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12-05-2009, 07:32 AM
Three more weekend before the big one and I'm feeling OK about the whole thing. I hope you are too. I sometimes think they should move Christmas to February to split up the winter as there always seems to be a January let-down.

The doggage are spending the day at the spa collecting their free bath and I am off to the Health Centre with my load of pastry to spend the day making meat pies. I hope the quilting biddies are in a working mood rather than a chatty one so we can get the job done fast. Folks will be arriving to pick up their pies by 1 PM so...... At last count, there were 218 orders so half the township will be eating meat pie for supper. Not me - they are deadly but I will pop two or three into the freezer for holiday entertaining!

I'm hoping for a nice soak in the tub later this afternoon :) before I get dressed up for another dinner party. So far, I'm holding my own but will be glad when tomorrow's afternoon open house is behind me. Five foodie events in a row is way too much.

So what's a-happening around you? Try to "take a moment". :coffee:

12-05-2009, 07:48 AM
Good morning Ruth :coffee2: Rum cake at the gym and meat pies at the Health Centre?! I'm starting to wonder about that town of yours. Good luck with your remaining foodie events. It is a tough time of year.

Not much time this morning because I'm off to Boston to see the Nutcracker :) DD called last night and we are both very excited. She told me I could call her even at 6 AM if I needed help getting there. Since I'm only making my way to the coffee pot that early it was easy ;) I'm spending the night and, of course, the first snow storm of the season is tonight. Apparently all of MA. is under a winter storm warning. Of course. I never put my snows on this week because the forecast looked good and I get much better mileage without them. Ah well, I'll just wait until the temp goes above freezing before driving home.

I'm going to stick to plan as much as possible but the Holiday Challenge is a loss today. We will eat at odd times because of the show. I'm sure there will be plenty of walking (in the rain) so exercise will get done. There will also be wine tonight (wonder where she got that from?!)

Tomorrow night I'm off for a glass of wine with my best friend. She was sounding rather sad and frazzled yesterday so I suggested going out even though I'll just be home. It will just be the two of us so will be relaxing.

Have a lovely weekend whatever your plans. I'll try to stop in tomorrow afternoon.

12-05-2009, 07:53 AM
Morning all! Really missed you all this week!
Crazy week with work and kids at school driving me nuts and thankful for the weekend.

Started snowing about 10 last night. 2 years straight of snow in brrrr!
Went out to eat some gumbo last night and got the stuff to make split pea soup and turkey chili.
Don't plan on leaving the house all weekend.

12-05-2009, 08:06 AM
:coffee: Happy weekend!

Ruth, I hope you manage to fit your hot soak in the tub into your busy day. How's that earache and sore throat? Are you feeling better? :hug:

Cyndi, have a safe drive to Boston, and be careful! It sounds like you're going to have a wonderful time. Sorry to skip out on the wine-fest last night, my SIL called to chat and we ended up talking on the phone for over an hour. :dizzy:

We're getting ready to go out for breakfast, groceries and shopping before heading home to put up the Christmas trees and decorate the house. I went out shopping yesterday and found some terrific bargains and was able to cross several names off my list. :) I'm really into the Christmas mode now! We're expecting several inches of snow tonight, so Jake wants to get the outside of the house decorated before it starts.
Tomorow we're going into the city to the Christkindl Market, and I'm looking forward to that.

Good morning, Cat! Snow in Louisiana is a new concept to me. Did it actually cover the ground? Split pea soup sounds wonderful for a cold, wintry day, enjoy!

12-05-2009, 08:46 AM
Good Morning! :)

What a day you've got planned, Ruth. My mouth is watering at the thought of those meat pies. I'd have a hard time staying away from them - I love them, but thankfully I'm usually too lazy to make them. ;)

Cyndi, your comment about Ruth's town made me smile. :p
Have a safe trip - I don't envy you driving in Boston, especially in wintry weather, but it sounds like you and your daughter are going to have such a great time.

Cat, it's been that kind of week in my classroom, too, and we've still got weeks to go til Christmas. lol
I heard about the snowy mess down your way. It snowed once while we lived at Fort Polk (1983). There was just a dusting of snow but there were so many car accidents and other problems.... I'm glad you're able to stay in all weekend.

Sounds like you've got a busy day planned today too, Cottage! Enjoy your breakfast! :)

We've got snow on the way, too. I'm hoping for more rather than less - if we're going to have cold weather and the inconveniences that go along with it I want some of the white stuff around to play in. :snow4:

I need to do some shopping this morning and finish up the last minute details for the church Kids' Christmas party today. (The party is tomorrow afternoon and I'm hoping the snow won't affect the turn out.) Otherwise, my day is my own. I've got a lazy afternoon planned, a little bit of laundry and light housework with lots of time on the couch with the dog and a new Ted Dekker novel.

12-05-2009, 10:56 AM
Good morning

Ruth, are those tourtieres you are making with mince pork? A must here for Christmas Eve, tradition from my upbring in Quebec. DH would love one right now. Sorry you are a bit too far from here.

Cyndi - you sound just as excited as your DD. Have a wonderful safe trip.

Femme - snow is no fun if people have no winter tires and experience driving in the snow.

Cottage - your weekend sounds great.

Heidi -Enjoy the snow and hope the kids don't stay away for the Christmas party.

Kara - good idea to get the homework over so that Connor and you can enjoy your weekend.

me - I guess I work well under pressure. Decorating today and hopefully baking. I don't have any social events planned this Christmas. We were invited to a luncheon at a sushi place but DH went alone. I love sushi but the last few times just didn't feel great. Just planning the holidays for the family and this year I plan on brining the Turkey.
take care
p.s. my daughter is in Calgary and the airport has been shut down for two days now.

12-05-2009, 11:01 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Hi Ruth. I'm really hoping that hanging out with all you fun chicks will help me avoid the January let-down this year. As cold as it's been here, I'm already day dreaming of gardening and Spring. The massive cooking projects your villiage participates in always intrigue me. I would probably buy a meat pie just to feel I was participating because I sure couldn't make one! Have a great day!

Cyndi, be safe and have fun!

Cat, I'm constantly amazed at your weather variations. Hope your stay at home weekend recharges your battery. I'm not around kids much, but I'll guess that each week before Christmas will get crazier.

Cottage, enjoy your Saturday morning breakfast routine as well as your festivities at home getting everything decorated. The market tomorrow sounds wonderful. I'm impressed at your success crossing names off Santas list!

Heidi, love the snowball fight! Thanks! Enjoy your lazy afternoon. You deserve your time on the couch with poochie and book. Congrats! I see the scale has dipped again!

Sophie, I hope your DD gets out of Calgary. I think it must really be cold there. Enjoy your day at home. I wonder what you are baking. Hope its delightful..

I've been putzing around. I'm working on the refrigerator this AM cleaning shelves from the top down and cooking up some "consolidated" turkey soup I just pitched in the leftover split pea soup and a bit of chili. I think I'll keep going. We're going out early to try to scan some old photos onto a CD and hopefully I can find a top to wear to the hospital bash tonight. They have a professional photographer for a sit down so I'd like to wear something that fits instead of last years baggy stuff. Tomorrow is potluck at church and I've committed to providing a healthy meal to a family in need. I think I'll make a crockpot split pea cauliflower curry, a nice salad with WW bread and a bag of dried peaches since they don't want desserts. Thanks to SB, cooking healthy is easy.

Have a great day everyone! I'll be back to check in.

12-05-2009, 11:45 AM
Good morning, I gotta run but just want to continue to be accountable and pop in. Gotta clean the house and then off to a friend's who is auctioning off her farm today and then we are going to "Christmas Magic" in St. Louis.

Have fun everyone and Cyndi be careful driving back tomorrow.

12-05-2009, 11:52 AM
Good morning! This is early for me, but I'm a slacker compared to the rest of you!

Cyndi, I hope you enjoy "Nutcracker"! Students from the school whre I teach are preparing the dances from the second act for the end of term performance in a couple of weeks, so I get to listen to the music all day!

I don't celebrate Christmas, but am very happy to hear others' stories and see the decorations. We just had the national Christmas tree lit in Washington -- the official sign that it's Christmas season, for me.

This past week has ben hectic (why I didn't post) because I had to give major tests in each of the 5 classes I teach last week, and grade them of course and next week we have final exams, so I'm buried in paper and ink. Not the same as having a garden :)

12-05-2009, 11:59 AM
Hi all! Getting ready for Tom's work party at a castle this evening. Haven't been on plan today. :( Will be better tomorrow! Promise!!!

12-06-2009, 12:55 AM
Happy Saturday night Ladies! Its my friday and I actually went to the gym after work even though I wasn't feeling it! Worked it for 45 minutes! Gettin back in the groove!

Ruth- thats some super :dust: you need! too many food events start to get to me! I can handle one but temptation after temptation I often cave! Thats a lot of orders to fill! you sure are a busy lady! even more so around the holidays!

LOL @ Cyndi! Im wondering about that town of Ruth's too! I hope the nutcracker was great! I am sure it was! Enjoy your time with DD!

Cat- I can't believe you got snow again! Geez. Where is MY snow?! My hometown about an hour east had 3 inches, 50 miles to the west where I am NOTHING. I shouldn't complain I suppose ;0)

Cottage- I think your Christmas spirit is motivating me now too! I think I may have to cross some names off my list tomorrow too!

Heidi- I hope you enjoy your reading time! I know its precious when I can find it~!

Sophie- Hope your DD has luck at the airport soon! I am with you on the under pressure thing!

Debbie-like to wear something that fits instead of last years baggy stuff you go girl! I hope I can be saying that next Christmas! Just wanted to say how motivating and FABulous you are! WTG on all of your weightloss and NSVs this year! I recently read something you wrote about finally getting it, the keys to your success- It really helped me to think and figure out what I needed to do to get back on the right path,so Thank you!:hug:

Pearl, Xan-:wave:

Kara- a castle huh? I cant wait to hear details! Wish I could have posted earlier I would have said to take pics!

ME- Lots of holiday stuff going on- opted out of a party tonight but the next weekends actually through the new year- are booked. Not a ton of foodie stuff, but enough. the main one I am preparing for so I know I can make several sides good for me ;0).. I am really sore from the gym, but in a good way! Need to get my ipod updated though. been over a year so no new tunes on there! Time to get up to date on some things in my life other than diet and exercise too! I should be pretty busy tomorrow- DH is in a new band and has a photo shoot next week so I get to play dress up with my DH. LOL... oh he's gonna be hot! lol:carrot:

12-06-2009, 07:22 AM
Happy Sunday everyone!
The snow didn't last too was pretty much all melted by noon.
Went to go check out that stove I wanted again and found out I couldn't get it. Since it is a professional one, I couldn't put it in my house or my insurance would be cancelled. So, I'm on the lookout for a "home" stove. Think I found the one I want (Bosch) and they carry it at Lowe's and Sears, but of course neither had one in stock and could order it. I want to see it in person first, so that means I'll have to go to N.O. or Baton Rouge to see it first.

Nothing fun happening today. Just cooking chili and working on school stuff. I have to find something fun to do soon...I'm starting to get cabin fever!!

12-06-2009, 07:38 AM
Good morning,

Woke up at 5 a.m. couldn't sleep anymore so decided to get up and enjoy the quiet time.

Ruth- I hope you got all the meat pies done and you got to have your soak in the tub last evening.

Cyndi- can't wait to hear how the play went and again please be careful driving home.

Cat- wow you got snow again? You got snow before we have but jeesh the temperatures sure are cold. This week was crazy Tuesday's high was 60 and then Wednesday we plunged into the highs of 30s and have stayed there. That transition always kills me, it is not gently. LOL

Cottage- I am with you, got to scratch a few more names off my list. I am actually done to 2 people left and have everything done. Now I just need to wrap the ones I have, I unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at have no relatives near us- so I shipped all of my nieces and nephews presents directly from the stores to them. I just have the ones to take with Texas to wrap.

Heidi- hope your church Christmas party goes well and has a good showing.

Sophie- Did you get all of your decorating and baking done yesterday? I have to bake something Monday night for Tuesday at work and then Thursday night have to bake cookies to take to the community playhouse, they share cookies and cider with the audience after the play is done.

Debbie- Were you able to find a nice shirt for your party? I will be happy when I can fit back into my pretty christmas dresses that are still hanging in my closet- two sizes to go and I will get there- hopefully next Christmas. That is so nice of you to provide a meal and a healthy one at that. :)

Xan hang in there with all the exams and grading of papers. Will be done soon and then you can relax some. You do get a Christmas break right?

Kara you will have to tell us all about the party in the castle sounds like so much fun.

Rikki- way to go going to the gym yesterday after work. Have fun playing dress up :)

As for today- we are going to church this morning and then going to get our Christmas family picture made. Then DD2 has play practice this evening. Yesterday eating was pretty good and portion control was great so I felt better there, hoping for a repeat there. Did a ton of walking at the Christmas Magic in St. Louis as well.

Have a great day everyone off to get a cup of tea to start my morning

12-06-2009, 07:59 AM
:wave: Running late but will try to post later. Happy Sunday!

12-06-2009, 08:26 AM
Good morning! :coolsnow:

Where are you off to so early this morning, Ruth? I know church doesn't start until around 10. Got a breakfast date? ;)

We had just enough snow to cover the ground and make pretty. I don't expect it to last through the day, though. Jake is hoping he can get the outside decorations and lights up this morning since it was too wet to do it yesterday. We're taking the train into the city this afternoon with Dustin, Andrea and the grandkids and meeting up with Monica, Caite and Carley to go to the Chriskindl Mart. It's a replica of a German village with lots of booths selling Christmas gifts and trinkets and German foods. I have fond memories of going to the Christkindl Mart when we lived in Germany, so I hope it's just as fun. :)

12-06-2009, 08:47 AM
:lol: I read the clock wrong! I thought it was nearly eight and now it is nearly eight.

I'm off to Church this morning and then will deliver some of my meat pie orders that are keeping cold in the trunk of the car. There's the Mayor's Open House this afternoon and then I am free until the tub guys come tomorrow. (Tonight will be yet another farewell soak in the dear old tub.)

I hope to work in some gift wrapping and more decorating sometime today but sitting and "Christmassing up" with cranberry tea and the Doggage will probably be more important and enjoyable. We'll see how the day unfolds.

The message for today is "Priorities".

12-06-2009, 09:01 AM
Happy Sunday Everyone!

I've been up for a bit, but I had to catch up on yesterdays' chores before I could say hi. The bread is rising and the jello salad is jelling. I'm off the hook for awhile. We have heavy snow this AM-about 2" so far. I'm going with Bing to check it out. Last night's party was fun and we were home by 9. I'm looking forward to today's events, but I need to get the house tidied up, it's a major bomb right now. It's hard to feel festive when I can't find the counter.

Pearlrose, hope you enjoyed your quiet morn. They recharge my battery! Thanks for asking, I found a oriental style blouse at the thrift store for $2! New! :crossed: that the pic turns out-I'm still sometimes a bit mortified by pics, but it has to be better than last years. I'm glad you've kept your Christmas dresses. You'll fit next year!

Rikki, you're doing great! You can handle temptations-just get to the right mindset! I ate fruit for dessert last night while everyone ate decadant desserts and no one said anything. I just decided it wasn't worth it-and it is my choice. I'm looking forward to a few pics of hour hottie DH! And...thanks for the kind words :hug:.

Xan, I'm glad you did good with food during your hectic week!

Kara, how was the party? We need an update.

Cat, I'd be taking a drive to see that stove. I looked and looked before making my decisions. Enjoy your cabin fever-tomorrow's Monday!

Cottage, have a great time with the family today! Sounds so fun!

Ruth, how long did it take you to find out you were really ahead of the game? Hopefully the adrenelin gave your metabolism a little boost:lol: Priorities! I'll remember today, too.

Everyone else, have a great day!

12-06-2009, 09:06 AM
Happy Cold Sunday, Chickies! It's about 25 degrees here. brrrr!!! We had about an inch of snow yesterday. Jeff took some great pictures. I ordered our Christmas card this morning. Yay!

Auston and I had so much fun at the gingerbread house making class yesterday. Imagine a 5-year-old trying to be good and relatively quiet while hyped up on excitement, sugar, and the best hot chocolate I've ever had! He was as good as he could be for as long as he could be. We ended up going in an adjoining room and he jumped up and down for a few minutes. :D

Tonight is my Bunko Christmas party. I still don't have a $10 prize. I actually have a bad attitude about gift exchange prizes. It's a waste of money and I always end up with something that goes to the Thrift Store. I have a Mary Kay lotion-bodywash set that my mom received from a student in her school. I may wrap that up!

Okay... I'm done being Scrooge. ;)

Hope everyone has a great day. Stay warm!

12-06-2009, 10:23 AM
Happy Sunday! At least I'm not the last one on this morning!!

We were supposed to have snow yesterday, but it was a very light one, nearly evaporated before it hit the ground. Today there will be patches of black ice, which is always scary. Good day to stay home!

12-06-2009, 01:05 PM

It was another wonderful weekend with Mr Christopher. Spent lots of time together shopping, watching movies, snuggling, cooking (well, he cooked, and I watched him,) and now I'm back home and probably won't see him for awhile, unfortunately. Hopefully next weekend I'll get to do something with him and Anna.

I finished my Christmas shopping this weekend!!! YES!!!! And besides what's yet to come via UPS, I have everything wrapped. I am SO on top of it this year!

Well, now that everything's wrapped, I think I'm going to curl up with my blankie and watch Lord of the Rings: Two Towers and possibly take a nap. Have a great Sunday girls!


12-06-2009, 02:00 PM
Happy Sunday ladies!

Cat- Stinks about the stove... and I know what you mean about wanting to see it in person first- I have a drop in gas stove and no one around here keeps them on display! its so frustrating- don't they get that I can't tell from a 4x4 pic of it what its going to look like?!

Pearl- what play is your dd in? I used to love being in and seeing plays when I was young!

Cottage- that chriskindl mart sounds very neat- I have memories of going somewhere like that but I am thinking maybe it was in VT- my memory is so bad! You also reminded me that I need to get more Christmas lights today before its too late to put them out! I am running behind this year!

Ruth- I love your new siggy. too Enjoy your last soak ;)

Debbie :hug: I am sure your pics will turn out great! It's so nice to see the changes in ourselves(when its for the better of course! lol)

Chelby- I am jealous of the snow! I know what you mean about gift exchanges... so I decided the past few years we would play dirty santa... and I would try to get the gift I bought back! LOL.(didn't happen most of the time, but a bit mroe fun when you want one of the gifts!lol)

xan- enjoy your day at home!

Lisa- enjoy your quiet day! and wtg on getting all of your shopping done! Im jealous! I haven't got the first thing!

As for me, lots of laundry and housework to do, put the pulls on my cabinets, and since cottage reminded me I better get some lights and put them up! I want white ones so I need to buy some, i have a lot of c7 or 9 whichever the big ones are that are tranlucent colored beautiful lights but I think i want clear this year ;0). need to get dh some clothes today and maybe I will get a little relaxation before the night is over. At least I have lots to keep me bvusy so I am ot munching all day! lol

Since I am not getting any snow I will give my self some extra :dust: to spread all around! maybe it will give the effect of snow!

12-06-2009, 04:32 PM
Hello all :) Had a wonderful time with DD and her BF. We stayed up way late drinking wine and talking politics. Then Tiff and I braved the snow, cold and wind and walked along the Charles River :brr: Made the drive more pleasant though. Now I'm just relaxing with a pot of tea. I think I'll put some lentil soup on - it's good for post rich food and wine ;)

Sounds like quite a few people are enjoying a little dusting of snow today. I would rather not have to drive after the first one but it does feel more like the holiday season now.

12-06-2009, 06:11 PM
Well sadly I've slacked and because of that I've gained. Not much...5 lbs...but thats 5lbs too many. So tomorrow is starting day 1 of phase 1. THere has been alot going on and its killing me because I am so miserable right now. It's been really hard to stay motivated. But I have to do this. For my health. So i will get up with you all tomorrow morning. Have a good one.

12-06-2009, 07:12 PM
Well getting ready to go to play practice- Rikki DD2 is in Christmas Carol play- tonight is first dress rehearsal we got everything for her costume but no shoes yet, so I will have to get some tomorrow for her on the way home from work.

We got our Christmas picture made today it came out good, I ordered the Christmas photo card, I really hope the get here more to the early date versus late date. I normally have the cards out by second week of December, don't think that is going to happen.

Okay gotta run need to do dishes before leaving, have a great evening everyone.