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01-01-2010, 12:51 AM
:wave: WELCOME EVERYONE ~ Please join us in our thread: to give support and encouragement; to share ideas, and/or just chat with one another about everyday issues ...

This special thread is for anyone with any kind of physical obstacle and/or challenge like SB, CP, MS, MD, PK, Lupus, Osteo, Arthritis, Rheumatism, or any other condition (s), whether genetic or acquired (like injuries), that causes some physical limitations and/or difficulties.


Well, it's a new month of a new year of a new decade -- we sincerely hope that you and yours will be richly blessed this year ...


2010 ~ HAPPY NEW YEAR ~ 2010

May this new year of a new decade be a year of new beginnings, renewed hopes, new dreams, renewed health, new victories, and a year full of new blessings for you and yours ...


01-01-2010, 09:35 PM

HI LADIES~ we had a quiet New Year's Eve too; just stayed home and watched movies, but DH did stay up to cheer in the new year. ;) I stayed up later than that; as I got into one of my historical Harlequin romances and couldn't put it down! :lol: It is a special edition with three stories; one down, two more to go ... oh boy! I love 'em: they're clean with no swearing, and always have a good ending too ... my kind of stories, for sure!

We switched things up a bit and had pasta for dinner tonight; had a good OP day, and just did stuff around here. It's a bit cold again and the wind is fierce so DH didn't even want to go outside today. It's suppose to warm up just a tad tomorrow; yeah!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend; and take good care ... :flow1:ROSEBUD :flow1:

01-01-2010, 09:55 PM
HEY PURPLE ~ I remembered a question that you asked me in the December thread and forgot to answer you ...

POSTUM or OVALTINE is a hot chocolate drink that is low in calories and made with carob and no caffeine. It is cereal based; and the chocolate (carob) one that I like is only 60 calories for 2 tbl. I used to buy Postum but we can only get Ovaltine here but it tastes very similar. I have to add a bit more sweetener but for the lower calories, it is good enuff.

That is what I meant when I said I would be drinking that for awhile; I also picked up a milder brand of coffee and it is much better too. I noticed at the store they also have a malt or coffee flavor; and another malt drink that I may try sometime too. I also have my tea still, but just am making it weaker. Sometimes, I may have a glass of skim or 1% milk; and of course, I drink some water too. :hug:

01-02-2010, 06:27 AM
Hello all fellow chicks


I have woke up to another covering of snow :brr: although this is reasonably early in the morning it does appear that the sun :sunny: is trying to get out at present so maybe this snow will not hang around as long as the previous bout we had. Glad though to have got a walk in yesterday evening yes it was a little cold but my mum and dad have given me a really useful gift. These are two round discs when cold are completely solid. To use them you need to pop them in a pan of hot water with a cloth on the bottom so that they do not come in direct contact with the base of the pan whilst heating up.. It does not take many minutes for them to change to a liquid form inside the round disc. They are perfect then for putting into the palm of your hand. So last night I put these heated discs in my gloves and they did the trick and they were as warm as toast. The walk was a lovely one and our Rizzie though it was grand until he heard a firework and then was on edge listening out for more.

Yesterday morning was one of those days where it took me a long time to get going as my body had other ideas as I put it. So then you seem to play catch up for a lot of the day trying to get things done in time for meals etc. Then forgetting that you have not done something till rather late. I think the enforced defrosting of the freezer took its toll. Serves me right for not doing it when I should have rather than put it off for so long. Today we are having pork in Thai Chilli sauce (cheating I am afraid from a jar :o ) Though I am going to add some extra vegetables along with the meat. We are having that with brown rice and stewed apples :T rather looking forward to that.

Gosh it is the year 2010 it does not seem possible I can remember my grandparents and parents for that matter saying how fast the years went and I did believe them as a child. Now I am much older I know exactly what they mean by the speed things go when your older and you do not know where time went. This year is the year for the commonwealth games in Delhi :carrot: For those who do not know what the commonwealth games are it is a games that is held every 4 years and it is scheduled 2 years roughly between the Olympics. It is very similar with most of the sporting events going on to that of the Olympics. Has the names suggests it is open to countries that once belonged to the British Commonwealth. Although when I was in a supermarket the other day we did glance at a reputable newspaper and there was suggestions that the British Team would not take place this year due to the safety of them. Not sure if this is true but it is so sad that terrorism is a constant threat by the minority spoiling it for the majority of law abiding citizens.

ROSEBUD Ah now I know what you mean when you say Ovaltine we have that brand of malted drink here in the UK and I know thing there is a chocolate variety as well as the original one.

Like you I love the films which are free from swearing etc. I think that is so often why I veer towards the children's films or animation as I know I will get it. Or some of the old black and white films where swearing would not have got past the censor in those days.

I watched a couple of " who do you think you are?" these are famous people who find out about there past. So often it takes the person on a fascinating journey and they are not all from middle to upper class people. Often they have come from working class backgrounds who's parents struggled maybe to get by. Compared to our ancestors we have it easy as there was no welfare state if you couldn't work so it is likely I would have ended up in the workhouse separated from my DH. I am so lucky that things have changed. I think I like this programme with my interest in history.

Yesterday there was a room preserved as it would have been for a loom worker way back in the early 1700's. Then another star a typical room of the 1900's that a family would have lived in if they were struggling for money. Gosh shocking it was so tiny one room, no running water in that room, no bathroom of course and no heating so very basic. This stars family had I think 9 of them in total where they all slept heaven knows because there was so little room but the woman took this room rather than going to the workhouse. They then became involved in the Salvation Army which provided financial help for you if you joined and preached on their behalf. So needless to say in the poor areas the Salvation Army was thriving as they were the one person to help them and they did not judge them in anyway. Providing they agreed to be teetotal it did not matter if you where a unmarried mother for example which in those days was nearly as bad as murder in many peoples eyes. One thing I found out from the programme as well that the Salvation Army would help pay your passage to immigrate to places like Canada as many of his family members had done.

No further news for today my friends so I will say bye bye and take care all.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-02-2010, 01:36 PM
Good morning from Utah, USA. Very near Salt Lake City as a matter of fact. Looking over the posts, this looks like a good place for me to be. I was diagnosed with MS almost 2 years ago, and with the numb feet due to this AND type 2 diabetes, walking is no longer my best exercise, and not eating everything in sight is definately a challenge. I sit on my butt at a computer all day at work too. I do love getting in the pool and doing my own thing though, I just need to be tougher on myself and do it regularly.
I re-joined Weight Watchers just before Thanksgiving, and will be back this coming Wednesday. I subscribed to the monthly pass. I hope to be able to check in at 3FC more often, as you see, I've been a member for awhile, just not posting. Unfortunately, I can't log on at work, and by the time I spend 8 hours with a computer at work, I don't always want to spend more when I get home.

It's nice to "meet" you all, have a great day! It's partly cloudy, 36F, and supposed to snow more here today. It's funny when people complain about the weather, it's like "HELLO, it's winter in Utah!" :doh:

01-02-2010, 10:37 PM
:welcome: BACK, KIM ~ we are glad to have you join us on our thread here. There are also Diabetes threads in this forum too. PURPLE, VAL, and RONNI all have MS too; so they can really be a good support for you and know a lot about that disease. I was born with Spina Bifida and that really affects my back and walking in the winter time. I have great difficulty walking in sand or snow; so now I use ski poles in the winter and walk indoors whenever I can (especially in large stores). In the summer, we can go to a track or a school, but in the winter, there aren't as many places so I and many others use our local department stores and large grocery store to our advantage! :lol: Do come back and post often, as we'd love to hear from you!!! :hug:

01-02-2010, 10:57 PM
HEY PURPLE ~ since you have Ovaline over there; you know what I mean. I really like it, but have only tried the Chocolate one so far, as that is my favorite. I will try the others sometime just to see what they are like. Like you, I like historical shows esp about real people. Many, if not most of our families hail from Europe, so many people would be surprised to find out how and where there anscestors lived.

As I have told you before, our anscestors hailed from Ireland (in two lines), Wales in England (could have been of Italian or Hungarian descent though), and possibly other parts of England in the Euro-Indian/German line; and possibly some from North America in the Native Indian line. There also may be some French in there way, way back; but that has never been verified. What an interesting mix, eh? :lol:

Seems like it is going to be a record year for ***** in England this year. We do love to complain about our weather here; they say that it is a national pastime in Canada. It is often just used as small talk or as a source of a joke to lighten things up a bit too.

It is very cold here again today, down to -17C and -25C during the night, but that isn't counting the wind factor which can drop the temps down by as much as another 10%. I didn't even venture outdoors today; stayed inside, thank you very much, but the :sunny: did come out for most of the day to warm us up a bit and that was nice ...

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend; and do keep warm ... :flow1: ROSEBUD:flow1:

01-03-2010, 01:19 AM

new to the board... and i have t2 diabetes, unstable angina, PCOS, sever hypertention, and a few other things that I've forgotten the name for lol..

Anyway one of the ways to get things undercontrol and hopfully drop most of my meds is to drop some weight... so i'm starting tomorrow :) so thought i'd say hi.....

01-03-2010, 01:34 AM
Hi everyone. I have a couple of issues, the first one being the need of surgery to repair a huge hernia in my abdomen. Secondly, I am bipolar, so I take anti-psych drugs that are notorious for weight gain. I am having problems exercising due to the hernia - it gets very sore in that area as it seems to be tearing - so I am stuck with diet restrictions. The meds slow down my metabolism ... but I am not going to let this get me. I have found a healthy diet - one by EDiets where each meal, you choose one food from each catagory - and have committed to it and journaling. It's amazing to realize just how much you are eating when you keep a log. I am just getting started (again) ... in hopes of having the hernia surgery within the next three to four months ... and this is it because I am so tired of being miserable and hurting.

01-03-2010, 08:43 PM
Hi and good morning

It is a shade past midnight and at the minute I feel as lively as a cricket hence why I am up at such an hour. I have had to take extra medication today so no doubt it will hit me before long.

SHOOTINGSTAR :welcome: to the thread and nice to hear from you. Like Rosebud mentioned I have ms myself as do several other users to this thread so we know what it like living with this condition on a daily basis.

:congrat: on making positive inroads to healthy eating by joining weight watchers. I found changing things gradually was my key to my keeping my weight off for so long. I gradually introduced wholegrain foods such as bread and pasta. Have more pulses like lentils it is surprising how you can squirrel them into many dishes from casseroles to home made soups.

Like you exercise is my big downfall as part is laziness but other is my body just physically can't manage it that day. So I do what I can and try to be more diligent on the days I can do it. I usually feel good when I have done it just need a :kickbutt: sometimes to get me going :lol:

MOUSIE :welcome2: to the thread glad to have you on board.

I don't know if you have already decided on an healthy eating plan for you. I calorie count as it fitted perfectly into my lifestyle. If you have not made a decision there are plenty of plans to take a look at and see which one is for you.

I have read numerous times here on 3fc where people have decreased their medication or stopped it altogether. I hope that you are one of the lucky ones. Even if you happen not to be then you will be far healthier and feel a lot better than you did at the beginning of the journey.

Looking forward to getting to know you better over the forth coming weeks.

TIMEISNOW :welcome3: to the thread it is nice to hear from you. I know what it is like to be on medication that is doing the absolute opposite of the healthy eating plan you are following. I have trigeminial neuraligia for which I take two lots of anti epileptic drugs for which have the wonderful side effect of weight gain :(

Documenting your food intake sure does make you realise what or how much you are eating. I did this at the beginning and I was horrified :fr: to see how much I had been eating on a daily basis day after day :o You have made a good start keep up the good work. I know it is hard balancing food restrictions and the balancing act not to aggravate the hernia. I have a tummy ulcer so I have a bit of restrictive diet not so bad as it use to be but it still bites me occasionally if I don't get it right.

ROSEBUD. Yes you are right about the record year for snow here in the UK not seen this much and for this long since my teenage years. Here I think we have a hobby complaining about the weather it is either too hot or too cold but it is done light heartedly really. Temperatures are soaring well below zero but nothing so cold as _25c I have seen many years ago -8c once. Although there is talk of there being temperatures in some parts -15c :brr:

Wow you sure do have a mixed ancestry. I knew about your Welsh roots but not of Irish etc. My ancestors did not wander very far but have stayed in the same county or the neighbouring one for a short period of time maybe for work but have no documentation. I would like to investigate further into my family but need birth certificate to get a mothers name. My investigations now would cost me as many other people have started to research their ancestry. This then made the holders of census and birth, deaths and marriage documents pay to view it or get copies of it.

Time to make strides to bed now so take care one and all

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-03-2010, 10:42 PM
:welcome2:MOUSSIE ~ yes, you do have some health issues there to deal with right now; and losing weight could benefit for sure. Some say even losing 10 lbs can be of value and 30 lbs is even better; and they are both managable amounts. I am with you about the meds; I want to get off them too. So far, my sugars are good and now I am on a lower dose of Metformin; someday, I'd like to get rid of that altogether.

Do come back and post often; I find this place helps me keep on track. Do you have an special plan in mind? I started off with portions, but now have added calorie counting/tracking as I find that really helps me see what I am really eating and how to make improvements. :hug:

01-03-2010, 11:29 PM
:welcome: TIMEISNOW ~ ya, they say there's nothing like the present, eh? :lol: I find journalling very helpful too; it shows you where you can make improvements and helps me keep a more watchful eye on what I am eating each day. It is very easy to start the mindless munching thing, when you aren't keeping track.

You have your eating plan, and that's a great start; but you could still do some walking, hand-weights, stretchie band work, chair aerobics, toning exercises on your arms and legs, etc. Even lite TAI CHAI would be OK and swimming might be good if you have access to a pool in the winter nearby.

This is a great place for support; come back often, as that really seems to make a difference for many people ... :hug:

01-03-2010, 11:56 PM
HEY LADIES ~ well, we had another cold and stormy day today: -19C during the day, and -25C again this evening ... ya, that deserves a big :brr: ... :lol: I only ventured outside once for a few minutes to reset our timer on our lights. We are keeping them up for the celebrations for later in the year, but I turned them down to 4 hours for now.

DH went out a few times to clear our doorways and in front of the car, as snow was blowing all day long; we had snow ***** squalls all through the day, and quite severe winds again. I really think it's the winds that are making it so cold out there right now. The weather people say that it makes it feel -31C out there in the winds; your skin can freeze very quickly, so it's not good to stay out there long at all.

When our NIKO goes out -- as soon as he has done his duty, he barks to come right back in; you can't blame him really! Too frosty for the snowmen even! :lol: Sadly, my Bethlehem star got damaged by the winds last night, but DH says he will try to find a way to fix it up somehow.

PURPLE ~ I have been reading some really good stories lately; they are the historical Harlequin romances done in different period settings. It is really interesting to see how people lived in other eras; and these nice stories go well with them. I like these kind of stories; they are really enjoyable to read, and really would make lovely movies like they used to long ago. Like the old black & white classics that I love so much; we have many of them on tape still. DH was watching one tonight before he went to bed.

I also like the fact that these stories have good endings: people find ways to solve their problems, and they always help each other out too. I also like the ones that are based on people's real lives too; esp when they tell how they made the best of a bad situaion. Even more so, it is so inspiring to see people turn their lives around and then go on to help others too.

Well, I finally got my PC working right so I could post again; so better get this done now. Had a good OP (on plan) day; just had a restful day today. Take good care ladies ... ROSEBUD :flow1:

01-04-2010, 12:32 AM
Thanks for the welcome.. right now i'm going to try calorie counting... but i have and i've thought of low carb... but it's hard to keep up and i'm trying for something that will last so i'm going with calorie counting....

01-04-2010, 11:23 AM
Hello ladies

I have been a busy bee in the kitchen for the best part of the morning. I have made a pan of home made soup this one is just a very simple one of 3 ingredients leeks, potato and chicken or vegetable stock. No particular measurements just really how many leeks I had left in the house plus a couple of large potatoes. Then you just add salt and pepper to your own personal taste. If you wish you may add cream or a healthy option is natural yoghurt. (although on this occasion I did not add either ) Very nice and warming soup and a simple one for beginners to making home made soup. Prior to serving the soup though I did blitz it with my hand held blender to have a smooth soup.

I have then done the pack up for tomorrow when I go for my treatment at the MS centre of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I have made sandwiches from a home baked gammon. I have then in two old yoghurt pots (washed out of course ;) ) I have chopped up small some peaches (tinned in juice and drained) then topped with a little sweetened natural yoghurt.

In between all this I have cooked lunch of stuffed chicken with just peppers (bell) and spring onions which I sweated off in one cal spray till nice and soft. I popped this inside the chicken breast and put one small sliver of cheese (lower fat variety) then wrapped it up in a piece of bacon then cooked it in the oven. My belly has shrunk could not eat all mine so our Rizzie (dog) benefited not that he was complaining any :lol: I have made a sandwich for tea also and popped this on a plate covered with cling film (plastic wrap) till we require it later. I am now very tired :tired: after doing all that in the kitchen this morning.

I was reading from the BBC site today under the section about Scotland. I found that a poor lady was separated from her husband this Christmas after leaving their remote location at Cape Wrath to get the last minute shopping and then found due to the snow that the passage home was now impassable. I had never heard of Cape Wrath so I then decided I would enlighten myself Now there is a cafe to visit what a remote location The scenery is stunning and I have desire to visit such islands although not so practical now my legs are not so willing. They are grand places if you love walking or bird watching.

ROSEBUD Sorry to hear that nature took its toll on your Bethlehem and I do hope that your DH can fix it up as I know how much you wanted this nativity scene.

I tend to read historical novels and occasionally I will read books when the ladies wore long flowing dresses. Like you say many would translate into good films on the screen. I am still reading about nurses during the second world war and this is a biography. I then have an autobiography given to me by my sister. Not that she reads normally but now she bought a book at a charity shop and thought she would give it a whirl and found she could not put it down. I wonder now whether this has now developed into a passion for reading. I have always had the passion and can't remember a time not reading. My mum has started to read in her retirement and reads quite profusely now. Dad has never read and neither has my DH it is alien to them both. Dad tend to do puzzles in his spare time and will spend hours at them. DH his pass time is spent on the computer playing browser games.

I have been good on the food front and I have now had 4 days on plan and tomorrow food is already so to speak so that will be another day. We vowed to be stricter with ourselves and so far we seem to be achieving this. DH yesterday wanted to buy chocolate cake but I managed to stay strong and we didn't crumble and give into it. Now this is hard for me and chocolate cake is my favourite :o Although it is great to have someone else on the journey with you for healthy eating as it allows the other to be strong in moments of weakness and choose better option. What did we have instead of chocolate cake? We had a galia melon which was beautifully ripe and so sweet.

MOUSIE Hello again like you calorie counting seemed to be something I could do day in and day out. Although I do not do it so strictly now and I know the calorie content of dishes we make regularly. I do weight out though my cereal of a morning and pasta/rice as I am very heavy handed with this. I do spot checks as well on myself every now and again to see that I am still giving roughly 5oz of protein for my hot meal of the day leaving about 1oz for my sandwich.

I have gradually introduced as well over time vegetarian meals which I would have never have thought of prior to this journey. I have more chicken and turkey rather than red meat but it has all taken me time as I am slow to change.

I think like you the key to success is finding a plan that is you can stay with for life. I realised that right at the beginning before I started I need to find something for life and I looked around. Read everything I could get my hands on and start from there. I have made tweaks along the way to my eating plan as my weight reduced and I became static for weeks on end. Nothing major was changed maybe a slice of bread per day reduced and one potato less on my plate. To fill me my vegetable intake has grown over time. At the beginning I was on 2000 to 2200 calories per day and I still lost weight and I had been eating at least 4 or 5 times that much per day. I am now on about 1500 per day. If I am going out for a special meal I will shave maybe a 100 calories per day off for nearly a week and that then gives me extra calories to have for the special meal without it going over calorie wise. If I did go over calorie wise at the meal it would be very little as you had all those extra calories to play with nearly 700 :yes:

I eat as well about every 2 to 3 hours that way I tend not to become hungry and devote everything in sight :o We tend to eat about 5 or 6 times a day which seem a lot but maybe when I say eat we may have an apple or a yoghurt. There are quite a few snacks that you can have that pan in around 100 to 150 mark. I always save a 100 calories so that at the end of the day I can have my one naughty a choc ice. I think this is a UK creation but all it comprises of is a small oblong piece of ice cream with a thin coating of chocolate on it. The chocolate can be milk or dark so suits both tastes. I have shopped around to find the best calorific and tasting one. If I have a bit more money then I have a skinny cow ice cream. Things here in the UK are mega expensive as most things are imported into our country.

Well time to go and put the kettle on and have a cuppa :coffee: as I am sure ready now. Hope you have all had a lovely Monday catch up with you soon. I hope to drop by tomorrow but time is short on the ground on a Tuesday. Take care all

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-04-2010, 02:31 PM
Hello Ladies

Just a quick post I just spotted this a picture of Wollaton Hall which is some 2.5 miles away from my home. I hope that you can see the picture here it is number 2 of the 16 It is a recent picture as you can see by the date of December 2009. I am lucky that if I go round the corner of my road and walk a little way up the road no more that 1 minute from my house you get a magnificent view of Wollaton Hall but my favourite view is when it is lit up with flood lights. Here you can see the large volume of snow we had that needed a magnify glass to see it :rofl: By the way we did have a little more snow than that come Christmas day but not a huge amount more.

Just been reading that we have more snow on its way tonight and some places of the UK have been issued with a severe weather warning. Namely parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland. I will have to see how bad the weather is otherwise it may not be wise for me to attend treatment it is not so much the snow but the thick layer of ice we have at the moment. Will fill you in on how much snow we have in my part of the world.

Bye again

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-04-2010, 08:12 PM
Oh the photo is BEAUTIFUL! I got goosebumps on my arms just looking at it. Perhaps it reminds me a bit of Hogwarts. Thank you for posting this.

Here's a photo from very near me, looking east at our wasatch mountains.

01-05-2010, 12:27 AM
HEY PURPLE ~ those are nice pictures; I can see the snow; boy, those kiddies are trying so hard to go sledding or sledging as you call it. I thought the picture of the St. Andrew's Church was nice too. You can see lots more snow around the Nottinghamshire area too.

Hope you can get out to your therapy session tomorrow; I know how much you appreciate them. Yes, the slippery roads seem to be one of the biggest problems of this type of weather. I actually think that winter is a pretty season, but this year it is much more nippy than other years.

HI KIM ~ oh those are lovely mountains you have there too; what a view! All our trees had a covering of frost and/or ice today; it was nippy cold out there today, but it looked very pretty. I'll see if I can come up with some pics of our town for you too.

I just stayed home and indoors; too cold for me. I'm turning into a bear in this weather; I just want to hybernate until spring. ;) I'll sleep, and someone can wake me up when it's over ... :lol: Had a good on plan day; had steak and mushroom medley for dinner with brown rice mix.

Take good care and everyone stay warm now ... :flow1: ROSEBUD :flow1:

01-05-2010, 12:48 AM
HI MOUSSE ~ I agree that I think calorie counting is good for the long haul. I did low carb when I was younger, but found it was hard to keep up over the years, and slowly gained the weight back. As I got older, I needed something more balanced as I had a vitamin deficiency and have to watch my BSL (blood sugar levels too).

PURPLE has some wonderful ideas for quick and ez recipes; esp for healthy snacks and desserts, so keep an eye peeled for those too ... :hug:

01-05-2010, 02:30 PM
Hello Ladies

Well we did have a small flurry of snowfall during the night but nothing to talk home about we did not have it has severe as the forecast suggested which I am very grateful for. So I did go to have my weekly treatment all but one of my whist drives (whist I think is a British game) have been cancelled this week due to the weather. Most games I play are out in rural areas which are quite remote like tonight I would travel some 28 miles one way to this village.

Even though the weather was not at its best I was surprised to see so many of us here today at the MS centre. It was good to catch up after the Christmas break and have a little chat with them.

KIM A Hogwart's fan I see :D like myself and I have read all 7 volumes of the story. An acquaintance of mine who I play cards with actually went there I seem to think it was where she did her teacher training and I seem to think she goes back to the Alnwick castle (aka Hogwarts) for reunions. I think maybe I do not appreciate building as much as I should do as we have numerous ones in the UK.

Thanks for the view of the beautiful wasatch mountains the only remotely views like that of mountains are in either Wales or Scotland. Though I am more likely to think of Scotland. It made to think of all the mountains in Scotland that are over 3000ft and were first documented way back in the late 1800's by a man called Hugh Munro for the Scottish mountaineer club. He found that there were nearly 600 of them and now people want to climb all of these and it is know as Munro bagging.

I recently saw a programme on the gentleman Hugh Munro and how Munro bagging then started. The one thing I remember was a gentleman had lost his wife and he was a mountaineer and he decided to do all the Munro mountains listed. He said it helped him heal after the loss of his wife and he did a lot of his grieving on the mountain and healing come to that. It followed him on his last Munro to climb and the celebration at the peak at achieving all of them.

I was born in a county called Lincolnshire and it is very flat not a mountain in sight. Plenty of farms with either crops or cattle. I then moved to Nottinghamshire and what a culture shock I asked what was that and it was the big wheel that was spinning. They were so shocked I did not recognise a mine pit head as they had lived in it's shadow for all there lives. Nottinghamshire when I first moved here one of their main employment was working down the mines. I don't think now there is barely one open now they gradually shut down one by one.

ROSEBUD Yes the poor children desperate to sled but barely enough snow to do so. Wollaton Hall has a lovely park or grounds that it set in and when I could walk better I use to walk down that hill and around a lake that is at the bottom. If you are lucky you see the deer that roam the park and I have done so on several occasions. The only pity is that the hall itself is not set as it would in the period of the house as many stately homes are in the UK. The house is a natural history museum and other museums in the out-buildings. It sound that we are not the only ones then experiencing colder weather than normal for this time of year. I read that China and parts of Europe had lower temperatures and higher snowfall than normal.

I have just been writing my shopping list out for Thursday as we normally go tomorrow but we have the washing machine engineer coming tomorrow. I was putting things on the list that we have run out of this week. I need to stock up on lentils, beans and wholemeal pasta. I add lots of beans and lentils to dishes to reduce the meat content or omit it altogether for a vegetarian day. Got to get my thinking cap on though for tomorrow as I need to plan tomorrows menu but something quick and simple as I do not want pots and pans every where and food half prepared when the washing machine engineer comes along.

Time to wash up from tea (we had cooked one today) the more I sit here and more I don't feel like getting up and doing it :lol: Catch up with you all soon

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-05-2010, 11:11 PM
:wave: Temps were warmer again today ... -10C -- still a wind and we had some more ***** but it was nice and fluffy, so it looked very pretty. I tooke some pics today of our snow and will try to get some more this week; then put some in here. We had a nice and easy Chicken Stew with homemade biscuits for dinner tonight and it was yummy!

Not much else going on around here right now; we still have lots of birdies comin' to our feeder and DH just loves watching them too. NIKO is well and playful as ever. DH has been pilin' the ***** up around our place and we really think it is helping us feel warmer.

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY tomorrow; and do take good care of yourselves too ... :flow1: ROSEBUD :flow1:

01-05-2010, 11:24 PM
PURPLE ~ when you talk about the mines there; are you talking about COAL MINES? We used to have lots of those out in the eastern provinces, but DH was telling me just yesterday that most, if not all of them have closed becuz they were not safe. I was just reading a story and I think it may have been based in England (not sure; will have to check on that) ... anyways, they used a lot of coal to heat their homes, etc.

What do you use to heat most of your homes now if there isn't as much coal available now? Here we use gas, oil, and wood or wood products like pellets; and some use hydro. They are now making hydro heaters that are a bit lower in cost, but I think it is still a bit expensive. I hear the oil is really the worst now. Things have changed -- becuz now the gas is cheaper than the oil and it was the opposite for a while.

Sorry you missed your whist games; but glad you got out for your treatments. Better safe than sorry, in the bad weather though. Hope you think of an easy dinner for tomorrow; how about a one pot dinner in the oven? I love those -- put a piece of meat (any kind) in a roaster, and surround it with lots of veggies and small tators. Not much clean-up and the oven does the cooking for you. Add one of your quick fruit & yogurt desserts, and you have an easier day ... :hug:

01-06-2010, 11:49 AM
Hello Ladies

We had more snowfall over night wow no real snow for years and years and now we have had two good periods of snowfall one for Christmas and one right now. Everywhere looks very pretty covered in white fluffy snow today whilst at at local supermarket in the car park of this supermarket there is a hand car wash business. The men bless them had build a snowman complete with arms across his belly really cute looking.

I have made for tomorrow's dinner a spaghetti bolognese with lean mince and added in some haricot beans to decrease the meat content. This will be served with wholemeal pasta which I weight out of course as I am so heavy handed with it. I tend to put on the amount for the street I think :rofl: The next day is a vegetarian day and we are having a vegetarian day with chickpea curry (low calorie sauce that I have found) and served with brown rice. Tonight and tomorrow night we will be having my home-made leek and potato soup. I think by tomorrow night it will be the end of it and time for me to make another batch of soup maybe my version of my cabbage soup.

Now talking of food I caught a programme on cookery but this was different to the normal run of the mill ones. These were two men who are motor cyclist and collectively known as the hairy bikers. They just happen to be chefs as well. This time they have gone to ordinary people's home and want them to cook their family favourite dishes which have been handed down from their parents or grandparents. This is so such recipes are not lost and many people now do not cook or bake like they used to so often they reach for convenience foods. I think I maybe tempted to buy this book as some of the recipes I can see that I may use or tweak to make them healthier. OK I think I will be steering clear of the cakes etc but the soups and main dinners are something I can manage to put in our daily healthy eating. This programme got me to thinking that at my mum's in an old cookery book of my grandmother's is a recipe scribbled out and it is entitled wine cake. This is a recipe that is used even to this day by my parents for their Christmas cake they have never iced this cake (due my father's dislike for icing) and instead it was always decorated with whole blanched almonds. :T

ROSEBUD Yes the mines in my area that I live in are or should I shall were coal mines. The reason that most closed to my knowledge was coal was being produced cheaper else where (namely abroad) so now any coal that is needed is mainly imported into the UK. There were other types of mines like lead, copper and tin in other parts of the UK just depended on where these minerals were situated to what type of mine was in your area.

Homes in general are heated either by gas central heating or by something called calor gas (huge bottles) in rural areas where they are not on the mains gas. We are on the mains gas as we are not in a rural area. If you live in a rural area and do not want to use bottled gas then electric storage heaters are used as a form of heating. A few still heat their homes with coal (smokeless due to the clean air act) or log burners. I think I have heard of some areas using oil as a form of heating but they are definitely in the minority. The biggest percentage use gas as their heating like ourselves.

My parents home they still live in when they got married had fireplaces in every room except the kitchen, bathroom and the smallest bedroom. Although bedroom fireplaces were never lit unless you where poorly in bed or a pregnant lady was due to give birth at home. When I was little many a winters morning I got up and their was ice on the window pane inside. Needless to say you did not hang about getting dress or having a bath cos it was so cold. We didn't know any different and all our friends homes where exactly the same. I can't remember what age I was but I was about 10 or 11 I think and I can remember the floor boards being taken up for the gas central heating to be installed. Then later on we had double glazing windows installed. It shows how the progression of time and the produces becoming more affordable that my parents had them installed. We now expect these features as standard in homes today.

When I was at my grandparents home it was the real two up and two down home. This meant there was two rooms upstairs (bedrooms) and two rooms downstairs (kitchen and lounge or parlour as it was known them days). So no luxuries such as inside toilet (this was a primitive affair in a tin hut that you had to take a stick as a grass snake loved to hide in there :D. Not that it was poisonousness or dangerous but my grandmother hated it so told us to take a stick to rattle on the tin to make the snake vacant its hiding :lol:. Baths were taken in the parlour in front of the fire such a hard task filling it up with hot water as there was no hot running water in the house only cold. So kettles and huge pans where heated up on the stove. With all that effort to fill the bath then we all had to share the same bath water if you where lucky it did get topped up with some more hot water. No washing machine it was the dolly tub and elbow grease to wash clothes. I has a child was expected to help in the chores and I would help with washing. Stand for what seemed like hours turning the mangle to squeeze out the water. In the evening we would play cards or board game around the kitchen table.

Granddad worked on the rail way operating the gates and changing the rails for the train to go on. I can remember odd times my Dad taking me down early in the morning just before granddad was due to finish work and I would get to sit in the hut where he changed the rails and if I was good I could open one of the gates to the road. Needless to say this made me feel important and I loved to go down. So if granddad was on night due I would be eagerly up in the morning hoping to be taken to bring granddad home from work.

I cooked a one pot meal like you said for lunch today using chicken vegetable and potatoes all in one. So only one pot to wash up liked that. Seeing as the engineer for the washing machine came rather early was able to make another dish at the same time. It is not such good news though with the washing machine the electrical board wiring has been modified since the washing was made obviously due to some problem with the original wire attachments. So unfortunately both should have been ordered at the same time only one thing was ordered the board. It has been put through as an emergency so hopefully should hear in the next couple of days what day they are coming to do the washing machine. So third time lucky :crossed:

Have you every used puy lentils I spotted them today but do not exactly know what to do with them. Are they used in the same manor as brown or split lentils for example? I like to try and experiment with different beans etc as I found that I now like them to think that 3 years ago I would not touch them with a barge pole :D My diet has changed so much since then it is barely recognisable so much less meat and huge volume of vegetables, beans and now wholemeal food that I would not have eaten either. I suppose looking now my diet is evolving slowly and I am in the process of trying a few more vegetarian dishes like chickpea curry, vegetarian burgers and reading about vegetarian dishes that we would both like. Not that I think I would go vegetarian but we are trying for one or two days per week. Then upping that to 3 when we are ready. We both like to go slow in the change as it has worked for us so far rather than going the whole hog as it is too alien from what you are use to. We did that with changing the type of bread, pasta (wholemeal) and rice (brown) to name a few changes.

No further news I can think of for today so I will drop by tomorrow till then take care.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-06-2010, 11:58 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ The temps were about the same between -10C and -13C and the :sunny: did try to peek out for a short while this afternoon. We had our fine feathered friends come by again; love seeing them each day -- they are a real blessing!

Had something different for dinner tonight; whole grain spagetti with chicken and mushroom Ragu sauce: I added in some diced green peppers, carrots, and zucchini to thicken the sauce up a bit. DH & I loved it, so we will be making this again for sure.

PURPLE ~ glad you found that one pot meal so handy; yes, you could easily bake a dessert along side like baked apples or a crumble with that meal too. I like to try healthier meals all the time too. I made a chicken stew yesterday and put some pea lentils in that to up the protein with the chicken. I'm not sure what "PUY" lentils are either; would have to google that one.

Yes, it's nice to look at old family recipes; I was looking thru a book today that had a few easy ones, but many have way too much sugar and fat in them and would have to be modified. Some are just to complex and would take too much time for my liking; I am looking for more simple recipes these days. I like to make homemade soups & stews too; my stews are really just thick & hearty soups really, with lots of veggies in them so that makes them thick (I don't thicken them like I did in the past with flour).

I am supposed to get a couple of small fillings tomorrow AM; sure hope that all goes well. My PC was really slow tonight; it took me ages to be able to come in here and post. Actually, it was other places; then I came in here and was able to post, so who knows what was going on? :?:

Anyways, time to go; do a bit of reading and to bed earlier tonight to get up earlier tomorrow. Take good care ladies ... ROSEBUD:flow1:

01-07-2010, 01:58 PM
Hello fellow chicks

We had a minute snowfall last night but today it is brilliant sunshine :sunny: this unusually indicates that you will get a frost at night time. So has you have gathered our snow is still visiting us and some of the children have time off school due to the weather as schools often close down in such weather. This use to happen if we got the slightest snowfall whilst I was a school this was as pupils who had to get into school via the bus each and every route had a steep hill to climb. These children lived in the villages surrounding my home town of Grantham. I was one of the last pupils to be allowed to go home why? because we walked or cycled to school. I lived about a mile from the school and thinking now I did good exercise every day. I walked there for the beginning of school then there and back at lunch time. I then had the final walk at the end of the school day so that was a minimum of 4 miles I walked a day. Then sometimes I would have to walk another 1.5 miles to a clinic my sister attended for her eyes then back home again. Though I did not give it a second thought at the time people did have cars but they still where a luxury to many families. We did have a car but my mum did not drive only my Dad.

DH today had to visit the dentist for a filling so needless to say he had needles in his gums. Unfortunately he has to go back as another tooth requires work. He had also to have some work done on his upper dentures which are ill fitting. The bottom set is perfect just the top he has trouble with.

At the moment my house smells like Balti mile a road in Birmingham. (this is a road in the city of Birmingham that has got this name due to the number of Balti houses along there.) Curry is popular in this country with the British people and many of the best ones are run by top Indian chef's. We have a beautiful Indian restaurant not too far from our home and the staff are so welcoming plus helpful. The food is glorious and good for a special night out. They even do a set menu I notice with a view to the times of a healthy option of chicken no heavy sauces or vegetable curry. I think there is a selection of fish curries in that section. Well if you have not guessed by now I am cooking a jalfrazi (spelling? I think is a bit dubious ;) ) curry with chickpeas and carrots. So very simple ingredients but I found a light sauce that was good on the calorie front so am giving it a whirl. In my portion that I have dishes out separately for myself I have put in some natural yoghurt to calm the spices down a bit. I think there will be a good portion left over to go in the freezer for another day.

ROSEBUD Yes looking at old recipes sees how our taste evolves over time. My grandparents would fry things like bacon or sausage in LARD :barf: They would never grill anything as we do today. I feel green at the gills at their style of cooking sometimes but that generation all did the same. The knowledge of food was not as we know today. Though there again there was virtually no processed food and there were some tinned items on sale at the grocery. All in all a high percentage of their diet was healthy compared with today. No fast food to tempted you with either and there was not the money for lots of things.

Watching the series on the Victorian farm it shows how much work actually went into some of the dishes that were made. I know some of the recipes can be tweaked or give us ideas on a new dish altogether that would be healthy. Everything was home-made nothing was shop bought even treats such as sweets were made at home. I have never been one for many shop bought things as I was brought up baking and cooking from a young age.

We have eaten the last of our leek and potato soup so today I made a batch of new soup. This is the soup that I call cabbage soup from a recipe I spotted on the internet but it has really involved into more of a vegetable soup. Although this soup I choose not to put potatoes in but every other vegetable that I may have in store. The biggest ingredients by far is the 1/2 a cabbage. It does not matter what sort of cabbage it is although I have not ever tried red cabbage so can't comment on that one. I normally use savoy but today I used something we know as a white cabbage. Soups in our family were traditionally thickened by using a huge mount of mashed potato. (no butter or any substitute for that. no seasoning either is used or milk nor cream, so just potatoes mashed up) The potato has starch in as we know and this I think in turns thickens the soup. So often the soup is much thicker the next day. I like you now thicken a soup by sheer volume of vegetables and pulses used. Way less calories and healthier.

I hope that your trip to the dentist went well must be the day for dental treatment what with yourself and my DH. The dish that you made with spaghetti sounded rather yummy and filling. I have been toying with the idea of making my own vegetable burgers maybe with lentils for my first bash. I did a little research yesterday but the recipes I found had numerous ingredients that it would end up a little costly having to buy quite a few of them in to make it. So I am on the look out for a simple lentil burger with not like a 25 items in it to make it now that would be a recipe for disaster. I thought it might be quite nice in a burger bun and I know that that they do wholemeal ones now so that will be a plus as well.

After writing well typing ;) this post I must dispense my tablets for the week as I only have one full day left in my book like holder for my weeks supply of tablets. It takes quite a while to dispense all my pills as I have them 4 times a day with out any extras for bouts of pain that I may experience. I have just counted up in my head my days supply and I have 14 tablets per day :fr:

No further news for now I have not ventured too far with the weather being like it is. Till next time ladies keep up the good work :carrot:

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-07-2010, 08:53 PM
Hello everyone! And, welcome to all our newbies! I hope you find 3fc and especially this group to be very helpful and supportive, as I have!

Purple-the photos were so beautiful! Thank you for sharing the link. How quickly does your snow disappear? Wondering if your temps warm back up quickly or if it stays cold for awhile and the snow lingers? Here, once winter hits, it rarely warms up enough for the snow to melt. Sometimes, we'll get a "January thaw" but it doesn't last very long! We have about 20-24 inches of snow in the shallow areas and where it's been piled up from the snowblower or plows, it's 3 or 4 feet deep or more-at some of the street corners, I can't see down the road in my van without inching out into the lane. That makes me crazy all winter long!

ShootingStar-your photo is beautiful also! I've seen those Wasatch Mtns, as my step-son and his family used to live near Boise, so we ventured out that way several times and took in a lot of the beautiful scenery out there in N. UT, WY, MT, ID, as well as SD. Love the western parts of our country and can't wait for another chance to go out there, but now the family has moved back here, so it may be awhile before we get another trip.

Rosebud-sounds like we're all having dental issues. Hope your fillings went ok. I've ended up having a root canal-half of it is done and I go back Tuesday to finish. Still quite painful and I'm hoping it improves after the permanent filling stuff is completed. You and Purple always talk about such yummy dinners! Makes me hungry-lol! Actually, it gives me ideas for things to try here, so keep sharing!

Tuesday after the root canal was started and I couldn't eat anything hard, I made a potato soup with white and sweet potatoes, along with celery, carrots, and chicken boullion. It was really good and I've been able to eat it for lunches all week, since my tooth and cheek still hurt. Need to get to the grocery store, but we've had another bad snow storm with high winds and white-out conditions, so no driving anywhere until it all clears up. Hoping for tomorrow if DS2 has school. I'm a mean mom-I made the boys do homeschool work today even though the public schools had cancelled-they were less than thrilled-lol!

Well, time to go relax and watch some tv. Hope you are all well and keeping warm!:hug: Have a great day tomorrow!

01-07-2010, 09:14 PM
HI PURPLE ~ well, my dentist appt went well, thanks! Hope your DH's did too ... I only had work done on one today and I am glad of that really. I will also have to go back later for some work on another one in late February. Down the road, I will have to have one of my wisdom teeth extracted as it has a cavity in it and it is coming in sideways. I can't actually use it to chew as it only came in halfway and I don't have a corresponding bottom tooth (a birth defect) -- it will be taken out as a preventative measure so it doesn't cause an infection or spread to the next tooth. There's no hurry for that right now though ...

After the dentist, we went shopping since we were up there and I was looking at the lentils in the store. I saw some red ones that I thought might be nice in spagetti sauce or a tomato based soup, so I may pick some up next time I go. I put yellow ones in the chicken stew I made earlier this week; and you hardly even noticed they were in it really but it adds more protein and thickens it up as well.

So I got lots of walking in today as well; so it's time to relax and put my sore feet up and do some reading. Hope you have a Fabulous Friday tomorrow ... ROSEBUD :flow1:

01-07-2010, 10:05 PM
HI RONNIE ~ you posted whilst I was typing -- yes, it seems it is a week for going to the dentist. Everything went well today; he gave me a shot to prevent pain (so glad of that); and he spent some time explaining everything to me and showing me the xrays so I could see what has to be done and why. Quite a change from what I had in the past really.

We usually have snow days when we have a big ***** storm like you are having right now; the temps stayed around -10C today, so it wasn't too bad to go out, but now they are dropping and at -16C at this moment. DH is hunting down spare bulbs for my Christmas tree as one blew on the bottom half and then I'll have to figure out which one it is -- that will be fun! :dizzy:

Today, we had BBQ spit chicken for a later hot lunch; and just had leftovers for dinner tonight. I didn't really feel like doing a lot of cooking today. That soup you made sounds really good too; I made my chicken stew/soup with leftover potatoes and sweet potatoes from another dinner too.

I am assuming from what you say that IOWA is on the eastern side of the US and somewhat north, as you get almost as much snow and cold temps as we are right now; and I am in northern Canada. We are not in the far, far north which would be the territories; we are just below them -- though near the top of this province which is quite large. In the Artic there is a large bay called "Hudsons Bay" and it has a small bay called "James Bay"; we live about 400 miles south of a place called Moosonee on the edge of James Bay or in an area called "The James Bay Frontier". Gee, should get out some maps and check this geography all out; hope I am getting it right ... :lol: I did well in Geography in school, but I haven't been in school for some time. ;)

I hope that your mouth heals up real soon; do they give you shots to freeze it while they are doing it? That helps a lot; but maybe it's the aftermath that is causing the pain problem. Will send up some prayers for you for relief ... :hug:

Take good care and hope you have a Fantabulously pain-free Friday ... :hug::hug::hug:

01-08-2010, 11:06 AM
Hi fellow chicks :wave:

I am just taking this opportunity to type this post as I have my drink after my dinner. Today's fayre was bolognese with wholemeal pasta for after we had a portion of green grapes. The bolognese with made with extra lean mince beef and I added in 1 tin of harricot beans. This has made a portion also to go in the freezer which I also am really pleased about. so in the past couple of days I have managed to put in two extra meals into the freezer :carrot: So these are my versions of ready made meals so all is needed is a defrost then re-heat serve with pasta, rice, jacket potato or even side salad in the summer. My ready made meals were running low so I was hoping that I would be able to start replacing some that I had used.

Today we will be having my version of cabbage soup for tea I know it sounds rather peculiar cabbage soup. Though in actual fact it is very tasty. It is a great way of putting lots of vegetables in then blitzing them down with either hand held blender or food processor. I am already thinking about what to make for my next home made soup. I am thinking that this could be butternut squash with a smidge (tiny amount) of curry spices in to give it a little kick. Was watching something on television last night and I had never seen it before. It was a programme set in Ireland (Northern) and the people taking part all had chronic health conditions. Part of the course that they were on dealt with nutritious diet and of course this was healthy eating. I had never seen what these guests had for breakfast one morning which was tomato cups. They seem simple enough to make firstly you need a large tomato wash and take a slice from the top of the tomato. Now scoop out all the seeds from the tomato and then crack open an egg and put this inside the hollowed out tomato. Now place on a baking tray for 15 minute until cooked serve with wholemeal toast. The only thing I do not know what temperature to cook these add but I am presuming it is around the same temperature for shirred eggs (eggs cooked in the oven) which is gas mark 4 / 350f /180c. It maybe a little trial and error to get the temperature right at the beginning so that the eggs are cooked to your liking.

I know that my DH loves shirred eggs. If you are making those instead place one or two eggs (depending on how hungry someone is :D ) per person into either a ramekin or some other small cooking pot. Either butter this dish or as I do know spray well with one cal so that dish is coated. Now to this add Spoon 1 tablespoon milk or cream over eggs (skim milk, low-fat milk, half and half, or light cream may be substituted). Spooning a liquid over the eggs can help prevent drying out. season with salt and pepper (I personally do not do this as I use very little salt in our diet but sometime put black pepper). Now cook at gas mark 4 /350f or 180c for about 12 to 14 minutes. When done, the whites should be completely set and the yolks beginning to thicken but not hard. Today now I must sit down and plan the weekend menu so that we do not stray. I find it easier that way that I know before hand what we are having and that it is on plan.

My TOM is nearing so I have been a craving chocolate monster :lol: Although yesterday was much better on that front. I had my first curry in simply ages last night my chickpea and carrot one. I did add a spoon full of yoghurt into my portion to make it less hot and spicy. No bad tummy this morning so really pleased :carrot: Not that I am being stupid and going mad on the spice front any time soon I have had to many days in pain to remind me to be careful and respect my tummy. Saved my 100 calories for my chocolate monster that lurks inside me so that I could have a choc ice (ice cream coated in chocolate this pans in at 96 calories.

The snow still remains with us and I was right about the frost last night it was a bitterly cold night and temperatures in Scotland hit an all time low of -22.3C (-8.1F). Although my part of the world Nottingham did not experience temperatures as low as that so where in the region of -6C (21F). This is cold for us in the UK as I have only ever seen -8c once in my life time. Our winter temperature tend to be just below freezing at night at worse.

RONNI Normally when we get any snow it is virtually here today gone tomorrow. We just get a sprinkling of snow which lays that day by the day break next morning the sun comes out and melts all the snow away. Children here seldom get the pleasure of building a snowman or sledging. (Scotland though tends to be colder though so any snowfall tends to greater and stays for longer. There are even several ski resorts in Scotland where you can get to ski for a few months of the year.) Our climate is what is referred to as temperature so our summer and winter temperatures really are not so different. The snowfall you experience every year is something I have never seen in my life apart from the television. I had my first white Christmas since I was about 15 this year so rather special even if we needed a magnify glass to see the snow ;)

Sorry to hear that you have been having a tough time with a root canal treatment and that eating is difficult. Soup is always a good when you have trouble chewing and they can be very nutritious and filling especially when home made. There are numerous ones out there to make to suit most peoples tastes they are easy to make and much cheaper than soup bought variety. I hope that your root canal soon feels better so that you are able to eat normally again.

ROSEBUD Glad that your dental treatment went OK as did my DH. Although I had planned a soft diet for today just encase things where not so rosy this morning. Many people have trouble with wisdom teeth coming at strange angle or missing altogether. It is good that your dentist is doing preventive treatment to avoid infection in the future. When I was about 11 my dental did a radical step of taking out 4 of my molars one from either side of my mouth. This would be so that my teeth in the future would be straight and not crooked from over crowded. This radical step to take out 4 health teeth did its job. Trouble then you had to have general anaesthetic to take out teeth which I was not overly fond of like most people. I think it was the old rubber masks that it so horrid. Glad that they have changed the way in which it is administered but even still no one really wants to be put to sleep.

Lentils are so versatile in cooking easily put in soups, stews, bolognese sauces and curries to name a few off the top of my head. They are good at absorbing the flavour of the dish and like you say you barely know they are in there. Especially in soups when blended like I have done with the cabbage soup. I added the split lentils which are orange in colour and they thicken like you say. They are plant form of protein which means you can cut down on the meat used in meat dishes. Though still have the fullness that it gives.

My father next week has got to go to hospital for a test he is have a colonoscopy due to having rectal bleeding. This is a worrying time for all of us. I am trying to be positive especially for Dad who is expectedly nervous about what this will reveal.

Time for me to go and wash up a few pots and make a cup of tea. :coffee: Then finish up on the last bits of house work for today. Bye bye and take care ladies.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-08-2010, 11:29 AM
Rosebud-yeah, the dentist numbed everything up to do the work, but the aftereffects have been miserable. Hoping that when the root canal is completed next week, the pain will go away. Iowa is actually in the center of the US-south of Minnesota and western Ontario. We're very, very cold right now (-9F) and the winds are really bad, so you know the wind chill is really bad, too. No school today either due to road conditions and also the blowing snow causes white-outs along the roadways. I think I found on the map about where you live. I've not been to your part of Canada, but visited Niagara-Toronto-Hamilton-London area with my grandparents after high school. I remember it being very beautiful all through there.

Purple-I'd love to have the quick-to-go-away variety of snow:lol:. Here, it just lingers waaaayyyy tooooo looooong! I'll keep your dad in my prayers for good test results and healing. Very stressful waiting for tests like that. I actually like cabbage soup. My dad always made one with just cabbage, tomatoes (or tomato juice) and onions, salt and pepper, and it was really tasty! DH is not so fond of it, but I can make it as a side dish, so he doesn't have to eat it if he doesn't want.

Well, not much going on here, as it's just too cold to do anything. Hope you all have a great day!:hug:

01-08-2010, 06:40 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well it's still pretty cold here today, -17C at present; but there is a really nasty northern wind out there too, so it feels a lot worse. DH tried to go for a walk this AM and had to turn around and come back as the wind was freezing his face. I reminded him to put a scarf on next time! :lol: Gee, I dress up to the hilt when I go out; hats, big thick "down-filled" mittens, and my long, long, long scarf becuz I wanna keep warm ... :brr:

PURPLE ~ great minds think alike: I also made my version of Cabbage Soup today; I had about 6+ tomatoes in the freezer and a half a head of cabbage to use up. I used your basic recipe, but then added a whole bunch of leftover veggies plus some others I had on hand (kniblets corn and diced zucchini). It was thick and yummy; perfect for a frosty day like today!

RONNI ~ you sound like you are feeling much better today -- too bad that root canal procedure couldn't be done quicker. Hey, like knock me out already! Just fix it and when I wake up, it's all over; then give me mega pain killers until all the pain is gone! :lol: Why do we have suffer so needlessly? :shrug: Can you tell that I have pain trauma issues from childhood? Oh ya, big time! :yes: :yes: :yes:

Your Dad's version of Cabbage Soup sounds nice & easy too! I would be puttin' lots of pepper in mine. Love pepper ... :D You know, I don't mind the snow at all; I would much rather it not be so cold. Send the snow, just give me some :sunny: too, please ... I'm in a funny mood today! ;)

I sent DH out to unplug our outdoor Christmas lights for now -- he keeps forgetting. We will put them on again for our Winter Carnival in February; and since our town is celebrating its 100th Birthday this year, they are having lots of special activities this year, so they want us to put our lights on for that too.

Anyways, we are having leftover BBQ spit chicken tonight with salad and veggies; DH is having Home Fries and I am having macaroni salad with mine, just becuz I have some ... :lol: DH tried one of my 100-calorie popcorn bags this afternoon for a snack and actually liked it.

He was joking about how I got him to put all the leftover snacks out in cold storage (in our freezing shed); and he says he doesn't want to go out there to get them. :lol: That is exactly why I got him to put them out there: becuz I won't venture out in that freezing shed to get them either ... :rofl:

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY NIGHT tonight -- do have a good one ... :flow1: ROSEBUD:flow1:

01-09-2010, 05:06 PM
Hi ladies

It still remains brass monkey weather here :brr: and snowed on and off today. I did venture out very briefly but not for long was nice to get out of the house though was kind of going stir crazy ;)

We had cabbage soup for tea with a crusty roll which was very nice I must say. At the moment I have just made preparation for a lamb casserole I spotted on television. I have a couple of lamb steaks which are nice and lean so will lend themselves nicely to this recipe. Then I have peeled some potatoes, onions but I have got to still peel some parsnips. I have not done the parsnips yet as they tend to go brown in colour if left in the minutest air. So I will prepare them as I need them. To make this recipe it seems very simple there is one other ingredient which is garlic.

put the lamb in some flour to season then fry off until brown (I am going to use some one cal for this)
sweat off the large chunks of onions, potatoes and parsnips in the same frying pan that the lamb was cooked in
add to the frying pan last of all garlic that has been cut in half (this way not so strong)
put all this ingredients that either have been browned or sweated into a casserole dish
put water over the ingredients in the casserole dish to cover ingredients
season with rosemary, salt and pepper.
put in a low temperature in the oven until everything is soft.

Nice simple meal that is cooked in one pot, great for winter not made this dish before although I suspect I will have to thicken the sauce for my taste. I know it is not the lowest calorie meal but if it is off set with a low calorie soup for tea it should balance out my calories for the day. I like lamb but it is getting so mega expensive here so I tend to only buy it when it is on offer somewhere.

DH has been really good on the food front for this week so he has kept up his promise to his self to eat better this year. He has seen dividends on the scales so I hope motivation for another week. This is good as well considering he is not getting out to do his long walks as he would as it is not fit.

I have done some washing by hand today to keep the washing down as much as I can. So when the washing machine is in working order I can wash the big items like bed linen, bath towels (good job I have plenty extra in airing cupboard :D). Only another few more days to go I hope :crossed:

RONNI Thanks for the prayer for my Dad's procedure on Tuesday much appreciated.

Yes very lucky with our weather with the snow so to speak how quickly normally it disappears once it makes an appearance.

The cabbage soup is virtually the same to the one that I modified. Except this one just had cabbage, tomatoes and onions. Plus seasoning to your taste. It has only over the months have I modified it and added in more vegetables really whatever I have to hand or need using up. I will add in lentils or beans as well. I think I would like your Dad's version of the cabbage soup and very simple to make.

ROSEBUD Yes must be the day for cabbage soup making :D I make mine a little different each time no exact science to it just depends what veggies I have to hand. Great way to get a high portion of vegetable so lots of fibre for that fullness to stop us raiding the fridges :o Soups are just the thing for winter as they are so comforting and warming.

I was thinking of you today when I read an item about a nature reserve in Nottinghamshire called Attenborough Nature Reserve . It has got 7 bitterns there which is very unusual we only get about 2 or 3 in the nesting in there over the winter period. It did say that better management of the reed beds had been attracting them to the reserve.

Must go now rather tired now so take care ladies till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-10-2010, 12:21 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ Just a quick note tonight, as I have spent most of my day working on my PC trying to upgrade some of my programs; and that takes a lot of time for me. Unfortunately, all that was for naught; but did learn a few things, so that is good. Will have a go at that another time ...

PURPLE ~ yes, your lamb dish does sound nice; I suppose we could use some lean pork or chicken for the lamb. Lamb is very expensive here too, and you only seem to see it on special occasions here. Yes, will be sending up ^prayers^ for your DAD and your family -- for peace about all of his tests and his health too. :hug:

Just gonna go rest up a bit before bed; maybe read for a short while. Take good care ladies; and have a good restful Sunday ... ROSEBUD:flow1:

01-10-2010, 09:26 AM
Hi fellow chicks

Not ventured outdoors today the snow is still with us at this point. The clouds look full of snow to me but we see and wait to see what they bring if anything.

I watched a programme from the internet from BBC ALBA which is shown in Scotland but we can now view programmes from via the internet. Many of the programmes are in Gaelic not that I even speak or recognise any words from the language. Fortunately for me there is subtitling (I think it maybe called captioning over the pond) all the way. This was getting the people of Barra which is an Island off the West coast of Scotland together to view a half an hour programme that was screened some 44 years ago. It was entitled disappearing island due to the decline of Barra way of live which was crofting and fishing. They feared that what had happened to islands such as St Kilda that it would become uninhabited.

This is not the case in actual fact it has flourished and grown back up to virtually the number of people on the island when it was in its hay day. This was due to work being found close by or on the island itself. Such as working on the North sea oil rigs as they work one month on and one month off. Others now work in the little factory on the island which is involved in filleting and freezing fish. Tourism has grown with this area especially since a forward thinking American restored the castle. The locals all thought he was "barking mad" but now they think he was a great man who could see how important it is to save our heritage.

Barra has changed from how it was 44 years ago there is no denying that and progress has taken over. It is nice though to see that it has not become inhabited and that it is flourishing for the next generation. The younger generation tend to go and get higher education see a little of the world before returning to their homeland. This seem to be the pattern that is evolving with many of the Barra people.

ROSEBUD Firstly thanks for the prayers for my Dad :hug: much appreciated. Will let you know how things pan out as soon as I know anything.

PC's can be so frustrating at times but at least it was not all fruitless you did learn something along the way. I have spend many a hour getting frustrated when thing are not going right no matter what you seem to do.

yes I am sure the lamb dish would lend it self to any of the meats but just change the herb to suit that meat. Thyme for instance goes well with poultry. I am glad to report that the lamb dish was beautiful. It would also take different root vegetables also. I have had some stewed apples and one dessert spoon of zero fat Greek yoghurt on top :T I still have a good portion of apples left for another day. I put 20grams of raisins into the apples with some cinnamon and ginger. Nice spices for a winters day I think. I really think that apple lends itself so well to taking the spice cinnamon.

It is a quick stop by for me today I am afraid as today I must put my energies into the ironing and my energy levels are being to wan today as it approaches up to my treatment day. Also my TOM has come so not on top form. Glad I have found the time to drop by though and catch up. I am taking the time to type this as I wait for my pain killer to kick in so that I may do the ironing frim the washing that I did by hand yesterday. I do not want lots of ironing building up as it then gets way too much standing for hours even to make a dint in it.

Take care ladies till next time bye bye

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-10-2010, 11:15 PM
HI LADIES ~ having a nice relaxing day at home today; too cold to do anything else really. Been working on upgrading some more programs today; gee, why do we have to upgrade when we don't even use most of the stuff. Why do we need Live, Liver, and Livest Messenger; what's wrong with just Live Messenger ... actually, the first one worked just fine too! I'm getting :dizzy: from all the upgrades that take up all my memory for naught! Oh ya, I'm ranting ... grrr ... :mad:

HI PURPLE ~ Too bad that you don't have a nice tall stool that you could sit on while doing your ironing; oh ya ... I would be finding one in a hurry, if that was me. Sure hope you get your washing machine fixed up this week. Sounds like you need a break!

My step-mother is from Scotland; she took a trip over there with friends a couple of years ago and just loved it. They say Ireland has lots of castles too; and some homes in France also look like castles too, they are so big. It must cost a fair bit to keep them up though; you'd have to have a very high income to do that.

I hope to get high-speed internet soon so that I may be able to watch some stuff on the net too; if my pc will allow it. It would be nice to be able to watch some shows now and then; as the winters can be real long up here. I did make a nice center roast of pork today with baby carrots, turnip, parsnip, celery, onion, new tators, and I put something different in too: a small orange and 1/2 an apple chopped up. I think it made the sauce taste nice with just a very slight sweetness with the pork.

Well, time to go put my feet up and read some of my book; I'm reading another book about :angel: ANGELS :angel: right now. Very nice stories in it; some are about how we can be Angels for other people too, as well as a few that are somewhat supernatural-like.

Hope you all have a MARVELLOUS MONDAY tomorrow; and do take good care ... :flow1: ROSEBUD :flow1:

01-11-2010, 12:37 PM
Hi Ladies

Yesterday the snow started to thaw a little but it certainly by no means all gone. Last night DH and I sat and watched the two episodes of Doctor Who that was screened on Christmas day and New years day. Both of us have grown up with this series and can remember nearly all of the Doctors whom have played the part over the years.

Managed to do the ironing yesterday so caught up on the laundry front as much as I can do at this point without a washing machine. A little later though I need to get my act together make sandwiches for tomorrow to take to the MS centre as that day has come around again.

We have been out for lunch today but for tea I am doing boiled egg and toast for DH whom is an egg fan. I on the other hand am not an egg fan so I will be having peanut butter and toast. Then I have a cantaloupe melon for tea at least I think it is that type of melon I never remember the difference between that and galia melon.

ROSEBUD I do have a perching stool which I use if my legs hurt or my back is playing up. I never tend to use it other wise maybe I should use it more that I do.

I did not realise your step mum was Scottish. Scotland is a beautiful country especially the highlands of Scotland. I have enjoyed all my holidays that I have taken there in the past. Here in the UK we have many castles around although Nottingham has a castle called Nottingham castle it is what they call a folly. So some are disappointed when they get here as it does not fit in their minds eye of a castle. Yes France has some beautiful building called Châteaux which are fairy tale looking like castles. Like you say the up keep for they must be astronomical and I sure would not want the heating bill either :D I am lucky enough to have been to both France and Scotland so have seen these places first hand.

I tend not to use windows message or whatever the latest version of it is. I think this is partly due to the fact I find it so hard to type via that with having damage to the language part of my brain. Or keeping up with what somewhat has wrote especially if more than one person is in the conversation. Here on this thread typing I can go at my own speed read over what I have put change my spelling mistakes which are very many these days can be corrected. Sometimes progress is not always for the better it is sometimes a few steps backwards.

I am still reading about the nursing during the second war. The book angels sounds very good reading. Angels come in all disguises some we can physically touch and those whom are not visual to us though we may feel there presents around us.

Dad last night started the medication for the colonoscopy on Tuesday and now has finished taking the 3 doses of it. So now he has to stay close by to the bathroom so no going out and about has he would normally do.

Tomorrow I am not sure whether I will be around as time is not always on my side but I will try. Till the next time ladies keep up the good work.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-11-2010, 05:57 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, we had warmer temps today which was nice; but still very dull and cloudy ... gee, hope we see some :sunny: soon. They keep promising it but it doesn't show up or if it does, it doesn't stick around for long. It was about -12C today and we have had some big, fluffy ***** flakes today; I think it is so pretty but the men only talk about the shovelling and snow removal ... ;)

For our dinner, I am transforming our leftovers into a cottage pie; first, I shredded the pork and put it in a glass casserole; then topped taht with leftover veggies and a light gravy (cheating: using canned). Now I will put on some mash potato and pop it into the oven. DH loves this so much that I am making it more often now -- about 2 times a month, I'd say ...

Sent DH on some errands this AM; he likes to do that. We were running out of bird seed and had to get batteries for our carbon monoxide detector; we finally realized all the beeping was for a low battery. We were puzzled becuz the battery was supposed to be new, but it really wasn't; so finally, we have peace and quiet again ... well, except when your young neighbour practices his drums ... lol ... :dizzy:

Well, time to run off and get that dinner in the oven; take good care ladies for now ... Rosebud :flow1:

01-12-2010, 01:04 AM
HI PURPLE ~ you still have some snow? Thought it would be gone by now. Sent up ^prayers^ for your DAD for tomorrow that all goes well for him. Hope you have a good day at your therapy too. We had the cottage pie and it was great; DH loves it and licks his plate with bread ... ;)

Glad you got all your ironing done too. It's sounds like you have a very, very light meal at your tea time, which is what we call dinner here. You have a hot or bigger lunch (about noon) -- we do that sometimes if we go out and have lunch somewhere. Then we only have a light dinner.

We switch lunch and dinner now and then too. I asked DH what he thought if we did that more often. He said that we could try it; but I would have to get used to making the hot lunch in the morning instead of afternoon. I am so used to doing my cleaning then ...

I had to go for awhile; my sister called me via the internet. Still working on upgrading some programs; it can take a long time as you know. We have made some progress though; so we're getting there. Always learning as we go, so that's good too.

Yes, here we can type our posts ahead and take our time. On messenger, we use short-hand and a lot of acronyms (short forms) to speed it up, but we make mistakes all the time; that's normal. We dont' really use it that often; just now and then.

Hope you have a good day tomorrow; and take good care ... Rosebud :flow1:

01-13-2010, 12:49 AM
HI LADIES ~ we had lovely :sunny: for the entire morning and part of the afternoon today -- that was sooo nice for a change. We opened the curtains and let the sun shine in ... ;)

Just had a light supper tonight; a bacon & tomato sandwich and a cucumber salad. Tonight I made my own cranberry crumble: sliced up a 1/2 banana and put cranberry yogurt over that; topped it with a bit of granola and a few nuts ... very easy and yummy! Note: you could you cherry or raspberry or any kind of yogurt you like for this.

Just stayed home today; talked to my sister Numpster today. They both have a bad flu; but both of them were eating today and that's a good sign. Spent some time trying to fix things on my PC again; tonight will do some more. Got most of it done now; so had some success again today -- and I am still learning stuff thru all of it too.

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY tomorrow; and take good care ... Rosebud :flow1:

01-13-2010, 08:24 PM
:wave: HI THERE ~ we've been blessed with lovely warmer temps today ... only 0C or about 32F -- that's quite high for January in this area. Our temps are as warm as some places in southern part of our province. Supposed to be like this for a few days so it would be a good time to go out somewhere ...

Today, I made a different soup and it was yummy; I just took some of my frozen veggie soup base and add it to a package of chicken noodle soup (like the lipton kind) ... and it was really nice; DH loved it and had two bowls.

For my snack I had sliced bananas and peaches with lemon yogurt on top; really nice and filling. For dinner, we had Tuna Delight ... just a creamy pasta dish using a bit of cottage cheese and sour cream to lighten the cheese sauce up a bit; plus frozen veggies to give more protein and fiber.

Did a bit more stuff on my PC this afternoon; ran into some glitches but at least everything is running OK for me at this time. That is what matters the most really; have been doing some organizing and such also. It takes a lot of time -- more than you realize until you get started, and the time just flies by. That's why I made a quick & simple dinner tonight.

Hope you are all well; take good care and have a lovely day tomorrow ... ROSEBUD :flow1:

01-14-2010, 10:22 AM
Hi, Everyone! We're having something of a January thaw-it's been in the upper 20's and lower 30's (F) for about 3 days now. Not that you can tell much difference in the height of the snow mounds, but the streets and roads are becoming a little less icy:)

Had a busy couple days. Dentist finished the root canal Tuesday. It went ok and very little pain now. They said the pain before was from the infection that was still there, but the meds they put in the tooth apparently worked. I have to go back yet to get a crown for it, but that won't be too bad, I guess. My DH says I'm grinding my teeth at night again. I have a bite guard from when I did this a few years ago, but it doesn't fit now, so the dentist is going to attempt to grind it down to fit again, which will be much less spendy than having to get a new one.

Then, yesterday, just worked around the house all day, but the boys had youth group in the evening, so that's when I do my grocery and other shopping (you know, Walmart trip). Now, today I'm just beat. Seems like I have energy for a day or two, then I feel wiped out for a day or two. Maybe some of you with MS know if this is typical? Wish I just had a constant flow of energy so I could continue projects from one day to the next and finish them!

At least, I'm sticking to my eating plan and the holiday pounds are coming off again. Also, still doing the toning and tummy exercises I saw on Dr. Oz. I like that they only take about 15 minutes to do. Otherwise, I get bored. I really don't know how my sister manages to run 10 miles. I'd be bored out of my mind. And, she doesn't even take along an iPod or anything with music, but she does run with a friend frequently, so I guess they talk while they run. Guess you can figure out that she's really thin. At times, it's been hard for me to believe we even come from the same gene pool:lol:

Well, I'd better get going-lots to do, but no energy to do it. Hope you all have a great day!

01-14-2010, 05:48 PM
HI RONNIE ~ I don't have MS and I feel that way all the time too; seems if I overdo it one day, I am tired for the next 2-3 days, so I have to watch it all the time. Good idea to get your shopping done while the boys are at their youth group; two trips in one and saves on gas. We try to do the same thing too -- hit at least 2 places each time we go out to save on gas, etc.

I'm glad that you got that root canal business all done this week and that you are feeling better today. Nice to have them explain things to you too, isn't it? I prefer that -- our senior dentist takes more time and explains everything; I like that. The junior is nice just not that talkative, it seems.

Good for you sticking to your plan and seeing some reward for that too. What kind of exercises did Dr. OZ recommend. We don't have cable right now; we are thinking of getting in satellite or cable in February though, whichever one will do it first, with less cost and hassle. :lol:

You are right about your sister and the running; heck, I can even run yet ... :o I would likely collapse if I tried! ;) Like you, I tried jogging when I was younger and found it terribly boring and lonely. I imagine that is why she goes with a friend. We often see folks her in twosomes and with IPODS too. DH and I go walking together at night, esp from spring to fall; we hope to start again as soon as the snow is less. I will go out now when the weather isn't too bad, but more when it's all gone, thanks. I have been doing stuff indoors the other days.

Today we did housechores: I did the bathroom and laundry and other stuff while DH did the kitchen & bathroom floors; he is very helpful that way. He volunteered to do them becuz he says it gives him something to do so he doesn't get too bored in the wintertime; and I appreciate the help big time.

We are having the same kind of temps you are; if the snow is melting, it isn't very fast or noticable. We have been getting a lite sprinkle of snow here and there throughout the day, but not much really.

Nice to have you drop by; time to go start dinner ... :flow1:ROSEBUD :flow1:

01-15-2010, 01:28 PM

Rosebud-go to
You'll see video of the routine his trainer showed everyone. It's fairly easy, but the floor crunches I have to do on a stability ball to protect my back. has videos of most of the portions of the show. Just browse through and see whatever interests you. He has some really funny and interesting stuff.

Not much going on here today, which is fine, since I'm still tired. It's gloomy outside also. Don't know what happened to the sun we were supposed to have. Guess someone down south stole it-lol! Well, gotta go make lunch for DS3 and me. Hope everyone has a great day!

01-15-2010, 08:14 PM
Hi Ladies

This is a swift pop by tonight as life as kind of got busy at the minute for me. To top it off my tummy has been playing up for the last few days. I think now I am over the worst of it and the pain is virtually gone. Though since the pain started my tummy has swollen a little which seems to be part of the course it runs. I can't think for the life of me what I ate to upset it and cause this much pain.

I have been busy in the kitchen today I made a lentil and vegetable soup with a ham stock cube as I normally use a chicken or vegetable one. It has turned out rather thick too thick I think so will at a little water to thin it down a bit. I made some bread crumbs then seasoned with herbs. If my tummy was OK I think I would have seasoned with either chilli or curry power in the breadcrumbs. All I did was cut the breast of chicken in to bite size pieces then roll in the breadcrumbs. I laid this on a baking tray that I had lightly sprayed with one cal and then dizzled a tiny amount of oil. To crisp up the crumb around the chicken I then popped it under the grill (broiller) until golden brown. I served with vegetable fritters which I shallow fried in oil. (not the most healthiest I must admit) Although the fritters were packed with grated vegetables.

It is Dad's birthday tomorrow and he will be 76 years old. Like he said to me a while back he is one of the longest living in his family to his knowledge. The only other person was his grandfather who was affectionately known as shep. His name shep came about as he was a shepherd and that is how he earned his living and he got to the age of 81. My mum's family on the other hand many have lived to great ages and quite a few have got to well into their 90's. Though none to my knowledge got the famous telegram from the Queen for getting to the grand old age of 100.

We still have a tiny amount of snow on the ground at present but the bulk of it melted yesterday otherwise it lingered for days and days. Temperatures often dipping well below zero. So if the weather is fine tomorrow I hope to go for a stroll up the road to stretch my legs once again. It will be hard to walk again after being unable to for weeks but I must try and get some exercise in.

Sorry this has not been a post answering other posts in here by Rosebud and Ronni but tonight is a swift drop by as I have not been in here for a few days. Take care all and good night

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-16-2010, 09:55 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, the temps dropped a bit last night but warmed up today a little, hence perfect conditions for some ***** to fall. We also had some ~~~~~ and blowing ***** for several hours this afternoon & evening, so it's really starting to pile up out there ...

I just stayed home today; DH did some errands for me, picking up some fresh veggies for my dinner and soups. I made a chicken noodle-type soup with my veggies soup base today for lunch.

Tonight, I baked some chicken breasts for me and some boneless, pork centers for DH with lots of roasted veggies. The rest has been put into a casserole for tomorrow night's dinner; I added some frozen broccoli and it will have some cream of mushroom soup poured over it just before baking for our Sunday dinner. I put 2 containers of the leftovers roasted veggies/broth in the freezer for soups this coming week.

HI PURPLE ~ nice to see you drop by today; always miss your chatty self. Sorry to hear that you have been having some stomach problems again; but glad to hear that is on the mend too -- you gotta watch those spices!!! ;)

At Christmas I had a problem with that for a short while; I am wondering if it was too much spice in my custard -- seems that something gave me acid indigestion for a while, but it has cleared up now. I can have cinnamon or allspice by themselves with no problem, so I am wondering if it may have been something else or the combination. Not really sure ... :shrug:

I think that the hot spices like chili pepper may be hard on our digestive systems; but I don't use that spice too often anymore, just stick to a bit of plain black pepper these days, esp for my homemade soups, which I could eat everyday since I love it so much.

I just finished my last book this weekend and read another historical period romance as well, finishing it off this afternoon ... love those kinds of stories. They are about people's lives in different historical times; this one was set in the 1700's in the US -- about the time of that nations fight to keep their country; fighting off the British, it seems. :lol:

Last night, I didn't get back in here to post here; stayed up too late reading -- once I got into that story, I couldn't put it down. Of course, it had a wonderful ending, which I prefer.

Hope you all have a MARVELLOUS MONDAY tomorrow, and a wonderful week too ... ROSEBUD :flow1:

01-16-2010, 10:01 PM
HI RONNIE ~ thanks for that link to Mr. Oz's exercise videos, etc. Hope you and yours had a great weekend so far; I seem to be ahead of myself -- I thought today was Sunday for some reason, seem to skip a day now & then ... :lol:

We are getting lots of ***** tonight; lots of work for the snow-fairies for tonight and tomorrow! ;) Hope you have a blessed and peaceful and restful Sunday tomorrow ... :hug:

01-17-2010, 08:16 PM
HI LADIES ~ We had milder temps today; steady at 0C and still is there right now -- that's quite mild for here. There was lots of ***** to clean up this AM, but it's looks nice and clean out there. I just looked down the street and it kinda looks dreamy-like with all the new fallen snow. No one is out and all are indoors keeping warm and toasty tonight ...

We had a wandering visitor here today; a very pretty husky/shepherd cross dog -- very light colored but a husky face. Was wearing a very bright collar so doesn't look like a stray at all; but it was in our area on and off all day. It got into some mischief (must be hungry as it was trying to get into people's garbage); sure hope he/she finds their way back home soon ...

We had a lovely dinner; leftover chicken breasts with roasted veggies in a mushroom cream sauce. Made some baked apples with granola for dessert; but will likely have this as a snack as I usually do.

I hope all our ladies are feeling well today; that you had a nice weekend, and that you all have a MARVELLOUS MONDAY tomorrow too. Time to go put my legs up for a rest; I've been on them all day long. Take good care ... ROSEBUD :flow1:

01-18-2010, 09:47 PM
:wave: HI THERE ~ seems everyone is busy these days; what a shame! I think this place is so helpful to those of us who are still on this journey, and when I get into maintainence (in what millenium that will be, I don't know?), I know that I will still appreciate the support we get here.

Every week, I keep seeing so many former members return here -- who lost some weight and left; then gained part or all of the weight back. It would have been so much easier to have stuck around for the reminder and the accountability this site can give us, then they wouldn't have to start all over again.

I was trying to imagine what goes on in their minds ~ they are busy; or maybe they have lost the weight and think they don't need it anymore. They are too busy to come by once a week? It only takes a few minutes to make a short post. I find this place is a gentle reminder to me to keep on the road to health and wellness.

I'm not losing at a breakneck speed, but I am still hanging in there; and I did start out higher than many have too. I have hit some stalls and plateaus along the way, but like others have said (like Steven Ares), you just gotta keep going, that's all ...

I hope all our friends out there are OK; I hope that you are not sick or feeling down. And, I hope you can drop by at least once a week so that you won't gain back the weight and have to start all over again. Take good care ... Rosebud :flow1:

01-19-2010, 01:11 PM
Hi Ladies

Managed to find sometime today to drop by. Firstly a big thank you to Rosebud for keeping the thread very active. This week as you know dad had his colonoscopy , then I had a really bad bout with my tummy for a couple of days and was really laid up. It has taken me a few days to get myself right and eating properly again. Still awaiting the results from the test so hoping that it is good news and nothing too sinister. My sister went in yesterday as a day case for her preoperative checks prior to her spinal operation. They do xrays, bloods works, explain the procedure and what it will involve plus risks. She has now been given a date for that which is the 28 January so not many days to wait now.

Today has been my treatment day at the ms centre and no one turned up for my session so I went in to the later one as I did not see it as worth it just running it for me especially when I am there all morning anyway.

Yeah :carrot: the snow has all gone it went virtually in one day when it started to disappear and I think that day was Friday if I recall right. We have been replace by rain now lol Not that I am complaining at least I can go out and about in rain. The snow restricts me so much to my own activities.

DH brother has broke his leg "was this on the ice and snow we had ?" Nope I am afraid he was worse for wear and had one over the eight as they say. My SIL phoned me to let me know of his latest antic I thought you was suppose to get wiser as you got older ;) In many things he is very serious and does things very much to the book (especially with sky diving and the para's which is the part of the military who do parachute jumps) He takes his business very seriously as well so I suppose he lets his hair down and unwinds this time with disastrous results.

ROSEBUD I agree with your sentiments exactly even though I have lost the bulk of my weight I still come on here as it reminds me that I could so easily fall back to my old ways of eating which put the vast amounts of weight on me due to my poor diet.

Yesterday we had something called shepherds pie. I made it from some left over lamb I had. To put with the lamb I cooked some split lentils, onions, peppers (bell), carrots and then added a few spoons of gravy so that this was not dry then a good sprinkling of dried rosemary :T

For the last few days we have been having soup home-made of course. This is red lentil soup I followed the recipe as best as I could the only bit I had to change was I could not find the cut of meat ham hock in the supermarket so instead I bought a ham stock cube. Turned out to be a great idea as the flavour for the soup has been very nice indeed. It is a nice a thick soup with having 8oz of lentils in it plus various vegetables that you may have round. Here is the link to the web page where I did the recipe from Look for under the heading related links then it is on the link download Maureen recipes It is in pdf format and you can download a pdf reader for free if you are having problems with this I will copy and type the recipe out so that you may see what I have made. In it went all sorts of vegetables I had in the fridge from green bean, cabbage, brussels and bell peppers. Great recipe for using up the odds and ends and for sneaking vegetable into kids ;)

I am off out tonight playing cards it is the first night that I have been out playing cards in weeks as they have been cancelled due to the weather. So it will seem strange playing cards after such a long break.

Must run now as it is time to start our main meal of the day it is just the rest of the shepherds pie so nothing too hard for me to prepare. Take care and catch you soon.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-19-2010, 08:44 PM
HI LADIES ~ we awoke to glorious :sunny: today; it was so warm and lovely that it almost felt like summertime sitting there by our front window on my rocker this morning ... it was so peaceful and serene!

Am catching up on my laundry today (bed linens & towels), while a nice dinner bakes in the oven. Having a turkey leg with lots of roasted veggies tonight; it smells divine and is so healthy too! I am having some good OP days this week; and I am so very happy that I have been able to get back on track so quickly after Christmas this year -- as that was one of my mini-goals for this year.

PURPLE ~ boy, your family is sure going thru a lot right now; you must be concerned. I have put them all on my prayer list as well. I hope you have a great time at your whist drive tonight; I know you have missed them ... :hug:

I think a Ham Hock is a Ham bone or joint; I know that here Hocks are pig's ankles or feet. They used to be really economical; and do have some meat on them. So they were good for soups/stews; or by themselves and taste really nice with BBQ sauce on them. I saw some here this year, but felt the price was way too high for such a low end cut of meat.

Yes, I had read about 2 ladies just this week alone (and one last week) that had left for some time, regained their lost weight, and had returned to help them get back on track again. I made a decision a while back that I am going to continue to come by and track what I am eating for the rest of my life (GOD willing) as I really want to get and keep healthy for the long-term.

I have lost a lot of weight and inches and sizes, and I feel much better; so I don't want to return to where I was before. I still have a long way to go to reach all of my goals, but I have broken them up into several smaller mini-goals which will be much more achievable for me.

It's a psychological trick that I am using to help me achieve goals faster; which in turn, gives me added momentum. For instance, I am tracking what I eat each meal & snack for each day; that one goal. I am tracking for each week and month also and comparing them: another goal. I am tracking my size of clothes and how they fit; more mini-goals. And, I am tracking my exercise and walking each day too.

DH ran some errands for me today -- delivering some letters & bills to the post for me, and picking up a few things we needed while I did other stuff at home. That is a great help to me these days.

Hope you all have a nice evening and a Wonderful Wednesday tomorrow also ... Rosebud :flow1:

01-20-2010, 10:47 AM
Hi, everyone! Hope you're all having a great day:D. We're going to have an easy day today, since we're having what they call a wintry mix of weather-sleet, freezing rain, and snow possible later. School is already cancelled, as well as the youth groups this evening, but I think I'll have to have the boys do some of their homeschooling work anyway-he! he! They won't be too happy, but we gotta do what we gotta do!

DS2 is supposed to go to a scholarship competition this Saturday, so we have planned to go early on Friday and stay at a local motel (it's about 3 hours away), but, now, of course, it's depending on what happens with the weather. Fortunately, we do have the option to reschedule to one of the other days for this competition.

I shared this in the Christian Encouragers thread, but will also tell you that my mother-in-law has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She must decide quickly whether to have a lumpectomy or mastectomy. DH is worried, but I think he's also in a little bit of shock over this, especially so soon after losing his dad to cancer.

Well, I'm really hoping you all have a great day! :hug: to all!

01-20-2010, 01:45 PM
Hi Ladies

It is rather chilly today but I think it is more the wind that gets to you. Temperature when we got in the car around lunch time was 4.5C but I suppose that is about average for this time of the year.

I have been today to drop in my monthly prescription and to do my weekly shop. I have picked up some more split lentils for my cooking and am using split yellow peas for the first time. So I am being more and more adventurous in trying the different pulses on offer which provide a good source of fibre in our diet and protein. I am going to use the split yellow peas with some lean mince beef so that I can reduce the quantity of meat. I had already took out my meat otherwise I would have had a whirl at doing the dish completely vegetarian. I have found that the boss of the MS centre is vegetarian so is a good source of information on how to use different pulses. She has given me a simple recipe for the split yellow pea and carrot soup so I think we will be having that very shortly. It is so nice to be able to ask someone with expertise in that area but a source of information to vegetarian recipes that are quick and easy. The manage is also healthy eating following the calorie counting path. She seems to be doing well so we are supporting each other.

RONNI I will keep your MIL in my thoughts especially after her dx (sorry diagnosis this is medical shorthand for this) of breast cancer. No wonder your husband is reeling after having so recently losing his dad to cancer only a few months down the line to her mum has the disease. I can understand her dilemma of weighing up the pros and cons of the different procedures of lumpectomy or mastectomy. It is not an easy choice to make and only she can tell what she feels right having done. It is so strange how some families seem to have one disease in it. I think of friends of ours who both have had cancer (skin) and she also ended up having a double mastectomy. It seems so unfair that this happens and often to the nicest and kindest people in the world who would do anything for anybody.

I wish your son all the best in the competition for the scholarship on Saturday lets hope that he weather does not disrupt plans. I see you are stopping at a motel that is something I have been meaning to ask is it your name for our hotel. A hotel is a building with rooms off corridors each with door numbers to denote the different ones. Each one locks and you hire a room with en-suite for a period needed. Most hotels here you book and the meal is included in that.

It sounds as though your weather has been horrid of late especially if schools are closing down due to the weather. I know they stay open long after a sprinkling of snow comes here and there is mass panic. Has the years have gone on it has got worse due to what is called health and safety here. Children at school are not allowed to play the simple games we all played as children like skipping with a rope as we did as kids. We spend many a break times doing actives such as these or jumping in-between elastic.

ROSEBUD Thanks for adding me to your pray list at the minute it is much appreciated it feels a lot on my plate at the minute and that is maybe why my tummy played up with stress. Ulcers are renown to react to stress as are many conditions from my eczema to my ms.

Yes ham hock was a cheap cut of meat here but I do not know the cost of it now as I have not bought any for years. When we was children it was something we frequently bought over the weekend and had with crusty bread. I would expect the cost has risen to silly prices here for what it is.

You mentioned that you have had heard recently of two users returning after they had regained the weight I think this is a warning that we all need to heed that healthy eating is for life not for a set period. If not it will all come back as quickly as you have lost it.

:carrot: good for you losing the inches and having smaller sizes. It is much more manageable to break it up in to small goals to achieve and tick them off as you achieve them. I use to break them up in to 14lbs only because they make a stone which is how we do our body weight rather than pounds alone. If I reached that goal I would get a treat not food of course but a small gift something like a shower gel, nail polish, small piece of costume jewellery and there are so many little things that you can award yourself with. I work well with the carrot and stick method :lol: with the occasional :kickbutt: needed :D

Time for me to run need to make a cuppa :coffee: to have my tablets with as it is that time again. Water is tasting extra nice again as just changed water filter. Take care ladies till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-20-2010, 08:49 PM
HI PURPLE ~ it must be much nicer to go for walks over there now, esp with the snow gone from the sidewalks; we had some snow again the last couple of days (this AM included). Then the :sunny: came out in the afternoon until sunset; I saw that little slit of a moon while washing up the dinner dishes tonight too!

Am glad to send up some prayers for you and your family; which are going thru a lot right now. Certainly can't hurt; and can only help IMO. We wish the best for your sister and her surgery, and will keep the prayers up for her until, during, and after the surgery. Same for your DAD until they find out the cause of his problem and for you and your stomach/stress issues too.

I like the yellow split peas in soups & stews; and next time I am shopping myself will pick up the orange/red ones for the tomato dishes and such. I'd like to try them all out and see how we like them. It is a great way to stretch the meat for sure; and what healthy way to do that too.

We had pasta with cubed chicken & peas in a cream sauce on penne pasta tonight for dinner; I also added 1/2 cup 1% fat cottage cheese to the sauce, for more protein and creaminess; and it was really nice. DH said that he loved it. So I am slowly finding unique ways to get healthier stuff into him, by making sure that it takes just as good as the hamburger versions.

That sounds so nice for you that you are meeting so many new people that you can share not only about your MS but also your new healthy lifestyle as well. You are very fortunate and blessed to have that center to support each other; we don't have anything like that here to my knowledge and I think that is such a shame.

The same goes for weightloss support, but our government says that is going to start up some combined health groups to help people access better health care in the future; so we hope that works out for all us, esp in areas where is getting hard to get into see a doctor.

My DH tried to make an appointment to see a doctor the other day and they said that his doctor wasn't here and there was no-one there to make an appointment for him in the future either. I don't know what's going on down there; but they used to have a receptionist there 5 days a week. Now you call up and no-one is there half the time; it is really frustrating ... :shrug:

Take good care and have great day tomorrow ... :hug:

01-20-2010, 09:02 PM
HI RONNIE ~ you are really having some terrible weather down there this year. We had more snow the last couple of days but it was actually very pretty; big, fluffy flakes flying this way and that way ... nice! The temps haven't been too bad either; we had 0C, then 5C, and today we had -5 to -10C later in the day. Not too bad for January in Northern Canada really ...

Funny that your kids get home-schooled but think that any day the public schools are closed they should get a holiday too; that is sooo interesting! Maybe you could do some fun things for the afternoon or something like that.

Your DS2 will have an adjustment next year when he goes off to college or university; they have to go to school all day for 5 days and often have piles and piles of extra homework to do too. I know we did and you have to count on doing at least 3 hours more each night and some on the weekend in order to get good grades. Many kids aren't prepared for that and struggle; and some fail becuz of it too ... it's good to be prepared ahead of time!

Am sending up prayers for your MIL and your DH too; it's been a tuff year on both of them, I know. What a tuff decision she has to make; hopefully, her doctors can give her lots of info to make that decision a bit easier for her. :hug:

Take good care and hope you have a good day tomorrow ... :flow1:

01-21-2010, 11:00 AM
Hi, everyone! Had some freezing rain still this morning, but the roads have been treated in places (usually only at intersections, so you can stop better), so school's on. And, since I missed my shopping night last night (no youth groups, so no one went to town), I need to go to town with DS2 to get some things while he's at his class at the public school. It'll be nice to get out of the house for an hour or 2. DS3 has become expert at doing schoolwork while riding in the van;).

Purple-Yeah, hotels and motels are pretty much the same. Here, we tend to find that motels are the cheapest and typically have 1 or 2 beds and a full bath in each room, with the doors opening either into a common hallway or directly to the outside (just depending on how it's designed). It's a rare occasion that a motel will have a swimming pool, but some do. Hotels are typically more expensive, have about the same amenities, but may also have nicer suites with 'living rooms' and separate bedrooms (waaayyy expensive). Most hotels will have a pool, either indoor or outdoor or both. Almost anything with Inn in the name is usually too expensive for us to afford, although we have found travel deals at times. Inns are usually comparable to the hotels. And, realistically, there are ranges in price for all of the different types of lodging. A 1-star anything is going to be the cheapest with the least conveniences and maybe the least clean (icky) while a 5-star will be very, very nice. I, still always wonder about the cleanliness, because none of them will be clean if the housekeepers are lazy. Most places here have also started providing what they call a continental breakfast in a lobby area free of charge. It's usually just something like doughnuts and coffee, though. Not very filling or healthy, although at a couple places we've stayed, they had cereals, waffle makers to make your own waffles, and fruits and juices too.

Hope you have a nice day and weekend. Praying for your sister and dad. :hug:

Rosebud-It has been interesting that your temps this winter have regularly been warmer than ours. Sometimes weather patterns are really funny. Here, I'm thinking that universities and colleges are a little different than up where you are. When I was in college, I rarely had a full day of classes. Most now have varied schedules depending on what you're taking. Might have a classes on MWF at 9am, 10am, then 2pm, and on TTh at 9, 11, 12, or many other combinations. I used to group mine all in the mornings, then have afternoons off to study at my apartment. That would probably be DS2's favored schedule, as he likes to get up early. DS3, on the other hand, will only want his classes after noon:lol: Fortunately, we have a few more years to get him used to the idea that he may have to take courses in the mornings when he goes to college!

It really sounds like you're doing good with your eating plan. Good that your DH doesn't mind trying new things too (same with Purple's DH)! My DH is always hesitant to try new ways (and kinda picky too), but I've been working on just revamping our old recipes to healthier versions of the same thing, like using ground turkey breast in place of half the ground beef (& I use very lean ground beef) when making chili or spaghetti. Also, have made a point to have more veggies and salads with the meals and less starchy carbs. Using olive oil instead of other oils and cutting the amount of sugar I put in recipes that call for sugar. DH doesn't seem to notice some of the slights changes, but when I made the chili with only turkey, he did not like it at all! So, it's a learning experience. I may have to pick up some split peas or lentils to try, though, as we like beans and the split peas might go over well. Some nice split pea and bean soup sounds good on these cold days.

Well, I'd better go get ready to head to town. You all have a great day and weekend, too, if I don't get back here.

01-21-2010, 12:03 PM
Hi Ladies

It is a rather chilly :brr: day outside it is the wind that is making feel like that. I did just go for a walk today which was my first in a wee while. It was much easier than I had anticipated it would be with the long break from it. I am starting to see the first signs of springtime. I saw shoots of I would expect are either crocuses or snowdrops. It is so nice to see them appearing as you know the warmer weather is not too long around the corner.

Today for lunch we have had soup (the last of the red lentil one) we had this for lunch as DH had some dental work done today so I decided that might be best so soon after the treatment. We then had a portion of grapes and a weight watcher framage frais style yoghurt (50 calories per pot or there abouts ) I have cooked for tea lean mince beef and added a tin of mung beans to that plus some mushrooms. I have a jar of pasta sauce that I have put over the meat, mung beans and mushrooms. According to the website wikipedia the bung bean is also known as green bean, mung, mongo, moong, moog dal (in Bengali), mash bean, munggo or monggo, green gram, golden gram, and green soy. So hopefully the name by which you know this bean is here as we frequently call things by different names. We have some fresh melon for tea so nearly got our 5 a day fruit and vegetables in for the day that they recommend here in the UK.

I have found the site it has a section on portion sizes for the amount of people so it makes it easier if you are not sure how much is a portion. So often my portions can be so much bigger than they should be. I am not so sure yet about the recipes given and how healthy they all are. Although there maybe a gem tucked away there if you trawl through that fits in with your healthy eating plan. I think it will be chicken casserole over the weekend with pulses in as well as other vegetables nice for this sort of weather. I am not cooking tomorrow as I am at my parents for the day. I will have to choose wisely as tomorrow we are going out for lunch with them as dad has an hospital appointment at around 2.30pm. So we are having a very light snack at lunch as I have medication to take that does not go very well without food as it makes me feel sick if I do.

ROSEBUD Thanks once again for the prayers and like you say they can't hurt.

I have a question about the split yellow peas I don't know what I did wrong but they did not seem to cook well they were still semi hard after at least one hours cooking. I soaked them over night in cold water then washed them under cold water. Then place them on the hob and boiled them for about 1 hour. What have I done wrong? Why did they not cook until nice and soft? In the end in desperation as I hate wasting food they were semi soft at this stage I used my hand blender and blended them to a smooth paste then added them to the soup we were having for lunch. Hence that is why I have mung beans in my tea for tonight. I tend not to have the dried version of beans I am a big cheat and use tinned version. The only one I don't is lentils and red lentils which cook beautifully. So I will ask an expert on the cooking of dried beans what to do.

Your meal for yesterday sounds lovely I must admit. Yes it is a battle that I understand trying to get healthy food into our men folk. Half the battle I have found is that it does not look much different or taste much different from his favourite dishes. OK so I have had some failures that he does not like but on the whole I am getting there which some healthy choices. Getting the creaminess that would have once been got from cream itself from cottage cheese is a stroke of genius. That way it tastes rich and unctuous that it hits the mark but healthier and less calories to boot. Creme fresh is also a good substitute for cream as is natural yoghurt or Greek yoghurt. They also come in fat free or low fat if you can't get that range.

Yes it is a shame that you do not have a centre that is a drop in type for SB or maybe arrange of different challenges. It is so good not that we sit and talk all the time about our condition far from it. Although if you want to ask someone about an issue it can be discussed and they can point you in the right direction. Otherwise it is nice to sit and have a chinwag (talk) with others about various things that way it can be great if you maybe in pain for a few hours it becomes a little less as you are concentrating on talking so diverts your mind from it.

Gosh we moan at times about the receptionist at the doctors but they are there 5 days a week from like 9 to 5. Getting a doctors appointment can take a while unless it is urgent then they will see you that day or you go to hospital if you feel it is bad enough to warrant this. I really do hope this area of health care improves for you as it is not really acceptable as it is at present and things need to be ironed out to get the system working smoothly for all. I can see why that organisation has been set up to get the wheels in motion and get more awareness to the problem. They in turn maybe able to put pressure on the government or whatever is responsible for health care of the country.

RONNI Firstly thanks for the prayer for my family which are having different health conditions which makes it stressful time for DH and I.

Thanks for explaining the difference between motels and hotels. Here in the UK to the best of my knowledge we do not have anything like a motel. Here the typical breakfast in a hotel would be either a full cooked English breakfast (fried eggs, fried bread, bacon, sausage, beans or tomatoes so not very healthy) or more often than not you would get a choice of cereal then toast. If you are lucky instead of cereal there maybe a option of porridge. We do have something which we colloquially call B and B or bed or the full name is bed and breakfast. These then to be much cheaper than a hotel but are run in a large house or maybe farmhouse. They are more personal touch with a family running the business and again the breakfast very much the same in a hotel. These though would not tend on the whole to have as many star rating as a hotel they maybe would be one or two but a hotel would be 3 to 5.

The roads for you sound a little bit dicey and need your wits about you. The intersections is again something we do not have the same word for but are these roads where another road meets another. If this is the case here in the UK we would call that a junction. If the road was shaped in either X or + shape then these would be called cross roads all very confusing I know. I hope my explanation was not about as clear as mud ;)

Right time to get myself a cup of lady grey tea (it is what I drink 99% of the time I would expect) and this is drunk black. I do not put milk in tea or coffee and have not done since I was around 15 but then I was thought as strange for my taste but know people do not blink an eye to it as it has become more common.

Bye bye and take care, have a lovely day all.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-21-2010, 03:32 PM

3 cups penne or rotini (corkscrew) pasta of choice
2 x 4 oz frozen chicken patties (or breast)*
2 tsp canola or olive oil
1/2 small chopped onion
1/2+ cup of frozen veggies (I used peas)
1/2 cup water
1 small can cream of mushroom soup
1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese
2 tsp onion soup mix
1/2 tsp pepper
seasonings to taste

NOTE: you can use peas; or peas & carrots; or mixed frozen veggies of your choice in this dish.

Brown patties over medium heat, covered; cooking throughly; remove and cut up into 1/2-inch cubes and return to pan. Add onion and saute a few minutes; add veggies of choice, water, soup, and herbs & spices of choice. Cook for about 5-10 minutes then add cottage cheese; cover and simmer for 10-15 minutes until the cheese is melted.

MEANWHILE, cook pasta according to instructions; meat sauce will be ready when pasta is done if it is timed right. Serves 4 persons just right; nice in bowls.

*If you want more meat, you can add another patty or breast, if you are serving for 4 persons. We eat this as it is and save the leftovers for a lunch, with just a wee bit of meat.

RE: YELLOW PEAS -- I put my yellow split peas in my soup and/or stew and they were OK, but then I do let this simmer-boil for at least 2 hours, maybe more. They do take a bit of time. I am surprised that after soaking them all night and cooking them for an hour they weren't ready, but I have heard in some recipes that you will have to cook them in the dish at least another 30-60 minutes to be soft.

I did notice that the yellow split peas are bigger in size than the red/orange ones so that could be the reason they need to cook longer ...

So soak them overnight; drain; cook them in water or broth 1 hour then add them & broth to your soup/stew/dish and let them cook a bit longer, then they should be OK. OR soak them all day; drain; boil one hour in whatever; and let that sit overnight in the fridge. Then you can put them in your dish the next day and with a bit of cooking they definitely should be ready.

01-22-2010, 10:44 PM
HI LADIES ~ it was cloudy and overcast for most of the day today; and it stayed about -7C becuz of that. It would have been warmer if the sun was out, but we did have it for 2 days in a row, which was a blessing ...

We had pizza for dinner tonight for a change; and to lower the carb cals for myself, I gave most of my center crust to our dear NIKO, which he just loves. So we all got some and for a good deal too.

I forgot to get back in here last night; put my feet up and did some reading and got too tired, so I went to bed early last night. A book does it every time; makes me sooo sleepy.

PURPLE ~ thanks for the link to the recipe site. Hope you have a grand time with your parents tonight too; and we pray that things went well for him at his appointment today too. Here a Motel is usually a long row of rooms or apartmentettes; mostly one story although I have rarely seen a 2-story. They are usually the best price places to stay; and vary in style and services.

Hotels are usually much fancier and bigger: often stories of rooms with a main diningroom, bar, pools, etc; and they often cost a lot more to stay there. B & B's are sort of middle of the road, depending on how fancy they are and how much they dote on the guests. My sister's new place is quite fancy and upscale, but so beautiful too. They are like you described -- Numpster's is a three-storey chalet style; gorgeous interior; right on a lake; really nice.

Hope everyone is having FANTASTIC FRIDAY NIGHT; and please do have a wonderful weekend with family & friends ... Rosebud :flow1:

01-23-2010, 06:05 PM
Hi Ladies

Today will be a short stop by as now after spending the best part of the day in the kitchen cooking I am shattered. I have been having a bakerthon or it seems like it now. I have made today chicken casserole made from breast of chicken. This is big enough for today and tomorrow. The vegetables that were left in the bottom of the casserole I have strained them from the majority of gravy and made 3 vegetable cottage pies made with a herby potato. To make the herby potato boil or steam the potatoes until soft then mash the potatoes. I do not add any butter or milk by the way then to the potatoes I then add some dry mix of sage and onion stuffing. Although you can use any preferred stuffing you like. I add enough so you have a herby taste to it then I just top my vegetables or minced meat if you are making the non vegetarian version.

The breasts of chicken still had their fillets in so I cut them out and from that I made a sweet and sour. I have added some chickpeas to this to make it more filling. To my casserole I added flagot beans to add more fibre to the dish. So all in all I have put 4 separate meals in the freezer for a later date when I am short of time or not feeling so good. I was starting to run down with my home made meals so they needed topping up.

Weather has been dry today although not sure if there is going to be a frost tonight as I have already seen the gritter lorry go up our road earlier this evening. I have had to put the gas fire on later this evening so the temperature is definitely dropping.

This next week is going to be a busy one for me and I will not see my parents as I would normally do so glad we had the opportunity to see them yesterday. We are busy next week as arranged for then are two deliveries for my BIL. On Monday we are going to Northampton and Wednesday we are going Warrington. Wednesday journey we think will very picturesque as we are going over the Pennines which are are group of mountains that run north-south through northern England. This web page can explain far better than me :D

Has I said I went to my parents yesterday and Dad had to fast for 4 hours to have a CAT scan of his abdomen. Prior to the test he had to drink barium and then during the procedure he had a dye injected into him to highlight certain areas. On Monday he has got to take a blood test for liver function test due to the fact he is diabetic and on a certain type of medication. One of his diabetic medication he had to stop prior to the test and then not take it again until blood test is taken Monday. Scan went off with on problems just got to wait now for the results :crossed:

ROSEBUD Thanks for the recipe for a pasta dish all recipes are welcome as they add to your repertoire and make food exciting. Plus the tips on cooking the split yellow peas. Dad when I spoke to him (he does all the cooking at home and did his National Service as a army catering corp.) he suggested a small pinch of bicarbonate of soda. So at least I have a few tips to be going on with to try and crack them.

Here in the UK nearly all our homes are two storey some even three. The house I was in prior to the bungalow was a three storey one. It was a Victorian house with lovely big rooms and a large cellar. Also as I have said before most homes are brick or stone builds. Although our home is not it is prefab which was the name given to temporary housing put up after the war to house all the homeless families due the heavy bomb that took part. They were suppose to be up a few years until more permanent housing of brick build homes could be made. Well they are still going strong after all these years. Many of the prefabs like our have been given an "brick coat" shall we say for the want of a better word. Strangely enough my sister who lives in the same place as my parents lives in a prefab also but hers is a two storey building as opposed to our one.

Time for me to bring this to a close as I am right tired but it has been nice to drop by. I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend which has started in earnest now. Take care all

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-23-2010, 09:51 PM
HI LADIES ~ We had overcast skies today, so the temps stayed around -5C for the day; but they are forecasting that it will warm up for the next week and be in the +C range. That will be nice ...

HEY PURPLE ~ praying that all the tests come back clear for your DAD and that he'll be well again soon. Sounds like you really had a busy day making all those homemade dishes to put up in the freezer -- it's true a day of cooking is very tiresome! Now you can rest tomorrow before your trip on Monday.

I'd try the veggie cottage pie for myself, but I just know my DH would say, "Where's the meat?" :lol: Gotta have a wee bit in there at least to fool him. So far, I can use less in soups, stews, pasta dishes, and casseroles, but he's a cottage pie nut and loves the meat & gravy with mash on top. He wouldn't care if I skipped the veggies really, but he is getting used to having them in there now. He has adjusted to our newer way of eating pretty good, but I still can't get him to eat salads at all; or fruit unless I sneak it in something like pie (and that will only happen on special occasions).

I like lots of veggies and salads and raw things; and we are eating less meat than we used to. I can eat pasta with no meat; and when I was single I did that a lot ... same with beans. Sometimes, I still will have beans for lunch or on top of an omelette, but DH isn't interested in that, so he makes himself something else. I think he ate too many beans as a child, as I know his Dad & Mom ate them almost daily. It seemed to me, that almost every time I was over there, they had beans and potatoes for dinner; no meat; no veggies; just that -- so I can see why DH isn't a veggie nut, but now he eats them becuz he has too! Becuz I make him! :rofl:

But honestly, I make sure the dish is really tasty using lots of herbs and things to make them taste nicer to him. We had roasted chicken and roasted veggies and sweet potatoes (which he loves now) for dinner; and there's leftovers for another meal too.

Hope you all have a super Serene and restful Sunday tomorrow; and do take good care of yourselves too ... Rosebud :flow1:

01-25-2010, 10:28 AM
Hi, Gals! So glad the weekend is over! It was a long, tiring one. The drive to the college on Friday was incredibly stressful due to bad weather-very dense fog, high winds, rain, and freezing rain:eek:. DS2 said he thinks he did ok on the essays, but hated the interviewing. We'll find out in a few weeks if there's any more $$ coming his way. It was a nice day, though (except for the weather). The college had seminars and tours for the parents and even let us attend one of their basketball games for free if we wanted, and by afternoon, DS3 was ready for some activity other than "adult" seminar stuff, so we took him to the girls' basketball game and they were really good. DS3 is even saying he might want to go to this same college when he graduates (which, fortunately, is another 4 years away). It is a wonderful Christian college and we've been very impressed with both the staff and the students we've gotten to meet.

So, of course, today is catch up day, for housework, schoolwork, and hopefully, some rest! Have a great day! I hope to be back later....

01-25-2010, 05:39 PM
:wave: HI RONNI ~ glad you made it to the college and back with the guys safe and sound; will pray that something good comes out of all that for DS2. Something good already has, with DS3 interested in attending there down the road. We have had such mild temps that we have had some rain the last 2 days; and our roads are clear right now, but they are now saying the temps will drop by tomorrow ... my, how things can change in just one day ... ;)

We were going to go out today -- but the laneway was covered in ice; just watching DH and a neighbour sliding around convinced me to forget it. I'd rather wait til some new fallen ***** comes down, so it's safer to walk out there. DH spread some sand around that he pilfered from the edge of the street: don't want it to go to waste now, do we? ... :lol:

PURPLE is off on a delivery run with her DH and Rizzie today and Wednesday, so she'll be scarce this week. I forgot to post yesterday; I was on my PC but spent some time at another site for awhile til late. We are having some leftovers tonight that I want to use up; leftover pasta dishes from the freezer. Probably have a salad too.

Hope you all have a Terrific Tuesday tomorrow ... Rosebud :flow1:

01-26-2010, 11:48 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ OUR temps have dropped down to -15C and we had ***** today and they expect we will have some more tomorrow. This is normal for this time of year; but it sure feels chilly. As we approach February, then the real cold temps arrive, but that is good becuz we have our WINTER CARNIVAL in the middle of February and we need the cold temps for that.

We had stir-fry veggies on brown rice mix for dinner; nice and healthy. Had a good OP (on plan) day. Just did stuff around here today; not too busy.

Take good care; and have a wonderful Wednesday everyone ... Rosebud :flow1:

01-27-2010, 09:51 PM
:wave: HI THERE ~ well, we had gorgeous :sunny: for most of the day in between some sprinkels of *****; and now it's about -17C and will likely go down to -20C like it did last night ... :brr:

Just stayed home and did stuff around here today; but made sure to sit in that beautuful sun for awhile to catch some Vitamin "D" ... :lol:

I am reading a book called FOOD TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH right now; and it says that we need to consume at least 1-2 tbl of good fats each day just for our body to function well. Then it can get rid of the bad fat for us. I have put back in omega-3 margarine and oils like Canola and Soya Oil; and Olive Oil (neutral); and, you can get good oils from nuts, nut butters, and avocados and still lose weight.

For a while now I was craving cheese & peanut butter; and had also read somewhere that I should be eating more protein too -- 1 gram for every 2 lbs of weight, so nuts and these two things would fit the bill. This has helped take away these cravings.

The other thing I am learning from this book is about NUTRIENT-RICH FOODS. As someone with a life-long vitamin & mineral deficiency, this is good info to know. I have made some changes, and am now eating foods that are especially high in Vitamin A and B, plus potatssium, calcium, and other vitamins & minerals. I'm sure this has helped my skin heal up too.

I am still studying this book and am amazed at some of the info in it. It is an older book that my mother found at a second-hand store for about 10c; but they were quite ahead of their time, I think. It is chocked full of detailed info about different foods and their nutrient values; and there's a second section that talks about common ailments and what foods might help them and why ...

We just had an easy lazy day dinner tonight but I did make sure to have my salad along with it. Now I am having my tea, and it's time to go put my tired legs up and read for a while. Take good care and have a great day tomorrow ... Rosebud :flow1:

01-28-2010, 10:49 AM
Hello, everyone!

Hope Purple is getting along ok with the deliveries this week!

Rosebud-I'm glad to learn that others have said the same thing about the healthy fats. I'm afraid I just cut too much out in the attempt to cut calories, so I'm re-doing my plan. How do you make your stir-fried veggies and brown rice? I love veggies and rice, but mine don't always turn out as tasty as I'd like, so I'd love to hear what you use to make yours. I'm same as you regarding the ice-if it's too slippery, I just stay in. I've had too many falls, usually on one knee or the other, and you know how badly that can affect the knees.

Well, not much going on here today-pretty much the usual housework and schoolwork. Have been working on our taxes little by little, but some of the info is slow getting here (compared to past years). We also were notified that our lawsuit on our car crash 4 years ago is finally going to mediation-sounds like the offending party is afraid to go to trial later in February, so her attorney finally agreed to mediation to try to settle. It's not that we're asking for much-just reimbursement for medical and other expenses for all the physical therapy, doctors, etc. I still suffer from severe headaches due to this and can't believe they don't think I deserve some kind of compensation, but since I don't have a "real" job, I don't seem to count. We even had to itemize all the days of homeschooling we lost due to doctor visits and my pain, then apply the standard rate that a teacher would make, to make them see that, even if the person affected is a stay-home mom, it does affect everything, especially when you aren't making the extra money to compensate for the extra medical and travel bills. I just hope this gets settled next week and we can move on. The most unbelievable part of all of this, though, is that the offender, who was issued a citation, still doesn't think she did anything wrong by running a stop sign and hitting another vehicle:dizzy:. She has been mislead to believe that it's just an accident when those things happen rather than negligence on her part. Climbing down now:soap::o

Well, better get moving here or I'll just stay under my nice warm blanket all day! Have a great one, ladies!:hug:

01-28-2010, 03:43 PM
Hi Ladies

I just have a short while to pop on here today as life is very hectic at the minute with everything coming at once a bit like buses ;)

One bit of good news for today I would like to pass on to you ladies is that my sister has had here operation and she has come through OK. Fortunately no heavy blood loss which may have happened so did not have to go to intensive care. She is on a morphine drip at present so that she can administer to her own pain. So thanks so much for the prays for her much appreciated. Hoping if she can sit for long enough that she may come out on Monday.

Second bit of good news for today for me is that one of my dad's tests has come back and it is negative. This was for the liver function test and that is within normal ranges.

Although we have had the news of sadness in our family as well. My dad's Auntie has passed away but she was a great age. She was the youngest of my great aunties and uncles from my dad's side of the family. Then yesterday we found out that my Dad's only surviving sister passed away aged 74. Though this sister is the one my father has not spoken to for years so no one bothered to tell my Dad and she has been dead since October :(. It was his niece who found out when she asked after her and she had not been informed either. This shows what rifts in the family can do and they don't often get sorted until it is too late. So I have very mixed emotions one of happiness for my sisters been brought safely through an operation an sadness at death of family members. Talk about a roller coaster.

Went to my SIL on Sunday for a beautiful meal that she cooked for us it was much appreciated as it has been a busy week. Hopefully things will slow down but now I am trying to catch up with house work that I have got behind on. I hope that in a couple of days I will have broke it's back and can see light at the end of the tunnel. Poor washing machine has been working overtime ;) Tomorrow the washing machine engineer is coming to see to the dryer part of the machine which is malfunctioning.

Now for my thank you's to both Ronni and Rosebud for keeping the board active during my absence. I hope that I shall be able to come on a little more frequently soon I hate my time away I need my 3fc fix :D

bye bye for now ladies keep up the good work and take care.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-28-2010, 05:55 PM
PURPLE ~ so glad to hear that your sister came thru her surgery so well; have been prayin' lots for her and her surgeons that they would find the problem and fix it. Will continue prayers that she will heal well and recovery quickly. Also nice to hear that one of your DAD's tests have come back clear; one down, one to go ...

We send our condolences to you and your family upon the loss of your Aunt and great-Aunt; I have some aunts that I am very fond of too. Too bad riffs put so much distance between relatives; we see this all the time and it's a shame really. I have a few aunts left -- a couple keep in touch, while the others seem too busy or uninterested. I send Christmas cards to them whether they respond or not. I try not to get involved in the family riffs but often the innocent are neglected just by association; and that's a shame too ...

DH has only one direct Aunt left from what we know; she lives in another province quite far away, and he calls her regularly but she told him the last time that she hasn't been feeling well lately (we think it's all these flus going around; they are hard on the elderly). She is up there in years too (in her 90's), but she is as quick and spry as a young chickadee ...

DH and I are the same; we are fond of all our family, but some live so far away and they don't really try to keep in touch with us, even though we do. So we keep sending cards and emails; and praying for them all anyways.

You have had a busy week and stressful too! Glad to hear that your washing machine is working again, but not that your dryer is now on the fritz. If it's not one thing, it's another ... hope they get that fixed up soon for you. I did catch-up on a bit of laundry today myself; my weekly stuff.

Take good care and get lots of rest, and don't overdo it now ... :hug:

01-28-2010, 06:28 PM
HI RONNIE ~ glad to hear that things are going a bit better for you this week; but the weather is bad all over. We have very frosty temps, -13 with the :sunny: here today, but it is now down to -20C now that the sun is gone. I have been staying home and doing stuff around here; did my laundry today, and housechores yesterday AM. I also got caught up on my mending; I had quite a bit stacked up and still have a wee bit more of DH's to do yet.

We will be going up town sometime this week for some groceries; DH had been doing pick-ups for me both last week and earlier this week, but we are getting kinda low on lots of stuff, so it's time for a major shopping trip. Of course, it's getting close to time to pay the monthly bills too, so we'll get all that done at the same time.

I have my tax return but not our income slips yet; they don't usually arrive until February here, and then I usually do it one weekend and send it out by the first week of March for sure. I like to get it done and out of the way; I have always been that way ...

Now, for the stir-fry veggies -- this time I made them with beef or sometimes I make them with chicken breast or plain with no meat. I had some steak that I wanted to use up so I cut that in strips and quick fried that in a bit of oil (1 tbl) and garlic; then added sliced onions and mushrooms. Browned them and added some sliced tomatoes from the freezer (leftovers) and 1 cup onion/beef broth (made from soup bases and water).

I let that simmer for 2 hours til tender; but you don't have to cook it that long (I did that for my DH) -- adding more water if needed, then I cheated and added some frozen ASIAN veggies (about 2 cups) along with some others I had here (corn/zucchini). Heated this through for about 30 minutes with 2 tbl soya sauce, or to your tastes. Asian veggies have red pepper, carrots, broccoli, snap peas, and baby corn; but you can use any mixture of veggies you want.

Meanwhile -- I cooked the brown rice mix: 1+1/2 cups water boiled; add 1tbl chicken soup base & some parsley flakes. Stirred in 1+1/2 cups rice (half brown and half white converted rice). Boil for 5 minutes with lid on; then turn down to simmer or off, and let sit for 30-40 minutes. I use my simmer burner so it won't stick as much.

Any long grain white rice will do. Then I just fluff it up and serve the veggie mix over the rice in bowls. You may want to double the rice mix for your family; or just remember to use the same amount of water as rice; so 2 cups water to 2 cups rice, etc.

Tomorrow's Friday and the last day of the week; hope you all have a good one too ... Rosebud :flow1:

01-29-2010, 11:30 PM
:wave: We've got really cold temps here again @ -22C at this time; last night plummeted downt to -27C which was a shocker after having so many 0+ days in a row, which was mild for us. We had to crank up the furnace last night and again tonight to keep warm. I even have my little heater going now and then if I feel chilled. The car bawked and didn't want to run this AM, so we just stayed home! Oh well, another day ...

Hopefully this won't last too long though ... only 2 more months and April will be here and that means ... SPRING ... yeah! DH says this winter is whizzing by; but we didn't have permanent snow until the end of the first week of December, so maybe we got a bit spoiled, I think! We had hamburgers for dinner tonight; I had one with a salad.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend; and do take good care ... Rosebud :flow1:

01-31-2010, 11:16 AM
Hi fellow chicks

I really intended to come on yesterday but my face was so painful and both sides as well. So ended being drugged up to the eyeballs and had an early night as the drugs made me very drowsy indeed. I feel somewhat better this morning if not 100%. I was finding it hard to breath through my nose yesterday but wondered if I was coming down with a cold lets hope not.

The weather this morning we woke up to a white over with a sharp frost but has the morning has gone on the sun has melted all that away very swiftly. I am cooking a ham joint in the oven this morning after boiling it for a short while on top of the stove to get rid of any excess of salt. I am also whilst I have the oven on roasting some onion and butternut squash to make roasted butternut and onion soup. May put a small hint of curry in there but no where as much as I use to.

Poor DH is shattered this afternoon after having very little sleep curtsey of me being restless at times. Also I think he was keeping an ear out so to speak as I wasn't so clever yesterday. So now he his having a nap to catch up on some sleep.

I was planning to see my sister today in hospital but with the fear I may have a cold coming (plus a few little nose bleeds) thought it was wise to stay away after her surgery. I have been sending texts (sms I think it maybe know to you) as she is allowed her mobile which she keeps on vibrating mode so as not disturb others. So I have kept in contact that way and Mum has passed on messages from her DH. She is starting to feel a little better now after having a rough time when the pain regime was not working. They sent a pain management team to see her and they changed her medication to something different which has been a lot more successful. Only downside is she has no use in her left leg or feeling I am hoping this is just swelling from the operation pressing on the spinal cord rather than worse case scenario that it was damaged during surgery. It is early days yet so she is doing well really.

Ouch your weather sounds rather cold specially after the mild conditions I think you feel it even more when it has been like that. For us spring comes much earlier than yourself as you would expect with the milder weather. We already have bulbs shooting like snowdrops and crocuses. Soon we will see the daffodils and tulips.

Thanks for the condolences for my deaths in my family. I now only have one Auntie left and that is my mum's sister. I do not have any great aunt's left or uncles for that matter. On my mum's side of the family my grandmother had her children later than most and my mum was also a little older than some (was 30 when my sister was born and dad was 35) I know by today's trends that is considered young but it was not back then. With them both being a little older parents my great aunt's on my grandmas side where all passed away by the time I was born. But I had several other great aunts many living to great ages.

Like you say rifts put distances between relatives all the time and often are not healed. Many times they are over trivial things but no one wants to apologise so the rift widens over the years.

Sorry to hear that you have had a few falls lately which has taken a toll on the knees. It can also knock your confidence slightly as I know it does with me especially after a bit of a nasty fall. I have taken to walking with a cane when I am out of the house which has been a bit of security but has made life easier with having a right sided weakness.

I am glad that you are going to eventually get some reimbursement for an accident some years ago. It annoys me when they see that a person does not work they do not see that many contribute in many ways that do not earn a wage. In your case you school your children, others maybe a carer to a disabled person or a child. If these jobs where not undertaken by say someone like yourself it cost much more to educate someone full time or care for someone full time. Yes you should get all bills paid for and that includes home school teachers and nurses etc. Not to mention all medical bills, loss of earning if you do work etc. It is only fair that this is all reimbursed it is not as though you are taking them to the cleaners but only wanting your expenses paid for.

I am very angry that a car is not classed as a weapon as such in this country you can kill someone in with your car from reckless driving and you will only get 4 years or something like that in prison. Then with good behaviour in prison you could be out in 2 years ! Yet if you murder someone you get life (ok so that does not necessarily mean life in prison here) Life prison sentence is something where you will always be under license and will have to report to police or probation officers on a very regular basis. Any misdemeanour's no matter how trivial can get you back to prison to serve more time. I better get off my :soap: that I borrowed from you ;)

Must go now to take things out the oven. Take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

01-31-2010, 10:11 PM
HI LADIES ~ I also tried to post in here last night but gave up becuz my PC was doing battle with some spam for so long it was getting too tiresome; so I decided to leave and go do some reading. I knew that I could do catch-up another time. The temps were much better the last two days; about -10 to -13 during the day with some glorious :sunny: helping us out for both days too. Last night only got down to -15C so that wasn't too bad, but DH says that it is already down to -17C right now ...

PURPLE ~ don't worry about not getting in yesterday -- we know that you have a lot on your plate right now, esp this week, and with your own health issues added on top; you have more than enuff to deal with. I am sending up some more prayers for your sister for a complete and more comfortable recovery from her surgery. I am glad they sent her a pain management team; that's a good idea and shows that they care about their patients total well-being -- and really, there is no reason for people to have to suffer so much when we have the meds (I call them "med tools") to help them be more comfortable as they recover ...

I hope that you are feeling better too; and that's a good idea to text message her on a phone or Ipod. We don't have those but some people find them very handy for things like that, as I'm sure her family does right now.

We managed to get out shopping yesterday to pick up some badly needed essentials, as we hadn't been out in a while. We finally solved the car problem mystery; it was the new battery that we bought. Like we suspected, it was a dud or defective. DH had to keep boosting the car and we never had to do that before.

So he returned the bad battery this AM and they tested it and sure enuff it was a dud; couldn't hold a charge at all. DH suggested that they test them next time BEFORE selling them to an unsuspecting customer -- as this caused us so much unnecessary grief for last 2 days. Here we thought our car was broken down again; glad we hadn't taken it to the garage or it would have cost us all becuz they gave us a defective battery. Eeks ...

Anyways, I'll get off my :soap: 's now too ... :lol: We had leftover turkey with gravy for dinner with potatoes and veggies; really nice ... just popped everything in some casserole dishes in the oven.

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday evening and a marvellous Monday too. I will start a new February thread for tomorrow, so look out for that as well. Take good care ... Rosebud :flow1:

02-01-2010, 09:00 PM
THIS THREAD IS CLOSED ... see you in the FEBRUARY thread!!!

02-01-2010, 09:42 PM
HI LUCY ~ we are glad that you decided to come back and join us in our thread. This is the old January thread; come on over to the new FEBRUARY thread ... it's on the same page as this one, OK?

Rosebud :hug: