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12-01-2009, 06:41 AM
Good Morning Everyone:sunny:

It's a chilly 1st of December here, but I'm giving it a Thumbs-Up. It looks like the sun will shine for a bit and I might get my bike ride in. It was so funny at the pool yesterday-I was at my water yoga class and we were trying to meditate while the Christmas tunes were blasting away. It was funderful. This morning is water aerobics and they'll probably be back to the standard elevator music. :lol:

We had a nice anniversery yesterday. Thanks for all the kind messages. We just stayed home with our furry family-after a nice afternoon walk.

What's everyone up to today? I hope it's healthy and happy! Stop by and chat a bit! :cofdate:

12-01-2009, 07:09 AM
Happy anniversary Debbie, sorry I missed it yesterday but so glad that you and DH had a nice day. :)

It rained all day yesterday so we didn't make it outdoors for any of our 3 recesses. :eek: My kids were great though - just LOUD and wiggly all day. They'd missed their friends and missed me and were all so happy to be back. Thankfully I teach a full day program so we've got toys and blocks and a sand table in the room. The kids love inside recess because friends from another classroom come into our class to play with them or vice versa. It's just the teachers that dread them because of the noise level. ;)

One of my friends and colleagues died unexpectedly on Sunday. I found out in the hallway at school yesterday. Linda taught kindergarten for years and retired about 4 years ago and has subbed regularly since then. I'd sure appreciate prayers for Linda's husband and family.

I'm playing hooky today to take Beth to the airport. We've had such a great visit. Last night we went to the movies in Bethel and saw The Blind Side. We were the only ones in the theater (9 pm show on a Monday night lol) so it was great - we didn't feel the least bit guilty talking about the movie as we watched it. It was really good.

Have a great day friends! :hug:

12-01-2009, 07:26 AM
Good morning :coffee2: Another chilly morning here. Guess I'll be saying that a lot for awhile.

Debbie - Happy belated anniversary :) Your water classes sound like so much fun. Have a lovely bike ride.

Heidi - Sounds like you and your daughter had a really nice visit. Enjoy your drive to the airport together knowing she will be back soon for another visit.
Sorry to hear about your co-worker. It's so sad that she didn't get more time to enjoy her retirement.

Today is massage day so I just have to make it through 8 hours in the office! Not a day too soon either, my neck is cranky from all the cooking. What is it with kitchen counters - they are the wrong height for just about everyone!

The meeting last night was very interesting and I'm glad I went. Most people there were very supportive. There is one small business owner in the neighborhood who is very vocally opposed to the shelter so now it's just a matter of waiting for the Zoning Board to decide. It's so sad to see someone spouting stereotypes and fears that aren't based in real information. I think she is really basically a good person but the homeless scare her. Don't know where she thinks they are right now with no place warm to sleep at night. The most interesting part of the meeting was the gentleman who spoke at the very end, by his own choice. He stood up and told everyone that he had been homeless for years though now he lives in the village with his family and owns a home. He spoke directly to the woman who is opposed and told her not to be afraid. It was a very powerful moment. While we wait for Zoning Julie is pulling together her musician friends to plan a big benefit concert. They desperately need money and volunteers so hopefully we can raise some of both along with awareness. We did this once before and I usually do the organizing, information piece and she gets the musicians. Hope we can pull something off.

Meanwhile back on the beach, I'm not going to pick a weight goal this month. My weight keeps edging up even though I think I'm sticking to plan pretty darned well. I hope that either something shifts soon or my doctor has some answers. In the meantime I know it's better to eat on plan even if I'm having scale issues so I'll just keep at it. Thanks for being here Chicks!

12-01-2009, 07:38 AM
Debbie, I've never heard of water yoga. What fun! How long have you been doing that?

Heidi, I'm so sorry for your loss. Many prayers for Linda's family!

Cyndi, the scale is rarely my friend as well. It helps to focus on a different kind of goal when that is going on. I guess that's good advice anyway. If I remember correctly from behavioral psychology, you're supposed to set goals for behaviors and not for what happens from those behaviors. Exercise and proper eating goals are directly under our control.

I finished all my Christmas cards this morning! I still need to get some more stamps, but they are signed, stuffed, and addressed with a special note in each one. I also got in a run this morning and did my pushups already. Laundry is done, folded, and put away as well! After I have my snack (red peppers and tomato juice - I AM getting those 4 1/2 cups of veggies today! - had an egg on a portobello mushroom for breakfast), I'm going to decorate the house for Christmas! YAY!

Have a lovely Tuesday all!

12-01-2009, 08:01 AM
Good morning! Is there any coffee left for me?

Debbie, I missed your anniversary yesterday, but I'm glad it was a pleasant one. I'm starting to get confused as to what side of the mountain you're on when I read your posts. You're on the west side right now, right? :dizzy:

Heidi, I have a sad ride to the airport still fresh in my memory. I hate goodbyes. :( I'm glad you had a nice visit from your DD, and hope it won't be too long before you see her again. That's so sad about your colleague, I will say a prayer for the family.

Cyndi, it sounds the meeting went pretty well, and I hope the woman who is holding out has thought long and hard about it overnight while she was sleeping in her warm bed in her own home. I think if people could only "spend a day in my shoes", it would make a huge difference in the world today.

It's a cold morning here, and the 4 letter word is in our forecast for the weekend. As long as it happens on a weekend, I'd enjoy having snow. :) We're putting up the trees and decorating this weekend, anyway, so that would be the icing on the cake. ;) I worked late and have to head over there shortly, since Cindy is out of town and I'm running the household. But I should be home between 5 & 6 this afternoon. The girls begged to go to the Chinese buffet after Cotillion last night, and I managed to stay pretty much OP, although I was lacking in protein. I really have to start buckling down, though, or I'm going to be in a bad place after the holidays.

My coffee mug is empty! :fr: I'm going to go get a refill and read up on the other posts. I hope everyone has a Thumbs-Up Tuesday!

12-01-2009, 08:03 AM
Heidi, prayers for both you and your friend's family.:hug:

Cyndi, thanks for taking the time to pass along your message. I hope it all works out; it is so important. Ahh...massage tonight. :cp:

If I remember correctly from behavioral psychology, you're supposed to set goals for behaviors and not for what happens from those behaviors. Exercise and proper eating goals are directly under our control.
Kara, quite powerful. I'm going to write that down. It's especially relevant when the scale no longer has such a rapid downward spiral. BTW, I've been doing H2Yoga for about 4 years. I'm still too heavy for mat work-kills my wrists. In the water I enjoy all the benefits without gravity. I have a great instructor!

12-01-2009, 08:07 AM
Good morning, Early Chicks, and thanks for starting us up, Debbie. Your anniversary celebration sounds great - just what I used to like.

Heidi, so sorry about your colleague. It's so sad for her family and for you and your work friends. Indoor recess! That sure brings back memories of my teaching days.

Cyndi, tell your back to get with it! I talk to my knees all the time - and then gulp Aleve. I hope that jerk sees the light about the shelter. Some people are a waste of skin. Whoops! I need my compassion meter adjusted.

Kara, you have so much energy. When you finish up, could you come over and decorate my house and do my cards?

Today is not as I had planned since the tub guys won't be here until Thursday. I'd planned to vacate the premises and shop but will do that tomorrow when I have to go to town anyhow. I will do some cooking and list making and might give a lucky dog a bath. The kennel always bathes them before returning them but Keith was sick yesterday and will do them Saturday while I'm off making meat pies. Disney looks very grubby so Jazz will be doing pet therapy this afternoon. Black fur has its advantages!

Time to plan my menu for the day, make some lists and have another farewell soak in my tub. I hope your day is calm and productive. Pace yourselves, chickies. Christmas will still come without 13 different kinds of cookies and real holly! (I had a major meltdown just before Christmas 1969 which put the whole thing in perspective.)

Edited to add: Cottage, you went to a Chinese Buffet without me!?!?! Next time I'll take the girls and you can stay home and eat leftover tofurkey - did I spell that correctly? ;)

12-01-2009, 08:24 AM
G' Mornin', Cottage. It is confusing! West side "thumbs up"! It's just a two hour drive and since I wake so early if there's a bit of boredom setting in we just toss everything in the car and go. Both houses are totally stocked, so we don't even have to pack a toothbrush (now I even have 2 bikes). We hang out East to be close to my Mom, but it's quite a stagnant spot. The higher altitude=less productive gardening, and much colder winters-but it's where Mom has been off and on for 80 years. Mom and I co-own a family business which she is quite content to run right now-but I always need to be close by. We're blessed to have a getaway. Have a great day! I'm always thinking Spring! How's Maggie doing?

Ruth, I love your new avatar! What a beautiful old building. How very true-Christmas WILL come without every single thing being absolutely perfect! I have a few have tos, but the rest is optional. I do what is comfortable. Meltdown memories are a powerful tool for change. Thanks for the reminder!

OK, back to paperwork!

12-01-2009, 08:27 AM
Linda, have fun with the girls this morning! I think a beach-wide buckle-down might be in order. I'm in, at least!

Ruth, how have your knees been doing? It's been a bit since the surgery. Hope they're improved! I must admit that cards are not my favorite thing to do. I actually started them Saturday and was just able to finish yesterday. I send out about 60, which is enough to be a lot but not too many to really exhaust me. I do need to order address labels. I say that every year...after I already have written all of the return address bits on the cards!

My decorations are up. Yay! (I really don't have that many - I think it took maybe fifteen minutes total to get them out and put around the living room.) We are debuting our nativity set this year. I picked it up in Wittenberg when the kids and I were on the Luther tour. It's just a little bitty thing. I would LOVE to have one of those hand carved ones but they are SO expensive! Maybe as a farewell to Germany present in a few years...

12-01-2009, 09:11 AM
Good morning, everyone!

Debbie: Happy belated anniversary! I'm glad it was a nice time for you! Enjoy water aerobics today. It's so chilly here that I can't imagine anything to do with immersing my body in water.

Heidi: Sorry to hear about your coworker. My prayers go out to all who knew her. Have a wonderful goodbye with your DD.

Cyndi: I hope the shelter goes through; it's a mighty powerful the message the gentleman presented to the board. Enjoy your massage!

Kara: I'm so behind right now that we haven't even ordered Christmas cards yet! I think I'm going to just send out "Happy New Year's" cards instead! Hope you have a great day.

Cottage: We got some of the four-letter-word last night and I'm waiting to hear on the radio when or if the schools will open. We had a new Chinese buffet open last week and we've heard rave reviews for it, but we're resisting until after the holidays, hopefully.

Ruth: I hear ya! There won't be any cookies or holly this year at my house, but it will be Christmas nontheless! Enjoy your last soak.

Me: I'm just sitting and listening to the radio, wondering if we'll be going to work on time or late this morning. We barely got a dusting of snow last night, but it did rain/sleet all day yesterday and we're not supposed to get above 33* today, so that may make for some slippery driving conditions. I've heard that we've already had one bad accident, so I'm betting everything will start up late today.

If I get to go in late, I'm definitely going to spend the extra time picking up the house. I had some ridiculous cramps last night and ended up spending all of my time on the couch or in bed. Otherwise, I'll have to wait until post-workout to get it cleaned up. DH is making chili for dinner, so I don't have to worry about cooking!

Well, the coffee's ready and some eggs and turkey bacon are calling. I hope everyone has a great (warm) day!

12-01-2009, 10:47 AM
I've read, but no time to do personals, as I've got a lot to get through today and need to get to it! I've got to spend the day looking at spreadsheets, and have a terrible headache -probably SB flu setting in, day 2, Phase I. Yesterday was a good, on-plan day, and I got a walk in. Today's starting off on the right foot as well with a walk and a good breakfast.
We got a terminal diagnosis on our Toyota yesterday (unless we want to spend 3K for a new transmission), so DH wants to go test drive the Prius today. I'm a little angry with Toyota, since this seems a problem with all Matrices the year we bought ours. We do have 150K miles on it, but I was planning to drive it for a few more years. I can't believe they haven't done a recall, since it's a serious and dangerous problem.
Sending positive thoughts to DD1. She lost her job last week, and has an interview today.
To those with scale issues, I feel your pain. No more scale for me. I'm going to get rid of my ticker (it's a terrible liar right now anyway), and follow Cat's lead with the sizes. First goal is to get back into my size 14 jeans.

12-01-2009, 10:52 AM
Happy Tuesday! I am the only one in the office this morning! Hopefully others will wander in later. This summer, our office power bill was crazy high, so we started turning off the AC at the end of the day. Yesterday, I turned off the heat at the end of the day. This morning, it was 59 degrees in the office. I have to re-think my energy savings plan. Brrrr! We haven't had the four-letter-word here, but this morning we had the 3-letter-word -- ICE!

My goal this month is to have more good days than bad days. My ticker is a lie. I'm scared of the scales!

Schmoodle... Sending positive thoughts for your daughter!

12-01-2009, 11:12 AM
good morning

Debbie - enjoy your day in paradise and Happy belated Anniversary. You are a newly wed. I have been married for 40 years.

Ruth - I had to check twice because I didn't recognize your avatar. Its a beautiful picture. Bet those doggies missed you.

Cottage - Can't believe that you have snow. We have set a new record here in my part of Ontario, the first Nov. in 70 years with no snow. yeah, hope they keep it away.

Cyndi - your story was so touching about the homeless man. We all should open our eyes and look at homeless people with our heart and realize that everyone has a story behind him/her.

Heidi - hope the kids get a chance to go out today. And just think of Christmas, your daughter will be back in no time.

Kara - you are one bundle of energy. When I read your accomplishments for the day, I am ready to go back to bed. And no I haven't seen the episode of Friends about confessing not knowing how to ride a bike, I actually haven't watched too many episodes of Friends.

Kim - Hope you feel better today and drive carefully.

Schmoodles - My daughter has a Matrix I think its 2005. I hope she doesn't have any problems because they just can't afford to have any right now. I'm with you on putting away the scale - its too depressing.

Chelby - you need some of those nice warm sweaters we wear up north.

me - spent the day yesterday giving the house a really thorough cleaning and hopefully will put up the decorations by Saturday. DH has to put up the tree for me but he is busy going over the grout in the kitchen with a tiny little brush, waterproofing it. Tomorrow, we are going into wine country to stock up on some wine. I just love the Niagara area. Bad start to the day, I had a banana muffin this moring which was not on plan. Hopefully the day will go better.
take care

12-01-2009, 11:24 AM
Sophie, I don't have any of those Northern clothes! You are right! I need some! :)

Here are pictures of my Cajun Christmas:

12-01-2009, 03:14 PM
Good afternoon,

Debbie- belated Anniversary to you glad you had a nice evening. DD2 is going to be one of the apple sellers and will also be a pocket picker. I went to Goodwill yesterday to get her outfit. Now I just have to find granny lace up boots for her and she will be all set.

Heidi- My thoughts and prayers will be with you and Linda's family. One of my guys at work lost his Grandfather today as well.

Cyndi- Hopefully the zoning will go quickly- good luck organzing the fund raiser. I am afraid to step on the scale haven't done it since early last week.

Kara- You are so much more organized then me, I haven't gotten my cards yet either and I still need to write the "Christmas Letter" to catch everyone up with ongoings- I make it sweet and short but it is for those friends I am not in close contact with throughout the year.

Cottage- Love the new avatar- the four letter word is in our forecast for tomorrow. 60 degrees today and then :shrug:

Ruth- Love your new avatar as well- hmm time to change to a more wintery avatar perhaps lol- have fun cooking today

Kim- be careful out there if the roads are slippery, I hate when the roads are slippery.

Schmoodle- sending positive thoughts for your DD as well and her interview today. I think alot of our tickers are lying right now except for a few dedicated souls who need to kick us in the behinds.

Chelby - tonight I will try and look at your pictures on fb- I think maybe you could just turn down the thermostat before leaving other than turning off that might help so it is not quite so chilly in the mornings

Sophie enjoy your day.

Tonight have to take DD2 to play practice and make sure they don't try to use me in the play- have a good afternoon and evening Ladies

little chick
12-01-2009, 03:16 PM
Hello- Hey gang.... Been missing you all lately and thought I would pop back in. Maybe set a goal or two and see if I can get my sorry self back to the beach. I am in hopes that my towel is still around under the sand somewhere. I am sure it will take me a few days to get caught back up on the beach world. And meet all the chicks that I have not meet before and catch up with all the familar ones I still see here.

12-01-2009, 03:26 PM
Schmoodle, sorry about your headache. I hope it clears up soon! Best thoughts to your daughter for her interview!

Chelby, maybe you can just turn the heat down and not all the way off? Loved the pictures!

Sophie, in that episode of Friends, Phoebe tells the others she never learned how to ride a bike, so they buy her one (pink streamers and banana seat and all) and Ross is trying to teach her to ride so he lets go when she's going well and then she realizes he's let go and she crashes and gets mad at him. The last scene of the show is her on her bike, with training wheels. Very funny!

Rose, what play is your daughter in?

LC!!! Hey! How's life? I found your towel when I dug mine out a couple weeks ago, so you're all set. :)

12-01-2009, 04:33 PM
Hello old friends! I am back! ;0) off to the grocery this afternoon to get all stocked up, then I will try to catch up!

It feels good to be "home" !

12-01-2009, 04:46 PM
Hey Rikki! Why did you go gluten-free? Were you having health problems?

12-01-2009, 05:15 PM
Hi Kara! I feel like 10000x better when I don't eat gluten... at first I thought maybe I had an allergy to it, and maybe I do just not as severe as I thought before...
I cut out dairy, gluten and anything artificial for a few weeks and man I haven't felt that good in forever... but for some reason I know it and can't get back into doing it anyway... so I mostly try to not eat gluten, dairy, and I am still trying to not eat the stuff I can't pronounce and splenda and such...

I read ultrametabolism by Mark Hyman and thats what kickstarted it. So much was relieved when I cut that stuff out- my back pain, mood swings, stress... it was unbelievable! and here I sit telling you how great it was and still struggling to do it!- I suppose that should be the unbelievable part!

I'll have to go back in and change my siggy soon...

12-01-2009, 08:33 PM


Does my tickie say 125 still? Cuz that's what I am. I've been a yo-yo. 52 days til Key West and 10 lbs to lose. Oy.

So I'm here! Working the late shift today at work 10:30-7:30. Going to have homemade split-pea soup when I get home. Mmmmm.

Oh and HI KARA!!!!!!

That is all.


12-01-2009, 10:07 PM
Kara - the episode sounds like a riot. Hubby here has always joked that he will buy me an adult tricycle. We use to see an older lady riding one around the neighbourhood.
Welcome back little chick and Rikki.
Going out for the day tomorrow.
take care

12-01-2009, 10:39 PM
HELLO THERE! I am back.... and so glad to be back.
Boy do I need this! :-)

12-02-2009, 03:13 AM
LISA! How are you??? Why are you going to Key West?