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12-03-2009, 07:34 AM
Coffee's on! :coffee:

I couldn't think of any clever alliteration for today's thread, so you get what you got. ;) I've been up for a while, but busy getting the laundry started and wrestling with a couple of butternut squash. I'm going to try Kara's recipe for soup, as her's is different from mine, and her's sounds interesting.

Since I'm working until 8 tonight, I have the morning off and hope to get a lot accomplished. Besides making soup, I plan to have a cooking frenzy so I'll have a lot of heat-and serve meals ready to go. With getting home late the past few days, I've just been grabbing whatever's fast and easy to eat, and I just haven't been eating right. If there's time, I want to run over to check out the sales at Kohl's, too, and see if I can't finish up my Christmas shopping.

I have a 3-day weekend starting tomorrow, and we're planning to deck the halls and put up the trees. :ginger:

12-03-2009, 07:52 AM
Good morning! :)

I love Kohls - I was checking out their sale flyer this morning - I've got some Kohl's cash I need to use before it expires. I hope you find just what you're looking for! :)

It's another rainy day here - inside recess for sure - but it's not my turn for duty, so that's a relief. Where's our snow? I need to head out the door so no time to comment on yesterdays chatter.

Enjoy your Thursday friends! :hug:

12-03-2009, 07:59 AM
Just hush up about the snow, Heidi. I don't want it until around 5 on Christmas Eve!

Cottage, we are in the same mindset today. I have baked beans in the oven and some veggie soup started.

Well, the tub guys were to come today BUT are now coming Monday. :shrug: There was a death in one of the team's family so.... It's a good thing I'm adaptable! Sigh!

Donna comes to clean today but I think I may get her to help me do some decorating. She did a thorough cleaning last week when the dogs and I were away and it would be good to get the hall decking started.

Just realized it's trash day so need to throw on the raincoat and do some lugging. See y'all later.

little chick
12-03-2009, 08:18 AM
Good Morning chicks, it is pouring rain here. I am just making a list of the candy I want to make for my Christmas Gifts. I want to make truffles but I can't find a recipie. Anyone have one?
I had a great eating day yesterday and my new goal for December is to play my Wii Fit for an hour every day and let me tell you my calves are really sore today. :) I hope that means it is working.

Hope you all have a great day, I need to go finish my to do list and get a start on it.

12-03-2009, 08:20 AM
Good morning :coffee2: It's crazy foggy here this morning. Sure hope that burns off before I have to drive.

Cottage - Bet you rhouse smells great right now :) Good luck getting that shopping done!

Heidi- I'd like to offer you any snow heading our way, just so you have enough ;)

Ruth - Happy hall decking :)

I'm off to the north for a meeting today. I suspect there won't be many of us but there are some time sensitive things on the agenda so we are meeting anyway. Of course that means that next month everyone not there today will be second guessing any decisions we make :dizzy: I so hate process.

This afternoon I'll be home early enough to get a few things done so there will be some cooking here too :)

I need to plan food I can eat while driving now. The meeting ends at noon and it's a 2 hour drive home. I've ended up with less than optimum meals the last two times.

Oops, gotta go clean kitty vomit. Why does he insist on gobbling and why is it always the rug??

12-03-2009, 08:28 AM
Good morning!

Linda, I hope you enjoy the soup. We really love it. It's a staple around here. I don't care if squash costs $7 a pound, I still get it.

Heidi, I hope your rainy day goes smoothly!

Hope you got the trash out in time, Ruth! Have fun with your decorating!

LC, I don't have a recipe for truffles, but have you tried I love that site!

Cyndi, hope the meeting goes well. Maybe some roll-ups with fake lunchmeat and lettuce for your ride?

I am just home from exercise class(es) and NEED a shower! I finished my Thursday chores yesterday so I could skip out this morning and hit the classes. It was fun! But now I need to get freshened up and get the girls from school so we can make it back in time for Connor's violin lesson. Then he has martial arts this evening. Tomorrow he tests for his next belt! Go Connor!

Off to shower!

12-03-2009, 08:44 AM
Good morning all. This has been a long, weary week so far, what with cold, rainy weather and a really tedious work project to get through. I'm really looking forward to the weekend though, we've got our town Christmas parade Saturday and may go look at the Antietam Battlefield Illumination afterwards. I invited my friend and her gang over for dinner after the parade. Sunday, DD and I are invited to a cookie/ornament exchange party, which is always fun, but dreading the cookies. We'll get some hall decking in as well, and I really need to pull out all the gifts and see what last-minute shopping I need to do. I think we'll wait on the tree until next weekend.
DD1 has her second interview today and we found her a nice professional outfit last night, so hoping all goes well.
I was thinking butternut squash soup today too - I picked up a couple of squashes last night. I really like mine roasted, with garlic and curry powder. Perfect for this weather!

12-03-2009, 08:50 AM
Kara, the soup is simmering and smells wonderful. :) I gave it a headstart on the stovetop since I want some for lunch, but it's in the crockpot now. When you say a can of broth, I assume you mean the regular 15 oz. size? I used a 32 oz. box of veggie broth, and omitted the water. BTW, butternut squash is 19 cents a lb. here right now. I stocked up. :D

Heidi, you're at school by now, but I wish you a great day!

Ruth, that's a shame about the bathroom delay, but it's a valid excuse. Enjoy your cook-a-thon, and remember to send me back my recipes. ;) The girls send their love and have already asked when you are coming again. :)

Cyndi, how about some lettuce roll-ups for your drive home? When I remember, they make a tasty and easy take-along lunch. I fill them with hummus, refried beans, or cheese and avocado. Yum!

L.C., it's so nice to see you in here again! Truffles are pretty easy to make, and most recipes are the same. It's usually just cream cheese, powdered sugar, and cocoa. I like to put a little expresso powder in them, too. Just google "truffle recipes", and tons will come up.

OK, I'm getting off the computer right now, or I won't get anything else done.


I just had to say Good Morning to you, Schmoodle! And a belated Happy Birthday! I'm sorry I missed it with all the other stuff going on around here. Good luck to your DD, I'm sure she'll find her dream job soon.

little chick
12-03-2009, 09:06 AM
Thanks Cottage, I actually have a recipie, that sounds just like yours but the cream cheese thing kinda of confused me but I guess really makes sense. I am guessing that they need to stay in the fridge, I was looking to box them up and give for gifts. And can I add irish cream to make them more yummy?

12-03-2009, 09:18 AM
OK two words I do not want to read first thing in the morning? "Kitty Vomit" That's almost as bad as actually having to clean up dog yak. :barf:

Morning everyone! I've been up since far too early because Chris works at 6. :tired: We went to see 2012 last night. Very good cinematics, entertaining, but they should've shaved about 45 minutes to an hour off of it. The ending took FOR-EVER.

Looks like the snow held off. It was coming down a little when we got out of the movie at 10 last night but nothing stuck and there wasn't even frost on the cars this morning. Still pretty chilly out though. I'm ready for June! :sunny:

So.... I spent last weekend in Chicago for my cousin Erin's wedding, and I've been paying more attention to my cousins' FB pages looking for pics. My cousin Alex posted some on there, and one of his friends referred to me as "the hotty older chick." :?: I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. I mean, hotty, why thank you. Older chick? ME? OLD? OK so I guess technically my cousin is 19 (this just occurred to me) and his friends would be about the same age, but still. Technically I would be 10 years "older...."


Time to dry the hair and get moving! Hopefully today will be a smoother day at work than yesterday! POSITIVE THINKING!!!!!! Have a great day!!!


12-03-2009, 09:20 AM
Good morning,

Cottage your soup sounds great, I wish I could get the mindset to do slow cooker before I leave for work in the morning.

Heidi have fun at Kohl's I have not made it there this year.

Little chick I have heard great things about the wii fit, keep it up.

Cyndi be safe on the ride home- it is frustrating at meetings when people are missing and then the next time you have to rehash old issues again.

Kara glad you were able to hit exercise class today. Good luck to Connor with his belt test that must be exciting for him. Mackenzie is in the play a Christmas Carol at the community playhouse.

Schmoodle belated birthday wishes to you as well. I have my fingers crossed for your dd second interview.

Tonight is play practice- yesterday talked to insurance claims agent, now we have to wait and see if they totalled my ds truck or if they are going to fix. We just our thankful that he is not hurt.

Have a great day everyone

Ruth sorry to hear that the bathtub has been moved to Monday, glad it doesn't bother you so much.

12-03-2009, 09:37 AM
Pearl, I'm glad your DS was not hurt. Having them on the road is scary. It's so easy to make a mistake, even when you've been driving a long time. I read the rest of yesterday's thread, sounds like this is a rough work week all around. Kierie and Kim, hope things go better today.

Hey, DD2 came home yesterday and announced she is going to be a vegetarian. I have no problem with that, but I told her as long as she doesn't plan on becoming a carbetarian. There are lots of teen veggies around here, and from what I see, they mostly eat French fries, mac and cheese, and pizza. Anyway, I made cheeseburgers for dinner, and she made an exception. :dizzy: She does okay with vegetables, but doesn't like beans, so we'll see how this goes. Adds another interesting element to meal planning!

Thanks for the birthday wishes - I was glad it fell on the holiday, since everyone was busy, and I was better able to ignore it. I'm heading toward 50 and not in a hurry to get there, you know?

I know I've asked before, but did anyone watch Top Chef last night? They are down to the three finalists, and two of them are the brothers that are from our area. One of them has a restaurant here, which DH and I love, and I had my birthday lunch there last week. The vegetarian dish he made last night on the show was what my DH had for appetizer last week - goat cheese ravioli over squash puree. Very exciting - he is an amazing chef. Not sure if I want him to win though, it is very hard to get a reservation there now!

In case you are wondering, I am blabbing because I don't want to get to work. :(

12-03-2009, 10:12 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Cold here, but bike ridable. I've been working on this AM and just realized how late it is!

Cottage, good on the cooking and three day weekend!:cp:

Heidi:wave: Hope you're back in the swing of things!

Ruth, you and Cottage are definitely in the same mode today! Have fun cooking and watching Donna clean! What a sweet message to you from the "girls"!

LC, I've never made truffles. Sounds good!

Cyndi, hope your meeting is tolerable. It doesn't sound fun. I had kitty barf this AM, too.

Kara, I remember how expensive certain things were overseas. Good on getting your exercise done.

Schmoodle, TG tomorrow is Friday! It seems your week has not been fun! Weekend activities sound great! Yes, happy belated BD! You and my Bro have the same one.

Lisa, :wave:

Pearlrose, have a great day!

I was going to ride my bike, but DH just informed me it's 3 degrees. I want my bike legs back now I just have to decide how bad! I was going to make Kalyn's 5 min bread this AM then found I didn't have enough WW flour...back to the store.

See ya'll later!

12-03-2009, 10:16 AM
WOW Linda! It's running $3-something a pound here!

Linda, I'm sure he just meant older-than-the-flower-girl. :)

Schmoodle, blab away!

Mornin' Debbie! Have fun at the store!

12-03-2009, 10:39 AM
Good Morning Ladies! I am in a big rush this morning... I called work to say I was going to be late and now here I am on the computer! OOPS!

I just wanted to pop in and say I am stickin to it and will be back later to catch up with everyone!

Have a great day!

12-03-2009, 11:56 AM
Good morning, everyone. (I guess it's already the afternoon for some of you!) Things are crazy here at work since boss-man is out and to top it all off, I was running late all morning. I'm just now getting the non-daily tasks started. Phew. It's days like these that tend to lead to over-snacking on my part, so I'm going to have to be strong. I hope everyone has a great day!

12-03-2009, 01:09 PM
Good afternoon everyone!!

Wow everyone seems so busy today!! It's another rainy gray drab day here in Ontario. :( I am working from home today.... killing time really... procrastinating. I really should make some calls to clients, or push some paper around. Something!!

I had a great eating day yesterday. I felt great about it this morning when I woke. My exercising has slipped a bit but I will make an effort to get it rolling again, one thing at a time!! Food first!

Having my family over for the Santa Claus parade this weekend. Our town does it at night, it's so beautiful with all the lights. I will have a houseful!! I must get cleaning and preparing snack for the kids. Ordering pizza for dinner so I will have to make sure I exercise on Saturday to compensate!!

Ok I am going to get up from the computer now and do something.....YES I AM!

Have a great day everyone!

little chick
12-03-2009, 01:59 PM
some one please please just knock my head off my shoulders I have the most blinding headache got to love day three. :(

12-03-2009, 02:17 PM
Hi Chickies
I just want to share this site with you.
Its one of my favourite blogs and if you sign up she sents you her recent recipe in the mail. Her philosophy is very SB friendly and her is her recent recipe for all you vegetarians:

Sorry, no personals today but hope veryone is on track and happy.
take care

12-03-2009, 05:09 PM
No time for a long post but I haven't made it in to say Hi in awhile so I at least wanted to do that. There is a green tea truffle recipe in one of the South Beach cookbooks that is really good and easy. I don't know if it is posted on our recipe site.

12-03-2009, 05:35 PM
Sophie, Thanks for the link. That's a really nice site.

Barb, LC, couldn't find the truffle recipe on our thread so I added it;

Rikki, Karrebeaar, Barb, Sophie, KimStar :wave:

12-03-2009, 07:10 PM
Auston and I are watching Polar Express. I love that movie. Got a big pot of broccoli cheese soup simmering. A nice fire in the fireplace. Life is good! Tomorrow is our open house at work. I'm really looking forward to it!

I visited our local gym today. I can buy a 3 month membership for $41 per month, but I pay the whole thing up front. No contract. Maybe I'll find something I loved as much as Jazzercise.

12-03-2009, 11:56 PM
So I feel alright about today- super happy I actually went to the gym after work! Yeay~! go me :carrot:

Cottage- hope your cooking frenzy made you lots of dinners for the week! I love Kohls!

Heidi Kara Kim Karyn- :wave:

Ruth- just send the snow away to me when you do get it! I have no idea why but I am looking forward to the snow! Of course, mid January I will be looking for the warm weather again! Hope you got all your Christmas decor up!

LC- wii fit is so fun! I really like the ski jump and hoola hoop! some of them are so hard though! I want to get some new games for it!

Cyndi- what is it with the kitty barf. ugh. I have a cat that insists on stuffing himself until the throws up! I have to just feed them and use portion control! and I will tell you- If I only had someone bigger than me to tell me that this is all the food you're going to get! It would make dieting a lot easier! LOL

Schmoodle- I giggled when you said last minute shopping you still have to do! I haven't even started! My last minute shopping is like day before Christmas! LOL and MMMM that ravioli sounds great!

Lisa- hot older chic?! I would be a lil ill about that too- but then again I would be the first to call a 19 year old a

Pearlrose- hope everything works out for the best with DS truck! Glad that he is ok!

Debbie- OMG 3 degrees! I would never make it! I don't think I would want to get out into my car if it was 3 degrees!

Sophie- thanks for the link~

Chelby- that seems pricey for gym membership- I was at ours for 30 a month, auto-draft no contract. now that same gym, which is very large, even has a cardio cinema! is only 14.95 a month! I think they are really hurting around here... also our YMCA was only about 32 a month when I checked on it! Wish I could find a deal like I got when we lived in NC. I paid 250 for a year cash, and got a year free! like 10 bucks a month! what a killer deal!

OK, I am babbling! I will talk to you all tomorrow~ SO good to be back!