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01-22-2010, 06:47 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Busy and productive just feels good; CREDIT moi merely for living my life. Had a great long walk (CREDIT moi), especially since I remembered that I needed shampoo and got to make my walk an errand. Lunch at work included some leftover butternut squash roasted with cranberries; Yay for a DW who keeps trying new recipes and making extra for me to pack for lunches.

maryblu - Yep, our own Beck Forum. And you and everyone else are free to start a different new thread in it - we are no longer limited to the single daily catch-up thread. You will find me in the AARP section at the Super Bowl cheering on your elderly quarterback, LOL. Can understand that it's hard to be a Vikings fan. Love to be reminded, "Just follow the stinkin' Beck plan, and success will follow."

onebyone - You got it's number, "it's boredom or it's distraction but it's not really hunger" - and once exposed, it can be countered; Kudos. Love reading your feelings toward your students. I'd love to be taking your class.

ChinaMaine - Day after day after day, "identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating" - looking like a habit.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Big Kudos for the vegetable soup rather than the pudding parfait - you've mentioned that those are a real draw for you. Congrats on 15 pounds gone from the scale. Do you have a reward in mind for that milestone?

Daimere - Yay for being on track now, especially since, "But this is going to be it."

Beach Patrol - Kudos for "doing what I'm doing" in response to a plateau rather than panicking. Hoping you get a river walk today - I get a kick just thinking about them.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Yay for completing "household niggles" - a little nit can sometimes derail me because I'm avoiding it. Can hardly expect you to be held responsible for the dirty deeds of your "evil twin" - she'll have to get her own food plan, LOL.

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for staying on plan with a head cold.

CeeJay - Enjoy the well earned CD - goodbye forever to those 15. Kudos for bringing a plan and food for your hotel stay.

midlifecrisis57 - Can't ask for more than "happy, busy, content." Now that's an idea that might help me to leave food on my plate, "I think of it as leaving a bite for the Skinny Faery."

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Yay for passing through a "dreaded morning" and Kudos for not using food to counter upset.

silverbirch - LMAO at, ", babe." That tune had already become an earworm before I read your post in the next line.

Readers - tip!

At some point during your diet, I guarantee that you'll feel tempted to stop monitoring in writing what you eat. Usually, this happens when you stray from your diet and are trying to avoid facing it and feeling bad. When you notice this temptation, take a step back. It's 10 times more important to write things down at these times. Beware of the sabotaging thought that says, It doesn't matter if I don't record my food intake this time. Of course it matters.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 142.

01-22-2010, 07:35 AM
:df: WI-no change. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – off-plan; Exercise – off-plan (17 mins).

I walked Moose after work yesterday, so was out well after sunset. The stars were amazing and the sliver of moon made it possible to walk without a flashlight.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – yep!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – done!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite –credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – credit!
- I posted here – yep!

The Bad :no:
- Spontaneous exercise – nope
- Did no reading in the pink book – 3 days in a row, I need to get back to it!

and the Ugly :stars:
- Used resistance techniques – I exercised my giving-in muscle three times yesterday. I had an unplanned piece of baguette, half glass of wine and 4 Hershey’s kisses. Each was a rather small amount of calories, but cumulatively it was over 130 calories. Ouch!

Beach Patrol re: But I'll keep doing what I'm doing - :bravo: Just be patient!

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) re: I am learning important lessons in how to view food, relate to food, and eat 'normally', so although I'm not losing my time isn't being wasted - :bravo: If the 2 lbs is TOM then you’ll know in just a few days. 88 minutes of exercise – kudos!

KidsLibraryLady Love the pop rocks story. And Kudos! For not eating cupcake batter because it wasn’t on-plan.

Nuxmaga :yay: for the 15 lb. milestone!

one by one Great insights on hunger. I can spend minutes at a time trying to figure out if I’m feeling hunger or a craving. And usually if I’m not sure, I’m not hungry. So, now I just tell myself to wait until it’s obvious I’m hungry.

midlifecrisis It is amazing how relatively simple steps can have such a big impact – like leaving a bit of food on your plate. Credit for taking it slowly!

Beverlyjoy Kudos for all those credits!

Bill Credit for a long walk. Hope you were able to get out during the day yesterday; it just looked gorgeous out!

01-22-2010, 08:28 AM
:lol: at today's tip as I've really only begun to properly monitor my food by writing it down. Using Fitday looks just great but there seemed to be some "blurring" of the plan by end of day.

.... wrote down all food
.... took "me" time
.... dealt with a most unpleasant person - can you see blood?
.... was attacked by single malt Scotch after the above
.... did not exercise - I just plain old forgot!

Today's challenge is working a charity Bingo all day. Please don't tell me to "Have fun". I am taking my own food for lunch (breaking the rules of the hall) and will try to be discrete. Cheese, veggies and grapes are my friend and I'll take along a bottle of Boost.

01-22-2010, 09:58 AM
Good Morning Coaches

:carrot::carrot: Two carrots representing 2.2lbs lost this week.
I am thrilled about this today as I saw the number 268 yesterday and thought nah...not real but there it was again this morning a touch lower than yesterday so I fully accept this number and the transition to the 260's.

You know, I just had a saboutaging thought
"What are you celebrating 268 for for pete's sake? That's nothing to celebrate."
Uh no, actually it is. I have been 270+ and over 280 too in the past 12 months. I have been stuck up and down and up and down mostly an 11 pound range. Once in the last year I have seen the 260's. Once. I hope to be staring at them all month now and then seeing them go byebye too. They can visit, but they can't move in you know?;)

It's feels more important than ever to deal with this stuff. DH heard they really are starting paperwork to get him a work visa for :London. yep they said London in the UK, in England that London. I looked at DH and he looked at me and we both agreed that this is, indeed, really happening. Amazing.

And so, I am moving into a much more public phase of my life. I know I see lots of people but I will really be putting myself and my artwork out there so I want to give the best overall impression I can and looking the best I can rates high up there as does having a lot of boundless energy for the changes to come. I cannot hide in food nor can I use it to cope. That COMPLETELY contradicts the first two desires which are very very strong.

Oh coaches, I am so FREAKIN' excited I can hardly write this. I didn't actually know how freakin' excited until I did type that. I have not let myself believe this could happen. Still to counter all this good news we arrived home to a hydro disconnect order-borrowed money to pay it. I just listened to my voicemail and it seems the accountant at school is going on vacation and I neglected to write my hours inthe book and he was getting the pay ready in advance and it shows no hours for me so... this pay I really need? I may get ZERO. All for being too busy and living in chaos. Now I did see a strange notation in the book yesterday so i think he'd decided what I may be working given my past pays. Let's hope.

See? Always something.

I have to get to the ceramic room now. Thanks for being here coaches. I'll get into personals tonight. :hug: to all.

01-22-2010, 10:03 AM
As I read BillBE's Beck tip this morning, I thought of the most successful maintainer I know personally. She is a tiny thing ~41, looks about 12. She has maintained a 25# loss for 15 years. That may seem like an insignificant amount to most of us, but she is 5'2" standing on a pail. She still "watches what she eats" every single meal. Every single meal. She only quit writing down what she eats in the last cuppla years. She is a work colleague, so I observe her as we are eating a dinner out on the road..the rest of us are using it as an excuse to indulge at a new restaurant, but not Rhoda..she orders light. She regularly makes two for her and one for her family and/or guests. (that is one behavior I would modify, but it works for her and she is willing to do it).

These are all weight watchers strategies, btw. My point is exactly what someone pointed out: as Beck says, whatever we think/feel about maintaining and losing--fair, not fair, or positively painful, it is the reality for all of us who chose a healthy -weighted self.

After my "I feel fat rant" yesterday, I ran into some old basketball parent fans last night at a home game. We all cheered our kids on together those years ago in the glory days, but it has been a while..4 years since DS played. I was greeted with "skinny"..loved it. I did have my skinniest jeans on, so things can't be too bad. I am guessing I have lost about 10 to 12 pounds since the days of DS's stardom on the BB court. Will face the monster next week to see what he has to say to me regarding how I feel about my wt. (not) *laffin'

01-22-2010, 10:02 PM
Day four on plan-ish. Licked some applesauce off my finger. The baby actually ate applesauce-- she doesn't really like food so much-- so it was worth a lick off my finger! I am so happy she ate solid food I am not going to stress over that in the least. Tomorrow she turns one and will get to taste a cupcake. I wonder if she will actually eat it. Perhaps she was switched at the hospital b/c I find it hard to believe that I could have a child that doesn't like to eat.

Nuxmaga-- yeah for reducing your blood pressure medicine. That is really fantastic!

onebyone-- my husband and I wonder what we did with all of our time before we had kids. A lot of slothing. That's what. Sounds like you are figuring out some food-stuff for yourself. Your second post is a roller-coaster-read. I am so glad you are into a new ten-spot for your weight. That is so great! Yeah for counteracting your negative thought. So sorry about your money situation. Hopefully the accountant will get your hours in.

Maryblu-- hey skinny!

Penguin-- good day!

midlifecrisis-- happy, busy, content Wohhoohoo! Sounds like you are eating (or drinking) with intent if you are that conscious about a drink tasting off.

bevjoy-- Hmmmm.... aware eating is my downfall. Having a non-negotiable plan the last couple of says has helped with that some.

BBE-- so cool you are so close to the shops. Makes good use of your walks.

ChinaMaine-- what kind of dog is Moose?>> Youa re doing so great with your mindful eating.

Ruthxxx- I actually prefer to write my food down instead of fitday. I can always grab a piece of paper but can't always get onto my computer. Hope you didn't get the boot for you contraband at bingo. :)

01-22-2010, 11:21 PM
Hi All,
Tracked food, credit. Went to Zumba, big credit, because I was so close to just backing out. Had a salad bar snack rather than the chips I was craving, in part because I'd been to the dentist, chips would've hurt, but I quite enjoyed a dish of mushrooms, peas, beets, and tomatoes, so I will have to try that again.

Got out the saltines while recording my food just now. Eh. Would've stayed under goal otherwise. But I threw the rest of the package out--yay!! Tomorrow is party with my craft guild--our holiday party was cancelled due to snow in December so we rescheduled. dh suggested he make black bean and corn salad to take rather than the Nanaimo bars I had planned--he's definitely a keeper! I feel very fortunate for his support.

Have a good night!

01-23-2010, 07:15 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Was a good day; could grow to love being home on Friday rather than at the office. Although I did some work in the morning when my head works. Got to have my much loved peanut butter, banana, and walnuts on toasted whole wheat bread sandwich for lunch which I missed last weekend by working through the three day weekend; CREDIT moi.

And did gym; CREDIT moi. But the big deal was seeing Avatar with DW to celebrate that I fixed the leak in the shower (Yay me). The 3-D was awesome. Spent the whole movie staring at the lean bodies of Pandora's Na'vi people. Wondering if I'd accept the tail and long ears to have that taught skin over muscle, LOL.

Skinny (maryblu) - I join you in admiring, "Every single meal." And really appreciate being reminded of Beck's "fair, not fair, or positively painful, it is the reality for all of us who chose a healthy -weighted self." It's just what I gotta do; fairness has nothing to do with it. (By-the-by, as tactfully restating his colorful words as I can - he's a bitter Cowboys fan right now - my football guru suggests that Viking fans shouldn't be buying their avocado's just yet.)

Anne (wndranne) - Waving. Hope you survived the flooding in Arizona - without a wet basement or a washed out biking trail.

onebyone - Celebrating 268 with you. Kudos for spotting and wrestling the Sabotaging Thoughts. You were determined to break into 260 land and you did. (You can start practicing by writing colour and such.)

ChinaMaine - Lovely thought - walking Moose after sunset up there in God's Country. Ouch for, "exercised my giving-in muscle" - I hate that I can, also, wander into off-plan small stuff.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Kudos for choosing a DH who suggests black bean and corn salad rather than Nanaimo bars (which I no longer have to google although I do have to check my drooling, LOL). And Kudos for fighting back at the Sabotaging Thought to skip Zumba.

KidsLibraryLady - Yay for beginning the weaning process. I have to warn you though, it begins with applesauce, but inevitably leads to . . . boys. Be vigilant.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Honking Kudos for dealing with an unpleasant person and surviving without killing someone.

Beverlyjoy - LOL at, "changed my food plan ten times to suit my cravings" - gotta give yourself credit for changing your food plan before snarfing stuff down.

Readers - day 16
Prevent Unplanned Eating

Some people don't struggle much when they're deciding when and what to eat. They just open the cabinet or refrigerator and select what they want. If you're like most dieters, though, you've struggled at times when you were tempted to eat something you shouldn't. You probably had a dialogue in your mind that went something like this: I really want to eat this. But I know I shouldn't. But I really want it. I'm not supposed to have it. But I feel like having it! I know it's not on my food plan, but I don't care. I'm going to have it anyway.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 149.

01-23-2010, 07:55 AM
onebyone - (You can start practicing by writing colour and such.)

And also 'practising'. :)

In British English that sentence might run:'You can start practising by writing colour and so on.' Hilarious. We are divided by a common language.

Onebyone - so exciting. London is a great place. And it's full of art! :cool:

On the Beck front, briefly, I'm doing well: reading the pink book, sitting whilst eating, chewing mindfully, formal exercise, spontaneous exercise. The scales are rewarding me and I'm very pleased with myself. Credit all round: to me for being brilliant about this; to you all for producing a fascinating thread, day in, day out.

Not sure that I'll post regularly here but please may I pop in from time to time?

And I may start a thread about the mindset technique once my own mind is a bit straighter about what I want to say.

01-23-2010, 08:57 AM
Good Morning Coaches

I'm taking the day off. I may head out soon to make the long trek to visit my mother today. I haven't seen her since before Christmas when she went away to visit my sister in Key West. Hopefully we can find a way to get out and about in spite of the cold weather. -13C right now. Oh... they are promising temperatures around the freezing point. And it's sunny.:flow1:

I woke up to a great scale surprise. Down 0.8lbs to give me a peek at a number I haven't seen in over a year: 267.2 .. well not the .2 part, but the 267 My goodness. Could this plan of mine really be working? Maryblu I feel like I have entered that space you speak of when you talk about how you lost your weight; you ate less it came off (egregious paraphrasing here). For now I am living in that space. Of course having to teach night classes is really a surprise to my body. 4 extra walking sessions to getback and forth to the school plus busy days before I even get to class on those days. Really I am just generally much more active in my day to day life and I am practicing Beck principles and watching my food intake. That I am not noticing all this work right now is a real blessing. I'll take it any day I can get it.

Oh better go. I want to get to my mom's early and it'll take me over an hour on the bus. Have a good Saturday coaches. Hope you do something fun.

01-23-2010, 09:18 AM
Hi Beck Folks -

Yesterday was a good day - I am grateful. Of course with this headcold I really can't taste much - just sweet, sallty, hot, cold. A funny approach to aware eating!

credit for:
logging food
writing down times
lots of water
in calorie range
ate only when seated
no seconds
arc and rc
one time I thought about why I wanted to eat more when done with meal

needs work
read the book
exercise -I did none- planned or spontaneous
aware eating - some of the time

Tonight DH and I are invited to a Cocktail Party - yes, really. It's friends of my senior mom. I didn't think people still did cocktail parties. (at least none of my contemporaries) So - it's bascially to visit, eat, & drink. My approach is to take one plate only of some healthy things and NOT go near the table again. I don't know if I'll go - although I am almost over my headcold. Most of the people there will be seniors and I don't want them to catch my cold.

Thank you again for a nice welcome.

01-23-2010, 10:02 AM
Beverleyjoy, did I ever tell you that I love your name? Consider yourself told. :)

Silverbirch, Canadian English is a bit different from American English and a bit closer to British. I'm with you on the practise/practice thing. Why on earth do we spell nouns and verbs differently?

I'm a rather errant Beckster these days as the book is barely cracked. From reading here I'm getting the gist of it but need to buckle down and delve deeper.

Survived lunch at the Bingo yesterday :) only to be ambushed by chocolate covered biscuits :( -cookies in the US. :lol: Did carry on with my planned dinner though. :)

Today's food plan was done last night :) and I am planning a Ruthie day with fun jobs only!

By the way, I do have a high post count, mainly because I've been here since 1999 and have been a Mod or Super-Mod all that time. I post in South Beach, Low Carb and several other parts of the site.

01-23-2010, 10:40 AM
'Lo Beckies,

I continue to be fascinated by the maintainers forum. Everything they do is Beck. They just know how to do it without having to have a manual. The ones who are highly successful even *say what Beck says. They aren't bitter about the fact that it takes work, they are GRATEFUL. . .grateful that there is a way to maintain their success. I think what happens to me is I start to take it for granted.

Since I never really "started", I can only estimate how long I have maintained, and this last 10#s has only come off in the last few months. I know that in the fall of '02 I weight ~150, and in the fall of '04, ~140. Here's to ~130 fall of '10. I barely remember being fat, and that is really odd, since I was fat from the time I was 2 yrs. old and all my adult life. Very odd. I am packing up my 8s and some really cute clothes, but no room for them and no need either. I am still, little by little, de-cluttering, as are some of my favorite know who you are. *smilin'.

I am so enjoying all of you; I love the discussion of the English language. I still think what Americans do to it is criminal; don't get me started on the fact that we have totally dumbed down our expectations for writing. I continue to be amazed that people make spelling errors and errors in grammar in letters of application. ..the higher the education level, the more I expect, but that means I expect more errors! *sigh. Spelling went to heck when girls started calling boys..

01-23-2010, 12:23 PM
WI-no change. Did not read my cards, made a plan. Food – off-plan; Exercise – off-plan (no exercise).

Yesterday was the end of another very busy week at work. 12 hours of working and no exercise. :(

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – up until my evening snack so partial credit
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – up until my evening snack so partial credit
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – up until my evening snack so partial credit
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – credit!
- I posted here – yep!
- Read day 8 in the pink book – I don’t remember this days activities from the green book, so I’m going to spend a few days on this one and try to make it into a habit.

The Bad :no:
- Spontaneous exercise – nope

and the Ugly :stars:
- Used resistance techniques – I went way overboard on my snack. Actually I grazed all night, rather than simply snacked. I had an unplanned g&t as well as popcorn, rice chex, and half a slice of cheese. Since I didn’t eat all the calories I planned earlier in the day, I ended up only 50 calories above my max for the day. I’ve been exercising my giving-in muscle way too much recently. I need to get serious about this now…

Ruthxxx Ouch for the scotch – my temptation is almost always g&t… Kudos for logging all your food – I think it’s one of the most important building blocks to long term success. But yes, reading the book has got to be the most important thing you can do. :) I forgot about ‘biscuits’ – I’m gluten free so I’ve never tried an English/Canadian biscuit, but the look soooo good (especially the chocolate-covered ones). Not surprised it caught you.

one by one :yay: for being down 3 lbs – the hard work just keeps paying off! Don’t put too much stress on yourself to lose weight before you move. Work the plan, day-in and day-out and you will lose weight. London!! What fun you will have. I wonder how much it costs to have a table at Notting Hill on weekends?

Maryblu Very interesting story about your maintaining friend. I think watching what you eat at *every single meal* is probably the key to her success…

KidsLibraryLady Sounds like you were on-plan to me. Licking applesauce off your finger doesn’t make you off-plan in my book! Moose is a mutt; we believe border collie and pointer. Since my son is full grown now, Moose is our baby. ;)

Nuxmaga Kudos for choosing a supportive DH, and bravo for throwing out the tempting saltines!

Bill Wouldn’t it be lovely to work a 4-day week? I hope you enjoy your 3-day weekend, and all the sunshine we are getting.

silverbirch And there’s ‘grey’… Lots of credits recently!

Beverlyjoy I’d say you are doing fantastic, considering you have a bad cold right now. Feel better.

01-23-2010, 04:19 PM
K, Beckies, I need some advice.

I have a morbidly obese BFF; she is ~65, is an insulin dependent diabetic, has had a heart attack; the list goes on. I just hate the thought of losing her, but a mutual friend and I have actually had that conversation. It could happen.

I have given her every diet book I ever read, well, short of Beck. Actually I stopped giving her any more books when The Zone didn't click for her (wonderful plan for diabetics) and after Outsmarting the Female Fat Cell, which probably was my break through ah-ha moment. That is closest I can come to describing how I lost the weight. Beck wasn't around in those days.

We talked today and I addressed as "we" the fact that most of us with weight issues are such perfectionists; it doesn't have to be all or nothing. I just had to address the notion that if you can't exercise, you can't lose weight. Of course you can. I didn't say it that way. I said, let's get back into our pedometers (and yes, I gave it to her:) ) Every day, we have to take at least one step more than we did the day before. I haven't been wearing mine, and I love doing it, so it is a win-win.

I just have to give things a try with one of the Beck books. I am not asking for advice on whether to give it or not-- things with S. and I are very real...I can give her a book on dieting without offending. She would do the same for me, believe me. She has on different, but very touchy subjects.

My question is which one. I have only read the Beck Diet Solution. It works for me; it speaks to me. For those of you who have read both, or who have read BDFL, which would be better for the new reader? I get concerned when I hear the BDFL gets into diets and such, but I should just trust Beck. What is important is getting the tools for the self talk rebuttals for all our sabotaging thoughts. Please let me know your thoughts.

BTW, the mutual friend is the one who is the maintainer. We both marvel at her.

01-23-2010, 09:09 PM
"oh, well" for yesterday

Moving on....

curiousity = I weighed ~ -1.4lbs from yesterday:?:
Read ARC
Exercised ~ 20 min cardio + 30min of Pilates on the stab ball
ped from yesterday ~2,910
stopped eating when I realized I wasn't enjoying my lunch, LOL, didn't starve
ate mindfully mostly

Not so Much
ate too much choc = off plan, still TTOM

Mary, I've only read 1/2 of the pink Diet Solution book, so I"m no help, but I think the pedometer idea is a good one. I wear mine and find it very motivating to make that extra trip around the house or get up and get/do whatever just because it will be reflected in the higher number.

01-23-2010, 11:07 PM
Hello Everyone:

BillBlueEyes-credit for knowing that keeping your life sane is part of the path. That recognition allows you to slow down enough to take care of yourself. Wouldn't it be nice to work a 4 day week? Hoping that DH and I are going to get to see Avatar next Friday.

ChinaMaine-good for you for eating reasonably while your guests were there last weekend. That is pretty hard to do--having guests often involves sitting around the table. Thanks for sharing your thoughts after one year at Beck.

Ruthxxx-kuddos for beginning to write everything down. Ouch for cream cheese and crackers.

Beverlyjoy- hi there! Glad you are joining in. I have found the support and advice I have received here invaluable. Congratulations on 7 pounds gone. LOL re food surgery, if that wasn't a Freudian slip, I don't know what is.

bennyhannahmama-credit to you for working out. I do solitaire on the laptop when I talk on the phone.

KidsLibrarylady- Yay for you for four days on plan. Great news about the 5-7 gone!!!

Nuxmaga- Yay for 2 pounds gone and reducing your BP meds.

patchworkpenguin- I am stealing your response card " I DO care!...It DOES matter!" I like your thoughts that even thought the scale is not moving the way you want it, you are learning important things about food.

midlifecrisis57- Happy Belated birthday. Good for you for starting to pack along lunch. Saves a fortune in cash and calories.

Daimere- welcome to Beck. You have an amazing weight loss, really hope to be where you are.

seadwaters- hi, you are doing really well. The differentiating hunger, desire and craving is pretty interesting. Am trying to do this too. I am often not hungry, but very often desiring food. LOL and all this time I thought I was starving. LOL.

maryblu-thanks for sharing your thoughts about being a maintainer. It is helpful to me to be reminded that there is no end to eating healthy. Being called skinny- must feel very good.

Re the books- I read the BDFL book first. I ignored the eating plan, as I had already devised mine. I think that the pink book might be a bit "cleaner" because it does not have the plan- but hard for me to comment as I am only a bit of the way into it.

Beach Patrol-Just be patient, it will happen.

onebyone- 267 is a lot to celebrate. I will be really happy when I get that far.

silverbirch-kuddos to you for doing so well. Yay for the movement of the scale.

For me- after my victory on the scale Thursday morning, I completely messed up all my plans for my eating on Thursday night and Friday. Can we say self- sabotage? Really incredible how this works for me, but at least I am seeing it for what it is. I went to the city and (over)ate Chinese instead of Subway. Then the next day at the meeting I caved and ate a bunch of sugar and then since I had already blown it, went to MacD's and got drive through for the trip home to go along with some chocolates.

The interesting thing was I actually found myself talking myself into all of this. So there was definitely some initial resistance. I had a hard time all the way through keeping up the "I don't care" attitude. Like Beck says, I did care afterwards. And I was even caring during. Oh well, I have to move on. Woke up this morning in a determined mood.

Credit today for:

Weighing in
Riding exercise bike 30 minutes
Doing weights
Eating on plan and healthy
Planning tomorrow.
Reading advantage and response cards

Have a good night!! :grouphug:

01-24-2010, 06:56 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Went to dinner at a Tibetan restaurant last night. The atmosphere was restful and so reminiscent of the country itself even though, as the menu front matter declared, the people had been exiled so long that the cuisine had evolved - but was distinctly Tibetan to be sure. Was pleasantly surprised that it was crowded. Brought home half of my entree - CREDIT moi - a chick pea dish with subtle spices. Not much exercise despite the cloudless sunshine; Oh Well.

maryblu - Many Kudos for each little step in de-cluttering. I'll think of it as encouragement to fight my own piles. Yep, I feel comfortable over in Maintainers with my Beck cap on - they do seem to have their heads on straight.

Mixed thinking about which Beck book to give your friend. Anne (wndranne) has a good review of both books but I can't find my link at this moment; I'll get back to you on that. I found the 42 day thing an encouraging plan; made a big deal of following it day by day, tracking my progress in a "ticker" with each post. That kept me from fast-reading the whole thing and just dismissing it as a bit simplistic. The new book replaces the difficult "Seven Question Technique" with the more intuitive "Cheat Sheet" for getting back on track right away. Methinks that if she's inclined to work the Beck strategies, either book will work.

P.S. Don't forget to watch the football game today.

onebyone - Bloody good all that extra walking, Ol' chap. "Could this plan of mine really be working?" You are the answer; Kudos.

ChinaMaine - Yay for day 8 Create Time and Energy. That one helped me when I realized that I wasn't actively taking the effort to arrange my time to fit my priorities. It's so easy to tend to the must-do's of each moment and miss the big picture. Good luck in that.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - "N O U N S" - "V E R B S" - spelled differently to tell them apart; question answered. Hope this helps.

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for having a plan for your Cocktail party. Mixed drinks may be coming back - at least according to the proprietor of a store dedicated to selling the accouterments for mixing drinks at home, that I stumbled upon when looking for something else. Sells all the shakers, strainers, measuring devices, and hundreds of mixers. Presumable chasing all that money pouring into fine wines and micro-breweries from the young crowd who want to do something different. Whoda' guessed.

CeeJay - Ouch for "already blown it" and "I don't care" - gotta be the most common and most demonic of the Sabotaging Thoughts. Kudos for recognizing them to take them on.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - "Moving on...." - right back on that horse; Kudos. Jealous of your 30 minutes of Pilates. That works muscles that my gym workout doesn't touch.

silverbirch - Congrats on the scale's reward, especially since you got it by working your Beck strategies. Thanks for the mini lesson in the proper British writing of our "common language." Neat that you're thinking of starting a thread. 3FC gave Beck a whole forum but we haven't started any threads in it yet other than this monthly one. Go for it. Consider the notion of waiting until your mind is "a bit straighter" to be a Sabotaging Thought.

Readers - day 16
Prevent Unplanned Eating

This internal argument can create tension, which is emotionally, and physically uncomfortable. You'll be tempted to relieve this tension by eating. Once you make the decision to eat, you may find that your discomfort immediately subsides - even before you reach for the food. You can do other things, though to reduce your discomfort. Just as deciding to eat can reduce tension, so can deciding not to eat.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 149.

01-24-2010, 07:07 AM
Hi Coaches
You all seem to be going strong. I have been away from the computer for a few days but trying to keep up / catch up with activities from the first 2 weeks of program. Today is day 14 so am preparing to start diet tomorrow so that is pretty scary. Today (Sunday here) I also did the Hunger Tolerance exercise - I went without lunch. And it was OK! I didn't get anxious and it was a good opportunity to try distraction techniques that you have all discussed.

Credit for the last few days for :D
Reading my cards at least twice
Making new response cards from the BDS and your great suggestions
Checking in here at least today
Practising anti-craving techniques (day 13)- I like the mindset techniques of Labelling; Standing Firm; NO CHOICE; and Imagining the Aftermath - but still need lots of distraction
Eating mindfully and sitting down - all the time!
Preparing my food plan for tomorrow
Writing my schedule for tomorrowWorking on :^:
Still having trouble knowing if I just WANT food or whether I am actually hungry.
Keeping the program as a high priority and making time and space for the program and hence weight loss
Finding time to read all postings and check in at the end of the day to stay accountableI am off to bed now for a good sleep before diet D Day - have a good week

01-24-2010, 07:46 AM
Hi Beck Folks - yesterday was good with food an d Beck 'tasks' :) until I started to feel horrible foot (not food ;) )and ankle pain in the evening. :( I did eat a little extra. It didn't help at all for two reasons. First - eating doesn't make physical pain go away. Second - with my headcold and can't taste anything - so it double wasn't worth it.

credit -
planned food .
logged food and time taken to eat it
aware eating
lots of water
no seconds

needs improvement
ate unplanned extra food in the evening
spontaneous exercise
reading my cards

Thank you for the support. I'll try to get back here a bit later.

01-24-2010, 08:38 AM
:wave: Still on track and still writing my meal plans with comments afterwards. And the frassing scale is still stuck. Demon salt!

01-24-2010, 11:53 AM
Greetings from the snowed in state-yanno the one: home of the long-suffering Vikings fans.

My satellite signal was out yesterday, but back on today. It would have been the pits to be safely snowed in and not be able to see the game. Caught up on some new music. CeeJay, what was your reward CD? My new love is Al Basile, a long-time cohort of Duke Robillard's. No wonder he is so good.

Thanks for those who responded to my Q about which Beck book to get for a new reader. BillBE, as usual, nailed it. It depends on the receptor, not the author of 2 very good blueprints. I had referred to BDS as a manual, but I think it is better viewed as a blueprint. It is *that certain. Follow this blueprint, and you will build yourself anew.

I kinda answered my own question. When all else fails, read the directions, right? I found this sentence in Beck and highlighted it:

"This program teaches you how to talk back to your sabotaging thoughts in a convincing way."

That is exactly what I see my BFF needing. She has convinced herself that so many of her sabotaging thoughts are the reality of her situation. Of course, as Beck says, it is *so easy to recognize that in others. Again, the biggest trap I see is the one we all succumb to now and then --it is that perfection mentality. I see lots less of that in our forum; I think for the most part, most of us have learned that from Beck already. Great start imho.

Onebyone, I was struck by this:

"For me I have decided I must be feel hungry more than I feel full. It was an interesting thought. I have spent decades trying to get rid of the hunger/hungry feeling and do that to perfection, but for me to lose weight I WILL be hungry from time to time and for me I do believe I must feel that more than I feel full. I think this is a weird fact I have to accept."

That is what I am trying to say when I describe my sweet spot. It is that great feeling of not feeling full--not at anytime during the day. That doesn't mean hungry, it just means stopping before being really full, and being hungry 3 hours after eating. That is where I feel most alive, alert, energetic. It is a volume thing, and my body lets me know I am there; I just need to listen.

01-24-2010, 11:56 AM
:df: WI-down .2 lbs. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – off-plan; Exercise – on-plan (50 minutes).

DH and I went into town for a walk along the Kennebec River. It was close to 30 degrees and sunny – a really lovely day. DH doesn’t like to walk fast, so it wasn’t aerobic. But we did move for 50 minutes so credit! My MIL makes necklaces and she’s helped me make one necklace already. There’s a bead shop near the riverwalk, so I dragged DH in there while I searched for some beads that ‘talked’ to me. I found some big chunky rough amethyst beads that clearly said they needed to be around my neck. ;) If MIL is feeling good, we’ll make that necklace today.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – it feels good that this is becoming a habit – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – done!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Spontaneous exercise – walked to the bead store instead of driving the car there – kudos!
- I posted here – yep!
- Re-read day 8 in the pink book – made a schedule for today. Will I follow it :?:

The Bad :no:
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – credit!

and the Ugly :stars:
- Used resistance techniques – After the walk we did errands in town, so I didn’t have access to the food I had planned. In the future I’ll need to plan better for snacks on days I’m in town. Because I’m gluten-free, low calorie GF foods are difficult to find at restaurants or convenience stores. I decided on a DQ soft-serve which at 140 calories is pretty close to what I had planned for my mid-afternoon snack. But of course the portion size was bigger than the 1/2 cup quoted in their nutritional info. Gah! When I thought I had eaten a half cup, I put the dish down on the dashboard. I was still hungry, and I played a half-hearted game of chicken with the ice-cream. I sat and stared at the ice-cream, and it stared back at me. Needless to say, the ice-cream won and I ended up eating all the ice-cream they had given me. I will say that although it was more calories than I had allotted, I ended up satisfied but not full. Oh well…

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) Fantastic that you stopped eating when you realized you weren’t enjoying your lunch! And 50 mins of exercise – credit!

CeeJay Ouch for giving into sabotaging thoughts when on your trip, but :yay: for ‘determined mood!

Bill Tibetan dinner sounds wonderful – yum! Kudos for having delicious leftovers to look forward to. Yes, I think Day 8 has the potential to be the same kind of breakthrough that learning to eat until satisfied has been. I tend to have laser-like focus on my major to-do’s for a given day, and end up not leaving enough time to do that things that are critical to me day-in and day-out. The structure this provides might be just the ticket…

seadwaters You have a great list of credits – kudos! I too have a problem making time for important elements of the program. I think this is what I’ll be focusing on until I feel I’ve made it a habit…

Beverlyjoy Sorry about your foot – I hope it feels better today. But in spite of that unplanned eating, you had a lot of credits yesterday, so bravo!

Ruthxxx .lol – demon salt Keep on with the plan and the scale will surely follow…

Beach Patrol
01-24-2010, 04:16 PM
Hello BECKSTARS! :wave:

Hope all y'all are well today.

Fiona Apple's "Criminal" is running thru my mind...well, just the first few words.... "I've been a bad, bad girl"...I had a binge from **** yesterday. :(

Started off nice enough w/the usual Oatmeal for very early brekkie, then I had "brunch" when the spousal unit got up - a ham & low-fat-cheese sammich on whole grain bread. From there it went DOWN THE HILL. I got a damn crazyass craving for something sweet (YUP! "THAT" time of month... :mad: ) A small package of 100-calories cookies and then grocery store SUGAR FREE cupcakes (not CALORIE free tho! 270 calories EACH! and yeah, I had FOUR....) then half of a left-over pizza from Friday night.... then macaroni & cheese for dinner.... OMG... disgustingly disgusted with myself the entire day. :barf:

I would make apologies, but it makes no difference now... it's done, it's gone, can't do nuthin' bout it. "OH WELL" as BECK tells us. Time to move on.

ChinaMaine ~ YAY for stopping eating when you noticed you were satisfied and for Spontaneous exercise – WOO HOO!!!! :yay:

maryblu ~ "my body lets me know I am there; I just need to listen." - CONGRATS! - that is a HUGE breakthru!!! It's not easy to listen if you don't recognize it... you are RECOGNIZING it!!! good for you!!! :cheer:

Ruthxxx ~ YIPPEE! for being on track and writing your meal plans with the comments.... :cp:
... and I KNOW how you feel about the "frassing scale" being stuck... :tantrum: Demon salt indeed! And let's not forget that satany-sugary crap! Why oh why can't JUNK FOOD be GOOD for you??? I'd be oh, so healthy if it were... :^:

Good luck & kudos to all~ remember...

01-24-2010, 05:08 PM
Happy Sunday!!

BillBlueEyes- credit for eating sanely at the Tibetan restaurant.

seadwaters-Best of luck starting your diet tomorrow. You are well prepared. Just follow what Beck says and you will be fine. Good for you for trying the Hunger Tolerance exercise. I have not attempted it yet-- afraid it will trigger a bout of overeating. You deserve a lot of credit for all you have done already.

Beverlyjoy-sorry about your foot pain. I think you said you were going to be having surgery. I hope it helps. I have a fair bit of foot pain myself so I know how horrible it is.

Ruthxxx-credit for being on track and writing down your meal plans.

maryblu-my reward CD was Sam Cooke- Live at the Harlem Square Club-divine. RE: Al Basile-was not familiar with him but am now enjoying him on youtube as I type this. "I just need to listen."- wise words.

ChinaMaine-ouch about ice cream. I am learning that if I don't have snacks with me, I am facing big trouble.

Beach Patrol-can relate totally to your binge. Sounds like my favourite binge foods- sugar, cheese, pizza... Yah, so as you say OH WELL. Over and done.

For me: Sunday is on track.

Giving myself credit for:

Weighing in
Riding exercise bike 30 minutes
Doing weights
Reading advantage and response cards
Starting to read the first Beck book, slowly.
Planned tomorrow and packed lunch
Eating on plan so far
Posted to my coaches.


01-24-2010, 08:38 PM
Hello all. Is it alright if I join your group?

I bought the Beck book a while ago and its been sitting on my desk. In the last year I've been on more programs that I can count. Nothing stuck for more than a few weeks/months and finally in Dec I just threw in the towel and stopped thinking about it. Its always in the back of my head of course but I've been ignoring the urge to diet.

Then today at church the priest said something that kicked me in the butt. Basically it was, that it doesn't really matter what wrongs you have done or what has been done to you in the past. What has happened has happened and that won't change. What matters is if you are willing as an individual to let go of the pain from past. To make the decision to change your life for the better.

It's not really a new thought or anything but for whatever reason it hit home with me today. I do think I'm ready to let go of my pain. I came home and saw the Beck book sitting and felt compelled to pick it up and begin reading it. Tomorrow will be day one for me. I'm looking forward to re-training my brain.


01-24-2010, 09:34 PM
Well, my five day OP challenge ended with a blow-up. My in-laws came over for my DD's b-day and my MIL is like Martha Stewart on steroids (that is not an exaggeration) and my house was a mess so I was stressed about that, I had a plan in my head and not on paper and my parents didn't call to wish my daughter a happy birthday. SO-- I had some brownies, and rolls, and too much for dinner. Pllllltttt... good until the last minute, I was. So... I learned 1. I HAVE to write down my plan on paper; in my head holds less power 2. No one died b/c my house wasn't clean 3. My parents are idiots. My mom hasn't talked to me in 7 months over politics-- namely me asking her not to talk about them-- so I should have expected it but it is so disappointing nonetheless. Our relationship, or lack thereof, has always been an eating trigger for me so I wish I had been more prepared. Mind you, my daughter is one and doesn't know them at all (this is the second time my mom has quit speaking to me since she was born) so she didn't notice, obviously, but my other daughter will be three next Monday and she will notice. They only live 30 mins away and she used to see them often. I will have to be especially prepared on her birthday. That being said, day one of this 5-day-challenge went off fine and dandy.

Nuxmaga-- Your salad sounds yummy. I love salad with a lot of stuff in it.

BBE-- "Wondering if I'd accept the tail and long ears to have that taught skin over muscle, LOL." More importantly, would your DW accept that????? I will have none of this boy-talk, BBE, and we have been trying to get this child to eat solid food for 8 months! She is cute but stubborn. I have never heard of a Tibetan restaurant. Credit for bring home half your entree. I love anything with chickpeas, yum.

onebyone-- you are seeing all sorts of new and exciting numbers!!

Beverlyjoy-- you are doing great! Hope the cocktail party went well.

Ruthxxx-- I, too, need to buckle down and delve deeper into Beck. By the time I get to bed my brain is fried. I need to dedicate a time each day to read it before I am brain-dead. I am impressed by how many different places you post. I am doing well just to post here!

Maryblu-- I find the maintainers forum fascinating, too. Every once in a while I will scoot over there just to lurk. I read a post there a couple of years ago that I still remember. It was her weight loss story and she simply stated that she doesn't miss the food and doesn't have a poor-me attitude about not being able to eat everything she could before. Her shoe collection and cute clothes were way better than that life. I still think about that often. I used to work with a woman who would speak in acronyms used for texting . She would have made you bonkers.

ChinaMaine-- I have a mutt and a full-bred. They are both off-balance. I have to attribute that to their 'parents' aka me and DH. Your walk sounds lovely.

Penguin-- good for you 'movin on...'

Ceejay-- thanks for sharing your goof up day. It makes me feel better to know that others self-sabotage in the same way I do. Cyclical self-defeating behavior is bizarre; I am good at it.

Seadwaters-- hope your first day of dieting is fantastic!

Beachpatrol-- I am sorry that you had such and off day but woot-woot that it is an off day and not typical. 'I got a damn crazyass craving for something sweet'.. that had me laughing out loud!

msgypslee-- Hi there! These dang priest... always challenging our thinking. :) Hope your day 1 tomorrow is great!

01-24-2010, 09:46 PM
Hi All,
Well, I'm saying a big "Oh, Well" for my craft guild party last night. Dh's bean salad was very good, but so were the mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. . .I wasn't prepared, and took seconds. I need to write it on my hand! No seconds. Then there was the Kiev cake for dessert--meringue layers covered in frosting. . .When the host started cutting it sounded like styrofoam. I wish I would've taken that as a sign to stay away!

Today, I tracked food, credit. Got much closer to my calorie goal than yesterday, credit. Drove past the bakery, and didn't stop, credit. I really wanted to stop. I'd just been talking with a friend who is going through some really hard stuff, and the urge to eat as a distraction was strong, but I did remind myself that it wouldn't make me feel any better.

01-25-2010, 12:20 AM
read ARC
exercised ~ 55min strength/cardio circuit
wore ped
ate mostly on plan
ate mindfully

Not so Much
ate too much choc, again.
Need to work on resistance muscle and being more mindful about eating habits. Thinking before eating.

Welcome, Gypsy Lee! glad to have you join us.

ChinaMaine, It seems the better I get at the Beck plan, the pickier I get about what I eat. I was pretty picky before, LOL.

Seadwaters, I used to think if I ended up in the kitchen I must be hungry, so I'd eat something. Then I figured out that was wrong, but went to a 'eat when hungry diet" and it was a celebration when I got hungry because It ment I COULD eat something. That didn't work quite right either. :devil: Having a timed eating plan was the best thing. If I get hungry, I can wait until the next eating time, but if i'm not hungry, I don't eat, or eat later. The hunger tolerance was a real eye opener.

Bill, I'd be happy to recommend a Pilates DVD! I used to think Pilates was only abwork then I did a long workout and got into the thigh and leg work, and realized I was working all my lower body muscles. Any opportunity to work more muscles in differnt ways! I love leg circles, at first they seemed pointless, but then I found they were working stablizier muscles. gotta love that.

CeeJay, I keep the Care/Matter card on the fridge. Maybe I should move it to the Penguin-shaped cookie jar where I keep my chocolate!

LibraryLady, Sorry to hear about the difficult parents. What is it about writing something down that makes it a law to be followed not a suggestion to be ignored???

01-25-2010, 06:03 AM
:welcome: Sarah (msgypsylee) :welcome:

And, in case you didn't get this 8 years ago when you joined, :wel3fc:

How did you find out first find out about the Beck book a year ago?

And how did you happen upon the Beck Forum at 3FC?

01-25-2010, 06:09 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had three, yep 3.0, events with potluck food in one day - a record for me. Did good enough, but wandered a bit at each for no discernible reason: some brownie pieces in the kitchen while digging them out of their baking pan at lunch, some tiny slices of desserts at early dinner, and, why am I not surprised, some tree nuts at late dinner. Ouch for failing to whip out my No Choice - that will be in tomorrow's quote of the day, be warned. I was struck by yesterday's quote that making the decision not to eat can bring immediate relief to desire. But got lots of stuff done on my written to-do list, CREDIT moi, including making a phone call that I had been putting off that turned out to be a joy.

maryblu - Congrats to the Vikings and their long suffering fans for showing the world this season that you're not to be ignored. Huge Ouch for that overtime field goal.

I like that you refer to Beck as a "blueprint" - goes well with the notion that you just Do It - No Choice.

ChinaMaine - LOL at your "game of chicken with the ice-cream" - gotta give yourself credit for being so aware of what you did. Yep, I gotta spend some more time with day 8. When I have a realistic to-do list for the day, I get the little stuff done; when my list is unrealistic - like beginning with solve my clutter problem - then I find it easier to ignore and don't get done that stuff with a little edge to it.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - LOL that when it sounds like Styrofoam, let that be a clue to pass. Yesterday wasn't a good party day for a bunch of us here in Beckland.

KidsLibraryLady - Sending supportive thoughts for dealing with your mother, especially since you're trying to help your kids with the situation. Laughing at "cute but stubborn" - have you and your DH agreed upon who she inherited that from?

Beach Patrol - It's just so seductive when food is labeled "SUGAR FREE cupcakes" to assuage our good-for-me guards and let the stuff sneak in. Maybe those labels are like a Trojan Horse to let the bad guys inside our otherwise impenetrable walls.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Yay for "still writing my meal plans."

Beverlyjoy - Double Ouch for your headcold and ankle pain; interesting that off-plan eating "double wasn't worth it." Evenings can be a tough time requiring extra strategies of some sort.

CeeJay -Yay for "Starting to read the first Beck book, slowly" - you're likely to pass the quote of the day which goes even more slowly, LOL.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - LOL at "if I ended up in the kitchen I must be hungry" - just loving how our minds can work to get what they want. Yep, I'd like a Pilates DVD recommendation. Not sure that I'd work a real session on my own, but would help to practice how to do the stuff. A while back when it fit my schedule, I took a few Pilates classes at the gym. I was rather annoyed at each exercise because it's so trivial. Until the instructor said, "keep holding that" again and again. And, when pushed by her, I finally get it why it's not trivial as I collapsed and watched some of the students holding out til the end.

seadwaters - Kudos for "Labelling; Standing Firm; NO CHOICE; and Imagining the Aftermath" - wish I'd had a little more of that when Sunday finally got to east coast of the US. Bon Voyage as you start your diet today. What plan will you use?

Sarah (msgypsylee) - Oh Yes, glad that you've joined us. Yay for the moment when an idea penetrates and becomes our own, with life changes to follow.

Interesting thought that the moment comes when we are "willing as an individual to let go of the pain from past."

Readers - day 16
Prevent Unplanned Eating

Your written food plan will help you make your decision ahead of time - before you're confronted with uncomfortable cravings and tension. But it won't eliminate indecision. There will be times when you begin to argue with your plan. Perhaps you're at a party and want a glass of wine that's not on your plan. Perhaps a coworker asks you to try a brownie she baked. The triggers for eating are endless, but the solution is straightforward. Tell yourself that you don't have a choice. You made a plan, and you'll follow that plan - no ifs, ands, or buts.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 149.

01-25-2010, 06:44 AM
Thanks for all the good wishes - Today was the first diet day. I followed my plan or any time I wanted to alter the plan I went and changed it online - it is great because you can immediately see the impact. Added in a piece of fruit and left off some almonds etc.

Credit for :)

Reading my advantage and response cards three times
Checking in
Eating mindfully and sitting down - all the time!
Preparing my food plan for tomorrow
Writing my schedule for tomorrow
Eating on plan todayWorking on :(
Hungry v not. I will be glad when I get to the satisfaction v fullness exercises and get as good at it as ChinaMaine seems to be. I was half way through dinner tonight (on plan) and essentially felt full but wanted to get up and make something else - fries I think - because it wasn't "satisfying". What is that about - honestly. It has little to do with being hungry. Anyway I didn't - finished my meal and then distracted myself so credit for that!

KidsLL - sorry things aren't so good with your family. They know how to press our buttons because they created them I think
Penguin - Putting off eating will be a skill to learn but I feel more able to so thanks for the encouragement
BBE - Sounds like a tough Sunday - the quote from Day 16 is great so will look forward to getting there tomorrow. I am using an online menu creator from Australia called FoodCoach ( It takes your data and generates a range of menus based on food preferences (vegan, vegetarian, fish & chicken etc) and your calorie requirements. Can also be altered with food substitutions etc - I never like all their meals or recipes. It is free as I have registered for their online newsletter. I really like it because they have a real health / whole-food focus.

01-25-2010, 08:14 AM
Hi Beck folks - yesterday was such a good day - I am so grateful. Still dealing with a cold and a sore foot - but, happily, each is improving! I am now working on telling the difference between craving, hunger and desire. Also - how to deal with cravings. I made up the response cards and will be working on these.

I have planned my daily food for a long time - I am not at that chapter yet in the book, however.

made my plan
drank lots of water
did stretches and strengthening
read arc two time
read other rc
kept track of times taken for food and snack
fork down between bites
no eating standing up
mostly mindful

working on
spontaneous exercise
changing my plan all day long - but staying in my calories range
putting off eating

Thanks everyone for being helpful and supportive.

ruthxxx -I love my name too - glad you like it, also.

nuxamga - big credit for zumba when you didn't feel like going.

kidslibrarylady - one lick of applesauce doesn't ruin the day - plus - you thought about it. That's good too. Sorry to hear about the inlaw and parent scene. Glad day one of your challenge went well.

billblueyes - just noticed that you are maintaining - good for you! Three potlucks - yikes! Good enough sounds good too - these things we face help us learn, I think.

seedwater - sounds like your first diet day went well and you got lots of credits!

silverbirch - lots of good credits and the scale went down Great.

maryblu - I've looked at the maintainers forum to now and then. Good group - good support.

China maine- glad you could take a walk by the river and lots of credits too.

beach - that was yesterday - each day is a new beginning.

onebyone - scale down is so good.

beachpatrol - I hear you on labels. The binge is over - you can start fresh

ceejay - Sunday on track is good and a long list of credits is a good way to start the week. I am reading the book slowly too. I can't absorb it all so quickly.

mysgypsylee - WELCOME! I am new to the Beck forum too. Glad you posted.

I hope I got everyone. Have a great day.

01-25-2010, 08:25 AM
:df: WI-no weigh-in. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – off-plan (15 minutes).

After the fatigue has abated for a couple of days, it seems to be back full-steam today. I tried doing yoga yesterday as a test to see if I could handle it yet. My arms were pretty ache-y when I was done, I was increasingly tired during the day yesterday, and I’m very tired today. So, I think I’ll stick to walking this week again. I have a walk in my schedule today, but I’ll only do it if I’m feeling up to it this afternoon.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – kudos!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- I posted here – yep!
- Used resistance techniques –
- Re-read day 8 in the pink book – made and followed a schedule pretty well. The hard part is likely to be following the schedule in the face high-priority to-dos at work. I tend to set aside my own priorities during my workday. So wish me luck back at work today!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior
- Spontaneous exercise

Beach Patrol Ouch for the binge yesterday, but kudos for turning the page today. And especially for posting about it here…

CeeJay Sounds like a great on-track day!

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) You had a good food and exercise day – kudos!

msgypsylee :welcome3:

KidsLibraryLady Yikes – you had quite a weekend, but kudos for some well-learned lessons. Would it make sense to call your Mom, or send her a letter, before your older daughter’s birthday? And explain how much it would mean to your daughter to hear from her? Just a thought… So what kind of dogs do you have? My dog is the laziest dog I’ve ever had. He dislikes taking walks – that’s a first for me…

Nuxmaga Bravo for avoiding the bakery!

Bill Ouch for the potlucks – sounds like you had to run the [food] gauntlet! I like having the phone call on your to-do list. I tend to let personal emails and phone calls go unmade, and I need to change that…

seadwaters I was half way through dinner tonight (on plan) and essentially felt full but wanted to get up and make something else - fries I think - because it wasn't "satisfying". What is that about - honestly. It has little to do with being hungry. Anyway I didn't - finished my meal and then distracted myself so credit for that!
Lol – I know that feeling quite well. ;) Bravo for resisting it and staying on-plan!

Beverlyjoy Looks like you had a great day yesterday!

01-25-2010, 08:49 AM
Many apologies for not doing personals to everyone - I'm on several other forums in here and a big gardening one. I do read all the posts and am gaining a lot of insight as I do.

- once again, resisted the Chinese buffet in town. Am I a recovered addict now?
- made a mysterious pot roast for dinner - venison, I think - served myself a hearty serving and stopped eating halfway through. Is it possible I am starting to recognize satiety? The dogs enjoyed the remains.
- bought a 7" DVD player to assuage my treadmill boredom
- remembered to plan today's food before bedtime

- did not exercise
- the Beck book is still languishing on the shelf

Isn't it nice we get a brand new day regularly?

01-25-2010, 09:03 AM
:welcome: Sarah (msgypsylee) :welcome:

And, in case you didn't get this 8 years ago when you joined, :wel3fc:

How did you find out first find out about the Beck book a year ago?

And how did you happen upon the Beck Forum at 3FC?

Thank so much to you and everyone for the warm welcomes.

I have been hearing about the Beck book for a few years here and there. Almost every weight loss forum has a Beck thread or its mentioned somewhere. Medifast, weight watchers, weight loss surgery, metabolism miracle etc. I bought the book on a whim a few months back while shopping around the book section of ebay.

I just recently re-found 3fc. I was a regular user here many years back and just got away from the site. I googled something last week and this site came up. So I'm back.

It would seem that all of my roads lately are leading me to the Beck program in one way or another. I bought the book but really had no idea what the program was. I didn't even read the dust jacket. Then a few weeks ago, I heard an advertisement on local radio that was looking for candidates for a weight loss reasearch study at the U of Pennsylvania using cognitive behavior therapy. I really wanted in but did not qualify (BMI too high HA HA). Little did I know I had the program sitting on my desk.

It's fascinating how life works sometimes.

01-25-2010, 01:19 PM
Coaches/Buddies, I’ve no idea where this bloody month has gone! I can’t believe I’ve written and read so little of the forum this month. Diet has continued to be a struggle for me, but I am totally getting in all of my gym sessions. That is a really significant accomplishment for me and I partially credit my trainer for being kind and helping my body ease in to the gym routine. I expect my food regulation to kick back in soon. I am probably just giving myself too much credit for the gym. So, I am aiming to rely more on my GoWearFit data to determine my intake and really try to plan ahead.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: haven’t weighed in several days
Read Advantage Cards two times: no
Read Response Cards at least two times: no
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: no
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: yes
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: no
Tracked today’s food: yes

I really do appreciate all of you and will be making an effort to get back to posting personal responses once I get my diet & food planning back on track. I hope you are all really doing well.

01-25-2010, 02:35 PM
We were having a few days of internet problems, which seem to have been fixed now. It was too bad because I could have used some support. I had a few bad days after I found out that the class I was scheduled to start teaching next week will probably not have enough students. It’s disappointing since I couldn’t fill a class in the fall either. Dh had was in a conference, so he wasn’t around for much support either. I was ignoring my ARCs—one of those “Why bother? Nothing’s going to work out.” But I began to rid my feelings of hopelessness over my long run Saturday PM. Amazing how that works: eating poorly only makes me feel like more of a failure and getting active makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something. Now if I can only remember that the next time. . .I’m feeling better about everything now, and got back on track yesterday. It helps a lot to have dh back, with all of his support. Plus, it helps that now that he’s back, we’re back to our old feeding routine and watching the sheep and cows trail in to be fed is just a balm for the soul.

I’ll get caught up on what is going on with everyone and do personals later, but for now, I just wanted to welcome the new members!

01-25-2010, 09:25 PM
Day two went pretty well. The scale read 9 pounds down so that was a good way to start my day. Our scale is pretty unpredictable so I don't get too excited. I weigh myself a few times and then take the average. I did a good job not veering from my plan despite deliciousness in the form of cheese in my hand. credit to me. I also had it on my plan to go to starbucks for a tea and a biscotto. Starbucks is a once or twice a year experience for me since I don't drink coffee and it is crazy expensive. The trip usually results in a ginormous hot chocolate and muffin or cookie. I stuck to my plan despite the tempting pictures and drove away quite proud of myself. I was up from 2-6 this morning with the two-year-old who couldn't get back to sleep. I was coughing and indulged in some hot water with honey and lemon and a few lollipops. I had a few bites of chicken stew, too. Annoyed at the chicken stew bites but they were few and much better than what I would have down before in the middle of the night when up with a child. So I will credit my progress. thanks for the kind words regarding my family situation. Everyone has some crazy, just comes in different forms for different families. :) I guess I should appreciate that my crazy involves not speaking. :dizzy:

Nuxmaga-- love the idea of writing it on your hand. I may use that next time I go out. styrofoam cake sounds delic. ;)

Penguin... and that is why there is no chocolate in my house.

BBE-- I have never heard of anyone having to attend three potlucks in a day! Good grief! oooh those nemesis-nuts It should be clear that she got the cute from me and the stubborn from my husband. I am sure of it.

Seadwaters-- sounds like you had a successful first day! I marvel at Chinamaine's awareness eating. I struggle with that

Beverlyjoy-- 'fork down between bites, no eating standing up, mostly mindful; that's awesome! If I remember correctly you struggle with those.

Chinamaine- sounds like you are miserable and in need of a warm blanket and some tea. My mom doesn't answer the phone when I call. Did I mention this was just over me asking her (nicely) not to talk about politics. :) Imagine if I did something really horrible. My sister is a wanted felon and she would talk to her in a second. Not bitter or anything. :) I have asked my husband to send an e-mail for me. At this point I can't say anything kind so I would rather not say anything at all. I have a soft coated wheaten and a mutt. They are both spastic and would walk all of the time if I could take them. They are both 11 so they are slowing down to a step less than super-spaz.

Ruthxx-- what gardening forum are you on? I love to read about gardening and think wistfully of the garden I would like to have some day. Love your comment about getting a brand new day regularly. Thank goodness.

msgysplee-- the fact that your BMI was too high to do a weight loss study dumbfounds me. I guess they wanted the results of their study to look more positive than they were by getting people closer to their goal weights?? Glad you heard of the book and found this forum!

Futurefitchick-- I was wondering where you were off to. Glad you are getting in your gym sessions. I think working with a trainer is so great, if only for accountability.

Shepherdess-- Sorry for your rough days. That would be disappointing to look forward to and prepare for a class only to have it cancelled. I am glad you are doing better and am always mystified why I can't remember that eating poorly makes me feel gross until after the fact.

01-25-2010, 10:05 PM
I go away for a week and you guys get your own forum. Cool!

My mother-in-law has a broken sacrum. She's at home on near bed rest. We're coping with serial difficulties -- getting enough help for her, bad reactions to pain medication, security problems. I think we have passed the worst point, at least for us. Her daughter who lives across the lake was in Florida much of this time, so we were the first responders, living an hour away. Now that she's back from vacation, we are getting a bit of break.

I ate out a lot but was careful with portions and also with selecting things that I didn't believe would trigger cravings. I was less successful with exercise, but got back to it today. I'll have to average 70 minutes a day to meet my month goal. We'll see.

WI: +0.75kg, Exercise: +72, 985/1400 minutes for January, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

FutureFitChick: I am more consistent about reading my Advantages now that I have them in my Excel spreadsheet. If I record my weight, I read the Advantages.

If I missed any other questions, let me know, I didn't read every page of posts that I missed.

Thanks, everyone, for the good wishes while I work through things with my MIL.

01-25-2010, 10:13 PM
Hello Everyone!!

msgypsylee- welcome aboard. I know that you will find the people here very supportive.

KidsLibrarylady-sorry about the blow up on the 5 day challenge. Looks like we were both in the same boat. You stressed right out and who could blame you with all that going on? Difficult family members are the worst. Glad you are back on track and that day 2 went better. My second 7 day challenge is much bumpier than the first. What can we do but just keep on trying?

Nuxmaga-another person who had a bad day yesterday but is doing much better today. Credit for realizing the bakery was not the answer to feeling bad.

patchworkpenguin-wow about your 55 minutes of exercise. That is impressive. I do think I need to put a card on the fridge too- like a last reminder not to open the door when it is not time for a planned meal or snack.

BillBlueEyes-Just wanted to say that I love that you greet every new poster with a special message. You and the nuts: it is a love affair. Sorry, did that sound like I was referring to new posters as nuts? :D I read the 2nd Beck book first and am now onto both the first one and the work book. I try to read a bit everyday after I finish the response and advantage cards, while riding the exercise bike. It is a routine that is working OK for me.

seadwaters- congratulations on your first day. Good for you for not giving in on the craving for fries.

Beverlyjoy-glad to hear someone had a good day yesterday. Your credit list was huge.

ChinaMaine- Your "good" list is very good today!!

Ruthxxx-Satan's Buffet does not stand a chance against you Ruth.

FutureFitChick-good news that the trainer is working out so well for you.

Shepherdess-sorry about your class not working out. You said, and it is so true: "Amazing how that works: eating poorly only makes me feel like more of a failure and getting active makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something." Glad you are back on track.

For me- I was having a great day yesterday until I messed up at 10:00 pm. What I should have done was gone to bed. Instead I gave into cravings: I ate cookies and if that wasn't enough- also ate a grilled cheese. I was just full of the same sabotaging thoughts as I had on Friday. I then got very worried- I was thinking- what if I am starting to give up- I won't be able to stand it this time and thoughts like that. A lot of catastrophic thinking (is that a word?). Then I thought that I was being an *** and went to bed. And started all over again today. Really oh well, I am not giving up.

Today's credits:

ate on plan- heck, should I really say that until a minute before I am going to bed? Tonight I am saying NO CHOICE to anything but my planned snack.
exercised 30 minutes on the bike
weighed in
read cards
planned tomorrow and packed lunch.

Take care everyone :grouphug:

01-25-2010, 11:35 PM
Just checking in. I have been busy since a birthday (mine), going out to a show, working my Beck Diet Solution, and volunteer work with a no-kill shelter. My eating has been great! I wonder if my SNRI and booster med have been partially responsible for my success with low appetite and no cravings. If so, its no fair to compare myself to anyone else who is struggling without medical support. I have talk therapy (CBT) as well, for a highly stressful relocation adaptation issue.
The best thing that I can report if it helps anyone is that it has REALLY helped me to leave 10% on my plate of every item of every meal. What that does is make it FEEL as if I've eaten to fullness and "couldn't eat another bite" and then I can easily go for hours and hours before the next meal without feeling any deprivation or hunger. Its amazing! I also allocate the 10% thusly: 5% for the skinny faerie, and 5% for the Fat Fairy, so that we won't have a Bad Fairy situation like Disney's Sleeping Beauty! (I love to personalize this dieting work for enrichment). So that helps too, or at least makes it interesting and fun to set aside the "tithe".
The other things I've learned recently involve exhaling in a new way that is the opposite of years of a pattern that made me essentially swallow air (I think) and generate hunger. Its from Yoga Anatomy, if anyone is interested. It really counters hunger for food...creates a hunger for air instead--which has no calories! Yay!
My clothes continue to loosen, my body continues to tone, and I am carefully following Beck days 1-19 everyday. (Still haven't finished pink book). I love the Barnard book, I really think it helps eliminate brain hijack craving. WOw.
Had an emotional meltdown with MIL on Sunday, but expressed my anger instead of eating over it. It was a tough rest of the day, but I got through it, trying to minimize time spent worrying about it. It took a lot of discipline to "let it go" but I think I may be getting there with mindfulness.

Respond to you all later, when I've got time. Love and support to all in the meantime. Work the program, it so works for you! THank you Judith Beck and each and every one of you Diet Coaches here!!!!

01-25-2010, 11:37 PM
Bill, and anyyone else...

Total Core Pilates by Jules Benson. This is the pilates DVD that made me re-think pilates. its pretty long, I got it from the library and only did it one time.

10MS Quick Sculpt Pilates with small ball. I prefer my pilates is shorter mix and match chunks, and gadgets help distract me from how hard I'm working, LOL. I bought mine at Walmart for about $15. I have most of the 10MS Pilates and like them all. The one on the stab ball is also very good.

Core Fusion: Pilates Plus. {total body} I got this one from Netflix, did it once, thought it was a tad boring, but pretty good workout also mix and match short segments Led by Elizabeth and Fred, who have put out a whole series of them.

Quick Fix Pilates Abs with Keli. Three short segments beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Can be done together for one workout.

Pick Your Level Pilates. Ellen Barrett { she does a lot of pilates fusion workouts, and is now producing her own workouts} Exercises shown at three levels, I thought this was a good workout but by the time I tried it I was at the advanced.

None of these are really beginner workouts, but IIRC, they all show modifications and give form pointers. Pilates is one of those things that your trying to hold this part still while moving this part of your body so it takes a while for your mind and body to catch on to what you are doing. This was my problem with it, LOL, I don't like things that make me think too much, especially about hard work.. Netflix has a lot of exercise DVD's, and the two sites I linked to will help you find beginner workouts if you need them. Your local library might also have something good that I've missed.

01-25-2010, 11:44 PM
two day total of ped~ 11, 664
Read ARC
ate on plan
ate mindfully

Not so Much
no exercise/rest day
ate too much choc! again! I can do better than this!

Joy, prayers for you MIL!

01-26-2010, 01:30 AM
Hello to the Night Owl Coaches here on Beck:

I'm up for no real reason. I think I am just trying to avoid being busy for the rest of the week or something by trying to wring out every minute I can for myself.

I accomplished several major things these past couple of days. I completely re-wrote my resume combining it with a C.V. and coming up with an artistic blend appropriate for an application for a city arts grant. Three of us have become a Collective and we are applying for $ for an art project. The level of this application is very very high. MUCH more professional than anything I would have done on my own. There are three of us with three very distinct fields of expertise which directly relate to our proposed project; mine relates to experience with the public. Up to now I have not been able to blend my pre-art show life (self-employed self-taught artist/crafter) with the apres-art school one (fine artist). Now they are together and it is clear what I have done all these years. It all simply fits. What's weird is DH is having the same revelations as his current path utilizes all of his background and we are both amazed at these events. It's like we had a plan or something? We didn't. We both have done exactly what our hearts desired, unless we were broke then we did what we had to, only to return to our heart's desire ASAP!

Huzzah!for getting the application completed and submitted

Foodwise I've been challenged. I am 90% on track but I did find myself eating way past fullness last night. No seconds;alas, they were piled onto my plate.
I did have female trouble start yesterday but mostly I was stressed out and practicing avoidance via zoning out with food. But Huzzah! I did not have seconds, did not eat sugar and was not sedentary... I also refrained from snacking which these days is important to me so an additional Huzzah! for this.

Today I wanted to copy our complete grant application package for future reference (what a treasure!) but was super-senstivie that I would be using the copy machine for a lot of non-school related stuff. Hmmmm. Still. I was ready to do it. Everytime I walked past the office people were hanging out around the photocopier! Argh. For over an hour they were there. Finally I thoiught the coast was clear and I plopped my pile of paper onto the top feeder and in comes J the head of the school.
"You missed the haggis."
I then noticed his kilt. Nice. Surprising as I thought he was Finnish since he brought Finnish food to the xmas potluck breakfast but no, Scot on his mum's side. Polish otherwise. ? I am an Argyle, definitely Scot on my dad's side though they tried to bury that part claiming they were English... however I digress.
"Robbie Burns Day," he said.
"Oh yeah."
"Potato scone?"
"Yes!" (no thinking here just omgnewfoodwhatdoesittastelikecanIhavemorewhat'stha tcanIhavesome... frenzied thoughts.)
"Oat cake?"
Now partly I was chatting so he wouldn't look to see what the heck I was copying right in front of his face. I think I babbled. He's the Big Boss, not scary but the BB you know? And I feel guilty very fast. So I ate.

Potato scone was good as was the oat cake but it had sugar in it. :( is ok. Didn't trigger me.

"Here I'll prove we had haggis." And he reached into the recycle bin and showed me the can of vegetarian haggis they shared.
Who knew there was a) canned haggis and b) vegetarian versions?
He then showed me the real haggis, in a can, and I read the label and whisky is to accompany haggis in any form, including the haggis breakfast egg recipe on the label - drink whisky and add whisky to the mix.

"Too bad you missed the haggis. We had it on crackers."

The day before my mother would not take no for an answer insisting on buying me candy. I told her, finally, I wasn't eating sugar, and she pulled a face! I gave in and chose a juice Huzzah! for this swift move. It thwarted her desire to get me something.

Anyway the scale is up and down but stays below 270.

Good Night Coaches. Thanks for being here.

01-26-2010, 03:31 AM
Hi all my coaches
I am posting earlier than usual because I know I will be distracted later. I can't believe how much time you have to spend in the kitchen - weighing things and organising things and getting veggies ready for today AND tomorrow as well as lunches a couple of days in advance. No wonder I put on weight - I have never really invested any time to what I stick in my mouth - except to ensure it is relatively healthy.

Credit for :)
Eating on plan (so far anyway - but everything is all cut up and ready to go!)]
Reading cards
Sitting down to eat if not exactly totally mindful
Preparing my food plan for tomorrow
Writing my schedule for tomorrow
Looking up some more meals to include in meal plansWorking on :dizzy:
Keeping on top of everything - this program can be intense commitment wise. I am struggling to return to work and all that involves but want to make this work in the long term so I guess I have NO CHOICE! Today's mantra
Am I hungry or no - and am I full or not (still) - I imagine this is a life's work
Being a lot thinner by the time I am 60 (I just turned 59!) - how many times have I said that for 45 and 50 and 55! But it is very possible.
TBDS for today talks about making NO CHOICE rules - hard and fast eating behaviours to take into the future - so obvious really but in the past finishing a diet has meant a feeding frenzy - sigh - no more Thanks for listening and encouraging - good tomorrow to everyone

01-26-2010, 06:43 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Finished my crunch day at work with my skin still attached, LOL. Didn't even think about thinking about vending machines - my suspicion is that, although I certainly don't know for sure, the gladiators didn't think about food when every fiber in their body was thinking about not being slashed by the guys with knives and crudgeons. CREDIT moi for surviving to fight another day.

Left work lusting for the gym to dump all the tensions, but, alas, found water in my basement from the deluge and spent my evening's exercise sucking up water with a wet vac. CREDIT moi for taking care of my house although it wasn't much calories. There was lifting of the full canister of water to empty it each time.

onebyone - LMAO at your conversation with your Scottish Big Boss by the copy machine. Your BB sounds like a good resource for London advice. Haggis in a can? Who'da thunk.

ChinaMaine - That's such a problem, "I tend to set aside my own priorities during my workday." Hope you post some ideas on how to break out of work crunch mode to be a human.

FutureFitChick - Kudos for getting in all your gym sessions - that's such a triumph to recognize, face, plan, and implement your exercise-plan at the gym (with a trainer, yes?). It's not possible to give yourself too much credit for that. You're facing your food stuff; it'll follow.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - "Cool!" is right - a whole Beck Forum. Now we gotta start some threads to get the ball rolling so we won't only be stacked up in one place. Good job being careful with portions when your schedule and environment was out of whack. Hope you MIL's recovery continues well.

KidsLibraryLady - Ouch for up four hours with your two year old. I so distinctly remember the feeling when that was part of my life that it would never end - there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Kudos for sticking to plan with cheese in hand. Sending supportive thoughts for dealing with your family situation.

Shepherdess - Ouch for “Why bother? Nothing’s going to work out.” D*rn neurons ganging up with nonsense Sabotaging Thoughts trying to derail. Kudos for getting yourself back. Absolute love the image, "watching the sheep and cows trail in to be fed is just a balm for the soul." You've set up a good life for yourself.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Yay for "recovered addict," and Double Yay for stopping half way through a pot roast dinner. We're awash in seed catalogs; I dream of spring planting.

Beverlyjoy - Oh yes, "I am now working on telling the difference between craving, hunger and desire." That's such a great one since all three keep charging at us all the time. (He does seem stuck with his gladiator image doesn't he, LOL.)

CeeJay - Ouch for the late night snack attack. Kudos for "oh well, I am not giving up" - the bad guys can't win if we always get right back on the horse.

midlifecrisis57 - Happy Birthday. I see you making a fortune with your Tithing Diet. Just love the notion of "5% for the skinny faerie, and 5% for the Fat Fairy." Think I'll try your idea of leaving 10% of everything on my plate since I continue to have a hard time leaving stuff at all. Maybe a new way of seeing it will help.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Thanks for all the Pilates DVD recommendations; I'll chase down those references.

seadwaters - Your FoodCoach site sound fun; let them make suggestions then you have ideas to juggle til they're yours. Interesting thought, "I have never really invested any time to what I stick in my mouth." That's a better way of seeing it than when I complain how much time it takes.

Sarah (msgypsylee) - Pretty fascinating path to Beck. Perhaps this time next year you can join the U of Penn study . . . as an instructor, LOL.

Readers - day 16
Prevent Unplanned Eating

Firmly saying, NO CHOICE, decreases both the struggle and the discomfort. Think about rules you already have in your life. Do you struggle over whether or not to brush your teeth? Imagine how annoying it would be if you had to fight to get yourself to do this mundane task everyday! But you don't struggle because you have a rule: I have to brush every day.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 149.

01-26-2010, 09:25 AM
Hi Beck Folks.

Yesterday was a good day - I am so grateful. Tuesday or Wednesday is usually when I weigh myself. I am glad to see another pound gone. I have a habit of overeating the day I weigh myself - but, NO MORE - I have planned a nice yummy food day and when I get through this weighing in day without overeating...I am buying myself a new lipstick!

At first I was disappointed when I saw the scale go down one pound. But, I tried to remember the words of Dr. Beck. It is just a number - it can fluctuate from day to day. And - one pound is equal to four sticks of butter. That analogy I like.

I tried to stay with the Beck tasks - Credit for: log food, log times, no seconds, eat only when seated, read ARC (one time), read RC, said NO CHOICE to myself when I wanted to eat more immediately after lunch, tried to be aware, did a small amount of exercise, and tried to label my food wants (hunger, craving, or desire)

Need to work on spontaneous exercise, not thinking of fullness, not changing my food plan that I have written down so often. I tried to stay with it - some things just didn't sound good when the time came. I wrote down the changes.

My foot/ankle is still sore and I still can't taste anything - although my headcold is about gone.

billblueyes - good for you.....not thinking about those vending machine...big credit!

seedwaters - you are right...sometimes it take a long time to end up eating less! So many credits is wonderful.

onebyone - you are so, so busy - making progress. Especially - not eating candy that your mom wanted to push at you.

patchworkpenguin - all those steps are great. Thanks for the info on the DVD's

midlife - it's a major credit to NOT eat over a meltdown with family. Kudos to you!

kidslibrarylady - hooray for the scale going down. And - staying away from from unplanned goodies at Starbucks.

ceejay - I think we learn from looking back at situations. You had a on plan day until 10 - that is a credit too.

gardenerjoy - so sorry to hear about your mil's broken sacrum. I wish her a swift recovery.

futurefit - BIG credit on the exercise - keep plugging away at the things were you see you need to. I think that's part of the 'beauty' of the beck program. It's all right there - so we know where we can try and put more effort.

shepardess - sorry to hear about the classes - it's disappointing - I think it's OK to have those feelings. Give yourself credit for your exercise and carry on.

mygypsyrose - it's a good road that leads you to Beck, I think.

Ruthxxsx - Satan's have the power!

I hope I got everyone. Have a GREAT day.

01-26-2010, 09:40 AM
Managed to "keep afloat" yesterday in many ways! ;)

Going to the gym mid-morning is not a good plan but I DID go. :sunny: Lunch was as planned. :sunny:

The afternoon as very stressful but I coped fine :sunny: with a basement flood, a dying PC and a fire in the house next door. I gave out coffee and donuts to the darling firemen without a hint of craving. :sunny: Only thing was that dinner was not until nearly 9 PM but it was on programme. :sunny: And I did make my food plan for today before bedtime. :sunny:

I lived to fight another day!

01-26-2010, 10:12 AM
Good Morning Coaches

It rained all day yesterday and now it's big fluffy snow. This will make for a pretty bad walking surface on those sidewalks today. I'll have to take extra care not to go a*s-over-tea-kettles when DH and I go out.

I haven't told you much about DH's state of affairs since my own were so pressing but today I focus on him somewhat as his trip to Costa Rica is at the end of this week. DH is completely stressed as his new company has not given him word of his plane ticket yet so he doesn't exactly know when he is leaving, and his new company has not received the all clear from the police check yet. I told him, we're not talking the local constabulary DH, we're probably talking Interpol or some such thing. It'll take longer than a week. Locally it can take 6 weeks during busy times! Anyway there is no criminal past or anything so it's just bureaucracy. But he asked me last night if everything all fell thorugh would we be ok. OF COURSE I assured him. And yeah, we would but eveything is ok. He just really needs to start this already as do I. As much as I don't want to see him out that door and off to Costa Rica for 3 weeks I really really do want to see him leave! It will make both of us more relaxed that's for sure.

DH found out his training office is "business casual" and so we are off to the second hand store to buy DH the blandest ordinary shirts you can imagine to wear throughout his 3 week training down there. He's spent the last 4 years working from the basement in his robe so he's squawking about the clothes. And the money for the clothes. We're still broke as he hasn't started that darn job yet! SO MUCH PREP! So on the need to be frugal we are going to the second hand store to get his shirts and this is a HUGE concession on his part; he HATES second hand clothes, but he hates spending money we don't have even more. My DH is flexible (:carrot: for DH's attitude here) when he needs to be; a very good trait.

I need to prepare for my classes tomorrow and Thursday. Now that they are starting to do sustained drawings (drawing for a length of time 30 min-over an hour and no squawking from them either!) the teaching is simplified. Get them started, let them go, check in continually to keep them going. I can do this! :carrot: to me for trying.

Today should be the day I get paid for a large painting called Resignation (34" x 54") bought by a local lawyer for his chalet. It's a winter scene ... I'll try and upload a picture of it. I am, truthfully, 60% pleased with it but he is 100% pleased and that's what counts. Every piece of art is just a stepping stone to the next one in my mind. I can always do more, do better and I want to. It's what makes me happy.

Better get DH up and at 'em. Enjoy your day coaches.

01-26-2010, 03:49 PM
I had a good food day yesterday, in spite of a momentary desire to eat. I was still full from lunch, but it was the time I usually set aside for planning my class. I just had to figure out how to spend my time, and I have plenty of things to work on. It just threw me for a loop. I’m taking credit for recognizing it for what it was and for getting involved in a wool project instead. I also got out for my run yesterday, which felt great. We’re still enjoying nice weather—sorry Maryblu. Hope you have dug yourself out of the snow.

KidsLibraryLady, Congrats on 9 lbs gone! Good job sticking to your plan at Starbucks. It’s not easy since there are people who are well paid to tempt us with food. The bites of chicken stew are a bummer, but at least they were only a few.

Gardenerjoy, congrats on meeting your mini-goal last week! Sorry about your MIL, but glad that your most difficult part is over. Great job eating carefully through all of the stress and through meals out. Good luck meeting your month’s exercise goals, but don’t injure yourself trying to get there.

CeeJay, going to bed is always a great answer to the evening craving. Kudos for not giving in to catastrophic thinking and getting back on track.

Midlifecrisis57, yay for working the Beck program and for low appetite and no cravings. I am totally jealous. Great job expressing your anger instead of eating to cover it.

Patchworkpenquin, sounds like you deserved a rest day! I can relate to too much chocolate. I have to be careful having the stuff around. Have you tried keeping it in a different place? That might break the mental pattern when you start to reach for it. It’s worked for me with other things.

Onebyone, congrats on re-doing your resume. That’s great that all of your past experience is becoming relevant to your current goals. And another congrats on a low weigh-in! Great job being 90% on plan. LOL on haggis story. You’re a good wife for getting your dh ready for his upcoming trip. It must be your artist’s perfectionism that leaves you 60% happy with the painting, and you’re right that if your customer is 100% happy, that is all that matters. It’s a great painting.

Seadwaters, kudos for taking the time for your diet. It used to feel like a lot of time but I have gotten quicker at it and it has also become routine, so it just doesn’t feel as time consuming anymore. Yay for your commitment and positive attitude.

BillBE, yay for getting through crunch time. LOL on gladiator comparison. Ouch for a basement full of water and sorry it cost you your gym therapy, but I’m impressed that you were looking forward to the gym.

Beverlyjoy, yay for another lb gone. The lipstick reward sounds like a great strategy, and yes, weight does fluctuate. The only thing that matters is the long-term trend.

ChinaMaine, glad to hear that your energy levels are starting to rebound. I’m trying to imagine a lazy dog with Border Collie genetics. I’ve never met a lazy Border Collie.

Ruthxxx, yay for keeping afloat and living to fight another day! Good job getting to the gym, even though the time isn’t great. Ouch for a neighborhood of disasters, but I am totally impressed that you handed out doughnuts without craving. Hope today is a bit easier.

01-26-2010, 08:59 PM
I went to the dairy today to return glass bottles for a refund. I do this every couple of weeks and it's part of my food plan to substitute an ice cream cone for one of my snacks that day. But today, I got there at an odd time and I wasn't hungry and I didn't want to give up one of my later snacks. So, I skipped the cone. I'm giving myself big credit for that because I don't think I have ever previously talked myself out of a planned treat.

The same strip mall has a Panera, with all kinds of things that I used to eat but don't any more. For a moment, I missed those times when I could have had both a treat from the dairy and a treat from Panera and whatever else I might want. I sighed, "oh well," and moved on with my day. So, credit for that, too.

WI: -0.35kg, Exercise: +72, 1057/1400 minutes for January, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

CeeJay: glad to see that you're sticking with it. One bad moment is not worth letting go of all this great stuff you're getting from Beck

midlifecrisis57: love your fairies!

patchworkpenguin: thanks for the Pilates list -- I printed it for the next time I buy an exercise DVD

onebyone: so cool that your resume turned into such a clear vision of your path to this point. Love the snow scene -- perfect for a chalet!

seadwaters: love your "working on" list. I also am startled when I add up how much time it takes. I appreciated Michael Pollan's take on this in In Defense of Food. He says that our culture has been undervaluing food in ways that has never happened historically. We need to start valuing food again and that means spending more time or money or both on what we eat. Of course, it also means appreciating the textures, colors, aromas, and flavors that comes with eating homecooked meals prepared from fresh, natural ingredients.

BillBlueEyes: wet basements are no fun -- good for you to make the most of it as exercise. Brainstorming other threads we could start: Advantages. Responses. The differences between the two books. Exercise, which isn't covered so much in the books, but many of us seem to consider important. Pretty much any or all of the 'Days' in The Beck Diet Solution.

Beverlyjoy: yay for the pound off and for realizing that is not something to be disappointed about.

Ruthxxx: that's quite a day! Good job staying on plan!

Shepherdess: I count yoga in my exercise minutes, so I have some pretty low-key options for filling out my exercise without injurying myself. Great job on continuing to recognize how the disappointment is affecting your life and finding positive ways to deal with it. What's the new wool project?

01-26-2010, 09:01 PM
Patchworkpenquin, sounds like you deserved a rest day! I can relate to too much chocolate. I have to be careful having the stuff around. Have you tried keeping it in a different place? That might break the mental pattern when you start to reach for it. It’s worked for me with other things.
. I think you may be on to something here. I used to keep choc {Dove, Resees PBC minis, etc} in a penguin cookie jar in the living room. Then I stopped getting choc, then several months later, and after finding the Beck plan I bought a small package of Ghiradelli squares which I kept in the kitchen, next to the PB. Then I bought another package of Dove and put it in the penguin cookie jar in the living room. I can see it all the time. its on top of a shelf across from where I sit. Not exactly 'out of sight out if mind'. Going to move it now, LOL, I'll probably eat a few moving it. :o

ETA: Okay moved them into another penguin container in the kitchen. {can you tell I collect penguins? :) } BUT I didn't eat a one!

01-26-2010, 10:11 PM
'Lo, Beckies,

Well, I got out of the yard today for the first time since Thursday evening. Now it is just cold.

Am working on de-cluttering slowly. If there were to be a blizzard every weekend for the next 2 months, hey, don't laugh, it could happen, I would make a dent.

You know you are a serious pack rat when you can't decide whether or not you should pitch a pair of XSO's slippers, one of which is perfectly wearable, the other of which has been chewed beyond recognition by one of the dear dawgs. Now, what are the chances that the next man in my life will be one- legged with a size 14 narrow foot? And what are the odds that it would be the *right leg? I mean, really.

Thanks, onebyone, for showing us your painting. I love it; it is so * conveys so much. and thanks for sharing the adventure of DH's new career; it is such a different realm, really fun to hear about.

Enjoy the seed catalogs, those of you who grow; it is all that sustains me right now. Fantasizing about my gardens beats the winter blues back better than anything..well, 'cept for mebbe dancing. *sigh.

01-26-2010, 10:26 PM
Good evening! Day three went off without too much of a hitch. Ate too much at dinner but it was carrots so I am not going to beat myself up too much about that. Need to be more conscience about what I am putting down the gullet. I need to ramp up my efforts here and get back into the book and exercise. I was trying to get back into the swing of eating on plan on first and me thinks I am ready to add some more effort. I am obsessing over the girls party, it is taking up brain space. We invited about 75 people so I have a lot to get done. By we, I actually mean me. I shaved off a couple dozen people when I told DH how many people I invited. Teehee. It is just their first birthdays I lose my mind over.

Gardenerjoy-- I had to look up sacrum and OH MY GOSH-- that sounds impossibly painful. I am glad you are getting a bit of a respite. Sounds like you will need it. No ice cream? That has to be a triple credit.

Ceejay-- You are cracking me up re: "then I thought I was being an a**' love it. My husband is a professional catastrophizer. I can actually watch his body shrink as he does it. Stop the thoughts and get to movin' Thanks again for the short term challenge idea. It was just what I needed.

midlifecrisis-- Sounds like you have been doing a great job. Sorry for the blow-up with MIL. They are good for those. Credit to you for not eating it down.

Penguin-- you are the pilates guru. Thanks for the info

onebyone-- I think it would take whiskey to get me to eat haggis. A lot of haggis. The painting is BEAUTIFUL! I do mean that sincerely. WOW I think that is the first piece of yours I have seen.

Seadwaters-- agreed-- this takes a freickin' lot of time. ;)

BBE-- Think back to five years ago.... would you have not thought about the vending machines and lusted for a gym visit???? You continue to be an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your struggles and triumphs.

Ruthxxx-- no cravings for donuts! WOOT WOOT!

BEverlyjoy-- Glad you are feeling better! Sounds like you are working hard at the Beck behaviors. Dang scale. I know it shouldn't but it still annoys me.

Shepherdess-- take it your class is really cancelled. :( YEAH for nice weather. It is freezing and snowy in this part of OH. I am looking forward to being outside again.

Maryblu-- I have been wanting to get the book does my house make me look fat. (oooh, don't tell any other librarians about my lack of capitalization and underlining. :) ) I wonder what the connection is. I think it is safe to say you can get rid of the slipper-- loved the description.

01-26-2010, 10:43 PM
Hi there coaches:

midlifecrisis57- Happy belated birthday. Kuddos on your great eating and successful dealing with your MIL.

patchworkpenguin-credit for a good day yesterday.

onebyone-hurray about your application. Sounds like a lot of work that will hopefully pay off for you. Yay for picking juice over candy!! Thanks for posting your painting. Really nice. There is something very compelling about that person alone in the snow.

seadwaters-you are so right about needing the exta time in the kitchen. For me it is now becoming a habit so as you keep at it, it is not so strange. Huge credit for you list of accomplishments.

BillBlueEyes-sorry about the water in the basement. Been there done that. What a pain.

Beverlyjoy-Yay for another pound gone. What you said about overeating the day you weigh yourself---this is not it for me as I weigh myself every morning, however I can relate to it because every time I reach a milestone I have a hard day. What is that about? This happened to me the days the scales said I lost the first five, the next five and the next five.

Ruthxxx-What a day you have had. Credit for staying on program through it all.

Shepherdess-credit for thwarting the desire to eat and knowing what it was.

gardenerjoy-great big credit for skipping the ice cream.

maryblu-we had blizzard on Sunday and now it is just very cold again. I cleaned out a cupboard I have been meaning to get at, so I know what you mean about using the time.

For me Credit today for:

-Weighed in
-My morning meeting ran late and I was really hungry but I stopped at a grocery store and bought a pear apple, or whatever you call them, and ate that in the car until I could get back to the office for my planned lunch. Yay!!
-Resisted shortbread at the office.
-Came home and made dinner as planned even though it was late and I was really hungry. Learning that hunger is not an emergency. I can wait.
-Lifted weights tonight.
-Rode exercise bike 30 minutes
-Made lunch for tomorrow and planned dinner.
-Read Advantages and Response Cards
-Posted here!


01-26-2010, 10:48 PM
Hi KidsLibrarylady-

We were posting at the same time.

No one ever gained weight eating too many carrots.


01-27-2010, 12:01 AM
exercised ~ 25min Kettlebell DVD
ped from yesterday ~ 8,248
Read ARC'
moved choc 'out of sight'
ate mindfully
ate on plan sans choc

Not So Much
ate too much choc, but all in one sitting, not sure if that is progress or not:?:
Haven't been paying as much attention to planning as I should

01-27-2010, 05:45 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had to make one of those dreaded phone calls to protest some $31 interest and penalties assessed on a card where a $35.99 payment arrived two days late over the Christmas holidays. Was even having thoughts of getting a snack to nibble while I did it. Expected "Those are the rules, Mr. Sucker" from some person in India speaking High British. To my amazement, I heard, "Well, you've been a loyal customer for years now and have always paid promptly; Let's just take those off." And that was that. CREDIT moi for finally making the call. Ouch for all those folks who didn't have the payment that month and got hit with a usury charge that unfair.

Got to the gym; CREDIT moi. Wasn't paying attention and dropped the 50# dumbbells on my chest because I didn't jerk hard enough to get them up the first time. Had an immediate emotional response - you'd think it would be to worry about broken ribs - of embarrassment hoping nobody saw me, LOL. Lesson learned: When playing with adult sized toys, pay attention.

maryblue - Sending Double Hugs for your single slipper story. But after that, LMAO designing your Personal ad: Seeking one legged vegetable gardener who can dance the band under the table. No left-leggers, please.

onebyone - Easy to imagine that your lawyer customer is pleased with your winter scene, Resignation. Snowstorms do seem to make us alone. Good luck shopping for your DH - as I was losing pounds, I bought some amazing never-worn stuff at Good Will that I never would have purchased new since I wasn't sure I'd like it.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for making choices, and Kudos for using "oh well" as Beck intended - I accept that I can't have that. Neat ideas for threads.

KidsLibraryLady - The mind boggles at the thought of preparing for 75 people; that's a lot of wrapping paper for a one year old to try to stuff in her mouth, LOL. As I watch my food, I'm not concerned about extra carrots. Carrots don't trigger that I-want-more feeling that I get from junk food. Thanks for the kind words; it's good to be reminded that five years ago I would have cringed at the thought of a gym.

Shepherdess - Neat demo of re-directing yourself instead of heading to the kitchen to solve the temporary not-doing-anything-else moment.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Handing out donuts without sampling - I'm impressed.

Beverlyjoy - Loved being reminded, "one pound is equal to four sticks of butter." A while back someone posted a picture of two buckets of cooking lard to show what 40 pounds of fat looked like. Yikes!

CeeJay - Kudos for responding to hunger with a mindful choice from a grocery store when you, presumably, had many bad options available.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Kudos for "moved choc 'out of sight'" and LOL at "but all in one sitting." We'd have to ask Dr. Beck if that was better than nibbling away. Think I'm beginning to get it that you really like penguins. Do you dream of taking a trip to the Antarctic regions for a first hand view? Congrats for owning a Kettlebell - those are neat.

Readers - day 16
Prevent Unplanned Eating

You also might establish other "no choice" rules. I've made some eating rules for myself that I rarely break. I don't even think much about it; I just follow them. I don't struggle, I don't feel conflicted, I don't feel deprived, and I don't end up eating food I'll be sorry about moments later.

Here are my rules:

1. Eat a substantial amount of protein, vegetables, and fruit at every meal.
2. Don't eat any junk food until after dinner.
3. Eat only raw vegetable while preparing dinner.
4. When eating out, eat up to only 25 percent more than I usually do when I'm home.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 149-150.

01-27-2010, 06:27 AM
Hi Coaches and fellow travellers
I am struggling to finish some work for a meeting tomorrow (Thursday) after which I am taking 2 weeks and 2 days sick leave to recuperate and get ready for radiotherapy (which will go for 7 annoying weeks - but sounds worse than it is I'm sure). I start my physio / rehab program for 2 days a week on Friday so looking forward to starting on some physical activity - I have had none to speak of for about 6 months so need it badly.

Credit for :D

Eating on plan and making note of it
Measuring all my food (sigh)
Reading cards (only once I just realised)
Eating mindfully sitting down everytime - even though I had to pull my fingers out of my mouth several times
Weighing myself (down 1kg since DDay)
Developed a food plan for tomorrow
Recognising hunger / desire / craving - did fairly well today - had to use resistance techniques a bit because intense work makes me crazy
Posted to my coaches and noted their great adviceNot done :(

A schedule for tomorrow - will do it tomorrow
Forgot to re-read Beck for today - totally distracted - will catch upWorking on :^:

I need to develop strategies for not letting my all consuming job take up all my life - will ponder this when on leave before the semester starts and takes over.I now need to go back to work - and so want to acknowledge some of the postings - but next time. However - I am intrigued. BBE - you live on the east coast of US? So you must post at like 5am - am I right? WELL DONE if you do - or my internal international clock is out of whack. I'm pleased you didn't get damaged in your altercation with a dumbbell

01-27-2010, 09:07 AM
Quickie! Staying right on track which is amazing considering the chaos I'm dealing with.

Part of the cellar is still flooded, my contractor is in and out working on the sump pumps, my burned out neighbours and their parents are here off and on for potty and telephone and just to get warm and fed. And then there are the usual friends who drop in just to see how things are going. My big pot of pea soup is my life preserver!

I'm running as fast as I can but am still on the path.

01-27-2010, 09:14 AM
:df: WI-up .1 lb. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – off-plan (no exercise).

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – actually when I ate .8 of a portion at dinner last night I was still hungry, but I stopped eating anyway. I was full about 20 mins later - credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – kudos!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- I posted here – too tired yesterday, and I’m running late today but yes!
- Used resistance techniques – credit!
- Still on day 8 in the pink book – I had a big deliverable on Monday so worked 13 hours and did nothing on my schedule except eat on-plan. But yesterday I did pretty well, with the exception of no exercise again - partial credit!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – I forgot to do it during the day, although I did go back and write down all my credits just now. So, partial credit
- Spontaneous exercise – I got up and did laundry during the day yesterday twice – credit!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
I don’t think I have anything here! :woohoo:

I’m running a bit late, so I’ll just do personals for the 5 people who posted before me. :wave: and :hug: to everyone else!

seadwaters :hug: for your continued medical treatments and kudos for having such an upbeat attitude. I need to develop strategies for not letting my all consuming job take up all my life - will ponder this when on leave … This remains my biggest issue. If you find the secret to this one, please let me know. ;)

Bill I need to call and protest a bill. Hmmm maybe I’ll put it on my schedule tomorrow, just writing a to-do down seems to make it much more likely I’ll actually do it. Glad the dumbbells didn’t hurt you.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) Kudos for moving the chocolate!

CeeJay Great idea to grab a tasty piece of fruit to hold you over until lunch!

KidsLibraryLady You know it’s a good food day when you have to come clean about eating too many carrots. ;)

01-27-2010, 02:28 PM
HI Beck Folks - I am giving myself big credit because I did not over eat yesterday - the day I weighed myself. This is major for me. And...I bought myself a new lipstick to celebrate.

I am still dealing with this stupid cough and cold - it's better than 10 days ago - so I am making progress.

I am starting to think about my strategy for going out of town this weekend. We will be with DS, DIL and almost three GS. I know that I will use my back up food plan - which is exchanges. I think that will work on the road. I need to keep in mind - no seconds, eat only when eated, healthy choices...

Yesterday was a good day on many fronts - and other things that need work.

Credit- stayed right on my plan, logged food, logged times, lots of water, no seconds, after lunch identified a craving & gave myself no choice, read ARC, read RC.

Work on - no exercise, no spontanious exercise, not much aware eating (turn off distractions more),feeling fullness.

chinamarie- may good credits...that rocks!

ruthxxx - chaos, indeed! Good luck with the basement. Good job on doing well.

seedwaters - great credits - I hear you on letting work/other things become too consuming. But, becoming aware is a great step.

Billieblueyes - good rules you have. Good for you calling and getting the charge removed. Thanks for your including the information about different chapters.

penguin - good for you - moving the chocolate out of site.

ceejay - I am hoping I can learn that hunger isn't an emgergency - good going.

kidslibrarylady - sounds like a real celebration for the birthday. Try not to stress over it. PS - a few extra carrots won't hurt. thought about them so that it good.

maryblu - I love when the seed catalogues come in the spring, too. So many possibities.

gardenerjoy - major credit for not eating the ice cream or the goodie just because you really didn't need/ want to. That's fantastic.

shepardess - kudo's for getting your run in and enjoying the beauty of the day.

Have a good day everyone.

01-27-2010, 03:42 PM
Penguin (patchworkpenguin) Think I'm beginning to get it that you really like penguins. Do you dream of taking a trip to the Antarctic regions for a first hand view?
-Are you crazy? Its cold down there! Hubby has a Navy friend who was stationed in Antartica for a few years. Brrr. I've seen pictures however.

01-27-2010, 09:08 PM
Hello Coaches!!!

patchworkpenguin- huge ped reading yesterday. Excellent!!! Oh well re the chocolate, and I would say better that you ate it all in one sitting than ate it numerous times.

BillBlueEyes-lucky that you did not hurt yourself dropping the dumbbell on your chest. LOL re worrying most about who saw you do it. Kinda like when you fall-- and you get up and pretend you are fine, even though it feels like you broke something.

seadwaters-best of luck with radiotherapy and starting your physio/rehab program. Congrats on 1kg down.

Ruthxxx- great that you are staying on track during chaos.

ChinaMaine-even though you are working crazy hours, you are doing so well. Like you and seadwaters, I struggle keeping my work hours within reason. I find that the more I work, the more likely it is my eating gets way out of whack.

Beverlyjoy-Big credit for not eating the day you weighed and smart move to reward yourself, making really sure you give yourself credit for this.Credit too for planning a strategy for going away.

For me, an excellent day so far. Got on the scales this AM and registered a new low of 279. Yahoo. I know this will fluctuate like crazy but that is OK, this will eventually become my high. So good to be out of the 80's. Time to start thinking about my next 5 pound reward, which will come at 276.

Credit today for:

Weighing in
Reading advantage and response cards
eating on plan
riding exercise bike 30 minutes
planning tomorrow and packing lunch
posting here
resisting an invitation to go out to lunch and have Chinese buffet (Ruth- Satan is running one of these here too :D)


01-27-2010, 11:17 PM
Hi All,
Did Zumba today, credit. Tracked food and stayed under calorie goal, credit. Went to lunch with my retired volunteer--the sabotaging thinking kicked in and I didn't substitute a salad for the fries("well, they are charging for the salad now" and "it's only a few fries")--well, the fries were falling off the plate there were so many. My volunteer cracked me up--she said, "This is much too much fries. Potatoes must be cheap." She immediately piled half of them on her bread plate and topped them with the top bun of her sandwich. I put some fries on my bread plate but most of them migrated back. . .I did leave a couple and some of my wrap. You'd think I was starving or something that I wanted to eat every last scrap, so big credit for leaving something.

I felt icky after eating the fries--like a lead weight sitting in my stomach, so hopefully I'll remember that next time(or write on my hand, except it's a nice restaurant. . .) Credit for getting my Beck book out and starting with day one!

CeeJay--Yay for your 5lb goal, and double yay for turning down the Chinese buffet invite. Nothing good could've come of that evil. . .

BeverlyJoy--Kudos for not overeating, and getting yourself a non-food reward.

ChinaMaine--Credit for having no "Bad and Ugly" things to report!

Ruthxxx--Credit for coping with chaos.

Seadwaters--Yay for putting all that good Beck stuff into your life!

Bill--Kudos for disputing your bill--I usually avoid conflict like the plague but it's hard to get what you want if you don't ask for it!

01-27-2010, 11:34 PM
Hello coaches! Sounds like everyone is having good experiences, credits, and BillBE is LOL as usual!!! Credit for the credit...that's great! It's funny, sometimes it works like that when we are polite and patient. I had a similar experience trying to get a bill paid with automated voice system...finally got through to someone who helped me do the impossible!

I'm continuing to learn from my mistakes with people over which I used to eat. I just discovered the Karpman Drama Triangle--anyone familiar? It so aptly describes MIL DH et Moi in action! Nothing to eat over, I come to find out--absolutely nothing to eat over! Well documented cultural conditioning. Normal. Painful, crazy-making, but to be expected.

We close on our house in 2 days! tonite and one more night with MIL and Friday I'm free!!!!! I am moving to the new house as soon as I get a key--DH can stay with his Mama or come with me, but I for one am moving that day.

I'm so excited/scared! It will be actually a little bit harder to resist eating there I fear, as I will be alone most of the day. But I plan to stay busy and work my Beck and Barnard, go to yoga, housekeep, and do my volunteer work and start up my business again. I am starting to feel more hopeful, as I face some codependency issues I've been denying and as I start to take my life back and lighten my clinging to husband. I would say this is a transformation at many levels, weight loss being only one aspect of the journey for me. It's discipline, health, fitness, change, growth, maturity?, self-acceptance, all happening at once but in babysteps every day.

Yeah! Anyone else having these feelings? If you can face overeating, its alot easier to face alot of other things we might have been sweeping under the rug.

Go Becksters! The only way around is through!


01-28-2010, 12:00 AM
Another trip to MIL's, another lunch out. I skipped all my snacks, as planned, so it was an okay eating day. I also managed a reasonable amount of exercise if not enough to make up for all I missed. It will do for now.

WI: NC kg, Exercise: +45, 1102/1400 minutes for January, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

01-28-2010, 12:19 AM
*** somehow half my post is missing, I apologize to those I didn't 'speak to' I don't know what happened!*

Hi all!
I would like to clarify that the 75 people coming to the birthday party have been instructed (in a rhyming invitation-- we are so goofy) to not bring any gifts but, if they felt compelled to buy something, they could get a book and we would donate in the girls' name. That is what we did for the other first birthday party we had for my oldest..... we don't need any more toys!! We started having kids late and most everyone else was done and gave us their stuff which worked out well for us! Not sure why I felt the need to share that; didn't want you to think I was a gift-hungry mama, maybe? ;)
I worked tonight which is always a nice treat. I planned to get Wendy's as that has always been my routine but now feel yucky. Could it be the last couple of weeks of fairly clean eating has undone the decades of hard work trying to create a fast-food-tolerant-belly?? Even though it was on my plan, I felt weird eating it and ate it way too fast to even enjoy it. I also asked for a large meal instead of a medium, under the guise of wanting more to drink. If by more drink, I meant more fries which I ate like they were going to run from me, then I was on it. Oh, poor, poor wendy's, how will you stay in business without me?

Ceejay-- Sound like you had a great day! Yeah for hitting 279... that is freaking fabulous!

Nuxmaga-- had a fry incident myself today and feel much the same as you. :(

midlifecrisis-- "I am moving to the new house as soon as I get a key--DH can stay with his Mama or come with me, but I for one am moving that day." I would do the very, very same thing. yes indeed, I would.

Gardenerjoy-- glad you have time to check in. Your MIL is one lucky mama.

01-28-2010, 04:07 AM
BTW, Bill, I've been meaning to congratulate you on your moderatorhood! Congrats! Nice green letters on your profile.

01-28-2010, 06:23 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Pleasant kind of busy at work all day - where I could see the progress I was making and felt good each keystroke knowing that it would improve the stuff that was going to be read and reviewed by others next month. CREDIT moi for doing my job.

Dinner was a bowl of Trader Joe's Butternut Squash soup. Twas good, but not as good as DW's pumpkin soup. It was thin (only 180 calories for the portion we each had - half the carton) yet a full day's allocation of sodium. Made up the calorie deficit with cheese and a tortilla, then half of the left over piece of spice cake from a pot luck, which was neat since I never eat sweet dessert and love spice cake. Later had a HUGE orange for my evening snack. CREDIT moi for eating within my plan's boundaries even if oddly.

ChinaMaine - Ouch and Congrats for 13 hours of hard job work; BTDT. Love that I'm able to pull that off, but worry that I'm willing to do it. Kudos for your ".8 of a portion at dinner" - that's neat.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Any day with Zumba is a good day. Ouch for the french fries, but Kudos for starting day One in Beck. Post how you're doing - the first day in Beck are special.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for 45 minutes of exercise despite a trip to help MIL with the life upheaval that represents.

KidsLibraryLady - That's a neat idea to let people bring books to donate to help them deal with a desire to show up with a gift. LOL at too many fries - apparently it's french fry day on the Beck thread.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Remarkable that despite your own chaos you find time to hostess with a pot of soup and remain "still on the path."

Beverlyjoy - Sounds like you have a fun trip planned. Kudos for thinking about and making an eating plan in advance.

CeeJay - Congrats on your new low. So Satan gets around with his Chinese Buffets, LOL.

midlifecrisis57 - LOL at the image of you showing up at your closing with a pillow and a suitcase. Will hold my breath for two days waiting for it to happen. Will have to go google "Karpman Drama Triangle."

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Well, if Antarctica is too cold for you, come to Boston - our aquarium has a colony of penguins who perform all day.

seadwaters - Sending supportive thoughts for your journey through radiotherapy. Seems smart to take some time to prepare. Hope you post your thoughts about, "develop strategies for not letting my all consuming job take up all my life" - I could use some help there, also. Congrats on "down 1kg since DDay" - but it eludes me what "DDay" stands for. And yep, I post about 5am (EST). By my calc, you see sunrise some 15 hours before me.

silverbirch - Thanks for the congratulations. Good job spotting the green letters; I'm more than two years on this site and never noticed them before.

Readers - day 16
Prevent Unplanned Eating

. . .
These rules enable me to leave afternoon receptions feeling good and looking forward to dinner. They keep me from gaining more that a couple of pounds when I'm on vacation. Following a rule eliminates the struggle over what to eat or not to eat.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 150.

01-28-2010, 06:55 AM
The chaos is abating slightly and I'm still sticking to my plan.

Today should be easier as I won't be feeding extra people at noon. The challenge today is a Fair Board meeting tonight but the food won't be hard to resist. One woman brings "store-bought" butter tarts that are just not worth it. I have a yummy stir-fry planned before the meeting and even have my veggies cut and ready to go. Go me!

01-28-2010, 07:13 AM
I don't know what D 18 is about because I haven't read it. I haven't been too successful so far with the "not letting my all consuming job take up all my life" because I wasup till 4.30 am and got home from work at 8.30pm. I am glad I am feeling better than I was! Just need to survive the weekend to finish writing a subject and then I can enjoy my 2 weeks recuperation.

I have managed to stay on plan today, read my cards, ignore cravings, and post here - so not doing badly I guess. I had to change my dinner because I was too late and too tired to eat what I had planned - but I stayed within my allowances with the substitution so I guess that it staying on plan? I have yet to develop a food plan for tomorrow but I had better plan and pack lunch or it could get ugly!

DDay is day 15 the day to start the diet - that is how I have been thinking of it. Stay well - will do a better job at posting tomorrow hopefully

01-28-2010, 07:48 AM
Hi Beck folks -

Yesterday I did stay in my calorie range well. However, I changed my food plan several times. Made some easier things to prepare - and that sounded better to eat with this cold. I think I may go back to the dr - gosh it's two weeks. Seems so slow. Oh well - it will get better eventually.

Credit -
lots of water
time food
no seconds
read arc - 2 times
gave credit
fork down between bites
eating only when seated

needs work
aware eating - still can't taste anything!
feel the food in tummy
no exercise
no spontaneous exercise
THINK about hunger, desire, cravings

Today is our 32 wedding anniversary. We were married during the midwest's blizzard of '78. (I still have headlines - Blizzard of the Century). It was a terrible wedding - no one came, wrong food, wrong flowers, no honeymoon, etc. I can laugh about it now - back then I couldn't! DH and I always say we are glad the marriage turned out better than the wedding. Tonight we will go to a local cuban restaurant - I'll have a chicken and grilled veggie salad.

Tomorrow we go to be with our son, dil, and grandson. I am trying to plan so I have food sanity while I am there.

Have a great day, folks.

Thanks for your support. I'll try to get back for personals later.

01-28-2010, 08:47 AM
good morning coaches.

i'm one hand typing as i have a cat curled up on me right now. if you see caps appear, caesar has moved on :)

i woke up stressed. i got an email from one of my students who left class early last week as she was sick who told me she was withdrawing from the pet potrait class as it is too basic for her. I don't know why this is bothering me so. I guess cause I asked the class for their input and she didin't speak up. I think I'll poll the class tonight and see where they are at. I had a student not come last week and I hope I see her this week; if not we are down to 3 from 5.

Also DH leaves early Saturday morning. He flies out of Ottawa to Toronto at 6am and then from there direct (imagine!) to San Jose, Costa Rica. He found out he'll get an advance for his first pay, and his time away has been cut by one week to two weeks not three. And the boss in Costa Rica, Randy, has booked them a canopy tour in CR. DH will see the jungle. *sigh* I'm not going to dwell on this.

And this is the last day I can complete my tiger prints for the Year of the Tiger Printmaking Show. I made an etching based on the news story in Dec of a man who may have eaten the last Indonesian Tiger. He was jailed for 12 years by the Chinese government. My print is from an etching and this means I print it with my paper wet and this means I am not sure my prints will be dry enough for me to title and sign by this afternoon. This is really stressing me out. Anyway, such are my high class problems.

Also I weighed myself as usual this morning and my # is higher than last week. I saw a 266 earlier this week and this morning was at 269. Still below 270 so I'll give myself a :carrot:. I did havew a positive thought eno****er at the toaster this morning. I was making my cheese sandwich and I had my grainy bread warm from the toaster and my old cheddar cheese sliced to put on my warm bread and so I buttered one side, lay the cheese on it and I have eliminated the butter from the second bread as I don't need it and save the calories there and my brain told me to :devil: go ahead and butter the other side :devil: It was split second thought from nowhere and right on the heels of it I countered the thought with "that's not going to help me lose weight". :carrot::carrot::carrot: Many carrots for that unconscious lightning fast conversation that shows me I am on my side. It hasn't always been that way.

I've got to get going.

Can't wait for Friday.

01-28-2010, 08:51 AM
:df: WI-down 0.3 lbs (new low) Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – off-plan (no exercise).

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied - credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – kudos!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- I posted here – yes!
- Used resistance techniques – credit!
- Spontaneous exercise – kudos!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – Again I forgot to do it during the day, but I did write it all down last night. So, partial credit!
- Still on day 8 in the pink book (making a schedule) – I didn’t do planned exercise yesterday :( But did do spontaneous exercise and made a call to my nephew. I was rewarded with a wonderful chat with his med-school-resident fiancé. She’s mid-way through a month-long rotation in neurosurgery. She was so excited, really loving it. It’s so much fun to talk to young people when they are discussing their futures, and she sees a future as a neurosurgeon - partial credit!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
I don’t think I have anything here! :woohoo:

Ruthxxx Kudos for staying on the path when chaos surrounds you! Hope you have a dry, contractor-free, basement soon.

Beverlyjoy Great idea to get yourself a reward when you didn’t overeat yesterday! Sounds like you have a good, reasonable plan for traveling. Happy 32nd anniversary! Wow, that’s an achievement!

CeeJay :yay: for new low and for hitting the milestone of 27-! Your attitude about future fluctuations is dead-on. Kudos for all the credits that make this future-new-low possible.

Nuxmaga Ouch for the fries-encounter. I hate that stuffed, slightly nauseous, feeling I get when I eat too much of greasy foods. It does help me to remember that feeling when I’m eating out.

midlifecrisis :yay: for signing on your new house in 2 days, and for having your own space again.

gardenerjoy I hope your MIL is doing well, and kudos for a good food day, even though you ate out.

KidsLibraryLady I thought it was charming that you have a big party for your childrens' first b-day – you want to share the joy you feel with those you love. I like your gift suggestions for the party!

Bill I agree, I worry that I am willing to work those hours too. But I only work weekends when things are absolutely critical, so I usually have 2 full days off each week. In any case, I hope that this Day 8 scheduling will help me meet my own priorities, especially for exercise, even when it is crunch-time at work. We’ll see…

seadwaters Ouch for the extra-long-day. I understand your issue with your ‘ all consuming job taking up all your life. I haven’t found the answer yet, so if you find one, please let me know. IMHO – it’s better to spend multiple days on a single ‘Day’ in Beck’s book. Some skills I can pick up and implement after reading it once. But others take some real thought and practice. If you are too busy to really process the info, and practice well, doesn’t make sense to pause there until you can?

01-28-2010, 02:28 PM
I have been getting very used to higher energy levels, and unfortunately, crashed and burned. The day before yesterday, I was dragging a bit throughout the afternoon. I missed my run that day because I was helping my husband until dark, but was so proud of myself for coming home and doing a weight workout, but I just couldn’t figure out why it seemed so much more difficult than usual. In retrospect, I should have gone easy on myself, but I was going for the calorie burn. I had a hard time getting out of bed yesterday morning, and spent the day helping my husband again, which involved lots of heavy lifting. I was falling asleep every time we got back in the truck. Once we got back home, there was still plenty of daylight, but I was just too exhausted to run. I did some nice gentle yoga instead, which felt good. It wasn’t the high calorie burn, but it was definitely the right option.

I think it was FutureFitChick that pointed out how fatigue makes a person more vulnerable to unplanned snacking. That was certainly the case for me. I caught myself reaching several times for crackers. I just need to treat fatigue like any other challenging situation and remind myself that eating too much won’t help my energy levels.

I am feeling a bit more normal today, and I’ve thought I should try to pinpoint what brought on the sudden fatigue. Analyze sleep, diet, hydration etc, but it all sounds a bit too exhausting. I occasionally have phases of flagging energy, but haven’t had one in a while. This one took me by surprise. If I feel up to it, I may go for a nice, slow run with lots of walk breaks, but if I don’t have the energy, I’ll find a much gentler way to move my body.

Gardenerjoy, wow, turning down a planned treat deserves huge credit. Kudos for doing well while eating out and for getting in some exercise.

Patchworkpenquin, good job moving the chocolate without eating one! I think eating chocolate in one sitting is probably a step in the right direction. I do think the little bit here and little bit there usually adds up to a lot more.

Maryblu, yay for getting the house de-cluttered. LOL at “Now, what are the chances that the next man in my life will be one- legged with a size 14 narrow foot? And what are the odds that it would be the *right leg? I mean, really.” I hope you find way to de-clutter your house without all the extra snow.

KidsLibraryLady, your kids’ birthday party sounds like a lot of fun. I love the idea of having guest’s get a book that you’ll donate in the girl’s name. LOL at “Could it be the last couple of weeks of fairly clean eating has undone the decades of hard work trying to create a fast-food-tolerant-belly??” I think that is a running theme here.

CeeJay, good job learning that hunger is not an emergency. It’s a huge eye-opener for me, although I don’t always remember. Yay for a new low, and for thinking about your next reward.

BillBE, yay for a good customer-service experience! I would find it difficult to make the call without a little sweet comfort food. Ouch for dropping weights on yourself, but I’m glad you have a sense of humor about it. Yay for a good, productive day at work and I love to hear a man say that his wife’s dish is better than what he finds on a store’s shelf! It makes all that work for home-cooking so worth it.

Seadwaters, ouch for seven weeks of radiotherapy, but you have a great attitude about it. Yay for looking forward to physical activity and yay for being down a kg. Good luck surviving the weekend. I am exhausted just thinking about staying up until 4:30 am. Good job staying on plan in spite of it all.

Ruthxxx, great job staying on track amidst chaos and I love the idea of a pot of pea soup to give you a bit of a break. Hope you dry out soon! Yay for a yummy stir fry planned with all the veggies already cut.

ChinaMaine, huge congrats for having nothing to report for “The Bad and The Ugly!” Two days in a row, no less. I am so impressed by your commitment to paying attention to hunger and satisfaction.

Beverlyjoy, you deserve that lipstick. Glad to hear you are recovering from your cold. Happy anniversary! LOL at your wedding tales.

Nuxmaga, kudos for coming in under calorie goal, and with a fries encounter to boot! LOL at “potatoes must be cheap.” You do get credit for leaving something. I need to find a way to remember that “icky” feeling that some of these foods give me—something in the brain remembers only the pleasure of taste and not the unpleasant aftermath.

Midlifecrisis57, I love the “Karpman Drama Triangle.” Thanks for giving me a name for it. Yay for moving into your own house. It will bring new challenges, but Beck gives you all the tools.

Onebyone, it is disappointing to have a student leave the class, but don’t take it too personally. Good job countering demon thoughts with “that's not going to help me lose weight.”

01-28-2010, 10:11 PM
'Lo, Beckies,

Happy for the updates from everyone. Waving at wndranne..miss the sharp wit!

Plenty of it here anyway. Kudos to all who are finding a way to eat less, move more, figure things out, and do good things.

I faced the monster today--the same one at the Dr.'s office where I weighted 131.7 in Sept. Today said 133.7, so I am not gonna change my ticker. I was prepared to do that if over 135. Funny how much I feel those 2#s. And yes, I did have *slightly more clothing on since it is winter and all, but I doubt my underalls contributed *that much extra. The truth of the matter is that 2#s gained of solid fat is a lot. It comes back as all fat in ugly places. Fat gained is fat, a big deal, and ugly. That rant over, it was a relief to know the damage isn't worse, and it is highly motivating.

Caught one of my heroes on Oprah yesterday. Michael Pollan coined the phrase "edible food-like substance". Found myself fascinated at Wallyworld today looking at the shining examples of such. So many brands of Poptarts, so many different Rice Cakes. So innocuous sounding.

Spinach anyone?

01-28-2010, 11:50 PM
Pllllltttt.... that's all I have to say about that. Going to bed before I do any more damage.

01-29-2010, 12:36 AM
Today was one of those unplannable days. We ended up out at my mother-in-law's again and lunch out again. She's doing much better -- we were there to see what the physical therapist does with her and it was a lot. She went up and down steps for the first time in weeks; that's a big relief because it means she can get out and back into her own house.

In the evening, we went to the opening of the orchid show. I had several possible plans for the evening, but none were what I did -- eat supper from the appetizers served at the opening. I probably did alright calorie-wise, but today had the fewest veggies of any day I can remember.

It's pretty clear that I won't meet my exercise goal for the month, but I'm still shooting for something close to 1300 minutes, so that I feel confident going into February (a short month) with 1400 minutes as my goal.

WI: -0.45kg (new low), Exercise: +30, 1132/1400 minutes for January, Food: off, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

01-29-2010, 12:46 AM
The energy. It was 9:30 pm at choir rehearsal tonight and everyone was getting tired as we wrapped up, but I was there, still solid, I could sing for another 2 hours I think: I credit one thing: my diet plan, and sticking to it for 3 months now: I have learned to use the glycemic index and to schedule meals to keep my blood sugar from spiking or dropping and I have the sustained energy to go at a steady pace all day. I have endurance. Thank you Beck and Beck coaches for this lovely advantage! It makes me feel at home, connected to others, and content during evening activities!

01-29-2010, 01:56 AM
I need to get a grip on my eating. I'm not doing very well. And I need to do some time management so I'll have time to post in the evenings.

Bill, Boston is too cold for me! Memphis is too cold for me right now. We are expecting sleet, snow, and ice over the next few days. We do actually have some penguins at our zoo. I don't believe they preform, however.

01-29-2010, 06:34 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Busy at work again, but within the confines of a long day, not a heroic day; CREDIT moi. Found myself Desiring to eat something in the afternoon so did a walk-about as if I were a busy man on a mission. The desire went away. Good response.

At gym - CREDIT moi - I increased the reps of my chest press to punish the dumbbells for falling on my chest the previous time. That showed them! My arms felt a good-type sore afterward. Reminds me that I should be pushing myself more at the gym; it's easy to get into a pattern.

maryblu - Actually, I think I'd be wearing at least two pounds of underalls to face a Minnesoda winter, LOL. Thanks for the reminder of Michael Pollen's, "edible food-like substance" - the best phrase ever.

onebyone - Congrats on maintaining those encouraging scale readings. And Kudos for zapping those urges with ""that's not going to help me lose weight." Can't imagine what you wrote to trigger the automatic censor to put stars in "eno****er", LOL.

ChinaMaine - Yay for a future neurosurgeon who's excited; kinda want to think my surgeon likes their job. Good luck working your scheduling stuff. I'm up before dawn again to fix some stuff in my design. In my world, some errors are worth a laugh as in, "Look what you missed, ha ha," while others draw the "Don't you know that F=MA, stupid."

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for MIL improving her walking. And Double Yay for an orchid show at the end of January - bet those suckers have never been outdoors, LOL. Boston used to have the best Flower Show ever, and it just up and folded a couple years ago. Recently there was a story in the Boston Globe about finding a rare orchid in the wild - with extraordinary secrecy about the exact location. Seems that orchid lovers have a tendency to steal an orchid that's not in their collection. But a whole show dedicated to orchids - just Wow! Kudos for working in your 30 minutes exercise despite the disruption.

KidsLibraryLady - Yep, bed is a great strategy to call it quits and get the energy to come out fighting.

Shepherdess - Ouch for the fatigue with its pull to snacks. Kudos for recognizing what was happening and pulling out your strategies.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Thank heavens for "store-bought" goodies when I'm trying to eat sanely. Home made brownies should be banned from pot lucks.

Beverlyjoy - Honking Congratulations on your 32nd Wedding Anniversary. May the next 32 go as well. That's some story - glad you can now laugh about it. Massachusetts was shut down by order of Gov. Dukakis during our Blizzard of '78 - a week off work, thank you very much. Our street was covered to over our cars. Bon Voyage on your journey West today.

midlifecrisis57 - Yay for mindful on-plan eating yielding sustained energy. That's a super reward.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Welcome to the group of us here who need to do some time management work - it's a challenge. Now really, Boston isn't always cold; we have the world's best ice cream during our summer.

seadwaters - Congrats for being willing to put in a 16 hour day pursuing a goal; Ouch for the same. Between you and I, on opposite sides of the globe, we've been working around the clock this week. Kudos for staying on-plan even so, including the re-planning.

Readers - day 16
Prevent Unplanned Eating


The Beck Diet Solution, pg 150.

01-29-2010, 07:46 AM
Problem: Survived the "goodies", really "baddies" at the meeting but ended up having cheese and crackers at home.
Cause: Not enough supper before the meeting. Did not have the planned supper as I had a drop-in visitor and ran out of cooking time. Ended up with a frozen dinner.
Solution: Smarten up and take along an apple in situations like that or choose the apple rather than cheese and crackers after a meeting.

Today is planned and I am determined to stick to the plan. Off to the gym right for 7:30!

01-29-2010, 07:52 AM
Hi folks...just a minute to check in. Last night went well, we changed restaurants from Cuban to chinese. I had a steamed ginger sea bass, veggie and rice. Deelish and healthy too.

Thanks to you all for the nice anniversary good wishes.

Off to Michigan to visit family - I am doing exchanges - plus 200-300 extra calories a day, if necessary. I will still write down what I eat.

Credit - exercises, ate healthfully last night at the reastaurnt, ar one time, rc one time, fork down between bites, aware eating, give credit during the day, planned food, wrote down food I ate, wrote down change of menu, lots of water.

working on -spontateous exercise, reading more the the beck book,

I went to the doctor again for the cold that just would not get better. I have two infected ears! (I knew they were very blocked and sore) Antibiotics to the rescue!

Have a great weekend, folks. You inspire me and help me.

I'll check in when I can over the weekend.

01-29-2010, 10:27 AM
:df: WI-down 0.9 lbs (new low) Read my cards, made a plan. Food – off-plan; Exercise – on-plan (25 minutes).

My MIL has been getting a little bit worse, week by week. Yesterday, she dropped below 100 lbs for the first time, and made a joke about how she was on diet after diet for most of her life. But now she can’t stop from losing weight. But she’s just not hungry. My DH cooks enticing delicious meals for lunch and dinner each day, and she tries as hard as she can to eat. But she’s just not hungry. This is part of the process, but it’s hard for all of us. Luckily DH has not been able to find a job, so he can really concentrate on being her full-time caregiver. The hardest thing for her is that her vocal cords aren’t functionally properly. Her voice is off-and-on, sounding almost like a cell-phone call that is in a poor signal area. She’s got a quick, dry wit. This keeps her from really joining in the conversation and sending good-spirited zingers at my DH.

Anyway, with work continuing to be stressful and almost more than I can handle, I felt pretty stressed out last night. I drank a bottle of wine – ouch! Since I was so anxious earlier in the day I didn’t finish my lunch or breakfast, my calories were about right for the day.

The good news is I seem to have broken through the plateau I’ve been at since MIL arrived at the end of October. I’ve had 3 new lows in the last week. For Nov and Dec I weighed 163.5 lbs to 165 lbs., today I dropped to 161.4 lbs. So, if I can just start exercising more regularly, I have reason to hope that I’ll get back on a steady weight loss trajectory.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied - credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – kudos!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- I posted here – yes!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – Again I forgot to do it during the day, but I did write it all down last night. So, partial credit!
- Still on day 8 in the pink book (making a schedule) – I did planned exercise yesterday – and only because I had scheduled it. But I didn’t do spontaneous exercise or make the personal call I had scheduled for after work last night. I did hang with MIL last night so I’m going to give myself a full credit

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Spontaneous exercise – nope
- Used resistance techniques – a bottle of wine – ugggghhh!

Bill What kind of design do you do? I do UI design btw. And what is F=MA (stupid)?

I was up in the middle of the night working, and then fell back to sleep for a few hours. I’ll do more personals tomorrow because I need to get to work again. In the meantime :wave:

01-29-2010, 11:16 AM
Good :brr: Morning Coaches:

I see the sun out there (finally) but it's -21C right now and there's wind making it feel like -34C. We're under a frostbite alert. :brr:
I'm not surprised. Walking to the bus stop after my class last night it was freezing. I walked very fast, no doubt contributing to my FANTASTIC:carrot::D:carrot: 2 lb drop this past week. I am 266 this morning.
Be still my heart.:val1:
I am also now 20lbs down from my last all time high set only a month or two back: 286. I saw that number once or twice on the scale and ran from it. I put it here to remind me I was on my way to 300-it was around the corner. SO GLAD to be going in the other direction. I was terrified I never would do it but using Beck strategies has helped me stick to my plan for the most part and I say it that way to remind myself and others that it's about doing the best you can, and really using the "O Well" strategy, of putting a not-so-great day/moment/choice behind and getting back on track immediately. It seems so obvious but it really wasn't for me. I felt I needed to punish myself for being "bad" or prove to myself I really can't do it. Who knows and who cares? I'm done arguing with myself over what I can and can't do, what I should or shouldn't do, better for me to just do something, follow it and see if it works, if it's a good strategy. If not, change it. Take the action. Hmmm this is taking on a :soap: feel and I guess I am just really grateful to have this success. 20lbs down. What a gift. Thanks coaches for being here and supporting me. I could have been way heavier given the stresses of what's gone on this last month had I primarily used food to cope. It is so much better to be facing things food-fog-free. I'll take the odd day when I feel starving or hard done by when I don't get that big muffin at the bottom of the escalator on my way into the school, the one that's a "good deal" for $1.89 with the best coffee around..the one that's ONLY a good deal $-wise not calorie-wise or food-value-wise or seeing myself fall-off-my-plan-wise. And these things are all way more valuable to me today than the mouth feel or the brief relief food brings. I'd rather deal with stuff some other way today. My saboutaging thoughts tell me "this can't last". I say "So what. :pIt doesn't have to last forever, just today. For today I can do things this way. Tomorrow doesn't matter."

Gotta run. TGIF folks.

01-29-2010, 03:26 PM
Hi Becksters,

Marilu: Please, what is XSO? I tried googling it and it didn't fit the context.

Choco-holics: I'm so reading Beck Day19. What diet allows chocolate candy? I don't see how it could work. Chocolate candy is pretty much like eating butter, straight up. A cognitive approach might be to think of something you don't like about the taste of chocolate and use it to RESIST. I do that. Once I learned that some people I know don't like the taste of it, I discovered that I could meditate on that and find my own way to find it unpleasant. I recalled some really cheap bad chocolate, wrapped in aluminum, really bad, cheap Christmas chocolates. And the bags of chocolate you press into shapes. AWFUL! And unsweetened cocoa, straight, ughs! Or go visit a chocolate factory. I couldn't stomach that brand after the visit. Now I just pretend its ALL "that brand." Find your way to disapproving of chocolate and its one less food to have to worry about craving. And that's a relief!!!!

01-29-2010, 03:54 PM
Some how the post I put up yesterday disappeared, so here it is again...

Coaches/Buddies, checking in a few days later than I had intended. This semester is so chaotic! But, I am pleased with how things are going, as long as I can keep up with the pace. My sessions with my trainer are going well. Haven’t missed any, so I am pleased. My food has improved greatly too. Today though I’ve been sick and at home sleeping most of the day, so my eating was off plan today. But I’m not worried and confident that when I’m better I’ll be back to my plan. I am in quite a bit of pain, which I am sure is from a combination of more weights during my work out and being ill. Also, I’ve also cut way back on my TV watching. (Can’t say that I’ve totally given it up, because it does help pass the time while doing chores or being sick…)

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: +1.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: one time (slept through reading them this morning)
Read Response Cards at least two times: one time (slept through reading them this morning)
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: no
Did planned exercise: none planned today
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: will finish before going to sleep
Tracked today’s food: will finish before going to sleep

Beverlyjoy, hello! I hope your cold and your food/ankle are feeling better. Thanks for the encouragement about the exercise. Hope you have a great visit with your family and you are able to stick to your exchanges. What do you mean by “time food”? Congratulations on 32 years. That is fantastic.

BillBlueEyes, thanks for the encouragement about the food stuff. Bummer about the water in your basement. Glad to hear about your successful phone call. I hope your ribs and your pride are OK after then gym. Indeed, congratulations on moderating.

CeeJay, great attitude recovery about end of the day eating. Great job for staying on plan the other day and getting that exercise in. Congratulations on your new low and being out of the 280s! That is fantastic.

ChinaMaine, great job on eating on plan during the chaotic day! You are getting so close to your goal. That is awesome!

GardenerJoy, congratulations on your -10% goal. Great job! Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. Great job at the dairy and Panera. Eating nostalgia is a huge problem for me, along with “well all the skinny people eat that, why can’t I?”

KidsLibraryLady, congratulations on the -9# and the Starbucks success. Wow, 75! That’s a huge party. Good luck getting ready for that. Your Wendy’s story made me laugh.

Maryblu, seed catalogs are funny aren’t they? I opened my mailbox yesterday and it had three in there at once. It made me laugh. What do you grow?

Midlifecrisis57, really glad to hear your therapy is going so well. I love your leaving 10% for the faries game and will have to try breaking away from the clean plate club myself. Great job on being angry with someone that upset you instead of eating over it. That is really impressive. Happy house closing! I am sure you will do fine in the new place, as you’ll want to fill it with only positive experiences, right?

Nuxmaga, great job for leaving some food on your plate and far starting with Day 1in Beck.

Onebyone, interesting story about your work and unplanned eating. Great job dealing with the candy pusher. Great job on stopping yourself mid-bread buttering.

PatchworkPenguin, great job on changing your environment to get the chocolate out of sight.

Ruthxxx, awesome job the other day staying on plan with all of that chaos at your house! Wow! I’m honestly a little envious of your close relationship with your neighbors. I know one of our neighbors’ names and that’s it. We’ve never had anyone from our neighborhood over to our house. :( Great job at planning your food ahead of time and anticipating the meeting snacks.

Seadwaters, great job on working your food preparation ahead of time. That can be really helpful. I hope your meeting went well and that your break is relaxing. We’ll be thinking about you with the radiotherapy treatments. Sounds like you’ve been doing great in the chaos.

Shepherdess, glad you made it through the rough days. Great job for getting back out for your run a few days ago. I hope you are feeling better (Friday). It is frustrating when all of the energy you were counting on suddenly leaves you. Hopefully some extra rest will help you.

Silverbirch, hi! Hope you are doing well on Beck.

01-29-2010, 04:03 PM
Just a quick check-in today. I was up way past my bedtime last night, which was not helpful for the fatigue situation. We are members of a local historical society and there was a meeting last night that ran late, and of course, we spent a lot of time chatting afterwards. We picked up a pizza on our way home and ate very late. Not the most nutritious dinner, but calorie-wise it was OK. I did get a short and easy run in yesterday before the historical society meeting. It felt good to be outside, and I was very gentle on myself, slowing down and walking whenever I needed it. We’ll see about exercise today. . .rest is my priority.

Maryblu, great job facing the scale demon and glad to hear that it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. Love that it’s “highly motivating.”

KidsLibraryLady, we’ve all had days like that. Sometimes going to bed is the best way to deal with it.

Gardenerjoy, you’re doing well staying on plan through a lot of unplannable days. You’ve got a good attitude towards your exercise. You’re still staying active, which is what counts.

Midlifecrisis57, I’m envying your energy. Could you send some my way. I don’t even need to sing for two extra hours; I just need to keep my eyes open. If you have found a way to cut chocolate out of your life, good for you, but it can be a part of your diet, in small amounts. (Butter is also still a part of my diet.) I have some chocolate planned for after dinner tonight. I think treats are as important as peas (also on tonight's menu).

Patchworkpenquin, count me in as someone who needs some work on time management.

BillBE, love that quick walk to ward off a snack attack. Kudos for getting to the gym on a busy day.

Ruthxxx, love the problem, cause, solution approach. It’s very Beck.

Beverlyjoy, yay for antiobiotics! Glad to hear you’ll soon be on the mend. Great job celebrating your anniversary in a way that is both healthy and delicious.

ChinaMaine, so sorry to hear about your MIL. It is a hard thing to watch, but it’s so great that you and your dh can spend this time with her. Ouch for stress at work (on top of stress at home.) No wonder you turned to wine. Wishing you well with all of it and huge congrats on the new low.

Onebyone, congrats at another new low. I guess the cold weather has its uses. That “doing the best you can” and saying “Oh well” to the rest does not come naturally to many of us. But you’ve pointed out something very key to this whole process. Kudos on doing all of the hard work, especially when you had so many extra stresses.

01-29-2010, 04:20 PM
Coaches/Buddies, another day wasted to the sick fairy. So annoying. My diet today has consisted of juices mostly – great for the vitamins and minerals but crummy for the calories… Right now I am sandwiched between a heating pad and the electric blanket wishing I had some soup on hand to eat. This morning I was up and about, making it to the gym, my class, and a seminar. I’m glad I squeezed in something to eat for breakfast before my class, as I had to take them on a tour of an ice cream plant this morning. Of course, we left with boxes of samples that I pawned off on other grad students. This weekend – planning food, rest, a little housework and school work, and some skiing if I’m up to it. Cheers!

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: + 3 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no, ate breakfast quickly in the car (everything else’s been juice)
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: yes
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: will do this tonight
Tracked today’s food: yes

BeverlyJoy, fantastic job at changing your planned eating at a new restaurant and ordering healthy. That is skill and talent which I haven’t learned yet. Great job.

BillBlueEyes, great job responding to the afternoon munchies. I’m so glad you were able to defeat them as well as the dumbbells.

ChinaMaine, sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. Have you tried adding Boost or Ensure? Congratulations on your new low. That is fantastic in the midst of all of that stress.

GardenerJoy, too bad for the vegetables yesterday. Hope you enjoyed the orchid opening. I can imagine it could life one’s winter spirits significantly. Great news about MIL!

KidsLibraryLady, sorry about your rough day yesterday. Hope today was better.

Midlifecrisis57, what a fantastic realization and progress about your energy. That is wonderful. Loved your meditation on disliking chocolate. Thanks for sharing.

Onebyone, congratulations on your 20 lbs. lost forever!!!

PatchworkPenguin, sending you positive time management energy thoughts!

Ruthxxx, great response to the post meeting eating. That is how it is done.

Shepherdess, hope you get some rest in soon!

01-29-2010, 06:38 PM
'Lo, Beckies,

Just a quick shout out to answer a cuppla questions.

Midlifecrisis57, May we call you MLC57? *laffin'. XSO is my abbreviation for Ex- Significant Other; sorry I drove you to google, I just made it up.

FutureFitChick, May we call you FFC? I think that would be lovely. I grow mostly flowers..alotta flowers I have 9..yes 9 big flower beds and an entire bank I naturalized with day lilies and ferns. I grow herbs enthusiastically, and the vegies that I truly love I grow with some ambivalence the outcome, but it *does take time away from the flowers. Also have a big raspberry patch and 2 apple trees..Honeycrisp, of course! THANKS for asking.

Am going out with the girls for dinner tonight..don't ask, and I won't tell. It is not gonna be OP and I don't care!

01-29-2010, 09:38 PM
I kept throwing DVDs in until my body felt all loose and easy and ended up with over a hundred minutes of exercise. I feel so good right now.

I've never posted a photo here before. If this works, I've got a picture of me and DH with orchids behind us.

WI: +0.2kg, Exercise: +109, 1241/1400 minutes for January, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

midlifecrisis57: I eat chocolate nearly everyday. One of my afternoon snacks is a handful of nuts mixed with a handful of dark chocolate chips, my answer to a Snickers bar. I suspect that now I would find the candy bar too sweet.

FutureFitChick: I'm bothered by “well all the skinny people eat that, why can’t I?” thoughts, too. What works from me, came from Beck -- instead of comparing myself to "all the skinny people," compare myself to "successful dieters and maintainers." I don't see BillBlueEyes, maryblu, or other maintainers on 3FC at Panera's very often, so I don't belong there either.

maryblu: your flower photo made me happy! Thanks!

01-30-2010, 12:05 AM
Hi All,
Well, the good today would be Zumba, credit, tracking food, credit, leaving half the roll on my veggie hoagie, and stopping eating after dinner when I added up that I was already over my calorie goal, credit.

The frustrating would be that dh is sick with stomach flu, and I am fending for myself food-wise, and had pizza last night and the hoagie tonight, and really want comfort food. Dh is so miserable, and I feel bad for him. He also found out that the garage that has his mushed up car misrepresented to the insurance company about when they started work on the car, which is very disappointing since we've always had good service at this dealer. My OCD is getting stirred up by all the stress and I did a lot of compulsive websearching today as well. Oh well.

ChinaMaine--you and your MIL are in my thoughts.

Bill--I wish I could've walked like a "man on a mission" rather than making forays to the vending machines today. . .

01-30-2010, 04:07 AM
My meeting went well on Thursday and I only have to do a bit of work this weekend and can ignore work for 2 weeks (maybe) - yippee. I am now reading Day 18 and as ChinaMaine suggested I am taking the TBDS a little slower or I might miss something important. I want to be sure to practice all the steps. I am reporting on yesterday.

Credit because I :D
Read cards - twice
Sat down to eat and thought about it
Did some exercise because went to first rehab session - it was great but it will be a long slow road before I am able to walk 10000 steps
Weighed myself (-0.6kg)
Measured all my food - except for the handful of sultanas I had in bed last night!
Stayed within food plan (except for above!)
Used distraction techniques - had to - really hungry after rehab and exercise
Posted to the list
Ate a sensible lunch when I was in a rush between appointments - not the one I planned because not possible
Gave myself credit when I remembered - only one handful of sultanas! What a healthy choice!Not so good :(
Didn't make a schedule for the Saturday
Didn't make a food plan for Saturday

Working on :dizzy:
Scheduling activities including work - keeping it contained to certain hours. I find myself at the computer doing bits and pieces and while it is nice to accidentally get work done, it means that my work life constantly smears into my other life ( I have the sort of job I can do where ever I am and it beckons). It is great that I have a fascinating job - but I have to take care of myselfShepherdess - I agree - tiredness makes it so difficult for me to focus on dieting and what I need to do - Friday was difficult after the late night the day before. It always takes a day to catch up and the adrenaline to disappear and leave me flat and hungry. Yes - eating too much or the wrong thing won't help the energy - I will have to remember

Midlifecrisis - thanks for the reminder about low GI food and maintaining blood sugar and insulin levels and the benefits of that

BillBE - I need to follow your example and get out of the chair and move about when I think I am hungry

ChinaMaine - I hope work settles for you soon - while it is stimulating and fun to be focussed and engrossed for a short period of time, if it goes on too long it eats up all resistance

FFChick - I sympathise with semester stress - I will have to keep up the advance food preparation, especially when I know I will be home late or need to have food on hand during the day. I hope you feel better soon - impossible to stay on plan when you are sick but you seem to have a good plan I could follow for the weekend (except the skiing - doesn't work that well in Sydney :) )

Credit everyone who pursued their goals and read their cards and posted here!

01-30-2010, 06:41 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had oatmeal for breakfast for the last two weeks (CREDIT moi) - was too busy to take the time to make a batch of my beloved granola. I love oatmeal; put frozen Maine wild blueberries in it for sweetener and have a bowl of banana, strawberries, nuts, and fresh blueberries on the side. Don't know why it so appeals to me to have the same thing for breakfast day-after-day when it's so un-appealing to repeat dinner twice in the same week.

Ducked my after-work walk - not because it was cold but because it was icy - Oh Well.

maryblu - Now you got me drooling for Honey Crisp apples six months early. Which ferns did you put on your bank?

onebyone - Happy flying to your DH this morning. Hope he gets enough warm for both of you, LOL. That thick cold air makes it easy for airplanes to take off. Congrats on the new drop. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about a "good deal" for $1.89. So amazing that the old "good deal" Sabotaging Thought just keeps reappearing.

ChinaMaine - Sending supportive thoughts as you share the final journey with your MIL. BTDT with my FIL recently and was surprised at myself for being so surprised at each step moving in the inevitable direction. Kudos to your DH for working on enticing meals for her.

Congrats on breaking through your plateau even with the Ouch for continuing work stress. "F=MA" is the formula from physics that's credited to Issac Newton, Force is equal to Mass times Acceleration. Sorry about that, my engineering friends use that as the basic equation to tease one another. Forgot that everyone else isn't always thinking about why the apple falls from the tree.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Yay for Zumba; Ouch for a DH with stomach stuff. Hope you get your car damage straightened out.

FutureFitChick - Ouch for the sick; emailing you a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup. Kudos for turning down the FREE samples from an ice cream factory. Wondering if that had the turn off effect that midlifecrisis57 suggests for a chocolate factory? (When I toured Ben & Jerry's in Vermont, it only made me want more, LOL.)

Joy (gardenerjoy) - 100 minutes is a lot of exercise; Kudos. Thanks for the photo - just love that you and your DH have similar hair. Neat to frame the shot with an orchid square in the center.

Shepherdess - Yay for Historical Societies to help remind us that we're part of time line that began before we turned 21 and noticed that the world didn't evolve around me. Ouch for continuing fatigue with Kudos for getting exercise despite it.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Yay for apples being portable in their own edible container. Easy to understand why Adam and Eve got in trouble.

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for demonstrating healthy eating at a Chinese restaurant, and Yay for Antibiotics. Hope you're not having the freeze we're experiencing on the East Coast for your travels.

midlifecrisis57 - LOL at "go visit a chocolate factory" - what a good CBT strategy. There was a period when I regularly walked past a candy factory. At first the smell was sooooooo appealing, and slowly it became soooooooooooo nauseating. Maybe just reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory would suffice.

seadwaters - Yay for day 18 Change Your Definition of Full - looking forward to a review of that myself. Yay for starting your rehab and thinking of a goal of 10000 steps. Does "sultanas" mean the grapes or the raisins?

Readers - day 17
End Overeating

Even if you're not tempted to overeat today, you'll undoubtedly face trigger situations many time in the future. If you regularly eat family-style, for example, it might be difficult for you to avoid reaching for seconds. When you're in a restaurant, you're usually served a larger quantity of food than your diet plan allows and you might be tempted to clean your plate. Today, you'll practice not overeating.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 153.

01-30-2010, 10:47 AM
'Lo, Beckies,

Pigged out as planned last night at dinner. Great little bar/restaurant with cheap but great food, not fancy, but broasted chicken is one of those things in life I can't give up forever. I guess if planned it was OP.

Back to the straight and narrow today. Taking DS(ister) to dinner and a Steve Earle concert as a birthday treat; plan to be good. I am driving into the city so that means no wine. No wine helps me stay OP; in fact that is pretty much all I need to do to be sane at dinner out. S=S..sober equals sane. And I do think F=M X A is a pretty apt formula for describing how we used to eat. It is pretty much the physics formula for how we all got fat. lol.

BillBE, the ferns are just the natives from the woods. I found where the wild ferns grow. *laffin'. They grow like crazy in any spot where I need to claim turf and naturalize so I don't have to mow grass. Do you know I *still have some Honeycrisps stored in the downstairs fridge and they are perfect? I rotate them in once in a while with the Galas or whatever variety I have.

I have been buying shipped- in blueberries (S. America, so ouch for footprint) because they go so perfectly on my sweet potato pancakes. I top the pancakes with a little bit of maple syrup, some plain yogurt (I don't pay the extra for Greek..don't see that it's that much better) and some blueberries dusted with cinnamon. TDF. Am using cinnamon more and more and it's such a neat flavor enhancer. Use just a touch on spinach per Rachel Ray, and have been using just a touch on asparagus for years. Yum.

01-30-2010, 10:55 AM
:df: WI-unchanged Read my cards, made a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – off-plan (no exercise).

MIL was interested in watching Milk last night. She liked the movie and commented that things aren’t that much better now than they were in 1978. How many 90-somethings are so open-minded? It’s just one of the things I love about her.

Work was positively relaxed yesterday, and I quit at 5 PM!

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – except at lunch. I knew I was satisfied when I had eaten about 75% of my planned amount, but just kept eating. Oh well…
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – kudos!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- I posted here – yes!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – Wrote it down this AM so, partial credit!
- Still on day 8 in the pink book (making a schedule) – I didn’t do my planned exercise, just didn’t want to go out in the cold. But did do my ‘spontaneous’ exercise (laundry) and called a friend I haven’t talked to in almost a year, so partial credit!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- did not do my planned exercise – oh well

one by one :yay: for another scale victory – and love your attitude!

Future Fit Chick So you are a grad student? I hope you feel better soon. It’s funny – my goal looks so far away right now. But that’s why I focus on my mini-goals. And my current mini-goal is less than a half pound away, and that will hopefully happen soon… My MIL has boost everyday, and she really tries to eat as well. But it’s hard when you aren’t hungry.

shepherdess Ouch for the fatigue and kudos for taking it slow until it subsides. You are only 5 lbs away from your goal, so cool! Thanks for the kind words.

Maryblu Your garden looks like a picture from a flower catalog!

gardenerjoy Love your picture and kudos for 100+ minutes of exercise.

Nuxmaga Bravo for stopping eating when you realized you had met your calorie goal! Ouch for the impact of being on your own for food. I hope your DH feels better soon, and not just so you can more easily stay op.

seadwaters I’m glad you can take 2 weeks off! Also glad you got to your rehab session, and 5 minutes of exercise is better than 0, right? ;) You’ll get to your exercise goal in due time. Since you were so hungry after exercise, perhaps you should plan for a little extra protein after a rehab session? I know that having a clear divide between work and personal time makes me enjoy personal time so much more. But it is a constant struggle. Good luck with keeping your work life in it’s place.

Bill I agree it is funny that I’m happy to have oatmeal every day. Well except for weekends, I like having a ‘treat’ breakfast on weekends. I’ve found one this week that I think I’ll have over and over: French toast with millet-flax bread. Protein, fiber, maple syrup – this breakfast has it all. ;)

01-30-2010, 11:32 AM
Coaches/Buddies, still sick and keep falling asleep. Hope everyone else is doing great!

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: -1.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: no
Did planned exercise: none planned
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: will tonight
Tracked today’s food: will finish later today

BillBlueEyes, I’m the same way with breakfast. I’m usually having Kashi GoLean, blueberries, almonds, & soymilk for breakfast.

ChinaMaine, I hope your mother-in-law gets her appetite back soon. Yes, I’m a 2nd year grad student.

GardenerJoy, the picture of you two is extraordinary. What a lovely couple with beautiful orchids. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for the advice about not “seeing” successful dieters & maintainers at Panera. I will have to add that to my response cards.

Maryblu, your picture is incredible. There is a garden like that on a road near my house. I often pull over to gaze from the roadside at a place where I can just see over the fence at various parts of the year. I really love perennial gardens. Thank you for sharing. I hope you had a lovely dinner out with your friends. I’ll have to try your cinnamon suggestions.

Nuxmaga, great attitude about the OCD web searching. Inspirational to me actually.

Seadwaters, great job using the distraction techniques yesterday.

01-30-2010, 02:20 PM
Yep, FFC, I've been known to pull over, admire gardens, drive in and talk to the gardener. Nothing bonds better than gardening! With the days getting longer it really starts to make my gardening jones unbearable.

I was laffin' at all the burns I have on my hands from the wood furnace. I was thinking there really are only three seasons for my hands..6 months of dirty fingernails from gardening, ~~ 3 months of burn marks, and ~3 months around fall and spring with no visible signs of trauma or activity.

I picked the restaurant for tonight; I am not quite as cocky as I was earlier about being good. Sounds like a pretty darned good Italian menu. We shall see. Still taking the no wine pledge.

01-30-2010, 03:56 PM
Moved into new house and slept there for the first night! Furniture doesn't arrive for a week or two, so its just me, rubbergloves, ovencleaner and goobegone and wood cleaners and polishes for the time being. Previous owner left one guest bedroom for us, exactly as is, so I have a great room. I feel like I bought a country inn, though, its so huge and old and creaks all the time!
The house is 1918, was sold once in 1955, and now we are the third owners. It has been loved up, we have landscaping plans from 1929 showing all kinds of beautiful 1920s outbuildings that are no longer part of modern lifestyles--too bad. 1955 owners divided up property and built houses--oh well, but DH points out that if they hadn't, we'd never have been able to afford it.

BILLBE: I agree with you exactly about OATs. I discovered steel cut and like them best if I have time--I make 2 servings and fridgerate one overnight. In go the raisins, and beans (fiber fiber fiber) and I am full for HOURS of slow release energy. Ymmmm..I put tumeric and cinnamon in the pot...tumeric is good for tummy and cinnamon is a stimulant and tastes SO good!
I was also thinking about the underground river of chocolate in Dahl's book and the Tim Burton realization. Wow, those fattish children and greedy children were punished pretty badly, no?
How about Fat=Munching X Acclimation
Freedom=Mealtime Meditations X Acceptance
more to come, those were off the top, not really soaked long enough!
Fat=My ego x Appropriation of Any and All food Anytime it wants. oh that's F=Me x 4(A)

China Maine: could we possibly switch MILs for a week?

BHMama: Checking in soon?

01-30-2010, 04:06 PM
ChinaMaine: a friend's mother found that a small sherry before her main meal (or poss two meals) helped her to eat a little more. :hug: to you during this special and particular time.

01-30-2010, 04:23 PM
GJ: Is that you in the picture? Who is that cute couple then? :D
Chocolate, I'm just sayin. I've tried to let chocolate into my diet under every possible guise for 55 years. Then I found when I did Day2 of Beck and choose my diet, three months ago, that it was addictive. I choose that diet to see if it helped dieting become easier. It has, and now I am an XCH (Ex-Choco-Holic). You are indeed lucky if your diet allows it; I know because I need trail mix on my plan and so many trail mixes have chocolate in them and if I could, I WOULD, believe me, eat chocolate chips. I think my problems with dieting started with the stuff: chocolate chip ice cream and later, chocolate chip frozen cookie mix. Seriously. Digging for the next chip was my secret delight from the time I could reach the freezer! At least I thought it was secret. Till Mommy asked what happened to all the ice cream/cookie mix. !!!! Ah, the start of denial!
I'm so glad you mentioned Mars Candy---oh those clever marketers: They found out that children like sweet more than chocolate, so they DEVELOPED (ie Research went into this) Three Musketeers for the youth market. As we get older, we start to like chocolate with other tastes and in less sugary taste, hence the development (again R and D went into this) Snickers bars.
Anyway, I'm just saying, I hate to see my sisters struggle with an addictive food. If you can do it, you are lucky to be free from the influence! Chocolate Liquor was the true end for me of ever caring about any other pleasure on planet earth. I could just live without a body, just a head hooked up to Chocolate Liquor in a tube!
I eat butter too, love the stuff, but boy I have to be careful, so I just paint it on my toast with one quick swipe of the butter stick, I don't try to measure out a pat--too much fat and calories get added to my daily actuals! And if I can do without, I do without. If anyone is struggling with convenience foods (especially) and sweet temptation, and wants to make dieting easier, do some web surfing/reading about addictive foods. High Fructose Corn Syrup being the latest engineered food designed to keep us failing at our diets. Is all I'm saying.

01-30-2010, 05:55 PM
I got to bed early last night and woke up this am feeling a bit more normal. I got some exercise helping my husband, but none besides that. Oh well. I just got back from running a 5k this AM—the second of my running club’s winter race series. I made another PR, beating my last PR by 45 seconds, so I must be getting rested. I did have an unplanned chocolate chip cookie after the race. The plate was thrust in my face and I just got that old mindset, “It would be rude not to take one.” Oh well, that’s tonight’s dessert.

Food was pretty good yesterday, though I do need a consistent reminder that eating will not help tired. We’re coming up on calving next month and then lambing in April. We don’t get much sleep through all of that and we keep a lot of candy around—it’s packaged shut-eye. Maybe I’ll make a response card to deal with it.

FutureFitChick, your post snuck in there yesterday while I was putting up my post. It’s so hard being sick, but huge kudos for getting to the gym while feeling under the weather. Good job getting through the ice cream tour.

Maryblu, loved the picture of your flowers. I love to garden, but it’s with mixed results. Most everything gets eaten by all the critters around here. Now you have me thinking of sweet potato pancakes. LOL at 3 seasons for your hands.

Gardenerjoy, yay for all of the exercise to ease tension! What a wonderful reward for your body. That’s a great picture of you and your husband, and the orchids are beautiful.

Nuxmaga, sorry about all the extra stress with a sick husband and mashed car. Good job getting your exercise in and tracking your calories with all the added craziness.

Seadwaters, glad you’re looking forward to a much earned break. It is difficult when you have the kind of job that you can’t leave at the office. Good job sticking to your plan and for beginning your exercise program.

BillBE, I’m envying your breakfast menu. Now I’m thinking about oatmeal. Skipping your walk due to ice was probably a good idea. It won’t help your activity level if you slip and break a bone.

ChinaMaine, I love your open-minded MIL. Kudos on (mostly) keeping up the satisfaction vs. fullness. Yay for relaxed work that you can leave at a reasonable hour.

Midlifecrisis57, congrats on spending the first night in your new home. It sounds beautiful. I love older houses with a history. Have fun getting your spontaneous exercise by getting your place in order.

01-30-2010, 08:01 PM
Dear Coaches
I had a fairly 'bad' day yesterday and after just having read/reread a few days from TBDS I filled in everything I ate last evening! It wasn't pretty - about 800cals over. An exemplary experience.

So ... what did I learn.

I have to continue to write down everything I eat no matter how embarrassing it is or how much denial might be easier.
I MUST write a food plan the day before - NO CHOICE. I didn't write a very good plan for Saturday because I was tired and it was Friday night
I MUST shop to be sure to have food in the house so I don't start scrounging for things I shouldn't eat
I need to plan to eat enough of foods I find enjoyable and on plan - if I feel dissatisfied I start looking for food and if I am tired resistance and distraction don't work
When I am hungry and dissatisfied get away from the TV and the loungeLet's see if I do better today. I am doing my food plan now so wish me luck (if any of you are awake over there)

01-30-2010, 08:34 PM
OK. I'm back. I think. I got a little sidetracked. Sometimes life does that I suppose. Still holding steady on the weight front, give or take. These things are habits now, and good days can be counted to follow bad ones as long as I make an effort.

Lots of new folks around! Wonderful. I'll have to check out our new forum. Look for me in February.


01-30-2010, 10:51 PM
Good Evening Coaches

Well we were up at 3:30am this morning and out the door by 4am. Good thing too. It was like the whole city decided to travel today. It must be long enough since Christmas and cold enough and not close enough for spring to make people leave town. The line up was huge. BUT DH was booked Business Class and he got to walk right up and check his one bag, was told he could have 3 bags to economy's 2 (I told DH to bring me stuff home in another bag since he was allowed to bring one or two more ;)). He still ahd the long winding wait thorugh security but then he was gone. :wave: bye bye.
I am quite messed up emotionally though the whirlwind has abatted for the time being. I still don't quite believe this to be real. Even thoiugh everything is happening as he was told it would it doesn't seem real. My sister told me this is the end of poverty for us.
Is it?
We've been scrambling for almost 20 years. Some year and months easier than others but I never felt secure or comfortable and as a full time self-employed artist why the heck would I? I never looked for that either. But it sure will be nice to see what that's like. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. I find myself wondering if DH will be fine yet all the signs point to this being a job he is meant for, truly meant for. It's all overwhelming. And this evening I got call from R, DH's job trainer in Costa Rica and we chatted a bit and he compared DH to himself a few years back with the whirlwind changes and how swiftly they happen and how DH will go through the same thing as he's headed to London... and then I felt a big lump and a bit of a panicky thing and the fact that this insider said the London thing out loud made me go, "Oh that is going to happen and R says it'll happen fast. Oh."
Today it kind of scared me but i am tired worn out and excited and off to bed.

good night.

ps food was good today, sloppy yesterday.

01-30-2010, 11:30 PM
Coaches/Buddies, posting early for tomorrow as we are headed out the door early for a ski race for my husband. Planning to bring along a mug of hot soup to avoid the lodge food, as it is quite heavy. Still sick all Saturday and slept away most of it.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: will weigh in the morning
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes
Read Response Cards atf least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: yes
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: some
Did planned exercise: none scheduled
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: yes
Tracked today’s food: yes

Maryblu, ouch for the burns. Glad to hear that you like getting in the mix of things and having your hands dirty.

Midlifecrisis57, your place sounds really great. How neat to be only the 3rd owners in nearly 100 years. Your F=MA were pretty cute. I’ll be sending positive MIL & moving stress thoughts. Interesting chocolate perspective too.

Onebyone, sending positive calm thoughts your way in the midst of your changes. It’s hard to jump in to a new reality isn’t it?

Seadwaters, great job on moving on after a bad day with a great plan to keep you on track.

Shepherdess, congratulations on your new PB! That is terrific. It is always very confusing when you get to the finish line of a race and find scads of unhealthy food. It really throws me off and there goes the benefit of my hard work.

Silverbirch, never heard that one before. I’ll have to file that away for future reference.

Wndranne, good to see you post. Hope February gets off to a great start for you.

01-31-2010, 12:25 AM
I had a breakthough the other day. While talking with a friend I realized I've been giving myself credit, but really giving myself a hard time about the 'slip-ups' we all make. I'm a perfectionist, this isn't something I like about myself or even think is a good thing. I'm very hard on myself when I make a simple mistake. This affects my dieting because when I do slip up I feel I can't stick to the program and feel like giving up. I didn't really realize I was doing this until talking with my friend {maybe this is why we have coaches???}. At any rate I knew I had read a chapter on this in Beck so I went back and re-read it. Denial is a funny thing. I knew I had done that in the past but didn't make the connection in my recent behavior.

01-31-2010, 12:55 AM
Just a quick check-in!

WI: +0.2kg, Exercise: +30, 1271/1400 minutes for January, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

midlifecrisis57: I would have thought chocolate was addictive to me, given how much I used to eat of it! But you're right, obviously it doesn't control me the way it does some people. I've had to give up flour tortillas and biscuits because they trigger such strong cravings for more buttery, white floury things. It's just not worth it anymore to eat something that triggers cravings, whatever it is. Well, except for vegetables. On the rare occasion that I crave vegetables, I always try to answer the call!

Shepherdess: so glad you're feeling better and congrats on the new PR! I'm putting "eating will not help tired" in my list of Responses, because I used to firmly believe it would.

seadwaters: that's a great list of what you learned! Finding things that satisfy took me awhile, but it's been going pretty well lately, so hang in there!

onebyone: exciting times -- I'm excited for you!

patchworkpenguin: yay for insights! And that sounds like an excellent one!

01-31-2010, 06:23 AM
Dear Coaches
After my awful day yesterday things seem to be on track again. I also finished most of the work I needed to before my upcoming break although I need to do a bit of emailing of information

Credit for :)

Trying to snatch victory from defeat and seeing the learning in it!!
Reading advantage and response cards times two
Reading TBDS - today's chapter plus revisited earlier chapters
Sitting down to eat every time - except when cooking - I really can't cook without testing seasoning etc (the merest lick)
Weighing myself (not good after yesterday's off plan eating
Eating on plan and measured all my food
Recognising that all day I have been desiring food when not hungry (grrr)
Used distraction and resistance techniques
Reported to diet coaches twice today
Gaving myself credit to keep my motivation up
Cooking some food for the freezer so I have something up my sleeve for those disorganised times
Doing meal plan for MondayNot so good :(

nothing really - have been trying to stay on track todayWorking on :?:

Not giving myself a hard time for overeating yesterday
Trying to find things I enjoy to eat that are simple and easy to prepare and on plan.
Plus same as usual - making space and timeFutureFitChick - hope you start to feel better soon and that you had a great day skiing - good way to increase activity!

Penguin - thanks for the insight into the response to slipping up - denial is my favourite defence mechanism

ChinaMaine - thanks for the suggestion about the protein after exercise. I think I might need to add in more generally because it might be down generally and that might be why I am hungry. Your journey with your MIL sounds transforming for all - travel well

01-31-2010, 07:20 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Was a busy day Saturday, but food was OP and I made it to the gym; CREDIT moi and CREDIT moi.

Was drooling for a Honey Crisp Apple after maryblu mentioned them, so I ate whatever was in the crisper in my fridge - the guy had long ago forgotten his mother's maiden name so I just ate a generic apple. I'm jealous of my friends who own an apple orchard who can tell an apple's variety just by looking at it. Yay for apples.

maryblu - Gotta go get out my cinnamon - I've gone through periods when it got put in everything and I remember that fondly. Never tried cinnamon in spinach though. LOL at S=S. Hope your dinner went well.

onebyone - Up at 3 am is my kind of morning - welcome to the time before sunrise. Yay for getting your DH on his way and Kudos for remembering to make "food was good today" despite the emotional upheaval.

Anne (wndranne) - Yay for "These things are habits now." Music to my ears.

ChinaMaine - Yay for having a ninety-something open-minded MIL; that's pretty special. Ouch for continuing to eat at lunch. Drooling at the thought of your weekend French toast that has it all.

FutureFitChick - Ouch for the continued drowses. Congrats on the 1.5 pounds gone. If I may ask, why soymilk at breakfast? Have a nice trip for your DH's ski race. Do you ski while that's happening?

Shepherdess - Kudos for running another race and Congrats on another PR - especially by 45 seconds, no less. Ouch for that d*rn Sabotaging Thought, “It would be rude not to take one.” That evil little guy gets around to all of us; someone needs to drive a wooden stake through its heart.

midlifecrisis57 - Congrats for closing on your house and moving right in, with, LOL, your goobegone. Also gotta remember to add a little tumeric here and there since it's reputed to have near magical nutritional powers. Yep, Roald Dahl punished the kids, alright. And my kids adored his books.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) - Honking Kudos for spotting being hard on yourself and chasing down Beck's thoughts on that. That's really using her book well. I salute you for that.

seadwaters - Kudos for drawing lessons learned from a 'bad' day. Yep, that shopping for food in advance seems to need to be done over and over and over.

You got in a second post before I responded to your other one. Kudos for giving yourself credit for your nicely worded, "Trying to snatch victory from defeat and seeing the learning in it!!"

Readers - day 17
End Overeating

There are two circumstances you might face while dieting that qualify as overeating:

If you eat any food in a greater quantity than you had planned. Maybe you had written down last night that you were going to eat 6 ounces of chicken but instead you ate 10 ounces. Or maybe you had planned to eat 1 cup of vegetables, but since your diet plan allows you to have an unlimited amount of them, you ended up eating 2 cups.
If you feel full partway through your meal but continue to finish it anyway, leading to a feeling of overfullness.

In order for you to successfully lose weight and keep it off, you must know how to identify when you're no longer hungry so that you can stop.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 153.

01-31-2010, 11:42 AM
:df: WI-didn’t weigh-in. Read my cards, made a plan. Food – off-plan; Exercise – on-plan (30 mins).

Went snowshoeing on the lake yesterday. DH went with me but just wore boots, so he was slipping and sliding. Today he’ll wear snow shoes too so we can go further and faster. It was a lot of fun, although we were a bit nervous. There was some talk earlier in January that none of the lakes in Maine might freeze sufficiently to allow you to safely go out on them. But the thaw last week allowed the thick layer of insulating snow to melt. Since then we’ve had consistent cold weather, getting down below zero each night. The ice has thickened up well. We’ve seen snowmobilers out there in the last week, as well as our neighbor walking his dog. But we were still a bit nervous, and stayed near the shore as much as possible. But, by the end we were satisfied that it was safe. We’ll head out again this afternoon, and go further afield.

The Good :angel:
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit, except for post-dinner grazing
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – yep!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- I posted here – yes!
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – Wrote it down this AM so, partial credit!
- Read Day 9 in the pink book – credit!

The Bad, and the Ugly :no:
- Used resistance techniques – nope
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – nope
I had a serious bout of grazing again last night. I ended up 400 calories above my calorie max for the day. Oh well…

Future Fit Chick It’s impressive how well you are doing even when sick – kudos! Hope you feel better soon… You’re off the lodge with your DH – hope that means you are indeed feeling better.

midlifecrisis Your new house sounds so charming. I’m afraid I wouldn’t give MIL up for as long as a week. But if we could clone her, then I might discuss it. ;)

silverbirch MIL liked your idea. She has a glass of wine almost every night after dinner, but she’s going to start drinking at least part of it before dinner. She thought it helped last night – although she still only at one and a half raviolis. Thanks for the tip!

shepherdess Love your stories of a working ranch. I’m glad you are feeling better and :yay: for the 5K.

seadwaters so wish me luck (if any of you are awake over there) – lol! It’s certainly too late to wish you luck anymore, but it sounds like your day went great. Ouch for an off-plan day with food. But kudos for learning some good lessons! I had sabotaging thoughts this morning about not logging my food from last night, or even posting here. But I agree learning requires honest reflection and accountability. Today is a new day (even a half a world away…)

Anne Nice to see you! Yay for Still holding steady on the weight front, give or take. These things are habits now, and good days can be counted to follow bad ones as long as I make an effort. and for making the effort even when life has sidetracked you a bit.

Penguin (patchworkpenguin) This group always seems to be chock full of perfectionists, so you are not alone. I have found that posting my daily mis-steps along with my credits has helped me to put the mis-steps in context. I big dollop of ‘Oh well’ helps too. ;)

gardenerjoy 90+% towards your aggressive January exercise goal is quite impressive. Kudos!

Bill lol at foraging in the crisper...

01-31-2010, 12:12 PM
Other than the post-race cookie, everything else was on plan yesterday. I made butternut squash ravioli’s for dinner—one of our favorite meals. We always make an occasion out of it. I ate the planned amount, which is never easy. It’s not as filling as my regular meals—lots of fat calories, not much protein. But it is fun to have that special treat, and it’s good practice to indulge in a meal like that without going overboard.

Seadwaters, ouch for a bad day, but good job learning something from it and moving on. You’re right that recording all the unplanned eating is important, but it’s never easy. Lov the attitude, “Trying to snatch victory from defeat and seeing the learning in it!!”

Wndranne, good to see you again. Kudos for weight holding steady and for practicing your skills enough so that they have become habits.

Onebyone, sorry that you’re feeling “quite messed up emotionally,” but if it’s any consolation, I think those feelings are normal. You’re facing a lot of changes, and even though they are good changes, change is usually hard. Sending you comforting thoughts and hope things calm down soon and the new normal comes soon.

FutureFitChick, good job keeping up your good habits while feeling under the weather. The soup sounds like a good idea. Kudos for thinking ahead. Best of luck to your husband in his race.

Patchworkpenquin, good job recognizing your perfectionism. You’re right that perfectionist thinking is a sabotaging thought. I have a hard time fully giving myself credit as well—that “credit for. . .but. . .” No, it should just be a credit because that “but” leads me pretty quickly to “why bother at all?”

Gardenerjoy, good job practicing your skills and getting in your exercise. Hope your MIL is doing well and that your life is getting back to normal.

BillBE, huge credit for getting to the gym on a busy day! Gotta love apples in January, even if they are mystery generics.

01-31-2010, 12:15 PM
silverbirch MIL liked your idea. She has a glass of wine almost every night after dinner, but she’s going to start drinking at least part of it before dinner. She thought it helped last night – although she still only at one and a half raviolis. Thanks for the tip!

Oh, good! Glad it might work. :)

01-31-2010, 07:55 PM
Hello everyone- no time to post in the past days. And no will either.

Nuxmaga- credit for leaving fries. Leaving anything is hard.

midlifecrisis57-I am very well versed in living triangles. Kuddos to you for noticing and deciding it is nothing to eat over. Well said. Sounds like you are taking control of your life on many fronts. That is the path I am on also.

gardenerjoy- nice to see your photo. Thanks for posting that.

KidsLibrarylady-your experience at Wendy's was interesting. I am also starting to feel strange when I am off plan. A good thing that is. ;)

Ruthxxx-I am borrowing your words, "Smarten up and take along an apple". Love that. My new response card.

seadwaters-good for you for getting right back on track.

Beverlyjoy-hope you are feeling better, ear infections are nasty. Happy Anniversary!

Shepherdess-hope your energy is back.

maryblu- I saw Steve Earle on Friday night. He was so good. Beautiful songs.

patchworkpenguin-sending you good karma.

ChinaMaine- sorry to hear about your MIL. Glad to hear your plateau is over. You are doing so great.

onebyone-would love to see your tiger prints. So sad what is happening with the big cats. Yay for another 2 pounds. Bye Bye 20 pounds- and don't forget to give yourself a reward.

FutureFitChick-hope you are feeling better. Great that you are continuing with your trainer.

BillBlueEyes- I know what you mean about breakfast being the same is OK but I always want something new for dinner. Same with lunch for me, don't care about eating the same 2 or 3 things.

wndranne- welcome back.

For me- a great big honking OH WELL for this weekend. I did do weights and ride the bike but other than that-- not much credit. Eating off plan for 3 days now. Planning on spending some time mulling this over tonight.

I am feeling worried-- I go to the city for 2 nights in hotel tomorrow night. This is always so hard. But I have planned food and exercise. Just need to practice saying "no choice" and "resist".

Have a good week everyone.

01-31-2010, 09:36 PM

"maryblu- I saw Steve Earle on Friday night. He was so good. Beautiful songs."

Get out! No way. Too cool. We sooo have the same taste in music!

To my Beck coaches: the concert was great. Dinner was great, too, but can't say the same for my control. Oh, well. DS(ister)'s birthday, a biggee, a nice round #. Nothing makes me feel older than having my baby sis reach a nice round #, especially since it is the nice round # that I froze at years ago. Now she gets to age beyond me. That could get dicey. I do get a big kick out of it when ppl ask us who is older. I always say she is, and she always adds, "and wiser."

Back on track today, happy to say. My only goal for the day was a doable one. It was simply to fill up my two big outside trash cans. The de-cluttering continues.

I continue to marvel at all the insights posted here, and big hugs to my Beckies with health and family issues.:hug::hug:

Hi, buddy wndranne!

01-31-2010, 11:46 PM
We hosted my brother for dinner and Julie & Julia on DVD. For lunch, I made the potato soup that is the first recipe in Mastering the Art of French Cooking. It was good, but as a vehicle for butter, we don't intend to make it a regular habit. For dinner we went with chicken and dumplings -- I learned stock from Jane Brody's Good Food book, chicken stew from Julia Child's The Way to Cook, and dumplings from The Joy of Cooking. So, chicken and dumplings is kind of an homage to cookbooks. It was good and the movie was charming!

WI: +0.3kg, Exercise: +0, 1271/1400 minutes for January, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

02-01-2010, 02:53 AM
Hi Coaches

I'm about to hit the sack but had to say I had a very very very frustrating day today with the bus system in my town; everything took 2x the time and effort and i came home burnt out. I went to see my mother and it was about a 2 hr trip-30min longer than normal which is aleady long enough!

I discovered while looking for a open at my mom's that she saved a bunch of used Kleenex in a drawer. A LOT of Used Kleenex. when I pointed out to my mom how crazy that looked she threw them out but I made her flush them. she'd probably fish them out of the garbage if she saw them in there. This is the first truly odd behaviour i have come across yet.

Food wise I severly underate. The timing and the buses and the visiting all converged to suck the meal time out of my schedule somehow. I think i'll just head to bed but I need to get some nutritious food into me ASAP.

I heard from DH. he finds Costa Rica sketchy. He said he won't be traveling anywhere there alone. Odd for Dh for sure. He's a big guy, 6'4", close to 280/290 but he has fantastic instincts and he doesn't trust the place. He said there are guards in every parking lot, like the Pizza Hut parking lot next to the hotel for instance, who are there just to guard the cars and the door in to the Pizza Hut. He said everywhere there are guys guarding cars. His trainer for his new job, R, mentioned he'd been mugged 4x in 3 yrs. Sketchy.

Must go sleep now. Have a good Monday folks.

02-01-2010, 06:40 AM
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