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12-01-2009, 01:26 PM
:wave: WELCOME EVERYONE ~ Please join us in our thread: to give support and encouragement; to share ideas, and/or just chat with one another about everyday issues ...

This special thread is for anyone with any kind of physical obstacle and/or challenge like SB, CP, MS, MD, PK, Lupus, Osteo, Arthritis, Rheumatism, or any other condition (s), whether genetic or acquired (like injuries), that causes some physical limitations and/or difficulties.

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12-01-2009, 01:58 PM
Hi ladies and good evening

This will have to be a quick post today as my time is somewhat limited after my treatment. Awoke this morning after a brilliant nights sleep slept 8 hours right through can't remember the last time I did that. Normal I have to get up to answer the call of nature. So felt better for the good sleep mind you I was absolutely shattered come bed.

Awoke this morning to a complete white over so we had a frost good and proper. The temperature has not got much above 5c all day and according to those good weather folk it won't. Tomorrow is suppose to be warmer though.

It is hard to believe December is already here and now we make the countdown to Christmas in earnest. On returning from the MS centre good job we had a message on the phone telling us that the gas company are coming to do their annual inspection of the back boiler and gas fire. DH had omitted to put the appointment on the calendar as he normally does. This is the second work person this week we had one Monday a lovely gentleman whom I say was of the old school of training and you could tell. He would go the extra mile and do the job as if it was his own home. I got speaking to him and found that he did 7 year apprenticeship which gave him an a whole rounded background. I asked him now how long do they do and he said 2 years but they only specialise in one thing like plumbing or gas fitter. I am sure that the longer apprenticeship was much better as it give you time to learn and practice your trade under supervision.

My throat seems fingers crossed a little better today so thanks for the prayers. I could be that I have caught something when DH had his cold as I have been to fight off something for weeks but nothing specific you could put your hand on. A little achy here or there, or a little bit of the sniffle but nothing that I would be concerned about.

Sound quite romantic to go out for a trip looking at the lights and pretty decorations with a hot cup of chocolate to warm you up. It is nice to go and do that to see the fairy lights etc. You and your DH would love to drive in blackpool during the illuminations time or take a ride on a tram (the old fashioned sort so very nostalgic ) to see the 6 miles I think it is of decorations and lights. I love to see it and it never cease to have this magical air about it. It still holds that magic even though I have seen it many times even some of the trams are decorated. One is decorated like a rocket as I recall and another a pirate ship.

Right must run need to wash a few pots up and then titivate myself before I go out to play card. Nice to drop by even if it was a short one. Take care catch you soon

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12-01-2009, 09:37 PM
I am going to join this thread for December. I am currently not doing any exercise in the hope of not aggravating a back problem any more than necessary between now and the 14th when I am having surgery. I am having a herniated disc repaired and a piece of bone removed that is pressing on nerves. I should be back to exercising in January but Dec in going to be tough combining the holidays with no exercise.

12-01-2009, 09:50 PM
THANK YOU SO MUCH, PURPLE ~ for starting up our December thread. I was gonna do it last night, but thought -- no, it's OK, I can do it tomorrow AM, but then we got so busy this morning that I completely forgot about it. We spent the enitre day searching through Christmas boxes looking for our light timer gadget, and our tinsel garlands. This timer lets the lights come on at dusk and then turns them off for us so many hours later (in our case, we have it set for 6 hours, so they will go off about 11 pm).

Of course, they would have to be in the last two boxes we looked in and DH swore that he had gone thru all the boxes and couldn't find them. So ... I had to go in just before dinner and lo and behold, I found them. Next year, all the most popular stuff is going in one box; that should put an end to this Christmas version of hide and seek ... I hope! :lol:

I also managed to get 3 loads of laundry washed, dried, and put away while doing the other things. We put up the bows on the porch as well and they really brightened it up too. So now the porch is all done; and we will go out and take a good look tomorrow night; my poor feetsies are throbbing right now and need a rest for tonight.

We had the leftovers from the BBQ Spit chicken; bake that and some nice roasted veggies to go along with them ... carrots, onions, turnip, parsnips, broccoli, cauliflower, and baby new potatoes for me (DH had some more of his tators). I got in lots and lots of exercise for the day and will have my tea soon and put up my feet and do some reading.

I set out some lovely Christmas potpourri in a couple of my brass dishes and when the furnace comes on you can smell this gorgeous scent wafting through the room. Take good care ladies and hope you all have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY tomorrow ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

12-01-2009, 09:59 PM
:welcome: SHEENA ~ we'd love to have you join us in our thread, especially over the Christmas season. Back problems are no fun; and I surely know all about that as mine has been bothering me a bit lately. I have to be careful to take it easy; I get so excited over this season, and tend to overdo it and then I have to rest for a few days each week to recover.

We will put some prayers and good thoughts around you and your surgeons when you have your surgery on the 14th too ... :hug:

12-02-2009, 05:08 AM
Hi fellow chicks

It is a grey dreary day at present though no frost thing morning to greet us. The heavens opened to us last night on our car journey home but at least that had a welcome side effect of causing it to get much warmer than it had been all day. We arrived home only to be greeted by the intruder alarm, had a burglar ran sacked our home? NO my DH had forgot to isolate the kitchen and lounge whilst we went out. Normally no problem but with it being so cold we left Rizzie (our dog for those not familiar with that name) so we have been left a bit red faced :o and got to make the round of apologise this morning to our neighbours for the infernal noise it lets out. To make it worse it is the night we are out the longest at nigh on 4 hours what with the 45 minute drive to and from the place where we play cards.

Next week starts the round of Christmas parties at the whist drives (type of game played in the UK). I have one next week and then two the following week. I know with the food on offer I will have to be ever mindful of what I put on my plate shall I say. I think I will in preparation shave a few calories off here and there this coming week so that on that day the damage will be kept to a minimum.

Today between 2pm and 4pm we have the gas engineer coming well I think that is there official title. They are coming to service the gas fire in the lounge and check our back boiler which is behind the gas fire. Normally they are not too long doing the job and they are very neat and through. It always marvels me how many piece the gas fire separates into and how it all goes back together again.

SHEENA :welcome2: to the thread very nice to have you on board. We all can sympathise with you and your enforce period of being unable to exercise due to your back. This is because all of us at one time or another have the same thing of not being able to exercise due to illness or something a person was born with. We understand the challenges this brings being enforced to rest.

Last year due to the nature of my illness which is MS(multiple sclerosis) like a bolt out of the blue I had a big set back to my exercise regime. I had a relapse so for over two month I was able to exercise due to lack of sensation in the lower half of my body. The only tips I can give you which held me in good stead over the time I was out of action. Treat this period of time like maintenance so be aware of the foods you are eating.

I am not sure what method you are using to lose weight but if you are calorie counting then maybe you can shave off maybe a 100 calorie per day to cut your calorie intake slightly. Now try not to beat yourself up about the fact you can't exercise it is natures way telling you it need a break for a wee while. I know if like me it drove me "nuts" because I couldn't exercise and I would love to do it but my body was not so willing. I thought I would put on lots of weight but I didn't I just gain 3lbs and guess what the first week of being able to exercise again I had lost it all again. So it isn't all doom and gloom. It is not a set back in the road to losing weight just another bump the road where you have to just hold on. There is light at the end of you tunnel that by January some point you will be able to start some gentle exercise so it is not forever. So hang in there and use the board regularly for the support that you may need over the coming weeks :hug:

ROSEBUD Your welcome Rosebud I rarely start the thread anyway you nearly always remember to do it. Besides I am like at least 5 hours in front of your hour so I have no excuses.

It's always the case when looking for something like in your case the electric timer it is in nigh on the last place to look. I think if it is something that we only use once a year then we put it safely away we forget which box was the place of safety. Sounds like your decorations are very pretty and then the pot-pourri to top it off sounds magic. Specially when you have those spices like cinnamon it makes it feel more christmassy.

I didn't get much done yesterday in the line of house work with my treatment then feeling tired after it. So today I need to try and do a bit more than yesterday. I am waiting for a nice day to do some laundry if can else it is resorting to wash then drier method. Though that is never as nice as outside drying.

No further news today I am going to get dressed and start the house work till next time take care


12-02-2009, 11:16 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had some nice fluffy ***** on and off today; and lots of birdies came by to visit too. Some starlings were acting like acrobats today -- hanging on the suet cake and falling off with some regularity, but at least they were game to try. I find the starlings so much fun to watch; and the Rock Doves were chasing each other out of the big feeder too. They are fast becoming like the Starlings with their antics. Our small flock of Mourning Doves came by today as well (we have five) and they are a sweet as ever.

Well, we got all our indoor decos done today; we had cut it down to only so many (to make things simpler) so it took us only just over an hour. We put some Christmas music on that I picked up (some Pipe Carols) and we had a good time doing it together. Tomorrow, I need to get at my Christmas cards and gifts, so I can get them put too; that's the last thing I have to do until closer to Christmas time (I think) ... ;)

PURPLE ~ you have done so well, not only losing your weight and now maintaining, but even during tuff times like last year, you only gained 3 lbs. The advice you shared with Sheena is very wise; she can concentrate on the food part of her plan until she can start doing her exercises again.

Sounds like you have lots of fun stuff coming up this month with all your Christmas whist tournies; that will keep you very busy. That's right, just by cutting back at BF & lunch a wee bit, you can have a tad more later on. Do you spend your Christmas with your parents or do they come to your place? I will be taking some pictures later on and will post some for you to see as well.

I did my daily housechores in the AM, so I got some exercise in today with all the walking around doing the decos too. Had a good on plan day. Tonight was pasta night, so we had whole grain spagetti and meatballs.

Hope you all have a great Thursday tomorrow; and do take good care as well ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

12-03-2009, 02:45 PM
Hi fellow chicks

It is definitely brass monkey weather today ;) The wind is so chilly more than anything. At least it has stayed dry all day which was a blessing as I was doing my grocery shopping. The shop was very busy with people so very chaotic inside. I have at least done it for another week was shattered after doing the shopping though. DH did ask did I want my scooter but whilst I can still manage to get round OK I will do it. I don't want to rely on it and become lazy. It is there for the distances I can't manage. To be honest I am glad we didn't take it with the number of people in there it would have been so stressful manoeuvring around them trying to miss folks toes.

Nothing much happened since I wrote last. Just went out to play cards last night but neither of us did any good. It is the Christmas drive there in 2 weeks time which starts a little earlier than normal so much remember.

Off to the dentist tomorrow for my 6 monthly check up. That seems to come round quickly I must admit. I will go as it is important on two fronts one for the health of your teeth and secondly the fact is here it is not always easy to get into to see a NHS dentist. I remember the difficultly my sister had trying to find one. The difference between an NHS and private at the end of the day is cost. It is so much more expensive to see someone privately. It is costly enough on NHS never mind private. NHS cost for me tomorrow for a check up is : £16.50. This charge includes an examination, diagnosis and preventive advice. If necessary, it also includes X-rays, scale and polish and planning for further treatment. There are 3 bands of payment that is band 1 payment. Band 2: £45.60. This charge includes all the necessary treatment covered by the £16.50 charge, plus additional treatment, such as fillings, root canal treatment or extractions. Band 3: £198. This charge includes all the necessary treatment that is covered by the £16.50 and £45.60 charges, plus more complex procedures, such as crowns, dentures and bridges. So that is our NHS charges in a nutshell and what it covers.

ROSEBUD Made me laugh of the acrobatic feats of your birds they are so fascinating to watch. I love to watch them at my friend who has a feeder at the top of her garden. Her garden is one that is in levels as it is a steep garden but they have made it like that to be must easier to keep and walk around. They have a some doves which balance on this branch then use their wing to put round the feeder which she thought was out of their reach. Though they had a cunning plan to foil her effort as their wing then they brought it towards them. Only two of them have managed to figure out how to get the loot. I think she does not remove it now out of their reach as she figures they kind of earn it for their ingenuity. It shows how clever birds are in figuring problems out and finding a way round to getting what they want.

Talking of Christmas this weekend I must write my cards out and post them in them in the week. It seem to take a long time to write these out but no good putting off. We have also parred down the decorations to make it easier for ourselves like you it takes us about an hour to do the decorating. I am chief designer and passer of decorations. My DH role is one of going up ladder and putting them in ceiling etc. Not that our ceiling are very high with being in a bungalow. They are just about able to be reached for DH if he stands on his tip toe and he is not mega tall at 5ft 11in. Though we use the ladder for extra reach in the hard to get places like corners.

I thought the advice I would give Sheena is what held me in good stead in that time. Control the things you can control like food intake. The exercise is out of your control due to health issue then what is the use of worrying excessively as it only brings you more sadness.

My parents will come to me at Christmas as it is easier for me with having no stairs in my home. Mum and Dad live in a house which I do visit on a fortnightly basis but it is only one day of going upstairs which is done as least times possible ;) Just the call of nature as they have no downstairs facilities. So that is why my parents come to me. Not that I do all the Chritmas lunches and teas etc on my own my parents muck in. So it is much easier for me to manage they are very understanding that way. I just do the menu planning and they work round that.

Nothing else to report today tomorrow going to my parents will try and pop in but time is limited as I have to go to the dentist in the morning also. So busy day all in all. bye all

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-04-2009, 12:15 AM
HI LADIES ~ The temps have plunged here, and we also had a chilly wind today that made it seem even worse. I've been having a hard time adjusting to the cold this year (just like last year); DH says that is becuz of our age -- the cold bothers us more now. I had to put the furnace temp up; but I know in time, that I will get used to it. DH suggested I put on another layer of clothes like long-johns under my clothes; I changed into a fleece tunic and pants and felt much better ~ but I do have a 2-piece set in my dresser if I need them (I had forgotten all about them being there until DH mentioned it).

I put some bread chunks (some leftover stale French bagette) out in our big feeder for the birdies; and the Starlings had a ball scavenging after it. The chunks froze and would get stuck on their beaks; it was funny watching them try to figure out how to get them off, but in the end, they did as they are real thinkers, those Starlings ... :lol:

Spent the afternoon working on my Christmas cards; still got lots to do --had way too many interruptions, but I still have lots of time left. I decided to work on the out-of-towners first becuz the local ones can get there in a couple of days. At least, I got some of them done today; getting started is half the battle, I say! ;)

DH and a friend are trying to make me a CRECHE; I have wanted one for a long time but haven't been able to find one (I've looked every year). DH kept asking me what I wanted for Christmas, and I kept telling him that I wanted a Creche (which means a Nativity Set) to put in front of the house. To me, it seems ridiculous to celebrate Christmas without a Creche, but DH finally admitted that he was avoiding it becuz he wasn't sure how to make one (I think he was hoping I would be able to buy one).

So they got started on it this afternoon and will likely have it finished sometime tomorrow. Then I have the job to make the baby Jesus (think I'll go looking for a baby at Goodwill) and I have to draw and paint Joseph and Mary on it too -- so we'll see how it all goes ... I just hope that I can get it done before Christmas Eve.

PURPLE ~ hope all goes well for you at your dentist appointment tomorrow and you have a clean exam this time. This morning, another piece of tooth came out of my mouth when I was eating a piece of toast; it was the biggest one so far but I am glad it came out for me.

Our decorating arrangement is the same for us: DH gets out the boxes; I sort out what I want; DH gets up on the ladders or chair or stool or whatever, and puts things up for me. I am more of a supervisor, but I am a good one and try to be as cheery as I can be; and we have a few good laughs while we are at it -- gotta keep the good cheer flowing becuz it's Christmis ... ;)

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday tomorrow; and do take good care of yourselves too ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-04-2009, 08:59 PM
HI LADIES ~ We had a nice day here; the :sunny: came out for us today and was a welcome sight as we haven't seen Mr. Sunshine for a while now. We are getting a few ***** this evening, but we need some as we can still see our grass out front yet.

DH and a friend have been working on a Creche for me -- as some of you know, I have been wanting one for some time now. To me, Christmas just doesn't seem right without a Creche, or Nativity Scene. DH put the Creche together after dinner; now I have to make a Mary & Joseph (that's my job); and our landlady said that she has a doll we can use for our baby Jesus. We have a nice Bethlehem star that will look great in or on the Creche too.

I spent the afternoon working on the rest of my out-of-town Christmas Cards, and I have them all done now. Now I will work on the ones for closer to home over the next while until they're all done too. Also did my last load of laundry for this week today; glad to be all caught up now.

HI TO RONNIE, and VAL, up there in Thompson ... hope the doctors appt went well for you; and also hope that your health is improving for you as well. RONNIE -- same to you; hope you are starting to feel better too; I have both of you on my prayer list, and I am hoping for some good news soon for all my effort!!! ;)

HI to you too, PURPLE ~ I know that you are busy visiting with your Mum & Dad tonight; hope you have a wonderful time too ...

For those of you who had to work -- TGIF, EH? I hope you all have a fabulous Friday evening ... and do take good care of yourselves as well ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-05-2009, 09:53 AM
Hi ladies

We have a beautifully sunny day today for the second day in a row. So today I am taking the opportunity to do some laundry and dry it outside. I have the first load in right now will be finished very shortly. My second load is a furry blanket made for us by my BIL{FCB21E5A-2D54-4F2A-BF44-244C0E06FD2D} This is a picture of a similar one though ours is grey fur one side which is the long fur and the short fur (well fake fur as I would not buy fur) is black. Though they no longer make this sort due I think to being unable to source the fabric. They are so warm and nice to snuggle into. When it is not in use I throw it over the spare bed. Though I must remember to close the door to that room else Rizzie loves to lie on that blanket no questions asked :lol: He is in like a shot I am sure he lies in wait just till the time I forget to shut that door. I use that room frequently as the freezer is in there so in most days for something.

Yesterday was a nice day as I said weather wise but it was a grand day at my parents but went all too quickly. Also saw my sister for about an hour or so which is nice to catch up a bit. DH sorted out one of our nieces laptops she could only get sound through her headphones. My sister and her DH have limited knowledge when it comes to PC's so things like that are left to DH. It was soon fixed but took longer than normal as it has a different operating system than he is use too. We have xp and they have vista which seems a bit alien to us. We have become so familiar with xp with using it on a daily basis. On a different subject managed to get a little walk in yesterday just after our tea and it was nice not too cold. Though it was dark with it being this time of year and the light soon goes after 4pm.

ROSEBUD My dental appointment went off without a hitch so not be seen for 6 months unlike my DH he has to have a filling. He rarely gets away scot free he nearly always has something done. I have not renewed my appointment for 6 months until DH has had his treatment in the beginning of the New Year. We then will book together for our 6 monthly check up. Whilst I was there I asked the advice from the dentist on my mouth and the jagged bone. Since about 3 weeks I have not had a twinge out of it plus it has become smooth of its own accord. So I wondered whether to cancel my appointment at the hospital for the minor surgery. She said if in the next week I did not feel anything then it was a good idea to cancel. This is because at the hospital they will thing it is still painful so will open the gum to look for the culprit and of course it will not be there. So all I will get for my troubles is a swollen mouth, stitches and pain for nothing. I was glad I went to the dentist yesterday to get professional advice on what to do as I felt I was in a bit of a dilemma.

Your nativity scene sound lovely it reminds me of a programme I was watching by a cook called Delia Smith she is a believer in God and regularly goes to Church. On this Christmas edition she was putting up her wooden nativity scene it was a very simple set but something drew my eyes to it. Maybe it was the simplicity of it as there were no bright colours it was all carved out of wood. Someone had obviously lovingly made this maybe even for her but either way it was nice. Not that I could cook any of her foods as they were too rich many of them so hence one bite would take you over your daily calorie intake :lol:

This weekend I have to sit down in earnest and write my cards. Otherwise I will never get it done. We bought a few new Christmas cards this year to top up the ones I had left from last year of writing them out. I hope this weekend is a good one for holding a pen not always the case. Now my once lovely writing can look like a spider has crawled across the page. It has come to sometimes if I have mailed something to my mum and dad they do not recognise my writing so wondered whom it is from :D.

Catching up with my household chores today as I tend to do them at the weekend when I seem to have more time. I have now done two loads of washing got two loads left. One being towelling and second bed linen then finished that for another week. I have hoovering and dusting to do then I think I will call it a day on housework then. I have tomorrow then to just do the bits of housework that I have left not much as I tend to clean up as I go along to make things easy.

Last night I went to play cards but there at the place we play they sell second hand books and jigsaws. The money goes to the bowls club which we play in. I saw two jigsaw puzzles called wasjigs they are a different type of puzzle. You have the picture on the front and often have to put what is behind so what would you see if you had eyes in the back of your head. These I might add are not for me but a friend whom loves these and spends hours doing these puzzles. They do not go out loads as both she and her DH have MS. She is amazing how she cares for her DH and contends with her own symptoms never once complaining. I know for sure she will like the wasjigs I just hope that they are puzzles that she has not done before. They are so expensive to buy from new at around £10 per puzzle :fr:

I see you have been wrapping up in an extra layer of clothing due to the plummet in temperature. Over the past two years I have felt the cold much more often my hands and feet are cold even in summer. Even now as I type my hands are stone cold and it is not a really cold day. I think if I came to such a cold climate I would be like the character in “cool runnings” who puts all the clothing on he owns with coming from Jamaica to a climate where there is snow on the ground. That would definitely be me with more layers of clothing to the point I could barely move :lol2:

Well I now have my third load of washing in the towels so we are on the homeward stretch regarding the washing. I have kept interrupting the typing to put another load out on the line and DH helped put the furry blanket on the washing line as it is way too heavy for me lift on the line. Just going to strip the bed in a moment when I finished this post then I can have the final load ready for the machine. Then the hoovering and dusting so within the next hour I shall have it all done.

I have been to the farmers market today wow it was so busy but I suppose with it being the last I think before Christmas then people are getting all their goodies prior to then. I did not have much choice has I normally do on the no added sugar range. I was going to get a cake in for my father so he had an alternative to his Christmas cake. The do a lovely fruit cake with no added sugar and that is rather nice plus a ginger cake which is sweetened I think by the use of carrots. I would imagine they are applying some of the cooking techniques from the war time due to the rationing that went on here in the UK. Sugar was rationed so alternative had to be found and I know carrots were used to sweeten cakes as they are naturally sweet any way.

No further news for now and must get cracking on the last chores. So nice dropping by and catching up on news and events your parts of the world. Take care and catch you soon.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-06-2009, 01:12 AM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ Well, we had another day with some glorious :sunny: today; that was a real treat for us with these cold temps. DH and I spent the day working our our Creche. DH then drilled a hole on top of the creche for our Bethlehem star and it looks good right on the top at the front.

DH and his friend made me a crib for my baby Jesus this AM; then I found a blue blanket to wrap him in and we had an artificial grass wreath to wrap around the crib too. After some thinking, I decided to do my Joseph and Mary on thick cardboard pieces; first, I had to draw them on, which took all afternoon.

Then, after we took a break for dinner, I spent the evening coloring them in. I took some pictures that I will download and resize tomorrow so you all can see our creation. I think it turned out pretty well really. My fingers and right arm were getting numb at some points from all the drawing and coloring so I had to take some rests.

I used a mixture of mediums: marker, pencil and wax crayons, and the best of all was some oil crayons. DH is just a tad bit concerned about it standing up to the elements; he is worried about the winds and snow; I am more concerned about them staying dry, but the stuff I used are all water repellent so hopfully that will help a bit and it is pretty cold out there too.

We'll have to put our thinking caps on and find some way to hold them in there; but that can wait til another day. We did enuff for one day as it is ... ;) Actually, I just finished and DH just finished putting some plastic glue in all the cracks so that no water or snow can get inside and ruin our display.

So far we haven't had to buy a thing for it, but we do need a flood light so that it can be seen from a distance; and we will pick one up as they just happen to be on sale this week, so I hope they have some left for us.

Anyways, just wanted to pop in here tonight to say hi -- sure hope you are all having a wonderful weekend; and please do take good care of yourselves ... :hug: ROSEBUD:hug:

12-06-2009, 10:50 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We had a nice day here again; and the :sunny: came out for much of the day, so we decided to go pick up a few things up town and for a small drive while we were at it. We needed to pick up that flood light kit (which we did) and we also picked up something EZ for dinner (we had cantelloni and french style green beans; very yummy and DH loved it).

I got a stacking cubby on rollers for a great price to put extra veggies in our cold room (which is our spare room at present; and our storage room too). It is is perfect for that ; should have got one long ago. We never seem to have enuff room for all our fruit and veggies now that we are eating in a healthier way, and this is the perfect answer.

DH did some more finishing touches on the creche making my cardboard people (Mary & Joseph) more stable by gluing a second piece to the backside as he was worried they were too light; they should be OK now. So tomorrow we hope to get it all set up outdoors and put the lights on; then I will take some more pictures too.

So we had a good OP (on plan) day foodwise and got lots of walking in today as well (we did that on purpose). Then I came home an put my feet up as they were tres sore while dinner was in the oven. Tonight we are just taking it easy; hope you are all too!

Take good care; and hope you have a Marvellous Monday tomorrow too ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-06-2009, 11:12 PM
PURPLE ~ I think that is great that you could find cakes without any sugar in them; esp something like carrot or ginger cake which would be nice for Christmas too. I have heard of making a homemade cake with lots of fruit that is boiled in water first like raisins, dates, figs, bananas, apricots, apples, pineapple, etc and then remaining ingredients added in as per normal. I suppose you could also add in a bit of sweetener if you felt it needed it, but with all the sweetness from those fruits, it might not need any; any you could add a little honey or cooking molasses which have more vitamins in them.

I went to your BIL site -- boy, they have a lot more products than just bean bags. Too bad they can't get the fabric to make those furry blankets anymore, as they do look warm. I have one blanket similar to it: it is a very thick plush blanket; and I put that around me when I am on the sofa. It is blue and white with lovely polar bears and fur trees on it; very warm and soft. They make similar ones now, but they just aren't as thick anwymore as mine is ... what a shame!

Oh, I am so glad that your mouth is healing up well on its own; and now you won't have to have that minor surgery at Christmastime. Mine also healed up well too. I had a small bump which has disappeared; and I also had another larger piece of tooth or something come out of my mouth, so we wonder if that was it? I wouldn't be surprised at all if it was. I am just so thankful that they came out (three pieces in all) and my mouth has no pain or sore spots at all ...

That was nice of you to pick up those puzzles for that couple; my she does have her hands full and I bet she will really appreciate your thoughfulness. The same goes for your cards: the point is that you cared enuff to send them a card. Sometimes, my handwriting isn't too great either; I have to slow down and take my time. I don't know why but some days are better than others, so I leave it and go back another time. I have about half or so of my cards done now; I took a break to get the creche finished. So now I can get back at it and finish them off this week.

Well, our vacuum cleaner went on the fritz today; but this time DH couldn't get it to work right again. It was very old and we had it for a long time, so now I am going to keep my eye on the sales for a newer light one; one that I can use as I found that one way too heavy for me.

Yes, it does get cold here; and the winds were really cold today too and made it seem a lot colder than it was. It was about -7 to -10 but the winds made it feel like -17C or -20C but we did get out for a few hours anyways. Your farmer's market lasts much longer than ours; here they go just to about our Thanksgiving weekend in October.

Anyways, I just wanted to do some personal replies to your last post; take good care and hope you had a restful weekend ... :hug:

12-07-2009, 01:10 AM
Hello!! I'm new here and have quite a few obstacles to overcome during my weight loss, but I know as I LOSE the weight, the obstacles will become easier-it's a "catch 22" I was diagnosed with COPD about 4yrs ago so I often have pneumonia or bronchitis-the biggest issue with these two is that I smoke. I did stop for a couple of months but then my mom passed a few weeks ago and I started right back up. I also have bursitis in both hips and osteoperosis. Exercising is very limited. My goal at this point is to lose at least 1.5lbs a week. I'm going to start carb counting and sugar intake as I also have diabetes. I hope this will be a good place to start. I guess I'll know at the end of week one!

12-07-2009, 04:22 PM
Hello fellow chicks

It has been a miserable day weather wise it stayed dry until about 2pm and since then it has been raining off and on. When the rain came it made the temperature drop some what though nothing to complain about considering how cold it is for many of you.

I intending to come on here yesterday but we had visitors arrive which was nice but by the time they had returned home I was way to tired to come on here and make sense :dizzy:

On Wednesday of this we we are going to London to the area called Lambeth to deliver bean bags for BIL so this will keep us out of mischief for the whole day ;) This week I have several Christmas parties for the whist drives (cards game from the UK) so will have to pull back the calories and be mindful of what I eat.

JJ123 :welcome2: to the thread. Here you will find that we will understand the difficulties of losing weight can pose with having physical challenges to overcome as well. We know full well exercise is going to be limited due to the possible pain for some, fatigue for others and the catalogue goes on.

Though there is light at the end of the tunnel jj it can be done we can lose weight. Though we may have to be more mindful of what we put in our mouths or be creative in the exercise we can manage. Say for example instead of sitting for the most of the day (yes my behaviour before I started my weight lose journey) I will make regular walks to and from the kitchen. Hey it is not much but it all adds up by the end of the week. If I am having a good day my DH and I will have a stroll up the road again not far. On the days I am not feeling very good I rest it is natures way of saying I need a break. I no longer beat myself up about it wishing for something that isn't going to happen when I can't exercise at all.

I have MS and I notice my mobility diminishing and I am having to adjust to using a scooter which was a hard pill to swallow but I am so glad than I wasn't too proud it has opened up a whole new world to me. Hey I digress well that is nothing new as you soon learn :o I have a niece who is 11 and has a disease in her hip called Perthes disease so I have a little knowledge what issues having problems with your hips can bring. Her mother my sister has just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis at the age of 40 plus she is waiting for surgery on her spine. They are going to put metal pins and plates due to damage plus a bone graph this all stems from a car accident from a drunk driver. So again I have first hand experience of relatives with spinal problems. I know I can not walk in your shoes so to speak with your physical challenges I do know a little of the difficulties they bring to your doorstep. You also have the side effects of steroids and that in itself brings its own challenges. Try and focus on what you can change or do rather than the things you can't change. I have learnt this lesson myself over the years and it is an invaluable one to learn. I wish I had learnt sooner and I would have saved myself a lot of heartache. If you do not know where to start with exercising we maybe can suggest a few that you maybe had not even considered.

When I came to 3fc I didn't know whether I would be able to lose weight my previous attempts had been harboured by my own cheating. Though with the help and support of the people on here and especially this board I have managed to lose what I have. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I be where I am today weight wise. I realised from the very beginning I had to have food that was something I could stick with for the rest of my life. So that is how I have approached this for me there has been very few salads along the way as they are not my favourite. Though recipes on here are interesting and filling not a lettuce leaf in sight :lol: If you already haven't choose a weight lose programme to use whether that be weight watcher or one of the many others to choose from. That is a good starting point at losing weight. In the mean time if you are still deciding do not race into it take your time but just cut down on the sweet sugary things, fatty and add in more vegetables and fruit. Well enough of my rambling for now. Look forward to hearing more from you and drop by as often as you can as it for me was the lifeline and reminded me to stay on the straight and narrow.

ROSEBUD We went to the farmers market on Saturday and it was heaving I suppose due to the fact that it is the last before Christmas. There was very little choice of the no added sugar range but went for a date slice which again relies on fruit as the sweetener. Yes if you are making home made versions for special occasions then if you really did need that bit extra sweetness I would go for either sweetener or honey (but I am bias I love the taste of honey :D). I think we could learn a lot from the war time recipes. I know with the rationing here in the UK the diet was extremely health due to very little meat, fat and diary. Though high in vegetables and fruits (though only slim selection as most fruit had to be imported into the UK due to our climate).

Yes BIL site has lots of different produces they have to diversify as they have learnt to their cost when the 11 September terrorism acts took place. His firm at that time made virtually just aircraft covers and curtains but when that happen on the 11 September the aircraft industry was hit badly as no one wanted to fly. So the aircraft companies stopped ordering from BIL firm and that hit hard they like had to start up from scratch again with massive debts. They have now cleared them just about and have expanded but it has been very hard for BIL. So no more fingers in one pie for him so he does not just rely on one thing should anything change the market in that area.

I am glad that your mouth has made good progress in the healing department. The fragments that have come out I would suspect like you they would have been parts of it that broke away when it had to be cut up to extract it in the first place. It is good they have come out rather than fester in the mouth to cause problems maybe later on down the line. Yes I am pleased that it is looking very likely that I will not have to go for the surgery virtually on Christmas day. So maybe not having my Christmas dinner through a straw after all ;)

Yes I am sure my friend will love the wasjigs as she will get hours of enjoyment from them. Yes handwritten cards are so nice even if the handwriting is a bit shaky. I know that from last year a friend of mine from the MS centre who is very disabled by the condition had put her own name to the card. That card to me was so special as I know how difficult it is for her to hold a pen when she needs assistance to dress etc.

Sorry to hear that the hoover has given up on you finally. Maybe you will find one in the January sales that is knocked down in price. The newer models you may find are lighter and easier to use for you. We bought our last hoover in the sales and got a really good deal. You might even be able to knock a little more off the price tag if you are willing to barter over it a little. I know here that you can do that but most British think we can't do that. Though prices for electric goods for example can be knocked down at the managers digression you might only get a few more $'s off but better than nothing especial in the recession at the minute. Food is a fixed price over here but other things you could try and bring the price down a little.

I think your stacking cubby on roller you mentioned I have two of those they are brilliant storage for vegetables. I also in one of mine keep table clothes, tea towels , my apron and wine bottle storage ( well not wine in the alcohol sense but the none alcohol variety as we are Tee total)

No further news for today as for tomorrow it is hit and miss whether I make it or not with being treatment day, then the next London. So Thursday or Friday looking more favourable at the minute. I am going to miss coming on here as normal but catch you all soon. Bye for now and take care all

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-07-2009, 10:54 PM
:welcome: to 3FC's and to our thread, JJ ~ we are glad that you joined us here; you certainly do have more than your share of obstables, and we do understand that here. All of the ladies here have many challenges that we are dealing with in our lives. We do have some diabetes threads in this forum (Dieting with Obstacles); lots of questions asked and so forth. I am thinking of putting some recipes from a cookbook I have in a thread up there to help others out a bit. I could post maybe one a day. You have a plan and I hope that it all works out well for you. We would be pleased to support you on your new journey.:hug:

12-07-2009, 11:37 PM
HI PURPLE ~ yes, you do have a couple of busy days coming up; I will work hard to keep things going here. It is nice to have some new people join us lately; hope they come back now and then to visit us more often.

We had a busy day here too; we did get our NATIVITY CRECHE (manger scene) put up outside today and it looks really good. Then tonight, we check on the lights and we already have had some compliments on it. It was a real group effort and we are grateful to our friends for helping us with it. I took some more pictures of it today -- went out twice and walked a little bit with my ski poles, but almost froze my fingies off.

The temps really dropped the last week and with very cold north winds today as well, your bare skin can freeze in mintes, no seconds! :yikes: We really have to watch that here; we have to bundle up really good when going outside. I think that is why so many people hybernated indoors in the winter time here; can't blame them really.

We had chicken and roasted veggies for dinner tonight; had a good OP (on plan) day, and even got a bit of exercise in today as well. If the weather isn't too bad, we want to do a bit more Christmas shopping sometime this week; as we have a couple more gifts to get yet.

We had some GOOD NEWS from NUMPSTER (my younger sister) today -- they sold their condo on Sunday, so now they can make plans to move into their new home and business. We are all very excited for them as this is a big dream for them too.

Tonight, we are just resting up and trying to keep warm after being outside a bit today. Well, maybe I'll go put the kettle on and have some nice hot tea and put my feet up for a short while and read. Hope you have a good day at therapy (on Tuesday) and a really nice trip to LONDON on Wednesday as well. Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-08-2009, 11:13 PM
:wave: Well, we had a great day shopping ourselves; picked up a few more gifts -- we decided to downsize this year: we're focusing on small, yet tasteful gifts. Now, we can get our cards and gifts into the mail this week. Just before Christmas, we will pick up the food items and we'll be all set, I hope.

Just made a quick and easy CASSOULET tonight: just sauted some veggies -- 1/4 cup onion, a couple mushrooms, and 1 small chopped tomato; then added in slices of chicken franks; and some leftover roasted veggies from yesterday (carrots, etc); then at the end added 2 cups beans in tomato sauce; and a scant tbl cooking molasses; and heated it all through until bubbly. It tasted really good and DH loves it; this is great for a cold winter night. We had it in a bowl with a small piece of whole wheat bread. We use the chicken franks sometimes (instead of pork sausage) becuz they have less fat and calories yet still give the cassoulet a nice flavor.

My step-mother GRACE has to go in for another bladder scraping tomorrow AM as they found a small area with more cancer cells; rascal wasn't going to tell us kids becuz she doesn't want to worry us. We are praying that all goes smoothly this time with a quick healing.

We had cooler temps today of about -10 C the low and warmed up to -5C today with a light snow, but with the wind chille factor, it feels about 10 degrees colder here, so we have to really bundle up well.

So we got lots of walking in today, and ate well also. Am doing better this week; my weekend wasn't too great, but not really bad either. Still chucking along; and that is what's important, I think! Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow; take good care ... :hug: ROSEBUD:hug:

Here's a few pictures of our NATIVITY CRECHE and our decorations on our porch -- DH and friend made the manger and cradle box; I made the Joseph and Mary poster people ...

33933 33934 33935

12-09-2009, 09:21 PM
:wave: HELLO THERE ~ We have had a blistery snowstorm here all day long and got about 6-8 inches by the looks of it. I just stayed inside and did things like bills, writing, meals, and daily chores. Hope you all have better weather than we have right now ...

DH braved the cold winds to mail some of my Christmas cards and bills for me today; and picked me up some more stamps. I told him to wait for better weather tomorrow, but as men will do, he insisted on going. I hear a mule braying faintly in the distance ... ;)

Then he even went out and cleared away a bit of snow; and now he had to lay down becuz he is exhausted from that. He always overdoes it and then has to sleep, sleep, sleep ... but ladies, there is nothing you can do about it ... so even though we had planned to wrap some presents this evening, that will have to be postponed until tomorrow I guess.

Otherwise, we had a great day; it's very cold with the wind, but I am going to put my feet up with a cozy blanket and a hot tea very shortly. I hope you all have a great day tomorrow; and do take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-11-2009, 12:57 AM
:wave: Just wanted to say hello ... hello! I will return ... ;)

12-11-2009, 10:51 AM
Hi, Ladies! Sounds like everyone's been busy, even though there's icky weather in places (like here!). Just stopping in to wish you all a wonderful day! We're going out to go shopping in a bit, so I can replenish the pantry, as well as try to finish up the Christmas shopping. Have a great day and take care, everyone! :hug: for all!

12-11-2009, 09:55 PM
:wave: [COLOR="Purple"][B]HI LADI ...

hmmm ... seems somebody stole this post on me ...

12-12-2009, 10:16 AM
Hi fellow chicks

Long time since I have dropped by but I have had a busy time in the last few days. Tuesday was treatment day, Wednesday was trip to London, Thursday Christmas shopping and Friday was grocery shopping. Hey presto it was the weekend before I knew it. This busy week has certainly taken its toll I am tired now so taking it easy for a few days to recharge the batteries.

Weather today can't make its mind up what it is going to do one minute we have black clouds and the next we have brilliant blue skies :dunno: We have had no rain but you can guarantee if I do the washing it will pour down :rain:

Just finished watching a programme about 3 historians whom have turned back the clock in time and are working on a Victorian farm. It has done a previous series following them for a year but this programme is focusing on the the preparation leading up to Christmas. So they are preparing for the forth coming season by getting in the hay for the animals. The food they need to prepare. For example mincemeat was made last night as it tastes better the longer it is kept. Soap was made for the household chores such as washing clothes and plates etc. It is right down my alley this sort of programme.

I have had my head in a book any spare minute I have as I can't put it down. It is a book about a nurse whom was trained under the nuns. The first part of the book was about 3 people whom she knew who had been brought up in the workhouse. Oh it was dreadful the treatment that went on in there. The second part of the book was about a nun put on trial due to stealing goods from the market. She had been doing it for years but no one dare say anything due to the fact she was a lady a god. It was so difficult to say whether the nun had dementia or not. Or on the other hand was she clever at making you believe that she was due to her education. The nurse in question went to get something from a draw on the nun's request and to her horror there were expensive looking jewel. The nun then realised her error at asking a favour and became very agitated. Now the nurse was in a quandary herself whether to report to the mother superior or the police. Though she in the heat of moment promised not to tell anyone when the nun realised what she had seen. The third part of a book is about an old soldier the trainee nurse met and got to know over a period of time. There is not a swear word in sight (so nice I must say) it is not all doom and gloom as it may seem there are moments of humour of the antics the nurses got up to. Or the people she met along the way where funny folk.

we have just eaten for lunch some bubble and squeak with a vegetarian burger. When I say bubble and squeak this one has a high percentage of vegetables in it. we have then had some fresh fruit salad for after all very nice I must say. I hate to waste food hence the bubble and squeak. We see so much waste of food in this society it is shameful. There are many recipes to use up older food and it does not have to be fattening. With a bit of tweaking of the recipe it can be made healthier for today. I found this site today I haven't finished looking at it completely but what I have see of it so far very promising. Even if all of the recipes are not quite to our health plan I am think a few of them are good.

ROSEBUD :thanks: for looking after the board for us all in our absence. Wow is all I can say to your decorations of your porch you have made a fantastic job there and the nativity scene is the star attraction of it. You can tell how much hard work you have put into it as it looks wonderful. Thanks for posting the photos for us all to look at.

I am looking at your last post I think the cyber monster has eaten the best part of it the horrid thing :devil: I am just about on track I think for Christmas as I have now the present wrapping to tackle one evening. I only have a few Christmas cards left to give when I see people this week. All the ones that needed mailing have been done so this week so they should have them by now.

:congrat: to Numpster and :goodluck: to them both with their new endeavour. I hope every thing goes smoothly moving home and business. It is a stressful time moving home. Taking of stress I think the preparation of Christmas has taken a toll on my eczema. I didn't think I was that stressed out about it but I must be more than I realise as my eczema as broke out on my arm and my face. It is the first time eczema has come to my face which is hard to hide unlike other patches on my body. Oh well I can only keep up with the treatment which I know kicks in soon and ride out the bad patch. No good worrying too much about what others thing of my face as I can't change that. I will work on what I can do which is be religious with my treatment.

RONNI You sound as busy as myself at the minute and no doubt with having a young family you have much preparation to fit in not to mention functions to attend. I think for all of us whom celebrate Christmas it is a busy time to one degree or another. Compared to many ours is a simple affair more reminiscent I think of a bygone era. I think that has evolved really as I do not a have a family and my DH boys are grown up and live miles away from us.

Our weather here compared to yourself is positively balmy but this is normal weather for our part of the world. I was hoping that we might see a white Christmas this year but this is looking less likely. I really think the last time for me a white Christmas occurred I was a teenager of about 15. The climate seems to have got warmer but the knock on effect for us is that the white Christmas seems to have disappeared altogether.

Well no further news at present I can think of. So take care and hope to drop by tomorrow.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-12-2009, 06:48 PM
Yes, PURPLE, you are right ... a cyber monster did steal my last post. Lots of fun things have been happening lately. ;) I just came in to catch up on reading. Have to go put dinner on right now, but I'll try to come by later this evening to post ...

12-12-2009, 09:29 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we were really blessed today to have more :sunny: for most of the day and the temps were a bit warmer at -10C. We just stayed home today and did stuff around here; I think it is going to take me a few weeks to get used to these colder temps.

THANKS, PURPLE ~ I'm glad you liked to pictures of our decos; it took us about a week to get everything made, but they turned out pretty good for us amateurs. ;) You really didn't miss a lot lately, the site has been having some difficulties lately but they are working hard to correct them.

You do have a lot of functions to attend; we don't have as many as you do in your area. I can only think of one recently; not sure why that is. The only things we have are one community choir concert and maybe one dance/party over the whole season. A few clubs may have parties, but you have to pay to go to them. I have a friend that goes to a craft club but you have to pay $7.00 each week; and you have to pay for the Christmas dinner and an exchange gift too. That could add up to a lot of dough over the year ($364 + ?).

We spent last night wrapping some gifts, listening to Christmas music, and sipping hot cocoa; that was a nice way to spend the evening at home when it is so cold outdoors. I may wrap a few more myself tonight, then do some reading while DH watches his movies (his favorite pastime).

Had a good on plan day for the last couple of days; tonight I had a chicken burger with a nice homemade coleslaw; while DH had his beef burgers as usual. I think he would eat them every day if he could, but I limit him to once a week for health reasons.

HI RONNIE ~ nice of you to drop by when you are so busy; and it sounds like you are feeling a bit better too. Have fun shopping ... :hug:

Hope all you ladies have a wonderful restful weekend. Nothing special going on in these parts right now. I got all my Christmas cards done and sent out; only have the ones that I will hand out in person left. We will send out our gifts on Monday when the post is open again.

Take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-14-2009, 12:52 AM
Had another lovely day; light ***** in the AM; and gorgeous :sunny: in the afternoon. Spent the day reading, praying, writing letters, wrapping gifts, and relaxing in the sun. Had a really nice dinner: roasted chicken with lots and lots of veggies. DH has a flu so we stayed home; didn't want to spread it around. I did manage to get him to rest the whole day! We had a good day all round really ... hope you all did too! :hug:

12-14-2009, 01:18 PM
Hello from over the pond ;)

Whoosh where did yesterday go it went in the blink of an eye. I was bitten well and truly with my TOM which came with vengeance after months of being good ones. After a day with the hot water bottle a new day dawns and I feel heaps better.

Played postman pat ( postman pat here in the UK is a television programme for children which is very popular) today and hand posted my neighbours Christmas cards. I dodged the rain :rain: has we have had numerous downpours throughout the day. So I have been lucky to get out during a dry spell.

Going out later tonight to the doctors for my swine flu jab as it has been recommended (plus I am eligible to have it here in the UK only certain people are eligible either through age or health conditions. Although if you wish you may pay for it privately) So I am off to play pin cushion later as you see :D

Tomorrow is my treatment day it has come round quickly. I have not long finished our pack up for that. We have ham sandwich, zero fat yoghurt and fresh fruit salad. Talking off food I made a recipe off the web site that I saw the other day and posted in here. It was the one with bananas. I had a couple of over ripe bananas and cooked it in 1/2 ounce of low fat margarine in frying pan (skillet). Then to stop it sticking added a little juice from an orange. I served it with natural yoghurt but you could serve it with a very small portion of low fat ice cream. All I can say it was a very yummy dessert and an excellent way of using up ripe bananas :T I used one banana per person and I cooked it for me and DH. It could easily be eaten just cooked without yoghurt or icecream if you are really watching your portion control.

JJ123 I noticed that you had edited the earlier post that you made to here to tell us a little more off yourself.

:hug: Sorry to here that your Mum passed away very recently it is always very hard when we lose a loved one. Needless to say often our health takes a toll at the same time. :hug:

Firstly your doing the right thing taking each day as it comes. Plus on a positive note you have made the first steps in improving your own health. You have chosen a good place to start by monitoring your own eating and counting sugar and carbs. I am not diabetic but Rosebud is so I am sure that she would be best to advise you whether that is a really good programme to follow.

It is nice to lose X amount each week but I will tell you that on my own weight loss journey I did not lose weight every week but would frequently go in fits and starts. It just seemed to be my own way my body adjusted to the food I was putting into myself. So please never be disheartened if you do not lose for a week or so then throw in the towel ( oh yes been there so many times before on previous attempts) Hang onto the proverbial wagon we are in it for the long haul. The one phrase that kept me going throughout all of this was something I read at the end of someone's post on 3fc (sorry can't remember whose words of wisdom) "Being fat is hard, Being on a diet is hard, Being slim is hard choose your hard" This for me was my moment of dawning and I looked frequently at the positive stories here in mini and goal successes.

I to was a smoker and a very heavy one :o It is the hardest thing I have every had to do give up smoking so I know how difficult it can be and I know it is so easy to turn back to them especially during times such as bereavement. I was like a bear with a sore head for 6 weeks. DH and I gave up at the same time so it was like living in a wasps nest and trying not to get stung :lol: We both did it and so can you when the time is right for you again. You have done it before so know it can be done but like you know only you can do it when you are ready to do so. Like you I used to suffer from bronchitis which since giving up smoking I have not had that again touchwood. Although I did not have COPD like yourself which makes it difficult for you are you know on a daily basis I am sure you could write a book about that.

ROSEBUD Yes we have a few functions to go to over the Christmas period. Yes like you say the craft club could turn out rather expensive. It maybe an expense you may consider if you were working but when you are unable to work then it is a luxury you can ill afford. I think sometimes this is a concept that others find hard to grasp when they are working.

Sorry to hear that your DH is poorly I wish him a speedy recovery. Unfortunately it is the season for coughs, colds and flus and if you are susceptible to getting them then you can guarantee they will park itself at you door.

I watched the final last night of x factor which is the British equivalent to Canada or American idol. The only difference is that groups may take part and over 25's. So eventually they have a final 12 contestants, 3 girls under 25, 3 boys under 25, 3 groups and 3 over 25's. It is a little different but you soon get use to it. Next weekend is the final of the strictly come dance or the British version of dancing with the stars.

No further news or gossip ;) so take care fellow chicks

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-14-2009, 09:05 PM
HI LADIES ~ the temps were a bit colder today -15C but the :sunny: did come out to shine for us for the afternoon at least. We finally got all our gifts sent out in the mail today. We spent the morning getting them ready, and DH was the Postman Pat today. We also have a few cards that will be delivered in person too.

We have our turkey and DH's meat pies, so we are all set in that department as well (I hope). We are way ahead this year, but last year doesn't count becuz we had to move just before Christmas. This year, we had lots more time to get ready; so it should be smooth sailin' from here.

PURPLE ~ glad you are feeling better today; you've got a lot on your plate right now. Hope you have a good day at the treatment center tomorrow. Our life seems relatively boring compared to yours ... :lol: but we are going to go up town this week to look around for a few last minute things. I was looking for a morning that isn't too cold but I may have to settle for a calm, clear day instead. ;)

DH seems to be feeling a lot better today and so am I; it must have just been a 1-2 day cold for me (and I am so glad about that too). Think I'll put my feet up and do some reading for awhile; take good care ... Rosebud :hug:

12-15-2009, 10:25 PM
:wave: Well, I think our plans for Christmas are finally settled now, I hope. They kept getting changed ... first we thought we were having guests so I planned either a nice center pork roast and/or a shoulder ham, but then that got changed to a maybe; so we got a turkey to have anyways. Now we have an affirmation that guests are coming on Christmas Day after all ... soooo, maybe I will make two things ... :lol:

Now it's just to decide which two: turkey & pork; or beef or Ham; or turkey and a Ham? :dizzy: We have meatpies too as they are DH's favorite and he likes turkey too. We usually have meat pie on Christmas Eve; and they are big so we would have some leftover as well. Hmmm .... decisions, decisions ... decisions ... ;)

It's very cold here tonight: supposed to dip down to -30C overnight ... brrr ... gonna wrap up warm and put the furnace up, I think. We went shopping and I picked up some really nice books (at our second-hand store), many with a Christmas theme, so I'll have lots to read over the season.

I just finished a book by Nicolas Sparks called "The Notebook" which is a very touching love story about his wife's grandparents; a great book. Now I am gonna start another of Nicolas' books called "Message in a Bottle".

It was quite :sunny: and pretty out so we decided to go up town for a few things, but it was colder than it appeared (with frosty winds) but I was able to pick up some thick, and very long curtains for our livingroom for a song; these will help keep our front window and wall warmer. We just have to pick up some more hardware and rollers for the other curtain (only had enuff for one; :lol:). I think they will help a lot.

So we got some walking today and it's time to put my feet up as they are a bit sore tonight. Ate well today; but I did have a treat of 2 cookies for my afternoon snack but still stayed on plan -- kudos for that! HOpe you all have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow ... ROSEBUD:hug:

12-16-2009, 10:51 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ well, winter is here for sure. It went down to at least mid -20C last night; it may be colder out in the open though, esp with the wind chill factor, but it did warm up to -15 C during the day ...

We went up town to get our hardware and put our new curtains up; then we put the other ones (which were shorter) in our bedroom to keep the winds out of that window too. That took us all afternoon; it's a bigger job than we imagine it is. I read somewhere that good curtains over our blinds can help to keep the winds out and the heat in; so we now have a double layer on both windows.

We had wg spagetti and meatballs for dinner tonight; I also had a coleslaw with mine and DH had mini-croissants with his. So I got a little walking in today, but my poor feeties were still sore from yesterday ...

Time for my tea and a lite snack; maybe I'll go do some more reading for a while too. Hope you are all well; and that you all have a terrific Thursday tomorrow too ... ROSEBUD :hug:

12-17-2009, 06:59 PM
Hello all

It has been really cold here in the UK today with an icy windy :brrr: We have had our first snow fall when I say snow fall you need a magnify glass :mag: to see it :lol: Although there is more snow forecast and the gritters have been out in earnest to try and keep our roads open.

Tomorrow is our Christmas meal for the MS centre so will be going there for lunch tomorrow. If it is as nice as the year previous at this pub we are in for a treat. It is difficult finding a place that is truly wheelchair accessible with parking spaces that mean very little walking for the walking wounded of us. It also provides a lovely vegetarian meal for those people whom are vegetarian. It is a carvery meal so we go up to the hotplate for the fresh carving of the meat and serve yourself the vegetables of your choice. Although the first and sweet course are brought to your table by a waiter / waitress. People are very kind and aid anyone needing assistance to go and get food from the hot plate.

Today has gone in the blink of an eye we went to do our weekly grocery shop at one place. Then have been to the wholesalers to get mainly meat for the Christmas period when my parents are here. So gradually getting ready for Christmas day by day. I wrapped the gifts up yesterday afternoon and of course Rizzie thought he was helping ( I was sat on the floor doing this and he was just hindering bless him :hug: ) I must sit down at the weekend and plan the Christmas menu out. Then I know what I have left to get but also what I have to make. I will I think for Christmas day dinner make a very English dish I think which is trifle. Though it will be my tweaked variety of course. I am making it with sugar free jelly making some sugar free little cake to use in the bottom. Then put some frozen raspberries in the ones picked this summer. I will then make custard with skimmed milk and sweetener. The worst naughty I think will be the low fat vegetable cream on top but I put the thinnest layer I can get away with. Normally for our tea at night we have a mini salad we just make it on a side plate with a small slice of cooked gammon. So that cuts back on the calories after lunch. It is going to be a time for me to put on my thinking cap to find things which will be ok for my sweet toothed DH and my diabetic father.

ROSEBUD Thanks for keeping our thread going Rosebud but this month for me is rather busy and time is short in supply for me. Unfortunately today as well I have had a touch of a runny tummy ( I think this may have been the laxatives that could be the cause of that one once in a blue moon it goes above and beyond the call of duty ;)) I am so hoping it is well settled down because we have a meal out tomorrow as I said earlier. All I seem to have now is a little bit of gripping in my tummy but nothing too bad. :dunno: how I managed it but somehow I managed to fit in some ironing today. This was so my DH had his out fit ready for tomorrow. He is going in blue (navy ) cords with a white shirt and blue cabled jacket /cardigan. I am going in a purple skirt which my DH calls my cinders skirt as it is zig zag at the bottom, white blouse with a dark grey cardigan. The skirt and cardigan are both long as with be being reasonably tall I can carry it off. Not sure whether to have my hair up or down. I wear my hair up 99% of the time but on special occasions I may let it down.

Like you I still continue to read and at times it has me in tears not from sadness but from the antics of some of the nuns. One nun came to help a student nurse after she called for a birthing pack. They needed a second birthing pack as the soot had come down the chimney in the bedroom covering everybody. Needless to say everybody looked a funny sight so in comes the nun chuntering a bucket full about the student nurse not bringing her own birthing pack ( which the nurse had done of course but it had been left unsterilised from the soot fall). The nun stopped in her tracks burst out laughing due to the sight before here of everybody being covered in soot. She had tears rolling down here eyes and then she had to ask one of the children of the house to fetch a towel she was wetting her knickers from laughing so much. This in turn gave much humour to the children about the nuns predicament especially when she wiped her knickers off in front of them as if like nothing had happened. Then with a twinkle in her eye she asked the children haven't you ever seen a nun wet her knickers in the broad dialect of the Londoners (this is has she had been born and brought up in that area but in the nunnery did speak much posher)

You seem to have been busy like myself during this forthcoming festive season. I noticed at the bottom of your posts you have put single sizes in clothes :carrot: yeah for you and a new mile stone :carrot:

Well no further news and it is really getting towards my bedtime. I think I shall sleep tonight after everything that I have done. Bye bye one and all. Take care till next time.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-17-2009, 11:32 PM
:wave: Gotta get this message in whilst I can; I have tried all night to get a post done here. Originally, I came here at 6:30 pm and made one post on the CE thread (to which half disappeared on me). I tried to get over here and to the Canadian thread and couldn't; so went backwards, and saw half my post was gone, so I edited that to fix it up a bit. Then I tried to come back here and every time I tried to post the site would freeze up on me. :yikes:

Sooo ... in between, I started doing other things; made my tea, had a snack; put on my jammies; went for a few short walks; talked to DH; played with NIKO; prayed quite a bit for others who need prayers, and for this site which seems to be having more than its share of problems lately. :lol:

HI PURPLE ~ it's nice to hear from you again this week; yes, I know that you are very busy at this time of year. We decided to go out tomorrow; almost went today, but I had a bit of a bug and wanted to rest a bit today. If all goes well, we will venture out tomorrow; just to get out of the house really and to run errands.

We want to find NIKO a small bed as the floors here are colder than our last place and the local VET says that we should get our furry friends something a bit higher off the floor. He does have his own mat, but this one is much nicer for him and we hope it will prevent cold in his bones and muscles.

Yes, I have been keeping tabs on my sizes all along; I have gone down another size on top and bottom and that makes me very happy. Sizes was really my main goal from the start; I have always used that over the years. I found the scale just wasn't reliable for me; so I am leaving that up to the doctors, if they want to track it. I just know that I am much healthier and smaller than when I first started this journey, and that is what matters to me the most.

We had fish and tators with sliced tomatoes and coleslaw for dinner tonight; which is a new favorite of ours. Just did some walking around here today for exercise, but it all counts! Hope you all have a FABULOUS FRIDAY tomorrow; and do take good care of yourselves ... ROSEBUD :hug:

12-18-2009, 10:12 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had a nice day today; much milder temps -- it was perfect to go out walking. We went up town and picked up some great bargoons (saved lotsa $$$); with all these Christmas sales, it's a great time to buy stuff you do need at much lower prices. We got some new fry pans at 70% off -- now thatsa sale!

And we did get NIKO his bed on sale too (40% off); the floors in here are so cold and we got him one that the cover is 100% cotton and has a zipper so we can wash it whenever it needs it. NIKO loves his new bed so much, he has been lying on it constantly since he got it. :D

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend; take good care of you and yours ... ROSEBUD:hug:

12-19-2009, 11:29 AM
Hi and Happy Christmas week, Everyone!

Rosebud-:cp: for losing sizes! I find that my sizes didn't go down as much as I thought, because my tummy is very slow to lose fat:(. I'm still wearing 20's and 22's in pants and shirts so they will fit my waist-I'm such an apple! I'm wondering if that's partly why I'm struggling now. I want to be in new clothes and much smaller sizes, but can't get the belly fat to budge, so I eat instead-bad, bad, bad.... I'm so glad for you, though, that you're doing so well!:hug:

Purple-busy, busy, busy! Hope you enjoyed your Christmas dinner at the center. That sounds like a fun time. We didn't get any dinner this year from DH's employer-they cut it due to the economy (although they didn't cut any of the frivolous spending that management wanted:mad:). You made me laugh about your microscopic snowfall-ours is very macroscopic :lol: right now-about 16" on the ground and more coming tomorrow maybe. I'm actually tired of it already.

Hi to everyone else too! Hope everyone has a great weekend and is enjoying the holiday season! :tree::tree::tree::gift2::candy::candy::candy:

12-19-2009, 12:34 PM
:tree:HI RONNI ~ I know how you feel -- I am an apple too; my legs and arms are going down, as is my chest (drats), but the tummy seems to be a bit stubborn for some reason. We are not alone in this department that's for sure. So, I am now trying to concentrate on my mid-section even more now by doing toning exercises on my legs and tummy every morning upon waking.

We really think that it is helping; and I am trying to do some extra walking every day as well. I am trying for 30 minutes a day for now; and hope to increase that up to an hour eventually, but not yet. If I overdo it, then I pay for the next couple of days -- a doctor on the net says it's better to do a bit each day than overdo it, and either hurt yourself or stop becuz of pain.

A lot of people don't know it, but you can actually lose 1-2 sizes just by toning exercises alone; so they are more helpful than people realize. I experienced this when I went to a gym when I was younger. Even though my weight didn't go down after a year (I wasn't really dieting becuz they said what I was eating was fine), I lost dozens and dozens of inches all over my body and actually built a little muscle too. Plus I was able to get into smaller clothes sizes without losing any weight.

So I am trying to instill some of that knowledge into my lifestyle plan now; and I hope that it will pay off with exactly that: smaller sizes which helps me to keep motivated on this journey even if the scale isn't going down in leaps and bounds at present. I think NSV's like this are very helpful for that reason; you see improvement all the time then.

Maybe you could do some tummy tucks, some knee bends, some butt squeezes :o, some squats, some knee lifts, some girly situps, and so forth each morning and see if that helps in a few months. How about a trial challenge to see if you can lose just one size off your tummy??? What about from now until spring (end of March/April), to see what happens? :D

Hope you and yours have a wonderful day too ... Rosebud :hug:

12-19-2009, 04:16 PM
Hi fellow chicks

We still have a little snowfall on the ground and I do mean a little, more like you have gone along with a icing sugar dredger (confectioners sugar I think it is known in the USA not sure in Canada what it maybe called). Although some parts of the UK have not faired so well parts of Scotland have had between 2" and 6". Though compared to the 16" Ronnie has right now again this is nothing. Temperatures this morning was -5c :brr: (this is very cold for us) but did raise to just below freezing.

Today our washing machine has decided to die a death on me :( It will wash the clothes but when it came to rinse and spin cycle it would not do this and the clothes were stuck in the washer swimming in water. Here in the UK as I have said previously we have front loaders which have a glass panel in the door so you can see the clothes and in this case the water. The good old internet came to our rescue when I read if you took the drainage pipe off from in our case plumbed to the kitchen sinks water pipes beneath the drainer (OK I know now it is as clear as mud :lol: ) Then let the water from this pipe drain into a bowl allowing gravity to play a part and this will allow the washing machine to empty manually. This in turn allows the door to open as on our make of washing machine it does not allow you to open the door when there is water in the drum. Although it did state that German washing machines would still not open by this method. When the water had drained from the machine I pulled the throw-over out of the washing machine and rinsed it in the sink. I have then had to put it over the washing line no doubt it will freeze as solid as a board :D but it is better than rotting in the washing machine. I am hoping that the weather is a little better and it has drip dried enough for me to bring it into the home and finish the drying process.

I have since done some hand washing of our clothes and underwear. It sure does make me appreciate my ancestors who had to wash all their laundry like this week in and week out. I thought if I did some hand washing it would keep the washing down to a minimum when I do have the machine up and running again. So then I won't be washing for England for days to catch up. I will have to leave the big items like bedding and towelling but others I can manage. Good job it is under insurance the washing machine we took an insurance out on the big items that cost quite a bit to purchase that way no bills when they go wrong.

The meal when OK yesterday but they were not so well organised as the previous year when we went there. Plus they said we had not informed them that we required a vegan diet which was not the case at all. I think next year the MS centre is looking for an alternative venue. Ronni this was not paid for the meal by the MS centre it was something that we paid for. Though at £10 per person for a 3 course meal this is very reasonable. One other complaint we had was they knew in advance that it was a party of disabled and yet they cramped us up unlike previous year when I went the party was much more spacious. Most of us either have wheelchairs, or walking aids or are very unsteady on our feet to say the least.

RONNI :hug: Don't give up hope their is light at the end of the tunnel :hug: I know as we get older it is harder to budge that tummy fat although at time it may not all be fat. We tend to sag as we get older as the elasticity of our skin is not as efficient as it once used to be. So gravity plays it part then and things bulge and sag when we don't want them to.

You won't have to deprive yourself in your quest to lose some of that troublesome "fat" areas. Like Rosebud said it maybe tackled by doing some tummy exercises. Even a little tweak in your diet can sometimes do the treat. When I say tweak maybe shave 100 calories off per day. Or cut down slightly on the carbs and fill on vegetables. Just play around with it and give it 3 or 4 weeks and see if you have started to lose weight. If not back to the drawing board and tweak different things in your diet. Losing weight itsn't an exact science the same formula works for all NO it means tailoring it to your own needs and life style. That is what I found out along the way although I have stalled big time at present and would like to lose a little more. I will have to see what God has in store for me weight wise. I am not 100% sure what my body shape is. I think it is hour glass as my waist is quite defined although I do have big hips and I did have some big girls. Although since my weight loss journey they have shrunk considerably and are mainly skin now that fills my bra cups :dizzy:

ROSEBUD I see you sure did get some bargains on your trip in to town. It is an ideal time to shop for items like that and also after Christmas as you can save quite a bit of money.

Our Rizzie also has a bed that he sleeps on at night. It is situated at the bottom of our bed. The first that is laid on the floor is a mini sized duvet for dogs with a zip down the side so that you can change it. I bought a couple of covers as a change for the dog duvet. I also have on top of that something that is a bit like a sheep skin but it is man made. I lie that on top of the duvet. This cover also is washable and dries very quickly.

:carrot: I am really happy for your NSV :carrot: whatever you are doing it is working and you are going in the right direction. I know now I think about what I am eating and even though I have had a few Christmas parties with "naughty food" I have had a small portion but not denied myself. I know not so many years ago I would have eaten far more and have quite a few large portions of cake. Gone are the days now of this type of eating I think now much more. I know it means planning and forethought but it is all worth it in the end. I know for me planning is key to me staying on plan more and staving off the likelihood of me binging. Oh I am not perfect and don't get it right all the time otherwise I would be a size 10 :D

Finished the third book in the series of 3 books. I had read the first some time ago and had 2 more to read. I have read them both in just over a week :o I just could not put it down it was so interesting and an eye into a begone era that should be documented for others to know of their past and heritage. I have just started a book I picked up at a charity shop called Sisters in arms by Nicola Tyrer. It is a story of British Army nurses and they tell their stories of the time in army hospitals often near the front of the warfare.

No further news for now just off to watch the final of Strictly come dancing (dancing with the stars) and the last episode of Merlin of this series. So these programmes shall keep me busy and out of mischief for while. Bye bye and take care fellow chicks.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-19-2009, 09:19 PM
:wreath: HI PURPLE ~ wow, you have snow, and just a tad shy for Christmas, but maybe more will show up then. Yes, with those temps you are starting to see how it feels here ... :brr: ... cold! :lol: We get that kind of snow sometimes -- we call them pellets, but you are correct, they do look like icing sugar powder. :candy:

Sorry to hear your washing machine quit on you; but at least you were clever enuff to find a way to drain it so you could rescue your clothes. I have been there: washed lots of undies and stuff by hand over the years. You are right, it sure does help you appreciate all the blessings we have today.

Our machine did a similar thing only most of the water came out. Our landlord cleaned the out-take line as it was full of rust and lime crustations (sounds gross, I know) as where we lived before had very, very hard water. It is working much better now and that prolonged its life; we will eventually have to get a new one some day but not just yet. Good thing you still have a warranty on yours; so it can be fixed for you.

DH and I watched a good ole Christmas story this afternoon and :snow4::snowball:watched a comedy last night too. We have a nice collection of movies, so I told DH that I would like to watch a Christmas movie up and thru the whole Christmas season. We usually do this every year. Can't believe it's less than a week now til Christmas.

YEs, NIKO just loves his new bed; he goes on it all the time. Heck, we don't have to tell him to, he goes on his own. It is so funny -- whenever we look around for him, there he is on his new bed. We are so tickled that he loves it that much. It is quite large -- more than double his size, so he can really sprawl out on it. I think our boy NIKO is in doggy heaven ... :lol:

We had lasagna for dinner tonight on a bed of green beans. I had something a bit different for lunch today: I made a coleslaw with shredded carrots and slivered onions; and then put 1/2 can of tuna on top -- boy, that tasted really good. I will be having that one again for sure.

:ginger: Hope you all have a peaceful and restful Sunday tomorrow; take good care ... ROSEBUD:tree:

12-20-2009, 11:18 PM
:tree: HI LADIES ~ we were pleasantly surprised by a :sunny: day today; they had predicited otherwise. DH went to a Christmas party at his old church; it was jam-packed but he enjoyed seeing some old friends. I stayed home today enjoyed the day. Had roast beef dinner with lots of roasted veggies; and I will use the lefovers to make a cottage pie for tomorrow.

:ginger: We will be busier this week; have a few small gifts to pick up. A few more gifts for family and friends to wrap, then deliver; and then I just have the stockings to do on Christmas Eve. We hope to go out and see the lights this week too. The temps are supposed to warm up as the week progresses, so I hope they are right about that.

PURPLE ~ I heard from another UK gal here that it snowed again over your way; maybe you will have snow for Christmas if that keeps up ... :lol:

:wreath: Hope all you ladies have a wonderful Christmas week coming up; take good care of yourselves ... ROSEBUD :candy:

12-21-2009, 09:37 PM
:wreath: HI LADIES ~ We had another lovely :sunny: day today -- which is wonderful to match the frostier temps we been having too. We wrapped gifts for family today, and DH delivered them this afternoon. This AM we also spiffed the place up for the week. We may do some more shopping on Tuesday or Wednesday, but we're not sure yet. It will depend on the weather and so on ...

:tree: HI to all our friends who are very busy these days like VAL up there in Thompson, Manitoba -- long time no hear from you!!! You may have already left to go south to spend Christmas with your parents. We hope you have a wonderful holiday with them too!

And RONNIE, who is very busy at this time too! Moms are always busy, aren't they; goes with the territory ...

Plus PURPLE, who may be busy with guests already (like MOM & DAD)!This is a busy time of year for everyone, I know!

:ginger: So ... take good care of yourselves; and we hope you all have a wonderful advent week ... ROSEBUD :hug:

12-22-2009, 12:50 PM
:tree: Hello, everyone! Just taking a break while DH shovels snow again-we got another couple inches last night and more coming in the next few days. May not actually go anywhere for Christmas, because of the weather forecast, but that'll be fine with me. I'm just tired and don't want to be busy.

:ginger: Rosebud-I'll take that challenge and start being more diligent about doing exercises to help work this stuff off! Seems like I cut exercise ideas out of magazines, then forget about them and don't make the time to actually do them:o, so it's time to get busy (the right way). Hope you and your DH have a wonderful Christmas!

:gift2: Purple-thanks for your good advice! Hope you are enjoying your snow "dust"! Did your washer get fixed yet? I hate being without a washer, but we've been very fortunate that it's only happened a few times since we've been married. Have a great Christmas!

Hi to everyone else too! This really is my favorite time of year, even if it means cookies everywhere and pies and huge meals, but I have learned to moderate what I take in, so I'm happy maintaining for right now:D. Hopefully, I'll have time to get back here, but wanted to say "Merry Christmas" to everyone just in case I don't. Have a wonderful week!!

12-22-2009, 02:28 PM
Hello all and good afternoon

I have not long returned from my treatment of oxygen therapy I find I have more time on my hands than I thought I would as due to the snow the whist drive has been cancelled. I suspect tomorrow nights whist drive will also be called off for the same reason. Many of our whist players are well into there 80's and some we go to even in their 90's but due to their attitude on life they seem much younger in years.

We still have snow on the ground and it is lingering around as you said Rosebud we could have a white Christmas my first I think since my teenage years. I think the bookies (not sure if this is an English term but is is short for the word bookmaker a person who accepts and pays out sums of money risked on a particular result, especially of horse races ) may have a big pay out this years to the punters (gambler). You can bet regarding having a white Christmas well this is the closes we have been in many a year. I am lucky in the sense the road I live on is part of the gritting route as it is a bus route these are the routes that they focus on first other roads are done much lower down the pecking order.

Tomorrow my parents are coming for the Christmas period so yesterday was spend writing out my menu for the Christmas period. I made a little bit of cake yesterday with sweetener to go in a dish called trifle which we will be having Christmas day. OK I confess trifle is not the healthiest pudding in the world but I am making it has low in calories as I can. I am making custard with skimmed milk with sweetener. I am using a vegetable cream which is light variety. I am putting some raspberries in the base with the cake. I am making most of my desserts low calorie and food throughout the day so I think the odd treat here or there will not be too damming. I also have to go shopping tomorrow for one or two little bits and pieces which I need but not much to be honest. So I will be a busy bee for a few days now over the Christmas period with my parents being here.

We purchased an electric blanket on Sunday which has dual controls. This is great as DH with his burns does not sweat as much as we do or can. So for him he gets hot very quickly me on the other hand am the opposite. I have used the blanket the last few days bliss I must say and DH side is on but at a very low setting that just barely takes the chill off the bed but works just fine for him. Our previous blanket has gone onto our spare bed so it has not been wasted but this has only single controls so I have to pull back the bed clothing on his side so he does not bake when he gets into bed whilst it is warming up.

:tree: ROSEBUD :tree: We have a washing machine engineer coming over on Christmas Eve to see to our ailing washing machine. Lets hope it can be fixed there and then with something simple. Like you say a dose of hand washing does make you appreciate the things you for granted like the washing machine for instants.

Some of the tradition Christmas films are lovely to see again. Although I saw a new one this year called Prep landing. It was all about elves who prepare the landing for Christmas of Santa Claus in each home ensuring things like the child is asleep and sprinkling fairy dust on dogs to make them sleep. Oh it was so sweet and a nice one for all the family. I must be a big kid at heart I tend to love all the children's animated films like Nemo and Madagascar. Mind you as I recall my grandfather use to be the same when I was a teenager he loved nothing better. To think if he had been alive today he would marvel at the animated films of today.

Glad Niko loves his new bedding. Talking of dogs a friend of ours at the MS centre whom is a tank operator the same as my DH. He quickly brought in his new dog he had got from a rescue centre. He is about 18 months to 2 years and a Staffordshire bull terrier the same breed as our Rizzie. He was jet black in colour and very muscular more so than our Rizzie. His name at the rescue centre was pudding but our friend has renamed him spud. I think he has a lovely dog who seems to have such a friendly nature. He seems to have fitted right into their home the way he is with them you would think he had been with them from the beginning.

We have been both been good on the food front today is our 4th day on plan. We did go out for lunch on Sunday but we ate nothing we would not have ate at home had I been cooking, we both made a concious effort as it was a carvery to have sensible portion control. This place is somewhere we have never been before although threatened to go a few times. Glad we have eventually got there as the food was very nice and the staff kind and friendly. The actual pub itself is thatched so looks very picturesque and has an oldly worldy feel inside as well. I think a too modern interior would not have suited the pub at all with having the thatched roof. Today we have heated up the last of what we call lamb hotpot although it is not the actual traditional recipe served of course with a good dose of steamed vegetables.

:rudolph: RONNI :rudolph: We did have a little more snowfall I suppose about 1/4 " although some parts of the UK had must heavier snowfall than that causing havoc on the road with abandoned cars etc. The gritter have been working in earnest to try to keep our major routes open. I have already seen the gritter today on the way home from the MS centre at around 2pm. I usually see the orange flashing lights go past our home in the evening which is the road gritters doing their route.

Your welcome for the advice sometimes when you are in a rut you can not see the wood for the trees so to speak. I have been there myself and if it was not like for others here on 3fc pointing out to me some other options on how to move forward I would not have got to where I am today. It is nice I found when I had some things I could try to move forward in my quest to lose weight. You will find the further down the road you go the more you are able to pass on information to others so that they may continue on their journey.

Christmas is a lovely time of year though for a woman it can be heaps more work that can be so tiring. I have my parents over for christmas so I am chief cook ;) but I do have some willing helpers for the kitchen. I am the one who says we are having X for dinner can you help with preparation of vegetables , or making salad etc. Many hands make light work though never the less I still find it tiring. So I know what you mean that it might be nice due to the weather to have a quieter Christmas so that you can catch up on some well earned rest after you have been tearing around with all the preparations.

Christmas Eve is the magical day when hopefully my washing machine is back in full working order. I have been a few times without a washing machine although before I was a stones throw from a laundrette so I did have access to getting things laundered. Here where we have moved we are miles from the nearest laundrette so until it is fixed I suppose it is hand washing and then washing for days to catch up on the big items I just can't wash.

Well no further news at present and time to go and wash a few dinner pots up from tea. So bye for now and take care all.

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-23-2009, 12:02 AM
:ginger: HI RONNI ~ sounds like you are going to have a peaceful, quiet Christmas this year; maybe just what the doctor ordered ... :lol: You've been thru a lot this year and been so busy; time for you to take some time out for yourself now ...

:candy: Will continue prayers for your DAD; plus for you and your family as well. We also hope that you and yours will have a ...

:tree: MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!:tree:

Take good care ... Rosebud :hug:

12-23-2009, 12:40 AM
:wreath: PURPLE ~ that is great that you have found a repairman who is willing to come by and try to fix your washing machine on Christmas Eve -- now that is a good fellow. I hope you do get it fixed up; that would be a nice Christmas present for you this year.

Sorry to hear that your whist drive was cancelled; I know how much you love to go to them. I bet the others will be a tad bit disappointed as well; but I guess they decided it wasn't worth the risk to drive on the roads since they aren't used to the snow. We also live on a main throughfare, so our road gets plowed more quickly than remoter areas.

I think it might be nice to have a "WHITE CHRISTMAS" this year; some of the UK may end up with one after all. We found out today that we are having more guests for Christmas dinner; two more friends will be coming so that will make six of us and I think that is grand. We have lots of food so that is no problem at all. Yes, it is a lot of work, but DH is very helpful to me and I can count on him to lend a hand if I need it.

That is a great idea to make desserts that are healthier; you can often make them healthier without people even noticing it. We will have lots of food (esp lots of veggies and salad), so people can stuff themselves on that; and I did pick up a few snacks type foods, but we also have nuts and the like for those who want them. I didn't buy as much as in the past but there will be more than enuff for sure.

I do have an ice cream Christmas Cake for those that want it, but I plan to make a pumpkin pie and a crustless pumpkin custard (with sweetener) as a healthier alternative for those who would like that instead. Plus, I think I will prepare some of the veggies the day before to give myself a bit of an edge on Christmas Day; not so much to do then.

:candy: We had a good day today; the :sunny: came out and seemed to warm things up a bit for us. We got some last-minute shopping done today and wrapped some gifts tonight. I have been listening to some Christmas music on the radio and this evening has just flown by.

Take good care, and have a nice visit with your Mom & Dad ... Rosebud :hug:

12-24-2009, 12:23 AM
:tree: We had lovely :sunny: again today! What a blessing with these cold temps; it was a bit warmer today, but it was more windy. Didn't feel too good this AM -- am dealing with some side effects to taking water pills. Have to cut the dose down to remedy that; I'm praying it works for me. Felt better for the afternoon and this evening, so we went on our Christmas light tour -- and it was a lot of fun.

:ginger: Hope you and yours are having a great Christmas week; Christmas Eve is tomorrow -- wow, this year has passed by quickly. We still have a few gifts to wrap yet; pumpkin pie & custard to make tomorrow. Keeping it simple though.

:wreath: I have done well today; had a very light lunch. Had three small treats this afternoon, but stayed within plan ... phew! I hope I can do well for the remainder of the week, but I will have some chocolate. We are having more guests so looking fowward to that.

:candy: Take good care folks and do have a wonderful Christmas Eve Day tomorrow ... Rosebud :hug:

12-24-2009, 11:05 AM
Thought I just might pop in here as I have sarcoidosis which is a complicated disease. Mine started in the lungs 30 yr. ago but I've had trouble with high blood calcium and thus kidney damage. Very complicated. I've lost about 40 lb in the last couple of years with about 30 to go but I'm really thankful for what I have lost and not complaining.

12-24-2009, 04:53 PM
Carol-:welcome2: Nice to have you here! We have an assortment of conditions here, but are all working for the same thing-getting healthier and losing extra weight. Come and visit as often as you like!

Just popping in here to say :wreath:Merry Christmas to Everyone!!:wreath: Hoping you all have a wonderful holiday and that any extra calories :candy::chockiss::cookie: will be worked off as easily as they are taken in:lol: God bless you all!

12-24-2009, 09:45 PM
:welcome: CAROL ~ so nice of you to drop by our thread. All of us here have some special health challenges that we are dealing with but I think we are doing very well in spite of them. We try to find ways around, over, under, or through them ... :D

Just poppin' by to wish you all a ...

We had a busy day; made my pumpkin pie and custard; got my veggies ready; wrapped presents; had a shower; did laundry ... phew ... now I'm pooped. Just relaxin' now ... and restin' ... time for tea ... and ...

:wreath: May GOD BLESS YOU RICHLY with His PEACE & JOY as we celebrate the coming of our LORD & SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST ... :wreath:

12-25-2009, 08:30 PM

:welcome2: CAROL to the thread glad to have you on board.

ROSEBUD, RONNI, VAL, SHEENA & JJ123 I hope you all have had a wonderful day in you part of the world.

YEAH I have had my first white Christmas in about 30 years :carrot:

Take care one and all catch you all soon

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-26-2009, 08:40 PM
:wreath: HI LADIES ~ we had a busy Christmas Day with our guests. We had a real pleasant surprise; one of our guests is a self-taught musician and as soon as he walked in our livingroom said, "Oh, you have an organ!" He promptly sat down and serenaded us all through the evening with Christmas songs!!! What an awesome blessing --
to hear someone who could play so well, show me how my organ can sound with an accomplished player on hand ... I have to say that was our favorite gift of all!

:candy: Today, we just rested as I was exhausted and my poor feeties sure needed a rest. We did enjoy some treats of chocolate and nuts, etc but a few days on plan will fix that up, I'm sure. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time and DH keeps saying this was the best Christmas that he can remember ... ;)

:ginger: Hope you all have a blessed Christmas week and a restful Sunday tomorrow too! ROSEBUD :hug:

12-26-2009, 08:53 PM
HEY PURPLE ~ that is awesome ... I'm so glad that you finally had a "WHITE CHRISTMAS" in your adult years; one that you'll remember always! Now, you see why I say that Christmas wouldn't be the same without ***** ;)

Tonight, it is mild and we have giant snowflakes. I was just rocking in my chair looking at our neighbour's house across the road. He has a big tree in his front window that has lights that change colors all at once ... from red to green to white to blue to yellow, and so on ... neato!!! It's amazing what they can do now with fiber optics and the lights.


12-26-2009, 11:59 PM
I think I will jump in here. Didn't know it existed. Have fibromylagia although I must say it IS better since I have lost some weight (93 pounds - 80-90 more to go) and exercise 3-4 days a week. I try to make it 5 days a week but the winter is hard, even in Arizona. I have so not been good during the holidays. I am a T2 diabetic and have been off medication for 6 months now. Go back in January and I'm afraid she is going to smack me silly LOL. Thing is - I KNOW better and did it anyway. Why do we sabotage ourselves?

12-27-2009, 06:25 PM
:welcome: KAREN from Arizona ~ we are very glad that you decided to drop by our thread; the more the merrier, I always say ... I think that we all feel better with some weight off; I can't imagine that anyone wouldn't feel better with even 30 lbs off. I know that I feel much better and look forward to feelin' even better down the road.

Many of us are watching what we eat for health reasons but I believe there is no reason why we can't have a treat now & then. I know that I wouldn't last at eating in a more healthy way if I didn't enjoy what I was eating. I am aiming for 85 to 90% sticking to my plan which is balanced eating; portion based, plus also calorie tracking which I find helps me stick to plan a lot better.

Please do come back and post as often as you like; we really enjoy hearing from new folks now and then ... Rosebud :hug:

12-27-2009, 11:14 PM
HI LADIES ~ We just spent another quiet day at home resting today. We are having very mild temps here right now; had a little ***** fall overnight, but not much. Don't know how long this will last though ... ;)

:tree: Spent a good part of the afternoon helping DH figure out what was wrong with his dvd player (as I had given him some new movies for Christmas). Turns out there was nothing wrong with it; he just keeps forgetting to turn the TV to GAMES mode when using the dvd player. He keeps getting confused with the VCR which uses channel 3; so I taped a note to the top of our both dvd players as a reminder for the future as we go thru this every 6 months or so. It's working well now and he is having fun watching his movies, as we speak (write) ... :lol:

:ginger: We had leftovers for dinner tonight (prepared like a cottage pie, and then heated in the oven); boy, I am sure my stomach has shrunk becuz I can't eat too much or my tummy feels very yucky. We got a new kind of coffee and it has been ruff on my stomach as it is way too strong (I won't mention the brand); so I will be drinking Postum for a while until my tummy feels better. I also noticed that my stomach doesn't like spicy or fatty foods anymore; even just one small piece of shortbread can upset it now; go figure!

:candy: We hope you all are having a great holiday week coming up; take good care of you and yours ... :hug: ROSEBUD :hug:

12-28-2009, 10:44 PM
:wave: HI LADIES ~ We awoke to big ~~winds~~ and a major ***** storm here today, so we just stayed indoors and kept warm.

Somehow, I managed to catch a cold or flu bug over the last few days: had a dry, hacking cough which is getting better tonight: must be from all the prayers sent up for me (so thanks). Even poor NIKO was sick today; but seems to be better now.

Tonight, the temps have dropped down to -20 C and the winds are fierce so it would feel about 10 degrees colder than that. Hope it warms up this week, becuz I have some bills to pay! DH just braved those winds to go out and replace 3 burnt bulbs; what a jolly good fellow!

Hope you all are having a peaceful and restful holiday week; and do take good care of yourselves ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

12-29-2009, 10:52 PM
HI LADIES ~ We had another very cold day again today; woke up and it was still -20C with winds, but the :sunny: did peak out for a little while to cheer us up. A little snow fell, but I think it was mostly stuff blowing around. Too cold to venture out so just
stayed home and did stuff around here.

Back on track today; stayed OP; and very happy about that! We put the leftover turkey and trimmings in the freezer for future meals; gave the birdies leftover nuts and tidbits; tossed some leftover junkies (shhhhh); and the rest that DH wants for New Years has been put out in cold storage ... ;)

It's supposed to be much milder tomorrow; sure hope they are right as we have to go uptown to pay a few bills sometime soon, and my body doesn't like these cold temps at all! :brr: Hope you are all having a good week and back on track as well; take good care ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

12-29-2009, 11:32 PM
Hi, Gals! It's sure been a busy week already! Went to MN yesterday and got our "new" car, as well as having DS2's car aligned and new tires put on (it's been an expensive week too, you can see!). Then, today, had to go to town for plexiglas for DH's solar heater he's making for the garage, as well as groceries, since DS1 (my step-son) and his wife and 4 kids are coming for a couple days tomorrow. Going to be busy with the little ones and must do some toddler-proofing before they get here.

Karen-Welcome! Glad to have you here! I know what you're saying about sabotaging ourselves. I can't explain it, but I do have to watch myself carefully. I'm sure mine's related to my totally disfunctional upbringing, but God's helped me deal with that and I know He's helping me work on my self-sabotage also. I find that visiting with people here at 3fc helps a lot-more than I ever thought it would, so I really recommend coming here frequently:D

Rosebud-sorry you got one of the Christmas "bugs" that have been going around. Hope you continue to feel better. :hug: We've been having the cold, windy, snowy weather too. The roads are still really bad and on our trip to MN yesterday, we saw a lot of cars, semis, and even a car towing a camper in ditches. It looked like the camper had rolled over the car when they slid off the road, but hadn't heard anything on the news about deaths, so maybe it wasn't as bad as it looked. Well, take care and keep getting better!

Purple-you must still be visiting your parents, so hope you're having a really good time! I'm glad you got some snow, too!

Well, gotta go tuck in a couple kids-yep, they still like mom to come put them to bed:). It'll be hard next year when there's only one here to tuck in-I'll have to do it by Facebook or something-LOL! Talk to you all later!

12-30-2009, 01:02 PM
Hello all

It has been a busy few days with my parents here then yesterday I kind of flopped the day they went home. I think my body did what I had to do and then it just collapsed in a heap ( not literally). After a good nights sleep I am right as rain. The snow hung around for many days although we only had about an inch. Last night we had some sleet which I wondered would turn to snow but it did not materialise. It has turned to drizzly rain and looks as though it has been like that most of the night and the rest of the day.

I have enjoyed having my parents over and had plenty of help to cater. Unfortunately my washing machine is still what you would call poorly :lol: it has to have an electrical board fitted but he did not have any in stock. He did change the water pump hoping that would resolve the issue. No so luck but it did get rid of the smelly water that was sitting in the drum. Oh boy did it smell a week of stagnating in the washing machine did it no favours. Hopefully they will be coming tomorrow to fix it and so I should be up and running. Yeah :carrot:

I watched a programme on the Isle of Skye which is an island on the West coast of Scotland. It is the only island I have visited in Scotland although I have been to Scotland numerous times. This was about a gentleman walking 70 odd miles of the island telling you interesting facts and meeting people along the way. I would love to go to some of the other island in Scotland but they are remote not to mention many hours from our home. Not that there is necessarily a great deal to do their but walk or bird watch etc. I know many of the islands are a haven for bird watchers and some of the islands are not allowed to be used for several months of the years. This is so that wild life such as seals can birth in peace and undisturbed by humans.

KARENAZ :welcome2: to the thread glad to have you on board.

Like yourself I was glad when I found that there was a board that dealt with losing weight yet having health challenges to deal with as well. I knew they knew how difficult exercising can be sometimes and we have to modify the sorts of exercise we many do.

:congrat: on the weight loss that is great and I am sure even if you do not necessarily feel so much better it is so often much better for our health. Many may come off diabetic medication or have it seriously reduced. Blood pressure comes within normal limits and cholesterol follows the same. I did not feel hugely better as I was still in pain etc. What it did for me was allow me to walk my walking at the time of my healthy eating began was very restricted I was not sure whether to blame the MS or my weight I wanted to find out which was the culprit so to speak. Low and behold my walking improved vastly for several years until this year my MS progressed. Keep up the good work :carrot: No doubt you will find other health issues may improve with the weight loss as you continue down the journey.

Like Rosebud said treats are allowed now and again as part of normal living. Most of us strive for 85% to 90% healthy eating realising that for us 100% is just not possible. The important thing after your treat is to hop straight back on the wagon but not use it as an excuse to fall back to our old eating habits.

RONNI Like you I have been busy over the Christmas period then fatigue hit me with vengeance yesterday. Not sure what MN is as it is an abbreviation that I am not familiar with. Cars are never cheap to run what with the petrol or diesel not to mention parts it all rapidly mounts up. Then there is insurance and here in the UK we have to pay road tax which you display your tax disc in your window screen of your car. Then there is your yearly inspection of your car to prove it is roadworthy if it fails then to put it back on the road you must correct those faults. Ouch is all I can say that is all you need the expense at this time of the year.

I see you are going to continue being busy with your DS1 coming over with his family and like your say you will have to try and make your home toddler proof.

I did not go to my parents but the other way round for Christmas this is firstly due to the fact I have a bungalow and my parents live in a house and it is hard for me to master the stairs now.

ROSEBUD Thanks for keeping the thread going whilst we where all busy with one thing or another. Even more so as you where busy yourself with guests and the Christmas bug. (DH and his sister seem to have one at the minute nothing specific but both don't feel so well )

What a gift for Christmas day a guess that could play the organ and give you the Yule tide songs that we all know and love. I find it magical when someone can play a musical instrument like piano or organ. My cousin is an apt organ play but his father was an accomplished accordion (squeeze box) player. My nephew from my DH can play the guitar and is studying music at college. Me hopeless in that area but never the less admire others who have the skill.

Like you my tummy has shrunk since starting my healthy eating and over eating even by a little I feel well like you put it yucky. The one I can never figure the foods we no doubt adored the fatty or spicy are no longer tolerated :dunno: Not that this is a bad thing that our body rejects these sorts of foods helps us keep on the right path. Sorry to hear that the coffee has upset your tummy. What is postum ? is this an anti acid preparation? I hope the postum proves successful and gives you the relief.

:getwell: from your flu bug and hope it still remains on the mend. I hope NIKO gets well soon also. Our Rizzie was poorly over the Christmas period one day he literally spend the whole day asleep and barely ate a thing. Has the days went on he perked up more and more till he was back to his lively and boisterous self. Not sure what the bug was but he did not appear to have a temperature just generally "off it" Yes a good medical term that one ;)

Now time to go and make some sandwiches and just before I do I will run the hoover over the carpet. Our resident mess maker Rizzie is the major culprit mind you sometimes I think that should be changed to DH :D Although DH is more untidy than anything else and the best thing is he does not see that. I reckon he should borrow my glasses :dancer: and then he would see what I do :lol: Never the less I love him dearly and we all have our faults none of us are perfect. Bye bye fellow chicks till next time

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-30-2009, 11:12 PM
HI LADIES ~ we did get much milder temps today, so we did go out to pay a couple of bills; and we also picked up a few basic groceries while we at it. It is so nice to pay bills off after Christmas -- gives you a peaceful feeling.

The :sunny: even peaked out for us this afternoon; that was a nice surprise (as they were calling for clouds). So far, am OP and eating well today; got lots of walking in which I enjoyed more with the milder temps (did my store-walking today by going around the outside perimeter of a large grocery).

Made Creole Patties with coleslaw, green beans, and new potatoes w/skins for dinner tonight; this is one of our favorites that we haven't had in awhile, so I was craving it. It is healthy and we love it; should really make it more often though.

HI RONNIE ~ hope you have a wonderul visit with DS1 and his family; it will be busy at your house for New Years but you had a quiet Christmas so that's not too bad. I think we will be having a quiet New Years as we had a busy, tiring week already. I am feeling much better though. Sounds like you really dote on your two sons; are they a little spoiled by mom? That will probably make it much harder to see DS2 go away next fall; but you can still call and chat to him on the net. Do you have a web cam? They aren't too expensive and then you could see him as you talk to him on messenger too; maybe get that all ready ahead of time. I see you decided on the "newer" car and repairing the other one; not nice to have to fork out that kind of money now, but Merry Christmas to DH; I'm sure he works very hard and deserves it ... ;)

HI PURPLE ~ yes, sounds like you have had a really busy week with your parents there; hope you do get your washing machine fixed up soon. I suppose repairing it is a lot cheaper than having to buy a new one, as they can be expensive. Did you go to your treatment today, or was it cancelled for the holidays? I hope you were very blessed this Christmas ... :D Are you doing anything special for New Years or staying home and resting?

We had a great day and I did get some things that I wanted; I really had to rack my brains for my little list. One thing I asked for was a breadmaker and DH was fortunate and got one on a good sale the day he went; a pleasant surprise. It's hard for me to think of things that don't have to do with the house but they are nice too. I got a nice new hat; one that is fake fur but like DH's in that it is very warm and will cover my whole head on those really cold days from January to March. It did get some Christmas CD's, 3 DVDS (movies), and perfume, and stuff like that too.

Hope you have a good week coming up into the New Years; and do take good care of yourselves too ... :hug:ROSEBUD :hug:

12-31-2009, 03:59 PM
Hello Ladies

Took a jaunt on the scooter this afternoon did about a couple of miles this was a cunning plan to make our Rizzie a little more tired than normal since the year 2000 it has become the custom here now to set off lots of fireworks at the stroke of midnight hailing in the New Year. The fireworks display is worse in many respects than fireworks night on the 5th of November as every body starts at the same time. The only thing with November celebrations it is so much more prolonged. Poor thing is absolutely petrified it is bad enough getting him out in the dark with out adding fireworks to the equation. He is afraid of the dark as one evening when walking many years ago we got caught in an horrendous storm. There was this almighty clap of thunder that even made us quicken up our speed as fast I could go. After that experience he hates the dark not that you can blame him poor thing.:hug:

Unfortunately I have got my dates mixed up regarding my fixing of the washing machine (bah humbugs :D) and it is another week I will have to wait so will hand wash again later in the week. Fortunately my parents took the big items and washed them for me things like bedding. Sure does make you appreciate the washing machine this enforced washing by hand.

At the minute I am in the process of defrosting our fridge freezer which is not self defrosting unfortunately. The issue was forced tonight when I was taking things out that I will require on the cooking front tomorrow when trying to close the door no way was it going to :no: So food items were decanted into freezer in other room and rest into freezer bag. So I am running back and forward every ten minutes with checking the progress and putting new jugs or containers of hot water to speed the process up :yes: I knew this job needed doing but I was naughty and kept putting it off. So now it has come and bit me for not being more studious in my work. The only blessing is my second and much larger freezer is self defrosting. The thoughts of trying to defrost the 5ft freezer would be a nightmare :fr:

:carrot: Yeah :carrot:defrosted and food put back now. Also washed the towel that was used for mopping up the excess water. Yesterday I watched a film I have seen before but never the less I still love it. This is Miss Potter you may of watched it some of you before it is about the life of Beatrix Potter. Like I said I have seen it before but there are parts that I didn't recall. Then today I watched Chicken Run animated comedy which was about a group of chickens trying to escape the chicken coop. Again I have watched it before but many of the lines made to laugh never the less.

ROSEBUD We are lucky as far as the washing machine goes it is under an insurance so the repairs are done under this and no payment is required by us. This is a blessing as washing machines are an expensive item and this model is a washer dryer as I do not have space for both.

My treatment this week has been cancelled and it starts next week so I will be definitely be ready for my top up of oxygen. This New Year is a quiet one for us especially with the fireworks it is not fair to leave Rizzie with all those being let off. So we have it quietly together and it is nice to rest after the busy period of Christmas.

Today for our lunch we had a dish that is made with a tin of low fat chicken and low fat mushroom soup the condensed variety. Although you add as very little water as possible so as to give a thick sauce. Now today I fried off some garlic, onion and red peppers in one cal oil. Then added this to the fried garlic, onion and red pepper. Today I added the last of the turkey breast from Christmas but I have put in sliced ham chopped roughly into bit sized pieces. In another pan I cooked wholemeal pasta and carrots (fresh and chopped small for faster cooking). When the pasta and carrots were cooked I drained that then added the sauce with the garlic, soup , onions and peppers. Gently stir the mixture together until the pasta is coated and the meat (if used any) is heated through. I think this dish could be adapted to be vegetarian by using mushroom soup and using a selection of vegetables, like peas, sweetcorn, carrots and mange tout. This is a new recipe that a friend told me about and it is a favourite of mine now and so easy to make. I have made double portion so that I have enough for tomorrow's lunch :T

:newyear: HAPPY NEW YEAR :newyear: for 2010 and hope that we are all blessed with happiness and health for this forth coming year :cheers:

Bye and take care

:wave:purpleorc :hug:

12-31-2009, 09:29 PM
2010 ~ HAPPY NEW YEAR ~ 2010

May this new year of a new decade be a year of new beginnings, renewed hopes, new dreams, renewed health, new victories, and a year full of new blessings for you and yours ...


12-31-2009, 10:17 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NUMPSTER ~ on your big ... 50


:wave: HI LADIES ~ we had warmer temps again today, but then the ***** Squalls came with it; at times, it really looked pretty, but I just sat in my rocking chair by the window and watched all those crazy people going up and down in that crazy weather. One family actually went out for a walk with their baby and a little cockapoo that looked exactly like our SWEETIE. DH and I couldn't believe how much she looked just like her; it was amazing ...

That recipe for using up leftover TURKEY sounds good; I have 5 packages of leftover turkey and one package of chicken; so I could make that easily. I have lots of carrots and frozen broccoli, so that would go well with that -- kind of a Chicken or Turkey Divan, eh? Great idea; thanks! I did 3 loads of laundry today -- big stuff like our bedding; and DH and I just made up the bed fresh awhile ago. Glad that your parents are doing the big stuff for you at this time; that is a big help, I'm sure!

Tonight, we had pizza for dinner; and that was a nice thing to have for New Year's Eve. We are just having a quiet night at home as our Christmas was so busy. I called NUMPSTER earlier to wish her a Happy 50th Birthday and they were having a Fondu party there so there were lots of people there to celebrate that and the new year too.

We hope that you and yours have a wonderful evening too; take good care. I will start the new thread for the new month of the new year, so look for that tomorrow as well ... :hug:

01-01-2010, 12:55 AM
Well, it's almost that time -- so HAPPY NEW YEAR'S everyone!!! I have opened up a new thread for January for tomorrow ... see you all there! Bye for now ... Rosebud :hug: