Weight Loss Surgery - darn these hormones.... (a long ranting AW post)

12-03-2009, 08:21 AM
hello my wonderful friends that I don't visit enough...:hug:

here i sit 10 weeks out... and stuck. totally completely utterly STUCK...

weight loss is NOT happening.

on 9/22 I weighed 253 on my scale (that was the morning of surgery)
on 11/1 I weighed 229 (ok not a bad loss (24 pounds) for 5 weeks.
just ONE month later I weighed at my lowest 221.6 which is not even eight pounds in one month and this morning I was 3 pounds up from that....

IF i wanted to lose 5 pounds a month I could have done it without surgery...:mad: without pain without all these damn hormones that are raging around in my body.

i was bleeding again this week so I've spotted twice this month after 5 1/2 years of NO PERIODS

my bowels are horrid... I swear two colace a day and six fiber pills and I'm NOT going with any comfort at all... I go so I know that's working but it's a chore and it's not comfortable... (I know TMI but i'm ranting and raving here)

I'm getting all my vits, all my supplements (I admit to being scarce on the calcium but i have new ones arriving this week that should help) I'm getting at least 64 fluid oz a day and around 70-90 g of protein per day

my full meter has returned (meaning I sneeze violently 15-20 times after I eat)

I"m in the gym 3 times a week with cardio, yoga and weights... (2 of each on any given day so I get cardio each time)....

Am I sorry I did it? NO.
why not? because at least I can die fat knowing that I did EVERYTHING I possibly could to try to fix this mess.

yesterday i went for a massage. I have a huge knot in my back that hurts so badly (and yet I keep going to the gym) and the massage made it worse. and i can't take aleve... :cry:

would I do it again? yep because the option is that i'd be fatter than I am now and also that I would always have wondered if it would have helped me.

at least my husband is doing well....

12-03-2009, 12:29 PM
whew!!!! my goodness!!!! you ARE in a state!!!!

let's see if we can help. first off, if you're having trouble pooping, drink more water. yes - i know that you're getting at least 64 oz, but some of us need more, especially when we're exercising. i found that i needed 90-100 oz.

it's strange. i don't pretend to understand it.

the other thing is - and it's also very frustrating - our bodies adjust to an exercise regimen. sometimes it's gotta be jolted out of the routine. interval training is a possibility. they can be fun [i didn't believe that either, when i first heard of it!]

the OTHER really important point is that sometimes out bodies just take a break to adjust to a large weight loss. mine happened to be every 10 pounds. i'd lose NOTHING for a week, and then drop 10 pounds.

so, just keep on doing what you need to. you're going to a support group, i hope? they may have some thoughts as well. talk to your doc.

don't give up hope!!!!

12-04-2009, 03:50 PM
I am having similar issues, tho I am only one month out from surgery, but i have only lost 1 pound in the last 2 weeks. so I feel your pain.

12-04-2009, 04:30 PM
Nessa my love what stage of eating are you on?
My doc told me to eat Prunes, Prune Juice Prune Puree
you will dump off of it but you'll also go to the bathroom
another Option
Make your protein shake add coffee and Flax
Coffee and flax is like Drano
(sorry I'm descriptive can't help it!)

12-04-2009, 07:58 PM
LOL I'm on pretty much everything but:

no dried fruit
no bread, rice or pasta
no cereal or whole wheat crackers yet

the better news is not good: i saw the ortho today. seems my sore back is not muscular. it's related to an inflamed disc in my spine... he put me on STEROIDS .... oy