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11-27-2009, 08:09 AM
Good morning! Is anybody here, or are you all out fighting the crowds this morning? :D

How did everyone make out yesterday? I think Ruthie and I did pretty well, and she even tasted a piece of tofurkey and actually liked it. ;) I don't think she's willing to give up meat though, LOL!

We have plans to meet our friend Leenie for lunch today, but she may not be able to make it. If not, Jake and I are taking Ruth out to the famous Shady Maple Pa. Dutch Smorgasbord for breakfast and a walk around the Amish market, then just hang out here for the rest of the day to recuperate from yesterday.

What's happening in your part of the world today? If you plan to go out shopping, be careful!

11-27-2009, 08:20 AM
I'm in line at a store right now lol I'm soooo tired... when I got here it was like a mile long and I been here almost 2 hours :o I hope I make it out alive! :D

11-27-2009, 09:05 AM
Good Morning Cottage:sunny: Please wish Ruth a Good Morning, too. :wave:

No crowds for me, I'll let Cherry do the standing in line. I am going to a Denver Nuggets game tonight, but we cruise right in with Moms celebrity parking pass (handicapped).

It sounds like you and Ruth have a great day ahead! As always, Shady Maple and the Amish market sound like a great way to start a day. I did pretty well yesterday...maybe grazed a little more than usual, but we had our meal at 2:30 and that was it for the day. We did take a little siesta but then I gladly opted for a big pitcher of water. My Sis made my Mom a lemon merangue pie, which I had one bite of. Our highlight was when they were getting ready to leave. Sis put the pie on an end table and went back to the kitchen. The next thing I know, Bing was paws on the table with his nose in the pie! It was very tart, but he didn't seem to mind.:lol:

I got the weight bench in the basement dusted off and plan to go down for my mini workout this morning before everyone heads back over here for puzzling and a leftover lunch. Then on to the game tonight...maybe a little shopping..we'll see what everyone else wants to do.

Have a great day everyone!

11-27-2009, 09:23 AM
Belated Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

It's my birthday tomorrow and i'm miserable- nothing to wear and i've botched my hair colour. I'm not having the best run of luck recently! To make things worse I went to collect my birthday package from my Mum this morning and had to buy my weekly travel card- which I lost on the way. 25 GONE.

UGGG hhhhhhhhh.....

And people are coming to my desk with CHOCOLATE and treats! Help! Need some real motivation here!!! I'm in such a slump of a mood i'm nearly about to eat them ALL!

11-27-2009, 09:44 AM
No shopping crowds for me today! We are thinking about going to the French Quarter and just strolling, but not sure yet.

My oven nearly caused a catastrophe yesterday. It didn't want to cooperate. Had the turkey on for about an hour when I checked it and the temp on the inside thermometer I bought was at 200 when I had the oven set on 360. I hiked it up to 380 and crossed my fingers. The temp finally made it to 350 and I was able to cram every other dish I had made in there. Dinner was about an hour late, but at least it all got cooked and everyone enjoyed it ....whew. I WILL have that new stove by next year!
Then I could not find my torch for creme brulee. Luckily oldest son's girlfriend's father had one in his garage, so that saved the day.

South Beach had a holiday yesterday, but it's back to normal today.

11-27-2009, 09:57 AM
LOL Cat....hope you get your new oven soon!! I had the opposite problem...we have a new stove, and it's an convection oven. Normal cooking time was 4 hours, convection was 3. It was done in 2!! Ahhh, but the inside was still hot, even 2 1/2 hours later when we ate the meal.

Ruth and Cottage - sounds like a lovely time!! Hope you enjoy!

Cherry - You're a braver woman than I !! I considered going to stores today, but I despise crowds. And, there's nothing specific I want, so I would wander aimlessly.

Meelsie - Sorry you're having such a rough time!! Happy early birthday!!

Me - yesterday was quite enjoyable! I literally cooked all the way up until the guests arrived. Her 3 girls had a blast with my 2 was quite an enjoyable time. She's a person who loves to it made for a great afternoon!!

Unfortunately, I have to work. My husband has been DYIN' to go on a train trip. DOn't ask why. So, he's taking the kids on the train to Harrisburg and back again, while I'm working. That's an hour to get the train, 2 hours to Harrisburg, and back again. That's 6 hours of traveling!! I'm hoping they like it more than I think they will....for daddy's sake....

Have a great "weekend after"!

11-27-2009, 12:18 PM
Hello all :coffee2: It's just about time for a second pot here :o

Cottage & Ruth - Hope your weather is better than ours. The Amish market sounds like fun.

Cherry - Good luck making it out in one piece!

Debbie - My former MIL has a great picture of a post dinner turkey carcass with a cat butt sticking out. That cat wasn't giving that up even when she got caught ;)
I'm looking for a legal recipe for a tart dessert for Christmas. Being Italian there will be lots of heavy, rich foods so something tart would be perfect.
You may motivate me with that weight bench. I picked up a set of free weights from Freecycle this summer and was about to start using them when my back acted up. I'm a little nervous about it now. Just need to read, read,read and make sure my posture is good. Thanks for the kick ;)

meelsie - What a frustrating day :( Hope the birthday looks up. Can you use a temporary color to correct your hair? I've had to do that before and it worked pretty well.

Cat - Sounds like the meal was fabulous and everything came together. I know you enjoyed the day with the family :)

Twynn - Hmm, you might have the easier day ;) Hope they enjoy their trip and your work day whizzes by.

Our dinner yesterday was great and completely on plan! I modified Kalyn's pumpkin cheesecake. Made 1/2 a recipe with agave and no crust. I also made it less sweet and used more spice (of course!). It was so good! We resisted the urge to have seconds. We have enough leftovers for another meal and extras. The cauliflower worked well with the immersion blender and my cranberry apple pecan relish was a hit. I don't need to spend another full day cooking any time soon but we enjoyed it.

This morning was the big Windham County Reads book sale I look forward to every year. They get leftover books from a booksellers convention and sell them all at half off cover. All the proceeds go to their operating budget and I get some nice gifts and a thing or two for me ;) Shopping is easy around here. It is definitely not a Black Friday destination or even on the way to one. We had a quiet breakfast out then dropped in the Co-op and book sale. Now we are home for the weekend :)

Hope your day is fun and enjoyable, whatever that means for you today :)

11-27-2009, 12:39 PM
Good morning,

Congratulations, looks like everyone made it thru with flying colours.

Nothing much on the agenda here. I have the oven on clean and making a list of things to make for Christmas, its about time. DH is away at a Christmas luncheon with former coworkers and its nice to have some time to myself. Staying away from the scale is killing me but I have been OP
take care

11-27-2009, 03:07 PM
:wave: *** BURP ** and worth it..... :wave:

11-27-2009, 03:45 PM
:wave: Ruthie! Aren't you supposed to be taking a nap? :D