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12-06-2009, 04:03 AM
Hello everyone I am new to this an I am in desperate need of loosing weight. I am unhappy with myself an as i laid in bed tonight not being able to sleep I was thinking of something that i may need to do. first think that came to my mind was an then in my mind i wonder about some ways to loose wait while i search on my phone for diets i came across the master cleanse an the 3 day diet with the grapefruit an toast an yada yada!! So I am desperate need of support from anyone an everyone on this because it is so hard for me to stick with something long enough to see changes. What i wanna do first is the cleanse an that will last about 7 days an i want to keep a log an at the end of it make a blog. after this i will eat health for 7 days log it an blog. then i will take on the 3 day diet log it an so on an so forth. I will also need other diets as i go, but after the 3 day diet i will continue to eat healthy again until i find something new or to go back on the 3 day diet after 1 week. i have about 45lbs i would like to loose but i know its not gonna come off fast an i am gonna run into some walls here but with everyone's help i think i can do it. so everyone's ideas an support would be awesome please. I am not really sure of what im doing so if someone could just take me under there wing i would appreciate!:hug: