Weight Loss Support - The 21 Day Challenge #7: Making Healthy Habits

08-05-2002, 10:04 AM
The 21 Day Challenge was originally posted by Katrina, from an EDiets forum.(Thanks, Katrina! :cool:) This thread is based on that idea, but is more generic: YOU decide what behavior you want to focus on (you might want to follow WW or some variation, or may just want to commit to a certain amount of exercise -- whatever behavior you would like to make a habit) and commit to that for 21 Days. Then you might continue on for another block of the same, or you may want to add another behavior. The idea is that it tales 21 days to form a new habit. Sometimes it takes a lot of starts before you get through the first block of 21 days :rolleyes: but if you persevere, you WILL make it. And it gets much easier as you go along, until - YES! - healthy behavior becomes a habit!


1. Your 21 days must be CONSECUTIVE days! That is the whole point in forming new habits.

2. This works on the "honor" system...no one will monitor you...if you "mess-up", you are only cheating yourself by not beginning again! The importance behind this challenge is to have 21 consecutive days of self control!!

3. What do the numbers mean that you see by peoples' names?? They stand for DAY/POUNDS LOST/BLOCK. 1/0/1 is Day 1, 0 pounds lost, Block 1.

4. Once you have finished block #1 (the first 21 days) you will progress to block #2...

5. For each block, you should state your rules and follow them for 21 days... repeat this as many times as necessary until you are at your goal. Your rules may be as specific or vague as you want: for example, I've considered just at the end of each day, asking myself whether my behavior would lead to better health (and weightloss) and counting myself on track if it did. Or you can stipulate as many rules as you'd like - if you want to change your plan, simply start over with a new Day 1.

Good luck to you as you complete your journey! :love: YOU CAN DO THIS!!! It all starts with a single step... and following with a new one each day!!

08-05-2002, 12:22 PM
Good morning your Royal Blockettes!

Down a whoppin' 2.5 this week - so I'm only 3 pounds from my lowest, before my "Oh my God, it's a fire!" freak out binge. Not too bad...

My 21 day challenge this week will be this:
When I wake up in the morning, I will go to the fridge and take out my recycled Aquafina bottle (that I saved and refilled) which holds 20 oz of water. I will consume said water while I get ready for work in the morning.

It is doneth, I have statedeth my intentioneths... :spin:

That being said, I'm also going to state my goal:

I have rescheduled my vacation and will be joining my 2 girlfriends and their husbands on a houseboat in Shasta in about 10 weeks. My goal is to be in the 2'teens by then (needing to loose 16.5 pounds to get there). I plan on accomplishing said goal by drinking my water, getting SOME kind of movement in daily and following my prescribed menu.

Long term goal:

I have learned that I will be visiting my L.A. clients next spring and meeting one particular customer service rep who has, I believe, "taken" to me. He's been asking my brother (one of our mechanics) when I'm coming down to visit and he's been calling as of late, just to chat and the calls have been getting more and MORE personal and very sweet (he called Friday just to see how my day was). As much as I know he already knows what I look like, I don't want to be looking like this when we meet for the first time face to face. So, between now, and April/May 2003 I would like to be down about 70 pounds.... putting me in the 160's :cb:. That would be 70 pounds in 8 months - I know that's a lot, I'm extremely flexable on what I'll consider success, but I want to have a number to work on.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday! :wave:


08-05-2002, 12:26 PM
First of all... YAY EYDIE!!!! Just read the old thread, and I'm so happy your test results showed no cancer! Better safe than sorry....it's a good thing you had the care you did and got the tests done, even if it turned out to be a mistake.

Queen Amarantha, glad to have your royal self back on the block!

I think we're almost settled here. A few things to do around the apartment to get it just the way I want, but it's looking like home (finally!)

My ghost, it turns out, prefers the radio. :D Remember I was leaving the tv on last Monday to see if would still be on when I came home? It was, but the stereo in the bedroom was turned on to the radio, hissing static. I asked the landlady about the woman who died here and it turns out she listened to classical music all day and only watched tv in the evenings, and only a select few shows like the news, Jeopardy, Law & Order, etc. So I've been leaving the radio on a classical station in the bedroom when we are out, and all has been quiet. I have seen a few movements from the corner of my eye, but no proof that it is her.

After being totally off program for two weeks, I weighed in last Thursday and was up 0.2lbs. I'll take THAT! After all the fast food we consumed, I guess hauling boxes and being on my feet until my ankles throbbed every night did some good! I'm struggling to get back OP, but have started my journal this morning, and I am committing to to an OP day. Wednesday is my birthday so I'm having cake AFTER my weigh in. :s:

Need a water refill already. Hope everyone is doing well and I'll be back later this evening to report on my day. :wave:

08-05-2002, 07:42 PM

Sorry, had to get that out of my system. :D I had a YAHOO moment this morning when I was getting dressed and realized how baggy my jeans were starting to look. Suddenly obsessed, I dug through the closet to find the old pair of jeans I knew were in there somewhere. Found them, and lo and behold...they slipped easily up over my hips and zippered without any problem! They are an old pair of Manager jeans, waist size 32. I've had them on all day and they're really comfortable, even after eating dinner!:lol: I don't know how I'm doing this given my diet the last few weeks, but I don't care! Of course, I'll probably weigh in on Wednesday and show a gain. :rolleyes:

Today was a Civic Holiday here, so was able to sort out an area rug dilemna I was having. I purchased a silk rug in soft shades of moss green, black, beige, coral..very luxurious and very pretty...for my living area. (Spent a small fortune, but hey...my birthday is this week, always a good excuse!) But as I laid it on the floor, I realized that inevitably my darling furballs would spew vomit on it and leave me terribly upset. So I am returning it *sob* and went out today and purchased a solid moss green area rug. It is a remnant from the carpet store that is bound on all edges and quite thick...the kind that squishes between your bare toes...and it was only $62.50. I'll just have to find something else to squander my small fortune on. I'm sure I'll come up with something . ;) Like that console table and mirror for my front hallway...

I'm on program with points to spare, even after indulging in some ice cream for dessert tonight. Feels good to be back in control, think I'll do it again tomorrow.

So where is everyone?

Queens Punkin and Amarantha, congrats on your weight losses!

08-05-2002, 08:07 PM
Hello all!!

Monday again was bad but not as bad as last-- I think I am beginning to see the rhythm of the workflow and the bad news is that Monday's are NUTS. BUT-- Pria Bars saved me again at lunch, which I broke my own rule and worked thru but it just had to be done. The computer was down nearly all morning , what else could I do? 2 people are out on vacation, another called out, the boss had to leave at 1--

but I did ride the bike this am, did drink lots of water before it got soooooo wild, so, I can't be upset.

We're expecting a big storm tonight to bring an end to a 9 day heat wave which we are not used to here in Delaware.

Found a yummy Vidalia mustard dressing that is so tasty its worth the 70 calories for 2 tbsp. which personally, I don't think you need that much as the flavor is so rich. We also found dehydrated Shitaki mushrooms which I enjoyed too. - The mustard dressing is by a company called (here's the amusing part) "Bland" . Complete opposite.

Also found a "berry tofu" by Pete's Tofu a company based in Canada. We tried it with fresh berries and we enjoyed it.

Glad to hear everyone is getting along -- I think I see another loss but will know better in a few days- I know for sure, some of
lingierie is much more comfortable than it was. I doubt anyone else notices but it sure beats finding a private space to "readjust". I tell you, if men had to wear bras, you wouldnt be able to find an uncomfortable one!!

Be careful out there !!

08-06-2002, 01:38 PM
'ello lovlies!

The back feels a bit better - I drugged myself with a whole Tylenol PM and slept with my leg(s) over a pillow. I plan on doing the same tonight and taking a hot bath when I get home, maybe tomarrow I'll be back to "normal".

I DID get up and drink my water this morning. Not all of it, but I did drink some and not snack on anything... :spin: Aaaah success!

Kaylets - I agree. Bras are the worst - *however* I was finally able to take out my little extender that I've been wearing for the last couple years!!! So, they do fit a bit better, but still the first thing that comes off when I get home!

Wildfire - Congrats on those baggy jeans!!!! :cp:

Emp. Amarantha - Congrats on the loss!

Odd non-scale victory(?) - I was a massage therapist for years and developed these wonderful, thick, corded looking veins in my wrists and lower arms from all the work. I've been noticing that they're becoming apparent again - which could only mean that my body fat is decreasing... YaHOOooo :cb: For some reason I love the look of them - they make me look strong....

S'all for now - back to my key lime yogurt,


08-06-2002, 02:17 PM
Hi! I completed a 21-day block and am ready to try for another, hopefully stress-free this time! :) Yesterday I made my first attempt to walk on the treadmill in almost a month--went for 2 miles and today I'm going for 3. My ankle's still a little stiff but I'm rotating it and tracing the alphabet in the air with it. It'll be good as new before I know it. It's still a tiny bit swollen but I only had surgery less than 3 weeks ago so that's normal, right? Does anybody know?

Punkinseed, I know what you mean about those arms. I have a friend who has sheep and twice a year she has this woman come to shear and she has the most beautiful strong-looking forearms. Must be quite a workout pushing those sheep around!

I've been meaning to ask, what's happened to our Indigogirl?

08-07-2002, 09:34 AM
Good Wednesday morning, everyone! So glad to see good news on the block, Wildfire, way to go on baggy jeans! Punkin, take care of that pain in your back, and the rest of you too :dizzy: ! I'm back at work this week which is why I've been AWOL from you guys. Missed you, too. It's good to be back doing something productive, I guess, though I really enjoyed my summer with the kiddos.

Amarantha I'll take your 5 lb. challenge, though I'm not going to put a time table to it. I'll do a happy dance just to get through 5 lbs.!

Take care all, keep on keepin' on,

08-07-2002, 11:09 AM
"Amarantha I'll take your 5 lb. challenge, though I'm not going to put a time table to it. I'll do a happy dance just to get through 5 lbs.!" ~ Upandaway

Thankee, Q. Upandaway for taking the FIVE POUND CHALLENGE. Hope it's okay but I'm going to copy and paste the your quote on the FIVE POUND CHALLENGE THREAD and your name on the list I've started there. I'm going to post there daily and keep updating the list. I'm finding it an extremely motivating and focusing activity to have that challenge going!

Happy dance to all!!! :

08-07-2002, 11:13 AM
Finally Wednesday.... it's all downhill from here.
I get my Maia spayed on Friday and I plan on being a bum all weekend - trying to still get my back to agree with me. I may try a short walk after work to see if that helps. Perhaps a trip to the Royal Spa would work better?? Don't we have a masseus?

Emp. Amarantha - I'll take your 5 pound challenge! I shall post there thusly (is that a word?)
Personally, I want you to post here, there, anywhere... just because you're not following a 21 day challenge doesn't mean you're not welcome. To be honest, I'm having a heck of a time with 21 days too. Perhaps the 5 pound idea will work better - something to keep my eyes on a goal! We're all here to support each other regardless of the means by which we reach our goals...

Eydie - I think swelling a few weeks after surgery is normal, but you might want to check with your dr. soon if it doesn't go away. When I was looking into my tummy tuck they said swelling could last 6 mos.-1 year, but I don't know if an ankle's different.

Upandaway - Welcome back to the working world! :spin:

The fires are pretty much out or completely under control locally. I did have to call the fire dept. last week when I saw a column of smoke here on the ranch - they said they'd investigate and within an hour the smoke was gone (love our volunteer dept!). I'm still happy I postponed my vacation though - things are still iffy - hot and dry... besides, now I get to spend part of my vacation in October on a houseboat!!!

Later gators,

08-07-2002, 08:33 PM
To be quite honest, I have no idea what day I might be on. I've been on again/off again so much the last few weeks, I've lost count! I'm just going to start counting again tomorrow, because I've planned on having birthday cake tonight all week. :D
BUT, I weighed in tonight and I've lost another 1.4lbs. *YIPPEEE*

Eydie, glad to hear the ankle is healing. Yes, I'd expect a little bit of swelling even after three weeks. After all, you've been walking on it all this time which probably affects the healing process.

Pssst...my darling hubby bought me this gorgeous 14k white gold, diamond and sapphire ring...isn't it lovely with its square setting and filigree accents? ;)

Sorry to post and run, but I'm HUNGRY! Lunch was 7.5 hours ago!

08-07-2002, 10:04 PM
hello all !

sorry to be brief but I just manage to burn 3 fingertips trying to figure out what was wrong w/the dishwasher-

hang in there everyone-- !!

08-08-2002, 09:06 AM
Wildfire, Most Regal Queen of Cape Breton -- Hope you had a fabulous birthday! Sounds like you were royally gifted, as is only fitting.

Eydie, I am so happy that your crisis ended with such a perfect resolution. This is kind of ridiculous, but I've been envying you :rolleyes: I feel like I need something to shake me to my core and help me rededicate myself to living life well. Maybe there's some way I can try to get myself to that point without the threat of death? :shrug:

Things are a bit crazy here. MIL is visiting and I feel like I'm trying to get organized on about a half-dozen fronts. Also -- driving a couple of hours to see Bob Dylan tonight :D

My challenge today (hmm.. don't have to change that "Day 1" in my signature) is to drink the water, only eat when hungry and only at the table when alone. I'm going to try to keep my intake reasonable, but probably won't count points. Already got in a walk and 2 circuits at the gym.

I'm marshalling my forces to get it together? Yup, I think that about says it for me. I will return. Love to all!

08-08-2002, 12:03 PM
Happy Friday-eve!

Wildfire - Congrats on the loss! Yes, your ring is gooooorgeous! I had the center stone taken out of my engagement ring (that *I* bought btw) - white gold with 2 trillions on each side of the center round diamond and was going to have a saphire put in it. Man, those saphires are 'spensive!!!!! I ended up with a grape garnet, still pretty, but I envy your saphire!

Kaylets - take care of those fingers! Got any aloe???

Babette - HI! I hope you survive the MIL visit and ENJOY Bob! Amazing how someone that looks like him could turn out a son that's such a hottie!

Ok, should do some work today....

Don't know what day - sometimes just one day at a time is a challenge! So far so good today though! :cb:

Terri :dance:

08-08-2002, 03:36 PM
Happy birthday, Wildfire! :D The ring sounds lovely indeed!

Babette, I certainly don't recommend what it took for me to change, but I've got to tell you, I'm loving the new improved me! I absolutely know how Scrooge felt on Christmas morning, still catch myself smiling for no reason! :D I really want to hold onto this feeling and I know that it's totally up to me. Don't be too envious---I wouldn't wish the excruciating parts of this journey on anyone. It chagrins me a little when people here have commented on how well I moved thru all this---maybe I didn't mention those 3 major meltdowns I had? :o Best thing to come out of all this is I've become an avid meditator!

Didn't do too well food-wise today. I had to cook for a gathering of teachers and 15 were supposed to show up and only 4 made it. What to do with all that extra food? Old habits die hard.....!:^:

08-09-2002, 10:47 AM
That's too funny, Eydie! I almost wrote that I need to be visited by three ghosts in the night, a la Scrooge. Hmmm.... well, that is one of my favorite metaphors for use when I sense that someone (in this case me :o ) needs an attitude change. Love to think of you smiling with pleasure at life!

Punkin, I did enjoy Bob last night, although his arrangements were such that it was hard to identify the songs he was playing. Still, t'was His Bobness, and I was glad to have seen him. Plus it was a double date with good friends and we had a nice dinner (can i count beer as water? if i drank it as if it was?). Fun, and I feel better for it. Gotta keep the fun quotient up. I'm going to work on that one.

Your upcoming face-to-face with the phone friend sounds pretty intriguing!

Kaylets, that salad dressing sounds good! Could you tell me what the ingredients are -- I'm sure that we don't have it here, but maybe I can approximate it. MIL is visiting here and wants to buy us a gift for the house, so I think I'm going to get her to spring for a blender... She suggested a mop :rolleyes: Hope your fingers have recovered!

Amarantha, I am thinking about that 5-pound challenge. Um, yes, I do want to lose 5 pounds, and I believe that putting a time constraint on it could be useful. Ok, mid-Sept? Gotta get this thing rolling sometime, and soon is a good idea, I think. Thanks for the gentle nudge, Your Highness!

Wildfire, congrats on your losses & baggy jeans! That's FANTASTIC!!! Oh, a ... oh yeah, I was planning on losing weight, wasn't I ... :o I was just happy to find that (although I had a couple of ugly episodes lately) my new jeans still fit. They were noticeably snugger the end of last week, but now they're fine again. I did one of those "hoping and praying" try-ons the other day, thinking that I should get the bad news anyway so as to check the trend. Anyway, I am going to start concentrating again as soon as MIL is gone.

Upandaway, glad that you don't mind being back to work. I dream of taking a summer off. And while I'm dreaming, I dream of having an enormous old house on the sea, big enough for as many people that wanted to come to come and stay, with fabulous organic flower & veggie gardens, an orchard, bees, hmmm... Ah!!! This is the life for me!

Ok, dream & coffee break are officially OVER. I'd best get some work done ... unless ... hmmm... some unknown rich relative could leave me a fortune, and then...

Nah, guess I've got to work. Love to all, and do come visit me on the shore!

08-09-2002, 01:01 PM
Hello all :wave:

Well, I think I upset the lady at the vet's office.... she was going over Maia's pre-op paperwork with me and kept referring to the anesthetic as "putting her to sleep". I finally interupted her and said "you probably shouldn't put it like that, someone more sensitive than myself might take offense" (not telling her that the first time she said it my stomach dropped and I literally had a wave of nausea hit me - put my baby to sleep!?!?!?!?! Whew, ok, she didn't mean THAT kind of sleep.... So, I had to correct her and she felt awful - too bad, she needs to be more careful!

So, my Maia is at the vet's - the only one on the schedule for surgery and I can pick her up around 4pm today...

Babette - Yea, my "face to face" should be interesting. I actually broke down this last weekend when I was telling my friend in CA about my last conversation with him - all he did was call and ask how my day was. That's all. The thing is, is that my own HUSBAND never asked me about my day in the entire 6 years I was married... here, this guy who has never met me, is always asking how I am, how my day is.... It just broke me up for some reason.

Gotta run, phone's ringin'!!!


08-09-2002, 06:28 PM
Yo, Royal Ladies!!! Posting on the fly here (so will refer to self as self rather than in the third person) as I have tons and tons of writing to do and feel it will go right to deadline again this week as I really procrastinate too much! Next week will be better, I think.

I am working hard on the FIVE POUND loss project and hope, hope, hope that the scale will be my friend.

Babette: I am herewith giving notice that your FIVE POUND CHALLENGE has been duly noted and I am posting it on the FIVE POUND CHALLENGE thread!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks! I'm finding this challenge very focusing and motivating and KNOW that the Golden Scale of Good Intentions will not let me down in my quest!!! :)

To all: Everyone is giving off such positive vibes here. With such positivity, how can we fail to reach our objectives!?

08-12-2002, 09:00 AM
Really, it was a pretty good visit, but not unstressful and full of parties with too much food and booze. Now I am ready to recommit to this weight loss thing. I am so happy that I haven't put on any more through the last few weeks :cb: , but I know that if i don't get on with it I would :nono:.

So my challenge for today:
< 35 points

>3L water

3 mile walk

at least one set of tai chi

at least 7 fruits and veggies

Amarantha, thanks for putting my pledge into the 5 pound challenge thread. Looking at 203 by Sept 15, then.

Punkin, a little tenderness and caring really makes a difference, doesn't it. And I think that these things are so often either there or lacking -- they mostly can't be taught, so you want to find someone with those qualities already in place.

Have a wonderful day, Blockettes. Love to all!

08-12-2002, 09:19 AM
Drive by post here, on the run to get to work. Went out of town last week to visit my mom, had company all weekend, go nothing done (laundry, dishes, shopping for school supplies, groceries) all need to get done when I get off today, don't know when that will be. I feel like the rat stepping back on the perpetual wheel, run run run. Maybe it'll burn off some points. I haven't had a chance to read the thread, hope everyone is doing well. I'll try to check in tonight, catch up.

Happy Monday everyone,

08-12-2002, 10:46 AM
Yo, Royal Ladies!!! I had 4,000 calories yesterday!!! Yes. Just entered it all in computer and that's what it came out to. So I am resuming daily challenges and mine for today is to return to a sane 1,800 to 2,000. I've already challenged myself to walk at first light rather than waiting until final deadline stress tonight (I have two stories I can't seem to write and that makes me EAT). I think I'm going to post this daily challenge to me on the five-pound thread also, so I can reread it several times!

Thou art welcome, Q. Babette/Arabella, re your thanks for posting you on the five-pound thread. I will keep checking on this thread for updates or thou can posteth there also if thou so desireth. :)

08-12-2002, 04:10 PM
Howdy all! :wave:

Happy to report one happy pound :dance: gone!

Babette - Yes, I couldn't agree more - sensitivity is the MOST important thing... she did mention that she normally works in the back - so I guess that's a *good* thing??

On the subject - Ms. Maia needs to go back in today because the little turkey has been pulling at her stitches. I got her a collar (satelite dish) but she's flexable enough that she can still reach - so they're going to put some surgical glue type stuff on this afternoon that she can't chew off. I guess my new goal could be to be at least 1/2 as flexable as my cat is!! :lol:

Bowing and scraping to the rest of you... Have a "good" Monday! :cb:


08-13-2002, 04:52 PM
What a stressful day I've had :stress: ! I got a call last night to cover a conference call from a webcast this a.m. This would have been my first live assignment for these people and I was nervous, but got everything set up to take the call. VERY time-sensitive -- you have to take notes during the live call, record it and then submit a summary within 2.5 hours.

I did everything I possibly could to ensure that things would go well, but when it came time to connect to the webcast, the window would not open for me. To make it worse, I could access other conference Webcasts, just not the one I needed. They had to assign the call to someone else.

After 2 frantic hours of trying to figure it out, I found that it was because my nephew had disabled popup windows while he was using my computer the other day. This ended up costing me almost $200. :stress: :cry: :cry: And I don't know if I'll get another shot at it -- the editor was pretty pi$$ed!

The good news is that, maybe because the stress level is severe, I haven't wanted to overeat. Give me moderate stress and I don't want to do anything but shovel food in, but if I'm REALLY agitated or upset, I don't want anything. I'm going to have an early dinner in a few minutes before I go to tai chi (sure need some good energy -- i want to wring my nephew's neck!), but my food has been exemplary today.

A little weird, because yesterday I was in really good spirits and yet had a mini-binge mid-afternoon. :shrug: Maybe tomorrow I can have a good mood AND meet my challenge?

I AM going to start trying harder -- that's the only way to do this thing, I know :rolleyes:. Hope you're all doing well.

08-13-2002, 06:51 PM
Babette: Sorry you lost that assignment, but you are handling it better than I would foodwise. My 4000 calorie binge was because one of the boards I started covering recently gave me a hard time in the meeting and tried to prior restrain me from reporting on some stupid figures they didn't want the community to know about. Since it was my first time with this board, I got all bent out of shape and couldn't write the story until the night before deadline, no matter how hard I tried. Result: 4000! I don't know how much I'd have eaten if I had to mess with a computer glitch, too.:)

You are the queen of deadline stress management in my view! Good job!

08-13-2002, 07:19 PM
Babette - You are the Queen of stress management! Yes, I'd have wanted to strangle the kid too... You're handling it very well! High stress does the same to me - food become so low on the list of priorities that it's funny that I could be SO food obsessed at other times.

Hang in there - maybe have a little talk with your nephew????


08-13-2002, 09:52 PM
Hello all!!!

although I still have blisters on my left hand, that's not whyI have been away from the computer pretty much the last 4,5 days.
We had a break in between heatwaves and I tried to do lots of catchup work outside while it was so balmy. Found some great storage units w/ sliding doors at a moving sale Sat am which prompted reorganization of part of the garage.

So,..... is the nephew in a safe place or ....??

I have had some issues at the vets lately too. Not sure why but seems like everyone who is not a vet who works there thinks they know as much as the vet-- I called to find out if there was something short of a tranquilizer I could give one of our dogs who really suffers during Tstorms. At first I was offered something that doesnt take effect for 2 hrs. You have probably already thought of 6 reasons why that wouldnt work- When I said I had heard Baby Benadryl worked --- I was told " well, that might make the dog sleepy " - which I thought was a good thing but what do I know-- then, she suggested a health food store- when I said I would be worried about side effects, she said, have you ever read the papers that come with persriptions-- I didnt even point out that at least those "papers" are warning you what to be on the alert for-- 6 or 7 times, I said, this is why I'd like to speak to the Dr, and she said" they wont tell you anything different" - I need to call and ask for the manager and complain-
Just writing this is making me realize, some people she talks to might think she really knows what she's talking about!!

ANYWAY= Babette and anyone else who saw my earlier post regarding the Honey Onion Mustard Dressing- Its by Bland Farms which still makes me chuckle because it is definitely NOT bland.

The ingredients in the order they are on the bottle; mustard(waer, vinegar, mustard seed, salt, tumeric, and citric acid). Canola oil (2 kinds) Vidalia onions, distilled vinegar, sugar, honey,
water, celery salt and the stablizers and preservatives. Here's their web site address, its on the label too -

2 tbsp is 70 cal but you don't need a whole lot- I made a egg salad and used the dressing as the mayo-- not creamy but definitely tasty--

Scales showed a loss and then TOM put almost 3 lbs on and then this am showed .5 less than then b/4 the 3lbs-- so, we'll see for sure in a few days-- but, for sure we have moved into

DRUMROLL PLEASE----------Wonderland- there is no dispute, at first I wasnt convinced until I showed another drop- I have crossed over from the 200 lb mark--- !!

Pria bars continue to save my life-- and satisfy that sweet craving-
Not my traditional lunch but, I feel good and am losing so...

and, finally, this past Monday, was not too horrible- Busy, yes, but not too bad- today was ok until about 3 but I did not panic, and although it was right up to the deadline--I managed to meet the deadline on everything. I know tomorrow might be a whole different story but it was a good feeling leaving work tonight.

Is anyone taking magnesium daily? My dh does for cramping and I have for about 2 wks now- I don't know if its the magnesium or the soy that is seeming to make me feel less stressed in stressful situations. Or maybe its because I'm so squishy from being so full of water-- !!!

to all, Royalty, Goddesses, Lurkers, chin up -- WE ARE DOING THE BEST WE CAN!!! We are moving FORWARD- we are changing our lifestyle while maintaining our livelihoods-- Think about it- we are doing an amazing thing!!! WE ARE TERRIFIC!!!!!!!!


Hey, be careful out there!

08-14-2002, 02:44 AM
Kaylets: My Old Dog takes one adult size (I think it's 25 mg) Benadryl whenever she has allergy problems. The vet recommended it and it works well. She's 50 pounds give or take. It doesn't make her sleepy though (sometimes hard to tell with dogs, though!).

She's terrified of T-storms! Claws her big ol' self into my lap then claws out of it again, runs around in circles, barks, whines, etc. I just put her leash on and physically keep her sitting next to me. Sometimes I wonder if she acts like that when it storms and I'm not here.

Re the guy suing the fast food place, I think it should be thrown out of court. I've heard it compared to suing the tobacco companies because their product caused cancer in people who became addicted before they knew the dangers, but I just don't see the analogy. Fast food companies put out nutritional information (they have to, it's a law) and it's the consumer's choice to consume or not consume!Gosh, I could sue my grandmother (if she were alive) for contributing to my weight problem, since many of my original fat cells were constructed in early childhood eating the apple dumplings with cheese, the sausage gravy, the fried potatoes, etc., that she produced. She never to my knowledge consulted a calorie book when creating this artery clogging cuisine and if dumplings could be said to be addictive ...

08-14-2002, 11:45 AM
Hello lovlies!

I just posted on the 5 lb challenge thread about the epiphany I had this morning... For some reason a lightbulb came on in my little head about my binging and that it's NOT about the food, but the behavior. WHY this popped in my head and WHY this morning? I donno', but like I just posted - I obviously need to rethink my relationship with food because *it* is not my problem - how I behave around it is.

I did 25 minutes of stretching yoga last night. Not aerobic by any means, but still worked up a sweat and my arms are sore. I also have started walking again... Gee, maybe I *am* finally getting on the right track! :cb:

Kaylets - Onederland?!?!?!!?!?!? You GO GIRL!!!!! :cb: :dance: :cb: How awsome!!
Now, I've been seeing you mention these Pria bars and for some reason it wasn't until yesterday when I saw an ad in my magazine for them that I thought "hey, what a great idea". I'm going to pick some up today - any favorites?? Any I should avoid like the plague? Also, did you find your Bland dressing at the grocery store? I'm going to look today for that too...
As for the idiot (stupid fool, dumb jerk, money waster, valuable time taker-upper) that is suing the fast food places. WHAT AN IDIOT!!! You didn't know it was going to make you fat?!? Any 5 year old can tell you that eating McDonalds, KFC and Burger King every day is going to make you fluffy! I think the guy is just trying to win the lottery - probably to buy more cheeseburgers... :rolleyes: At least it'll pay for his quadruple bypass.

My Dad gives his beagles both 1 Benadryl to calm them during storms. I would definately call the manager about that clerk - she could get someone hurt or someone's pet hurt passing off information like that! Luna, my oldest kitty, sits in the window and watches the lightning strikes. I guess it doesn't bother her? She just squints her eyes when it gets bright... strange kitty.

S'all for now!


08-14-2002, 08:45 PM
hello all!!

Pria bars- none of them are bad- I prefer the Double Chocolate-
but the Chocolate Peanut , Chocolate Graham ( catching the theme here? ) are good too. Even the vanilla is ok but why waste 2 pts on Vanilla??

The Vidala Mustard Dressing we found at BJ's- its a big warehouse club- I havent been to the website - in fact, we had to get another jar because DH loves it too.

Aramantha, your grandma's meals were making my mouth water!! its true, cooking can be a real art when it doesnt matter how many calories-- but if your grandmother was anything like mine, a calorie didnt have a chance to stick around- Between keeping house, walking for groceries, and all the other physical work they put in each day-- All of our modern conveniences have made us like those science fiction movies where all you need is head propped on a bottle of some kind--

Back to the fast food for just a second- I don't think the fast food places have a "conspiracy" = its true, they've had to post the nutritional content- but it is interesting in how many slaughterhouses Mcdonald's owns. Has anyone else seen the documentary on how beef prices are being controlled by the Mcdonalds because there is nearly a monopoly on who's buying beef...... and don't you find it interesting that they've figured out how much fat in their recipes (?) make you CRAVE more fat? and my last point, (promise) Notice how all of these companies are marketing to kids?? Kids bring their parents, etc, etc......
Wasnt it Mcdonalds who introduced "chicken nuggets? " to the culture?


WED NITE!! Close to the weekend!! We can get thru the last two days-- I have been doing much better getting water in- we've been trying the flavored waters at the Walmart, grocery stores, etc. Most of them are carbonated which is ok as long as they're no calories--

I follow a Diabetic Thread on Yahoo and someone shared a study by a dr in New Hampshire who says the "drink water" idea is a s scam by the water companies. He seems to think that if people were really so low in water, they'd be passing out. All I know is, I do feel better with water than coffee, and the scale moves better with more water. Just goes to show you, everything you see has to be taken with a grain of salt- Lots of hocus pocus out there.

Time to get off the soapbox

hey, be careful out there!

08-15-2002, 08:51 AM
Good Morning, Queens of the Block!

I got another assignment from the same company yesterday and managed it, although it was the call from **** (twice as long as most and a pharmaceutical company, so the terminology was a bit difficult) plus I had more technical problems that made it seem almost impossible. Nevertheless, I got through it and have a couple more assignments for next week, so that's good. This could be a good source of income for me. And I find it interesting that things suddenly seemed to take off (I also have a possible assignment for an MIT publication :eek: :cp: :fr: ) almost immediately after I envisioned my huge house on the shore and thought I would have to make more money. Maybe there's some energy working in that direction for me?

Anyway -- I forgot to have lunch yesterday, and then had 4 pieces of pizza (+ 2 g&t and a beer!) for dinner, but I refuse to feel badly about it. Just going to have a perfect day today.

KAYLETS IN ONEDERLAND!!!! That is FANTASTIC!!!! :cb: :cp: I am going to shake my royal butt :dance: and follow you. Thanks for the salad dressing ingredients! I'm definitely going to try to make it. I'm with you on the water intake - I feel much better, my skin is better and I have more energy and don't get as hungry when I get enough water.

Amarantha, there would be a lot of us suing our mothers and grandmothers if we followed that guy's logic, huh. My mom wants to add cream or butter to just about anything going. If I say strawberries, she says strawberry shortcake :rolleyes: Come to think of it, my dad used to slather butter on brownies....

Re: the fast food case -- what occurs to me is that it is an extreme version of what sometimes hampers my own weight loss: not taking responsibility for what I did to myself. Surely to god if I fully realize that this is, and has been, in my control I would have taken the weight off?

Of course, the suit is farcical. Reminds me of a case where somebody got blitzed at a party and jumped out of an upstairs window into an empty swimming pool. And then sued the hosts for millions because they hadn't babysat him well enough. There are so many cases like this and they are often settled in favor of the infantile plaintiffs. Ridiculous!

Terri, I'm looking forward to reading about your epiphany. Need all the inspiration I can get! I haven't been doing too badly, but it's really time for me to start losing.

So my challenge for today:
< 35 points

>3L water

3 mile walk, 2 sets of circuit training

2 gruelling hours of tai chi (yep, that's right, gruelling. we've got a master teacher visiting and it's amazing how much work it can be)

at least 7 fruits and veggies

Have a wonderful day, Blockettes. Love to all!

08-15-2002, 09:54 AM
Yo! Drive-by post as I need to work out and then work. Can't get motivated to finish stories again this week. Hoping the heat levels off and I can get in a livlier mode.

Kaylets: You raise some good points re McDonald's and the other fast food places, especially that they market to kids. I guess it's an added challenge to the public and the educational sector to teach kids about taking personal responsibility for a healthy lifestyle and discernment in absorbing advertising messages. Thanks for an interesting discussion of this issue.

Re water, it's a highly important topic where I live as people do actually become dehydrated each year and die. When I first came here, I ended up in the emergency room feeling quite ill from heat that I didn't know how to handle. The difference was amazing in how I felt after fluids and electrolytes were pumped into me. So I dunno. I've read lots of medical and popular opinions on hydration and it's discussed a lot here. I think in normal heat conditions when people are drinking regularly, it's an overblown concern. I don't think people need to be joined at the hip to a water bottle in normal temperatures or to lose weight. There is also a toxic condition that can develop during exercise (or otherwise, I guess) where too much water in too short a time is taken in. People die from this (not only in hot climates) but it is seldom publicized. However, in the normal course of events, I think it's better to drink, drink, drink and water clears my head, has a positive effect on weight management and keeps me from passing out in the streets! :) I get tired of buying it, though, and carting it home. (You don't even want to THINK about drinking the tap water here ...).

Babette: That's wonderful news about getting another assignment from that client. Guess it's safe for the nephew to visit you again! :) I tried to go to the chat room to see if anyone was there, but it kept kicking me out. It may be related to moving the server. Dunno.

Congrats to all Royal Blockettes who have lost, maintained and/or are working hard on their programs. My calorie challenge for yesterday didn't go well. I'll post that on the 5-Pound Challenge thread, though, and spare you Royal Ladies!

08-15-2002, 11:29 AM

Kaylets - I got Pria bars yesterday! One of each kind (2 of the chocolate peanut butter, my weakness). They had them on sale 3/$2.... I need something that will cure a sweet tooth AND that's easy to just throw in the car. I get in trouble SO often because I go out to run my errands and by the time I get home (I live out in the boonies) I'm famished and just shove *anything* in my mouth....
I didn't find the dressing and on the web site you can get 2 bottles for $25. Yes, $25 for 2 12oz. bottles. Is it that expensive where you found it?????
I think the "water conspiracy" is b.s. I agree with you guys, I feel so much better when I've got enough water in me. I'm not talking about 132 oz., but enough to support my body - since we're made of mostly water wouldn't it make sense that you *need* water??? "Way back when" people drank more water I think. There were no sodas around every corner, fruit juices (and I used the term "fruit" loosely) weren't consumed LIKE water and people were more physically active - and drank more. Now, we have super sized sodas, kids are drinking fruit flavored syrup-water and we sit on our butts all day at a computer. Yes we need more water.... <end diatribe> :p

Babette - Congrats on getting that extra work! I'm glad the same company gave you a shot again - it says a lot for them really! :cp:

Best be workin' now.... ick.


08-15-2002, 11:31 PM
Q. Punkin O' Friday ... I saw your "sludge" post on the 5-pound thread. I love that word ... think it accounts for my .5 gain when by rights I should have gone down. I've been reading all the water threads as I drink, drink, drink. I think you are right on target with your comments. I believe good quality water is a basic human right and need and it without doubt has a relationship to weight loss ... what that relationship exactly is I'm not sure is exactly known.

I do know one woman (who is in poor health to begin with) who started going to a gym to lose weight and the trainer had her drinking something like three GALLONS of water a day. IMO that IS dangerous (I'd think it'd mess with the salt level in this heat). 64-100 ounces or so, great, but three GALLONS?

I shall shut up about water now (and drink some more). I shall drink Eydie's "oceans of water" and go lift weights. An 8-ounce ocean with more to follow.

08-16-2002, 09:28 AM
Hello and happy Friday everyone! I've been AWOL for several days and missing you guys. I'm sad to say that so far the job is not going as well as I'd hoped. I'm hoping it will get better over time, maybe after school starts and we have a regular routine, but based on what I've seen so far, the forecast doesn't look good. What with this anxiety and getting my two middle schoolers ready to face the fire again it hasn't been a good week food wise. I haven't gone near the scale, don't need to, I know I'm up. At the present I have bigger fish to fry so to speak so like Scarlett I'll worry about it tomorrow! I'm so proud of all of you for keeping on with the good fight. Keep your fingers crossed for me that this new position will get better, it sure as heck can't get much worse!

08-16-2002, 10:09 AM
Upandaway: Hang in; it'll get better! My new/old job (e.g. hired back by a previous publisher) isn't going well either and boy that does that ever affect the eating. On top of that I have school even though I'm old as dirt. I'd almost decided to drop it and the health and fitness as well, but then I ask myself do I want to be in the place I'm in forever or do I want to continue to change for the better. So I'm hanging on!

Sorry to interject me, me, me in here. Just know that it'll get better and resolve itself one way or the other because everything does resolve itself sooner or later. Everything is as it was meant to be (my opinion).

If you can't fight the good ol' food and fitness fight at the moment, let it slide (but maybe try to do one good thing for your body each day ... a 20-minute walk could help you deal with stress, maybe?).

08-18-2002, 06:48 PM
Hello all!!

Bear with me - I am so eager to respond I may ramble--

1st off- NEW JOB STRESS-- I CAN RELATE... and, can also share that it takes a little time and things do get better-- I couldnt see it a month ago, but it really is starting to come together- It probably would have been a lot easier if I hadnt expected so much from myself but ----- that's a whole another issue isnt it? ( OR is that the issue??) anyway-- Getting some morning excecise in really has helped- even if it was just a mental boost -- good music, trying to enjoy even a little part of the day-- I am not going to tell you its easy but unless its just an ugly situation, it does get better-- New habits are tough-- Come and vent- you all listened to me!!

Water-- or anything decaffeniated - I wouldnt have believed it until I cut my intake because I don't like coffee and artificial sweetner -- I wake up feeling rested - don't drag thru the afternoons, don't want to grind me teeth, AND stopped breaking out so much- when I lowered the caffeine intake- AND I was a coffee supporter- My DH was so impressed with the change he saw in me, he cut way back as well-- I still drink 2 cups a morning but never have any after noon, it really makes a big difference.

Sometimes when I feel stressed, I pick something I really enjoy on plan and that's what I'll have- I don't worry if I havent had enough protein, etc -- I figure, what's better-- a big ugly binge or
extra fruit, yogurt, Pria - whatever-- the other thing that works when I am feeling " deprived' is a big plate of shrimp cocktail- or whatever your favorite 'luxury" food is- I figure it this way-- ITS THE ROYAL THING TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!

Who knows about Davinci Syrups?? They have a great selection of sugarfree syrups -- and guess what, Aramantha, one of them is DUCLE DE LECHE!!!!!!! We found two sugarfree flavors at the Super Walmart -- Vanilla and Hazelnut- Only tasted the Vanilla in water but we are already thinking about stirring it into COOLWHIP!! and Guess what !! ZERO Carboyhydrates too!!! made with Splenda which I don't mind as much as the others
They sell from their website but maybe their in more stores on the West coast since they're out of Washington state??


Also, Walden Farms is advertising a zero calorie no carb Chocolate syrup?? I don't see it in the stores yet. The nutritional info is a frustrating because its all in thumbnail mode and illegible.

but maybe you know how to enlarge it -- www.waldenfarms.com

as for the bland farms dressing- I will get back to you- but for sure, I think I would have remembered if it was that much- Its a 32 oz bottle for sure but I think it was under $5 - but maybe I'm wrong- I'll let you know, I just tried to call the wholesale club but no answer--

anyway--think I might be down a lb -- will know for sure when I see another loss- we are hoping this latest heatwave will break tonight and then we can move around more--

so I will end with something very silly but sometimes that 's what we need- from Bob the Builder "can we do this?? YES WE CAN!!"


08-18-2002, 07:40 PM
Hey girls!

I've been mostly AWOL the last few weeks. My days are so busy and so long, I just haven't had the time or eyesight to post at night. Seems the group is getting smaller and smaller...where has everyone gone?

I haven't gained, but I'm not really what I would call OP. I'm holding at 12lbs lost and hope to continue moving down the scale. Tomorrow is going to be my Day One.

My goals for tomorrow and the rest of this week are:

1. To drink a minimum of 48oz water
2. To fill out my journal every day
3. To stay within my 22 - 27 point range
4. To walk every evening, minimum of 30 minutes.

Back to basics!!! It works...when you do it!

08-19-2002, 07:51 AM
Hello all -- Its Monday!

Well, its going to be Monday no matter what- I'm just going to try and get thru as gracefully as possible, I'm not even going to EXPECT more than that!! I'm in for some new "training" which might be interesting and I hope that doesnt mean in a stomach turning way-- BUT, if I can get a few giggles out of it things may go smoothly-- We know there's going to be some kind of snafou so we might as well just BE READY for it.....

I saw a great bumper sticker- I plan on posting this on my computer-- "PLAN TO IMPROVISE" I like it--


PS Babette- A BIG CONGRATS on the MIT assignment!!! I am impressed!!

PSS-- even if you're too busy too post, you're still all in my thoughts!!

08-19-2002, 02:17 PM
Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted much lately; I've been trying to catch up at work. I've missed "visiting" though!

I had a good 21-day run and I haven't been able to complete Day One since. Oh well....I really want to get back in the groove. Right now at work I'm making hundreds of cookies--I just stockpile them this time of year for receptions and such and they've been hard to resist. Yikes! Not too bad though---only one today. There was a time when I would've sat down and had a 'snack' of 12.

About coffee---earlier this month when I had my 'health scare', I switched to green tea and I like it. It seemed that I started my day with a totally different feel. With coffee, I get that almost frantic feeling, and with the green tea I simply felt quietly energized. Gee, what would happen if I really paid attention to the way things make me feel all the time? Food for thought.
It certainly didn't take me long to get back into the coffee habit---makes me wonder how much of my food intake is only habit.

My project for today is to write about my ideal day---then maybe I can make it reality. I'm tired of getting sidetracked--the trick is to not beat myself up over it---I'm really good at that, unfortunately!

08-19-2002, 06:24 PM
Hello Royalty!!! This is a drive-by post as Amarantha hath run late all day. She hath done so amazingly well for the past two days that she astoundeth herself, though she's up .5 again and now her five-pound challenge is six pounds. Sounds like all here are also well.

Eydie: I love green tea, too. I think it still gives a good shot of caffeine (I like caffeine), but it tastes exotic, especially with honey. Good job on the cookies. I don't know how you do that ... I'd have eaten them all! :)

Kaylets: I've seen syrups such as you describe but not sugar-free and made with Splenda and not dulce de leche. That would be great in skim milk. I must get them! Thanks.

To all: I'm thinking of you guys all the time! Thanks for all your support.

08-20-2002, 09:14 PM
Almost Wednesday, who would have thought that it would be Wednesday so fast--

I was invited to a memorial concert in honor of 9/11 anniversary- also saw an article about the "life changes" people promised to make after 9/11 and how the anniversary is motivating them to 'rededicate' themselves to their lifestyle change.

I can't think of a more fitting tribute, can you?? I spoke once before about how much we all deserve to live bravely and today am even more convinced. We have heard so many times, that we fight terrorism by going to work, going on vacation, flying, buying, etc. But just as important, we cannot let terrorism win by forgetting.

A young lady was telling me today of a Trilogy series by Ann Rule (?) ( the vampire author) that was very distasteful but so compelling she couldnt pull herself away. A story of punishing people to teach them to appreciate. The Cinderella Chronicles maybe its called- anyway-- it reminded me of what the terrorists think of us, spoiled, complacent, needing to be "reeducated".
And I don't have to remind you the place women have in their society--

I resolve to live more bravely, with less regrets , of fewer wouldashouldcouldas, more Plans to Improvise, more expect the unexpected, less sweating the small stuff, more naps, more laughter, more friends, less complaining, more experiments

-- Its a fitting tribute

08-21-2002, 12:06 AM
Kaylets: I like your rededication vows ... this is a point I've always used with myself, not just re 9/11, but after my brother's death at a young age, I really got dedicated to the idea of living well in his memory ... or living the healthy and happy life that he never seemed to achieve. I think we all need to remember that we carry the torch for all who've ever passed this way ... if we can't live well, who can? That probably doesn't make sense, but I'm brain-dead!

BTW, Anne Rice wrote the vampire series ... I'm not familiar with the Cinderella Chronicles ... it does sound distasteful!

Amarantha hath much to say on the other topic but will restraineth herself!

Babette, how goeth it? :)

08-21-2002, 12:13 AM
Wildfire: You are right the BASICS work! This weight management thing is so simple (my opinion) ... eat less, move more, drink water, keep track of what the heck you are doing, keep at it until it works.

A no-brainer! :cb: :cp: :dance:

Sorry for the multiple posts. I need a life. Actually, I have a life but it involves working and I don't want to do that right now! :cb:

08-21-2002, 09:58 AM
Hello, hello! I am here, just busy. What with the new gig, MIL's visit and DH being on holiday, it's difficult to get stuff done. And I always feel like I should put in a complete post if i post at all, which ends up making me post not at all. :dizzy:

I'm still doing okay, although i haven't been doing all that well food-wise. I'm going to rededicate myself to the prohibition against eating other than at the table when I'm alone and eating if I'm not hungry. Those things are hard enough right now, and I know that they eventually lead to weight loss. I also commit to the water, fruits and veggies, and exercise components, just not to the point-counting right now, because it seems to be leading to me going off the rails.

Yesterday I walked 4 miles, did 2 circuits and went to tai chi. This a.m. I did yoga and went for a half-hour run through the woods. I'm going to try to do a set of tai chi later (only takes about 12 minutes).

Have a fantastic day, everyone. Love to all!


08-21-2002, 10:01 AM
Kaylets, thank you for your eloquent post. What a great way to start my day! :)

08-21-2002, 11:35 AM
Yes, thank you Kaylets, your post really made me think.

Sept. 11th was 3 weeks before escrow closed on my first new home. There was part of me that wanted to call it all off and not move (buy a home when we're going to war??? are you cRaZy????) - I'm glad I didn't. I learned that in most middle east countries a female can not buy property and they're not allowed to live alone. In my doing so I embraced being American and the freedom that comes with it.

Today I'm going to go back and think about all the things I said I was going to do differently or start doing. Write them down and rededicate myself to my health, my friends and family and my spirituality.


08-21-2002, 08:55 PM
Just a quick note:

Anne Rice writes as A. N. Roquelaure in the erotic series "Beauty". Cinderella is close. ;) Unless she has a new trilogy?

08-21-2002, 09:35 PM
Yes, you're right, I was told it was Sleeping Beauty because I immeadiately thought " no wonder she was sleeping " thinking of A Rice's other subject matter - vampires. I just pulled a couple reviews up on Google so I'd at least have a running start at knowing what I was talking about--Interesting- the young lady who told me is only on book 2 and perhaps will change her opinion when she finishes, but she is getting an entirely different message. But she's very young and I don't think I would've understood at her age either.

I can't remember which thread asked me how much we were paying for the Bland Farms dressing compared to what the web site prices were. Went to BJ's tonight and checked, 32 oz bottle for $2.99. Rang up that price at the register too.

Coincidence with my post last night?Did anyone see Dateline last night? Interviews with three widows whose husbands who tried to take the plane back in PA. All of them have young children they must be brave all day for- one said that the hardest time was night when the kids were asleep-
then she was totally alone -One even promised her husband when he called her from the plane " to be happy and live a good life". I hope I would be 1/2 as strong as each of those ladies.

I'll end on that note, seem like my posts just go on and on lately.

But- one last thought- Babette, Eydie, Wildfire, Upandaway, sorry if I don't list everybody-- A short quick post is just as nice!!

Be careful out there!!

08-21-2002, 09:48 PM
Kaylets....ummm...how young is very young? They are adult erotica, not something I'd want my daughter to read, and she's 15. I wouldn't want a young girl (or boy) to read them without already having a positive reinforcement of what sexuality and relationships are/can be all about. Of course, if you try to tell her not to read them, then it brings up all sorts of implied rights and wrongs...and I don't imagine her parents know she is reading them, and if they do, they certainly haven't read them....gee...round and round the circle we go... :)

I'm having a miserable day (week), so please excuse my totally off-topic reply without addressing everyone. :wave:

08-21-2002, 10:28 PM
not to worry, she works with me, must be at least 21 might be 23--
Hee, hee, I guess its gives you a clue on perspective!! From where I'm looking 21, 22 is young!
As I write this, the other thing that occurs to me, with so much open sexuality in ads, fashion, televison, etc, perhaps the younger generation, is almost blase ? What really got her attention was how cruel people were treated.

08-22-2002, 10:09 AM
Kaylets, if she's in her 20's I suppose she has a say in what she reads or not, huh? ;) I was afraid you were talking about a 12-13 year old girl. I remember reading Stephen King, Robin Cook's "Coma", and other horror books as early as grade six, much to my mother's dismay. I was afraid with the popularity of the Vampire Chronicles that some young fan of Anne Rice discovered one of her other series!

Back to weight loss....I weighed in last night and was up 1.4lbs since I weighed in two weeks ago. I've been playing with the same 2lbs or so for four weeks now! Enough is enough. My journal is started for the day, and I am going to have a completely OP day! I think I'm going to start a writing journal too. I'm home from work today....talk about needing a mental health day...I think I'm on the verge of losing my mind.

So, I'm back on the block! Day One!

08-22-2002, 02:20 PM
Tonight is the full moon! I'm challenging myself to go an entire "moon" to get myself back on track. Things are really off-balance for me and I'm not even taking in my regular 10 glasses of water daily. I may even post my food journal here from time to time--just to be accountable.

Anybody else want to MOON with me?


08-22-2002, 02:31 PM
I feel like I've won the LOTTERY!!!!
Ok, remember when I told you all that I paid some guy $500 to trim a couple trees on my property? Ok, well this other guy comes by yesterday saying he's with a government funded group (Heart of Oregon Corps and Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers) and they're trimming back the trees by the sides of the roads (creating fire blocks) and needed to clear it with all the property owners. I said sure, of course - he said they'd also take care of trees on our property if we'd like. I asked if he was kidding because I just paid Mr. Tree Dude $500 to trim 2 little trees. I asked if he could just chop up 3 downed trees and he said sure. Well, today he comes by and says almost ALL the trees on my property needed trimming I told him I knew, but I'd just moved last winter and haven't had the chance, he said, "we'll take care of you, we don't want your house to burn down". I was in shock! I asked if he was serious and he just said "we'll take care of it". So, right now, I have a van of 10 kids, ages 14-18, with chainsaws, running around my 5 acres trimming ALL my trees for fire safety!!!! :spin: Besides saving me hundreds of dollars, they've just saved a few of my weekends! I plan on finding SOME way of donating to them. I'm so grateful....

Wildfire - I'm sorry you're having such a bad day! I wish I could give you some of my good mood!

Kaylets - I haven't read any in the Beauty series, but I've heard there's a lot about bondage and S&M. One of these days I might read 'em...
In regards to the wives of 9/11, did you hear about the pilots wives? They're suing the airlines because their deceased husband's last paycheck was docked because the pilots didn't "finish their flight". Isn't that incredible??? Very sad...

Eydie - I'll moon with ya!!!!! Thank you for reminding me! Tonight I'm going to set up my new altar (moving out of my room).

Gonna' run for now!

08-22-2002, 08:17 PM
P.S. Kaylets, the DaVinci SF vanilla is wonderful in a glass of skim milk ... I've had two, shaken with ice! Move over slimfast.

08-22-2002, 08:26 PM

I'm glad, I'm glad, I'm so glad.... (that's all I remember of that song) but if you didnt notice- I'm happy that the weekend is here.

Have two events Saturday, back to back to go to. Shower for a woman at my new job. Its a chance to get to socialize with this new group. Both events are potluck- I am bringing a fruittray w/yogurt dip to the shower and a big green salad w/ chickpeas to the party afterwards. Which ironically, is a Reunion of people from the old job. I plan on carrying lots of water too so I am not at a loss. The first group has two other weightwatchers so I know there will be more than my fruit that's safe, and the 2nd group is sure to have more than just burgers and hotdogs.
DH and I rarely go out, its funny we have two events back to back.

Yes, lets set a challenge for month from now. What shall it be?

DH is very very excited. We started WW online in May. Naturally, he is losing 2-3x as fast as I am- This morning he was 50lb lighter.
He's been able to eliminate two diabetes meds and is hoping 2 more meds in time.

hang in there all!! even if its been an crummy week, its almost over!!!

Here's a tranquil scene that is sure to calm you.

Imagine yourself at the edge of a beautiful lake. You can hear birds singing. You can feel a soft breeze on your face. Its just wonderful to be here at the edge of the water, as you are holding your annoying (fill in the blank please ) 's head under the water!!!

:yikes: :yikes:

Meant to be funny - please don't be upset if you don't think its funny--

Be careful out there :genie:

08-23-2002, 12:20 AM
Hello everyone! Well if I make it through tomorrow I'll have survived my first week of teaching. The lady I replaced had a reputation as a negative person, couldn't get along with people. But the kids obviously loved her because they ask for her all the time. Today I was halfway through a story when they asked if they could leave now! Talk about giving me a complex! I'm sure we'll get used to each other, it's takes time to settle in to new routines and new people.

On the food front, well, let's just say it's showing on my front, my behind, my sides...pretty much everywhere! I don't know what's worse the new-job stress for me or the new-school stress for my middle schooler who happens to be my baby. I don't think I've managed to leave them off at school at day this week without getting weepy on the way out of the parking lot. I know he hates it, he's scared, he gets knocked around by bigger kids. For the first time he's on his own, I can't 'fix' it if for him. I know it's time, I know we both have to get through it, but man, it hurts.

I'm recommitting today, tonight, this very hour to being kind to myself once again, to do the best I can, forgive myself for lost/wasted time and move ahead. I'm not even going to weigh to give myself a starting point. My clothes look like crap on me and they're all two sizes bigger than I want them to be--enough said.

I'm so glad to see everyone doing so well. Amarantha I've been using the syrups in my coffee for months, never thought to mention the dulce de leche, or try either! Punkin, congrats on the tree-trimming blessing, what a relief.

My thoughts are with everyone, sorry I can't address everyone tonight. I'll get caught up and be around more in the future. That's a promise to myself! You guys are the best.


08-23-2002, 05:27 PM
Hello everyone!

I just wanted to tell everyone to have an awsome weekend and hope it's a good de-stresser for everybody.

I'm going to bake some zucchini bread, move my altar into my front room and do some crocheting. My back's still not quite "right" and it's supposed to be a rainy weekend.... So, I shall spend it at the Spa with my new coconut bubble bath.

Have a great weekend! :cb:


08-23-2002, 10:19 PM
Upandaway-- was wondering if you have more flavors available than the SF Vanilla and SF Hazelnut? Are they Davinci?
sounds like you are being a really good mom-- I wouldnt be suprised if you find out he's doing just fine and that its harder on you than him--

I didnt get on the scale for nearly a month after I "recommitted" because I was not prepared to see the number. As long as we reocommit, that's the important part.

anyone have the Fruit dip for yogurt handy? I need to make it tomorrow and am at a loss..


08-24-2002, 07:21 AM
OH GAD! I just lost my entire post - with messages for all, and telling you how I've been doing. I stupidly went to another page without thinking and when I went back it was gone :cry:
Short form: yogurt dip recipe
I'm doing ok (but have to work like a dog for the next five days), and recommit myself to the basics I've restated ad nauseum.

Love to all!

08-24-2002, 07:31 AM

Its raining!! First rain in 28 days -- !!

I guess all the yardsales are cancelled now -- leaves even more time to get ready for my Big "social engagements" this afternoon and evening.

08-24-2002, 10:57 AM
Punkinseed, that's great news about the guys coming to trim things up. A coup indeed!

Upandaway, thanks for the reminder for us all to be kinder to ourselves. I had a fairly intense episode of hating certain parts of my body yesterday--something I swore I wouldn't do again--but at least I knew it wasn't real, that it was just a trick of the mind and I got over it pretty fast.

Kaylets, love that little genie guy! Too funny! You're so lucky to have rain. It's so dry here--I wish it would rain for days. I even had to call it quits with the garden. Have heard of wells drying up and didn't even want to water it. Still have some peppers and tomatoes hanging on. Plenty of HOT Thai peppers---I should learn to love them.

Oh, I almost forgot. Going into day 3 of my personal moon challenge--so far so good. Why is it so easy to forget what a difference a day makes?

Anybody doing anything stunningly healthy this weekend? Since it's so hot here I'm going to stay inside all day and I'm going to find a trashy movie to watch while walking on the treadmill--4 miles is my goal. Also, I want to get back into Pilates so I'm going to do videos this weekend.

08-24-2002, 06:41 PM
Yo! As a matter of fact I AM doing something stunningly healthful this weekend. I am being Artemis and hunting down the things that keep me fat, stressed and dependent on others. I'm on a stress busting rampage and feel great!!!

Over the course of one afternoon I have decided to ignore a series of emails that an ex-friend keeps sending me telling me why I am a bad person. These have been two or three times a day for four days and I kept answering them and then receiving another one and answering them again. Today I asked myself why I needed this in my life and I just deleted the latest email without opening it. It's amazing how empowering this is ... haven't received anymore emails either.

Next, I just called my publisher and said I needed another week to complete an assignment as I just can't find the sources I need and don't know what I'm writing about. Turned out that was fine so I feel ok taking the rest of the weekend off as I'm way overstressed. I believe stress has a definite correlation to weight gain (raises cortisol levels for one thing).

Eydie, congrats on day three of your moon challenge. I think that's a great idea for a challenge. I'm kind of unofficially doing that, too, thanks to your suggestion. I usually have two to three challenges going at one time on the weight and fitness front!!!

Tomorrow is the first day of my new personal weight loss initiative! Only the last week of the six week "blue" initiative has been really strong, but I hope to post a loss on the five pound challenge thread and I am recommitting myself to being strong and independent in this fight for health and life ... maybe this is the Artemis Initiative, because this aspect is what she represents to me.

08-25-2002, 01:05 PM
Yo! Am down a pound and a half ... or a half pound from the five-pound challenge weight, whichever way one wants to look at it!!! I have done my spreadsheets for the new six-week initiative, two sections of 21 days each, so I'm kinda on the block again, but my challenges for the initiative relate to weekly averages for calories (average in the 1700s or below for the week) and totals for exercise calories burned (in the 1800s or above for the week). I am naming my initiative THE MOON INITIATIVE thanks Eydie for the idea and I am dividing it into two blocks of three weeks each and calling them BLUE MOON BLOCK and GREEN MOON BLOCK. I am rededicating myself to fitness, health and weight loss (because I feel happier and healthier at a moderate weight and do not wish to regain to the point I had reached before). I'm also going to stick to the five-day challenge at least until I reach 160 (4.5 to go).

Kaylets: Thanks for the PM ... that was very sweet of you ... I tried to reply but the system kicked me out (it does that when I try to use the chatroom, too). I AM feeling much better (I've invoked Artemis who helps me in that regard! Hope it's ok to mention this on the board but there it is anyhow! In some incarnations, Artemis represents the moon, so my Moon Initiative is really an integration of my intention to be fit, strong, independent and joyful through all adversity and despite any who might wish me harm ... as well as a mechanism for counting calories!).

Well, this post is a bit of the me, me, me type, but I wish everyone the improved mood I am experiencing and that everyone will look forward to passing through September with determination, peacefulness and joy as we come to my favorite month: October!!! I have determined that all of my sorrows and difficulties will be hunted down and removed (nonviolently, of course) by that time. And, if not, well, there's always next year! :cb:

08-25-2002, 02:20 PM
Hello all--

Yesterday's socializing worked out very well- was really glad we had brought a cooler with water because there were only 4 of us not drinking alchol and the other 2 had their own soda-- It was a true byob - only byod !! It was an interesting contrast, the 1st event with the new job group and 2nd a reunion of the old job--
First group LOVED the fruit w/ yogurt dip, 2nd group was NOT impressed with the "make your own salad" fixings we brought- One out of two isnt bad- 2nd group wasnt eating much anyway if you know what I mean-- well, not much more than the jello shots-- ANYWAY

Were looking for our digital camera in my husbands study which evolved into a "57 Fling Boogie" -- in other words, two big bags of trash- not exactly a real workout but lots of stairwork.
Made a real dent especially in the closet--- even found something we thought we had sent to dd and dsil --amazing what we find --

Amarantha-- It was my pleasure--

My diabetic thread says they found some SF Davinci syrups cheap at Marshalls-- I don't have one close or I'd have already been there-- I realize, they may have only been certain stores that recvd any but it might be worth checking--

I'll check back later to see what's going on--

08-25-2002, 03:00 PM
Amarantha, interesting that you're in huntress mode, stalking what keeps you from your goals. I've been playing with the imagery of being a detective and deducing what keeps me from being my best self. [I like your imagery better!]
It's been enlightening. I see that I use my sometimes irritating co-workers as an excuse to stress-eat and it makes me feel awful. I mean, why should I give my power away to these people?! So I'm trying to get into a different mindset there. I'll let you know after our Monday meeting tomorrow! I want to be the calm eye of the storm--ooh, I like that image too.
Also, I see that I sometimes eat out of sheer boredom--no big surprise there. Trying to be more aware of that too. And not taking my workouts to the next level--that kind of thing. So there are reasons why I haven't hit my goal weight in 5 years! I've got to get back the old "fire in the belly"!

Kaylets, I think the 'make your own salad' idea is great! Why don't people want to eat well?! I've been looking at a copy of that book "Restaurant Confidential" with the nutritional counts from lots of popular restaurants and it is SCARY! I'll be more discriminating from now on--for sure!

Another thing that I used to be very faithful about is making a tentative plan for the upcoming week. Scheduling workouts, meals and such. Gotta do that today!;)

08-25-2002, 05:13 PM
I think the make your own salad idea is neat, too! I do wish people I have to see during the week and/or eat with would think about some healthy choices we could share. Urgh! The state of popular restaurants IS scary. I think I am getting old, as I remember some cheap and healthy places one used to be able to eat lunch with coworkers in without inviting a heart attack. There used to be a "fast food" chicken restaurant chain in the midwest where the chicken specialty was cooked in a special dry machine thingie without added fat or calories of any kind (it was during a meat-eating period of mine, which I'm back in) and they cooked plain ol' potatoes that way also and they kind of resembled tasty fatless fries and there were veggies of all kinds, no fat, and bread, juices, skim milk and a condiment bar. I used to like to put tobasco sauce on the chicken and potato strips for some reason. This was a very popular chain and you could feel you were eating real food and the calorie count was posted and there was NO fat in anything ... or minimal anyway. It was always full but they eventually closed them all. Too bad, because it was a place where one could have a cheap fast food lunch with coworkers and stay within a health program. Now fast food restaurants that everyone I know goes to are so amazingly fat and calorie laden and the portions are enormous. The only place I really eat "out" on the road anymore is a grocery store where one can get a cooked chicken breast, ff cottage cheese and little Italian tomatoes and red pepper flakes and a bottle of water ... this is my new/old fav lunch when I'm starving and in some mountain town and there's a big grocery store.

Just rambling. But I agree the restaurants are SCARY! I wonder if they believe everyone really wants to eat all that fat stuff. I don't think they do. I think it's just a habit because it's there. And also, why would they not make more money selling SMALLER portions? It doesn't make sense to me. Many people can't resist eating everything that's put in front of them. It's something from childhood ... eat your dinner, Johnny! Portion sizes today would feed four back in the 1970s or whenever. These are not normal portion sizes for human beings (unless there are four humans sharing a plate).

Ok, I'll stop. I'm going to lie down and read a book.

Bye! :queen:

08-25-2002, 06:32 PM
hello everyone! my 21 day challenge i'm working on now includes:
- making sure i exercise every day that i am able to. ( i have ms and some days my body legitimately won't cooperate; however, i have been known to skip exercise on days when i am able.)
-be more consistent with drinking a healthy amount of water and
-planning ahead for my meals more consistently.
ah-- there is a theme going on here--consistency (sp?). well, correct spelling or not-- i plan to be more consistent. thanks for listening.

i hope you all have had a good weekend. take care.


08-25-2002, 08:07 PM
Just checking back in--

DH made a wonderful fast chile with
1 bag Morningstar Crumbles
1 can black beans
1/2 jar 'safe' salsa ( no sugar added)
1 big can crushed tomatos
couple fresh tomatoes coarsely chopped
one or two green/red peppers
5 - 6 clove garlic
2 stalks celery
2 med onions

It made 4 generous servings- at 4 WW pts each-- we each had two servings although I admit I forced the last 4 or 5 spoonfuls

very satisfying-

yes, let share !! DH schedule is changing so we are going to be cooking ahead and freezing, and crockpot stuff- I need some ideas- I have thought about chopping ahead for stirfry and then keeping the veggies fresh in the fridge in water--

wsw- nice to have you aboard--!! Some of us can be a little silly sometimes but for the most part we're harmless.

OH, oh, oh, I almost forgot-- where is everybody! I heard the greatest song- and guess who it must have been written about!!
AND this is no joke, I heard this song and had to explain to DH why I was laughing - Are you ready--

" My Tractor is Sexy" --

:smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer

The song doesnt mention the tiara, but come on-- we all know who their singing about!!!

as for the "salad" - I'm not upset because there was more drinking than eating going on- I am sure someone is enjoying the leftovers today- even brought the Vidalia dressing that I KNOW they are going to love--I brought it so it would be there for me and dh and we were glad we werent forced into something we would regret later--you know how slippery that slope is once you
start-- a little taste of this, just a tiny spoonful of that, and there you go slipping into "out of control land" .

ok, its going to be Monday in the morning -- but it will only be 5 days to the weekend!!

And, Monday is new weighin day- lets hope its not a humid morning !! seems to add a pound or two- at least to me-- anyone else ever notice?

ok, Aramantha, I know its never humid in AZ, you don't even have to answer that one



08-25-2002, 09:54 PM
Kaylets: That's a myth ... the monsoon season in Arizona is very humid indeed and the regular months are becoming more humid each year also (people come and plant lawns and water them). Actually, it's an old joke "but it's a dry heat!" Not. :)

If we are sharing quick meal ideas, then here is my now favorite carnivore type thing for a quick lunch or dinner (with a salad or corn) ... I make up a bunch of low cal low fat PORK BBQ sandwiches out of PRECOOKED bbq pork of a certain famous meat company ... I buy cheapo hamburger buns that are 110 calories each and zero fat and I divide the precooked bbq into 8 servings (9 servings are 90 calories each and the fat grams are very low). Then I just make the sandwiches and freeze and reheat in microwave ... comes to 215 calories, approx. 3 grams of fat. I like this because I still don't like handling raw meat (esp. pork) and this tastes like my mom used to make and fits my diet plan.

I ended my eating day at 1750 calories; did 50 minutes of exercise broken into two walks and a bit of Pilates ... I need to do more Pilates as it is the only thing that helps me ... :queen:

08-26-2002, 12:18 PM
Hello Highnesses!

My challenge this week will to stay grounded... I do so much better when I keep my head above "happenings". This weekend nearly sent me spinning into a jar of peanut butter (had I had it in the house I would've).

Emp. Amarantha - I am extremely sorry about your "friend" (and I use that term loosely). Good for you for just trashing these emails! You don't need those kind of friends! ((hug))

Kaylets - They wrote a song about me?!?!?!?!?!? That's so coooool! Yea, my tractor IS sexy.... :lol:

:wave: everyone! I should get some work done if I'm going to enjoy a quiet week!


08-26-2002, 07:55 PM
Monday was crazed again- The weekend tstorm knocked something out in the AC in the office and it was blowing hot air !!

Wasnt comfortable till almost 2 and then only in some spots-

BUT- I had put in 15 minutes on the bike early this am and managed to hang in there. Its almost become a joke about what will not be working in the office on Monday-


Punkinseed --yes, I have been remiss in congratulating you on your tree trim gift!! and I think they are singing about you on the tractor- that's what is making the tractor sexy!!

Empress A- I agree-cooking ahead is the only way when time is tight-- makes a big difference-- and you feel so clever too!!

anyone here using Laughing Cow cheese? How does it melt ? I was thinking on vegetables- or maybe - a quasi grilled cheese sandwich...

got to figure out something that fits for work in the am--


08-27-2002, 02:53 PM
Kaylets! :o Why thank you!!! You made me blush....

I've never used Laughing Cow (cute name), I've been using good 'ol fashioned Tillamook (hey I'm in Oregon, I think it's a law here). Cheese is one of my "real food" foods that I just eat the real thing, but in moderation. The faux cheese can be scary - I mean, how come it doesn't melt??? :yikes:

I do the cook-ahead thing too. I'm looking forward to the weather cooling and doing a weekend of cooking for the year (literally). Last October I made, in one weekend; Wendy's chili, chicken soup, split pea soup and sweat & sour beans. I have a little chili left and 1 container of split pea. It's lasted all year. Great way of cooking ahead to have heathly foods on hand!

Peace, love and :cookie:'s


08-27-2002, 05:34 PM
Yo! Drive-by post ... about to take a nap and let my metabolism just deal with it!!! Thanks for hug, :queen: Punkin o' Friday ... I am refusing to react to my "friend" anymore and that's very restful.

Kaylets: Re Laughing Cow, don't know about the uses you've mentioned but I've had the spreadable little cubes in lowfat and they are very good on crackers. Mostly I just say no to cheese as I agree with the :queen: o' Friday, ff is best and the calories just aren't worth eating it, which is not to say that a slice of lf or nonfat cheese isn't ok in a recipe. I sometimes make my own muffin egg thing (sorry, Mickie D, but you are just too unhealthy for me and I might have to sue you if I ate your food). I take the eqv. of one egg in eggbeaters or other substitute (eggs are ok in my book, but in this it doesn't matter). I put the egg substitute in a little cup and gently microwave stirring every second or so until it's a little round omlet of scrambled eggs but not completely cooked. I put on an English muffin with a slice of ff American cheese (Kraft), sometimes adding bacon bits or chives, etc. I microwave for a sec and put the top slice of muffin on top and microwave another sec. Very filling and better than the clown's food!

WSW: Your plan looks like a winner! Love that word: consistency ... it'll see us through! :dance:

08-28-2002, 09:01 PM
Hello all!!

Tillamook is an Alaskan name?? Its amazing what I learn everyday. The Laughing Cow is very tasty, a blend of cheese, one for sure is Swiss. Its low fat rather than no fat so I will experiment and report back the results. I ate two wedges yesterday for a snack ( 1 pt each) and it was very satisfying.

I saw the sexy tractor video - I misheard the whole song !! Its really "She thinks I'm sexy on my tractor" - I guess I heard what I wanted to !! Much funnier my way!!

Hmm, sounds like either you have BIG pots for soup or you make batches one after another. With my luck, I'd scorch the bottom of a big pot-- which way do you find the easiest?

I'll try and check back later- I am hooked on Big Brother so I know I'll be awake!~

Empress A-- that's why we have delete keys.... its a good thing!

08-28-2002, 10:34 PM
Yo!! I am tatting instead of working, just picked it up again after a lapse of about six months ... wish I hadn't given all my thread away. Excuse the OT, but my brain is fried!! Challenge going well as ended eating day for sure at 1700, 80 minutes of exercise ... a.m. Leslie weights, p.m. walk, walk, walk with poles. T-storm coming up and Old Dog is whining and looking around like it's a big bad thing coming to get her, but I need to get off the net!

Question, though, what is Big Brother? (other than an amorphous set of computer spies in the book 1984?).

Also, does Laughing Cow make a cheese other than the little spreadable wedge things? Like an eating cheese? I'd love that? Please report!!!are doing great!:queen:

08-29-2002, 08:34 PM
I don't know much about Laughing Cow- I'll do a google search and report back- I do enjoy the wedges and hope to try my "melt" experiment this weekend.

Big Brother is a reality tv show on CBS. I went into detail on the 5lb thread- I know they have a 24hr website of the Big Brother house on the website- You might want to take a look. It comes on tonight again, I think 8EST but check me on the time.

I found my last WW's materials with my weight loss records. I am only 2-3 lbs away from my lowest before I stopped going. I am excited. Took a detour but am almost back to exactly the same place.

This is so typical of my life-- I have decided to add an additional activity to keep the muscles guessing. I've decided I am going to learn how to swim and get past a fear of the water. Lots of good things about swimming, etc, etc. Well, you know what's in the stores now don't you?? SWEATERS!!!! I wonder if I trek up to Marshalls if they would still have some suits- I know I'll need an assortment of sizes too-- What am I thinking of!!! but, my DH needs another activity too and he is especially in need of something low impact. So, now I am in need of suits for the two of us-- :lol:

Be careful out there!!

08-30-2002, 10:15 AM
I love it when we share our recipes or meal ideas here--it's always enlightening to get a glimpse into each others kitchens! Kaylets, I love the recipe for the chili--it's similar to one I make. And Amarantha, I love hearing about your breakfast muffin--that sounds really good. Speaking of which, I just saw a recipe somewhere that uses amaranth in a cornbread recipe, I'll have to try that.

Going into Day 9 of my moon challenge! It feels good to get this far. Only thing is for some reason I'm still feeling resistance to drinking all my water--don't know what's going on there. Today I plan on just chugging them back, ticking them off in my food diary as I go.

By the way, I love those 'Laughing Cow' cheese wedges, great for portion control and satisfies the craving for creamy/cheesy. Sometimes I have an emergency lunch of one wedge, 2 ryecrisps and fruit.

08-30-2002, 11:14 AM
Finally Friday!

I do hereby decree that you all MUST enjoyeth this, my royal day, bequetheth to me by HRH Emp. Amarantha....

I'm probably off early today since aparently I'm the only one working past noon. Tomarrow I have dinner with some friends at their house and Sunday is the Rim Rock Festival - this year we're celebrating our ranch's 30th birthday... Monday, I will be an amoeba on the couch.

:queen: Kaylets - Tillamook is a coastal town in Oregon - famous for it's cheese and ice cream. Really, really good stuff!
For my cooking, I have 2 large pots and to avoid scorching you just have to simmer for a loooong time and not rush things. Then I wash the pot and start over! I guess I should defrost another container soon so I have more empty ones when I start late next month.

:wave: :queen: Eydie and :queen: Amarantha

:queen:Punkin o' Friday

08-31-2002, 02:25 AM
Hail, Royal :queen: people! Amarantha is posting up a storm this weekend ... she avoideth work! Likely she will not make her Block Challenge of 1799 or less average calories for the week, but it will be close so she's calling it good! She refuseth to go lower than is comfortable. Exercise will be no problem.

Eydie: I like to share menus, too! This weekend I'm going to post all my menus as a foodwatch on Kaylets' long weekend challenge ... even though I don't really eat very healthfully ... being more concerned right now just with calorie control and exercise. Let us know how the amaranth recipe comes out. It is a very healthful grain; I think it'd be a natural with corn.

Congratulations on Day 9 of your Moon Challenge! I've been having trouble with water, too, strange when you consider we're still in triple digits. I've been drinking a lot of diluted Crystal Lite. My eventual goal, though, is to dump artificial sweeteners.

Speaking of which, someone posted here or on the other thread asking if the DaVinci SF in water is really satisfying and I do find it helps fill that craving I constantly have for sweet dairy based liquids. I don't use a lot of the syrup, just a drop. It's good, noncaloric and hydrating.

:queen: Punkin o' Friday: Don't think you'll see this 'til next week but have a great festival and ranch birthday. Your descriptions make me wish I'd taken that job in Oregon.

Well, I must make Old Dog get off the couch so I can get on! :jig:

08-31-2002, 02:32 AM
Kaylets: Did you buy a swimsuit? We have lots of 'em down here ... they sell them all year! :cb: You are doing great and are so close to your detour weight ... the journey always has detours, so we should never give up because we can always reverse our steps!!! :cb:

Really getting off soapbox now and lying down!!! :wave:

:queen: :dance: :grouphug:

08-31-2002, 09:03 PM
Hello all!!

Eydie, I am amazed that you are so focused to stay OT. I'm afraid I'd be still celebrating if I had the same experience you did w/ your cancer scare. I always loved that expression "Life is short, eat dessert first".

Punkinseed, do you have any slow cooker recipes?? I bought DH a big electric roaster a while back that is also a BIG slow cooker- wonder if that would work for big batches of chili or soup.

Q Aramantha- believe it or not, we went to an auction this am and on the way back, we stopped at a favorite Goodwill. Did I mention DH has lost 50lbs? He plans on losing more so we are looking to get thru the next couple sizes as inexpensively as possible. Anyway, I found a suit that appears to be never worn nor washed. It's a little snug but considering I only paid .99 !!!!
But thanks for asking!!

Time to move the laundry around and start the dishwasher again too!!

Isnt Big Brother on tonight?

09-01-2002, 10:45 AM
Yo, Royal People ... Amarantha is too lazy to type this again, so here's what Elbertine Pep put on the 5-pound thread re Amarantha's block challenge:

"Amarantha's calories yesterday were 1780, exercise 60 minutes, her overall average calories for the week (the first of the 21-day challenge) were 1934, which is over her challenge of being in the 1700s, but not by much and only because of one high day, SO, she's declaring an exemption and calling it the first seven days of her block/initiative."

She intendeth with the help of the occasional exemption to get through 21 days. Weigh-in is later!

:queen: Babette, are you out there? How are you doing on your challenges? How is work? Pls say :wave:!!! Here's a banana! :cb:

09-01-2002, 01:33 PM
:jig: Emperess A, you can ALWAYS find a way to flush me out! :lol: I was just doing a speed-lurk (yup, over deadline for End O' Month workathon :stress: ). I'm doing okay, although not as focused as could be. Just got back from a 3 day hiking trip yesterday, so I've burned a lot of calories lately anyway.

I really need to be working, but I WILL finish this up today and will come in and write a real post tomorrow (and hopefully not lose it like last time :rolleyes: )

Thanks for calling me!

Love to all!

09-01-2002, 02:12 PM
Here I am, just typing away- talking to Babette on the wrong thread!! Hee hee-- Guess I really do need to go and take a nap!!

09-02-2002, 02:15 PM
At six pages, I always have trouble typing on the forum! :wave: So, just to say, hello Babette, and I replied to you on the 5-pound challenge and Kaylets, too, who HATH MET HER FIVE-POUND CHALLENGE and I'm so pleased to make tthat announcement!!! Got to go! Might hike! Might shop! Might sleep! :dunno:

09-02-2002, 06:07 PM
Honey, you KNOW what I'm here for.... Oh, you sweeeeeet 'n sexxxy Blockettes -- C'mon over to Thread #8... It's safe --- And SEXY!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh Baybeee! :love: :)