deep breath and put one foot in front of the other.

shepherdess Your second Christmas sounds lovely! I’m impressed by the series of races you are going to do over the next few months.

one by one I find I need a bit extra food when I do an early trip to the airport. But ouch for your encounter with your GIANT bowl. Since MIL is here, we use skype quite a bit, and love it. She gets to see people who can’t make it to Maine for a visit. So far it’s mostly been my son and one of her neices, but her 2 sisters just got web cams and we’re hoping they video call each other all the time now. Sending positive vibes to you (on getting back into the groove) and DH (on the job front).

CeeJay What a great day you had yesterday :yay: Can’t wait to hear your success stories for the rest of the week. I live in the country too – at the end of a 1 ¾ long dirt road. So I only see fast food every week or so, can ignore it most of the time, and I’m glad of it. ;) Thanks for the positive thoughts on fatigue and the scale. I’ve decided not to weigh myself until I wake up feeling a bit better. I am focused on consistently applying my Beck-skills right now. I think I’m unlikely to lose much weight until I’m strong enough to exercise every day again, so the weigh-in isn’t critical.

katiekonie Sounds like you made reasonable choices yesterday. Have fun reading the book and getting a lot of use out of your diet journal. ;)

gardenerjoy I too love a mid-day walk on a sunny winter’s day. I’m so glad it warmed up enough to have one.

Nuxmaga Your stew has my mouth watering! Congrats on a great week!

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) Ouch for the snacks – but the rest of your day sounds like it went great!

Bill Yum – lentil soup! And well, yum for fresh raison walnut bread too, no wonder you listened when it called! ;)

Ruthxxx Kudos for deciding to making time for yourself, and dieting, in the morning.

01-11-2010, 12:34 PM
Bill, BTDT :?: Hubby calls my purse 'physics defying' or 'Time-Lord Magic", bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. LOL.

ChinaMaine, I hope you get your tests run soon. Lobster Stew sounds really good. Hubby is allergic to seafood however.

OnebyOne, LOL on the huge loaf of white bread .Hubby and I had ravioli last night also!

01-11-2010, 12:55 PM
Credit for a burly weight workout yesterday—I’m actually starting to enjoy them. I stayed on plan while having dinner at the in-laws last night—so credit for that. My very slim SIL told me I’m looking really good, which made my night. It was a well-timed compliment, since dh chewed me out yesterday for referring to myself as a fat***. He’s always hated it when I refer to myself like that, and he said that especially now, I’d better find a new name for myself because I’m getting too skinny to call myself that. So I guess positive self-talk is something I’m going to have to work on. It’s a good reminder that for me, a positive self-image is not tied to weight; it’s all in my head. I’ve always thought happiness was just a few lbs away, but I’d better find it here now.

Onebyone, feasting heartily without over doing it sounds great. I always find it difficult to walk that fine line between discipline and overly rigid rules that are impossible to stick to, but it sounds like you did the right thing. Sorry about the stress eating. Here’s to success on your dh’s trip!

CeeJay, yay for a Beck day with no trouble! Your plan sounds fantastic. If you keep a menu like that, seven days will be food bliss. I haven’t had swiss chard since I was a kid and my parents grew it in our garden, but my dh asked me about it recently so if I can find it at the grocery store it’s on our menu.

KatieKonie, it’s great that your mom cooks healthy. It makes things so much easier. The mini marshmallows are a bummer, but on the bright side, you passed up the chips and cookies. So don’t be too hard on yourself.

Gardenerjoy, kudos for getting outside for a walk and for finding enjoyment in it. Exercising outdoors in the winter certainly has a lot of challenges, but it certainly offers a lot of beauty as well.

Nuxmaga, great job on a good week! Your strategy while eating out is impressive and the white bean and cabbage soup sounds fantastic. Hope things warm up soon so you feel like moving again!

Patchworkpenquin, good job on getting exercise even when you don’t feel like it. Yay for more veggies and for reasonable portions. Huge kudos for staying committed while the weigh-ins are frustrating.

BillBE, yay for warming weather and a winter walk with sun on your face. I know all too well about food that calls my name. You’re dw’s lentil soup reminds me that I should get out my mother’s recipe and make it. I love lentil soup, but just never think about making it.

Ruthxxx, sounds like a great strategy to take some time first thing in the morning to get your attitude right for the day. I love the idea of a “island of calm in a sea of chaos.” I’ll have to put that on a post-it note on my fridge.

ChinaMaine, kudos for being satisfied with 3/4 serving of a soup that you love. I would put 2 hershey’s kisses in the “the good” category instead of “the ugly.” I would never stop at just 2. Ouch for the fatigue. Good luck on getting it figured out and fixed quickly. But I am impressed that you’re sticking to your good eating habits while feeling so crummy.

01-11-2010, 02:58 PM
Hello, friends! :wave:

I'm reading the pink Beck book & haven't quite got into the groove yet. I'm on Day 3 - eat sitting down.

JB wants me to commit in writing by filling in the gaps:

When I feel like eating standing up, I'm going to ...
I'm going to remind myself to eat sitting down by ...

What kind of things would you have here? For the first, I might put 'move away'. Not sure yet.

Thanks, friends. I've lurked for a while and admired your positive camaraderie from afar.

01-11-2010, 03:04 PM
MUST get out of basement. MUST get workers (lovely though they may be) out of my house! My kids are gone today and tomorrow but I am stuck in the basement. I can't get out to get my exercise clothes without killing a poor man on a ladder. The TV is not working (again, I could sooner launch a shuttle than turn on the TV) and I am STUCK! Luckily, there is no food in the basement. Just disgruntled pets. Really no point in this post other than to say hi and sounds like people are doing great! Did I mention I haven't left my house in about a week and a half?????

01-11-2010, 07:08 PM

Coaches I found the Jan 2010 Beck Institute's newest newsletter in my email. Thought I'd share the link with all of you. I found it to be a pretty good read.

I'll check in more fully later.

Hey I just found the 2nd newsletter here
and it looks like the first newsletter is embedded in the Beck blog{2C26639E-3549-4462-8AD8-D25782663335}

01-11-2010, 07:52 PM
OnebyOne, thanks for the links! It never occured to me that their might BE a Beck site!

01-11-2010, 10:42 PM
Hello everyone

katiekonie- big credit for passing on chips and cookies. Excellent. Now that you have the journal, you can write that down as a success.

gardenerjoy-mid 20's sounds great. So nice to get outside when it is that warm in the winter. (For me that is warm) I would gladly invite all of you for for a little jaunt to Canada? :)

Nuxmaga- credit for exercise, for the food tracking and being under your calorie goal. Credit for eating sensibly at the restaurant.

patchworkpenguin-credit for eating on plan and exercising.

onebyone-good for you for analyzing your encounter with the ravioli. Sounds like you carefully took a look at what was happening-- I guess that is how we slowly learn to eat different.

BillBlueEyes- Oh well to the raisin bread, who could resist? As long as you didn't eat the whole loaf.:D Otherwise a good day for you. Sounds like a very nice walk in the sun.

Ruthxxx- great idea about spending the first half hour of the day reviewing your plan. Sounds like a great way to start the day fresh and in control.

ChinaMaine-I am glad you are calling your doctor. You have been feeling bad for a long time. I hope you get an answer.

Shepherdess-really like what you wrote about positive self-talk. You are so right about finding happiness here now, cause you just never know. I do not want to spend my last day beating myself up. Took me 46 years to figure out how to stop doing that.

silverbirch- welcome to you all the way over in Wales. I found the Beck book so helpful. Good luck on your journey. RE your question- how about----When I feel like eating standing up, I'm going to stop myself and find a seat. I'm going to remind myself to eat sitting down by ??? not sure here- it is hard to remember if this is one of your habits. Maybe by making sure that all food you eat is on a plate or in a bowl that is sitting on a table??? Let us know what you come up with.

KidsLibrarylady-Hello to you in the basement. Wondering why you have not left the house. Hope you are OK. Sending you good karma.

For me-- Being super strict is helping. Day Two of my personal challenge to eat on plan for 7 days is almost over. And I am on track. I really need to prove to myself that I am not fooling around, that I can eat on track for more than 3 days in a row without drifting.

Credit for:

weighing in
riding bike 30 minutes
reading advantage and response cards twice
doing weights
resisting chocolate at work
eating on plan
checking in with my coaches
planning tomorrow and packing lunch

Take care :grouphug:

01-11-2010, 11:32 PM
Another exercise DVD bargin watch! I went to Lifeway Christian Books and found Fitstix Cardio & Core Blast, Step Pump and Pure Pump. They had some Taebo's and Leslie's Walk the Walk. I previewd Fitstix Blast and it looks good; more hi-lo but very do-able and Karen Joy has arm movements with each step. The workout is 45 min. Mine has a different cover. Pure Pump looks good also but I only previewed workout 1.

Credit ~
-.2 lbs! Ta-Da! :D
read ARC twice ~ posting it on the fridge helped
ate on plan
mostly mindfully
exercised ~ 30 min cardio
wore ped 6000 steps for yesterday
had a nice day with Hubby :hug:

Not so Much ~
split Snickers bar with Hubby, but skipped my afternoon snack.

I feel much better today physically and emotionially. I know I can follow Beck's plan and I know it works. This is what I want! I want to have a 'take it or leave' it relationship with food. I don't want to be home all day, steps from the fridge, and be 'afraid' that I'm going to eat something. Or eat one meal and immediatly start to wonder what and when I'm going to eat the next. I want to be the one in control, not the food! <gets off soapbox>

We had a very warm day today! Highs in the 40's. We don't usually consider 40* to be nice but after last week its practically a heat wave! I didn't even wear a coat for most of today.

Onebyone. I checked out Beck's site.

Silverbirch, Welcome to the group! I'm pretty new at this myself, but we like to eat in front of the TV. Because of finances we gave up some things and get Netflix DVD's as entertainment, so our habit was Hubby gets home from work and we eat while watching a movie. Not good. I cleaned 'the stuff' off the table to encourage us to eat there. I thought Hubby would protest, but he's being supportive. I pulled out some nice placemats to make the table more inviting. Maybe something like that will help you???

LibraryLady, I feel your pain! This past summer my dad and Hubby renovated the bath; replacing a floor joist due to structural problems. We have a 1000sq Ft 50's started home, and the only bath is centrally located. Ugh. Tile, grout, hammering, sawing, for a few weeks. And for a few days, NO toilet! {the house next door was vacant and the owner's let us use theirs, sigh} I can't drive, we don't live in that great of a neighborhood that I feel very comfortable taking April for a walk, so I was stuck, inside, with them working just feel away. Did I mention it picked that week to rain constantly so I coudn't even go outside?

01-12-2010, 12:03 AM
I didn't overeat after a trip to a doctor. Post-doctor binges are a long tradition for me. But I only thought of it for a moment while getting off the elevator, and just said "NO CHOICE" and went on my way. Credit!

I'm off plan by one slice of bread today. I think it was that supper was going to be later than I wanted and I was more tired than I wanted, and not fully acknowleding either situation as reality, so I ate. Of course, giving in made it harder to resist nibbling during supper prep (and we were fixing my favorite nibbling dish), but I did resist, so credit for that.

WI: -0.2kg, Exercise: +52, 525/1400 minutes for January, Food: off, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Hi, everyone!

01-12-2010, 01:46 AM
Hi Coaches

I'll make this point form as I need to get to bed. I've been yakking my face off all night.
- I didn't eat; used my mouth to talk all night and get rid of stress that way.
- I made myself soup from turkey stock I had made previously. Portions were on the large size but my supper was smaller than my lunch so I am pleased with that
-DID NOT eat to stuffed today an extra :carrot: for that
-no seconds, no sugar, no sedantariness today
-I was stressed out and didn't eat over it-though I also didn't get any work done either still could not focus
-ate sitting down, slowed down and ate mindfully and fully focused
-weighed once: -0.6lb from yesterday = 273.2lb today.

So DH called and he met with the boss ("B") for 90 minutes or 2 hours not sure which. In the meeting they talked about many things but he came away with nothing concrete except an agreement to meet again tomorrow. Still no precise job offer except a promise that he does, indeed, have a job with the organization. Very frustratiing as he still has to keep it together and he was hoping to "blow him away" during their meeting and he felt sad and irritated that he didn't.
So he says.
He doesn't know B. He may have done that. B has a lot on his mind considering it's a major tournament with his company's name going on there; kind of distracting if you ask me. I think this was more of a "I need to meet you see what you are all about" type of thing.
The irony is he still can't relax! being in the Bahamas and under stress? Yuck...but really, on the scale of "things to endure" island breezes, 13 swimming pools and the ocean, free room and plane fare, new job in fast growing company within a new wide open newly developing field, well this is not too shabby! I just hope DH gets some sleep and on that note I need to take my own advice.

Have a good night coaches.

01-12-2010, 06:25 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Was a day at the office with few interruptions and great productivity; CREDIT moi. That always feels good and makes my trip to the gym after work (CREDIT moi) all the more sweet. As I ate my orange for evening snack, I thought of the Florida growers facing the possible loss of their crop due to this freezing weather. Keeping my fingers crossed; I do love my oranges.

And yesterday I upticked my months-in-maintenance counter; CREDIT moi for keeps-going.

onebyone - Yay for handling a stressful day without using food as the crutch. Will continue to keep my fingers crossed for your DH's adventure. Yep, it's kinda sad to think of being in the Bahamas under stress.

ChinaMaine - Now I'm drooling for leftover Lobster Stew in your fridge, LOL. Kudos for stopping at 3/4 serving. Sending supportive thoughts for your trip to the doctor.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for deploying your "NO CHOICE" after your doctor's visit - neat to face old habits. And Kudos for resisting nibbling on your favorite nibbling dish. Take that old habits.

KidsLibraryLady - Calling 911 to rescue lady stuck in the basement. Maybe you could study Chinese - come out of this with a remodeled house and speaking Mandarin, LOL.

Shepherdess - Yay for a neat compliment from your SIL. And Kudos to your DH for reminding you to move away from the negative talk - it does take an effort to note that we're doing it. You gotta get into making lentil soup; it'll convert the carnivores that surround you.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Love the oxymoron of running around to become an island of calm. Nice to think of sharing with you this lovely dark before the dawn.

CeeJay - Kudos for "resisting chocolate at work" - another reminder that we gotta get that law passed that forbids bringing recreational food to work.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Yay for a "Time-Lord Magic" purse - Harry Potter would be proud. Sign me up for that " 'take it or leave' it relationship with food" - including the skip a meal because I forgot about it on occasion.

silverbirch - Just keep marching forward; you'll find your grove. Did you notice that ChinaMaine is also on day 3: Eat Sitting Down? Yep, those particular two "commit in writing" examples are a bit loaded. I like the idea by Penguin (patchworkpenguin) to clear the kitchen table to make eating there more attractive.

Our local newspapers suggest the Britain is sharing this cold snap that's hitting North America. Have you been hit with snow in Wales?

Readers - day 15
Monitor Your Eating

Even if you're already following a diet, don't skip today's task. It's essential! If you're starting your diet today, let me start by congratulating you. Today marks an important change in your life. Give yourself credit for getting this far.

The first thing you're going to do is weigh yourself. If you wear clothes when you weigh yourself, wear about the same weight clothing each morning that you get on the scale. Mark down your weight in your diet notebook. Next do the following:

Follow your food plan. Eat only what's on the plan you wrote for yourself last night. Eat everything on the plan, unless you become overly full before you've finished, and don't skip a meal.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 141.

01-12-2010, 07:34 AM
Yesterday's exercise at the gym got cancelled due to other people! I should learn to say No more often. I did do 20 minutes here at home on the treadmill, 20 angry minutes! After that I did some quilt designing which restored my serenity. I need to work on putting my priorities first. I'm sure Beck has something to say about that.

Today I WILL be at the gym when it opens at 8, make that chopped veggie salad I've been thinking about for days, let voicemail pick up phone calls and generally work on keeping calm and in control.

01-12-2010, 07:36 AM
Thank you, everyone, for your suggestions.

I'm going to stop this and find a seat sounds good.

Clear a space at the table is also good.

We always eat meals at the table, properly set, wash your hands before meals and all that. My downfall has been the nibble, nibble, on the run, whilst making the meal kind of thing. Downfall no longer!

Yes, Bill, apparently it's been the worst for 30 years. I had some fun stuck in the car in snow on a hill and the DB has had fun making igloos, snowmen and all that in the garden. This NASA photo from last Thursday sums it up.

Things are milder for us now but our lane is still treacherous. I know you're an ornithologist so I should tell you that the buzzards and ravens have been finishing off a sheep carcass in the next field as there's little else about to eat.

Thank you once again. I'm marching onward. :)

01-12-2010, 08:37 AM
:df: WI-no weigh-in. Read my cards, made a partial a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – off-plan (no exercise).

I’ll get some bloodwork done this week, and will get a call next week from my gastro’s office. Hopefully I’ll get the script to do the rest then.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – in the groove!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yeah!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – done!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – yep!
- I posted here – oh yeah!
- I read Day 3 in the pink book – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Daily weigh-in – nope.
- Spontaneous exercise – nope

When I was working on my Christmas photo project, I saw pictures of myself taken over the last 26 years. I was thin up until I started working in my current field – at a computer 40-50 hours a week. After that my weight has bounced up and down, sometimes by large amounts in a single year. I look so much better when I weigh 130-138, I hope I can get there again. :)

shepherdess Kudos for the burly weight workout. I think doing weights are a lot of fun too. And kudos to your DH for helping you to see the value of positive self-talk. I had a counselor who had me immediately say something positive to myself, whenever I had a negative thought. It does help to reduce the behavior.

silverbirch :welcome3:

KidsLibraryLady How much longer are the workers in your house?

one by one thanks for the link. Your attitude about your DH is great. And it sounds like you did a fantastic job of dealing with stress, and doing it without using food!

CeeJay I think you are seeing why Beck puts such a premium on strictly sticking to your plan. It helps to build your resistance muscle and keeps you from thinking about your food choices too much. I hope being strict keeps working for you. :)

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) Sounds like you had a great op day yesterday!

gardenerjoy Gotta love No Choice, right? Credit for resisting nibbling while making dinner!

Bill a day at the office with few interruptions and great productivity How did you find this mythical place? Congrats for ticking off another month!

Ruthxxx Ouch for people letting you down. Kudos for a great plan for today!

01-12-2010, 08:23 PM
Great job today ChinaMaine! You seem on target.

Ruthxxx - I bet you burned more calories with the anger! Great healthy way to work it off.

Silverbirch - your motivation is catching!

Not the best of days for me. Did lots of emotional eating/mindless today. I did however do most of it sitting down..

Still need to exersice today. I re-read why hunger isn't an emergency, but when I got home I started dinner and while it was in the oven ate everything in site. Why do I do this?

01-12-2010, 10:45 PM
Hello Everyone!!!

patchworkpenguin- Credit for all your accomplishments yesterday. You said " I want to be the one in control, not the food!". Exactly what I am striving for.

gardenerjoy-Credit for saying NO CHOICE after the doctor and resisting the nibbling.

onebyone-you had a good day yesterday especially given that you were stressed. It is hard enough to do what we want when all is well, but it is such an accomplishment when there is pressure.

BillBlueEyes- huge credit for your maintenance. It is such an inspiration to me to be here with people who have done what they set out to do. Your experience is invaluable to us.

Ruthxxx-hope all goes well at the gym tomorrow.

silverbirch-I hear you on the nibbling. Really I can eat an entire meal making it... no more of that for me either.

ChinaMaine-lots of good on your list again.

katiekonie-hope you have a better today.

For me: Day Three of being strict was 100%. Somehow keeping focused on the 7 day goal is helping me. I am trying not to think past that and when I make it (and I am starting to think I am going to make it) I am going to reset another small goal. Next week is at least 2 nights in a hotel travelling for work and that is a major pain in the butt, cause that situation has tripped me up many, many times. Going to work out a plan this weekend.

Credit for:

weighing in
walk 20 minutes at lunch hour
exercise bike 30 minutes tonight
eating 100% on plan
resisted the same chocolate at work again. Wish someone would just eat it already
read advantages and response cards
posted to my coaches
planned tomorrow and packed lunch
going to do the weights now

Wishing everyone a good Wednesday :grouphug:

01-13-2010, 12:11 AM
Credit ~
-.8lbs ~ I'm thinking of trying a weekly weigh-in :dizzy:
did laundry
ARC read twice.
8266 steps for yesterday.
ate on plan
ate mindfully
resisted unplanned eating twice :carrot:

Not So Much ~
took a rest day/no exercise ~ while I'm sore I still could have gotten something in :(
spent a lot of time on the computer when I could have done something productive.

I've been re-arranging and re-organinzing my DVD workouts collection hoping a different order will inspire me. I lost count some time ago but I have over 300 that I know of, I rotate them out as my tastes and interests change. I squirrel the others away out of sight. {I used to collect books, LOL} Which is part of today's computer time. somedays it seems I spend more time organizing and watching workouts than actually doing them. :o

01-13-2010, 06:25 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Busy day. Came home from work too late for a walk, but luckily we needed milk for this morning's breakfast, so I trotted myself off to the supermarket; CREDIT moi. Again avoided the vending machines while working hard at the office; CREDIT moi.

ChinaMaine - Neat that you're being so consistent with "identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate." Continuing to send supportive thoughts for your blood work and doctor's visit. The serenity at my office didn't continue for a second day; I was interrupted several times for a status report and with the name of a guy who could fix my problem ("I've already talked to him, and, since he didn't know the answer, when I figured it out I called him so he'd know also") - all of which, as you might guess, hardly contributed to productivity, LOL.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Yay for "calm and in control" - spread it around a bit. Yep, Beck has a thing for, Just Say NO. Pretend presumptuous people are food and you're all set, LOL.

CeeJay - Triple Kudos for the third consecutive day at 100% - moving on toward your goal of seven. Those hotel nights are a challenge. What's helped me is, Plan, Plan, Plan. What's hurt me is wandering about looking for food to resolve the tensions of the day. Thank you for the kind words.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Yep, those computers are time killers, he said while typing on his keyboard, LOL. And laughing at the notion of spending more time organizing exercise DVDs than exercising; I could do that kind of thing.

katiekonie - Kudos for eating sitting down; Ouch for "ate everything in site." The best defense against that I know of is the written food plan; if it's not on the plan, it doesn't go down the gullet. Good luck today.

silverbirch - Yay for "marching onward." Love that NASA photo of Britain, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I can imagine that your birds are having trouble finding food. I prefer the British use of "buzzards" for what we call "hawks" - it's such a powerful word.

Readers - day 15
Monitor Your Eating

. . .
Monitor your eating immediately after finishing each meal or snack by noting what you ate on your food plan.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 141.

01-13-2010, 08:38 AM
:df: WI-no weigh-in. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (20 minutes).

Since 30 minutes of walking was consistently too much, I’m going to try walking 20 minutes a day and see how it goes. I felt great yesterday, so I got out mid-day for a 20 minute walk. I got a new HRM for Christmas, and finally figured out how to make it work. It has a GPS receiver built in, so it’ll tell me my heart rate plus distance traveled, average speed, etc. I love being able to look at my watch and see how fast I’m walking. It’s very motivating!

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – I monitored satisfaction at all meals but lunch. At lunch I forgot and ate until I was full. At dinner I quit eating lobster stew when I was satisfied, but had another piece of baguette and ended up feeling full. So partial credit.
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – oh yeah!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – not at lunch, so partial credit
- I posted here – done!
- I read Day 4 in the pink book – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yippee!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Daily weigh-in – nope.
- Spontaneous exercise – nope

katiekonie I don’t know how far you are in the book. But there are a number of response cards (RC) she provides, and I’d recommend adding your own for sabotaging thoughts you have that she doesn’t cover. I find using ‘No Choice’ when I *mean*it works really well. But sometimes it doesn’t and I’ll refer to my RC and read the ones that I think address my sabotaging thoughts.

CeeJay I don’t travel much on business anymore, thankfully. But I have a couple of times since I started Beck. Here’s a few things I do. (1) I exercise in the morning as much as I do at home. I do some hotel gym treadmilling, but I also bring my wii console with me and hook that up to the tv so I can do yoga and strength training. (2) I try to eat reasonably, make good food choices, and stop eating when I’m satisfied. (3) I’m really careful at meeting food free-for-alls (4) check on-line menus when I know where we’ll be eating.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) Taking a rest day now and then is important. It sounds like your body told you needed a rest day, and you listened. Kudos! I think you had a great day!

Bill I suppose it’s not surprising that your office-serenity didn’t extend to a second day. My boss and I were waxing nostalgic for things we never experienced yesterday: office memorandums written on paper and read at leisure, work that ended when you left the office, etc. lol – I’m sure it wasn’t as wonderful as we imagine.

If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking. ~ Buddhist Saying

01-13-2010, 01:46 PM
MIL is sick. We slept in our clothes at her house last night. Back home for a couple of hours to pack more appropriately for an out of town trip and will stay with her a few more days. I don't anticipate having much, if any, internet access for the next few days. I don't have much of a plan for living, much less eating for the next few days. I guess I'll just work on being attentive.

01-13-2010, 01:46 PM
Coaches/Buddies: I continue to struggle. The past couple of days have been really bad because I've felt very depressed. This morning I woke up and exercised and that seemed to help. Hoping to get out of this funk. I can't remember who asked this (sorry!), but I am in professional counseling. Just found out my therapist is moving out of state next month, so I'll need to find someone new. I'm glad though, because I think I needed someone who could offer me more (current therapist is really just a place for me to vent, she's not a huge help).

Enough rambling for now. I'm glad I'm back on here. Oh and even when I haven't been posting, I've been reading and have been cheering you all on. It's very helpful to hear what others are going through.

Weigh-in: yes 128.5 :broc:
Read Advantages Deck and Response Cards: yes (right before I typed this post so that I could write yes!) :broc:
Exercised: yes :broc:
Checked-in here: yes :broc:
Ate mindfully and slowly: yes :broc:
Tracked my food: yes :broc:
Gave myself credit: yes :broc:

Well, that all looks wonderful, now to keep it up!

01-13-2010, 03:33 PM
I made a few decisions yesterday. I am going to try a weekly weigh-in. I'm weighing myself this week so see which day I am the lowest, LOL, and that's going to be 'The day!".

I decided to stop reading Beck for a week and concentrate on what I have learned so far. I don't think some principles had a chance to sink in. Identifying hunger, only eating when hungry, sitting and eating mindfully, are concepts I have learned and practiced before but not recently. Having a food plan is revolutionary to me and also very helpful; if its not on my plan or not a planned snack, its much easier to say "NO!" and mean it. Sabotaging thoughts, of Day 25, are new and harder to identify easily, so I think that is where I got stuck last week. Where's that re-do button, again???

BHMama, Hopefully the new therapist will be a greater help to you. :hug: I don't like change, but have to admit that sometimes it is for the best. <she whispers even if we don't want to admit it!>

Joy, Prayers for you and your family.

ChinaMaine, LOL, some weeks I feel I rest more than I exercise. But thanks for the credit!

Katie, Big Credit for looking on the positive side of the emotional eating because you were sitting down! :heart:

01-13-2010, 05:06 PM
Hi Coaches

It's Wednesday Jan 13th and I go catch the bus to get me to my first ever art class as the teacher in 2 hours. I've spent the morning doing the last of my preparations for the class. I think I have it covered; I just have to deliver the information now.

I'm pretty tense and I just want to eat and I should have got a haircut but I didn't. So there you go. I will have a bit of a rest upstairs before I head out and I'll take soothing bath too. DH should be home by the time I get home as well.

Now after a very long and frustrating trip for DH (and me) at the very end of it yesterday, at midnight last night, he called to say the Boss phoned him up at 10 pm so they could get together to talk. They went down to the poker tournament and the end result was a definite start date of Feb 1st with his company as a Poker Specialist with the details and the contract to follow. After 6 months, if it all goes well, the job situation will be re-visited ad he could then be placed somewhere overseas. They will start the paperwork for a work visa soon DH said, so that isn't something you'd do if there weren't future plans. DH sounded so relieved and I just thought I am so glad there will be $ coming in though he still doesn't know how much!?! I support him whatever but the contract will spell all that out and that comes next. I'll be curious to see exactly what this job is.

So, success. :carrot:

And I didn't break my rules for my food over it. So far I am weathering these stresses without much food damage. My bowls of food have gotten bigger but I will forgive myself that. No sweets, no seconds have been followed :carrot::carrot: Credit for resisting everything :dizzy: else.:carrot:

Better go. I really need to take a bit of a rest. It ain't natural for me to be up and at 'em in the evening.

Think good thoughts for me coaches.

+checking in with -1.6lbs today = 271.2
+no seconds
+no sweets

-no moving around at all
-bigger than average bowls of food
-no green veggies in sight for a few days now
-no Beck Book reading
-no journalling

Beach Patrol
01-13-2010, 05:26 PM
HEY BECKSTARS!!!! :wave:

Just pop'n in real quick... don't have a lot of time...

I gained three pounds (according to the scale) on my weigh-in day (Monday) but today it's gone. Stupid water weight. :rolleyes:

I have changed my diet to the "400 calorie fix" (see it in prevention magazine... oh, & there's a book, of course!)

I haven't exercised since it got so dadgum cold here! - unbelievably cold for Savannah! :brr: - my pool actually froze over!!!! :dizzy: ......but I digress... I exercised yesterday for the first time since Xmas - a short 20 minute DVD, so yay for getting back on the horse. :carrot: However, it's supposed to be back in the upper 50's-lower 60's by the weekend, so hopefully I can start walking again because I really truly enjoy exercising outdoors, whereas everything else just feels like... well.... exercise. :lol:

Doing pretty well with the cutting back on sugar thing (today anyway, LOL)

Still tracking my food - WOOT!
Still sitting to eat - WOOT!
Still reading my cards - WOOT!

And CHEERS to you all for your individual kudos!!!!

Everyday's a new day! :sunny:

01-13-2010, 09:51 PM
I wanted to acknowledge some of the great things I did today and some of the things I need to continue working on.

I avoided a bag full of chocolate candy all day at work today (it was in the break room and at one point I pushed it behind a box so I wouldn't necessarily see it each time I passed by). :broc:

I was hungry much of the afternoon and I just sat with it and said, "It's ok to be hungry." :broc:

When I just couldn't take the hunger any longer, I had a banana :broc:

I caught myself popping a small piece of spinach in my mouth while making dinner and stopped myself and spit it out. :broc: I think that's actually helpful for me, when I catch myself unconsciously putting food in my mouth, to literally spit it out. It makes an impression on me.

I made gnocchi for dinner and found myself really wanting to pop one of the gnocchi in my mouth before the whole dinner was ready for me to sit down with. So, I took a gnocchi and sat down on the step stool in the middle of my kitchen, before I ate it :D :broc:

Finally, rather than just thinking about this "little" things, I actually decided to sit my butt back down to write them. :broc: I think I need to do more of that.

I'm also giving myself credit! :broc:

Oh and after this I'm going to get into bed and get a good night's sleep so I can wake up and work out in the morning before I have to leave for work. :broc:

I did find myself taking small bites/tastes of food while I was cooking, I really need to watch that.

Let us know how weighing weekly works for you. I'm just curious, when you have been weighing daily, have you actually been graphing it? My GoWear Fit software does that for me and I definitely find it helpful to look at the trends. If I was weighing daily, but didn't have a big picture to look at with all the little blips in between, I'm not sure how helpful it would be. Does that make any sense?
I know what you mean about absorbing all the information from the book. I still haven't made it all the way through because I get so overwhelmed with all the good information. I find it really hard to concentrate on all of it at once.

Wow, congrats to DH for getting the job and I'll keep my fingers crossed for a great offer. I'm sure you will do well teaching tonight, but I can imagine how stressful it can be. You have been SUPER inspiring to me with all the work that you have been doing- kudos for great progress!

Beach Patrol:
Kudos to you for getting your exercise in and I hope it warms up for you! I know someone from the south probably doesn't really want to hear this, but if you dress in layers, you'd be surprised how quickly you warm up when exercising outside, no matter how cold it is :)

01-13-2010, 09:53 PM
I've got a bad case of the "I don't want to"s. Working on that.


01-13-2010, 10:31 PM
Hello Everyone!!!

patchworkpenguin- Lots of steps yesterday. And lots more credit for your long list. I know what you mean about reading Beck and not thinking everything is sinking in. Me too. I think you are wise to consolidate what you are doing and then read on. I am rereading parts of the book and am not able to focus on it all at once, so am doing some things now and then will do more when I have less trouble with what is in front of me.

BillBlueEyes- credit for avoiding vending machines. Nasty places!!!

ChinaMaine-glad you were able to get out and walk. Thanks for the hotel tips. I am going to have to have a very good plan to manage next week and alot of saying NO CHOICE.

LOL re your comments about office memos on paper. I remember when we had no voice mail, no fax machines, no computers and no cell phones. Honestly, are these things making our jobs easier? I am not entirely sure they are.

gardenerjoy- sorry about your MIL.

bennyhannahmama-sorry to hear about you feeling depressed. Maybe a change of therapist is going to work out well for you.

onebyone- wishing the best for you at the art class. What a challenge. Be sure to let us know how it went. Also YAY for -1.6!!!!!!!!!

Beach Patrol- Am really interested to see how your 400 calorie fix goes. Sounds like a pretty good eating plan.

wndranne-sending good vibes to you working on the "I don't want to's"

For me, Day Four of my seven day challenge is just about completed and I am on track. More than half way there. I am so happy about that.


weighing in
walking 30 minutes today
doing weights
reading advantages and response cards
eating on plan

and here is a first: At work it was a co-worker's birthday. So at break time out comes the %#$* chocolate cake. Someone hands me a paper plate with a piece of cake. I thought "NO way"!! Then I thought, "well just a taste won't hurt" and I ate one fork full. I then thought I am totally sabotaging my efforts, I don't need this and so I secretly put the cake in the garbage. I do believe that is the first time in 48 years I have done such a thing. LOL.

Take care

01-13-2010, 11:46 PM
Hi All,
A quick check-in tonight. Tracked food, credit. On target for calories, credit. 6000+ steps and Zumba, credit. Managed to leave a bit of bread from my awesome Vietnamese hoagie on my plate. Stayed away from the snack table for most of the evening at a meeting tonight, credit. Dh gave me two slices of bread with dinner, and I only ate one. He made another new dish--scrambled eggs with fried onions, toasted walnuts and rice wine vinegar--sounded odd on paper but was really good. Eating at home really saves me calories, even when it's something delicious!

Have a good night!

01-14-2010, 12:00 AM
I am posting to introduce myself - I am new to the Beck plan and am in the first pre-diet week. I am at the day where you find a coach and I decided I didn't want to a face-to-face coach, probably for all the wrong reasons!

I have prepared my advantage card and some relevant response cards and am working on not eating standing up and not mindlessly swallowing my food. I didn't think I actually ate standing up so it was a bit surprising.

It has been interesting reading your postings and it will be inspiring to see how you all approach this - so thanks for the opportunity for support. I am looking forward to getting into this and am trying to lay a good foundation

01-14-2010, 12:29 AM
Shepardess: Kudos for resisting chocolate that evening (1/7/10). I used to go by the T-shirt motto “Give me the chocolate and no one will get hurt.” Talk about your cognitive malfunction. Going cold turkey was easier than struggling daily. I still find myself errantly thinking “oh, its too late in the day for coffee, I’ll have a hot chocolate” and having to say, “wait a minute—hot chocolate has chocolate! NO CHOICE”. I’ve saved so much money, time, and self-recrimination since I kicked. I’m scared to carry it on me now, for fear one of my animal shclter dogs might grab it from my pocket and eat it and get very sick. So that’s another excuse for NO CHOICE that works for me! Having it melt or crush inside the purse is another hassle with carrying that stuff around! You know what I’m talking about, BECKladies? ☺
Penguin: I love that you are enjoying feeling thinner. I am not a fan of Mr. Scale as you may recall. I was one of those people who could gain 5 lbs on Mr Scale overnight but HE was very SLOW registering loss: I never lost 5 lbs overnight. That was back in the day--at my age I probably have less monthly weight fluctuation. But still, Mr Scale burned me a few too many times. I’ll probably not get on him again for a few years and only when I trust that I won’t care what my weight is in lb or kg! I have my ways of judging my weight loss success (got saddlebags, anyone?) 1/8/10: Thanks for “I weighed 130 and was a size 7. Today I weigh 130 and I'm a size 2.” That’s what I’m talkin’ about!
Onebyone: inspirational success story about planning and succeeding in a difficult situation. Preparation is very valuable for us chronic dieters! You nurtured yourself in advance so you didn’t need the school to do it! “also: I can be stuffing my face or facing my stuff“ IS A KEEPER! Thank you!!!!! Please keep it up with the soap box slogans! That’s what keeps us newbies coming back!
Gardenerjoy: “Two solutions: be extra careful when I try new bread recipes and eat it sitting down, for pete's sake.” Two kudos: one for coming back with solutions right away instead of self-recrimination, and two, for the adorable addendum—maybe a little self-recriminating, but disarming! Why is sitting down for bread so hard for us? It is my one standing up food too--I have to remember to put it on a plate first, even if I’m not putting any spread on it!
BillBE: Thanks for the ”used to buy two at a time to save a trip to the vending machines later.” Reminds me of when I quit smoking and was able to say “I don’t do that anymore.” The trip to the vending machine was a habit for me back in the day. I LIVED on vending machine candy during my college years. Ugh! Still repulses me when I realize how little I took care of my body in those days and how it left me with chronic illness later on. Anyway, here’s a thought: if one doesn’t own the vending machines, k’a ch’ing, one can hardly profit from using them. Also, nice planning for an alternative to help curb cravings at work (packing banana) and putting the extras back. It’s these little decisions, made daily, that add up to long term success, no?

ChinaMaine: I appreciate your experiences with Eating till Satisfaction vs Eating till Full. I must have been cuing off your posts when I suddenly became aware of that distinction whilst eating at (name of establishment withheld, see bad news below), with its ginormous portions of food. I consciously ate past satisfaction (that happened at about 2 bites) but DID stop before I was full. And then compensated the next 24 hours with a simpler streamlined meal plan. Eating past satisfaction seems to result, for me, in having to go through that unpleasant phenomenon known as stomach shrinking: that gurgly tight twisting sensation that goes away in a few minutes about 12 hours after overindulging. It’s so much better not to have to go through that over and over again!
SpaceCadet: Skane, is this the root of the word Scandinavia, perchance? Looks nice in google search. Castles! Gardens! Golf! Kenneth Branaugh. I Like!
Nux: “but I'm listening to a mindfulness meditation cd from Jon Kabat-Zinn's book on mindfulness as a way to deal with depression and that is helping.” Kudos for your Day8 work: creating time and energy for your emotional growth! I have the same book and tape and I love it. My advantages card starts “It’s Already Here, Let me Feel It” from the same CD (breathing track, I think). For some reason, recalling those words really opens me up to shift my vision!
For me: It was Interim reward day, and I took son SKIING. Pennsylvania Powder and lots of it—snowed all day. What a joy! We took leftovers from dinner the night before and the Ski Grill reheated for us midday—after lessons and before we hit the big slopes. Saved a bit of money that way. Feeling satisfaction, very happy! Chilled maybe, but happy! I will do this again in a fortnight as an interim reward to look forward to.
Anyone else having a spiritual awakening with weight loss? I’m amazed at how my advantages card is morphing from physical advantages to spiritual ones: like being able to sit through discomfort, and seeking truth, and connecting to childhood. I wasn’t expecting this! “ Tolerate occasional hunger and cravings and learn that you can withstand them-- Beck Day14” has become for me: Tolerate occasional hunger and cravings and in flexing resistance muscle, re-call your higher ideals!
OMG My Bad news : I did take my son to an expensive restaurant two days ago because he is sick of my favorite coffee/panini shop. The expensive house is a well known chain that serves huge amounts and has been very secretive about calorie counts. They certainly have no postings in the menu or restaurant itself. I just looked up the nutritional info for that restaurant (the sites said “Finally, the nutritional info”) and my meal was a whooping 3000 calories! I had accounted for only 2000 over the dining experience and left overs. OUCH OUCH OUCH. No wonder I feel too full to eat these days. I’m still stuffed! Never again will I go to that restaurant! Who can afford a $47 cheesecake these days anyway? To solve the caloric dilemma, I added the extra 500 to today’s calorie count and 500 to tomottoed, and will eat to satisfaction with low calorie food the rest of the day. But kudos moi for day8 credit: I did take the extra time to research the nutritional info for that meal and I resolve to pass on future seating at that place (double kudos gardenerjoy)! Greedy, secretive management=difficult weight management for customers. Not that anyone forced me to eat there, but still. A purposely uneducated consumer can be a fat consumer! Memo to self: Run to nearest exit if the establishment won’t reveal nutritional info!

01-14-2010, 01:01 AM
CeeJay! Way to go on the chocolate cake forkful! Thats wonderful!!!

Welcome Seadwater, I'm new too and still figuring it all out.

I went to the gym today and did a good workout for an hour then came home and did 20minutes of yoga. Credit.

I caught myself eating standing up a bit here a bit there. Credit for being aware of it.

It seems Beck wants us to have lots of reminders about sitting to eat, eat slowly.. what are some of your reminders?

01-14-2010, 01:32 AM
read ARC twice
exercised twice~ 40 min cardio then later 30 min LB work ~ felt guilty for missing yesterday :o
forgot to reset ped so I have a two day total ~ 9870

Not so Much
unplanned evening snack
ate off-plan and unhealthy foods at lunch
got really hungry during workout {direct result of lunch choices I feel} so scarfed a protein bar, but skipped afternnoon snack
staying up too late and not getting enough sleep!

Seadwaters, Glad to have you join us! It sounds like you are all ready to start!

Midlifecrisis, Mr. Scale can be a jerk! :devil:

CeeJay, Congrats on Day 4 and the cake.

Wndranne, Credit for 'working on it' :carrot:

01-14-2010, 05:21 AM
:welcome: seadwaters :welcome:

And, in honor of your first post on 3 Fat Chicks, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about the Beck books?

And how did you find this thread on 3FC?


01-14-2010, 05:26 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Off to work early this morning; my new crunch deadline is next Tuesday when I present the stuff I'm doing for review. It is kinda fun to play with the toys of sharing a computer screen with people in different cities. Getting hard to find a locker at the gym; the new years resolution crowd has arrived, LOL. Eating and gym were on-plan; CREDIT moi and CREDIT moi.

onebyone - Yay for "first ever art class as the teacher," with Kudos for getting your prep done. Congrats to your DH for having a Feb 1st start date in his new job; good to hear that you aren't moving to London for at least six months - that'll give you time to learn the language, LOL.

Anne (wndranne) - My best recollection about dealing with the stubbornness of a two-year-old was that I wasn't terribly successful, LOL. But that tomorrow always came anyway and the beautiful person reemerged. Good luck to you.

ChinaMaine - Yay for "felt great yesterday." LOL at you becoming so high tech that you're using GPS to measure your walking speed. I'm jealous. In my first year of working, the daily status/direction memo was on DITTO paper! I loved the smell; it reminded me of grade school, LOL. Thanks for the "facing in the right direction" quote - I wish the obvious would sink into my brain more readily.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Yay for a little exercise to fight a funk. Ouch for unexpected changes, but Kudos for seeing the positive side of it. And Yay for reading your Advantages so that you could report it; now that's earning our keep as Coaches/Buddies, LOL.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Drooling over your DH's cooking. What's a "Vietnamese hoagie?"

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Sending supportive thoughts for your MIL's health. It's a challenge to remember to take care of yourself when you need to support your DH and MIL.

Beach Patrol - Wishing you good luck with your diet switch; sometimes change is just what we need. From here, it's hard to send condolences for your cold, but I agree with the sentiment posted - a few more layers and your body can handle it, LOL.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - If memory serves me, it's your birthday. Happy 39th!!! May you get in a walk in the sunshine one minute for every year.

CeeJay - Terrific story of one forkful of chocolate cake; I've only done that if I took the forkful from my DW's plate - gotta try to follow your lead and do it on my own plate. Kudos for staying the course on your quest for seven days at 100%.

midlifecrisis57 - Kudos for the exercise of a "SKIING" trip over Pennsylvania powder. And Ouch for 3000 calories from the-restaurant-that-will-not-be-named. Powerful insight that "my advantages card is morphing from physical advantages to spiritual ones." I've experienced something similar, but never expressed it so tersely.

Thanks for the "k’a ch’ing" reminder about the vending machines; my frugal-muscle can always be counted on when my resistance-muscle is fatigued, LOL.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Neat to pause and consolidate all the changes you're making. And Yep, Double Kudos for two workouts (apparently it's double workout day on the Beck thread, LOL). Interesting that you figured out that your excess hunger during your workout was due to lunch choices. For me, this sticking to our plan business includes making sure that I haven't short-changed myself - because my brain will remember and want to compensate double later.

katiekonie - Double Kudos for doing yoga after an hour of gym; wish I'd get myself back into yoga. Yep, Kudos for giving yourself credit for catching yourself eating standing up; the first step is to see it since it's pretty common to read that chapter in Beck and think it must apply to someone else, LOL.

seadwaters - Kudos for charging right into this. Those chapters before the diet start are the very best. Wallow about in them; it's good stuff there. It'll be neat to have the prospective from Sydney in the forum. And welcome to the group of us who were surprised to find that we ate standing up; I didn't think that I did that, until I caught myself quite a few times.

Readers - day 15
Monitor Your Eating

. . .
Give yourself credit every single time you stick to your plan. Say to yourself, That's good! I ate what I was supposed to, and I'm taking the time to check it off.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 141.

01-14-2010, 06:13 AM
Good morning and thanks for the BD wishes. Sometimes I just can't believe how old I am - I feel about 12 some days.

Today's challenge is a trip to town for a haircut which is right within sniffing distance of the Chinese Buffet. And it'll be lunchtime when I get out of the salon. Tempt me not, Satan. I am taking along my planned lunch. I hate eating in the car but.... Dinner tonight is at my friend Claire's house and I know the food will be healthy. Her grandson is making me a cake but I will have one forkful (fork-empty?) and tell him I'm taking the rest home for tomorrow.

A good day to all!

01-14-2010, 07:16 AM
:df: WI-no weigh-in. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – -plan (20 minutes).

I made a walking playlist for my new iPod and used it for the first time yesterday. It made my walk a lot more fun. Although it was bright sunny day yesterday, so it wourld have been fun anyway…

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – oh yeah!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – done!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yippee!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite –credit!
- I posted here – yep!
- I read Day 5 in the pink book – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Daily weigh-in – nope.
- Spontaneous exercise – nope

gardenerjoy My thoughts are with you and your family. I hope your MIL is feeling better soon.

Kim (bennyhannamama) :hug: Good luck finding a new therapist. And I hope you start feeling better soon.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) Bravo for recognizing you need to take some time on what you’ve learned so far! When I first started on Beck, I took a break from reading several times so I could become consistent with the skills I had already learned. I hope it works as well for you, as it did for me. And credit for 70 mins of exercise!

one by one Congrats to your DH on his verbal job offer! This is bound to relieve a lot of stress for both of you. Kudos for how well you’ve done with food with all the stress and changes to your routine in the last week!

Beach Patrol Kudos for workout in spite of the cold. It looks like warmer air is coming your way, so you’ll be able to head outside soon…

Anne Here’s too you rediscovering why you actually do ‘want to’ soon.

CeeJay :congrats: for victory over chocolate cake and food pushers! May you repeat this over, and over, and over again. ;) Kudos for getting past hump day in your week of being strict.

Nuxmaga Sounds like you had great day yesterday. And your dinner sounds so yummy!

seadwaters :welcome3: We’re here to support you. Sounds like you are laying a good foundation…

midlifecrisis omg - what a distressing story about your recent restaurant experience – 3000 calories! I too feel better when I eat to satisfaction, but not fullness. And it still amazes how many fewer calories I eat most days just with this one behavior change. Even better, it’s a skill I should be able to maintain for the rest of my life.

katiekonie Credit for 80 minutes of exercise – and for being aware of when you were eating standing up!

Bill I had forgotten the smell of ditto paper! And the paper had a distinctive feel to it to. I have to admit I’m totally infatuated with seeing my walking speed on my newfangled HRM. :D

Ruthxxx Happy Birthday! I love your plan for the birthday cake, I have to remember that one!

01-14-2010, 04:52 PM
I'm at work, don't feel like doing anymore work and feel hungry. Thought about having a Tootsie Roll or two (I'm an audiologist and one of the hearing aid manufacturer's sends 2 Tootsie Roll Midgees with each hearing aid order- I checked in hearing aids today for a total of 6 Tootsie Rolls!) I could have 1 or 2 and it wouldn't be a big deal (so I've told myself) but, I realized that it's not necessary and it would be a perfect time for me to flex my resistance muscle-- so I did! :broc:
I also figured coming to post here now would be a good distraction.

Today so far:

Weigh-In: yes 0= 128.5 :broc:
Exercise: yes 20 minutes on the elliptical before work this morning :broc:
Ate mindfully: yes :broc:
Tracked my food: yes :broc:
Checked in here: yes :broc:
Gave myself credit: yes :broc:
Read Advantages and Response cards: yes :broc:

My next patient is here, so I don't have time for personals right now. Hope everyone is having a good day!

01-14-2010, 10:50 PM

Nuxmaga- credit for your very good day yesterday.

seadwaters- hello to you in Australia and welcome!!

midlifecrisis57- your skiing day sounds wonderful. Ouch for the 3000 calorie dinner- I am sure we would be surprised at the calorie count of a lot of restaurant food.

katiekonie- about the reminders to eat slow--- I am still struggling with that- when I sit and just eat it feels so unnatural to me and I just want to hurry up. Hard time with that one.

patchworkpenguin-good going on the exercise yesterday!!!

BillBlueEyes- Happy Birthday to you!!!

Ruthxxx-Chinese Buffet is where Satan lives. LOL.

ChinaMaine- you are doing so well on the things I am struggling to do- identifying satisfaction, stopping when satisfied, identifying hunger vs non hunger, and eating mindfully. Do you have any tips to share in accomplishing these things? I just keep forgetting....

bennyhannahmama-yay for resisting the candy at work.

For me: DAY FIVE done!!! And much to my amazement, I am still on plan.
Today was a good day. Not even feeling like eating off plan.

Credit today for:

Eating on plan
Planning tomorrow and packing lunch
30 minute walk with DH
weighing in
reading cards
posting here!!

Good night!!!:grouphug:

01-15-2010, 01:43 AM
Finally, I started a baby quilt I've been putting off for due soon!
Ate on plan
read ARC twice
ate mindfully
sitting at table
wore ped 5,241

Not So Much
No exercise
had small servings of seconds for dinner
Ate to stuffed for lunch
three servings of dessert {Choc Cheerios Marshmellow squares}

BHMama, Good job resistng the Tootsie Rolls. cute of the company, however.

ChinaMaine, I didn't realize I'd exercised for 70 min until you wrote it out, LOL. My 'goal' is an hour a day. I've done a few shorter workouts twice a day recently and like that approach very well. I don't feel overworked, I get variety, and I don't dread the longer workouts.

Ruth, Happy Birthday! :hug:

01-15-2010, 05:35 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Continuing the work crunch, but continuing to avoid the vending machines, CREDIT moi. The food pusher was at yesterday's meeting with his usual half gallon container of candies that I regularly ignore, but, this time it included a bag of dark chocolate covered coffee beans. My left hand, which obviously isn't following a food plan or using Beck strategies, simply reached in and grabbed five! The guy grinned an evil grin - he had finally reached his target. A coworker, who's had a heart attack and eats very carefully, finally reached in, but only took three (yes I counted as he ate them). Presumably, there was a topic to the meeting.

ChinaMaine - Next edition of Beck's books need to include the strategy "made a walking playlist for my new iPod" - Kudos.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Bribery with Tootsie Roll Midgees should be against the law. Kudos for using your resistance muscle. Ouch that if you're successful, you will continue to receive those.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Waving. Continuing to send supportive thoughts as you support your MIL's health situation.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - That's it! Just changing to saying "fork-empty" rather than "forkful" could save zillions of calories a year. I'm on it.

CeeJay - Yep, Five Kudos for your fifth straight day at 100%. LOL at "Chinese Buffet is where Satan lives." (It was Ruth's birthday; I was a July baby.)

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Neat that your quilt has a fast approaching deadline. Ouch for the eating, with Kudos for posting here and getting right back on track.

Readers - day 15
Monitor Your Eating

. . .
Respond to sabotaging thoughts if you eat something you shouldn't. If you think, Why did I eat that? I didn't really even want it ... I'm an idiot, counter it in a helpful way, such as, Okay, I ate something I hadn't planned ... It isn't that big a deal ... I can get back on track right this minute, and it's really good that I wrote it down.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 141.

01-15-2010, 07:54 AM
:df: WI-no weigh-in. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (22 minutes – 3 days in a row!). Already worked just shy of 40 hrs for the week, and Friday hasn’t started. Good news? I’m not exhausted yet, so my health is definitely improving. :yay:

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – I forgot to check for satisfaction at lunch and dinner and so ate to fullness. But remembered to check for breakfast and my evening snack – partial credit
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – done!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yippee!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite –credit!
- I posted here – yep!
- Used resistance techniques – credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Forgot to read from the pink book – oh well
- Daily weigh-in – nope – I’ve tried twice this week to do my weigh-in, but I need DH to do some tech support on my wii and he hasn’t done it yet.
- Spontaneous exercise – nope

Kim (bennyhannamama) Kudos for working your resistance muscle! I’m impressed with all your credits since you are feeling depressed. I understand how hard each of those achievements are for you now…

CeeJay I’d say try to do all of them, but focus on one or two skills at a time. I’d pick the one(s) that are easiest for you, and make them a priority. For me, I then try to break them down into small steps I can take to do a particular skill. For example, for identifying hunger vs. non-hunger: I can’t get out of my chair to get food unless I first check my hunger level. Sometimes it takes real concentration to determine if it’s hunger or a craving. Make sure you give credit in the moment when you do them, and report here whether you do them or not. I’ve been doing Beck for almost a year now, doing these skills wasn’t as easy last year – It takes practice for them to become a habit… :yay: for day 5 strictly on-plan, and especially for not even wanting to be off-plan! This is the benefit of working the resistance muscle, it gets easier and easier…

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) I didn’t know you were ‘with child’ – congrats! I too am starting to prefer shorter workouts, spread out during the day.

Bill My left hand, which obviously isn't following a food plan or using Beck strategies, simply reached in and grabbed five! The guy grinned an evil grin - he had finally reached his target. A coworker, who's had a heart attack and eats very carefully, finally reached in, but only took three (yes I counted as he ate them). Presumably, there was a topic to the meeting. I love all your food stories, but ones where you describe small mis-steps with a certain befuddlement and dismay just make me laugh out loud.

01-15-2010, 08:04 AM
Big victory over Satan yesterday! I forgot my lunch in the fridge at home, walked by the evil Chinese Buffet and drove home for lunch. I felt so darned virtuous. :cb:

Dinner last night was a bit trickier. Eric, who is nine, made my cake. It wasn't pink but well into magenta and he watched me like a hawk. Luckily a video game called him away so I got away with eating just a bit of the darn thing. I'll probably croak from the red food colouring!

However, the ticker didn't budge overnight and the BGL is fine so onward!

01-15-2010, 09:44 AM
Hello Coaches

I'm going to just go ahead and give myself all these for getting through this week
:carrot::bravo::cp::cb::dance::hat::dancer::encore ::congrat::cheer2::broc::cheers::cheer:

I had my doubts. This is truly a triumph for me. What a gift to have found Beck and all of you. I would have eaten over any number of things with what was happening but I chose not to and used actual strategies and tools to stop myself or steer myself back on track. What a relief to discover I am not defective or dumb or out of control or any number of words and notions I have used to berate myself when it came to sticking to a food plan before.

:soap:It works if you work it and give a lot of love -overeaters anonymous slogan that applies here And also my favorite: Persist in Victory:soap:
Persist in victory has come to be very important to me. It simply addresses something that seems to be very ingrained in me: when I have to "get through" some stressful event, something that is tough for me for whatever reason, I can do it, and often maintain my food (though this week was way over the top stresses back to back) but as soon as the event(s) are over I eat. I may have even shown a loss and then I am face down in the food. I did not "persist in victory" so, given this, I now have to be EXTRASUPERDUPER vigilant for my success this week now that it has mostly passed AND I show an official loss this morning of 2.6lbs for the week as well.

Last night's Paint Your Pet's Portrait class went really well. I found it very very easy to teach that. And the students are all so keen. It's really a joy. They have all been searching for a way to paint animals. I find this puzzling as animal=house=tree=astronaut. painting is painting, form is form, colour is colour, you still need to draw and observe. Curious but what's great is they are in love with their subject and already the animal stories are starting.
We are allowed to talk about our beloved companions. I was a bit intimidated as some have been painting for quite some time but they all want a beginner's level class to go over everything. That I can do. I added them all to my email as a group and then wanted to add the members of my drawing and painting class (not as fun; tougher for me to structure for sure and I'm still nervouse about the next class right now as I type this but it still went well) and the little sketchbook they wrote their names in two nights ago is gone! :eek:
I have a class list with phone numbers so I can contact them and get their email again but where the heck is my little book? This after I encourage them to keep a sketchbook and put everything into it. I did not mention what to do when you LOSE it.:mad:

I tolerated hunger all day yesterday and did not give in. I had my printmaking class in the morning and was late to it due to still preparing for my pet portrait class. That was priority#1 for me. Printmaking teacher Rob would just have to understand and he did. So I got to class then had 3 hours until a meeting with 2 fellow artists to go over a rough draft for an art grant application due the 25th. OMG do we sound important! LOL. It is very well written by G. More to do on that but we are humming. And I ended up too long at the meeting leaving myself with 20 min at home after I got home to get my art teacher stuff for my new class and be out the door to catch the next bus and start the new class. I did not get dinner and had a 2.5hr class ahead of me + I was exhausted. So I went into a store on the way to the school (credit for the walking last night and the night before too) I kept my head on straight and chose a box of fruit and nut granola bars NO chocolate chips NO chocolate coating. I thought: fruit nuts fiber sugar... ohoh but given the circumstance is okay and I just have to beware for cravings (which I now have btw:devil::mad:) and so today is back to my new normal: no sugar, no sedentariness, no seconds.

I am still at Day 5 in the pink workbook, Eat Mindfully I think it is (how mindful is that? haha). I cannot honestly check off all the boxes she wants you to: put the fork down, pay attention to every bite ... breath don't inhale food (my own directive). So I'm staying at that day in the book until I can honestly say I did that for a day.

Better go. Time to get to the ceramic room and see what's going on there.

Have a good day coaches.

01-15-2010, 10:45 AM
ChineMaine, Oooops! I should have explained the baby quilt isn't for me!! Its for a woman in a check-in/support group on an exercise forum that I am also a member. She lost a good bit of weight in order to better concieve, and as an incentive for her I told her I'd make her a baby quilt. I'm sending squares of fabric to the other memebers in the group to write messages for her and the baby, then will sew those squares together to make the back of the quilt. Sort of an 'internet baby shower". Baby, a girl, is due in April.

OnebyOne, Lol, on 'what to do when you lose the book!' Your class and subject sound great. I used to draw when I was younger, I could do anything except people. People never looked like themselves.

Ruth, Good job on feeling virtuous, and avoiding the magenta cake!

01-15-2010, 12:03 PM
CeeJay: Kudos for making a seven day commitment. Incremental steps. I really like what you said about needing to stop straying! Do you have a reward in mind for the end of the seven days? We’ll celebrate with you! Re slowing down: You deserve the dignity of sitting and eating slowly. Can you sip water, or put your fork down and count to 10 every five minutes? That slowed me down to stretch meal times to 20-30 minutes. I loved the leisurely pace. Luxury. Ah, the good life. And as I slowed down, I found that I found satisfaction earlier on. Remember, it takes 20 minutes to register food satisfaction, so you have to go slowly to feel satisfaction before you feel full, right?
BillBE: hah! That explains why MOTHInLAW takes cereal out of boxes and ‘reloads’ them into old glass coffee jars for storing in the pantry! Ah, the daily clinking of the little jars as she fumbles in a dark closet in a dark hall to find ‘just the right one’ (they all look the same to me, just take the closest one :).
ChinaMaine: I was encouraged by the long list of credit-moi’s you were able to report, despite the off-plan eating. It is such a help to see how one can stay on the program the best one can on after an ‘oh well’ moment. I’m learning from you not to throw in the towel! Sounds like you had some flu-like symptoms that day. I know what you mean, I was fighting a drained feeling the last couple of days myself and it is tempting to think that Resisting has something to do with it, when it might be little viral visitor, or SADD or something else bringing us down. How not to fix every feeling of being drained with food is a recurring quest for chronic dieters!!!
Shepardess: I’ll be over next Christmas for the pecan loaf! And herding your sheep. Etc. Sounds like fun. Might not make 13 miles up mountain though---wow! Impressive! I loved reading that once the resistance muscle gets exercised, it gets stronger and stronger and then no stopping us! Yes!!!!! Love it! Go BECKstars!!!
Nux: cumin seeds in stew. YES! How’s the Jon K-Z?

As for Moi: I managed to “amortize” that huge dinner out by attributing extra calories to each of 3 days after and it kept my hunger and sense of entitlement in check I think (eating less for the 3 days was easy). By day 4, I woke up to “baby breathing”—that little breath that expands and contracts below the belly button, in the solar plexus. And I was on my side, so that means the tissues around the oblique muscles has shrunken down enough to feel breathing! It’s a sensation that means to me I’m in the lean zone. It feels so good, so precious, so sacred. So I am experimenting at meal time with checking in with that solar plexus/belly breathing and where my shoulders are (relax and unhunch!!!) while I’m lifting a fork to my face. Wow. Again, getting the focus off my mouth opening and tongue and chewing, even for a second, to check breathing and spine and shoulder girdle is revelatory. It’s a different way of perceiving eating. It’s being attentive to belly/nutritional needs and satisfaction while eating, instead of mouth/appetite/taste preference while eating.

01-15-2010, 12:57 PM
Hi everyone :)
I started back at school this week so its been a bit crazy getting back on a schedule!

Well my Beck book arrived on Tuesday and my weight loss class started on Wednesday.We are using the book as a teaching tool. We have begin with Step 1 and 2. We had to write 15 things that would keep us motivated and we spend time each day reading them. We take one meal a day where we eat in a quiet place,sitting down and slowly eat your meal for 20 min. I am choosing better food options and loading up on veggies...3 meals and day and 3 snacks.

I did eat a 4 cookies on Monday and a piece of candy :( But today I said NO to a Ranch Dip that was served with a veggie plate that we all shared in class for afternoon snack.

Now I have to start walking more and monday I start at the gym....3 days a week :)

Ive been hungry but homework has kepy my mind busy.

Well try and post everyday :)


01-15-2010, 07:54 PM
Workers gone. Chris happy. Planning for tomorrow. :)

01-15-2010, 10:09 PM
Kim: So good to hear from you! Yes, sounds like it’s a blessing to be shopping for a new therapist. Did you have one that specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy? It might be great at this juncture, since you have experience with Beck. I have had LSW before, and others, but I sought out a CBT now and its really helping. Really painful, but really working! There is a lot of ‘sitting with feelings’ and its a lot like staring down cravings. One therapy has helped the other in this sense. Anyway, good luck! Dialectical Behaviour Therapy is another way to go that seems to really be successful for chronic dieters. YOU GO GIRL!

01-15-2010, 10:23 PM
Me thinks I had better check in before I am just a faded memory in Beckie history. I still long for some of the old (as in original) Beckie voices..Coastal Sue et. al. *sigh. Thank goodness for *you, BillBE, to kept us all rolling.

*laffin' Bill, at the betrayal of your left hand. I am left-handed, so I would only think that action would have been deliberate. The bigger message, of course, is that food, treats, perceived pleasure-- still calls you every single day. You are remarkably steadfast in resisting, but even after all this time, after your success, after the joy you have found and cherished, the total transformation--- food, in whatever form, be it a dark chocolate covered coffee bean, or a tree nut, still calls to you. I love "hearing" in your posts, your sort of childlike wonder, that for the most part, you have moved beyond the draw, the call, of whatever perceived benefit/treat that presents itself. I read that, of course, in the maintainers thread; I am so grateful that you still continue to lead us in this Beck thread, because here is what I see:

For whatever reason, prolly just common sense, trial and error..what the maintainers *do ..EVERY day, is Beck behavior. They have come upon it however.. but that *is *what*they *do. They *think*like*thin*people. We just need to learn it and do it, every single day. What Beck teaches is just the rote, the routine, this is what you do. If *this, do *that. If you resist, if you think *this, do *that. It is so routine, if we just follow that routine, the same way we follow the Pavlovian signal for food, then we will succeed. If we fail to do the right thing once, oh, well, do it next time, and the next. You have shown us, Bill, that it is possible. And so many Beckies are posting such progress, I am very encouraged. Thanks, coaches, and go, Beckies!

01-15-2010, 11:36 PM
Hello Everyone!!!

patchworkpenguin- Yay - one pound gone!!! Excellent!!!

BillBlueEyes- Darn those food pushers and their never ending supply of dopey food. LOL LOL LOL re "Presumably, there was a topic to the meeting." That was my Friday in a nutshell. BTW I will say happy birthday to you in July, because I intend to be here for the long haul. (That's what I get for posting when I am dead tired).

ChinaMaine- Yay for you feeling better. Thanks for the advice about the skills. I am planning on going there once I am more comfortable with what I am doing.

Ruthxxx- Happy Belated Birthday. Bill got your birthday greeting yesterday. :D Ruth- one, Satan's Chinese Buffet- zero. :devil:

onebyone- I was happy to read that you are feeling that you are in control. You wrote: "What a relief to discover I am not defective or dumb or out of control or any number of words and notions I have used to berate myself when it came to sticking to a food plan before." RIGHT ON!!! And you can really pat yourself on the back for class number one going so well.

midlifecrisis57- Thanks for the advice re slowing down. I am going to work on this one step next. I know that it is essential. I am doing well right now but I absolutely believe what Beck says about this being something that must be done.
My reward for the 7 days on plan will be a Sunday that goes like this: sleep in, go for a nice walk with DH because it is going to be really warm this weekend, relax in hot tub, drive into the city, go to dinner and then to a concert. I am so looking forward to this celebration. Then I think I am restarting the seven day plan. Seems to work for me.
You sound like you are feeling pretty good- the lean zone! I was interested to read your approach to eating, concentrating on other parts of your body and breathing instead of your mouth. You are on to something there I think.

spacecadet- I think it is so cool that you are in a class that is using Beck. Should be a great way to get support and lots of ideas. Credit for all the changes you are making.

KidsLibrarylady- ta ta to the workers. Must be good to have some peace.

maryblu- thanks for this: "We just need to learn it and do it, every single day."

For me, DAY SIX: it was a bigger struggle than any of the other days. I found my mind wandering all day to food. At work, of course there was a lady who brought a box of homemade chocolates. I ate one, then took another and threw it in the garbage when I got back to my office. That is the second instance this week of tossing food. OK but then I had to go to the grocery store before heading home (1 hour drive) and found myself very tempted to buy something for the ride home and wandered around that store thinking about all the junk, and how I had done so well, a little stray would not be noticed by the scale. That is what my quit-smoking group used to call Junkie Thinking. Instead I resisted and ate the cut up veggies I had prepared for the drive home. Tonight I am definitely avoiding the kitchen, TV etc. and going to bed early. Just kept saying, I am not blowing this on day six!!!

Credit today for:

weighing in
riding exercise bike 30 minutes even though I did not want to
doing weights even though I did not want to
reading advantages and response cards even though I did not want to
eating on plan, even though I really really really did not want to. :D
planning tomorrow's food.

Have a good weekend!!!

01-16-2010, 12:20 AM
Exercised ~ 50 min of strength and cardio intervals
wore ped 5,820
Read ARC
ate mindfully and on plan until 9pm :o , see below.

Not So Much
I had a TTOM related Choc attack and overdid it at 9pm ~ Oh, well...

Its warmed up here but its suposed to rain most of the weekend. I weighed myself but it doesn't count today. While I was cleaning house I put Mr. Scale in the bathroom closet, out of sight...


01-16-2010, 01:06 AM

DH got an email from the new boss offering him more $ than he or I have ever made + bonus (I am hoping that's a signing bonus:crossed:). It was twice what DH thought the job would pay-and he'd do it anyway ;)

So that's a good end to the day but there was more. The new boss (NB) then said that they would be working to bring him to the CRM office (this is London England unless we are way off track) in 6 months time if he does a good job in this first 6 months and they anticipate he will.

I had just been on the phone promising the phone co. I would pay up when I knew I wouldn't/couldn't and DH put two credit card companies off the same way earlier. We were both extremely frustrated about our finances and then :wizard: we'll be okay in about 6 weeks at the latest. It's quite something. I don't really believe it that we are on a trajectory to London. I can't allow myself to think about that right now. I am just grateful the end of this particular phase is in sight.:hug:


patchworkpenguin credit for all the credits and oh well about the chocolate. You're doing great:hug:

CeeJay Tonight I am definitely avoiding the kitchen, TV etc. and going to bed early. Just kept saying, I am not blowing this on day six!!!
PERSIST IN VICTORY CeeJay! It's yours for the taking!:hug:

maryblu I miss Coastal Sue too.:wave:

RobinW? kuhljeanie? where for art thou?

You are right about the if this happens then do this aspect of Beck. We all think we are special cases or we need this individual thing and yeah, some conditions, some bodies are configured differently so we choose differing foodplans but behaviourally, we are all the same animal. Homo sapiens. If we just get into it and really give it an honest try there are real things here that work in a practical way all the time and every time. It's good to know that if I work to get this I will always have it and it will always work. Quite a guarantee for a paperback book.:hug:

midlifecrisis57 I love reading your thoughtful notes here to everyone. Your progress in dealing with the restaurant surprise calorie total is very solid. I daresay, thin people may do that from time to time.[/I]Thank you for posting.:hug:

KidsLibrarylady :congrat: on getting your house back!:hug:

spacecadet Good luck at school! And kudos for all the work you are doing Beck-wise. That's just gotta feel good.:hug:

Ruthxxx Excellent diversionary tactic with the magenta birthday cake. That was good Beck strategy.:hug:

ChinaMaine Good long list of credits there! Excellent. And happy to read your energy level is coming back. I (unexpectadly) noticed I was satisfied at lunch with much less than my eyes told me I wanted. Today I ate it but perhaps tomorrow I won't. I think my awareness is growing a little more now too, along with the all important willingness to actually say no to extra on plan food.:hug:

BillBlueEyes OMG that foodpusher of yours! He is a real classic foe. What a funny power struggle going on there. It would make a great short story. You should write it and submit it somewhere. Why do some people just have to feed you? It's got nothing to do with "sharing". Sorry your hand behaved poorly. Kudos for a quick recovery. BTW do you know the etymology of the word "kudos"?:hug:

12:05am now coaches! I started this note yesterday! Time for bed.

01-16-2010, 06:13 AM
Thanks for all the welcome messages - I had yesterday "off" as it was my birthday but am now back into the preparation

I read my advantages cards and made some more relevant response cards

I have been preparing menus for the diet phase - am using FoodCoach to make meal plans and select preferred diets (can do vegetarian or wheat free or gluten free etc)

I have been trying to remember to eat mindfully - not so successful yet!

I am very aware when I try to eat standing up. Am working on giving myself credit for positive behaviours

I am not exercising as yet and not sure I will be able to for a while - I have some problems that I have to sort out physically - not sure how I might incorporate that into the plan. Will have to build up from a very low base

BillyBlueEyes asked

How did you find out about the Beck books? I was reading a magazine and it looked like a great way to approach a lifetime of putting weight back on

And how did you find this thread on 3FC? I believe in the January newsletter Beck referred to online support groups and I thought - there is the answer to coaching - and went looking in google. And there you all were

01-16-2010, 06:21 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Welcome weekend; I need ya. Got done the key stuff at work - if I put in some time this three-day weekend I will be ready for Tuesday. Wasted precious tens of minutes on the absurd. The current Microsoft Word is beyond unintuitive to me. I couldn't figure out how to edit a header, and I've been using Word since Bill Gates was in diapers. The barrier is that to edit your current Header, you have to begin with !!! Then, after a looooooooog list of formats to choose from, at last there's the option to edit you one already in place. Arrrrrrrgh! Fortunately, I also did a goodly bunch of the work for which I'm paid.

Did gym; CREDIT moi. Distracted by a guy loading some 850 pounds on a machine to work his legs. Yikes! Ate on plan despite stress; CREDIT moi. I do like that, so far, I've been able to deploy strategies to battle the stresses without food, even if there might be alternate strategies that didn't include yelling at people, LOL.

maryblu - Methinks your insight is right on - that Beck has collected in one place many of the strategies that have evolved with those who've been successful with Weight Watchers and other plans. And, Yep, you read a lot of that over in the Maintainers Forum. Thanks for the encouraging words; I do like your clarity that Beck suggests that we [I]"Just DO IT."

onebyone - Ye gads, what a week. "EXTRASUPERDUPER" Kudos for, not only surviving, but using strategies to stay ahead. Congrats for losing a couple of pounds. And Congrats to your DH for earning his job offer. May you stave off the wolves until the spigot turns on. Hoping you'll tell us the "etymology of the word "kudos" " - now I'm curious.

ChinaMaine - Kudos for the consistency of execution of your exercise play. Joy, Joy, Joy for improving health. LOL at "befuddlement and dismay" - <sigh>

KidsLibraryLady - Yay for being allowed out of the basement. Hope they did good work.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - You've given a new interpretation to "Get thee behind me, Satan," LOL. Did you politely ask your 9 year old friend if he used Red Dye 40? Or 2, 3, or 5? Maybe he just squeezed in a beet.

CeeJay - SIX Kudos for conquering your sixth day in a row of 100% on plan. Especially in light of, "even though I really really really did not want to." Look forward to you being here in July; it is the long haul that matters.

midlifecrisis57 - Neat that you can feel the muscles in your solar plexus as a sign of your body getting more healthy. Well earned. LOL at "MOTHInLAW" - but curious about what are "old glass coffee jars."

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Good exercise stuff you did. Ouch for the "Choc attack" from a guy who has, apparently, suffered his own such thing.

Maggie (spacecadet) - Yay for "crazy" and Yay for homework as a strategy to fight hunger. I think it's terrific to have a class using Beck; hope you share with us the good insights from your fellow students.

Readers - day 15
Monitor Your Eating

At the end of the day, look at how you've marked up your food plan. Give yourself credit for everything you did well. Did you eat anything you hadn't planned? If so, get yourself into problem-solving mode and figure out what you need to do in the future to eliminate this kind of eating. For example, if you get hungry between meals, perhaps you need to plan heartier meals or to add in a snack. If you eat out of boredom, schedule your time differently. If you need help, call your diet coach.

Follow this sequence every day, for a long time to come.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 141-142.

01-16-2010, 07:52 AM
:df: WI-down .6 lbs (last weigh-in 5 weeks ago) Read my cards, made a plan. Food – off-plan; Exercise – on-plan (20 minutes).

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – yep!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – done!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – yippee!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite –credit!
- I posted here – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Read day 6 in the pink book – done!

The Bad :no:
- Spontaneous exercise – nope

and the Ugly :stars:
- Used resistance techniques – For dinner last night we had tacos. I didn’t eat all that I planned and was still hungry when I stopped eating. I just wasn’t in the mood for tacos. An hour later I opened a bag of chips, filled a bowl and put it on the coffee table. It’s as if I think I’m someone who freely snacks on chips. Gah! It didn’t make the day a blow-out, but it’s frustrating I did that at all. Oh well...

Ruthxxx lol at boy watching you eat magenta cake like a hawk!

one by one Credit indeed for a fantastic week! I had real money issues in the past, so know the way financial issues can tie you up in knots. I’m so happy you and DH can see the light at the end of the tunnel.You are making real changes in how you related to food, and stress. It’s really impressive to watch.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) Neat that you put a new spin on eating mindfully. Credit for 50 mins of strength and cardio!

Maggie (spacecadet) It’s cool there’s a class using Beck as the textbook. Are you using the pink or green book? Kudos for saying ‘no’ to the ranch dip!

KidsLibraryLady Yay the workers are gone! It’s such a hassle to have workmen in the house, even for a few days.

Maryblu :wave: I too miss some of our old friends – Kuhljeanie, davidette, Robin, Tera and many more…

CeeJay I’m sorry it was such a tough day yesterday. But credit for staying on-plan for both food and exercise, even when you really, really didn’t want to!

seadwaters I have physical issues too. Over a year ago I couldn’t exercise at all and started at 5 minutes a day, 3 days a week. By December ‘09 I had worked my way up to 60 mins a day, 7 days a week. And then suddenly I was back to being too tired to do any exercise for several weeks. So now I’m starting to work my way back up. I really do believe that even the littlest amount every day makes a difference, because it creates the habit of daily exercise. Do you mind my asking what physical problems you have to sort out?

Bill My DS has the new office suite and raves about how nice excel is. But your header adventure makes me want to stay far, far away. Am I understanding you correctly? Did you deal with stress by yelling at people? If so, ouch! It must have been quite a week… But kudos for not turning to food. :yay:

01-16-2010, 10:14 AM
I have been attempting to post for the past few days, but every time I submit my post I get an “Unable to connect” message. But I am giving myself credit for making the attempt. It still forces me to rethink my days. I’ve been reading the dieters blog on the Beck website (thank you Onebyone) and it has really helped. The August 2007 blog specifically addresses how to manage when times get tough. She points out that everyone goes through rough patches, which is somehow comforting. She also puts it into perspective: think of a tough day, and then think about how much time you actually spent trying to resist food. It kind of reminds me of the hunger experiment: the struggle is not as tough in reality as it is in your mind I made the following response card: “Dieting is supposed to get hard. That’s okay. Just keep practicing your skills and it will get easy again.”

Also giving myself credit for running every day. This has been easy because we’re having very warm, though very windy weather. It got up to 50 in town the other day. It feels like I’ve swapped places with Beach Patrol. I took the dogs on a run by the river. We were all feeling frisky and I kicked it up a notch.

I had a running list of personals, but they were getting long, so I just wanted to say welcome to SilverBirch and Seadwaters! Good to see an Australian on the forum. My SIL is from Sydney. And to everyone else, keep up the good fight.

01-16-2010, 05:01 PM
ChinaMaine - you asked what physical issues I was having that reduced my abilities to exercise. And I agree with you - I need to slowly build the activity from nothing over time and am planning to do that but not sure how yet. I see a rehab physician next week so that might give me a plan. Any suggestions you have are very welcome

I have had polymyalgia rheumatica since 2004 and was going well with that and had increased exercise and joined a gym when a month later I was diagnosed with breast cancer - that was last June. Since then I have had surgery and I complete 6 months of chemotherapy next Wednesday :carrot:

The chemo triggered all sorts of problems with the autoimmune disease and getting about is a bit difficult - stiff, sore, exercise intolerant. And large doses of steroids have kept me very plump! Also have some peripheral neuropathy from the chemo. However I expect to make a full recovery if the treatment doesn't kill me :)

I am starting 7 weeks of radiotherapy in late February but it shouldn't have the same impact and I am assuming when I stop chemo things will settle a bit physically :crossed:

I love the way you approach your check in and goals - I'm not up to that stage yet but it will be a good model for how to think about things

01-16-2010, 05:26 PM
CJ! Congratulations on the birthday cake resistance! I love that instead of sneaking food into your body, you snuck it into the garbage. You’re thinking like a thin person. I like it. Inspiring! :carrot:

BillBE: “Presumably, there was a topic to the meeting.” You crack me up! Familiar. Try averting your eyes from chocolate covered things? I ‘NO CHOICE’ my eyes in markets now, averting eyes from everything dangerous to my diet sanity. There is way tooo much of the chronic dieter’s nemeses EVERYWHERE in the line of sight, but if I don’t see it, I don’t eat it. I walk around looking at floors and ceilings a lot. I must look ******ed, but its better than that lost and troubled look you see in the frowning faces of many overweight people studying everything on the shelf trying to calculate how to maximize pleasure with minimal caloric or fat intake, or whatever their metric. :?:
LOL to the frugality-muscle! I don’t have one of those to count on. :cool:
“Old glass coffee jars” = round glass jar that came from grocery with instant coffee in it, coffee was consumed, MIL washes out the jar, screws red cap back on, and places gently in closet outside my bedroom. I think they may have been 1970s jars of, well, which cheap instant coffee sported red caps? Nescafe? Folgers? Taster’s Choice? :smug:

Kim: tootsie rolls give me a tummy ache. (cuz I can never eat just one bagful at a time!) :o

Maryblu: Thank you for some history and insights! Great! I hope to be where you are at soon!

As for me: I read Pink Book BECK Day 17 today and decided to try to leave a bit on the plate just before I started eating lunch. I could barely believe it when I just instinctively went ahead and forgot to leave one of the items--how could I forget so fast? Because of life long habits I guess! I have tried to eat all meals 100% on previous diets, advised that if I didn’t I’d be setting myself up to skimp on nutritious foods and then feel lenient about rules later in the day. But if I eat everything out of obligation I often have to eat past satisfaction to fullness. I am going to trust Beck and try for 10% off each item (except green vegetables), since the news is crawling with stories about food having 10-18% more calories per serving than they print on labels. Happy--a new toy to play with and keep me entertained at mealtime! I love Beck because in each of the first 42 days there is something new! :dizzy::carrot:

01-16-2010, 09:32 PM

patchworkpenguin-oh well for the chocolate and credit for all the other things you did well on yesterday!!

onebyone-very good news about the $$. $ is always good, eh? :D. Good for you for staying on plan. We all know good stress can also lead to overdoing it, so good on you for sticking with it.

seadwaters- Happy Birthday to you!! You sure are going full steam ahead on your preparations. YAY!!

BillBlueEyes-re yelling at people. Don't think that is what Beck had in mind when she tells us to find distractions. :lol:

ChinaMaine-sorry about your experience with the chips. They are one of my many downfalls. Glad you are just saying Oh Well and moving along.

Shepherdess- thanks for the reminder that we all have rough patches and that it is supposed to get hard but it will get easy again. Credit for your running.

midlifecrisis57-boy, I can imagine how hard it is to leave food on the plate. Have not even tried this- definitely not ready for this one yet. Be interested in how it goes for you.

For me- I am just going to jump the gun and just say it--- Day Seven of my seven day personal challenge to eat on plan is over in about 4 hours and I can safely say every day I ate 100% on plan. I really, really needed this to boost my confidence and to show myself that I can do this without starting to drift off plan. I am not sure I have ever, on any of my million attempts to lose weight, stayed on plan for more that 5 days without the drifting starting, a little bit here and there- resulting in being back to not even trying very quickly.

Credit today for:

weighing in
posting to my coaches
walking 30 minutes
lifting weights and increasing to (don't laugh) 3 pound weights
reading advantage and response cards
creating a few new advantage cards
writing in my journal, summarizing the week and where I want to go next.

Here is where I am going next: repeat the on-plan eating for another 7 days, exercise a minimum of 30 minutes each day, weigh in every day, post every day unless not at home, lift weights, read the cards every day, and give credit for all positive behaviour. Next week will be all about adding more water to my diet.

Thanks to everyone who cheered me on this week. I could not do this without your support and without having to check in here and be accountable.


01-16-2010, 11:33 PM
Hi Coaches

The remarkable January thaw continues in our neck of the woods. The Rideau Canal was open to skaters yesterday and it had puddles to skate through. There must have been budget cuts or something as we had really cold weather for weeks yet the canal stayed closed.
Call me a skeptic.

DH and I were like young chatterboxes discussing what it could be like to live in a place where we had the foreign accents. This has always been a dream of mine believe it or not, to be the one with the accent. DH also said that the CRM job he's up for is either in London or on the Isle of Mann. So it's over there somewhere but as all things with this adventure have been, the details show up later and you have to live through the fuzziness of it all first.

I slept in late today and went to the school but my heart wasn't in it. Surprise surprise I am tired. I ended up almost skipping lunch completely due to the late breakfast we had and so I grabbed a snack size bag of roasted hickory smoked almonds (credit due: I did not grab gummie things, chips or candy bars or pop but looked for the cheapest most nutritious thing a convenience store carries) ate them up and went about my business. I got in late, starving, DH was starving too and then we decided to be bad: we ordered in: pizza, zucchini sticks, chicken wings. I ate the zucchini and had 3 wings and ate 1/2 a medium pizza. All at one go. I'd add this little icon here ":(" except I don't really feel that way. Should I? I don't. I wanted it and I had it. I am sure it'll slow the weightloss on the scale but it's a one time in three months event now. I'm afraid DH and I still celebrate with food. I still don't feel bad about it. I'll take care that if cravings are triggered and if my portions stay huge I'll do something about it. As it is that's for tomorrow. I'm done eating for today.

-spontaneous exercise x 2
-no sweets
-no seconds (I ate it all at once *gulp*)

I Didn't
-weigh myself this morning
-ate my lunch, the nuts, standing up (just realized that one)
-didn't read my arcs or the book or journal yet today-can still change that
-didn't do a good job keeping myself from being too hungry and dinner time and therefore susceptible to the thought to order a pizza instead of cooking like I had originally planned
-ate past fullness almost to stuffed. I should have been stuffed but I don't feel that way. I can consume mountains of food; have been exercising that muscle for decades.

'night coaches.

01-16-2010, 11:55 PM
I just want to say all your post are inspiring! Its encouraging to see others battling out the fight too.

Had a good weekend thus far! Did two hours at the gym this morning, tried Zumba for the first time! Lost a pound and stayed pretty much on task. I went shopping during dinner time, and despite being hungry when I got home, I didn’t binge, I ate healthy, within my calorie. I did give into a craving, but I only ate ½ the cookie. Credit for today!

01-17-2010, 12:37 AM
Read ARC three times! {watch I'll forget tomorrow...}
Exrercised ~ 40 min cardio intervals HRM says I burned 625 cals ???
Ate on plan
Mindfully moslty, I'm doing much better at that.
wore ped 9,771 <-yesterdays total, wait til you see today's ~ 12,370 now

Not so much
Surely I can think of something...
spilt Snickers with Hubby then had another choc snack later.

I've been tired/sleepy all day. Going to bed early, I hope!

01-17-2010, 04:35 AM
Diet coaches
Credit for today :D

Read Advantages Cards twice
Read response cards and created some more
Posted to this list to try and remain on target
Prepared food with future meal plans in mind

Not so good :(

I usually ate sitting down but found myself nibbling
Had often finished eating before I realised I had started

Working on :^:

Eating slowly and taking a break in the middle
Not beating myself up - remembering to notice the successes. Not so good in Australia at giving credit to self!
Moving about more

01-17-2010, 06:41 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Long day, because I worked at home then went to the office. But I don't mind because I was very productive and will harvest my rewards on Tuesday. CREDIT moi for making my priorities.

Got a long walk with DW after dark, CREDIT moi, enjoying being a tad warmer.

onebyone - LOL at the thought of having a foreign accent. Will you learn to say "Old Bloke" and such? Ouch for tired and Extra Kudos for holding on during this roller-coaster.

ChinaMaine - Kudos for your continuing success with stopping when satisfied; you're really incorporating that into your way of being. LOL at "as if I think I’m someone who freely snacks on chips" - that kind of thing scares me. You'd think that after so much time the old neurons would forget how to do such a thing.

Shepherdess - Ouch for your continuing connection problems - wishing for you that something simple, like clearing old cookies, will just make it go away. Yay for getting to run in warmer, albeit windy, weather. I do like being reminded that hard is par, per “Dieting is supposed to get hard. That’s okay. Just keep practicing your skills and it will get easy again.”

CeeJay - Seven Honking Kudos for setting your goal and doing it. And Kudos for increasing your weights from where you were to where you are now.

midlifecrisis57 - Thanks for the neatly phrased, "I ‘NO CHOICE’ my eyes in markets now" - it's helps to be reminded that using strategies is the way of life. LOL at "******ed" - whatever it was. Kudos for working on leaving something on your plate; I'm still working on that.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Those are some impressive pedometer numbers.

katiekonie - Yay for trying Zumba - it's reported around here to be uber fun. Kudos for stopping at half a cookie - that's hard.

seadwaters - Happy Birthday - belatedly - we cross-posted yesterday. Neat that your going in thought is a lifetime perspective. And Kudos for immediately Googeling for diet coaches, "And there you all were."

Kudos for "Read response cards and created some more" - I do love my Response cards even though I thought they were a hokey idea when I first read that Beck expected us to actually write them down. And Kudos for observing your speed of eating.

Sending supportive thoughts for your treatment plan; your attitude seems positive enough to scare the little buggers into submission.

Readers - day 15
Monitor Your Eating

The Benefits of Writing Down What You Eat

Several studies have shown that writing down what you eat increases the likelihood that you'll lose weight and keep it off. One study conducted at the St. Francis Medical Center in Peoria, Illinois, found that dieters who kept detailed food logs were even able to lose weight over the winter holiday season. Dieters who didn't keep a log gained weight.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 142.

01-17-2010, 11:35 AM
CJ: thats what I'm talkin' about! You GO girl! And reward for the next 7 days is?

1by1: ah, the Rideau Canal, know it well! Thanks for the memories! I love the adventure you are looking at. Good news, British food is pretty awful, so if you go native there, you should find it pretty easy not to eat. The Indian food, on the other hand...well, mmmm. Different story. Isle of Man, home of the Manx cat, FUN!

Konie and Patchie and Seadwaters: good accountability! Keep checking in! I like that you can reflect on oh wells when they happen. And take credit due.

Bill: someone in the system censored my word, I had written r e t a r d ed. Is that so wrong? lol. Leaving food is easy once you accept it as Beck's permission to counter what your mother and grandmother always told you. But eating slowly makes it alot easier to leave a portion (satisfaction is pretty automatic after 20-30 minutes of eating, methinks. so the trick is to slow down. After 20-30 minutes, eating the rest seems kind of unnecessary and rigid.)

As for my own practice. I did go out for dinner last night, ate on plan, and left TONS on the plate (salad). I was able to leave food easily! I just hadn't given myself permission before! This morning, I put out food, looked at it in a bowl, asked myself if I really thought I could handle that much in my GI tract, decided I would be happier with less, put 20% back in the bag. How, to remember to finish the bowl of oatmeal and leave 10% behind? I'm eating now. The good thing is when I push 10% to the side, I find myself mourning what I've "lost" from pleasurable eating, but if I look at the other 90% I will enjoy, I see I have sufficient providence for enrichment! I could stand to look at more things in life this way!

Now for THE JOKER TRICKSTER within this dieter that has sabotaged efforts this month. I had read that dieters should eat no more than 10% of their kcal intake from fat. So in my mind, I'm eating 1200 kcal a day, so I could have 120 gm of fat a day! Who can eat that much? So I have been eating fat for protein content and condiments with carefree abandon. Okay. So here's the fallacy: 10% of calories from fat is 120 kcal, not 120 grm. 120 divide by 9=13 grm of fat. So I've been eating way over my fat allowance, maybe 3X over, for days! Now its going to get harder to make menus. But I'll have to FIND A WAY (I've been reading Meg at Maintainers, Mariblu, yes!).

Anyway, I realize I've had it way to easy living at MILs. It's easy to turn up my nose at her cooking and her hovering over pantry. It's going to be alot harder when I'm home alone in my own pantry trying to decide what to prepare, like the rest of the world. I'm two weeks from closing on my new house. Watch for that! Cheers and enjoy the thaw! And think for a moment about the hungry and thirsty and mourning in Port-au-Prince at mealtimes.

01-17-2010, 11:42 AM
Hey, midlifecrisis, we have good raw materials to make delicious meals with here. And we have some quite nice cafes and restaurants. :)

Onebyone: you'd be very welcome over here. London is an interesting and very diverse place with lots of accents from all over the world. And the Isle of Man is a lovely place. But one step at a time, eh?

01-17-2010, 04:04 PM
Hello everyone:

onebyone-we are having incredible weather here too. I remember many wonderful times skating the canal as a kid and a teenager. What a treasure that is. Credit for your spontaneous excercise yesterday.

katiekonie- credit for 2 hours at the gym and the loss on a pound. Credit also for stopping at the 1/2 cookie.

patchworkpenguin- good day for yesterday. Your ped number is amazing!!

seadwaters- LOL re: "Had often finished eating before I realised I had started"- glad I am not the only one suffering from that. Canadians aren't very good at giving credit either. But you deserve alot of that for what you are working on.

BillBlueEyes-credit for your walk.

midlifecrisis57- not sure what the reward for the next 7 days will be, have to think about that one. Yay for eating on plan at dinner and leaving food. Hard thing to do.

For me today- having a wonderful relaxing day. Headed to the city to have dinner out (not even worried about overdoing it- go figure) and then to see Blue Rodeo, a fantastic Canadian band- check them out. New album "Things We Left Behind" is excellent.

Credit today for:

weighing in
lifting weights
riding exercise bike 30 minutes
reading advantage and response cards
planning tomorrow's food
and eating on plan so far today.

Take care :grouphug:

01-17-2010, 04:11 PM
I got in my long run yesterday. It has been awhile since I have been able to get one in and it felt great. The mileage begins to get intimidating when I haven’t done a long run in a while, but once I get out there, my legs say, “Oh yeah, we remember this. It’s not just doable, it’s fun!”

I was victorious in an encounter with the remains of an apple pie. Dh had asked me to make him an apple pie several days ago, and I enjoyed a bit of it on plan. I had forgotten about it, until cleaning out the fridge and thought, “I’m not going to work this into my plan. I should get rid of it.” DH said he wanted a piece after dinner, then we could throw it out. He forgot about it after dinner, but I didn’t. All of those usual excuses were bubbling to the surface—it won’t matter, I deserve it after the long run. . . all the usuals. I thought about asking dh if he wanted his piece, but knew that if he had one, that was all the excuse I would need. So I finally stopped hovering around the kitchen. It’s funny how when I finally put my foot down, the craving was still there, but manageable. It was not as overpowering as it had been when I was still entertaining the excuses. Now if I can just remember that during the next craving.

Seadwaters, you have had a tough time. Kudos on the positive attitude in spite of all the challenges. It sounds like starting with a professional is the best idea.

Midlifecrisis57, those old habits are hard to break, but LOL at a new toy to play with at mealtime. I love the attitude. Good job having a successful restaurant experience.

CeeJay, huge congrats on completing your seven day challenge. You do deserve a confidence boost. Giving yourself a concrete, short-term goal was a great strategy. Also congrats on lifting more weights and increasing your weights is always something to be proud of.

Onebyone, so glad that your dh had good news and huge congrats on handling all the uncertainty without turning to food. I think it’s OK to occasionally allow yourself food indulgences. The tricky part is making sure that “occasion” doesn’t become regular habit. I have a specific rule for myself so my brain doesn’t say, “Yay, she’s finally giving up this stupid diet. Let’s go crazy.” The “occasion” is built into the plan.

KatieKonie, yay for not overeating while hungry. Good job stopping at ½ a cookie—never easy. And good job getting in your exercise. It’s always fun to try something new.

Patchworkpenquin, kudos on all the great exercise. Yay for eating on plan and for getting better at eating mindfully.

BillBE, yay for making lots of progress towards your deadline—it’s Beck applied to work. Love that warming weather that makes outdoor exercise so pleasant.

01-17-2010, 07:24 PM
Good Evening Coaches

I'm just making dinner and thought I'd check in with all of you. I went in to work on a print today at the school. I met my friend there. We were both very frustrated in our efforts. I was completely unsuccessful. I can't think of any other time in the print room that was so unproductive. I was trying to transfer a photocopy image onto a zinc plate and I tried 6 times. It just didn't work. The final try I etched it anyway and it really isn't anything at all like what I wanted so I have move work to do. I suppose I learned something.:?:

Foodwise I had breakfast late again and now am having lunch/dinner. No sugar today and no seconds and I have eaten sitting down and slowly. My portions are staying bigger though. I need to apply NO CHOICE to that issue. I am feeling the start of coldsores which means I am a) too run down and need to rest and b) need to eat more fruit. I need both of these things and neither is really in the future... well maybe a little more of each I can manage.

Better go. Have a good evening everyone.

01-17-2010, 11:21 PM
Things aren't fully back to normal, but at least I'm sleeping in my own bed. And, I need this Beck part of my life to be back to normal, even if other aspects are challenging.

WI: -0.85kg, Exercise: +35, 755/1400 minutes for January, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: so impressed and glad that your teaching went well!

seadwater: welcome! I'm a cancer survivor of 24 years. It does get better!

CeeJay: yay for 7 100% days! Good job!

Hi to everyone else!

01-17-2010, 11:39 PM
Evening all! I had a pretty good day today, but it could have been better. I find myself obsessing about food less. Welcome change that!

yesterday's Ped ~ 12,530 ~ highest since I started keeping track in mid-Dec.
ate on plan
Read/or thought about ARC twice ~ couldn't easily get to my purse at lunch so I went over ARC in my head

No So Much
didn't eat everything mindfully
no exercise

I haven't broken down and weighed myself, yet, but I'm still thinking about it.:o

Seadwater, I like your 'working on' list~ Great idea.

Shepherdess, I have the same problem with Hubby, He forgets about dessert but I never can. Credit for putting your foot down

Never did get to bed early, maybe tonight???

01-18-2010, 06:10 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Another long day including a stint at the office to use a computer that has to be networked there. As I get tired, I feel the urge to eat - as in "take me away from this." I observed that feeling then remembered to take a faux-vending-machine jaunt. That helped; CREDIT moi. Today will be a repeat. Went to bed early and slept for eight hours - longest in a long time; CREDIT moi since Beck suggests adequate sleep.

onebyone - Ouch for the frustrations over the mechanics of the creative process, but Kudos for "No sugar today and no seconds" despite them.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Glad you've made it home. Hope things are well with your MIL.

Shepherdess - Kudos for your apple pie victory. Condolences for living with a DH who can forget about dessert; my DW can just forget to eat lunch.

CeeJay - Yay for "not even worried about overdoing it- go figure" - that's where we all want to be.

midlifecrisis57 - Neat idea, "Leaving food is easy once you accept it as Beck's permission to counter what your mother and grandmother always told you." Will try to think of it that way next opportunity, especially since it works so well for you; Kudos for all the food you left. And yep, "r e t a r d" has joined the vernacular as a pejorative word; we all have to move away from it. I'm pretty used to dropping words since my childhood vocabulary consisted of pejorative words for everything, LOL. Glad that you found the issue about fat.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Yay for "obsessing about food less" - good sign, that.

silverbirch - Last time I was in London my kids were young so we gathered a lot of our meals from the delis there - such good stuff, and waaaaay ahead of what you could get for take out in the States at that time. My DD can still say "Mind the gap" with a convincing accent, LOL. In Wales, we slept in a thatched roof B&B which just blew my mind.

Readers - day 15
Monitor Your Eating

The Benefits of Writing Down What You Eat

Monitoring what you eat in writing as you eat it facilitates your sticking to your diet for the following reasons:

It helps you remain accountable for what you actually eat. You might think you don't have to take the trouble to record what you''re eating, that you can just keep a mental tally. Yet, it's truly amazing what our minds both naturally forget and allow us to forget when we don't really want to remember. Even the most nutritionally adept - such as registered dietitians - are guilty of forgetting about some of what they eat. In a study completed at Louisiana State University, researchers asked dietitians to estimate the number of calories they were consuming. The dietitians underreported their actual caloric intake by 10 percent!
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 142.

01-18-2010, 06:55 AM
Dear Coaches

I have managed to spend the day without thinking about BECK at all (except for this morning before I left for work)! It is amazing how consuming work is especially at the moment when I am only doing 2 days a week because of sick leave. It just totally slipped off the radar until I was driving home very late (7.30pm) and had a choice of coming home to no food or buying something on the way (organic chicken as it turned out).

What was interesting was my "on a diet" v "not on a diet" thinking. When confronted with a choice I thought - well I haven't really started the diet yet - so anything goes is what usually happens. The sort of all-or-nothing thinking which I am sure comes up on later days from some of the reading. Well I am great at it! Usually as I am planning to "start" a diet I manage to put on 5 kilos (11lb)

Anyway - so far today

Credit for today for :D

Read my Advantage cards and response cards this morning and this evening and also created some pop-ups for my computer to look at today at work (unfortunately forgot to look at them so not so hot!)
Posted to my coaches this evening - but almost forgot and turned off the computer - habits are hard to set
Walked about a bit and tried to increase activity even though other offered to do things for me

Not so good :(

Found myself eating that chicken standing at the sink! But I did then stop and moved the meal to somewhere more appropriate - so well done me

Working on :^:

The idea that eating is part of life and you don't just monitor it when you are 'on a diet' - appropriate choices are always part of a 'normal' life
To keep those choices and decisions front and centre and to make the time to change - today is day 8 about scheduling priorities and activities and I haven't finished it yet


01-18-2010, 08:04 AM
:wave: Working on getting "it" together
.................. now that I've determined what "it" is!

01-18-2010, 01:23 PM
I stayed on plan at a family dinner last night. I contributed dessert, which I was worried would be a huge mistake. I made a very rich chocolate torte, and found that a tiny sliver was really satisfying. Unfortunately the dinner was one of those sad occasions. My FIL’s cousin passed away last week, so dh’s family decided to make a dinner for his cousin’s mother and siblings who still live in town. Despite the sad occasion, it was a good time, with everyone reminiscing about family stories. I was able to avoid focusing on food by listening to the stories and getting family history from dh’s great aunt. I came home with a desire to eat, but was able to avoid it easily with a cup of tea and a good book. I also got in my weight workout yesterday, so another credit for that.

Onebyone, sorry about a frustrating day at school. Good job keeping up your no sugar/no seconds resolutions. Portion sizes are a difficult issue. This guide might help you eyeball portions:

Gardenerjoy, glad to hear that things are starting to get better. Kudos for keeping up with Beck even when times are tough. And it looks like your exercise has been on track, which is very impressive.

Patchworkpenquin, yay for obsessing less about food! That makes life so much easier. Congrats on a high pedometer reading—I think that counts as exercise. There were a few Beck newsletters that addressed scale dread (or what Beck calls “Tyranny of the Scale.”
Sue 10:{9707C928-4357-40C8-A69F-C130E1857461}
and Sue 11:{9707C928-4357-40C8-A69F-C130E1857461}

BillBE, yay for a good night’s sleep. Great job avoiding eating to cope with lots of work hours and stress. I love the faux vending machine run as a mini vacation instead of the candy bar. I am impressed that you continue to post even while busy.

Seadwaters, good job identifying that sabotaging “all or nothing” thinking. I liked, “The idea that eating is part of life and you don't just monitor it when you are 'on a diet' - appropriate choices are always part of a 'normal' life.” So many of us on this forum struggle with the same issue, but it’s something that slim people take for granted.

Ruthxxx, LOL! Discovering “it” is a big step in the right direction. . . I’m still searching.

Sorry, I'm having problems inserting links! Hope you can find the websites anyways.

01-18-2010, 08:36 PM
Hello everyone!!

Shepherdess-Yay for the victory over the apple pie. And for staying on plan at the dinner gathering.

onebyone-credit for continuing to resist sugar.

gardenerjoy-glad things are starting to get back to normal. Good for you for your credits, hard to keep on track when things are in flux.

patchworkpenguin-WOW your ped number is huge.

BillBlueEyes-bet you felt good after your eight hour sleep. Credit for resisting the vending machine.

seadwaters-I know what you mean about the on a diet/not on a diet thinking. I am trying to wrap my head around the idea that this is how I need to eat from now on and forever. Somehow I have always thought of a diet as something that would be over some day. I am trying to accept the fact that healthy eating is how I will always need to eat.

Ruthxxx- I like your change in your winter is for the birds to no more grumping. Accepting winter is sometimes as hard as accepting eating less. LOL.

For me: Well aren't I just laughing today at my very cocky statement last night of: "Headed to the city to have dinner out (not even worried about overdoing it- go figure)". It is just like on "Survivor", as soon as someone gets too cocky they get voted off.

So I did eat on plan yesterday. DH and I went out to Dim Sum for dinner, which I did not overeat and kept to steamed stuff mostly. So far so good. Went to the concert- which was wonderful BTW. Then we needed to hit somewhere to use the facilities and get a drink before heading up the highway to home. To make a long story short- stopped at a donut shop- DUH- went in and ordered a decaf and then just added on 6 donuts "for my DH". Ya right. And got in the car and ate 3 donuts. What was that? I honestly was trying not to think about what I was doing-however there was a moment of my inner rebellious teenager saying Who Cares? I did care when I was done, felt sick and stuffed and mad at myself. Oh well....

But today I get credit for:

weighing in
riding exercise bike 30 minutes
reading advantage and response cards
planning tomorrow's food
and eating on plan so far today.

Take care:grouphug:

01-18-2010, 10:38 PM

I was doing well for a few days. Reading my cards, weighing, tracking my food, paying attention to my licks, nibbles and bites, exercising everyday. The weekend came and things started to deteriorate. I brought my cards with me in the car the other day while running errands (DBF was driving), but I didn't read them. Instead I chose to crochet. I knew it would only take me a few minutes to read them, but somehow I just didn't want to do it. It seemed like it would be such a chore. I felt like a child rebelling :( Went to a party Saturday night that was a potluck. I prepared a bit, made sure to eat a protein before we went so I wasn't starved when I got there. But I did overeat. I should have checked in here first or at least checked in with myself more before going to the party. So, I made some progress this past week, but I need to work harder.

Went shopping for clothes on Sunday and was frustrated that I'm not as comfortable with my body anymore.


Weigh-In: yes :broc:
Worked out: yes :broc:
Read Cards: yes :broc:
Checked in here: yes :broc:
Tracked food: yes :broc:
Gave myself credit: yes :broc:
Stopped eating when satisfied: yes :broc:
(This I did for the first time at dinner and it was HUGE!)

I need to move forward in the book. I have to stop waiting to perfect things in order to move on. It's like I'm punishing myself.

I was thinking about trying to find a therapist that specializes in eating disorders. It didn't even occur to me to try to find someone that specializes in CBT-- thanks for suggesting it! I've never heard of DBT-- time to go google :D Thanks for your continued support.

So excited for you and DH-- how cool that the offer is so spectacular. What's even better is how well you've done through all of this. I know I've said it before, but thank you for continuing to inspire me!

01-18-2010, 11:54 PM
Hello Coaches

I've spent the majority of today in bed. I woke up with a horrific sore throat due to these developing cold sores but I think they've stopped in their tracks. DH and I went to the store and brought back lots of fruit which I have eaten with abandon today. I have deliberately ditched my food plan for the day following my need for fruit and fruit juice to get me feeling well enough again. I actually don't feel not OP. I feel like it was needed. If I wake up having thwarted a cold I'll be pleased.

Now as to what happened today. DH got a call from his new employer. Not the NB (new boss) but someone in the training-new-folks-department. He confirmed the details of his pay and his position and said he'd be training for three weeks in COSTA RICA! :fr:


You'd think they'd casually mention this but no, so DH has to fly now to Costa Rica the weekend before Feb 1st where he will live on the company compound that's in a gated community area right next to their work. He'll have two more weeks of training to do here at home when he gets back. :fr:

AND THEN I get an email "reminding" me of my march break class: Draw/Print for 9-12 year olds Mon-Fri 1-3 pm.
Hello? I don't recall signing on for this but apparently I did so I guess I am now all booked up for the March break. :fr:

So these things contributed to my food intake and while I gave myself permission everything is all a little much.

I did say to DH "You've really found a goldmine here. I'm so proud of you." :hug: And I could hear his mother laughing happily on the phone as he told her his news, as did my friend B. None of us can believe these turn of events, least of us those of us going through it!

The irony is we are still not able to pay the cc bills or the other bills and will possibly just scrape by with the rent-maybe. And DH found out he gets paid monthly and I hope to high heaven that means he'll get his first pay mid-Feb and not mid-MARCH :fr: We could have an eviction notice by then!

Life is funny.:dizzy:

Have a good night y'all. Thanks for all the good wishes.

01-19-2010, 12:01 AM
exercise ~ 30min Lower body strength/cardio circuit
physically read card once, went over in head other time
Ped from yesterday ~ 6,571 {around 3 miles, seems like more}
Ate on plan~ but in two big meals not the 3 small meals and 2 snacks :dizzy:
Ate less choc, today
Ate mindfully

Not so Much,
slept WAY to late today
need to work on the sabatauging thoughts {spelling, also!}

Hubby has decided that he wants to start exercising again. This is an on/off thing with him. I have to say I'm partly responsible for the off. I love it when he exercises with or without me but as his 'personal trainer', LOL, I might throw too much at him in the beginning. So we are taking it easy; 20-35 min each time to start, and he wants to start with the TM.

BHMama, I have to agree that sometimes reading the card seems like too much trouble. I could have done it the second time, as you say it only takes a few seconds. Credit for feeling satisfied and not eating more.

CeeJay, I'm familar with the rebellous teen and the ''who cares?' Credit for the 'oh well'

Ruth, Credit for 'it'!

Shepherdess, Thanks for the links, Tyranny of the Scale, LOL. I did break down and weigh this morning but I wasn't unhappy with the number I found. I can wait until Thurs again. Curiosity got to me.

Seadwaters, One of the things I really like about the Beck plan is that I can see myself changing the way I'm eating forever. I'm already 100% better about sweets {read choc} than I used to be. The other ways I've tried did nothing to address me, just the food.

Bill, What is a faux- vending machine jaunt? You have said that before.

OnebyOne, Hope you feel better soon. :hug:

01-19-2010, 12:15 AM
Coaches/Buddies, sorry for the long posting hiatus. Vacation followed by the start of classes followed by hard drive failure (that I’m still working through). Augh. Unusually, the physical activity part has been going really well for me, however now the food is a struggle. But, I am beginning to see a few moments of improvement on the latter. Skiing went really well. I found myself burning an extra 1,200 calories a day, which unfortunately lead me into a frame of mind that I could eat whatever I wanted. Fine on the ski slopes, but the attitude has come home with me. I’m working out 3x/week with my trainer, which is going well. I just need to recalibrate these food expectations.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: - 1.50 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: no
Read Response Cards at least two times: no
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: somewhat
Did spontaneous exercise: some
Did planned exercise: none planned
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not fully
Tracked today’s food: not yet

BeachPatrol, your holiday trip home sounds like it was wonderful. Really impressive job at getting rid of food. Your comments regarding cutting out sugar make me wonder how I define “junk food” and the role it plays in my nutrition.

BennyHannahMama, I am sending you encouraging thoughts. You’ve been going through a lot of changes lately and we’ve all witness what a strong woman you are. You can accomplish what you need to, just listen inside for the guidelines on what you need to aim for.

GardenerJoy, are you finding the Excel Spreadsheet helpful for your advantages?

LisaK, welcome.

Onebyone, love your new year’s attitude.

To everyone else, hello. I promised myself I would get this post up before bed tonight rather than let it slide for a few days. So, sorry I’m not current on the posts now.

01-19-2010, 02:44 AM
Good Morning from Sweden:)

Well last night I ate 15 french fries :(

Went and checked out 2 gyms and tomorrow I will join one and start working off my blubber one step at a time :) Im going to take a exercise class 1-2 days and week and then work the treadmill and elliptical 2 days a week. Ive read that its best to work out in the morning but with my school schedule the evenings work better for me!

Im reading my motivation list a few times a day and that helps...
Im drinking lots of water and thinking about giving up diet soda!

Im eating lots of veggie and fruit each day!

Im still walking 30 min a day with the pup. The weather sucks but soon enough it will be in the 40's and the snow will be gone!

Thanks for all your comments and advice :)


01-19-2010, 04:35 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Good grief, I can just use yesterday's post: "Another long day including a stint at the office to use a computer that has to be networked there." But I do get my high from the adrenalin rush of pulling this off. Avoided the vending machines - the faux-vending-machine-jaunt consists of walking down three floors and through the corridors the distance it would take me to get to the vending machines, in recognition that the call for food is partially a call to take a break from the intensity. Am being vividly reminded that staying on plan requires keeping my mind and body rested, exercised, and sane - which I'm not doing; if this wasn't a short term burst, it would be a serious threat to my maintenance.

Told DW I wouldn't eat the last New Year's cookie even though that meant it would go to our compost worms; special CREDIT moi since that violates my deep waste-no-food-ever upbringing. Stretching, CREDIT moi for finishing some old papadam (crispy Indian lentil bread) for my afternoon snack since it had been sitting around for a while and had to be eaten or tossed. I learned that I could microwave it instead of digging out a skillet to apply dry heat. My gratitude to the microwave.

onebyone - Ouch for being brought down by a threatening cold. Continued Kudos for facing the upheaval of your good news without serious falling off-plan. Where I work, one can get a travel advance to pay for travel expenses. Presumably, your DH has already filed his trip voucher for the past travel; that should be reimbursed promptly. Companies don't expect employees to bankroll them. And, at my company, one can ask for an advance against the next paycheck, which is usually only done for the first paycheck when there are expenses due to changing jobs. Good luck handling this transition.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - "HUGE" Kudos for stopping eating when satisfied. That's so tough to learn.

FutureFitChick - That's a pretty amazing transition you've made getting into your 3x per week with a personal trainer; Kudos richly deserved.

Shepherdess - Neat that a tiny sliver of torte satisfied. Kudos for pulling out tea and a book to distract from a desire to eat. (I post even when busy because it helps keep me sane.)

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Good grief, I'm so jealous that you've "determined what "it" is!" - "it" seems to elude me at times.

CeeJay - LOL at getting voted off your food plan by three donuts. Never trust a donut. They will conspire behind your back to do you in. They haven't stayed around all these years by being dumb.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Good luck being personal trainer for your DH. Not sure my marriage could survive that, LOL.

Maggie (spacecadet) - Neat that you're joining a gym. I, too, wrestled with the suggestion that morning exercise was much better. But my reason for a walk or gym after work was to replace my crackers-and-cheese time - which was far more important than any minor difference in time of day of exercise. I've since read that Oprah's trainer is the main advocate of morning exercise, based on his personal hunch. Go for what works for you.

seadwaters - Catching yourself eating standing and immediately stopping is great - Kudos. Yay for being on Day 8.

Readers - day 15
Monitor Your Eating

The Benefits of Writing Down What You Eat

Monitoring what you eat in writing as you eat it facilitates your sticking to your diet for the following reasons:

. . .
It helps you strengthen your motivation. It gives you an opportunity to give yourself credit, especially when you consciously tell yourself how good it is that you ate according to your plan.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 143.

01-19-2010, 06:17 AM
Strange day - saw the oncologist and was to have one more (the last) chemotherapy session tomorrow. But unfortunately I am quite toxic and can't feel my hands and feet so he decided that was it - done - completed. All a bit of an anticlimax - but YAY - I am finished chemo :carrot:

Credit for today for :D

Read my cards twice during the day - again forgot that I had pop-ups on the desktop to use
Posted here - check (and read the other inspiring postings
Made efforts at incidental exercise
Gave myself credit for efforts in the right direction

Not so good :(

Some very mindless eating going on
Still haven't looked at my priorities and how to fit dieting and all it entails into my schedule/life. I have to say I have always struggled with the whole planning food, buying food, preparing food and find myself with nothing healthy to eat come meal times. There is a lesson in there somewhere

Working on :^:

Wanting to want to be thin and healthy. I noticed in Day 8 in The Beck Diet Solution book (p. 97) - "Am I willing to do what it takes". I think this is where the struggle lies

I am not going to do the exercise plan until I see a rehab doctor on Thursday - so have skipped that for the moment.

Shepherdess - great distraction technique - I need to learn how to take a breath before making bad choices

Onebyone - hope everything goes well until the first pay period - a lot of distractions for you

Penguin - it is true - I need to change me not just what I eat but how I approach it and what I make of it and who I am. So thanks for that

BillBE - you are doing well to stay on track with so much happening workwise. I find it so difficult to balance work and life

GardenerJoy - thanks for reassuring me that there is life after cancer treatment! Two phases down - now radiotherapy and hormone therapy to go! But they will be much easier


01-19-2010, 12:57 PM
Another warm, windy day and another run. I’m really getting used to this, and the nice weather should hold through the week.

We had dinner last night with friends, which was a lot of fun. The dinner was actually a bunch of appetizers and a small plate—always difficult. It was difficult for me to estimate calories—something that usually makes me a bit panicky. But I just tried to focus on how full I was. I did come in a bit higher on calorie intake than usual, but I’m still considering it a success because 1) it was close and 2) I enjoyed the evening with friends without feeling distracted by food and calorie counting (in other words, I acted like a normal person).

CeeJay, kudos for staying on plan at Dim Sum. Ouch for the doughnuts. That “Who cares?” mindset is tough. I’m trying to teach myself to answer, “Me in about 10 minutes.”

Bennyhannamamma, great job on a few days on plan and huge credit for stopping eating when satisfied. Don’t let a frustrating weekend and party diminish these accomplishments. As for those, my only suggestion is review the Challenging Situations Sections (Stage 3, Chapter 6). It can only get better with practice.

Onebyone, ouch for the sore throat. I think an off plan day with fruit is a good strategy. You need all of those vitamins and anti-oxidants to get over this cold. That’s great news about your dh, just too bad that you can’t join him in Costa Rica.

Patchworkpenquin, congrats on weighing and liking the number. LOL about being your dh’s personal trainer. My dh has asked me in the past to help make him a workout. The result was something like this: Me: “Honey, keep your back straight.” Him: rolling eyes. Me: “I’m trying to not be annoying.” Him: “Try a little harder.” We recently bought a home-gym that has a tutorial, so now he can workout without my help. He works out now.

FutureFitChick, ouch for hard drive failure. Huge congrats on the exercise. You have put your finger on the one downside of exercise—we sometimes use it as an excuse to eat whatever we want. Over the summer, I was increasing my running mileage, and surprised to find my clothes getting tight. Great job identifying the sabotaging thoughts and getting them under control.

Spacecadet, your commitment to exercise is impressive. I have read a lot about the “best” time of day to exercise, and have finally decided that the “best” time to exercise is the time I will actually do it. It changes seasonally. Yay for all the fruits and veggies and for drinking lots of water.

BillBE, ouch for “Am being vividly reminded that staying on plan requires keeping my mind and body rested, exercised, and sane - which I'm not doing.” Glad that you see the light at the end of the tunnel. I love those papadums! My father spent much of his childhood in Burma and India, so papadums are part of family dinner. Thanks for the tip about microwaving them.

Seadwaters, yay for being done with chemo. Ouch for not being able to feel hands and feet. It’s impressive that you began Beck while still going through all of that. Good job on reading the cards, getting a bit of exercise and for giving yourself credit. Getting control of the mindless eating will come with time.

Beach Patrol
01-19-2010, 01:16 PM
HEY BECKSTARS!!!!!!!!! :wave:

Oh MY! isn't it a GLORIOUS day!??!?!?!? First time I've walked (exercise) since December! -been cooped up in a room with a DVD, but NOW we're back in the sunny mid 60's here, and that walk out by the river just really revs me up! Felt so good & energetic! YAY ME!

I'm pretty much on-track w/my eating.... but last night, for odd reason, I got a BAD hankering for some fried chicken. I don't eat fried foods very often, so I thought "OK, no problem... my diet allows me to do this" so I had a couple of chicken legs.... and then a thigh and a wing.... :o Well for cryin' out loud! I'm usually good about not over-eating and doing well with my "healthy" foods, but just every now & then, I go wayyyyyy overboard. :sorry: - but I KNOW it's not healthy/wise to do so, & at least it doesn't happen very often at all. So maybe I can get some credit for that. :^:

Also, I wasn't "that hungry" for breakfast this morning, but I had breakfast anyway - my usual - oatmeal w/skim milk. I had a handful of cashews before my walk, and now it's noon, and I'm not hungry for lunch I will wait until I am hungry to eat again, and right now I can't even THINK about lunch... so it could be this evening when I'm ready to eat again. (Just gotta be careful I don't over-do it when I do eat!) :dizzy:

Shepherdess ~ I'm so glad you've got nice weather to run! and a YEE-HAW for enjoying your evening w/friends and not being distracted by the food and the calorie counting!!!

seadwaters ~ SUPER YAY for being finished w/chemo!!!! That is just AWESOME!!! :cheer: And YES for giving yourself credit for "going in the right direction"!!!! Way to go!!!! :congrat:

Bill ~ CONGRATS! for Avoiding the vending machines and WOO HOO for not eating that last New Year's cookie!!!! You da'man!!!! :carrot:

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING NEW: I have found that I simply do not have time to go thru every single post and give attention to every single person that has posted since my last post. However, I praise y'all that do! - KUDOS FOR THAT!!! -but I'm doing darn good to get here at all most days. So I've decided that I will give my KUDOS & CREDITS to the three people who posted ahead of me. That way I'm not playing favorites and no one will really get left out; it will be three different people every time I'm here.

But please know! -I DO SUPPORT EACH & EVERY ONE OF YOU! - Your intentions and gratifications are exciting & I'm proud to be amongst the buddies/coaches here!


01-19-2010, 03:22 PM
Okay, well, never mind on that getting back to normal thing. We're headed back out to MIL's for a night, probably two. But at least this time, there's a plan in place -- it's just going to take a couple of days to get it all arranged.

In the meantime, I met my 2nd mini-goal this morning, but I'll have to wait to change my signature file.

01-19-2010, 07:19 PM
Hello Coaches

After having a good breakfast and a decent lunch I came home from the ceramic room, pulled out the crockpot pork I made last night for sandwiches for the week and started slicing and eating it with a knife, not even a fork, as I stood looking out the kitchen window at the parking lot. I knew I was standing not sitting. I knew it was cold and not warm food, which would have required me to stop and slice and heat. No. Not today. So I ate what I would have served myself, stopped and put it away. I then sat down to complete my "meal" with 2 baby oranges. And a cold coffee. I don't mind cold coffee. It was way too early for dinner (3pm) and it was unsatisfying gobbling it like that. I just wanted to zone out is all. I should have watched one of my soaps on the computer online instead. Note to self: try that next time.
So what up with that coaches?

1) feeling stressed and like I have "no time" while simultaneously feeling like I am "already behind". I have several projects on the go:
a) two classes to be ready to teach this week= need to find handouts/need to get classes straight in my head ie. what I will teach and the order of the teaching plus back up exercsies in case they blow through everyhing fast (they did last week)

b)two classes to participate in: ceramics on Wed morning and printmaking on Thurs morning = what am I making in those classes? What do I want/need to learn-are there deadlines for projects? yes-printmaking=> year of the tiger prints and print exchange and the miniature print exhibit show ceramics = building up stock for art shows for xmas 2010. I haven't made anything in a month now need to get going on that even if I may not be living here at that time

2)money stress/rent stress/paying for my courses stress/not getting in the hours at school for my next paycheck stress due to being too distracted by all the other stuff going on. My day to day flow is completely destroyed right now

3) working on a joint submission for a city arts grant due jan 25th 4pm. we are coming to the crunch. I need to find a few images of my drawings to present to the two others involved for Thursday afternoon. Between the 3 of us we need 12 images for the application and I need to supply an artist cv or resume as well. Again I am stopped by wondering if I will be here for this project as I am the figurehead on the application form-what if I'm not here? But we do it anyway cause you can't base your life on "what if".

4) same dilemma/feelings about applying for an artist studio at a favorite beach that's just come available. What if I am gone in 6 months? What if I am not. Apply anyway; also due jan 25th have not started yet saving this for the weekend but it's taking up mental space.

5) I have called and cncelled twice now in getting over to see my mom. I haven't seen her since her return home from Key West two weeks ago. I have called and then had to call again to say sorry I can't come. I don't know if she remembers or not (she has mild to medium alzheimer's for those who don't know) but she seems to remember. I feel guilty.

6) worried for DH and waiting for the guy to get back to him with more details about traveling to Costa Rica for training. No email yet so no news and DH is reluctant (ARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!) to email again. He will wait patiently. HE SHOULD ASK NOW. Alas this is not my battle and I need to backoff and let Dh handle it. He's done fantastic so far. I have (see above) enough other things to occupy me.

Coaches, could I get a hug?

So thanks for letting me unload. No more food for me tonight though I will allow myself all the orange juice I want. I did stop the bug from developing but am not out of the woods yet. Almost.

Have a good night :hug:

01-19-2010, 08:19 PM
OnebyOne, I have no great advice for you but to tell you to 'oh, well,' and move past it. We are here for you, vent away. :D

:hug: :hug: :hug:

01-19-2010, 09:11 PM
Woohoo!! No workers in the house today. Three weeks of people in here was a bit much. :) I haven't done a good job reading up on posts but am hoping to do that tonight/over the next couple of days. My three weeks in the basement did result in a 3-5 pound weight loss-- depends on the day. So yeh for that. I did see Ceejays 7 day OP challenge and thought it brilliant and have decided to do a 5 day challenge myself. Today was my first day and I ate OP with the exception of some tasting to make sure food wouldn't burn my little people's mouths. That, I fear, is just going to have to be part of my plan. I was surprised at how strongly the desire to eat off plan was. Even silly stuff like munching on tomatoes as I sliced them up. I had an entire internal dialogue about how I could eat them because they were technically on plan since I was cutting them up for dinner. This over tomatoes, store-bought-not-fresh-from-the-garden-tomatoes even. I told myself I was building up that resistance muscle for something I would like even more :) So credit to me.

A couple of people on the thread, I apologize b/c I can't remember who, said they make their own bread. I would love a good multi-grain bread recipe if anyone is in the mood to share. My bread machine doesn't work so I have to make it the old fashioned way-- if you can call using a stove old-fashioned. :)

If anyone has some time (haha) this link leads to what is supposed to be a really good series on sugar/high fructose corn syrup. I haven't had time to watch it yet but a friend posted it on Facebook and the comments were all positive. People were willing to give up sugar after watching it. Must be some video.

01-19-2010, 10:49 PM
onebyone :hug:

01-19-2010, 11:36 PM
Did anyone notice there's a Beck Diet Solution space under Diet Central?? Is that new? Are we moving? That would make us much easier to find!

exercise ~ 50 min kickboxing; 10 min cardio; 10 min pilates
yesterday's ped~ 8,393 {4 miles}
read ARC
ate mindfully
ate on plan
finished laundry

Not so much~
I must not be thinking hard enough...

I've been hungry all day today, I think its the extra exercise. I'm not sure that is going to work in my favor. I've been known to 'out eat my exercise'.

01-19-2010, 11:53 PM
Silverbirch: I apologize! I really just refer to the little kidney pies and such at the train stations, and my memories go back to the 1980s. Wales, now that's a different story altogether. I have relatives in the natural foods business there, all good! I forgot this is a British site. MY bad! My humble apologies. I'd better stop now before I dig myself in any deeper, no?

Ceejay: My heart goes out to you for the slip. Getting angry is a good sign, though. And I'm so grateful that you wrote to remind us that even though we try to deny it, we will regret using the give-in muscle. Sounds like the donuts just hijacked your mind. I think we have to expect that--who isn't triggered by donuts? They come in so many varieties so that they can hijack anyone by taste. Luckily for me, the fried dough makes me sick, so I don't bother with them. But it they didn't make me sick--oh dear, I'm afraid I'd be running on them too!

As for me: I am feeling a bit depressed and angry myself--I think it's missing my little comforts that used to get me through the day--well I pretended they did--my routine goodies didn't actually help me get through --they just lulled me to sleep. I would nearly fall asleep in the car. That doesn't happen anymore!! Thank goodness! So today, a grey day, I just trudged through--taking the dogs out for a walk and going to yoga, and getting three meals in, leaving food on the plate. dull. Routine. Ordinary time. Oh the days of eating whatever my heart if it were my last day alive and I had to get that last goodie in! Now I am more humble about how much pleasure I can get for my day. The rewards are farther spread out: the new ski suit I bought yesterday at the Salvation Army is awesome! But no excitement today. No stolen pleasures. No consolation treats. Nada. Oh well. No hunger or craving or desire today either. I don't want to compare it to the struggles of the past. It's great to be free from worry and have the Beck steps and you all here to keep company! Here is growth. Here is accepting what is. That was complacency. False prophecy. Slow death.

Kim: cool! I hope you enjoy learning more about the Becks on your journey! I sympathize with you wanting to do something other than go over those cards! Crocheting is nice though since it keeps your hands busy! But since I wanted to be prepared for those resistance times to doing my readings, I made two versions, one is long, 4 pages long, of steps I've read and practice, including the advantage lists and the no choice card. The other one is short version, a summary in one page. It gives me an opportunity to get a quick version in, it only takes a second to read the short one and its so concise it's like coaching. The longer version I savor before supper--its more of a meditation. Another thing I do when I don't feel like getting the card out to read is to try to write out the steps/advantages/all I've learned from Beck from memory--that's fun to check later! And yet another trick I have is that I figured out how to send a pdf file to my new kindle so I can read it there anytime since I usually have my kindle with me. Cool to whip it out at Starbucks or Panera for a little reinforcement. Gotta love it. Could probably do something with a txt or phone msg--haven't done that yet!

Pengie: One of the things I really like about the Beck plan is that I can see myself changing the way I'm eating forever. The other ways I've tried did nothing to address me, just the food. Brilliant. I think you are on to something here!

MaggieCadet: I think you'll like life better without the diet sodas! I gave them up and my stomach is much less gassy and bloated. Water is the best! Do you have a britta filter or anything, or is the water in Sweden great from the tap?

Seady: I admire you for your courage in taking chemo! Seems like you should go easy on yourself right now...till you get your sea legs back from all that chemical warfare. Hope you can rest and recover for a bit! Give yourself a big old hug from me--another chemo survivor!

Shepardess; Love the "Who cares? Me in about 10 minutes". That's a keeper!

Beach Patrol: Good call on the strategy to keep up with the forum within reason! I like it! Its like apportioning your food! I may have to adopt an approach like yours, especially when life gets really busy! Or if I ever get to 1000 posts like you! Right now, though, this site is such a life saver, I can't wait to see what everyone is doing and get to know you!

01-20-2010, 12:09 AM
I wonder: Are you sure you weren't hungry? Had it been three hours since lunch? What did you have for breakfast and lunch? You had protein on your oh,well. Any reason you opted for protein?

Sounds like it was well contained damage. Kudos for that! Did you cut back on dinner to make up the extra protein and calories/servings? I guess that's one way to control the damage.

Seems like alot of us are slipping up a bit. I bet its the post-holiday blues! SADD, etc. Don't despair ladies and gents....spring is coming and you'll be glad you didn't give up when it arrives!

two more hugs to onebyone and everyone else who ate off plan and needs an "oh,well" tonight! You are Becksters and you are the best!!!!

01-20-2010, 12:18 AM
Kids Library Lady: I like the hazards of sugar lectures on youtube! Thanks for the link!

01-20-2010, 12:24 AM
Hello Coaches:

bennyhannahmama-hope you will be able to feel like you are moving forward. Sending you good wishes.

onebyone- sorry you are feeling badly and stressed. It is good though that you have taken the time to figure out where it is all coming from. I am sending you a hug.

patchworkpenguin-lots of credits yesterday and today. You are doing great.

FutureFitChick-welcome back and credit for your workouts!!

spacecadet-yay for joining the gym!!

BillBlueEyes-sounds like you are working too hard- glad to hear it is only short term. Credit for wasting the cookies!

seadwaters-absolutely wonderful that you have finished chemo. Huge credit for taking care of yourself and trying Beck despite everything else that is going on.

Shepherdess-good for you for dealing with the appetizers. Love your answer to Who Cares- that will be a new response card for me- thanks.

Beach Patrol-take me to the river....glad you are feeling better and out walking. Ouch re fried chicken. I know what you mean about posting a response to everyone, I am really focused on this right now, but know there will be times I can't keep up with it. Whatever works for you is what you should do.

gardenerjoy- congratulations on reaching your 2nd mini-goal.

KidsLibrarylady-yay for the 3-5 pound loss. I am glad you are trying the challenge. Yippee, you are already through day one. I am on day 3 of the 2nd challenge and except for the very unfortunate episode with the 3 donuts on night one, I am doing OK. Breaking it down to a small thing has helped me so much stay focused and not judging progress only by the scale is a great thing for me. Best of luck to you on day 2.

midlifecrisis57-What you wrote about feeling a bit depressed, I know that feeling. I always get that mood when I start dieting. It comes after the exhilaration ends, then it is like-- nothing. And none of the old comforts available. This is always a critical juncture for me, and when, before on my million other tries to lose weight, I have started to pack it in. I am in no position to offer any answers, but maybe you just do what you said which was "It's great to be free from worry and have the Beck steps and you all here to keep company! Here is growth. Here is accepting what is."

For me, another really good day. First of all, got on the scale and it said 282 which was exactly where I was before my Christmas off plan shenanigans. So again I am one more pound from 15 pounds gone, but this time I am going to make it there. I have the CD I bought way before Christmas to be my reward at 15 pounds still sitting on the dresser which the scale is under, waiting for that 281 to hit.

Credit today:

Weighing in
Walking 30 minutes
Doing weights
Reading advantage and response cards
Posting to my coaches
Planning tomorrow and packing lunch
And best of all eating on plan.

Take care :grouphug:

01-20-2010, 06:18 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Survived the crunch at work - again without resorting to the vending machines for candy bars or delving into food, CREDIT moi. Did think about wanting food a bunch of times, which serves again to remind me that keeping my life sane is part of the path. Work downgrades to "busy" - which is just fine. Think I'll go reread day 8 Create Time and Energy to help put things back in place.

Had to choose between gym and shoveling the remainder of a slushy snow. DW had done all of the first pass at clearing the snow since I had gone to work so early. So, <sigh>, I shoveled instead of gymed; CREDIT moi for being aware that when I make my life insane I need to recognize how that impinges on others.

onebyone - <hugs> <hugs> and <hugs>

Anne (wndranne) - Waving back. Hope the mountain bike is being kept busy.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Sending supportive thoughts to all of you as you support your MIL. Congrats on reaching the second goal - I assume that's the 10% goal.

KidsLibraryLady - Kudos for building up your resistance muscle, even if done with "store-bought-not-fresh-from-the-garden-tomatoes," LOL. Thanks for the link to the HFCS lecture. Good to be reminded that sugar is the nemesis.

Beach Patrol - Yay for taking advantage of a "GLORIOUS day" to walk that "just really revs me up!" Ouch for the attack chicken, but Yep, Kudos for recognizing that you can work to keep it from happening often.

Shepherdess - Yay for a fun dinner evening; Yay for "acted like a normal person." And, Yay for still thinking that there's such a thing as a "normal person," LOL. I had to let go of being normal to make space in my head to become the me I was trying to be.

CeeJay - Yay for having your 15 pound reward waiting, and Yay for getting over your "off plan shenanigans."

midlifecrisis57 - Yay for, "No hunger or craving or desire today either." And Kudos for recognizing that eating was part of routines that were important to your day. Good idea to create new routines to fill the void.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Kudos for the extra exercising and Double Kudos for recognizing the danger of 'out eat my exercise' - but that's just a challenge once you've spotted it. Another good spotting - yep, this Beck thread has gotten so busy that 3FC created a Beck forum. It's super neat.

seadwaters - Yay for finishing the chemo phase of your life, despite the "anticlimax." Thanks for the tip to read day 8. Yep, this balancing work and life is a challenge. And balancing between life and life is also.

Readers - day 15
Monitor Your Eating

The Benefits of Writing Down What You Eat

Monitoring what you eat in writing as you eat it facilitates your sticking to your diet for the following reasons:

. . .
It helps build your confidence. As you focus on how well you're following your plan, you begin to realize that you can stay on a diet, that you can do what it takes to lose weight.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 143.

01-20-2010, 06:38 AM
Apology accepted, midlifecrisis. Thank you. :) And no hard feelings. You can get poor food anywhere but if you need to find bad food in a hurry, where people travel is a good bet.

What do your relatives in Wales produce? Or market? Should I be supporting them in this tough economy?? Do let me know. :cool:

01-20-2010, 07:27 AM
:df: WI-no weigh in Read my cards, did not make a plan. Food – on-plan (in terms of calories); Exercise – off-plan (no exercise).

Over the weekend I let a lot of things slip. We had company for the weekend, and I just slipped back into my Christmas-off-plan routine. I didn’t read my cards, make a plan, exercise, etc. I did eat reasonably, and only until satisfied most of the time. I snacked on lots of cheese one evening and drank too much two evenings. Oh well…

I need to focus on having a plan when weekend guests are here for a visit. Now back to yesterday:

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – yep!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – done!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite –credit!
- I posted here – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Read day 7 in the pink book – done!
- Used resistance techniques – credit!

The Bad :no:
- Spontaneous exercise – nope

and the Ugly :stars:
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – no I forgot to do this…

:encore: Yesterday was my one year anniversary on the Beck-plan. I didn’t weigh myself yesterday (woke up late for a very busy week at work. I’ll weigh myself today). The difference I celebrate is in my attitude towards food. I really have come a long way towards thinking like a thin person, and that will continue to reap benefits for me. I will be a healthy weight at some point this year. And I’ll exercise daily for the rest of my life, which is as important to me as being a healthy weight, because of how good it makes me feel.

seadwaters :yay: for being done with chemo, but :hug: for how it’s made you feel. I hope the chemo is successful in treating your cancer. You have a great attitude, and that has to help too.

I too have auto-immune disorders (celiac disease, hashimoto’s hypothyroidism and pernicious anemia), so I understand how difficult auto-immune disorders can make it to adopt and maintain any exercise routine. But polymyalgia rheumatica must have much bigger impact on your choice of exercise, and your ability to do it regularly, than mine do. So, I don’t know how much advice I can offer.

My best primary doctor (who I had to leave behind when I moved to Maine) told me to start at whatever level I was able to do daily – even if it’s just a couple of minutes. And then build up very slowly from there. I’ve done that ever since and found it has always worked (so far).

CeeJay :yay: for 7 days on-plan! What a victory! And kudos for getting back to your pre-Christmas weight!

one by one :hug: Kudos for dealing with your stress and many demands in a reasonable way. But ouch for eating over the sink. Someone asked about your eating earlier in the day – that could be a factor. I know when I’m really under stress I have to focus extra hard on identifying when hunger vs. stress vs non-hunger. Because I can mistakenly interpret stress as not being hungry. And if I don’t eat enough, it can trigger insistent-eating later in the day. Maybe be sure to have tasty meals and snacks handy when you are under stress, so you aren’t tempted to skip eating…

In any case you minimized the damage very well, so kudos!

KidsLibraryLady :woohoo: for pounds shed, and :yay: for workers gone. Kudos for working your resistance muscle when your sabotaging thoughts were working overtime!

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) It’s true – Beck Diet Solution is on the 3 fat chicks home page. But not posts to the thread yet… Congrats for all credits and no ‘not so much’. That’s great!

Bill Yay for surviving the crunch at work!

01-20-2010, 08:05 AM
Still reading and hanging out in here. However, with all the other MOD and other stuff going on in here, I've no time to respond to everyone's posts. We are shifting things around here in the Forum and Beck will be easier to find. There are several other moves happening too so stay tuned.

I've not finished to book - it's not a book to skim - but am thinking much more mindfully. Snacking has completely disappeared - who knew? Evil Scotch and Wine are still tempting me but are having minimal success since Diet Gingerale joined the fray. The gym is happening again these days and feels really good. I now believe it's the endorphins, not just thankfullness that it's over.

Tonight I am going to a script reading and am going to have to rein in my thesbian inclinations and try to resist being in the dinner theatre in June. After being in the Vagina Monologues, other stuff pales.

Have a great Hump Day, Beck Buddies.

01-20-2010, 10:22 AM
Hi Beck folks! I got the Beck Diet Solution Book last fall - a friend on WW used this approach, got & stayed at her goal, and highly recommended this approach to living with food.

I have been on 3fc for a while now. Lost alot and gained some back when DH lost his job, etc. That's in the past.

I am most likely going to have a major food surgery - trying to wait until fall. I does limit my mobility and doing some exercises. But, I have a routine of stretching and strengthening and my recumbent bike.

I'd love to join in here. I have a friend who's my buddy/coach...but, she doesn't really understand all the 'stuff' that comes with working this approach. She my best friend..and loves me dearly and is trying. However, I think it would be helpful to be able to really talk about this plan.

I've been taking it slow - I am on day 12...taking it slowly because of my schedule and practicing each new thing. I am a calorie counter & have been doing that plan since day one. I have lost seven pounds since a few days after Christmas... I am very grateful.

01-20-2010, 10:24 AM

Yesterday I spent the day writing in my journal. I wrote about 3 different times throughout the day and found it very helpful. I know that writing helps me, but like so many other things that help me, I struggle being consistent with it.

I did well most of the day with eating. Then I made a chicken and rice casserole for dinner and ate a serving. All good, until my sister called. While I was on the phone with her (discussing surgery my mom is having today), I picked at and ate a whole 2nd serving of dinner. I wasn't completely unaware of what I was doing, but I felt like I just couldn't stop myself :( I also grabbed a couple of sweet potato fries off of my daughter's plate and I know the thoughts that allowed me to do that were "I already screwed up, who cares". I did stop myself after about 3 fries.
I wrote in my journal after that and wrote about what I was feeling when it happened and what I can do next time in that situation that would be better. I find that one of the reasons I gravitate to food in these situations is because it's easy. I can eat while on the phone, it's always accessible, etc.
A couple of alternatives I came up with were 1) using a worry-stone (I have one, just need to figure out where it is!) 2) playing Bejewled (an easy, mindless computer game) 3) working on my crocheting (this could be difficult because it requires some concentration

Yesterday was a good day in terms of exercise. I was having a difficult time deciding whether I should go for a run or workout on the elliptical in my basement. I just didn't feel like dealing with the cold (I normally don't mind running in the cold, because I know within a few minutes I will be warmed up) but I struggled because I felt like I *should* be running. I wrote about it and realized that I needed to let go and just do what I felt like doing. I know there are days that I *do* feel like running, so I'll run on one of those days!
I set the elliptical for a 32 minute pre-programmed workout and when that was over, the show I had been watching on the Tivo still had time left. So, I decided since I wanted to keep watching it, I would have to keep working out. I ended up going for about an hour and I felt great afterward.


Weigh-In: yes :broc:
Exercise: yes :broc:
Read Cards: yes :broc:
Credit: yes :broc:

Needs improvement:

checking in here

I'm going to workout now and will hopefully get back her a little bit later for personals.

01-20-2010, 12:00 PM

I think you're doing a fantastic job staying aware of your needs during this stressful time. Wow, sounds like things are never dull there :)


Yes, working out with SO can be tricky. Kind of like a parent teaching a child to drive, in my opinion-- definitely a chance for some problems. However, one thing my ex-husband and I did really well together was work out. Hope you and your DH find a good balance.
I think I need to make a Response Card for dealing with the negative thoughts about reading my Response Cards :dizzy:

Your trip sounds great-- I love skiing and now that I know it burns so many calories, I love it even more :D Do you have a BodyBugg or something that helped you calculate your calorie expenditure? It looks like you are on your way to getting back on track, just by posting here.

Wow, just read your advice to me and it gave me the chills, thank you!

Sounds like you're doing a great job and have a good plan for exercise. Good luck!

Sorry you're having such a stressful week at work. I love your idea for the "faux-vending-machine-jaunt"-- brilliant! I think that's putting CBT to work at it's best. I'm grateful for you that this is just a temporary period at work, but I have to say that even if it were permanent, I have faith that you would find a way to adjust and continue to be a stellar maintainer :)

:carrot: Yeah for being done with chemo and huge kudos to you for working this program while dealing with such a difficult health problem. Of course, hopefully this lifestyle change will only help you.

more later...

01-20-2010, 02:46 PM
Glad you're having such good running weather there. Your post about running are very motivational to me, so thank you! Also, I appreciate your description of how you handled the dinner party and I can relate so much to your struggle between knowing all nutritional information for what you eat, vs. feeling like a "normal person". Finding that balance is so important (IMNSHO) and I think you did a fantastic job of doing that- kudos to you.

Point well taken about not discrediting my positive behaviors due to some not as great behaviors-- :D

Beach Patrol:
Glad you enjoyed your walk outside-- nothing like an exercise high!

I love your idea about doing personals for the 3 people immediately before you! I might just have to steal that idea :D


Sorry to hear your MIL isn't doing well (at least, that's what I'm assuming). Congratulations on meeting your mini-goal!

onebyone: :hug::hug::hug: I think you deserve HUGE kudos for coming here, posting what you experienced, what you felt and thought while you were going through it, etc.

01-20-2010, 10:04 PM
Day two OP Credit to ME! My internal dialogue is hysterical, though. I can come up with some great reasons that I should be able to go off plan. :)

PatchworkPenguin-- I used to walk 5Ks and then I would eat all the snacks afterwards. To say I out-ate my walking would be an understatement. :)

Midlifecrisis-- sorry your day was ho-hum but I love that a boring day didn't equal a craving/desire day. I am even more glad that you aren't falling asleep while driving-- yikes! Is still haven't watched the sugar link!

Ceejay-- thanks for the idea of the shorter challenges. For some reason it makes it more do-able in my head for me. You sound like you are doing really well. I didn't realize/remember that you had a Christmas shenanigans, too. Mine cost me 20 pounds. ooops. What were we thinking?? There is a CD I wanted or Christmas that I didn't get. That would be fabulous reward.

BBE-- you have the craziest job. That's all I have to say about that.

Chinamaine-- "The difference I celebrate is in my attitude towards food. I really have come a long way towards thinking like a thin person, and that will continue to reap benefits for me. I will be a healthy weight at some point this year." YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE That is so great! Love it

Ruthxx--"I now believe it's the endorphins, not just thankfullness that it's over. " That made me laugh out loud.

Chinamaine-- Credit to you for eating within your calorie range even though you didn't have a plan. Could have been much worse. That's some mindful eating!

Beverlyjoy-- Hi there! If I remember correctly, you are a fellow wheatie owner, ohioan and storyteller (I am a children's librarian, not cool enough to be a storyteller) Don't be weirded out. I have a feaky memory for odd things. :) Glad to see you here. I think you will find the support fantabulous.

Benny...-- I clean while on the phone. I have a portable phone, obviously, and it keeps my hands busy and I get to multi-task, which I am a fan of. I love your list and am jealous of your ability to crochet! I have exercised longer when a good show was on, too. :)

01-20-2010, 11:01 PM
Hi All,
A quick check in before bed. 9,000+ steps plus Zumba, credit. Left some of the really mediocre lunch I had today--ate just enough to nourish myself, credit. My therapist had me make a response card today listing my values, what is important to me, and to read it 12-20 times a day! Wow, he's really outdoing Beck. . .This is to help me pull myself back from ritualizing with my OCD--to remind myself that I am more than my OCD. Well, I should go to bed. Hope to do personals soon.

Bill--I did remember you asked about a Vietnamese hoagie--I get a vegetarian one with marinated tofu, shredded carrot and cucumber, spicy sauce, and sliced hot peppers, on a french baguette, partly made with rice flour. It is truly something worth eating.

01-20-2010, 11:33 PM
Credit ~
read ARC twice
made New card which reads "I DO care!...It DOES matter!"
finished all but one thing on to-do
resisted eating after spat with Hubby {we made up already! :hug:}
wore ped yesterday ~ 2,894
exercised 10min core, 15, cardio

Not So Much ~
ate off plan
I've been mostly eating on plan, but I think I'm eating too much, whether at meals or the two snacks.

I had a really bad day today on little sleep, and will have stressful morning tomorrow, but after that I can collapse. My friend cancelled our weekly get-together, which isn't helping my mood. also Its TTOM.

going to bed now...:dizzy:

01-21-2010, 12:12 AM
Hi Coaches

Just a quick check-in tonight. Very busy day and just got back from the city in time to go to bed.

Not much credit today due to being "on the road" but I did:

weigh in
eat on plan
post here- even if it is a pretty short one

Have a good Friday everyone!!!


01-21-2010, 01:47 AM
Thanks CJ for the sympathy! Today was my birthday and I was much happier! I went to a very posh hotel for lunch and ate moderately, leaving a good deal of the meal on the plate, untouched, as I was checking satiation all along. Also, I watched the whole 9 part 90 minute High Fructose Corn Syrup series on Youtube that LibraryLady linked recently and it really made me happy. It refuted the dietician I went to see years ago who said that there were no good calories and no bad calories. It also re-politicized me a bit because it reminded me that it takes courage and dedication to go against the American Marketing of food and the barrage of advertising that we are subjected to by greedy dealers that plot to keep us addicted to their products this quarter, even if they cause chronic disease over the long run. They don't care for us! So we have to care for ourselves and become picky eaters!!!! Anyone else want a turn on the soapbox now?

Thanks Bill for your supportive words! I have so many new habits now for coping, not the least of which is this fabulous forum!

Thanks Silver Birch! I'm honored to know you through this forum. How thoughtful to see if you could support my family's business. I'll see if I can find out what its called. Actually, we are all supporting the planet by eating less and being healthier/less burden on the health system, I suppose. There are so many benefits to restricting our eating! yay us!

ChinaMaine--sounds like you are back on track. It's nice to see you are grateful for how Beck has changed your attitude about eating. I agree, it has helped me shift focus gradually and over time and reinforced the changes.

Ruthxxx---yay for endorphins rather than "relief that exercise is over!" Leptin too...I was fascinated finding out about that chemical and its role in exercise and dieting success too! 19,000 posts--you must be at other 3FC forums besides Beck? How far are you in the Beck book?

BeverlyJoy: Gotta say, I'm facing major food surgery too! My diet guru took out the chocolate, cheese, meat, and sugar in my diet! :D

KimBenny: Great sharing! I learn about myself through journalling too! As I get into exercise, I like it as much as journalling. I find I can learn about myself in either activity because they are both times to let go of the outside world and spend time with the inner self: to honor our interior lives. I bet crocheting has the same effect, I know knitting has for me. Go, us!

01-21-2010, 02:34 AM
Hello everyone! I got the Beck Diet Solution and I will be using to this time around to help me lose the weight for good. ^_^

01-21-2010, 05:54 AM
Day 10 was to set a realistic goal - I of course want all the weight gone next week (not really joking here) but I get the strong impression that I am supposed to set it to 5lb :)
Day 11 - today was to differentiate between hunger, desire and craving. I found I ate all day and not sure that I was ever hungry.

Credit for today for :D

Read my cards twice during the day - CHECK
Posted here - check - but missed yesterday
Read other postings for hints and ideas - CHECK
Made efforts at incidental exercise - CHECK
Gave myself credit for efforts in the right direction - SOMETIMES
Ate sitting down - CHECK
Ate mindfully - sometimes

Not so good :(

Eating as if I don't need to diet as it hasn't started yet!
Struggling to keep up with the activities in the BDS

Working on :^:

Differentiating hunger, desire and craving - this will be my work for the next few days. Haven't got a clue what hunger really feels like - always seem to crave something. Could be to do with my post chemo state

01-21-2010, 06:12 AM
Hi folks - librarylady - yes, I remember you and I live in Ohio like you and am a storyteller (no dog, however). Nice to see you.

Midlifecrisis - you caught my typo! Foot surgery not food surgery...although food needs fixing too.

I am working on a headcold and hope it's gone soon. However, I've been able to stay on my plan well dispite feeling sick (which is a miracle.)

01-21-2010, 06:46 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Felt good to have a "busy" day - sorta like when folks around here celebrate that they're "obese", meaning down from bigger than that. Again, without vending machines, but, better still, without thinking about food or vending machines. CREDIT moi even though it seems presumptuous to take credit for not thinking about something. It's not like I'm using my willpower to control my neurons, LOL.

Did gym; CREDIT moi. Felt good after missing my regular slot Monday. The body was not as annoyed with me as I'd expected.

onebyone - Waving. Continuing with <hugs> <hugs> and <hugs>

ChinaMaine - Happy Beck Anniversary. May you have many, many more.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Yay for "really outdoing Beck." Thanks for the Vietnamese hoagie description. I want one.

Daimere - Glad you got the book and joined in. I remember you dropped by to say you were thinking about Beck something like last summer.

KidsLibraryLady - LOL at the thought of you having a "hysterical" internal dialog. I just love that my neurons are willing to fight to maintain their old networks.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Good grief, "Snacking has completely disappeared" - that's wonderful news.

Beverlyjoy - Glad you're back. Kudos for being able to put your DH's job loss behind you. Good luck with facing "major food surgery" - I presume that's a typo for foot surgery, although I enjoyed the response from midlifecrisis57 playing with the notion of food surgery.

CeeJay - Yep, that "on the road" eating is tough. Welcome home.

midlifecrisis57 - Happy Birthday. Kudos for eating moderately at a posh hotel.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Ouch for little sleep. BTDT. Kudos for resisting eating under stress.

silverbirch - Yep, you can get poor food anywhere, but in Italy, you have to work much harder to achieve that than anywhere else I've ever been.

Readers - day 15
Monitor Your Eating

The Benefits of Writing Down What You Eat

Monitoring what you eat in writing as you eat it facilitates your sticking to your diet for the following reasons:
. . .
It helps your recognize and solve problems. By taking time each night to see if you've strayed from your eating plan, you begin to realize that you can stay on a diet, that you can do what it takes to lose weight.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 143.

01-21-2010, 07:52 AM
Glad you got the book and joined in. I remember you dropped by to say you were thinking about Beck something like last summer.
Yep. :) I got the book and did it for a week. All of the sudden I just gave up on trying. At the moment, I can't even recall WHY I gave up this last time. But this is going to be it. I have a great job which is very active that encourages wellness that pays me a bit more. Yay more money to spend on healthy food. I've been basically mulling over restarting my weight loss thing for a month. Probably would have been a great time to do week one but I couldn't get myself to pick the book up till I already started.

01-21-2010, 09:16 AM
'Lo, Beckies, just checkin' in. I can't believe we have our own forum now. BillBE, lotza new chicks in the Beck flock.

Major winter storm projected once again for the WEEKEND. If it weren't for the dawgs I would head into the city and get snowed in there. *sigh.

Hold a good thought for our senior citizen QB, more game to the cool would that be? Lemme tellya, it has been a LONG dry spell. Not easy being a Vikings fan.

It is nice to see the days getting longer. I know I am getting old when even Jan. flies by.

Am still looking for me sweet spot. I need these swollen fat cells to shrink. It is so odd that at my lowest wt. of 131 I feel thin, and now, whatever the wt. is..haven't faced the monster in a while..I feel fat..still in all my size 4s and 6s, so it can't be that bad, but I am not feeling as I want to, that is for sure. Back to Beck basics and my coaches. It is just harder to do what I know I need to do when I am basically *there. Just not where I feel best. It continues to amaze me that the joy of being there gets lost...I take it for granted and let things slip. I don't know why I can't just stay where I want to be because eating too much no longer gives me the kick it once why do I do it? I really do want to stress that point: eating too much does not give me the same kick it used never gave me pleasure was something other than "pleasure".. but it used to be much more important to me..was much more of a "for sure" has definitely lost a lot of its appeal.

The cool thing about Beck is, I don't even have to figure out why I get off track..I just need to do the Beck routine and success will follow. I love, but more accurately *need a no -brainer like that. Just do it. Just follow the stinkin' Beck plan, and success will follow. Just like that.

Ain't no use to sit and wonder why..

01-21-2010, 09:27 AM
, babe.


Can't get it out of my head now.

01-21-2010, 09:38 AM
I should not have said snacking has completely disappeared as i was attacked last night just before dinner by cream cheese and crackers. My evil twin could not wait for dinner. Next time I'll have a glass of tomato juice and wait. I ended up just having some neat and then going out to my script reading.

I have finally started writing down everything I eat instead of doing it sporadically on Fitday. The wee book now lives on the kitchen table!

Positive stuff yesterday: did my full gym routine and stuck to my plan for breakfast and dinner with no detours! I also did several household niggles, made a difficult phone call and had some "me" time in the sewing studio.

01-21-2010, 10:38 AM
Good morning everyone:

Credit today so far for riding exercise bike 30 mins, doing weights, reading advantage and response cards and posting here.

Headed for the hotel for 1 night tonight armed with a plan.

Have packed up lunch and snacks for the road and will be dining at Subway tonight where I can control what I eat and eat relatively healthy. Have packed some Kashi cereal for breakfast in the hotel room and also a snack for tomorrow morning. Lunch is served at the meeting and is always salad and sandwiches so that is no trouble. Then I will be headed home where there are no off plan foods. So I have a plan, now it will be up to me to resist changing the plan. The main problem will be the stacks of sugar snacks available at the meeting tomorrow but I am planning on not even looking that way.

Here is my very good news this AM: the scale registered 15 pounds gone. Yay. And today while I am driving into the city, I will get to listen to the CD I bought as a reward for when I hit -15. It has been sitting on my dresser for a very long time.

Thank you coaches for your support.


01-21-2010, 11:14 AM
:df: WI-no change. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (25 mins).

We’ve had a lot snow in the last few days – about 16”. The snow on our road is making my daily walk much more aerobic.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – yep!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – done!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite –credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – credit!
- I posted here – yep!
- Used resistance techniques – credit!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Spontaneous exercise – nope
- Did no reading in the pink book – oh well…

Beverlyjoy :welcome3: We’re here to help. lol at ‘food’ vs ‘foot’ surgery – it now all makes so much more sense! :woohoo: for being 40 lbs down from your high, and for the 7 lbs since xmas. Feel better soon…

Kim (bennyhannamama) Ouch for eating a second dinner. :( But kudos for analyzing the situation and coming up with a plan to keep it from happening again! Cool you did the elliptical for an hour – very impressive. I keep trying to do it for even a few minutes a day, and I just getting fatigued…

KidsLibraryLady 2 days down, 3 to go - :congrat: I know the internal dialog you describe oh so well. ;)

Nuxmaga Kudos for eating just what you needed of your really mediocre lunch! I have to admit reading a set of cards 12-20 times a day sounds daunting, but the goal of it is well-worth the effort.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) love your new card: "I DO care!...It DOES matter!" and kudos for exercising your resistance muscle when you were in a stressful situation.

CeeJay Kudos for eating on-plan when on the road. That is no mean feat! :yay: for losing 15 lbs., enjoy your reward-CD!

midlifecrisis Credit for monitoring satiety and leaving half your lunch on your plate! How long have you been ‘following’ the Beck approach?

Daimere :welcome2: It’s great you have a job that supports wellness.

seadwaters Kudos for practicing ‘Differentiating hunger, desire and craving’ – such a critical skill…

Bill I hear you about ‘ Felt good to have a "busy" day - sorta like when folks around here celebrate that they're "obese", meaning down from bigger than that. I was talking to my brother about workload last weekend and he mentioned being able to surf the web for hours, and even a full day, at a time once or twice a month. I can’t even imagine that kind of workload right now. So, a busy day is the best I ever hope for…

Maryblu, silverbirch :wave:

Ruthxxx Ouch for the ‘evil twin’ emerging… Kudos for logging food and staying on-plan!

Beach Patrol
01-21-2010, 11:54 AM

I am STILL holding at -12 pounds... good lord, what DOES it take to drop another? It's like my body is just FIGHTING ME every step of the way! :mad: I am keeping WELL within my caloric range (90% of the time!) and exercising almost every day. I am 172 lbs on my 5'3 1/2" frame... NO WAY that is my "healthy weight!" - SO WHAT could my body possibly be fighting me about? No sir, I just don't get it. But I'll keep doing what I'm doing, hoping for another -lb here and a -lb there! Beck says to trudge thru plat-toes (heh) so I need to keep my nose to the grindstone.

I won't get to river-walk today, VERY crappy weather. :stress: So I will have to settle for an indoor DVD workout, which isn't horrible, but I just like walking outside better.

I realized today that I didn't read my cards yesterday! - funny, I didn't think about it yesterday, but this morning when I was reading my cards, I remembered I didn't do it yesterday. Duh! :dizzy:

ChinaMaine ~ YAY! for identifying your satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and for stopping when you realized you were satisfied - :carrot:

CeeJay ~ WOO HOO for the negative 15!!!!!!! That's awesome!!!! :congrat: and kudos for exercise bike for 30 minutes, weights, & reading your advantage and response cards!! :cheer:

Ruthxxx ~ I'm sorry you had a "snack attack"! :^: But don't be discouraged! I don't know what your "diet" is, but I made sure to include 2 snacks per day in mine (150 calories each, or 300 for one) and I don't always feel the need to have a snack, but if I do, at least I know I have the lee-way to do so.
And EXTRA good for you for writing down everything you eat instead of doing it sporadically :cp: - I have found that to be a great help to me! And a YIPPEE for your full gym routine sticking to your breakfast & dinner plan with no detours! YOU GO GIRL!!!! :cheer3:

Remember everyone, everyday's a new day! :sunny:

01-21-2010, 02:40 PM
I weighed myself today and I've gained almost 2lb since last Thursday. Some of that could be TTOM, but I hate to blame that. I was thinking about yesterday's upset and my not running to food for comfort, and realized that I may not be losing weight this week but I am learning important lessons in how to view food, relate to food, and eat 'normally', so although I'm not losing my time isn't being wasted.

My dreaded morning went smoothly, or appeared to, LOL, but its over and I get to relax now. My friend cancelled out get-together tonight which left me disappointed, and needing to think about tonight's dinner.

LibraryLady, I made it through part 6 of the Sugar talk you posted. Very interesting. I got stalled when he got into the molecular-biology part. DOH! But will see if I can 'get' the rest. Hubby recently gave up Cola so I was glad to re-inforce {credit!} his healtly decision with facts. I tried to cut/pare down HFCS from our foods for a while last year but got discouraged because its everywhere.

Beveryjoy and Daimere, Glad to have you join us.

01-21-2010, 10:40 PM
Day three on-plan-ish. Had an incident with some pop rocks again. It was about 10 calories, though. My DD wanted to see what they looked like and I forgot until they were in and cracklin' oh well. :) It was a fun mistake and I was under by several hundred calories- no time for snacking today. Good practice for remembering that being hungry is not going to end my life. Down 5-7 pounds from my eating vacation. I really need a new scale.

I just remember that I managed to make several dozen cupcakes without tasting a one... not even the batter.... which I love. It wasn't on my plan (idiot ;) ) so I didn't do it. I was doing a test run of two different kinds of cupcakes for my girls birthday party. The baby will be one on Saturday and the other will be three on the 1st. I am having a joint b-day party for them since their birthdays are so close. (Purple and yellow theme per the toddlers request.) So I am giving myself a ginormously huge CREDIT for that!

Nuxmaga-- Zumba-- I have never taken it for fear of landing on my face in a most glorious fashion. Heard it is a challenging workout. Sounds like you are doing great!

Penguin-- hope you were able to collapse! I had just responded that I was looking forward to watching the sugar-video. Molecular mumbo jumbo will have to be skipped over by me. Ummmm.... what is HFCS ??

Midlifecrisis-- Now I am anxious to see the video. I still haven't had a chance to watch it. Yeah for validation!

seadwater-- when I have been on plan a couple of days, I am always surprised I haven't dropped 50 pounds immediately. It is hard to think in small chunks. I have been really motivated by Ceejays idea to take it a week at a time. I can wrap my brain around that-- five pounds sounds like a good idea!

Beverlyjoy--- ahhhhh.... foot surgery. I was so confused. :)

BBE-- "without thinking about food or vending machines." say WHAT????

Daimere-- Hi there!

Maryblu-- I just need to do BEck and success will follow... I just need to do BEck and success will follow... I just need to do BEck and success will follow... I just need to do BEck and success will follow... I just need to do BEck and success will follow... That's a mantra worth repeating.

Ruthxxx-- I actually cannot have crackers in my house. They call me. A lot of food calls me. :)

Ceejay-- I hope your new CD was AWESOME!!!!

Chinamaine-- 16" of snow!! I am hoping you have some warm boots to walk in!

Beach Patrol-- I have a post I can copy and paste on plateaus should you be interested. I used to work with a trainer and it was her advice. Let me know!

01-21-2010, 11:30 PM
Hi All,
Down 2lbs, yay! I've lost 15 lbs since June! Sometimes I discredit my changes as "too slow" but before I started Beck, I had 2 years of creeping upward by 25 lbs, most likely due to a starting a medication that tends to make it hard to lose weight. So this is a thrill to have it come down, and reduce my blood pressure meds.

6400+ steps today, credit. Tracked food, credit and stayed under calorie goal, credit. Had vegetable soup as a snack this afternoon rather than a pudding parfait, and it really hit the spot, credit.

Bennyhannamamma--I second the idea of looking for a counselor that is trained in CBT. My therapist studied at the Beck institute, and his sharp CBT skills combined with true compassion has done more for me than years of "supportive" counseling with no real direction. DBT also looks really helpful as well, especially the distress tolerance skills.

Beach Patrol--yay for sticking with Beck even if the scale is not cooperating. I don't think your body is fighting you--I think it's just adjusting to all the changes you've made.

ChinaMaine--credit for crediting your positive behavior! Very cool. Yes, 12-20 seems daunting--I read my cards 4-5 times today, and considering I'd stopped reading my Beck cards altogether, I'm pleased that I'm doing something.

Hope to do more personals as I go along, but good night for now.

01-21-2010, 11:40 PM
Hi Coaches

I just got home from the pet portrait class I teach. I inadvertently gave them a tough subject to draw: still life with teddy bears, white sheet, and light bulb. Hmm. The teddy bears absorbed a lot of light and were hard to draw for that reason. but the troopers did it. Already I can envision their style and their paintings. It's very interesting being the teacher vs. being the student. I fell in love with my students in my beginners drawing and painting class last night. They are just so eager. It was very charming. I feel a great responsibility toward them. I didn't really expect any of that. No wonder "teacher" falls under "vocation".

I had a jam packed day today too from start to finish and another one set to go for tomorrow. Wow. When will this pace end? Years ago, when I was doing craft shows a lot and especially xmas ones, me and my friends would look forward to "the days of sloth", this being the forst 3 weeks of January or so, when we could coast for a while without the deadlines of making things and getting ready for shows and while we still have $ from xmas sales in our bank accounts. I loved the days of sloth. My friend reminded me of them and we were both wistful. Neither of us are indulging in sloth AT ALL this January.

Anyway this all besides the point of HOW IS THE FOOD??
On track is the happy short answer.
After a few rough patches where I had too much and ate standing up, I was fine with it all again today. For me I have decided I must be feel hungry more than I feel full. It was an interesting thought. I have spent decades trying to get rid of the hunger/hungry feeling and do that to perfection, but for me to lose weight I WILL be hungry from time to time and for me I do believe I must feel that more than I feel full. I think this is a weird fact I have to accept. I'm not talking ravenous hungry, because for me it's obvious I need to eat, but the gentle small little "I'm kinda sorta hungry --". That's much more dangerous to my state of mind in believing I just ALWAYS answer it's call, like it's important or something. For today it isn't. It's more a habit than anything else or it's boredom or it's distraction but it's not really hunger.

I'd love to do personals but have to get to bed. I am exhausted tonight.

:wave: to all the newbies and those I haven't formally given a :welcome: to-have a great evening, glad you could join us!

01-21-2010, 11:54 PM
Ate on plan
read ARC
no second snack
exercise~ 68min strength training; 20min yoga/stretching {not all at once}
wore ped~ 6,180

Not So Much~
+1.6lbs from last Thurs

LibraryLady, HFCS = High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Nuxmaga, Congrats on the two lbs

01-22-2010, 12:17 AM
Kudos Penguie for the new response cards "It DOES count. I DO care". I LOVE IT. I want those!

Bevjoy: I like your froggie so much!

BillBE: haha. I know what you mean about the double negative credit TOI. But the way I read Beck, you've retrained yourself to avoid self-defeating behavior simply to MAKE DIETING EASIER. That's what its all about. It took practice to overcome the urge to put money in the machine. Your reward: you don't have to white knuckle it today. Virtue is its own reward? You are behaving like a thin person. YAY! And you are so right about ITALY. I was impressed with the foods of Greece, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland. Germany was a surprise! And France was a let down. Munich to Aachen, German food was fresher in March than Paris. Who knew?

Mariblu: Thanks for the update on the maintainer's viewpoint. The changing feelings. I so recognize taking it for granted. But we never can. I like that Beck (I think it was she) says that we can never compare ourselves to "normal", only "chronic dieters" and those who are "successful" or "not successful". You are successful, but must practice self-awareness to stay successful. Your dress size says you are successful. Feelings come and go. BUT....if you are not feeling great, where is not feeling great? Is it physical or emotional? Are you doing stretching exercise? That usually gets the circulation moving and appreciation for your flexibility back. If it is anger--I remember that! It may be time to work on sitting with that and getting through it. GOOD LUCK and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!! BUT FEELINGS WILL PASS AND SOLUTIONS WILL BE FOUND IF YOU LOOK AND ASK FOR HELP. You are not alone. We are not alone.

CJ: inspired by your planning and packing food for the road. I did it today for the first time, my new and beloved bento box came with me to Panera with bread, beans, cukes, and raisins for lunch. I bought a cappaccino. No one said a word. And I ate well and happily. I'm going to start packing lunch more often...what a cost saver!!!

ChinaMaine: I've been on the Beck since November. I have had to go very slowly--I'm only on Day 17. I just want to savour each daystep and I review them all daily. Once it gets easy to do them, I go back to the book and add a new day to my list. The biggest difference for me from all other diets I've ever done is to ritualistically leave food on the plate. Wow. I think of it as leaving a bite for the Skinny Faery. The great thing is, I leave the plate with food on it until 20-30 minutes have passed since the first bite of the meal so I genuinely feel satisfaction/fullness while still staring at food that is in my plan. Then I never want to eat between meals, because I remember I couldn't finish the last meal (I tell myself)! My caloric intake has decreased greatly, and my nutritional needs are being met much more completely. Amazing.

KidsLLady: High Fructose Corn Syrup. Might just as well have a beer as a coke, if you are over 21! What gets you, though, is the sheer devilish plan of it all to turn a profit, to **** with health. ERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! The biology is actually interesting to me, though, as I have a bad liver.

1X1: I like your revelations so much about accepting hunger. I think its neat to feel hunger because it puts us in a more receptive mood, a more open heart, we are open to more than just following our noses to the next snack high. It is so nice to sit back and say, Hi friend hunger. How are you doing? I hear you and I promise I'll take care of you at the next meal. But right now I have other things to attend to or time to explore other things I like...and off you go!

As for me: happy, busy, content. Starting to get fussier about food when out. Asking for a remake of a cappuccino--I rejected the first two--they just weren't right. IT is OKAY, to expect what we ordered and pay for. It is okay not to eat or drink food that doesn't taste right or have the right texture. Especially if it is a menu item we have all the time and know what it is supposed to taste like at that chain. There. I feel better for making the poor new trainee remake and remake my drink to my satisfaction. I think!

01-22-2010, 06:24 AM
Hi Beck Folks-

Thank you for the nice welcome. It's been helpful to find a place that understands all the 'stuff' that goes along with changing behaviors through a cognitive process.

I am working on getting rid of a big headcold. I think I've made progress since last Friday. Somehow, I've been able to stay on track despite being sick. This is a miracle.

Credit -
drank lots of water
read arc
logged food and times
did not eat anything standing
no seconds
stretches and strengthening
calories good

not the best-
no spontanious exercise
did not read other cards
I changed my food plan ten times to suit my cravings (but, stayed under 1500 calories)
need to work on aware eating

Thanks again for the nice welcome. I am reading posts to get to know you.

Have a GREAT day.