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12-18-2009, 08:32 AM
It can't be me, can it?

The darn thing is stuck at 196. Every few days it creeps up to 197, then the next day BAM, right back to 196. I am getting SO frustrated.:mad:

I've been spoiled by an almost constant weight loss, so to hit this stopping zone is just aggravating.

And as long as I am complaining, and since I don't know anyone IRL here....

My dh and I are not TTC, but in a compromise, we're not NOT TTC. (My dh's way of saying I don't know if we're ready, but if it happens then it happend:)) Well I have not gotten a pp cycle since having my son 9 1/2 months ago, so I don't know when or if I am ovulating. I started with some pregnancy symptoms, nausea, sore breasts...but IF I O'd I am only 9 dpo. Too early to test, but I did...BFN. So I should not be shocked, but now I am questioning my symptoms, and making myself nuts.

:devil: Something needs to give....either that scale needs to move, or I need to see 2 pink lines....or I may just go off the deep end.

12-18-2009, 08:52 AM
I think there are a few reasons that number gets me.

#1. One more pound and I get to 30 pounds lost.

#2. One more pound and I get to change my avatar.

#3. One more pound and I get to add a spinning smilie to my siggy.

#4. Five more pounds and I am officially overweight instead of obese.


12-18-2009, 09:16 AM
I have SO been there! LOL! I was TTC while not having a period for 9 months! That was before I knew I had PCOS. I was testing every other week for about four months before I finally went to the doctor and said, "This just isn't normal." Well do I remember how LONG a day can be when you're waiting to test again. It's way worse than Christmas!

That scale will move. Deep down, you know it will. It's just a horrible test of patience. (...she says until it's her own turn to whine about the scale)

12-18-2009, 12:16 PM
Hope things get better for ya soon!!

12-18-2009, 01:32 PM
My weight was like that around the same weight... 198-196... it FINALLY moved until my mom had her stupid Xmas cookie party last night.... now I'm back to 196 today. :| Hopefully it'll come off quick. *sigh* I hate the holidays.