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12-10-2009, 06:55 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

I guess the weather is foremost on my mind this AM. It seems that the storms just keep rolling in. I hear that the latest storm is pulling into the East coast later this afternoon. We have several cold but sunny days here and another storm is predicted for Saturday and Sunday. It's very cold (-3) right now and Denver missed setting a record cold temp by 3 degrees several nights ago.

Holiday events are in full swing, as well. Tonight is DH's TBI party, tomorrow concert at the church and Sat. all the doggies get together for the pet therapy party.

The pool was actually quite nice yesterday, and I'll head back today. The difference between air and water is around 108 degrees right now.:brr: I'm already in travel mode since we'll leave here on Monday so I'll keep organizing for the shift.

How are you all holding out with the winter weather? How about all those parties? Stop by and say hello. Hot beverages are in order :cofdate: Of course, if you live somewhere hot and sunny, feel free to give us a vivid description over a glass of your favorite iced drink! :beach:

12-10-2009, 07:26 AM
Nice to see your :sunny: today, Debbie. Enjoy the pool. You seem to be feeling better. :)

Hot beverages here this morning and the dogs want one too! We are definitely into winter although Richard did NOT come to plough yesterday so it's not official. It finally stopped snowing and turned into rain so the snow is all crusted over. Jazz can walk on top of it which is a huge relief to him for potty.

I got some baking, party cooking and wrapping done yesterday and will be doing more of the same today. The guys have the tub installed and offered to make it usable but I decided to wait until it's all done to have a celebratory soak. The downstairs shower in the new bathroom has now been initiated.

Looks like I'll be stuck at home the rest of this week but I am making a comprehensive list and may end up doing Saturday shopping. :yikes: I certainly trust these guys on their own in the house but they need me to answer questions - and keep the fierce dogs in check. :lol: (Jazz spent part of yesterday on the couch in the bathroom watching them while they worked. He needs a little white hard hat! ;) )

Happy hump day!

12-10-2009, 07:30 AM
Good morning, Debbie, and all to come.

The weather has been quite something this past year. We're dry today, but it's a hold-onto-your-hat type of wind and freezing! Debbie, you continue to amaze me by going to the pool. :eek: It must be kind of fun and nice, though, kind of like sitting in a hot tub while it's snowing. :) Have fun at all the holiday events and hold onto your willpower!

I'm going to the winter concert at Audrey & Maggie's school this morning and then going heading over to the farm afterwards for the rest of the day. So it will be a long day for me and I won't be home until around 8 tonight. But today is my Friday, so I have a nice 3-day weekend to look forward to. :)

Ruth, I can just imagine little Jazz in a white hard hat! :love: I'm glad the bath reno is coming along well.

12-10-2009, 07:36 AM
Ruth, you're getting me mixed up! Yesterday was Hump Day! :D wasn't it? :dizzy:

12-10-2009, 07:36 AM
Hi Ruth. Thanks for all the news! I just figured out what I need-a bathroom big enough to fit a couch.:lol: Bing has figured out he can walk on top of the snow and have better access to the compost pile! Don't know what's in there that he thinks is so good. Have a great day!

Top o' the morning, Cottage. Windy and freezing doesn't sound fun. Won't we all be excited when we can realistically start thinking about our gardens. BTW is it Survivor final night? It seems we're getting close. Have fun at the concert, and at the farm. Stay warm!

12-10-2009, 07:40 AM
Debbie, I'm not sure if tonight is the final Survivor or not. It's getting close, though! I wonder if Russell will win? At first I really didn't care for him, but he's growing on me. He's pretty crafty, isn't he?

12-10-2009, 07:45 AM
Duh! I guess I meant Thump Day. I hope I get Christmas Eve right!

Tell Oderia and Maggie I'm sorry to miss the concert.

12-10-2009, 08:05 AM
Wow you three have been busy! Guess I should have popped in before I made breakfast ;)

Debbie - Hope the roads clear for your Monday drive. Enjoy all those parties :)

Ruth - I'd prefer not to call it thump day since I'll be out driving around on icy roads :eek: Sounds like you are getting all that snow you were wishing for ;)

Cottage - A three day weekend sounds lovely now that Christmas is really in the air :) Hope you have no wind related problems. I think we got lucky and it stayed on the western side of the mountains.

Today is my annual Yankee Candle visit with my BF. I think this will be our 10th year :) In the past we have done the mall but the last two years we walked through to the coffee shop and moved on so I think we will skip it this time. Our only set plans are the Yankee Candle Factory and lunch somewhere :) We always hit the candle room last because 20 minutes is about all you can stand in there with all the scents. They do have lots of rooms of ornaments and decorated trees so I'll pick up some first Christmas together ornaments for DB and his fiancee and her kids and for DD and her boyfriend. We always use this trip to get in the mood and get moving on holiday planning.

Other than that I've got a car to shovel out and a CSA pick-up to fit in (we couldn't make it yesterday) but most of the day is just fun :) I'm going to get on the dreadmill before heading out and finish the movie I started last night. If I get that workout in now I can have a glass of wine tonight ;) Gotta plan these things properly!

I think I have found an alternative vacation location and need to do some serious web research. Looks like the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge might be just the spot for a first CA birding trip. Lots of birds in one area. Now to find hotels and flights that don't stop in Chicago (never fly through Chicago in the winter!).

Enough babbling, time to get on with the day :) Hope you have a good day after Hump Day (hey that means it's almost the weekend!)

12-10-2009, 08:14 AM
Debbie, is your pool OUTSIDE? You are nuts, woman!

Ruth, did you say you have a couch in your bathroom? That must be a fancy schmansy bathroom!!!

Linda, enjoy your "Friday"!

Cyndi, we used to live right near Sacramento. It's a nice area! Have fun planning your trip.

I just got back from exercise class. I found out that the gal who teaches the classes is offering an adult ballet class, which is included in the price of the aerobics classes (it's a yearly membership and then you can take as many classes as you want). I was joking with her and said I'd join but now I'm seriously thinking about it. I just don't know how I'd look in a leotard... :dz:

Yesterday the kids were playing by the Christmas tree and knocked it over. Several ornaments broke and I was sad, but I didn't yell. They were actually playing really well together and it was an accident. Connor was so upset that he gave Tom his piggy bank to pay for the broken ornaments. What a sweet boy!

My scale is stuck at 136. I was upset about it until I realized that all that means is that I've figured out how to maintain at 136. At least I haven't been gaining weight. I'll have to tinker with a couple things and see if I can get things moving again.

Connor's home now so I can jump in the shower. I didn't want to be in there when he got home and leave him standing outside! Boy, do I need a shower. It's a good thing you guys can't smell me through the computer. Ha! You just might be able to!!!

12-10-2009, 08:32 AM
Not really a fancy schmansy bathroom, Kara. When this house was built in 1928, the bathroom was actually a bedroom - there was "outside plumbing". The room became a bathroom in the 1940's. When it was sold out of the family in the 1960's the new owner put in a sauna addition and added some storage units with a with a built-in couch to the bathroom. It's very handy for smoothing on lotions and things after a bath. Up until yesterday, I had my treadmill in there.

12-10-2009, 08:36 AM
Good morning!! BOY is it cold outside. Proud of myself of dragging my butt out of my nice warm bed and into the -1 degree cold to head to the gym. Of course I feel great now!
I think the worst of my holiday shopping is behind me. I stayed up late (way too late) this week wrapping, so I can even cross that off my list. My holiday baking will be limited this year, so no extra stress there! I plan to enjoy the weekends ahead with fun holiday events with the kids. That is what a holiday season should look like!!

Wish I could pop in more often, I am doing my best. My new balance between works and family is a crazy one, doing the best I can! Made myself a priority again today!

Stay warm and safe out there.

12-10-2009, 08:36 AM
Ruth, I love old houses. They have such great stories! I grew up along the Delaware River and, while our house didn't, several houses near us had tunnels down to the water that were used as part of the Underground Railroad. My parents' house was built during the Civil War and had servants' stairs in the back (Now there's just a closet upstairs and another downstairs. I don't know if the stairs are still behind the wall or not.) When they redid the living room, they found horsehair plaster in the walls!

Jenny, I'm jealous you have your wrapping done. I need to pull out all the presents and see if I really am done or not.

little chick
12-10-2009, 08:48 AM
Good Morning Chickies, it is not cold here at all today our storm fizzled out around 9:30 or so and then just rain. The kids were very disappointed as there was school today. Which is good I have an appointment for a mamogram this afternoon and a huge to do list. Which reminds me I need to go get started. Well gotta to dash sorry this is a short one, but I am in the mood to tackle my list, afraid if I sit to long that will be the end of it. Have a great day chicks

12-10-2009, 09:33 AM
Good morning ladies. We are the owners of a new Prius, thanks to DH. He spent 3 1/2 hours at the dealership yesterday getting everything organized, and all I had to do was waltz in at the last minute, sign a couple of things, and drive it home! It'll take some getting used to, but I am so happy to have that taken care of.
Sooo cold and windy here, I don't think a walk is in the picture today. I'm thinking of joining Planet Fitness, but I just don't know...
We had a rough start this morning as DS had misplaced some index cards for school, and DD had done the same with a pamphlet she had made for HW, so we spent 20 minutes searching the house. Found the pamphlet, but not the cards. Oh well! I can't save them from themselves.

Ruth, I'm glad things are moving along in the bathroom. I have a small upstairs bedroom I'm thinking of turning into a bath, as the upstairs has 4 bedrooms now and one VERY SMALL bathroom. It was originally a linen closet, I think, as there was no indoor plumbing here either. We have a path through the backyard to the former location of the outhouse.
Lexxis, have a great swim. Sounds cold to me! We were going to the YMCA to swim in the winter, but I cancelled the membership as they just don't keep the pool warm enough for January swimming.
Cyndi, The factory visit sounds fun. There are a couple of flavors of Yankee Candles that I love, but it is hard to be in one of their stores for long. Talk about sensory overload!
LC, good luck with that list! That's what happened to us the other night - we started out with a beautiful heavy snow at bedtime, and woke to rain and no school delay. Talk about disappointment!
Kara, I need to do the same thing with the presents. Usually I have overbought for one kid, and underbought for another and need to do some balancing. I know I am short for DS as DH hasn't hit the video game store yet, and that's pretty much all that was on his list. Sorry about your ornaments! But what better place to replace them than Germany? We have those horsehair plaster walls here. It's pretty gross, really.
cottage, I haven't been able to follow Survivor since DH changed our channel line up. Has it been a good season? I switched over to Top Chef, which has been lots of fun to watch with our local boys in the competition. Enjoy the concert (I love that stuff)!
Hi Jen! Kudoes for your early gym start!

12-10-2009, 10:19 AM
Schmoodle, the problem is that the ornaments that broke were special ones we had bought on trips. The good news is that they were all trips in the States that we can easily redo. One of Tom's great aunt's ornaments broke, too (but it was the ugliest one of her ornaments, so he wasn't too crushed).

LC, have fun getting your boobies squished! :D

Connor's violin teacher brought homemade Christmas cookies for us. I had five. That is NOT what I meant by "tinker with some things to get things moving". Twenty lashes with a wet noodle! :nono:

12-10-2009, 10:26 AM
Hello All, It's me budding in on your coffee Again! ;)

Smoodle- Congrats on the new car!

Little Chic- Enjoy your day and good luck with your lis!

Jenny- You are inspiring...getting out from a warm bed to workout, good for you!!

Kara- Shame about your ornaments.

Cyndi- Yankee Candle with your BF sounds like a great way to spend some time!!

Ruth- It's nice to hear your bath tub reno is going full steam a head!

I was supposed to attend a meeting this morning that should have been a 2.5 hours drive but more snow blew in last night and it would have taken me 4 hours to travel for a 30 minute meeting. I canceled. SO my new plan for the day includes: client calls, Laundry, and a DVD to get my exercise in!

Have a great day everyone!

12-10-2009, 10:36 AM
Kara - I've had problems in the past with cats climbing the tree and knocking it over (and Brian when he was little) so I have a small white teacup hook screwed into the ceiling and then some fishing line going from the top of the tree and attached to the hook. So far the dog has spun the tree by running into it but hasn't knocked it over.

Schmoodle - Enjoy the Prius. There are a lot of them on the road here. I'm really enjoying the Fusion Hybrid. It's nice to be able to go so long without filling up and it's amazing how quiet it is.

Me - I've got the joint Cub Scout/Boy Scout Roundtable tonight. I'm bringing turkey enchiladas and a dark chocolate mint torte. The enchiladas are OP at least. Brian and two other scouts from our troop will give a short presentation to the Cub leaders to help convince them to check into our troop. It's always a lot of fun. It's cold again today (low 20's) so I'll be staying inside as much as I can. My pool isn't heated so I use the one at LA Fitness (although the hot tub there is nicer).

12-10-2009, 11:27 AM
Good morning everyone,

Brrrr it's cold here but no snow it's actually sunny but the high is only going to be 20 today.

I am so busy with too much to do. DD2 has her school program today in the afternoon and at night- they are videotaping the Community play tonight but I think we are going to miss because you only do your school program once a year. I will leave it up to her- I am wfh and arranged to take my lunch so I can watch this afternoon. We have also got to bake cookies for the play and it starts tomorrow night. Play is Friday and Saturday night and then Sunday twice at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. so busy weekend for me.

Debbie- I don't think I could muster the courage to rise out of the pool into that temperature.

Ruth- I am jealous our house didn't have a bathroom when it was build and I think they just a piece of the masterbedroom and made a tiny bathroom, two people in there is a crowd. Maybe once DS and DD2 are out on their own I will convert one of the bedrooms into a hugh bathroom.

Cottage have fun at the concert tonight

Cyndi- have fun at the factory and if you are looking for cheap flights look on expedia on Wednesday mornings that is their cheapest price day to find flights

Kara- sorry to hear about your ornaments- I have had a few broken as well and you just can't get mad, but it is sad. I think you would rock a leotard lol

Jenny- Glad you made yourself a priority to day- I was going to work out a lunch but not able to do so today, so will try to fit in somewhere else.

LC- Hope you get your list done.

Schmoodle- How neat a prius I like those as well what color did you get? And your right you can't save your kids from themselves.

Karre- good for you canceling I wouldn't have wanted to have to drive that long either.

Barb- Have fun at your roundtable tonight- so did Don ever fix you up with one of his friends?

Okay need to go to some work maybe I can bake some cookies while working, I just don't do well with baking I try to multi task and not in the kitchen which is why my food is not always the best ;) Have a great day everyone

12-10-2009, 02:23 PM

What a day! I am going to Panera for lunch today and I'm being SO good! Getting a cup of low-fat vegetarian soup, half a cafe salad, and a whole wheat baguette. Mmmmmmmmmmm. I'm stoked! Then after work is Anna's Christmas program. Wooo hoooo!

Just popping in to say hey! Hugz to all! Gotta get some more work done!!!


12-10-2009, 02:44 PM
I just had cookies for dinner. :frypan: I brought a glass of water upstairs and I'm not going back down until tomorrow morning when it is a new day and I wake up with will power.

12-10-2009, 03:28 PM
Good Afternoon, Everyone!

Just running through again. There are two bicycles in my office and two huge bags of toys and clothes for one of my Christmas families. The bikes are in front of the filing cabinets. Can't file. May as well say hello. :D

My cousin and his wife had a sweet baby boy last week. He was born with cataracts on his eyes. There is a name for the disease, but I can't remember it. Friday he's going to have surgery. Please keep baby Wade and his parents in your thoughts and prayers this week.

12-10-2009, 08:35 PM
It took all day to finally check back in. I was going to say hi to everyone before heading out then remembered I hadn't set the recorder for Survivor. So....15 minutes later I'm out again. Have a great evening and I'll see you all tomorrow.