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Happy Canuk
12-22-2009, 11:42 AM
Good morning gals.

Joanne - so glad that it all ended well for your hubby. Hope he will continue to get better. The colonoscopy will be a real treat for him lol. You MUST be freezing. It's 10F here, and snowing. It snowed all day yesterday. Haven't had this much snow in 14 yrs. I guess we are having a good old Canadian Winter once again. The past few years we have hardly had any snow and only a short cold snap. Bundle up and stay warm.

Now I am on this new thread, and I can't remember what anybody said :lol: I have most of the gifts wrapped, just a couple more to go. Ran out of paper yesterday, so we went to Costco last night and I bought some more. Now I can finish that little job. Next is making sugar cookies - todays job. I work tomorrow, and Thursday we leave for Edmonton, so not a whole lot of time. I also want to get the floors scrubbed.

I hope you all have a most wonderful Christmas and wishing you all the best in the New Year.

12-22-2009, 03:18 PM
Forget the floors, Anne. they will be there when you come back. Have a great time.
Joanne, glad he is out. They always want to do the colonoscopy. I have had 3 in 5 years-always ok
Art this am-finished my painting-rather the Art teacher did.
We are picking up Evan to stay overnight and going to see the lights in our neighbor's golf cart.
Hope it warms up for you Tammy.
Going to get my shot. Mima

12-22-2009, 10:48 PM
Anne, thanks for starting us off on the new one! Wow to having lots of snow for the first time in 14 years! Be careful and have a wonderful time on your trip!!!

Joanne, glad to hear about your hubby. Both of you take care of yourselves!

Bob's son, daughter-in-law, and their 2 sons were here tonight. It was great to see them. Maurice loved the attention that he was getting.

Tomorrow night we are getting together with my brothers and their families, well, part of their families. A niece and her husband won't be here till Thursday, and a nephew and his girlfriend won't make it till Friday. For the rest of us, Wed. night worked. Tim and I leave early Saturday morning.

12-23-2009, 03:31 AM
Joanne, glad your husband is home for the holidays. Hope he continues to do well. No one likes to be sick on Christmas.

Anne and Tammy, have a good trip and lots of fun. Hope you don't get snowed in. My cousin is only 3 1/2 hrs. from here and they got 15 inches last weekend. We only got enough to say it snowed and it's supposed to rain here Christmas day. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!

Hope everyone else is well.



Joanne D
12-23-2009, 09:38 AM
I brought the hubby home last evening . He seems better. He is being difficult..I will go get his medication soon.
I have so much to do before Christmas. I know I won't get my house cleaned good. So what! I do the best I can..
All you guys have a Wonderful Christmas...Joanne

12-24-2009, 12:58 AM
Meme, glad we haven't had 15 inches of snow. We have some snow, enough for snowmen to be built.

Joanne, your house will be fine!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

Happy Canuk
12-24-2009, 01:44 AM

Hi. Joanne, take it easy. The house will be fine.

Tammy, have a good trip.

Well, we sure have snow, AND cold weather to go along with it. It's almost 30 below zero out there tonight, but going to start to warm up tomorrow. Should be 34F by the weekend.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. We are leaving tomorrow for my daughter's and won't be back until Sunday night.

12-24-2009, 04:43 AM
I don't mind the snow too bad, especially if I can stay inside, but I hate the cold. What I really can't stand is for it to be cold and rain and that is what we're supposed to have for the next couple of days! It's supposed to start tomorrow and I'm already hurting. Much rather have nice fluffy snow!

12-24-2009, 07:42 AM
Well, there is no snow here. And it's going to be warm.
Evan was here overnight-he wet the bed but I was remiss in making him go to the bathroom. We had fun-played UNO. Wemt to look at the lghts on the golf cart.
Baking a pie, making a trifle , a dip, and bringing squares to Mike's /
Hope you have a safe trip Tammy and Anne.
We have new neighbors-someone said they bought the place for 2,500 off Craig's list. Beats paying 659 a month rent until it's sold.
Our service is at 4-then we are going to Perkins. with our neighbors.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Mima

Joanne D
12-24-2009, 11:12 AM
About all that is going to get done is the rug vacuumed,dust and go to grocery store. I went yesterday but didn't get all I needed. It has been a rough week for me.I just was not thinking straight. And I should have made a list. STUPID!
My left knee decided to say hello and that is not helping..
Love you guys,. Have a wonderful weekend.

12-24-2009, 12:51 PM
Our folks all coming tomorrow so I still have today to catch up. Almost done myself in yesterday & now my back is feeling 'twingy'. Probably from giving the dog a bah & vacuuming the whole basement. Still have the upstairs to finish cleaning and pies, cheesecakes and strawberry salad to make and the turkey to stuff tonight. Dinner is at 1 tomorrow so we'll have to have it ready to go in the oven before we go to bed and hubby will have to get up at 6 and put it in. Better get at it. It's not going to get done by itself. My French maid done left me and went back to France!!! Darn!

12-24-2009, 12:54 PM
hahahahahahahahaha ... first time my dog ever had a BAH ... wonder how she liked it!!! :p sorry, left the t out of bath. I'M SOOOO TIRED!

12-25-2009, 07:55 AM
Merry Christmas all.

12-25-2009, 12:12 PM
Anne, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to 30 below! I hope you enjoyed your time with your family.

Meme, I'm with you on wanting nice fluffy snow instead of cold rain. Wish your French maid would have come here to help me get ready to leave tomorrow. LOL to the dog's bath. I guess I should give Maurice one today.

Mima, I can't remember the last time I played UNO. We used to play that all the time.

Joanne, I make lists for the store, and then 1/2 the time I forget to take the list with me. Hope your knee feels better soon.

Christmas Eve services were wonderful. Last year was my first year attending this church, and we were in Georgia. Last night we were heading toward the church, and we could see luminaries up ahead. They were out at the crossroads where we turn. The luminaries then lit the road leading to the church quite a distance on both sides from both directions. Absolutely beautiful with the snow that was there.

I didn't mess up my part in lighting the candle, so I was happy. lol

Our snow is gone this morning! It is up in the 40's and raining. It is also very windy. When Tim gets here, we need to go out back and pick up the grill. It blew over during the night. I need to get laundry finished and pack to leave in the morning, so I don't know if I'll get back on here or not today. Merry Christmas to everyone!

12-27-2009, 07:54 AM
Hi all-great Christmas at my son's house. I was his secret santa and we fooled him because we left his big present in the car-he kept looking!
I already spent my penney's gift cert but got 10 off. Nice Alfred Dunner outfit. My son Bob was my secret Santa. Course pam helped.
Next is the wedding!!!Feb 5th.
Have a safe trip tammy. Mima

12-27-2009, 05:21 PM
That's funny, I just made out a list last night and walked right off and left it.

I've never known of Santa leaving a gift in the car ... that's dirty pool!

Never did see that French Maid again. Hope she had a good Christmas. And as for the dog, I was the one saying BAH ... Jenna helped with the bath and got more water on her than she did the dog. ha

My computers have both been down. Son and SIL both worked on them Christmas Day and thought they got them working but as soon as they left, we were off-line again. Called Charter Tech Support today and got the Desktop back on but the notebook is still down. I think I'm going to have to have it wiped clean and start all over again.

Everything went smooth as silk here Christmas Day. We had 12 and a wonderful, calm, peaceful dinner with no arguments or bickering. One of the grandkids started to get loud and obnoxious but I took them all in the kitchen and explained that Mamaw and Papaw were 88 and 91 and could not take any loud noises or arguing so they had to tone everything down and get in one place and stay there while we opened gifts and then go to another part of the house. They did well after that. I think kids appreciate being told what is expected of them and the reason behind it and respect you more when you tell them than when their parents just yell at them to sit down and shut up ... like some do! Plus, you have the added bonus of not having a big scene.

12-28-2009, 06:49 AM
Yeah, Meme. I like your style.
I have been eating the wrong things-gotta be careful.
Had a message on Heaven yesterday.Then they showed the names of all the members that died. Went to lunch with our friends. Nice.
Weigh in this morning. The scale hasn't moved lately.
Up too early. mima

Joanne D
12-28-2009, 03:15 PM
Hello Everybody.. I hope your Christmas was better than mine. I got up Christmas eve and couldn't put any weight on my left leg. The knee gave up . I was in E R yesterday. The pain was too bad to stand. I will see a orthopedic as soon as I can get an appointment.. They told me at the er that it was just bone on bone.. Nice way to start a New Year ,Huh!

12-29-2009, 12:37 PM
Well, good morning everyone and a belated Merry Christmas to all ! Not sure what is going on but I had to re-do all my passwords and user IDs to three of my web forums. I hope this isn't a result of the new virus/malware protection I put in! I forgot to write down the info for this forum so it was a hit/miss log on!
Joanne, sorry to hear about the knee! Hubby has bone on bone in both of his and he isn't exercising because of the pain he is always in. He needs to lose weight too so he is trying to do it with diet alone so he can get both his knees done next Christmas....he's off for 2 weeks every year at that time so we want to plan ahead and incorporate it into that time frame. I wish you well with the orthopedic. And glad to hear your hubby is okay....
Tammy called me this morning and we will be getting together tomorrow! I'm going to meet her son Tim too! I gave her directions to my home so we could just relax and be comfortable....I'm excited!
Very cold here right now. It was in the 30's this morning and our high today will only be in the 60's. We're suppose to warm up again but have rain over New Years eve/day. I'm doing a prime rib dinner and having a neighborhood couple I walk with over for a feast New years eve. Hubby goes back to work next Monday....that will be a good thing!
Got all my Christmas stuff put away and I will be working on my office files next week. Time to get ready for a New Year!!!! And I certainly hope it is a better one for everybody!! I gained 2 pounds this past month....not good! Need to watch my carb intake very closely now......
Happy New Year everyone!!

Joanne D
12-29-2009, 07:54 PM
Hello Everybody.. I have an appointment tomorrow with Orthopedic Dr.At this point I don't care what he does as long as I can get out of pain. I have a feeling he will say surgery. Over the years this knee has been injected many times. I have lost count how many.. Pain pills are not helping and they don't solve the problem anyhow..
I am always thankful for the rain.
Christie is not a happy camper. We are trying to get her to use fenced in area in back yard. She wants her walks. I am just not able to do them now.. The family tells me to just put her in there and she will have to go eventually. She is very stubborn. She just sits at the gate and waits for me to get her. My son says to just stand out there till she gets the idea. Well, my knee hurts too bad to do that.I ended up limping down a couple blocks today. I don't have the patience I guess.It is 45 minutes or more or nothing or go down the block for 10 minutes. Pain or no Pain.. I am not a happy camper right now.. Sorry..

12-30-2009, 04:53 AM
Joanne, I feel for you. My knees have been bone on bone for some time now. They have been going out of place since I was 9. I've had reconstruction surgery on the left and arthroscopic surgery on the right. They won't do the knee replacement surgery yet. Keep telling me I'm to young because the replacements won't last, etc. Drives me crazy. One of my best friends is 6 yrs. older than me and is supposed to have one done next month so maybe there is hope for me in a few more years. I have to use a cane when I first get up every morning just to get to the bathroom and if I sit and watch TV for several hours I can't walk when I first get up. When I sit in church I have to keep bending my right knee and putting pressure on my foot and ankle. If I don't, when the pastor is finished with his sermon, I won't be able to get back up on the stage and lead the closing hymn. I keep praying that a young man who knows music, can sing and is qualified to lead worship will come along soon ... I'm getting too old for this! (I've tried to tell God that but He must not be thinking like me!) :p

12-30-2009, 07:46 AM
That's terrible. Joanne. Now your decision is made-you can't live like this.
I was just saying to Brad that I am blessed that I don't have problems with my knees.
Oh, nice to be with tammy and Tim, Kate !!! tell us all about it.
Doc's today-thyroid blood test is low. You didn't have to tell me-I am cold all the time etc.
But the North is colder.
Bye Mima

Happy Canuk
12-30-2009, 08:18 PM
Happy New Year everybody. Hope you have a great year!

On the road again. My son landed in the hospital on Monday, and they will be doing surgery perhaps tomorrow to remove the gall bladder. May have to do it the old fashioned way, because it is inflamed along with the pancreas. So we will head up and see how we can be useful!

Joanne - good luck. Hope they can do this for you soon.

Tammy and Kate - enjoy your visit.

Meme - Happy New Year. Glad Christmas was good for you.

Mima - stop eating all those things that irritate you!! lol I know it's easier said than done.

Talk to you Next Year.

12-30-2009, 08:45 PM
Mimi, I like the idea of leaving the gift in the car! Great idea!!

Meme, the way you handled that with the kids was a good thought! Way to go!!

Joanne, sorry to hear about the ER trip! I found out this morning at Kate's house. I hadn't been on here for a while, so I didn't know. You take care of yourself, you hear me?? Sorry that Christie is being a stinker.

Kate, what do I call you now?? lol Loved meeting you and your hubby this morning! Oh, Queenie too! I know that Tim felt very comfortable, and we both loved the muffins!

Anne, let us know how things go with your son and his gallbladder.

Took Tim to the airport earlier, and he is on his way back to Ohio. He isn't looking forward to cleaning his car off at the airport when he gets to Dayton. I pick up Maurice in the morning, and then we head to Jekyll Island, GA, for a week.

Happy New Year everyone!!

12-31-2009, 02:30 AM
Thanks Anne. Tammy, hope you have a safe trip home.

My dog walked on my computer (which I left open on the couch) and broke the "p" off. She must have eaten it because I can't find it and now I have to stop every time I need to type a P and find the little thing down in there to hit. So annoying. Bad dog!

Ho e you all have a Ha y New Year!!! (It's just easier to NOT use the " "! :p

12-31-2009, 07:32 AM
I wonder if you can buy a p.
Went to the doc;s and I am fasting right now to get more blood work done. No coffee. But lab opens at 7.
I lookes at another blood test I had done and it looks like I have a deficiency of B 12 and folate. I should have looked it up before. That was a month and a half ago.
Happy new Year-nice about your visit Tammy and Kate!!! Mima

Joanne D
12-31-2009, 12:54 PM
Here I am with a fuzzy head from the pain Medication. Surgery January 18th. If I repeat myself Just say "you already told us this.HA!"

12-31-2009, 06:40 PM
And how do you expect us to remember if you repeat yourself? :dizzy:

12-31-2009, 07:43 PM
Meme, sorry, but I am cracking up about the dog and the p!

Mima, I think you can only buy vowels!! lol

Joanne, I'm fuzzy all the time too! We must be related.

Maurice and I are in Jekyll Island. The traffic was heavy at times, but not really bad at all. The people at the front desk at this hotel remembered us! Oh my! One of them even asked if my son was with us.

Happy New Year everyone! I think I will probably sleep through it.

01-01-2010, 07:41 AM
happy new Year!!! Went to movies and dinner!
Glad you made it safely, Tammy.
Hi everyone-hope you don't worry about the surgery, Joanne,

Joanne D
01-01-2010, 11:37 AM
I am not worried about the surgery, just how I am going to get through the next 18 days. Pray for me.
Love to you guys, Joanne

01-02-2010, 12:29 AM
Joanne, will definitely keep praying! Sure wish I would have thought more clearly when I was planning this trip. I would have come to visit you!

I redid my tracker AGAIN! I am down 36 pounds from 5 years ago. I want to lose 20 pounds by Tim's wedding in May. I know how I am about losing, so if I lose any I should be happy. Before I left, I went to the Y for a weigh in and measurements for the Inch by Inch/Pound by Pound program. The aerobics class is called Chisel. It starts Monday. I won't be there, so I have to keep getting out and doing things while I am here. I have to decide if I am going to change my tracker according to my scales or the ones at the Y when we weigh in.

Maurice is afraid of waves and seagulls.

01-02-2010, 12:30 AM
I forgot. When I did the measurements, I compared them to what my measurements had been last January, and there were inches lost all over the place. I guess I knew that since I was buying smaller clothes, but it felt good to see it on paper.


01-02-2010, 03:28 AM
We went to dinner and a movie last night, too. Saw ' Did You Hear What Happened To The Morgans'. Very funny.

Joanne, that time will pass before you know it. You're in my prayers, though. Hope the puppy & the weather stays good for you.

Tammy, congratulations on the inches lost. I was going to start a weight loss plan of some kind today. Did real good until dinner. We went to town and wound up getting pizza. Then came home and here comes hubby with the last 2 pieces of strawberry cheesecake from a party we had last week and said, help me get rid of this stuff. I just couldn't help myself! The devil made me do it. :devil:

The dog is out of the dog house. Hubby found the P today and I got it back on! I can no longer say, "The dog ate my P." :p (Sorry, just had to.)

01-02-2010, 07:40 AM
Good, Meme.
Bought a little fireplace stove at Lowe's. Trying it out because it's coooold!!!
Art meeting this morning and the we are going to Whole Foods. It's 30 minutes aay and they have lots of gluten free products although they are not so cheap.
Way to go Tammy. Weddings are always good motivation. Bobby's is in a month and I haven't found a dress-needs to be casual and Hawaian. You would thimk here it would be easy.
Bye for now. Mima

01-02-2010, 09:36 AM
Meme, I haven't heard of that movie, but I rarely know of movies that are out. I live in my own little world I guess. I had a slice of pizza for lunch yesterday, and then I ate a reuben last night for dinner. Today I'll try to go for healthier options. Breakfast was an apple and a cup of yogurt. I wouldn't have passed on the cheesecake either! I am sooooooooo glad that you found your P!!!

Mima, let us know how the stove works. I've seen those different places at home. Enjoy the art meeting. The wedding should be good motivation for me. Lauren's mom is thinking the same thing. Hope you find the right dress.

I'm ready to shower and head out for the day. Going to do some exploring of little shops in the area that I always hit when I'm here. Maurice will be staying here in the room in his kennel. He won't like it, but I think he'd rather be here than in the crate in the van. Plan to do some laundry sometime this weekend. From the looks of the temperatures, I think I'll be wearing longer pants from now on.

Have a great day ladies!

01-03-2010, 12:38 PM
Good morning everyone! Tammy, loved getting together with you and Tim....we did have a good visit! Which name you think suits me better???Just call me is my forum name for both areas I and a Great Pyrenees website. Glad to hear you made it to your destination without any problems. That is definitely a sign of "good business" when places like that remember their client's names! It will probably always be a place you will return to and feel comfortable, right? What better advertisement than word-of-mouth??
Joanne, sorry to hear of the knee problems. Is this Jan 18th surgery for your knee replacement? Keep us posted on the progress, okay? Hubby has told his doctor he wants to do his at the end of this year.
Anne, gallbladder surgery was a part of eveyone in my family's life! My nephew and I are the only 2 in the whole family that were blessed with not having that problem. My sister and brother suffered terribly with it. My brother was actually air-lifted off his commercial fishing vessel with a severe attack and ultimately had surgery....and my sister had it removed when she was three months pregnant only to go back 3 months later to remove several gall stones they had left behind. This was during her first pregnancy! Like I said....I was definitely blessed to not have that to deal with. I think the procedures are much more advanced today so hopefully, all will go well.
I've been having some problems with Queenie past 4-5 days. It appears she ate something that has caused some distress and she has had diarrhea for the past few days. I've been cleaning her "britches" and getting up at all hours of the night to let her out. That's one of the reasons I have been too busy for the computer lately. Also, hubby goes back to work tomorrow (thank-you! There is a God!!) so I've been trying to get all those little things finished that only he can do before he is too busy again. It was great having him home for a couple weeks but I will also be happy to have some "quiet" time again too!
Happy New Year to all and Tammy, do keep in touch! I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation and have a safe trip back home. Keep us posted, okay?? Hope everyone is doing well and enjoys the rest of the day! Weather is cold here right now...I had to actually break down and put the heat on! Bye for now.

01-03-2010, 09:16 PM
Kate, at church this morning I met several people from Ohio and Indiana. They are all staying at another place here, and they told me to check it out. I went there after church, was able to see a room, and I have a price list. I think if I do come back, I might stay there instead of here. This place is nice, but it's more like a hotel room with a sofa. The place I saw today had a full kitchen, living room, seperate bedroom. It was more like a home. I was thinking that if I do come back, I will stay here longer than a week. Tim said we will talk about everything when I get home.

Yes, we had a wonderful visit! I wish I had one of your muffins right now! Yum!! I'm glad your hubby wasn't working because we got to meet him too!!

01-04-2010, 09:17 AM
Good morning all and good Lord, is it ever cold here right now! Wind chill here makes it about 31 degrees....way too cold for me. Had a hard time getting through a few blocks walking Queenie this morning. She got me up once during the night but hardly pooped at all. Her tummy was making some weird noises this morning too but not sure if that means she is on the mend or not. She didn't seem too interested in her food yet she certainly enjoyed being out in the cold air....she was "bouncy" on her walk! I sure hope this cold front goes away soon!
Hubby back to work this sure is quiet around here! Tammy, that sounds like a great place that was recommended....definitely would be worth it to relocate to a bigger, better equipped place if you plan to extend your time there. Nothing like having your own "kitchen" to make life more comfortable! Good luck and be sure to make your reservations early.
Not sure what is planned for today yet. It's too cold to be outside but I need to keep an eye on the princess to see how this diarrhea issue is going. Hopefully we will have her back to normal very soon! I didn't get any sleep again last night.....hard to sleep with one eye and my ears open! I will probably need a power nap this afternoon. Hope everyone enjoys the day....and stays warm!

01-04-2010, 11:52 PM
Only got in the 20s today and the teens tonight. Baby it's cold outside! Not supposed to get above freezing until next week and snow Thursday. It's too cold to snow! :p Hubby asked me if I was going anywhere so he could take my van to work ... it stays in the garage & is warm in the mornings. Takes his truck forever to warm up - it's diesel. I said you kidding. Too cold for me to go anywhere unless I just have to.

01-05-2010, 08:25 AM
I feel bad for people that have to walk their dogs and HAVE to go out!!!
The stove works great-you have to sit near it, But saves on the electric heat-esp in the evening.
Went to eye specialist and getting a ct scan of my chest-another tool to diagnose Horner's which he thinks I don't have. I probably will end up with eyelid surgery and I hope cataract so I can see distance.
Gotta get my meth shot-that would be methotrexate-haha
Have fun Tammy. Mima

01-05-2010, 10:45 AM
Kate, hope Queenie is getting better. Funny that she is enjoying the cold.

Meme, laughed about hubby and the van. I don't blame him for wanting to take it. See if you can get things warmed up by next week. I'll be in Tennessee on Tuesday sometime. Then send warmth all the way up to Ohio. Not going to enjoy going back to colder temps and snow.

Mima, I think Tim might be interested in a stove like that. He is really trying to watch his expenses. Oh my to the meth shot! lol

I think I will be heading to the mall today, not planning to buy anything, but just something to do. There is also a Ross here, and I always like to go there and see if I can find any bargains. I told Tim last night that I haven't eaten at 3 of our favorite places yet. He told me that I'm slipping and running out of time. I've eaten at the restaurant here at the hotel, and the servings have been large so I have brought back the leftovers for another meal. That's always a good thing. Yesterday I stayed here in the room most of the day. Just didn't feel the best. Kind of a fibro day I think. Ate a mini bagel and some tea. I was very hungry for dinner, so I went next door and had yummy Georgia shrimp! Sat and watched the shrimp boats for the past couple of days, so maybe they were catching it for me. Haven't convinced them to leave the fries off the plate when I order. What's up with that? I eat a couple and leave the rest.

Happy Canuk
01-05-2010, 12:15 PM
Hi. Sounds like everybody is cold and the only one liking it is Queenie. Dogs seem to LOVE cold weather. When it snows, they like to play in it. They get friskie, and run through it and scoop it up with their noses. So fun to watch. I don't mind the cold, because I feel better in it - less pain. We have one of the driest climates around, so as long as there is no moisture I feel pretty good. I am aching today, because another weather system is on the way - a warming trend. Along with it comes more humid air. I have NEVER disliked winter, though. When I was young, it was just a fun time. During the New Year holidays, it was -25/-30 outside, so it was quite cold. It warmed up yesterday to about 8F so it was quite a nice day. We have sure had cold weather through Dec and into Jan. Elnino was supposed to be playing in the Pacific but I think Elnina (his sister) hurt him somehow, because it sure is not warm. So much for the global warming theory!

We don't get tons and tons of snow here either. When it does snow, it is quite dry, not that heavy, wet stuff.

My son came through the gallbladder surgery just fine. He had never had an attack before the 27 Dec. New Years Eve was spent at the hospital. The only place we could find open to get something to eat, was the A&W, so I had a Teen Burger. Haven't had one of those for years, and quite enjoyed it. After that, back to the hospital, and he was much more alert. Stayed there until 9:00 p.m. and then went back to Edmonton to my daughters. Saw in the New Year with daughter,SIL and a few friends of theirs. New Years Day, my son came home, and he wanted us all to come to their house. We made dinner and away we went. He had a normal appetite and was able to enjoy the meal. The Dr. said the gallbladder was rotten, and that the body had built a "jacket" around it, and it was still there, so if he had an ultrasound anytime soon, it would still look like the gallbladder was still there, but that the body will dissolve it in time. It was formed as a protection for his body. Go figure. Never heard of that before.

Mima - glad you got the stove and that you are keeping warm. Is it a wood burning stove or what???

Tammy and Kate - how great that you got to meet. Tammy are you going to try see Meme when you get to Tennessee? Kate - have you had time to play with your new bike yet?

Joanne - hope you are finding any kind of relief with that knee pain. Surgery will be welcomed after all that.

Meme - Stay warm. I guess temps are all relative to where you live and what is hot and what is cold.

Well, everybody, have a great day.

01-05-2010, 12:37 PM
Good morning from freezer land Florida! It is so darn cold I can hardly type on my keyboard....even broke down and turned on the heat!! I ended up contacting Queenie's vet yesterday and got her some edible tablets called far so good! She had to fast last night but ate a good breakfast this morning. I really hope these pills work....I still can't figure out what caused this whole issue.
It seems like everyone is starting out the new year on a diet. My neighbor and her husband just started SB yesterday...she called to tell me she cleaned out her fridge and cupboards and then went shopping for just what they can eat on phase 1. I need to get back to phase 1 too but am having a terrible time staying away from the carbs...even the "good" ones!
Off to Fedex to ship my husband's range pistol back to the factory for repairs. We go target shooting about once a month. I haven't been since my shoulder surgery but feel confident I can do it again now. I just hope the cold weather disappears by the time we go! We also have friends from up north arriving in the next few days. They will be stopping in a few times while they are down visiting several friends and family all over Florida...St. Augustine, Naples, Davies.....we're on their list as well! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of this cold day!! Try to stay warm!!!

p.s. Anne, you were posting at the same time so I didn't get to read yours until after....just wanted to say how good it is to ,mhear all went well with your son's surgery. That is a strange thing about the protective jacket around the gallbladder! I wonder why they didn't remove that too? Strange! Bye for now and everyone......stay warm!!

01-06-2010, 12:27 AM
Anne, I believe you are right about the cold being relative to what you are used to, trouble is that here we don't have time to get used to anything until it changes. Anything below 70 is cold to me. :p It is 10 here tonight and supposed to be in the single digits this weekend so that is waaaaay below my comfort zone. We're under a winter weather warning for tomorrow night and Thursday. 3-4 inches of snow in our area. But the way TN weather is, it could be up in the 60s in another week or 2 ... ya just never know! Just hold on a few more months and we'll be begging for cool air.

01-06-2010, 08:10 AM
So glad your son is ok, Anne.
Got a call from doc and said my triglycerides were high, Take fish oil which I already do. I am going to cut down on sugar and white stuff Brad has to go to doc's tomorrow-probably going to start him on insulin. If only he would exercise. We did go ride bikes in the club house ut he only goes 10 minues. have to go at least 20.
Wow for the e-mail from Southwest for the free ticket because I got a credit card. That's for the birth,
Too bad it is cold for your vacation, Tammy. I love Ross.
Art today-favorite teacher back.
Bye for now Mima

01-06-2010, 11:01 AM
Anne, glad to hear your son came through the surgery ok! Always a blessing. I've never heard of that protective jacket thing. Interesting stuff our bodies do!! I won't be meeting Meme when I go through Tenn. I'm just stopping for overnight, and the towns really aren't that close.

Kate, glad to hear that Queenie is on something that could make her feel better.

Meme, make sure there isn't snow and cold when I come through next week!!

Mima, I didn't buy a thing at Ross. The one sweater that I liked was way too big, which is a good thing because it was the size that I normally would have bought. Looked at a small bookshelf, really liked it, but then I noticed a big gash in the side of it.

Not sure what today holds. Heard Maurice a while ago, and he was on the chair trying to snuggle into my sweatshirt. I got up and got a blanket for him. He gets cold easily, so he was hunting for warmth. I do want to check out a couple more places while I am here just in case I come down for longer next year. I have prices for the one I saw on Sunday and for this one. This one is LOTS higher than the other one, and this one needs some updating which the other one has been done. The owner says that this one is special because the ocean is always in view. Well, for the money that I could save, I would be glad to walk a few yards to see the ocean. There is another one on down the road where the ocean is visible all the time, I've stayed there with Bob and Tim. Very nice, BUT no pets allowed. Can't do that.

01-06-2010, 11:47 AM
Good morning all. Another cold and blustery day here in Florida! We also have a freeze warning out....will be warming a bit tomorrow but another cold front coming through this weekend with more record low temps. Vero Beach was 21 degrees this morning....a new low record! Queenie seems to be on the mend...her "poops" were better last night and this morning. She just had her last dose of the meds and tomorrow will be the ultimate test. If she stays "normal", we have it licked. If she gets "loose" again, a trip to the vets for more tests.
Tammy, my GF who has the minidoxies says her dogs are always looking for warm places. I just saw a cute little sleeping bag type bed just for these types of dogs who like to burrow and sleep covered up. It was very cute and seemed appropriate for the breed. I agree about paying less money but having a bit nicer place to stay next year. The ocean is just steps away, right? And definitely take the place that allows pets!!! I'm sure Maurice would prefer to be with you rather than a strange kennel (unless it's the country club!!)
Meme is right about the extremes in the weather....we have that here in Florida as well. One day it is 75 degrees, the next we are in a frost situation! This cold front has lasted much longer than I remember any of the others and we will probably be back up into the 80's after the weekend! Those extremes can be hard the body....especially FM bodies! At least we don't have to shovel the white stuff! That would kill me about now!
Need to get something done today. Finally got all my files changed over for the new year but need to print out year end stuff for the accountant. I also need to reconcile my accounts to the online statements. Haven't done that for a long time and I'll have to complete that task before I can print out the year end stuff. I truly hate doing bookwork....always have and probably always will!
Enjoy the rest of the day ladies and do stay warm!!

Joanne D
01-06-2010, 12:18 PM
Hello Everybody- I guess I didn't have my share of problems. Now I hear the primary Dr. Doesn't want to sign the release for my surgery.. He is using the excuse that my heart is too bad. Now ,I have not had anyone tell me how bad they think my heart is.or what is supposed to be wrong with it. We are seeing him tomorrow,, Our son is going with me.. Someone in his office signed the referral for me to see the orthopedic Dr. and to have the pretesting for surgery.
This has got me very upset.. Something has to be done about this knee.This problem has been with me for 15 years.Even with strong pain medicine I have not had any relief from the pain in almost 2 weeks.. All the Dr's would do is inject and suggest therapy. Well I am done with that. It has been a waste of money and time and not been the answer..
Now I am through dumping on you..
It is really cold here.. We have not had this much cold in years.. They say it is going to be the same or worse through the weekend..
Everybody have a good week..

01-07-2010, 04:04 AM
Hello everyone! I don't mean to poke into a thread without reading the whole thing first so if I'm interrupting SORRY! But I just had to say hello to everyone. I'm 25 and living with fibro. I don't know anyone in real life with it so I don't know what "normal" amounts of exercise is. I'm recommitting myself to exercise and today I just felt super good. So I jumped on our little trampoline and before I knew it.... 40 min had FLOWN by! GO ME! Sorry, I just had to share with SOMEONE!

So hello everyone! I'll come back and read the previous posts soon but I HAD to share!

Joanne D
01-08-2010, 11:45 AM
Hello Everybody- I met with my primary Dr. yesterday and he told me if I went through with plans for knee replacement I may have a heart attack or stroke on the table and /or die, my heart was too bad.. I just finished canceling the whole thing. I will see another orthopedic Dr. next week for him to inject my knee with a jell like substance . The girl/women that took it on herself to direct me in this mess was fired along with a couple more.
I hope everyone has a good weekend...Joanne

01-08-2010, 08:15 PM
Kate, brrr to 21 at Vero Beach! That sounds like Ohio. Maybe Maurice needs one of those sleeping bags. I know he likes being with me. The country club was nice. Right now he is at the Evergreen Pet Lodge here at Hilton Head since I'm staying at another Disney Resort. It seemed really nice too, and I get a discount since I'm a Disney Vacation Club member.

Joanne, I am so sorry to hear this about the doctor and the mess up! How on earth could they get everything so messed up? I'm so glad that those people have been fired. This could have killed you! Unreal. Will be keeping you in prayers that your knee gets better without the surgery.

mypitbullsmiles, WELCOME!! Jump in anytime. Good for you for doing 40 minutes on the trampoline! That is fantastic. Come back and chat any time.

Ventured around Hilton Head today. Hit 2 dead ends (lots of pretty homes to look at though) and then I met a very nice man in a guard house. He happened to be a guard, nice uniform, etc. Have no idea what he was guarding, but I wan't supposed to be there. I kept apologizing, and he laughed, so I don't think they'll be hunting me down.

Aunty Jam
01-08-2010, 10:55 PM
Hey everyone, I'm doing the same as mypitbullsmiles and "poking" in. I also have fibro but didn't do 40 minutes on a trampoline yesterday. Oh well. Fibro is mild for me but still there.

Mypitbullsmiles - I love your name, got me thinking maybe I should have called myself Mybordercolliestares.

01-10-2010, 10:11 AM
Good morning everyone...and a darn cold one it is!! Will this cold front ever go away down here??? I have never seen it stay this cold for this long since we have lived here. Can't wait to see the FPL bill next month!
Tammy, hope you finally got on the site! I didn't have any problems just now....has anyone else had a problem? Sounds like you are having a great time shopping! I imagine it must be just as cold where you are?? Hope they are keeping Maurice warm! Let me know when you are heading back home.....
Joanne, that must be so frustrating to be ready emotional and physically for surgery only to find out those so-called professionals screwed up! I hope that gel stuff works for neighbor had it done and he said it didn't do a thing for him. I think it is called Synvisc or something. You might want to check it out on the web? Hubby was going to look into it but after talking to the neighbor decided it wasn't for him. He's planning his knee replacements the end of this year....we'll see! He needs to get the weight off first. He's scheduled with a cardiologist for a nuclear stress test so his doctor can prescribe something for his appetite. His doc wants to make sure his heart can handle the added medication. I hope things work out for you....I can only imagine how frustrated you must feel.
Welcome to mypitbullsmiles and aunty jam! I'm with you on the doggie habits! I'll go with the nickname "mywillfulpyr" ! This cold weather is wrecking havoc with my fibro....can hardly move in the mornings now. Kudos for you for exercising!! I need to get back to it myself but I keep using the "no time" excuse. I've had the "portion distortion" thing lately too. I think it is this cold weather that makes me want to EAT!
Off to change bed linens and spiff up the house. We have company arriving in a couple of weeks.....the start of the northern exodus I'm sure! I'll be booked through March now! Enjoy the rest of the day ladies and try to stay warm!!!

01-10-2010, 12:24 PM
Hello to Aunty Jam! I guess I could be MyDachshundSpazzes!! lol Welcome to the group!!

Kate, I am here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I typing fast before it goes away. One of the waiters I talked to at Jekyll Island said this is the coldest it has been there in many years. He's originally from New Jersey, so he has chuckled at how bundled up people were on a couple of 40 degree days.

I go to the rheumatologist when I get home. My knee has been better than it was for a while, so I don't think I'll mention injections for it. My back has really straightened up too except for the past few days. I know it is the mattress here.

I think this is going to be a day of reading and working on my bible study. I don't even think I'll hit any shops today, well maybe I won't. lol Kind of ready to go home to the cold and snowy weather. Sounds crazy.

Hope you all have a great day!

01-11-2010, 07:57 AM
Sorry the cold weather and your trip coincided Tammy. maybe Feb next year.
I am so sorry you can't have surgery, Joanne. Hope the other thing works.
Welcome new people. This is a great place to vent.
WW today-we went to Sweet Tomatoes yesterday and I got ibs after. Did not eat salad. But ate pea soup and frozen yogurt.
Suzanne tested positive for gestational diabetes and will have another test.
Saw a dress for the beach wedding on line-have to call and find out what size to get. I am in the middle of a small and medium.
Bye for now. Mima

01-11-2010, 05:23 PM
hahahaha! Dogs are so cool! I had a Collie as a kid, she DID stare, at EVERYTHING! Ha! I have 2 pitties laying on my feet right now.... Snoring away

Anyway, I was doing SO well for about a week, but then I got a NASTY cold. Luckily with 4 days of bedrest so far I'm pretty sure I avoided more doctor visits and antibiotics (I have HUGE reactions to nearly every medication I've ever been on, hence why I don't take anything at all now, not even aspirin!). Maybe a few more days and I'll feel... better? But all of this laying around is KILLING my joints! Waaahhhh! I wanna be better! Ok I just had to whine a little.

Luckily the weather had mellowed out here. I'm a real Oregonian so the rain is comforting to me and it's not often cold enough to ice over. We had a couple of ice storms that had me pretty laid up. But now at least it's not too bad (otherwise boy would I be miserable!). I can't think of anything else to say... Hello!

Joanne D
01-11-2010, 08:08 PM
The one thing I really loved was my walks. Now I can't do that with my knee the way it is. I told my son to sell the treadmill as no one was using it. It didn't take long for it to sell. He let it go cheap. It was in perfect condition.
I am seeing a orthopedic Dr. tomorrow. I think he is going to inject a jell substance in it. I hope that at least gets rid of the pain.. And I can get a nights sleep. It is synvisc..
Getting younger is no fun..
This has really been a cold week here. We are not used to the cold. Our blood is thinner than you people who live in the colder climates. Most of the plants in my yard are gone.. I told my son I wasn't going to let it bother me. Too much work keeping them.If they come back fine if not that is fine too.
Christie is not a happy camper ,going out in the yard to get her business done.. We have a nice fenced area for her now. She will just have to get used to it.
Stay warm Everybody...Joanne

01-11-2010, 11:48 PM
Oh Joanne...I am so sorry things are so difficult for you right now!! Having to make so many adjustments in such a short period of time can be very unsettling. I do hope this Synvisc will let you have the mobility I think you might be used to. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!! Please try to keep a positive attitude, however difficult it may be. I promise this will work itself out....okay???
Tammy, let us know when you are on your way back to Ohio....we all want to keep you in our thoughts and make sure you have a safe trip!
And please....let us PRAY for a warmer climate for Florida in the very near future!!! Good Lord, it is way too cold for us thin-blooded folks down here!!
Mypitbullsmiles, dogs are the only thing in life that love you more than they love themselves!! And I swear that is the truth!! I am the biggest dog-lover ever.
Another cold Florida day....suppose to be up to the 70's by the weekend. Go figure! My poor old aged skin is really taking a beating with these drastic temperature changes! I wish nature would just make up it's mind down here!
Enjoy the evening ladies.

01-12-2010, 07:51 AM
My nails are brittle-sign of cold-and my skin is dry. It's true about the blood.
It's going up today-yeah.
Doing taxes-can't find proof of money sent to IRS. But I will.
Ordered my dress in a small-lady said it was stretch material. I only lost .2 bit overall I have lost over 4 and I am almost at goal. been eating too much.
Rheumo today and skin doc tomorrow,
Sure hope your knee is better, Joamme.
We miss our dog-he had quite a smile-a keeshond. Should have videoed him when he was eating pasta and moaning,
Bye Mima

Happy Canuk
01-12-2010, 02:02 PM
Hi everybody.

Mima, Kate and Joanne - wishing you warmer days. It is warming up. We went from -30F to +30F overnight. Felt like SPRING. Today it is 46F out there, so, although hard to move around, as the snow has become slush type stuff, it sure is nice. So the Arctic blast, sent to you, compliments of Canada, is OVER!!!! It is so nice and sunny here, but when it is -30 it has a high ceiling and lots of sun as well. Only a couple of months till Spring comes, for real.

Joanne - I sure hope that the shot helps and that you can be mobile again. You have had MORE than your share of the plate recently.

Tammy - hope you will have a safe trip back home. Glad you got away.

Son is doing well, after surgery. Will probably start back to work next week, on light duty. Hubby has been busy helping out with his house, so it can move forward, since he can't do much. They should be moving into it in just a couple of months. It isn't that easy to help, as we live 2 hours away, each way, so the only time is the weekend. Poor hubby is getting tired. He finally has come to the realization that he is no longer 21!

Everybody have a good day, and remember the north is warming up and so will you!

Joanne D
01-12-2010, 03:37 PM
Hello Everybody.. Say another orthopedic Dr. today and it wasn't really good news. He will clear me with insurance and give me the injections that may not be effective,(his words). He said the damage to my knee is about as bad as it can get.Not news to me. He also will order a special brace that will hold my knee in place. My arthritis is pretty bad and lately getting the best of me..
It is not as cold as the past few days just not as warm as I like. My skin and nails are wrecked. Constant lotion and still need more.
I need to get my emotional eating under control.. Not good for my weight ,diabetes,or stinking thinking..

01-13-2010, 01:03 PM
Oh, Joanne, so sorry.Maybe the brace will keep it in place so it doesn't rub.
Skin doc at 1-hope she doesn't find anything new.
Daughter having to glucose testing-sure hope she's ok/
Thanks for the warmer air, Anne. Love it.
Be good all. Mima

Happy Canuk
01-13-2010, 03:06 PM

Joanne - sorry nothing much can be done. Pray that the shot will help relieve, at least some of the pain. The brace can help as well. One day at a time.

Mima - The GD is common in pregnant women. Does she go for the 2 hr tolerance today? The stuff they drink has sure improved over the years as well. It's just that you have to be there for the 2 hours.

I have been BLOWING really hard, so that some of this nice warm air can make it down your way. I am almost out of breath lol

01-14-2010, 08:02 AM
How about 4 hours and she said the stuff to drink is awful.No news yet.
The election in MA is very interesting-esp with so much national attention.Go Scott Brown!!
I had a skin biopsy on my belly=a tiny mole. Really hope that's ok-not a bikini wearer.
Prayed for Haiti last night at church. And collected money.
And started a new picture at Art-Hydrangeas.
Hope your knee is better Joanne-I really think the brace will help.

01-14-2010, 02:51 PM
Hello from Ohio! I arrived home yesterday afternoon safe and sound. Had no problems at all, and I am confident now that I can do this on my own! That makes me feel good. Makes me sad knowing that this is what Bob and I wanted to do together, but I know he would be happy that I am doing it.

Joanne, sorry that things aren't the best for you right now. I wish there was something I or someone could do for your knee. I'm with you on the skin, nails, and emotional eating.

Mima, I had the gestational diabetes also when I was pregnant with Tim. A few days before he was born, my level was over 200. The day I went to the hospital, it was close to 200 when I got there. 3 hours later after he was born, it had dropped to 80. Even the nurse and doctor were amazed that it dropped that fast. I told Tim he needs to watch it because apparently he was the sweet one, not me!

Anne, thanks for blowing that warm air down here. It was in the 30's when I got home yesterday, and it's in the 30's again today. The sun is shining too. I'm sure your hubby has been getting worn out helping with your son's house. Tell him to take it easy!!

Several people from one of the local churches were in Haiti when the earthquake hit. They are all ok, but they have lost many friends that they have made while there.

I still have things to unload from the van! I don't have to do anything until tomorrow morning when I start back to the Y at 9, so I figure no rush, right?

Joanne D
01-14-2010, 07:51 PM
They measured me for the brace today. Now I hope the insurance will cover it.The brace is not very attractive. I will have to adjust the way I dress. Real lose pants to go over the brace ,peddle pushers or skirts. I could wear it on the outside of my jeans but guess how that will look?
On top of everything I have had IBS for two days. I just feel sick. Probably my nerves are getting the best of me.I am not getting much sleep at night. I just can't seem to get in a position that my knee doesn't hurt. I cry a lot..
Enough of me!!!
It got a little warmer..
I am glad you had a good trip Tammy.. 30 degrees is too cold for me..
Yes ,Happy, one day at a time.. I will keep that in mind..
We enlarged the fenced area so that all we will have to do is open the door and let Christie go out. Well, The stinker doesn't want to use it.. And doesn't want to go out alone! It takes a lot of patience and time to get her to go there. It is real dark out there at night. Tonight I will take her out front where I have a light. I may be ruining all my work in trying to get her to go where I want. Can't help it tonight. I don't feel up to sitting out there for 30-45 minuted while she walks around with her nose up in the air.She is so spoiled! Any advice?
Those poor people in Haiti..
Mima- Hope everything went well with the skin Dr.
Hello Meme..Where are you. Come on over from face book..

01-15-2010, 07:47 AM
Joanne-I have seen people wear their brace outside their pants.Tell people it;s a war wound. LOL
Hey tammy-Great for you!!!!! Glad you had a safe trip.
Suzanne's glucose test as fine. She is very happy about that.
Eye doc called and I am getting my cataracts removed, I an SO happy about that.
Mile and Jill are going to be selling things at the flea market for 3 weekends. We are going to see them this morning, And then go to BJ's and get my packet from the eye doc.
I have been working on the taxes a little each day. Got the business done.I need all my paper work from banks etc
Pray for Haiti-just read a story about a local girl back home that is still missing,

01-15-2010, 10:59 AM
Good morning everyone. I am sitting here waiting for the refridgerator service guy yet again. This is the 4th service call I have had on my icemaker in the freezer. Thank God I have an extended warranty! This company has been really good about getting it done too so I like using them for eveything.
Hubby had his first appointment with the cardiologist yesterday. he goes in for a nuclear stress test next week. They do it in 2 appointments....1st one is "resting" and second one is fasting and the stress test. They inject some sort of stuff into you and scan the heart. Sounds like a long procedure....kind of like an MRI. I hope hubby can lay still for that long! His doctor wants to give him something to help with his appetite but wants to make sure his heart is okay first. He's actually talking about having both his knees done next Dec/Jan! We'll see.
Tammy, so glad you made it hope safely. It's great to know you are capable of doing stuff on your own, isn't it? I used to take mini weekend getaways by myself just to get away. Of course, that was when I had the business and worked long hours and was always stressed out. Now I don't feel the need to go anywhere. I am happy just being around my house doing my house-wifey things. Never had the chance to do that until I sold the shop. I'm liking it, too!
I'm still trying to get back to phase 1 of SB....not having very good luck at all! I just can't seem to drop these carbs out of my diet again. I'm going to have to work harder at it....have a doctor's appointment next Monday and I think I have gained a few pounds. I don't want to dwell on this though because it won't help me focus on what I need to do, right?
Joanne, I hopoe this all works out for you with your knees. Keep us posted, okay? Anne, you must be blowing that warm air pretty hard because it has finally warmed up enough way down here to open up the house again. We are having cloudy weather though and rain is due all weekend but a at least it is in the 70's!
Hope everyone is staying warm! Enjoy the rest of the day ladies!

Happy Canuk
01-15-2010, 02:27 PM
Gopd morning.

Joanne - sending you big soft hugs. You are going through a terrible time. I hope that the brace will help. I just read in the paper where somebody here, in Red Deer, has designed a new brace, that is ultra light, for knees. It's the only one of it's kind. Some orothopedic fella made it. Maybe it is time to change them. My understanding is that they are not so comfortable. Hope the IBS is under control. Probably caused from all the stress.

Mima - glad that there was no GD. It happens so often and then it goes back. Diabetes runs like a river throughout our family. Hope my kids don't inherit it, but it often misses a generation.

Kate - I have had that stress test, but Red Deer is the only place in the UNIVERSE that does it in one day. I was at the hospital for 7.5 hours. They give you an IV with a radioactive substance in it, and then you get to sit quietly for 2 hours. They give you lots of water to drink. At the end of the 2 hours, you go into the xray room. It is painless, but after all that water ...... need I say more???? It all seems to hit the minute you get on the table. It doesn't take that long for the x-rays. They bring the machine down over you. After that I went back out for the second part of the stress test. Again you sit for 2 hours, then they take you to a treadmill and have you walk or run on that until they are satisfied - then it's back to the x-ray room again, for more of the same. Just took a long time. Half of it was just sitting around and some of it was just waiting to get stuff done.

Everything was fine as far as my heart was concerned. Just the Atrial Fibrillation acting up. Also was sent for an Echocardiogram and that was not such fun. I am a very deep breather, but when I did that, my lungs filled up and blacked out the heart, so I had to lay there gasping, while taking all these little tiny breathes. As it turned out everything was fine. At least i know was heart WAS ok. Hopefully, it still is lol

Tammy - glad you made it home safely. It is surprising what we can do but really never had to. You are strong and will be able to get along just fine. This trip must have been hard in some ways for you. "Firsts" are so rough.

Meme - where have you gotten to? Candice, come out and play.

Hello to you two new people. Come on and join in.

I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards today. Wow, how does stuff get so cluttered??? Anyway, they are now nice and clean, and I have a big garbage bag ready to haul out. Next is the fridge and then that will be done.

Everybody enjoy the day.

01-15-2010, 02:43 PM
Joanne, I have seen many people with those braces on the outside of their pants. Might be easier than finding loose fitting pants, I don't know. I'm sure your nerves are about shot by now. Know how much we all care about you, and we all want the best for you. Take care.

Mima, when will you have the cataracts removed?

Kate, keep us updated on how things go with hubby. It really is a good feeling knowing that I'm capable of doing more than I thought I could. With your beautiful home, I can understand why you would never want to leave!

Anne, I have definitely found out that I'm stronger than I thought I was.

Today was my first day back at the Y. Oh my. I am worn out. That is the first I have done anything except walking since before Christmas. And guess what? It was weigh in day. I debated on it, but I decided that I might as well see what damage I did on the trip. Drumroll please! I gained .4!! That's it! I was shocked and quite pleased. That will be my starting weight on the tracker that I have set for 20 pounds. Hopefully I'll lose those sometime, and I can set it for another number.

01-17-2010, 08:21 AM
Great for .4 , Tammy, and for driving back. I probably wouldn't do that but I can go on a plane alone, though I haven't done it in a long time. But I will at the end of feb.
Suzanne is coming for the wedding but on a flight that's early. I am mostly done with the baby quilt which has crooked squares but the colors are pretty.
Yeah for Payless carrying a size 5-should have gone there first.
When do you get your brace, Joanne/ Cataracts in Feb if all goes well.
That must be a grueling day, Anne, when you had those tests.
Pam had a bachelorette party last night and Bob's is next week-they are playing paintball .Dinner and ???
Watching the MA election and hoping and praying Brown wins. Mima

Joanne D
01-18-2010, 11:27 AM
I will call the company that came and measured my leg. I haven't heard from them. I will wait through today.. I get the first of three injections tomorrow. I am just hoping for pain relief. I know this won't fix the leg. walking and weight bearing will not help it. So I will just have to go on with my daily chores and hope for the best.
I like flying. I am not afraid at all.

01-18-2010, 10:58 PM
Mima, I flew for the 2nd time alone in October. Both times I had gone to airports that I had been to before with others, so it wasn't bad. Not sure about going to a new one. The driving was much better that I thought it would be. I just drove and sang along with the radio. lol What colors did you use in the quilt?

Joanne, hope all goes well with the injections. Did you ever hear from the brace place?

Busy day. Class at the Y, lunch with the retired crew, gave blood, hung out with some friends tonight. Just watched tv and gabbed.

01-19-2010, 09:43 AM
The quilt has brown, pink and rose. I see those colors a lot for girls. I will finish it this morning.
I gained .6 yesterday at WW but I had gone out to eat 2x and I didn't overeat. Now I am down another pound, Go figure-I think it's the sodium/
I sure hope you get relief, Joanne-i see lots of people with braces on their knees.
Watchig the election in MA and praying for Scott Brown. Mima

01-19-2010, 03:30 PM
Mima, the quilt sounds pretty. good for being down the pound. Let us know about the election just in case I don't have the tv on.

Went to the rheumatologist this morning. That is the first that I have been there since Aug. 2008, right after Bob died. She was pleased with the 17 pound weight loss (hooray!). She was also glad to hear that I have been feeling pretty good. Left knee is still an issue at times, but nothing like before. We didn't even talk about injections since it hasn't been bothering me.

It is cold, foggy, and icky here. I want to go somewhere that the sun is shining, even if it is cold.

Joanne D
01-19-2010, 08:03 PM
I got my first injection today.. My knee hurts. I know this may take time.. The guy who measured my knee for the brace was supposed to send a fax to the Dr. so he could get the referral into the insurance company . That was the 14th. Well he didn't do it till yesterday. I suspect he didn't send it till after I called him yesterday. He wanted me to call my Dr. to hurry it up. He was just trying to cover his butt!!!The Dr didn't have it when I called at late morning.
My weight staying the same. My coumadin level was up so now more adjustments to my med. Ask Me? Am I sick of all this stuff??
I haven't done much quilting lately. I think I need to get back to my crafts.
Sorry about the whining..

01-20-2010, 03:24 PM
Joanne, you have to be so tired and sick of everything. Can't believe that guy not calling the doctor when he was supposed to, well, yes I can. People just don't care anymore. Keeping you in prayers, and don't worry about the being whiny! We love you!!!!

Mima, saw the election results. I'm sure you were doing the happy dance!

Tim took the EMT test yesterday morning, and he found out last night that he passed!! He is thrilled and very relieved.

01-21-2010, 07:49 PM
Where is everyone? Did you guys all take a trip without me?

Joanne D
01-21-2010, 08:03 PM
You bet I am tired of the whole thing.. We had the last of Dr. appointments today. The hubbies this time.. He has to have a colonoscopy next month.. He will see what I had to put up with. I said never again for me.. We are free of appointments for this week.
It has been warm but it did rain today about one minute.. We may get some more later tonight.
Have a good weekend...Joanne

01-22-2010, 09:48 AM
Sorry I haven't been on-and we have been SO happy about the election. It was so frustrating before not to have a say or voice,
Hope you get your brace soon. We had a message in church about whining and how Paul was in prison in paddocks and singing and praising. Pastor said he would be whining. After that, Paul was released from prison.
Meeting gf for lunch. Her daughter is waiting to adopt a baby from a couple giving up their baby to be born in Feb. So iffy.
Suzanne is good-coming down on the 3rd.
Can't find the baby carriage-wrote to Graco to see if it's discontinued.
Brad found out his Walmart gift cert for 100 is depleted and he only spent 31. Walmart did say they would send a new card,
The quilt is beind tied now-it's pretty and full of mistakes. Bye for now Mima

01-24-2010, 07:36 AM
Good morning even though there are no posts. Nice that it is warm here=just needs to be decent in another week. Brad got a real nice shirt at Penney's and some new tan casual pants which, of course, I have to hem.
Hope everyone is ok. Mima

01-24-2010, 08:59 PM
I have never had a colonoscopy, and I really don't want to have one after everything that I've heard about them.

Mima, my brother and SIL adopted a baby, and they met the young girl before the baby was born. they were at the hospital for the delivery. good for Brad getting some new clothes.

We met our new pastor this morning. He starts in 2 weeks. I'm not happy that the other one is leaving, but what are you going to do? I want to give the new person a chance.

01-25-2010, 08:01 AM
Brad and I did something I have wanted to do for a long time-we went to the salvation Army to help serve with 3 other members of our Sunday school class, Of course we got the reward but we will go back. And it was so much fun working with the others,
Weigh in this morning-I am down but I hope it shows up.
I bet eventually you will like the new Pastor.
Suzanne's carriage has been discontinued=she will have to pick out another one.
Gotta eat breakfast. Mima

01-26-2010, 07:49 AM
Just wanted to let you all know I'm not dead. But close. I have been feeling really bad ... flare-up. Probably from all this yucky weather we've been having. It is almost 6am and still haven't been to sleep. Feel like I have the flu or something else as dreadful, just achy all over. Anyway, I'm not even going to try to catch up on all the reading so hope you all are doing ok. I read the last couple of pages - Joanne, I see you are still having the knee problems. Bless you!

I'll try and get back later. Maybe I'll be in a better 'mood'.

Joanne D
01-26-2010, 03:23 PM
Yes still the knee problems.. This looks like lifetime..I went to Dr. appointment and got 2nd injection.. Knee brace didn't fit. So a special one has to be ordered.. I guess this will take up to 2 weeks again.
Got to take out Christie. Back later...Joanne

01-26-2010, 05:20 PM
Joanne, I got an injection in my ankle a few weeks back. It helped but, of course, they just don't last long enough. I need them in both knees, too, but opt not to get them. My knees are so bad to go out of place just the thoughts of putting a needle in there makes me cringe. I can't stand for anyone to mess with them for fear the kneecap will flip ... it's so painful when it does that. I hope you get a brace that fits and your shot works for you. I know how miserable it is to have knee pain. Affects the whole body (and mind!)

01-26-2010, 07:07 PM
Mima, that's good to help out at the Salvation Army.

Meme, glad to hear from you!! Hope things look up for you. I'm tired of winter.

Joanne, sorry to hear that it will be another couple of weeks for the brace. You need relief!

01-27-2010, 02:56 AM
Congratulations on losing all that weight. You're doing great. I need to buckle down and do 'something'. Don't know what! Just feel bad and not in the mood right now.

Joanne D
01-27-2010, 11:02 AM
I need to buckle down and lose some weight ,too. I just want to eat all the time. I try to stick to a good eating plan ,but. Every night I say I will do better tomorrow. Well I started good this morning. Now I need to stick to it..
Have a good day everybody...Joanne

Happy Canuk
01-27-2010, 03:20 PM
H there Mima, Joanne, Tammy and Meme

Mima - Good for you, going to help out at the Salvation Army. Hope you find a carriage for baby.

Meme - sorry you are feeling so bad. I would be fit to be tired if I had to live in all that damp weather. Here it is cold, but very dry, so during the winter, I usually feel pretty good, painwise. Now and then I get a flareup, but that is usually when it warms up and snows - or worse, freezing rain. Hope you feel better soon.

Tammy - good job with all those lost pounds.

Joanne - sorry to hear that you can't get the brace for a couple more weeks. Not fun. I hope this doesn't lead to depression for you.

Where is Kate? Was she going somewhere? All is ok here. Same old, same old. My son is doing well and back to work, after the gallbladder surgery. A Mom always worries, I guess.

Seem to be having heart palpatations this morning, after having an Atrial Fib problem on Monday. Guess it's soon time to go see the Dr., and find out what is going on. Hate the feeling. At least today, it isn't racing. I was so tired on Monday, after 3 hours of rapid heartbeat. Felt like I had run a marathon, but I sure did sleep well :lol:

Everybody have a good day.

01-27-2010, 03:20 PM
Who can fault either one of you for eating. My saving thing is that I walk each day.
Brad and I have to go pick out a cake for the wedding and then bring it to them next week-not getting it til Thurs. Also still have to have the dress steamed. We are going to visit them at her mom's next tues. And tomorrow night is dil Jill's bd,
I wish you could get that brace-Joanne. Feel better Meme. Mima

01-27-2010, 03:22 PM
Hi anne-we were posting at the same time. Hope you are ok.

01-27-2010, 08:02 PM
When you're heart is out of rhythm it makes you so tired. I'm on Inderal and if I forget to take one my heart gets really fast and gets out of whack. I'm already anemic but when that happens I can't do anything ... it's even hard to breath. Others don't understand how you feel and that's hard, too.

Weddings are so stressful. Take it easy, Mima. You can over-do. I've really been saying no a lot lately. I've given up some of my 'jobs'. We had our annual election last Sunday at church and I gave up the Education Dept. and also my Sunday School Class. Now I'm down to doing the Worship Service and teaching on Wed. night. I got someone else to do that tonight because I feel so bad. I'm learing that no is a powerful word and people are really responding to, 'I need help.' And ... I'm also learning that I like myself a lot better when I lean on others more. I'm not saying that I'm quiting. I'm not. I think that is the worst thing a person with what we have can do. But we can also push ourselves too hard and do too much. I've just slowed down to a pace that I can actually do without stressing myself out. We need to save some time back for 'us' and not do everything for everyone else. The other people in our lives won't like it or understand at first but, they'll get over it!

Happy Canuk
01-27-2010, 10:02 PM
:cp: :cp: Meme, you FINALLY got it! It isn't about quitting, it's about being kind to yourself, as well as providing some service to others. Church's and other groups, are great at having the same people do everything. It is the nature of it. Others in the congregation won't step up, if you are willing to do it. That is just the way people are. So, I am very happy for you:carrot:

You are right about it being uncomfortable. Was having a hard time breathing and felt many times, like I was going to faint today. It finally went back into rythum. The culprit was MSG, in that darn Chinese Food I had last night. I called the restaurant today to see if they used MSG and YES, unless you request otherwise. I had also woken up with a raging headache and I don't do well with MSG and it's partners. It is almost impossible NOT to eat the stuff, but it is also a cause, many timesof IBS.

Have a good night.

01-28-2010, 08:05 AM
Hope you are ok now Anne-that is so scary.
Yeah to you Meme. I can't handle too much at a time-then I don't give my best.
My dil's bd tonight. Foot doc this afternoon because I have an ingrown toenail. I wanted to have palm trees painted on my big toes but one of the toenails is icky.
Went to Applebees and got 1 550 calorie meal-it was good . I had shrimp.
Chicken tonight, Hi all-Kate must be busy with her company. Mima

01-29-2010, 09:18 AM
Anne, so glad you are ok! I would have been so scared if that that happened. I've never had that feeling other than when I'm overdoing it at a class. Take care and keep us posted on how you are feeling. Stay away from that MSG if possible.

I'm wondering about Kate also. Maybe I'll give her a call later today and see if she's ok. Do you think that's ok if I call her to see?

Meme, I'm proud of you for saying no to things. I know how tough it is because I am the same way. Have been that way for years. Had a t-shirt many years ago that said V-A. Volunteerism Anonymous. Had a sweet friend buy that for me when I was doing way too much. It never stopped me though. lol

Mima, when I first read your post, I thought it said your meal was 1,550 calories! lol I haven't been to Applebees for a while. Tim doesn't work tonight. Wonder if he'd want to go?

I am ready to go to the Y. Sinus headache and draining, and my knee still hurts from being dumb and running on the track on Wednesday. I'd rather just stay in bed, but I know that I need to go.

Have a great day ladies!

Happy Canuk
01-30-2010, 12:12 PM
Please don't post here

01-24-2015, 04:10 PM
Forget the floors, Anne. they will be there when you come back. Have a great time.
Joanne, glad he is out. They always want to do the colonoscopy. I have had 3 in 5 years-always ok
Art this am-finished my painting-rather the Art teacher did.
We are picking up Evan to stay overnight and going to see the lights in our neighbor's golf cart.
Hope it warms up for you Tammy.
Going to get my shot.