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12-05-2009, 03:46 PM
Incase you use it...


12-05-2009, 08:37 PM
wasn't that amazing???? really - i was stunned at the number of cans that were recalled! thank goodness i don't use it! but i'm sure there are some folks on the forum who are panicking!

12-05-2009, 09:05 PM
I have some to get rid of. Will be calling the recall number next week.
Only tried to drink this stuff.......no wonder it tasted so nasty. :D


12-08-2009, 04:41 AM
I had a shake the morning the recall came out I had finished it and put it down and then it was on the news. I was scared but I didn't get sick. It's amazing that a company this large can have this happen.

12-08-2009, 07:47 AM
I'm sure they are recalling more then they have to just to be on the safe side. Carrie I'm glad you didn't get sick.