Weight Loss Support - 300+ And Ready To Try Again...#198

08-05-2002, 06:49 PM

We are a group of people who are working together to lose our excess weight.
We are on different plans and are of different sizes.
We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.


08-05-2002, 06:50 PM
Hi everybody! :wave: I'm so excited I could spit!!! WI (not Wisconsin) was much better than I expected. I was only up 1# and I haven't been to WW in 6 weeks! Woohoo, Yippeee, etc. Now, some of you won't think that's such a BIG deal, but the way I look at it, I must have learned something along the way to have that small of a gain without paying attention for 6 weeks. I really have had an enormous assortment of stuff that I would not normally have OP but I must have realized subconsciously what I needed to do to balance it all out. And the best part is: now that I'm back OP, just think of how well I will do! :D

I have 4 glasses of water and 4 servings of fruit/veggies down so far. I'm doing up some chicken for dinner and I will be well within my WW points today. Oh BTW, I almost forgot: I AM JOURNALLING! Yes, that's right, the dreaded JOURNALLING! Oh, AND, as soon as I finish here I'm going to grab the old BIG 'E' exercise bands and do my sets with those too. I bet you never thought you'd here me say those words, did you???? :p

LuckyLadyBug: I'm not sure a book or a movie. Either way, pretty bad. Romance? Heck no! :( The bedrooms had double beds pushed up against a wall on two sides (no headboard). You could barely walk in the door and your leg might have fit sideways at the bottom of the bed so you could open the window. It was hotter than haities. When you sat on the edge of the bed the mattress folded up around you. :eek: No, no romance!

2cute: You are on a roll, honey! And now I'm ready to roll right along with you!!! :D Don't think I'll be going to the pool though, I'm a coward!

Katrina: Told you I'd win! There was no doubt in my mind!:smug: WW, whatever, jump on a plan and let's go!

Sara: I'll have to try those Juicy Jels. They sound wonderful! ;)

You all have a great night! See ya later.

08-05-2002, 08:31 PM

Good for you Thin.:cp:

It must be in the air cause I just got back from my WI and I lost 7 pounds! They are "old pounds". Part of the 11 I gained last month. :( :( Until today I didn't want to know how much I had put on. I knew it was a lot and I know myself well enough to know that I'd probaby eat more :nono: if I didn't give myself a head start on losing. Ah ... the brain games we play with ourselves.

I agree that JOURNALING is a big key for me too. If I don't write everything down my week goes to **** in a handbasket. Now I've got a brand new weekly journal to fill up with good foods and good thoughts!

Onward and downward. Off for a short walk.

08-06-2002, 02:00 AM
Hello All,

I know I have been AWL for a long time...sorry about that...but I am trying once again! You'd think with all the practice I have had at trying to stay OP I would have figured it out by now.....But journaling is an important key I think...Kind of keeps one "honest" :^: Unbelieveable how fast the points can add up isn't it?

Congrats to J-Ann for a 7 pound loss...WOW

Thin, what a great thing to have only gained 1 pound in 6 weeks...that is super!!! I am trying the bands too;) kind of fun...hope that they will help firm up the upper under arms...they sure have gotten out of control..Wonder if I will ever be able to wear a sleeveless shirt or dress again????????

Thought I would check in and see if I can catch up on some posts....Have a super Tuesday...

08-06-2002, 08:58 AM
Syn I was just thinking yesterday on my way to work "I wonder where and what Syn is doing"...and here you are....Yippee. :flow1: :dance: :dancer: Glad you are back.

Way to go j-ann - 7 pounds!:dancer:

Thin I am so happy for you. :cp: BUT did you have to remind me about journaling? :?:

The weather has been nice and cool here, Baylee. I think we are getting more rain in a couple days. Then another ga-gillion mosquitoes will be born. We have had two horses in a town 15 miles away test for the West Nile virus.

Yesterday was horrible...I don' t know what happened. Even while eating I couldn't figure out what was happening to me. I ate more than I eat in 3 days normally.:cry:

08-06-2002, 09:16 AM
Hello fellow chickies

I got up with a headache this morning but it is almost gone. :stress: Yesterday was extremly busy at the library. I guess are getting ready to go back to school.

I weighed this morning and I am hovering right around 195-197:dance:

Food has been ok but I stay hungry for sweets. :shrug:

Congrats to all the losses everyone has had. You are all such an inspiration to me.

Well I better get off here and eat someting. I don't go in till 2 today and work till 7. :wave:

08-06-2002, 10:48 AM
Good morning everyone. Nice to see you back with us Syn. :D
ONe more day added to my cheat free wol.... that makes me happy.
I had the hardest time getting out of bed this morning. :rolleyes:
Maybe there is going to be a change in the weather here.
I don't have much to say this morning... that is weird for me. LOL
Yesterday I wasted the whole day... (long story) ...so today I have to make up for yesterday and clean clean clean. I REALLY don't know how a house can get sooooo messy so quickly. :mad:
Oh well... it doesn't matter... I just need to go clean it up AGAIN

Tuesday Tip.... drink your water !!!
It is one of the most important things you can do to aid your weight loss, your health, and it adds miles to your walking regime in a day running to the bathroom. LOL And it really does help curb your appetite.
Eight 8oz glasses a day is a minimum.

08-06-2002, 02:04 PM
Hey chicklets...

Well...the dawn of a new day has arrived. I just bought a new scale. Needed the reality check. Ouch...reality jumped up and bit me on the A$$!! Official starting weight from this day forward is 259. I will be following WW, don't think I'm going to go to meetings just yet, will see how this first week goes. I'm trying not to eat til I have actual hunger...novel approach...and then stick with lower carbs, lots of fruit/veggies, lean protein. Will see what happens. Oh, yes...AND daily exercise of some sort. That's it! Easy right? Of course.

That's all the time I have, I'm going to cut the grass, dh just left to buy me a new weed whacker. The temp is a HEAVENLY 75 degrees, it's breezy, sunny and delightful. I plan on spending the WHOLE day (rest of it) outside...time's a wastin'!

catch ya'll later...

08-06-2002, 03:25 PM
Good afternoon Ladies! :wave:

I just got back from having lunch with my hubby at Subway. I taught a few piano students this morning and have a few this evening but other than that, I'm work-free!...well, except for housework and we all know that's not REAL work, right? Just something us ladies do on the side... for kicks. :rolleyes:

Okay, everyone is talking about exercises to do to "firm up" our upper arms. Somebody, PLEAZE, tell me, what should I be doing? Are there exercises I can do with free weights that will help (we have those)? We also have little weights that I can velcro to my arms? Will those help? What kinds of exercises should I do?

All is well on the diet front and has been since the end of May. ISN'T THAT EXCITING?! I'm excited for Weigh-in Wednesday tomorrow even though this week TOM is visiting. Last week I hit 40 pounds lost and I'm POSITIVE that I am going to show a significant loss this week too... :smug:

Kat... Congrats on the decision to make today the day! This time next year, you will be able to look back and say "THANK GOD I MADE THAT CHOICE A YEAR AGO!" Hope you're enjoying that nice weather!

2Cute... Thanks for the water tip! That reminds me...*off to the fridge in search of my water bottle* I think I may be a new advocate of the "Drink Lots of Water" movement. I've REALLY been drinking a lot in the last couple of weeks and I've shown a definite increase in weight loss!... and some of that drinking was actually water! :s:

Mary... That's a couple more pounds down, right? That's awesome! Keep up the good work! I'm hoping to be able to report dropping down below 200 in the next couple of months too! THAT will be a very exciting day for me!

Lucky... We all have diet days that are discouraging. The most important thing is to pick yourself up and start again. Determination will get us where we want to be in the end! Hope you're doing okay... :)

Baylee... I completely agree with you; I would never opt for weight loss surgery IF there was a possibility I could do it on my own. It's a very serious operation that will have repercussions for one's entire life! It's definitely not the easy fix that a lot of ppl take it for! I do, however, feel that for some ppl, it may be their only chance for survival.

Syn... Hello! I guess you HAVE been away for quite a while as I don't think I've ever seen you here before and I've been posting here for a couple of months now! Welcome back and congratulations on deciding to try again! :)

J-ann... 7 pounds is awesome! All my pounds are "old pounds", if you go far enough back!!!

Thin... You too! I sounds like everyone is re-committing themselves to becoming a healthy weight! It's great that you only gained 1 pound in all the weeks you were away!

Tina... Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you! Hope the funeral went okay (they can be SO hard). {{{Hugs}}} We're here to listen if you still need to talk things out.

Well, I think my book is done.... for now! Howdy to everyone else out there, members and lurkers alike!

Sara :)

08-06-2002, 03:56 PM
Hey Gals,

On my second day of staying OP and on my way to recovering and taking back the newer improved "ME" LOL

I haven't time for individual replies to all but know I am here rooting for you all!

I am trying out this quick reply option to see how it works...so here goes....~Syn~

08-06-2002, 09:06 PM
Hello everyone:

This is a really great thread. Although the others are fun to read I don't feel motivated to post like I do with this one. It seems like everybodys message here hits home for me.

I am also almost twice what I should weigh and have tried for years to lose it. Despite the fact that I sometimes despair of ever losing the weight, I also would not consider surgery because I want not only to lose the weight but to change my lifestyle so I am more active and always chose the right things to eat.
(Unfortunately I am famous for my run on sentences in the toastmasters club I belong to.)

I also belieive in journalling. I found in the past I was most successful at losiing weight if I wrote down everything I ate.
It's amazing how much food you eat casually without noticing.

I'm not using it as an excuse but living with 2 slender men (my husband and son) who can eat everything... and do...doesn't help either. They are always offering me whatever they are eating. But as I said I cannot use that as an excuse because they would be the first ones to offer support and help if I asked.

It's funny how no matter how successful you are at other things in your life, being overweight colours it all and makes you feel just a little inferior.

Thanks for listening to me ramble. This has strengthened my resolve, believe it or not.



08-06-2002, 11:13 PM
Hi, tired...I usually visit my Dad on Tuesday nights and then get wwaayy behind on my tasks....but after yesterday I did go for a 2 mile walk. I have to try to rebound from all that eating.

I will thrill you with my writings tomorrow...the pillow is calling my name.

08-07-2002, 01:24 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm fighting sleep and it's 6:20 in the evening. I went to the dentist yesterday. Almost three hours. I feel drained today, still oozing anesthetic. I did one of those voluntary-remove-amalgam crowns. It affects my smile, looks like I'm missing a tooth. I'll look fabulous when he's through.

My off/on eating habits are on the decline once again. I need to crack down. Two months until sink the gondola. We sent off the payment and passports. I'm excited. My mom had an appointment with the doc today and he cancelled. Rescheduled for 8/20/02. My mom's said too bad, she's going on the trip. Yippppeeee. The nurse said it's not a mass. It's a cyst in the pelvic area. They've been watching for 5 yrs. My mom said after five years, they can wait a few months. The most important part is it's not a mass. Whew. The stress of everything. Work, wacko brother, and my mom.

Mikey is gaining weight. Also his fur is filling in. No hormones??? Funny he acts up with my mom and no one else. I think it's a top dog thing. She needs to correct the behavior. He owns the sofa. I told her it's the source of his power. At the park and visitors at home, he's friendly and loving. I think he's tired of being yanked by mom. She can't reach him. This pair needs to meet on neutral ground. He totally loves me.

Think I'll take a little cat nap. Sweet dreams.
:flow1: Malia:flow1:

08-07-2002, 09:01 AM
I am happy for you, Malia. Your Mom is doing okay, your dog is good and you get your trip. I will miss you when you are gone but glad you get to go. Take a lot of pictures. We want to know everything.

I did weigh in today and am up a pound...probably from Monday's binge. I wonder if I did that because I was having dinner with old high school friends that night? I didn't think that could be the reason but maybe it's some deep pschological thing.:?:

08-07-2002, 09:19 AM
Mornin’ Ladies,

It’s another cool sunny day in central NY. Tomorrow I’m taking the day off and going up to the Adirondacks for the day. Last chance, before it gets too warm again, to walk in the mountains.
Still OP, 10 days in a row! Whoopee!!!!

SYN: Hi. Nice to meet you. Thanks for the kind encouragement. I’m up to day 9 OP since my last MAJOR slip-up.

BAYLEE: Hey lady, be careful with that exercise. We don’t want to see you hobbling around with a crutch or anything. That chicken recipe looks like a “keeper”. Thanks for the arm flab exercises. Lord knows, I need ‘em.

LUCKY: OH NO! We all have days where we eat and eat and eat. My last pitfall was, I thought, a month long but then I decided to go back thru my WW logs and see when I last was really losing consistently and it was LAST THANKSGIVING!  Since then I’ve not been consistent in my efforts to stick to a healthy eating program and ended up gaining 24 lbs. Since November. That was a real shock to me. But it’s a WAKE-UP CALL too. Last week I dropped that 7 lbs. And now I’m on my WW way again. Hurray! Your walk yesterday was super, 2 miles WOW.

GRANNIE: I’d never stay employed if I had to work afternoon evenings. I start at 7 AM and try to get most of my work done by noon before I “fade”. I guess I’ll always be a morning person.

2CUTE: GOOD LUCK with your 3 Weeks to Portion Control. That’s a toughie but you seem really ready to go for it. Great price on the chicken too. YUMMM

KAT & MARUSHA: We’re with you on your journey whatever plan you use. I do WW but whatever you choose it’s your sticktoitivness that will make it work for you. So get out that “glue” and start sticking.

SARA: You can’t “bust” me. I’d never seen the Juicy Gels. I’ll have to look for them.

MALIA: You’re NOT going to “sink the gondola”! Have you ever seen most Italian women? They’re like the rest of us – NOT lightweights

08-07-2002, 09:20 AM
Well, well, well...it's WI (not Wisconsin--will we NEVER get tired of that??) Wednesday...What's a girl to do? Hop on the scale of course, face the music and do what needs to be done. What needs to be done? Plan meals for the day, plan exercise for the day, think positive thoughts, drink lots of water, smile, be grateful for having the knowledge and the tools to get this job done and go out and do it! :dancer:

Ooh, I'm all pumped and motivated! Look out world, here I come! Today's official weigh in is a WHOPPING 259. Whew. Only 109 lbs to goal weight. Wow. Will I concentrate on that number? No. One lb at a time. One meal at a time. One glass of water at a time. Rejoice in the process. Enjoy the bountiful summer fruits and veggies. Discover new foods. I have been eating avacado lately. Wow, is that good. A slice or two on a tomato sandwich for lunch is wonderful! Arnold makes an Oat Nut bread that is so good...toasted with a thin layer of ff mayo on the tomato side, salt & pepper and two thin slices of avacado is my new favorite lunch. Hmmm. maybe some sprouts on there would really be good. Next shopping trip. :idea:

I made guacamole with the rest of the avacado: Mash the avacado in a bowl. Squirt the juice of a lemon or lime in there. Add 1 minced garlic clove, 1/2 chopped onion, 1 chopped tomato, salt and pepper. Mix it all up and refrigerate about an hour, if you can. I was dipping WOW Tostitos in it right away and it was so yummy! That will be today's lunch. (I'd better push it to the back of the frig so no one will find it!) Nice. Better hide those chips too, come to think of it! :T

I am going to journal this time too. No, REALLY journal...not just what I ate, I mean everything. I've been wanting to do this for a long time and just haven't. Today's the day. I was going to create a dixk, just for that, but for some reason, I feel like I have to write it all down by hand. More personal or something...I don't know. :shrug:

*I just got up and went in search of a notebook...found the perfect one...it's small and has multi-colored pages and a peace sign on the front. I'm set. I may even have to get the heck off the computer and go write in my new journal...well, maybe in a few minutes.* :flow1:

I'm going to the yarn store later today...I decided that everyone is getting an afghan for Christmas this year. Something to do with my hands, besides using them to stuff food into my face! :ink: I'll get lots done on our trip to Maine...10 hours in the car to our first stop, then 3 hours beyond that. :eek:

Well...I'd love to stay and ramble on and on, but my cute little journal is calling to me...I'll be back later...Have a great day, everyone! It is just lovely again today...currently only 63 degrees, only going up to the 70's...I got so much done in the front yard yesterday, mowed, trimmed, edged...today it's time to tackle the back yard. I even spent some time (15 minutes, perhaps?) decluttering the garage. What a good feeling. Gotta love that Fly Lady.

Really leaving now...see you all later!! :wave:

Did you see all the new smilies? :doh:

Hope I don't get busted by the smilie police!

**I did...three times...glad I "copied and pasted!"**

08-07-2002, 10:23 AM

My WI went well this morning... can you tell? :D I'm down another 5 pounds for a grand total of 45 pounds! I've been very well behaved in the last couple of weeks (other than some drinking while at a party this past weekend), the only thing I've been doing differently is having A LOT of water... as much as I can stand in my system really. I'm luckier than most I think, since most of my days are spent at home right now and I don't have to worry about needing to run to the bathroom to pee every half hour while working in an office! :lol:

I'm REALLY doing this! No stopping until I reach my goal weight of 150 pounds! That said, I think you guys are a big part of my success. Not only does reading and posting keep me outta the kitchen, :lol: you guys are so supportive and motivating; I can't imagine being able to do this without you!:love:

As summers are SO lazy for me because my piano student numbers dwindle to single digits, I have all today off. A friend of mine is dropping by this afternoon but until then, FREEDOM! I'm actually sharpening up some of my OWN piano skills for once and working on learning to play some new Chopin. As a surprise for my hubby, who a long time ago said he loved Chopin's "Nocturne in E Flat Major, Op. 9, No. 2", I am attempting to learn it flawlessly while he's at work so I can surprise him with it some evening. (This will probably take a month or so of practicing to get it perfect!)

Well, Chopin's calling. I'll pop back in a bit!

Sara :)

08-07-2002, 12:55 PM
Boy.... todays posts are INSPIRING !!!!
Kat... I even copied yours and emailed it to myself so I will read again. :lol:
I don't think I ever welcomed J-ann...WELCOME. 10 days and counting.... you will make it !!!!
Can't respond to everyone this morning. I slept late.

Just wanted to share some good news. Remember me telling my hubby that I wanted him to quit tempting me to eat with him.
Well... he listened !!!! We went to the movies last night... and he got his HOT BUTTERY FRESH POPCORN ... and he did not offer me a single bite. :D We had not eaten dinner and I was starving !!!! I was sooo grateful he did not offer it... because I may have caved in. :nono: I did not cave in... and I have one more day to add to my cheat free resume. LOL

I think... no, I know.... I am going to make it this time !!!!
Love you all.... :wave:

08-07-2002, 04:58 PM
Not that I want to nit pick or anything, but I just got on the scale, naked, after getting 6 hours of sleep and it said 257. I did it like three times just to make sure the scale isn't wacky and it's the same. I guess that was my clothes, I didn't think scrubs weighed that much, but when there's just so much material...sigh...

SO...I think my starting weight will be 257.

I'm off to the pool club. I was going to walk there, to meet my son and dh, but now my nephew is coming...there goes that idea. Well, I'll have time to do extra laps now.

see you later.

08-07-2002, 08:04 PM
What did you see, 2cute? I would like to see "Signs" with my favorite stud, Mel...:love: I mean that I would like for him to accompany me, not just see him in the movie.....

dream on kat............................................... .............................

08-07-2002, 09:58 PM
Hello ladies. Hope all are fine.
Work is going great but I get really hungry for something mid afternoon.
Better run talk to all of you later

08-07-2002, 10:15 PM
Boy, Kat, are you going strong or what....keep it up - I even feel like maybe, thinking about journaling.

When you say "everything" are you talking about a "what's on your mind", "how are you feeling" journal? Which is sort of like posting here...but, I have to admit I don't always tell you all what's going on in my head or what is going into my mouth. Too depressing to talk about...of course, that was before I knew we had a "would be shrink" of our very own. Wanna start practicing?

08-08-2002, 12:11 AM
Hi everyone! I am new to this website and found your postings to be very inspiring so I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Stephanie. I am married with 2 beautiful children. My son is 4 1/2 and my daughter will be 2 in October. I currently weigh 275 pounds. My goal is 150-160. I am 5'11". I just started 7/29 so hopefully all goes well. I am not on any specific plan. I drink lots of water(100+ ounces daily) watch my portions, eat more fruits and veggies, lean meats and try to stay away from the junk food. I also walk 1 mile every morning. I plan on increasing my distance as the weeks go by. I will weigh myself for the first time this weekend so I hope I have lost some. To everyone, congratulations on your losses.

08-08-2002, 12:22 AM
Hi Ladies,

It looks like I'm going to have a nine-month old visitor all day Friday and the following Monday. A friend of mine's babysitter had to go away suddenly for a few days and my friend just started a new job. She's dropping Ethan off at 6:45am... wow, that time of the morning is going to be a real shocker on my system! If I can get over my "morning sickness", it might prove fun to have the little tyke here.

Kat... I'm SO excited that everyone's getting an afghan this year for Christmas! Our bedroom is a navy blue with orange highlights! :joker:

Mary... You get hungry for a snack in the afternoon? I'm telling you... JUICY GELS (sugar-free kind)!!!! Only 5 calories per cup! :) I just bought 5 more packages! :ink: I've already had thoughts like, what if I go shopping and they are completely out of them? WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THEN? WORSE... WHAT IF THEY ARE DISCONTINUED!?! I should fill my pantry with them! :lol:

Lucky... Hmmm. Speaking of my aspirations to become a head-shrinker, I wonder if there are psychologists devoted solely to counselling ppl with weight problems? I mean, there are behavorial therapists that devote themselves to curing phobias by desensitization... Could overeaters be cured in the same way? You know, a lab technician brings out a big piece of chocolate fudge cake, and as soon as we desire it, they, say, poke us in the eye! Eventually we'll come to see cake as associated with being poked in the eye and we won't desire it!... or maybe we'll poke ourselves in the eye in hopes of getting some cake!

Sorry... I am in a very strange mood tonight! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I must just be tired! Time for bed!

Sara :)

08-08-2002, 12:25 AM
Oops! You were posting while I was!

I just wanted to say WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME! :) You'll find everyone here very encouraging! Hope we all get to know you really well!

Toodles again,
Sara :)

08-08-2002, 08:59 AM
Welcome Steph: This is a great group of gals. Stop by often.
I'm off to shower and go to work see you all later

08-08-2002, 09:17 AM
Sara, thanks for the reminder, KAT my bedroom is decorated with oriental things so a quilt with oriental symbols on it would fit perfectly.;)

I don't know about the "poke in the eye" :eek: but I do know this is a "head" problem for me and I want to fix it and move on.

I was listening to the news about the twins that were separated because they were joined at the head. Makes me feel bad I even complain about my weight. :o

Hi, Steph, welcome to our group. If you have read any old posts you will find we are a bit crazy, nuts and down right fun.:cb: :flow1: :dancer: I would like to add psychological therapy from Sara but she is threatening to poke me in the eye, so I don't know?:?:

08-08-2002, 02:58 PM
Just a quick post to keep this thread hopping! Where IS everyone today btw?

Lucky... Sorry, I was being silly last night! :dizzy: I promise not to poke you in the eye! I KNOW that for a lot of overweight ppl, eating IS a psychological issue and I genuinely do wonder if there are any significant number of therapists who specialize in dealing with it. Maybe cognitive therapists, who work on discovering destructive thought patterns and working to change them into something constructive, might try and tackle the issue... That said, I don't know if all overeaters (or eaters of the wrong things) have a psychological basis for this; some of them just REALLY like food... because it's yummy! :) I guess the psyche is still involved for these ppl though because eventually they get to a point where they HAVE to lose weight for health reasons and the WILL to lose weight definitely comes from the mind!

Well, I should get practicing my Chopin before my students come and I have to listen to "I'm a Little Teapot" for the 1000th time! :)

See everyone in a bit,
Sara :)

08-08-2002, 03:05 PM
Hey all...

I tried to post this morning but fell asleep at the keyboard...:yawn:
Actually, I read Lucky's post about journalling (that's not what made me fall asleep!) and decided to write down my thoughts before posting here, so I did...I guess that consumed whatever energy I had left after a long night at work. I record what I have eaten, and whatever else pops into my head, to answer your question, lucky...

This will be quick, I'm wolfing down lunch as I do this...I know I know, a real :nono: I wanted to eat something before I whisk the boys off to the pool club...I should get a few laps in and some water exercise anyway...

Welcome, Steph! You couldn't have picked a nicer group of girls to hang out with! Good luck with your efforts to lose the weight!

Gotta run...back later.

08-08-2002, 10:11 PM
I am a teapot short and .......:lol: there...1001 times!!!!

08-08-2002, 10:56 PM
Hi Ladies, :wave:

I'm BEAT! But what a great day off I had. I got up at 5:30 and headed out on the 2 hr. drive to Old Forge,NY,a lovely mountain village in the Adirondacks. A few miles back into the beyond from Old Forge is a trailhead that leads to an untouched mountain bog. Rare plants, unusual birds and a board walk so you don't sink into the bog, :) To get to the bog itself you have to walk and slide, down, down, down the side of the mtn. Of course that means, after enjoying the serenity of such a fantastic place you have to climb up&up&up to get back to the car. :strong: Boy Oh Boy was I puffin' by the time I got to the car. :) Even with an hour in the pool tonight these legs are going to be sore tomorrow. Good thing I'm going to be at work, eh?

Then on the way home I stopped at the DMV to renew my drivers license. I don't know about where you all live but here that usually means checking in, getting a "number" and sitting on your a$$ for an hour or two til they call you. I took a book. :) Believe it or not they called me in less than 5 minutes..... A Miracle!!!! It'll never happen again. I even passed the eye test. :smug: I' not getting any younger and was a little worried I'd have to wear my "specs".

All this and I didn't cheat today either. (All days should be this great!)

Oh well, back to the real world again tomorrow. Talk to you then.

08-08-2002, 11:11 PM
Hi Ladies!

Where IS everyone in the last couple of days? Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Well, tomorrow morning at 6:45am, my nine month old visitor will be showing up. (And again on Monday.) He's actually pretty cute and very good natured. I would actually be looking forward to it save for the early hour!

All is well on the diet front. Should be reaching 50 pounds lost in the next week or two. Isn't that EXCITING?! Back a few months ago, 50 pounds lost seemed SO far away and almost impossible to reach. Now, I look back and think... it really wasn't THAT hard! It makes the next 50 I have to lose, a little more possible. :) Then, only 20 more! :lol: Easy as pie.

Lucky... :lol: ! Thanks a lot! :p

Kat... Have you heard anything else from the potential new job? If not, the waiting must be driving you nuts!

Tina... I don't think you've posted since the funeral. Are you okay? Just pop in to let us know...

Hey... all you newbies out there, Wic, Marusha, Steph, Syn and whoever else I'm forgetting, come back and post again! We like to hear how you're doing... good or bad, we'll be here for you!

Got a bit of stuff to do before bed, so I'll say good night for now!
Sara :)

08-08-2002, 11:18 PM
Man, I guess I take too long posting, someone always slips a post in before mine! :lol:

J-ann... Sounds like you had an awesome time! Do you mean you actually have to sit on your butt and slide down the side of a mountain to get to the bog?! Or, do you just kinda slide as you're walking down? Good job on getting so much exercise AND eating well today... doesn't it feel great?! :)

Okay, now I'm really off to do my stuff!

Sara :)

08-08-2002, 11:27 PM
Hi Again,

Sara, to answer your question: Most folks would just slide a little as they walked down that stretch of trail. This short, "teapot" was leaning back, into the trail and, in a couple of spots, almost (but not quite:)) scooting on my butt. Maybe using two feet and leaning back on one hand tho. It would have been a sight to see. But I'm so glad I did it!

Off to bed now. You too Sara, Munchkins have way too much energy early in the A.M.

08-09-2002, 12:52 AM
Okay.... it is obvious no one is going to start the new thread.... so here I am. :p

DO NOT POST HERE... instead come to our on-going new thread... #199