Support Groups - Let's take the Royal Fresh Start Express through the festive season to the new year

12-02-2009, 09:39 AM
Here we are, knee-deep in :xcheer: and :candy: again. Let's do what we need to do to make our days merry and bright.
It's been a bit quiet 'round the palace lately but lets keep the candles glowing in the windows.
Let's make a vow to look after our royal selves throughout this season and be renewed and ready when the fresh new year rolls around.

C'mon :queen:lies!

12-02-2009, 09:46 PM
Ah, found you!!!!! Yes, I've been amiss over the recent holiday (a week ago tomorrow already).

Weight went up to 204.4 Monday, 201.4 yesterday, 200.6 today. But I did start taking prednisone yesterday so who knows? Will hang in. Scale loves playing w/me. But I've been fooling with it too with all this alternating calorie count.

Kaylets, I'm so glad you'll get a breather. News sounds promising. Stay strong. It will truly be one of your best Christmases - you are so on target about how all perspective changes.

You have been great on the party scene, Arabella. And I'm looking forward to your report on the Messiah this week.

wsw, I hope you are back "home" or at least close to it. ceara, I love how you take off and travel so much. Such a full and active life.

Ah, Arabella, the magic word "windows" - mine are now scheduled to be installed next Tuesday. Handyman coming in Monday to take down blinds, drapes, move furniture etc. and reverse same when the other crews are done. I don't think I really thought about how much work this would be.

So the rush is on this week to do lots of holiday stuff - baking tomorrow. (A lot of my gifts are baked.) Did go shopping today - bought the gift for the "angel tree" at church. Don't do a lot of major shopping as in the past so am only in "need" of something small for SIL, a small addition to basket for DIL (and I know what and where = it's just a matter of getting it and I hope to do that tomorrow). And then a couple of small things here and there.

Going to Princessville this weekend to see Princess 9 as an angel in The Nutcracker. Quick trip - down Sat/home Sunday.

Thanksgiving turned out well. Everyone seemed to get along and they worked well enough together to give me an early Christms gift of a 32 inch flat screen TV which DS and DDIL set up. Also got to see newest Great Nephew - a real darling -Luke. Neighbor also had her baby on the 22nd - Owen. Always a great thrill for me to see/hold new life.

DD still overstressed (and sharing it) and I suspect that played into snittiness last week. However, DS's job again seems on tenterhooks and I'm amazed he doesn't snit back. They have him working so much - almost every weekend this year - that it's hard for me to believe they could get by w/o him, but that's the way of the business world these days, I guess.

Always a comfort to return to the peace of the palace.


12-02-2009, 09:49 PM
Oops, almost forgot!

Thanks for once again setting up our new thread, Arabella. I think that's the first we've done it "by request".

12-03-2009, 07:42 AM
Okay, time to state my plan:

* No eating other than at the table when I'm alone.
* No wheat, sugar or junk.
* Exercise daily.
* At least 7 fruits/veg per day.
* Gallons of water.
And my new ploy: Each day that I stick to my plan, I put $1 in a jar. At the end of the month, the amount in that jar goes to feeding the needy. So, the decision of whether I'll behave or not is the decision of whether to help people who might actually be hungry or to contribute to keeping myself stuck. (Christmas Day I get an exemption) I've got a week in now but was winging it a bit. Now the pedal hits metal...

I've got a huge party for my mom here tomorrow night, but just apps and cake and people are bringing things.

Here's a picture of the cake that both DH and DMom requested this year:

I'd made it for DMIL's birthday, the last time she was here from it. They both usually just say "whatever's easiest" so it was funny they both asked for this one. I'm going to make the flowers today and the cakes tonight and then I'll just freeze DH's (his birthday's the 16th).

Anagram, what a treat to see your newsy post! :) Congrats on the new widescreen. We're thinking of investing in one. We don't watch much television but it would be great for movies. Also congrats on the new great nephew -- how sweet! Enjoy your visit to Princessville and the performance!
Okey-doke. I've got about a hundred things I should be doing so maybe I'd best start with... making pineapple flowers. Let's take this day and make it work for us!

12-03-2009, 11:09 AM
What a luscious looking cake! I'm dying to dive into it. Yes, you are a busy Royal. And I like your "ploy" - wonder if it would work for me.

I don't watch much TV either so would not have gone the new TV route. DS though has put some old videos/movies on DVD and I'd like to watch them on the newer screen. However, in installing TV he noted DVD player had been fried and surge protector burned out (I'd nevr have noticed) so now need to replace DVD player to watch them. Haven't tried on computer because I want the "full" experience.

Today's incredible news is that Demon scale in is a good mood. I was at 199.4 this a.m. and after all my naughtiness, this is a gift. I can only ascribe it to that "hang in and it will show up when you least expect it" theory. I had reached about this low four years ago during DH's difficult times but not seen it since. I'm walking an inch or two taller this morning. Tomorrow might be another story.


12-03-2009, 11:36 AM

I am highly suspicious, though. I bet you're sneaking in enough good behaviour to offset the naughtiness. Kudos!


12-04-2009, 06:21 PM
Well, I thought I was being "good" yesterday but was up to 201 today so I'll have to sneak in more good behaviour. It may have been the lack of exercise. I spent the morning baking and the afternoon shopping so nothing "formal".

I'm pretty much done my shopping - need something yet for DSIL which is likely to be a gift card (suits him, suits me) and something for a great nephew I may or may not see over the holiday. But that's not bad. Baked gifts are done. Cards written. New baby gifts taken care of.

This push was all of necessity. I expect the week from **** next week. Windows are to be installed Tuesday (and I expect a little of Wed if necessary). Monday a handyman is coming to help me take down blinds, drapes, move furniture and all that. Hopefully Wed afternoon and/or Thursday, he'll be back. My only two holiday events are Monday night and wednesday luncheon (for which I said I'll bring dessert but that was taken care of yesterday as well).

Hopefully by next weekend, all will be serene in my palace and I will do whatever decorating I'll get to. I did put some poinsettias and little doo dads in all my plants today so they look festive. DS had carried up my ceramic tree when he was here and I had brought up my moving angel.

With all the other stuff going on, I'm going to put up my mid-size tree with mostly what ornaments are left from my first years of marriage. That will be in the family room and then I'll put out all my angels and my little creche in the living room with the ceramic tree. That might be it. When I get that much done, I'll re-assess. If it's 11:45 Christmas Eve ..............well, by then I'll be in Princessville.

But for now, the angel, the ceramic tree, the things in the plant pots and the potholders in the kitchen will have to show my good intentions. Maybe later tonight I can dig out a tablecloth or two......Or maybe not. Should rest up for the drive tomorrow as they are calling for some snow/rain kinda stuff and I'm going to stop as usual at the Gettysburg Outlets and see if I can finish up at least one of the last two items - plus maybe pick up a huge dose of Christmas spirit.

:tree: :tree: :tree: :tree: :tree:

12-06-2009, 02:48 AM
Hello, my friends, I hope there's still a little corner of the Palace for me... a place to lay my weary bones and feel a part of something once again. Please forgive my absence. I think I stayed away so long because I felt like I had nothing to contribute. Same old start and stop story over and over again. I was feeling so down in the dumps about situation with my sister, (which is still unresolved, we're still on the outs, I never did do the breast cancer walk, at her request) and I didn't want to come here and whine, when that's all I felt like doing. Ever since then, I pretty much stopped exercising, stopped going to Weight Watchers and have been on a total downward (correction: upward) spiral. I just didn't want to bring all my sadness and anger and dark thoughts here... so... I stayed away. The longer I was gone, the harder it was to come back. But I missed my :queen:s and often wondered what was going on at the Palace.

Tonight I declared to myself that no good has come from staying away, and I'm trying to catch up on all that I've missed... am only half way through October and I had to just start typing! I just read some more and was thrilled to hear of Kaylet's DH improvments, and Arabella's trip to Ireland/England, enraged about WSW's flood, and feeling a kindred soul to anagram, as I was at the Gettysburg Outlets only a few weeks ago! I have missed you all, and hope that I will be welcomed back!

What have I been up to whilst staying away? Mostly just work. I should have done some decorating today... at least removing the pumpkins, gourds and dead mums from around the front door would have gone a long way to updating the season! Tomorrow I will, I swear, come **** or high water... oops, touchy subject, wsw, sorry! We're going to the in-law's (in CA) for Christmas this year, so, sadly, no :tree:... :( I will try to make it festive without a tree, but still....

I really would love to ramble on, but I don't want to overstay my welcome, after being gone so long, and besides, I'd better get to bed soon, if I plan on getting things accomplished tomorrow.

It is lovely to be back, I feel better already... :^:

12-06-2009, 10:21 AM
I'm so happy to see you back in the Palace, Kat! :hug: We missed you!

I do believe that whatever's going on, we're better off with the love and support of the :queen:lies. And if we've got nothing positive to say, then that's doubly true.
Anyway, so happy to have you back. Together we stand, Baby! :xcheer:

I woke up with laryngitis yesterday morning and TODAY's The Messiah. :rolleyes: I've been doing everything I can to try and regain my voice but it's not looking good. Four hours to performance time and I still can't really even speak, let alone sing. I won't give up hope of a miraculous recovery until I've got no other choice. Gargling, rinsing sinuses, drinking herbal tea, etc. etc.
AND we've got a snowstorm going on but probably not enough to cancel because they flew the soloists in. Still... :s: I think that's what I'm hoping for, baring an astonishing return of my voice.

Thinking: What can I learn from this? And it's got to be the perennial "I need to look after myself better" -- make sure I get enough rest and recreation, etc. I had a bit of a cold earlier in the week but didn't attend to it as well as I should have. I love this event so much, maybe I will learn from this?

Anagram, your preparations sound pretty festive. And Christmas in Princessville will be sweet, I'm sure. I know the torture of having the house torn apart and having people in doing work. I always feel disproportionately bothered by that kind of thing. I sure love my conveniences, hate inconveniences :lol: But then it's so sweet when they're done and GONE :cloud9:

Kaylets, WSW, Ceara :wave: Let's make the best of this day we've been given.

12-06-2009, 02:00 PM
Thank you for your kind words, Arabella! Being here does wonders for the soul, literally! I'm feeling more peaceful and focused already. I'm sending voice healing vibes your way, what rotten timing to have laryngitis! Sending virtual chicken soup and tea w/lemon & honey your way!

Starting slowly, I have declared to myself that I'm going the clean eating route for now. Time to detox the bod from the ice cream binges I've inflicted upon it. #1 on list of things to do today is to pick up batteries for the scale and actually face the music. Last time I checked, I was up about 4 lbs from weight posted here. I know it could have been far worse, (and just might be) since I haven't weighed myself for about 2 weeks! Whatever it is, it is. Moving forward!

I'd love to linger here a bit, but I can't, I must go face the pumpkins and make way for the evergreens! It's a beautiful day, cold, but sunny. It rained all day yesterday... we actually had snow at one point! No accumulation, but SNOW? I gotta get moving here!

12-07-2009, 07:39 AM
:snowglo: And we've got the "Winter Wonderland" thing happening here. Gorgeous, snow on all the trees, everything pristine. We walked home from the performance yesterday evening and all the Christmas lights were glowing softly through snow in that twilighty blue.
There was still nothing resembling a note coming out of my throat by the time I'd have to leave yesterday so I was in the audience. There's still the sing-along Messiah on the 29th, though, so I'll at least be able to do that. And then we're working on a new Requiem (Karl Jenkins) for Easter. It's going to be a little challenging to learn because there are no practice CDs for it. I guess I'm just going to have to buckle down and really learn to read music. But that'll be good. :)
Kat, good luck with your weigh-in! Yes, if four pounds (or even a few more) is all the damage you did during a down period -- well, I salute you, Ma'am!

:lol: Re: pumpkins -- DH pointed out to me that the lumpy things under the snow on our steps were gourds. And there's a sad potted mum there too. Must clean up.
K, I'm going to get some work done and then get out for a walk around the harbour in that winter wonderland. There's the park on the side across from the water. It'll be gorgeous!

Here's a pic of the boardwalk. Maybe someone will have one of the snow later.

Let's make this a good one!

12-07-2009, 03:29 PM
Ohhh, I love the Winter Wonderland! Ours was more like snow mixed with rain on Saturday... nothing pretty about it! Although, yesterday, when I took myself for a good long walk at my favorite park, there was snow up on the hills and dusting the pine tree branches... very pretty! I hiked up hills, through the woods, 'round the lake and back again. Even managed some woggling, just to see if I could. (I could!) It felt great to be outside and moving. Got some shopping done after that, including a wreath and some pine roping to replace my sad pumpkins. I felt very accomplished.

My freshly batteried scale told me that I was up 2# from from weight posted here. I'm going to wait til Saturday for an 'official' reading and make the necessary changes then. <whew> Amazing how much control that little number has over the state of mind!

Lunch break over... I'll be back later. Have a great day, all!

12-08-2009, 07:49 AM
It struck me, yesterday, that my immune system is not what it should be given how much attention I pay my health. The only issues I see are not taking time for myself and stress. Which are, I guess, enough. I mean, this is the third cold I've had since fall. It's ridiculous!

You know, the toenail scale is a very good indicator of whether I'm getting enough self-care or not. And they've got a few scraps of faded polish on them from the summer. Uh-oh.

Hahaha! I just remembered that looking after myself was my NY resolution this year. Then SIL was diagnosed mid-Jan and I fell by the wayside. SO. I'm going to have to resolve to look after myself despite obstacles. Because they will arise.

Coincidence that I've gained 10+ pounds back? I don't think so. My needs are not being met, I'm internalizing stress... I'm sick and fat.

Kat, I'm loving the energy I'm hearing! Your walk sounds wonderful. :) And a wreath! V. impressed. I've got to pick up our tree this week to get it set up and decorated on the weekend.
K, :queen:lies, here's to looking after OURSELVES! :xcheer: Let's take this day and make it WORK for us.

12-09-2009, 08:51 AM
WEAR OUT YOUR WELCOME????? Now, kat, you should know better. Welcome HOME. I'll discuss more at length, just a quick checkin while waiting for the window guys to come back and finish up.

And, dear Arabella, I was checking in for a glowing report and find you'd no voice. Yes, yes, yes, TAKING CARE OF US has got to be the 2010 theme. ]

Fell back on my old ways last evening too - shame, shame, shame. AND I AM OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER!!!!!

Anyway, back in when I can. It's not as bad as might be - I feel "in control" of all this mess except for my self indulgent binge last night. Smack, smack, smack.

Luv to all :queen:lies and off I go to face another disrupted day. Hope to see calm by the weekend but it could be worse ;)


12-09-2009, 03:52 PM
It was absolutely miserable out this morning... pouring rain, bleak, blah. :rain: "There goes today's walk," I thought sadly, through the swishing of windshield wipers set on fast mode. One good habit I have managed to hang onto, during my <ahem> sabbatical from healthy living, was my lunchtime walk. I so look forward to getting outside, moving the bod & breathing fresh air, after sitting on my a$$ all morning, so I really was sad about missing it today. Lo and behold, the sun came out, shining brightly in a pretty blue sky, it's warm and lovely I got my walk in after all. I didn't need a jacket but I did need sunglasses! :cool: All is right with the world!

The End.

12-10-2009, 07:38 PM
kat- it's soooo good to see you! :) welcome home! we missed you. sorry things have been so rough with your sister.

anagram-hope your windows are to your liking. glad that things turned out well on thanksgiving. that is neat that you got to see your newest great nephew, and that you have new baby neighbor. it is amazing to be around wee ones. enjoy that new widescreen t.v.

kaylets-hope things are ok as possible for dh. thinking of you both and sending lots of good thoughts and hugs. you are so right about perspective, and paying attention to what really matters.

arabella-sorry you keep getting so many colds, and that you were not able to sing recently because of having laryngitis. please take good care of yourself! all your recent parties sounded nice. that cake you made looks like it was beautiful! i am impressed with your baking prowess.

hi ceara! :) thinking of you.

and hello to all our dear royals. i have missed you all. it was a challenging time after my condo. flood. i ended up having to stay in the hotel for 4 weeks+ before i could get back in. i have been sick with a cold that just wouldn't go away. anyhoo-now i have all my furniture(which had been able to be repaired) and clothes, etc , back now, and have replaced the furniture which couldn't be salvaged. now, i am dealing with fighting with the insurance company, but all the big stuff is taken care of. i have to say, the past couple of months wore me out. i am almost completely unpacked (now that i have furniture drawers to put my stuff in again), but not quite. i am looking for a new place to live much more actively, and because i had to live here in a warehouse-like place til i got the bulk of my furniture back, it inspired me to go through a lot of my things and weed out and donate a lot, so that once i do find a new place, i should be pretty organized when it is time to pack.

the folks were so nice at the hotel, and i certainly appreciated that big-time. each night when i came back, they would ask me how the renovation was going, etc.

i haven't lost an ounce in the past couple of months, and in fact, gained about 6 pounds, but actually i consider that a moral victory, since i had never had to literally eat out for every single meal for an entire month before this. in the past, i would not have paid attention to what i was eating at all, and i did try to make the best choices i could, for the most part. anyway, i am back on track with food plan and regular exercise now, which feels much better. the cold weather and a physically exhausting time recently have added to some "ms technical difficulties," but i am definitely feeling better now. every time i hear it rain, though, when i am in bed, it makes the same sound that the flood did in my bedroom closet. it wakes me up, and creeps me out a bit until i realize that it is just plain old rain. i have already had to have a plumber out since i have been back home, so i sure won't miss these plumbing nightmares when i move---believe me! i have seen a couple possible places so far which i can add to my list, and i am feeling encouraged about that.

it is good to be back home here in the royal palace among friends! :) it is cooold now, and i am bundled up while writing this. i am just the biggest winter wuss. lol! ah well! have a good evening. take care, all.

12-11-2009, 11:45 AM
wsw -how great to have you back. What a battle you had. I must admit I thought of you a lot this week while things were in disarray and I figured if you could endure, so shall I....And all is well now and while there were the usual malfunctions, for the most part all went well.

So good to have you in the palace, kat and there you go - the sun did come out for you. Someday perhaps it will too with your sister. If I remember aright, this flared up not too long after your Dad's passing. I'm suspecting Sis is now somewhat defensive over her own bad behavior. But you just remember you are NOT the one prolonging this situation. Live your life well and (dare I say it) PRAY for your sister. I have long found this to be a good discipline when I have reason to be upset with someone. It's sort of my revenge ;)

How are those toenails coming, Wood Nymph? I love that and it is indeed one good measure. (I just made a mani/pedi appt. for right before Christmas but I'm still working on the ones I got cheaply at an online auction). So in that respect, I'm fairly healthy ;)

Now to weight - I was not weighing while there were no blinds/drapes in the room with scale - signce I didn't want my nekkid body on display this week. So this a.m. I gave it a whirl expecting an "upsies" since I have not been "good". To my surprise it was 199 and so I am inspired to hold on and get it gooing again.

I was not "good" because I did go to a dinner and a luncheon this week and (particularly at the luncheon) gave it my all - plus a few "comfort" sessions during the evenings when I sat by candlelight since all the blinds, etc. were missing. Same old ones are all back up now and it's amazing how good they look!!! Some lesson in perspective in that once I figure it all out.

Very cold here today and I am going to run around a bit after tai chi and then go out again into the evening. Have lots of get up and go but figure it's nervous energy. Whatever, must may hay while sun is shining.

Whatever, I'm feeling Palace Warmth as I look out at the remaining bits of snow from Wednesday. Brrr in PA. Hey surprised to hear kat was at the Gettysburg Outlets but now she can get a visual of me there on my many trips to Princessville.


12-12-2009, 10:35 AM
:tree: So here we are. We're going to get our tree today and will get it up and decorated tomorrow. D's birthday party is Wednesday Eve. I've got the cake in the freezer, pineapple flowers, too. I've got parsley washed and drying for tabouli, chickpeas cooked for hummus. I'm going to make my super-easy lemon-garlic chicken, a big Greek salad and rice pilaf... I'm cooking with gas, on the front burner. :xcheer:

I may still be slumping with laptop in my PJ's with :coffee2: but have vacuumed, started soup for lunch, done the above. I'm officially pleased with my progress.
We're invited to a party tonight, which I think is one step too far for the day. It starts at 9, at a bar. In theory, going out dancing would be wonderful but in practice I think by the time I get through everything I want to get done today, collapsing on the couch with DH and a movie will be more like it. And BED by 9 p.m.
Tomorrow is our family Christmas party...

WSW, so glad to see you've survived. You really should think about suing the condo management. :snowball1:

You deserve more than just whatever the insurance is likely to give you. :gift2:
I'm still sitting here shaking my head at what you had to go through. And if the management had even come and checked out the unit above you... yeah, just shaking my head.

I think that cold's going around. I was talking to someone who said they'd had it for 7 weeks. Bah!

Anagram, I haven't quite managed Operation Toepolish yet. I've got soles smoothed and lotioned, though. Maybe today... I'm thinking a bright lavendery-pink...

I admire the way you're managing the holiday stuff and keeping a grip on Onederland or at least the very border. KUDOS!!! :woohoo:

Kat, what a nice reward -- a walk in warm sunshine! :cool:

K, Lovelies, my bath is ready -- going to spruce up! :tree: Let's make this a good one!
:candy: :candy:

12-12-2009, 12:02 PM
Ah, you are indeed an inspiration, Arabella. Today is good here - lots of peace and quiet here after the hectic week. I think I'm going w/my mid size artificial tree this year (actually the top of an old one). I liked my bigger one last year and may do it again next year but too much for this year, methinks. It will be in family room with ceramic one in foyer and another tiny arificial in living room. Angels will come out in force and dominate. Friend gave me another gorgeous one this week and she'll be featured. (Like my granddaughter's dolls and stuffed toys, all my angels are female.)

Anyway started some of that. going to a funeral, then to one last dept store. Not for gifts per se. I'm done that if I could only find the last two things for DIL. May need to come up with something else (looking like) and these two were SO her. Mulling spice and tai spices. Where or where could they be?

Anyway - I weighed 197 this a.m. Cannot fathom how - truly - other than the whoosh fairy theory. And I'm still on the prednisone. I'll never figure me out.

Ok off I go.......

12-12-2009, 12:04 PM
Oh, my dear sweet wsw! What an ordeal! I must say you've proven your metal, though, through an extremely trying time! Those dainty fingernails must be made of steel! All good thoughts and wishes coming at you, I know those 6# will be gone soon, now that things are settling down a bit. I love the image of you making lemonade from the lemons you were handed, by organizing, and weeding out, and planning for a future move! Oh, and I second Arabella's motion re: suing the condo company. Absolutely.

Anagram... thank you for your very thoughtful, insightful words regarding 'the situation.' I had to laugh at your REVENGE! You are so right! :lol: I do pray for her and I miss her and I know she misses me. I tell myself, (and my mother) "all things in time." I did think of you when we were out in Gettysburg in Oct! We went out for a "Living History" weekend to see my nephew as a part of the 12th Alabama Infantry. They were really immersed in character, but not so much that they stayed in the woods, as planned, during the TORRENTIAL rain we had that Saturday night! I love Gettysburg, could really spend a lot of time there if I lived a bit closer! Next time out though, I sure hope that we can get together! PS... big CONGRATS on staying under the big 2!! Most impressive!

Arabella... Thank you so much for reminding me about the TOENAIL SCALE! I, too, have some scraps of polish from a pedicure long past! It's really time to remedy that situation... before this weekend is out, I VOW, it will be done! But first: cleaning, decorating, packing, shopping, laundry, wrapping, more cleaning, and most definitely a DYE job on this head! :yikes: Your menu sounds delightful, and I have to say, that cake looked spectacular! Way too pretty to cut, let alone eat! Hoping your cold is on it's way out!

Okay, the coffee's done... time to get busy. I just realized that I did not get on the scale this a.m. as planned, and certainly can't NOW, since I'm dressed, have eaten and drank two cups of coffee! :no: Will do 1st thing tomorrow and change ticker accordingly. :yes:

Have a great day, faire :queen:s... present and afar!

12-13-2009, 08:45 PM
Huzzah, Royals! T'is another wayfarer dropping in at the palace after a long absence. T'is so nice to see ye are all here at holiday time.

I am Amarantha now known in these parts as Janga, haven't been here since September, I realized, as mine ancient computer doesn't take kindly to this site sometimes but I think o' ye queenlies a lot. Hoping to be here more in the future but don't want to intrude.

I have been embarked on an exercise streakity streak this year, no day of workouts missed and I am fast approaching 28,000 minutes of exercise for the year (I like to exercise). Beyond that I don't have a lot to contribute re the discussions o' the journey, weight is stable but I still work at it and do holiday themes.

Have read each postie and taken it all in and so enjoyed the visit.

Arabella, that cake is BEAUTIFUL!

See ye, dear royal ones. Have a Merry Christmas.

12-14-2009, 12:54 PM
Howdy, Janga - good to hear from you and that you're still fighting the good fight ;)

197.8 this morning. Happy camper, here.

12-14-2009, 03:36 PM
Niiiice numbers there, Anagram! :cp: Way to go! :carrot:

Greetings, Janga! You've got some nice numbers there too! Most Impressive! Nice to see you back in the Palace...don't ever think that you are an intruder! :no:

I'm on the tail end of my lunch break, but I wanted to get a quick postie in. Tonight I'm hoping to wind up the rest of my shopping, what little I have left. Got all the decorations up :ginger: (that are going up) over the weekend ... basically, everything except the big, live tree. :tree: Thank god we did most of that on Saturday, which was a lovely day, and didn't wait til yesterday, which was a big ol' rainy mess of a day! Our little Charlie Brown tree actually looks cute in the window and took WAY less time than is normally spent on that whole endeavor! Hmmm... :chin:

Allright time's up... Happy Monday to all!

12-14-2009, 08:20 PM
anagram-woohoo on those impressive numbers!!!!!! :) you rock!

janga-nice to see you, as always! happy holidays to you too!

kat-all your shopping almost done--i'm impressed. not so for me, but have definitely been making a dent in my list as of this afternoon's outing.
i sure am considering if i will take legal action against condo. management co. from ****. the only thing that may stop me is all the added stress, so still mulling over the possibilities at this point.

arabella-the toenail litmus test sure applies to me too. i too need to treat myself better this year. in fact, i was reminded of that again today when a friend told me she was going to have a pedicure this afternoon, which is part of the early christmas present i gave her (a spa day of massage, pedicure, and manicure.) i will plan for a pedicure sometime soon too. in fact, i just may also pick a bold color to adorn my toes at that time. :)

hello kaylets!

hi ceara!

and greetings to all our lovely royals! staying op consistently now, and exercising so that is feeling good. having to use my walker more now so having to get a little more creative with some of my exercise, but so far so good. i have some good chair exercise dvd's which really help. well, hope a good evening will be had by all. take care.

12-15-2009, 02:13 PM
As usual, I blew the numbers. Was at 199 today but had a bad, weak, naughty evening last night.

Well, actually it was a FATIGUE evening. I know very well those are my weakest times and must learn, learn, learn, other ways to get me through. Back on target this a.m. though.

Closing in on getting done too. Still have not found DDIL's items. Bought another one or two thinking that would be the best way for the early ones to show up but so far, no go. (I'd save any excess for her b.d.)

Devoting the rest of the day to peaceful, smallish endeavors so I don't end up as bombed as yesterday. Gray, quiet, etc. today so perfect for smallish projects.

:tree: :tree: :tree:

12-16-2009, 02:44 PM
And today 199.2 - the backward slide continues. Some of it is lack of exercise. I've been busy little beaver but no tai chi, no pool, no walking except in stores, etc.

Hanging in - wish my fingernails (and portions) were as dainty as those of wsw.

Happy BD to Arabella's DH - today is my DDs as well - and Beethovan's!!!!

:tree: :tree: :tree:

12-17-2009, 08:17 AM
I'm here at work bright and early because I have to leave at 2 for a funeral :( for a friend's mom. I just wanted to pop in because I know I won't get a chance to later. I know that I stay way more focused when I'm coming to the Palace on a regular basis... have already gone down a lb since coming back... :cp:

A few of us here at work do a tai chi session every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:30... we go up to the chapel, where it's pretty and peaceful and quiet... leave a cd player there for the music and spend about 25 minutes there. It's a very nice way to start the day. I'd better get going and get a few things done before I head upstairs.

Will try to get in later, have a great day, all!

12-18-2009, 10:40 AM
That sounds like a great way to start the day, kat, and worth any extra "early" minutes.

Couldn't get online yesterday for some reason but all seems ok today.
198.4 yesterday, 197.8 today. So happy enough.

Waiting for a 6-10" inch snowfall tomorrow so am heading out to run some errands today around my tai chi class.

I DO NOT WANT A 6-10" SNOWFALL - but a :queen: must be accepting.

Saw a lovely clip on TV of HRH Elizabeth boarding a train to her winter castle for the holidays. Her first class ticket cost $70. Commentators were joking around about where was her "bag" as in her cloth coat and scarf she resembled a bag lady. I thought she looked great. When you've got the inner royal glam, you don't need any other.

Would like said clip to be mandatory viewing for lots of politicians. ;)

:tree: :tree: :tree:

12-19-2009, 12:00 PM
:tree: And I vow to make the day as restful as possible while also accomplishing as much as poss. Tomorrow is another party... I've pretty much gotten to the point that I'm cranky at people for inviting us :lol:

I have not been doing very well at all. Between getting sick, computer woes -- my laptop was out of commission most of this past week -- and hosting parties, I've been exhausted, stressed, and... you can guess the rest. :o

But I think I might get a chance to catch my breath today, so I intend to get back OP.

This just in: I stopped and did a Turbo Jam video. First time through and I more or less managed it. Followed up with some yoga. Got laundry going. Had an epsom salt bath. Now -- more :coffee2: and I'll finish this message, I will.

Anagram, you're my hero! Fantastic the way you're edging lower. :xcheer:

I know what you mean about HRH -- she always looks so wonderfully self-possessed and regal. No wonder we identify! :queen:

Kat, that tai chi session sounds like a beautiful way to start the day. I haven't been practicing but I'm going to get back to it first thing in the new year. :yes:

WSW, I've got to admit I'm STILL failing the darn toe polish test. Maybe today's the day? I haven't finished my shopping yet either and I'm going to have to look slippy to get it done.

Kaylets, how are things going? Are you going to be able to take some time off over the holidays? :hug:

Janga, how nice to see you in the Palace! :wave: You have been so fabulously successful -- kudos!

K, Lovelies, I'm going to hit submit before something else comes up. Let's take this day and run with it!

12-19-2009, 12:30 PM
Alas, I'm in that snowstorm target zone also... I love your words, anagram: A queen must be accepting. :yes: So true. ...Accept the things you cannot change... I do try to practice that daily, and I am getting better at it as I get older. I will literally take a deep breath, unclench my shoulders and... accept. Learning to choose my battles, you might say.

I am standing firm at last week's weight, despite a brief foray down a pound. Am realizing that my food choices are mostly good, but I must really boost up the exercise. I hate to say, "starting in Jan," but at this point I'm going to just squeeze in what I can, when I can. Still taking my walks at lunchtime, park as far away as I can, and take stairs when I can. That's all I can manage right now, so it will have to do.

We seem to be in between flakes right now, so I'm off to the post office, grocery, and druggist to pick up refills before our journey to CA next week. :p Bah humbug. Wait! See? I'm forgetting already:
A :queen: must be accepting. Serenity Now! :yoga:

Laundry, packing, wrapping, ?baking to be done here this weekend.

Hoping all are snuggled and warm and doing well... will try to pop in again before we leave.

12-20-2009, 08:19 PM
At 198.8 today after a "wake up" stop at 200.2 yesterday. Maybe that was a GOOD thing so I'll try harder to be careful.

Wonderful neighbors have me all shovelled out but I've stayed in the last two days. Accomplished much, I do think. And in sort of a relaxed way. Glad to read the toenail report because I had forgotten I have an appt. tomorrow for ped. May cancel as it's in a sort of rural area and not sure how plowed out/safe it may be. I don't need a pedicure that badly.

Getting ready for Ca, hey! A nice warm tan opportunity.

Done with the baking except for one batch of cookies chilling in the fridge. Will hopefully get those done tomorrow. My "revolving door" starts Wed with arrival of DS/DDIL. Busy time starting then but worth looking forward to.

I had hoped to make 195 by Christmas but looking dim right now. However, I'm happy to be where I am - for a change.

Enjoy, dear Royal Ones, in whatever way works for thy Royal self.

:tree: :tree: :tree:

12-21-2009, 11:03 AM
FRESH START MONDAY!!!! Christmas week a really tough one................

But I was at 197.2 this a.m. so that's a good way to start.

Tai chi today. Pick up the usual "few" groceries - odds and ends. Not in bad shape - or so it seems at the moment.

:love: and :hug:s all around.

:tree: :tree: :tree: :elf: :elf: :elf:

12-22-2009, 10:21 AM
So 197.6 today. But did sample some cookies I was baking yesterday. Bah humbug!

So I'm about ready - but whose idea was it to schedule an eye dr. appt. today? Lots of little last minute thingies but will do them semi-leisurely and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Same to all my Royals Dear - another week until the end of the Year and our Renewed Resolve for 2010.

:elf: :elf: :elf:

12-22-2009, 10:53 AM
Frantic, frantic, frantic here. I'm hoping to get enough done ahead so that I can take it a little bit easy next week. Have to fight tooth and nail to do so, of course.

Anagram, you're doing fabulously! Hahaha... I had a dental appointment last week and thought "I must mark on the calendar next year: NO appointments" Well, excepting massage or pedicure ;)

Shoot -- can't see previous page and I've got to run out the door so I'm back in time to get lunch on the table. Ah, 'twill be sweet to work in an office... :cloud9:

Have a merry, :queen:lies!

12-22-2009, 09:21 PM
anagram-you are doing great!!! woo-hoo!! so impressed you are so close to goal you had wanted for christmas. i never get close to goals i set by certain time periods.

arabella-hope you get everything done that you want to. it is a frantic, but of course, good time of year.

kat-sure wouldn't mind going to a warm climate for holidays myself! hope it will be great weather while you are there.

today, water was shut off in my building and one next to it---due to (big surprise!)---problem with main pipes between these 2 buildings. theoretically, water will only be off all day again tomorrow, and the pipes may be fixed by the end of tomorrow. so far, no flooding under my carpet/ floors, and water is on at verrry low (minimum pressure) for evening/overnight. i kind of hoped i would get a longer break before more big plumbing issues, but of course, that was a very naieve wish. anyway, if water isn't back on tomorrow night, i will see if can get room at "my hotel" to not have to deal with this. anyway, when water went off this morning, as you can imagine, i was not a happy camper. sure wish i had place to move in to right now, but know i will find someplace in the near future. i am very motivated and insfpired to find a nice, new place to live a.s.a.p!!

actually, even though today was stressful, i did get a lot accomplished with errands, paper work, etc, so can't really complain. also, i fit in to a smaller size, which is fun nsv i am enjoying. now, back to +2 lbs. of where i started 2 months ago before "flood," so very pleasantly surprised to find that i fit in to smaller size. even though not weighing less, something must have shifted--in a good way---and i'll take it! :)

just hoping to maintain over next week (if not lose), and then back to more strict food plan. going over to friends' home for christmas dinner, which i know will be nice---lots of their family, including lots of little ones. (same place i went for thanksgiving.)

hi kaylets, and to all our dear royals, one and all. thinking of you and hope your holiday week is going well.

12-23-2009, 08:55 AM
What a great nsv, wsw. A smaller size is ALWAYS the best kind of nsv.

And more plumbing problems - gad! Unbelievable the trials pipes have been for you. And you've managed to do so well with it all. It is unusual for me to be even this close to a goal. I'm almost inclined to grant myself a "made it" even though I haven't.

Interesting you mention a "shift". I know things do. At 195 I would be where I was when DSonIL first came into my life. Don't ask me why I remember that but I do. I'm still wearing a full size higher than I was then - of course, I've shrunk a couple of inches in height and I was busting out the clothes then where now they're loose enough.

Sorry it's so frantic, Arabella, but understand you'll be dealing with the dreaded eom stuff as well. Hope you burst through and get to relax a bit. When does the new environment start?

I'm resolved NOT to pile extra stuff on today - was thinking of another batch of the "giveaway" stuff. I probably have enough but keep thinking of more people I can share it with. Enough of the other stuff and could give cookies if it came to that but my more or less "specialty" is what I like to give.

Anyway, DS/DDIL to come tonight (and maybe my bro during the day) so I want to mostly cook today (incl some stuff to take to DD tomorrow) and have really enough of that to do plus some other stuff. So I'm telling me not to do my usual and think the world will spin off its axis if I take a calm, rational route instead of overwhelming myself.\

Have not weighed in yet today so will check out the sorry news I'm expecting in a little bit.

Tra la la la la la la la - (Joy to The World)....

:santa: :santa: :santa:

12-23-2009, 10:27 AM
Okay, I'm outta here! We're leaving this afternoon, but of course I have a ton of last minute thingys to be done. DH is bringing his laptop, so I may get a chance to sneak in a post, we'll see!

Re: sunny, warm CA? I wish! Not where we're going... :no: Central valley area, not warm this time of year, but def warmer than here! :yes:

wsw... :cp: for a size down! :p for more pipe issues!
anagram...even with little fluctuations, you're staying in the "1"s! You're doing it! :D
arabella...take a deep breath... s l o w d o w n... better? :)

Speaking of slowing down, I hear the sound of feet tapping, signalling that I've got to get moving here!

Have a lovely Christmas, my :queen:s! Happy New Year, too!

12-24-2009, 12:02 PM
angagram- i remember different weights and significant things that were going on at the time too. kind of thought i was the only one. hope you have a lovely christmas with your family!

kat-have a good, safe trip, and a lovely christmas!

and to all our dear queens a merry and delightful holiday!

well, water is turned back on now through sunday, but they were only able to do a temporary repair to some pipes, so water will be turned off again on monday for continuing repairs. it really is an unending plumbing nightmare in these buildings. so--will at least stay here through weekend, and if need to go to hotel on monday, will do that. just hoping weather will be ok enough next week, so i can do some heavy-duty apartment shopping.

that smaller size is really kind of fun, i have to say. am enjoying it. got all my christmas shopping done earlier in the week, so i'm good to go with that. tried to find a few extra things yesterday, but traffic was so congested, i could never find parking spaces to actually get in any stores. anyway, looking forward to going over to friends' home tomorrow. today, it is sunny, which i am thoroughly enjoying. well, again, hope everyone has a merry christmas!

12-28-2009, 04:11 PM
Just a quick popin to check on :queen:s and :queen:ly things. Hope everyone is enjoying everying - except wsw's plumbing problems. never ending.

Was in Princessville, home a day and all are coming in this evening -DS heading south from his in-laws and DD heading NE to hers. Both will leave tomorrow and then DD is to come back Thursday and leave again New year's day. Busy, busy, busy me.

Fat, fat, fat me too. Was 202 this a.m. Hope to take rapid care of that and go down a wee more soon.

:tree: :tree: :tree:

12-29-2009, 07:15 AM
And this WILL be the one that sees me to goal. :yes: Christmas was lovely but much more frantic than it had to be. On Saturday and Sunday, I basically collapsed.

In 2010, I will be more organized and will look after myself better -- no matter what! -- so I've more energy. It's going to be a whole new year, Baby! :xcheer:

Anagram, yes, 'tis the dreaded EOM. But I will get through to the other side and break free. New year, new month, new week, all coming up. Your question prompted me to send the manager of new work environment a message to make an appointment.

You've done so tremendously through the festivities, hovering right around the border. You'll be slipping comfortably under again in no time.

WSW, high fiiiiiiive on the new size! :D

Oh my gosh -- the Plumbing Perils of Pauline continue. :rolleyes: What a mess that place is -- and no place for a :queen: at all, at all. :no:

Kat, I hope you're having unseasonably warm weather for your visit and a lovely time altogether.

Kaylets, I hope you're having blessed comfort and joy. :hug:

Well Dollinks, I must actually get to work. I've got the sing-along Messiah this aft and then getting DGS tonight.

May your day be merry and bright!

12-29-2009, 10:34 PM
arabella- you really got me thinking about what i want to do to take better care of myself also in this coming new year. hope you are hanging in with this dreaded eom work, and you will indeed get through to the other side soon.

anagram-arabella is absolutely right (as always, of course!) that you will soon breeze back down permanently below the border. you are doing great and all when so busy with the royal family. hope you are having a grand time with royal crew.

and salutations to kaylets, kat, and all our dear and loevrly queenlies!

plumbing perils of pauline is right. water on overnight at minimum pressure, water off all day tomorrow, blah, blah, blah. anyway, it is past my bedtime, so i must away. big day today, and another long one scheduled for tomorrow. take care, everyone.

12-31-2009, 07:57 AM
I've got to work today and tomorrow but I think I'm going to see if I can take next Friday off in lieu of NY Day. Only reasonable, don't you think? I've gotten stuck with a lot of work that we'd promised to have done by the EOM so that my boss can have this week off. Whole new year coming up, it is. I keep having the song "It's a new dawn / It's a new day / It's a new life / For me" running through my head. Must learn the lyrics properly. :)
The sing-along Messiah went pretty well. On Monday we'll start practicing for our Easter performance, the Karl Jenkins Requiem. It's quite different but we've done the original before and that'll help.

I'm not sure what we'll do tomorrow. I've got to find out what my mom is up to. Someone sneaked in a games/dinner invitation last night while I was out with my sister.... maybe can combine the two :s: They all love my mom and I think she'd like to go if she's not booked. Also would mean that we can't stay too late.... sneaky me. :D

WSW, I hope that your rightful residence is being prepared for you and that before long you'll be swooped up and ensconced in the lap of luxury (read: a lovely spot with NO plumbing or other outstanding issues). :ginger:

K, :queen:lies, I must go have breakfast and hit the decks. Love to all -- And Happy New Year! :cheers:

01-02-2010, 08:10 AM
:cheers:A whole, fresh new month, year, decade. What could be better? I'm winding down the indulgences preparatory to getting serious on Monday. And 'twill be time to start a new thread, as well. I jumped off this train long before the station was in sight. :(

Didn't do too badly at the party last night but did have some white chocolate bark and a tiny slice of plum pud. Oh, but then I'm forgetting the four Godiva chocolates I enjoyed with Bailey's coffee earlier in the day. I usually have that Christmas morning but I'd already had two chocolate cinnamon rolls by the time I discovered the chocolates this year. Anyway, they're gone.
I've decided to work today and tomorrow to get things finished up before Monday. It will be good to have them done, so I'm not -- at least at this moment -- feeling put-upon for having to work three days of the three-day weekend. :rolleyes:
Hope all :queen:lies are happy and healthy this day. Let's treat ourselves royally, shall we?

01-02-2010, 08:46 AM

PUT ME DOWN AS ANOTHER WHO NEEDS TO QUIT THE INDULGENCES AND GET IT TOGETHER FOR MONDAY. I'm sneaking into the palace quite shamefacedly. I had a binge day yesterday (and not the first) and was thoroughly ashamed but kept going. Again, I suspect fatigue - mental and phsyical. Enjoyed all but takes its toll.

Baby sis had lap band done last week. So I plan to follow her mandated lead. Eat only the tiny portions she's able to do right now. I figure it really should be easier if I'm doing it voluntarily. Of course, her course was voluntary as well. Bro who had the more complex surgery a year or so ago had done well and has been tremendously active w/his new body. I took the small meal course for a while after his as well. Did feel better. Didn't feel Baby S was that heavy but don't know the guidlines for lap band. She has several times dieted down to very nice levels only to regain. And now that she's in latter 50s, I'm guessing it's harder. She had gained again during husband's bout w/cancer. No time for much selfcare then.

And that's the theme for 2010 - SELF CARE, SELF CARE, SELF CARE. I'm years ahead of where I was on that at one time but still have miles to go. AND SO THIS IS THE YEAR, THIS IS THE YEAR. Another of friends has declared same and so we may be phone refinforcers as you, Royals, are my virtual enforcers.

THIS IS THE YEAR OF "TAKING CARE OF ME" - others welcome to Board This Train.

I'd say a new home for wsw comes under self-care. And taking control of the work issues and hopefully having NEXT FRIDAY off is a "taking care of me" for Arabella.

Looking forward to the CA report from cat and getting anxious to start sneaking away smaller holiday decorations. DS here on a quickie visit (was here twice earlier w/DDIL) so don't want to do major attack - but maybe tomorrow. Looking forward to Monday and full fledged RESTART but pledge to be easing in today and tomorrow.

01-03-2010, 09:38 AM
:snowglo: Well, we've reached that day -- time to play The Messiah backwards and rewind the tinsel. I'd leave my tree up a bit longer but they have to be curbside tomorrow morning to be picked up for mulching program. Ah well, all part of "on with the new."
I had a pretty good day yesterday despite working. I'd had in the back of my mind picking up some chocolates for a last, fond farewell for a while but when I was in the drug store I felt like I didn't want them and thought how silly it would be of me to buy them. So I didn't, huzzah. And I think I'll not foreswear chocolate altogether but just make it occasional and of the non-binge type of use.

Stupidly, I stopped weighing in some weeks past and now am going to have to steel myself to face :devil: scale. Shall weigh in on Friday. :yes: And then daily henceforth.
Other than our trip, I'm just about ready to wipe last fall off the books. Three colds, combined with depression -- and how much of that was caused by feeling crappy, anyway? Along with fatigue, all of those combining to keep me from doing things that make me feel better. It really was a crappy fall. No more of that!

I'm feeling positive and optimistic about this next endeavor. This year WILL see me to goal.
:carrot: :carrot:
Anagram, I'm with you on that smaller portion thing. Such a revolutionary idea, that just cutting down portion size can make a huge difference. I was thinking, too, how much sense it makes to eat smaller dinners. And since I'd never convince DH to go for lighter fare for dinner, that sounds like a good alternative.
I think I'm going to have to tackle a mental sticking point this year. Too many times, I've just reached a point where I start to look good and -- somehow -- then I start putting it back on. On some level, I'm afraid of losing weight and I'm going to have to deal with that fear instead of regaining. :yes:
This is our year, :queen:lies! If anyone feels inspired to start a new thread, that would be loverly. O/w, I'll come in and start one tomorrow.
Let's treat ourselves royally today... love to all!

01-03-2010, 01:04 PM
happy new year to all our loverly queens!!

anagram-i like that theme of self-care for 2010! i'm with you, anagram, this is the year. :) know what you mean too, about being farther ahead than in the past, but still further to go along journey. i haven't thought about lap band surgery as your baby sis had, but only because never had any inusrance which would ever cover even any portion of it. have noticed the commercials for the surgery, though, and when they talk about, "if i could lose the weight, i would----" that is poignant for me, because i have so often thought that, and in the process, have at times, used my weight as an excuse not to do---.

i think one of my goals i plan to work towards in 2010 is to step out of my comfort zone more, and make more things happen in my life. yes, that is definitely one of my goals for this year!

arabella- huzzah for avoiding those chocolates! woohoo! i sure know what you mean about getting to a certain weight and then getting scared, and going back up, and how easy that is for me to do. i too need to be vigilant about that because i have done it so many times. this is our year!

this is the first time in a long time i could look back at the past year, and say that i stuck with it, and was successful. i lost 51 pounds in the past 13 months, and for the first time in a very loooooong time, i can say that i have lost a spit more now than i still have to lose (about 49 more pounds.) it probably is not realistic for me to think i can actually be at my goal weight in another year, but if i continue to stick with it, i could at least be getting pretty close. i am going to use "this is my year to make it happen!" as my mantra. i include in that: getting as close to a normal weight as possible; stepping out of my comfort zone more and trying new things; remembering to have some fun; and of course, a huge goal--finding a nice new place to live, and moving in there!

well, i am thinking of all who dwelleth in our royal court! i am so cold---i need to get up and put on some more layers, although i already look like a movie monster trying to move around with the layers i have on already. lol! well, take care, all. much good health and happiness to all royals in this brand, shiny new year!

01-04-2010, 09:49 PM
good evening, royals!

i am already soooooo tired of being cold this winter, i could cry, except that my tears would freeze. lol! this isn't too good, either, since spring is pretty far off at this point. ah well. i am going to get some help looking at places next week, which will be nice (rides, etc.) i have to make sure that i don't let this cold weather (which really does make me feel so crummy physically) be an excuse to go jump ship from my food plan. i have to hang on and continue with the dainty portions. i am making a committment to not go grazing in the fridge tonight, even though i think i should get to eat more because it is so cold. :) actually, what i need to do is get to bed soon, since i have another very long day tomorrow. ok, so that is what i am going to do. well, take care, and stay warm, queenlies.

01-05-2010, 12:27 PM
Ah, my Roayl Sisters - how all your comments resonate. I took my tree down earlier than I would otherwise have (for a totally different reason - more anon). And I had the chocolates discussion w/myself at a dept store after the holiday when they were muchly reduced. Decided against too but basically because I had a bag given to me and also my dear jelly beans. So I'm well stocked for the "rewards" if I ever get to deserve them.

And all of your goals resonated, wsw, even the "new place to live" but for different reasons there, of course, as well. And that 51 lbs in 13 months doesn't resonate but DOES inspire. I have lost about that but in about 8 years. And I know you've lost more in total. Same loss-to-go would work well w/me as I never expect to get down to what I was at 30 or so ;)

Yesterday - for my FRESH START MONDAY - I weighed in at 204. Today it was 200.4 so much better. And still less than what it would have been if I hadn't made a little progress this fall.

On the "more later" - I was sked to go to TX for sister's 25 wedding anniversary celebration. Now other sister with whom I was going to be travelling is in hospital and will not be recovered in time to make trip. I've been looking at alternatives but nothing seems like it would work as well including bro's offer to travel w/him. So we'll both (and her DH) go in the spring or so. So now must call sis in TX and let her know. Spring WILL be better.

Yet another sis who had the lap band done is doing well but a bad coughing spell may have caused a hernia and she's having that checked out.

So life goes on with its many ups/downs. I'm in a bit of a funk again but I will survive. That will come and go as well. And it will go a lot faster if I manage to eat healthy, dance around to good music, etc.

So that's the plan...................


01-06-2010, 10:12 AM
Good morning :queen:lies! I did start a new thread -- 'tis here. (

Well, what a truly inspiring pair you two are, WSW and Anagram!

WSW, 51 pounds in 13 months is simply OUTSTANDING! What a wonderful, amazing difference. Kudos also on your realistic outlook. You are wise!

I hope at least your condo is warm enough? I'm excited for your new digs. :hyper:

And Anagram -- wow! -- right there on the border, right after festivities. You rock solid!

I hear it's cold in Texas right now anyway...

I've got to do a chore or two before I head over to the office -- yes! the office! -- but I'll drop into the new thread and report ASAP. Let's make this a good one. :D