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11-25-2009, 08:01 AM
I am in need of a lot of help/support! I exercise daily, and with my job I am very exercise is definitly not a problem. I actually work at a gym, but I need to lose this extra weight.

My diet consists of whatever is most convenient and cheap, which we all know is not good. And another problem is that I can never stop eating, I seem to be a bottomless pit!

I don't necessarily want to be on a "diet" but I want to start eating healthier to lose these extra pounds (20 to be exact). But my problem is I don't know where to start! I need to buy foods that won't kill my bank account but still manage to be healthy at the same time. Also, foods that will fill me up more so that I don't over eat.

Anyone have any advice?
Thanks in advance!

11-25-2009, 08:50 AM
Hi! :wave:

Since you work at a gym, could you ask one of the trainers to give you a sample food program? Often they have these as printouts, and it would give you a starting point for seeing what kinds of foods you could think about.

Convenient and cheap can be real killers, because most convenience foods and cheap foods rely heavily on carbohydrates and oil.

Think more in terms of protein-containing foods like lowfat cottage cheese, 1% milk, lowfat string cheese, tuna packed in water, eggs... You may find that these foods satisfy you more than convenience foods. Consider packing your lunch instead of eating out. Make pizza off limits for awhile and find other things to eat... Also, reduce your intake of refined sugar and carbohydrates. If nothing else, switch to "diet" sodas and drinks--it's a start.

Good luck!


11-25-2009, 01:10 PM
I have a personal motto - food can be 2/3 of the following: Convenient, cheap, and healthy. You can have convenient healthy food, but it isn't cheap. You can have cheap, convenient food, but it isn't healthy. You can have cheap, healthy food...but it isn't always convenient!

But, if you're willing to do some prep work ahead of time, you can use the times you're less busy to prep a whole lot of meals for when you need something fast. So, for example, make a big pot of soup (soup veggies like carrots, celery, and onion tend to be cheap, beans and grains are fairly inexpensive when tried) or chili and freeze it in individual portions. When you're on the go and need lunch or dinner, it's waiting for you with no more effort than firing up the microwave, but is so much cheaper and healthier.

I buy produce and prep it in bulk, then refrigerate or freeze until needed. I've been known to buy 4 or 5 butternut squash, peel them all, chop into cubes, and throw in the freezer...when they're ready like that, it takes 20 minutes to make a pot of butternut squash soup by simmering with onion, spices, and chicken stock and throwing in the blender to puree. That, with a toasted sandwich (some light bread, turkey or chicken, maybe some kind of roasted red pepper spread or etc) can be a great meal. If you buy your veggies in season and when they are on sale, you can get great prices and have enough that you can prep ahead, making future meals much faster to prepare.

So if you want healthy, you'll probably have to sacrifice a little, either in the cheapness or the convenience of the food. But I's worth it! And not only that, but I think food tastes a LOT better when you know you've put some work into making it delicious. For me, that's one of the greatest pleasures in life...searching out good ingredients that fit into my budget and turning them into something fantastic.

Thighs Be Gone
11-25-2009, 01:19 PM
I like the bulk bins--quinoa, oats, raw almonds, brown rice. They tend to be much cheaper than packaged varieties and are loaded with good things--they are filling and can be kept on hand. Raw almonds are incredibly filling. You need only eat 15 or so of them to tide you over--they have healthy fats that will satiate you too so you will tend to overeat less.

As far as cheap proteins--I like canned tuna, nonfat plain yogurt and egg whites.

Produce can get pricey but take advantage of what is in season and what is on sale. Check Asian markets. Some of their things are extremely cheap compared to other markets---fish and fresh herbs consistently!

You can do this and yep, on a budget too. Take advantage of those professionals around you. If they have the body you want I would SO be tapping them for information!

p.s. You have probably heard it before but JOURNAL those foods--meausure foods accurately and stay the heck away from restaurants. While some of the foods you are eating may seem "cheap" now--you will likely pay for it in the future. I remember this each and every time I am tempted. Keep some things in your purse--baggies of almonds or whole grain cereal or whatever. If you are out and about you will have something! If you must eat out -- Subway makes a good salad--hold the cheese and the dressings--ask for red vinegar (no oil) instead.