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11-23-2009, 03:09 AM
Hey all!

Just a quick question. I need to start eating breakfast. I am not a breakfast person. I am going to eat peanut butter on toast and an apple on the drive to work. Can I drink slim-fast or a protein shake in the morning? Will it rev up my metabolism? And get my day started right? Any suggestions on breakfast I eat on the drive to work?? Right now I am not ready to do the breakfast routine. Eventually, when I get used to it, I might go to a traditional breakfast. Thanks for any help!! :carrot:

11-23-2009, 03:24 AM
I like Naked Juice smoothies. Easy on-the-go breakfast you can drink, but it's also really filling.

11-23-2009, 03:37 AM
Three times a week on the days I swim I drink an EAS high protein (17 gr. and 110 calories) drink before I leave the house. I haven't noticed it changes anything as far as weight loss.

11-23-2009, 03:45 AM
Thanks for your responses! I was wondering since we are to eat breakfast to rev up the metablosim..does liquid do the same as solid food in the morning as far as start the metabolism to burning? Thanks again!!

11-23-2009, 08:04 AM
I've heard that the body doesn't register calories from liquid when it comes to "feeling full" and getting rid of the hunger feeling. Obviously you consume the calories and your body will burn them, but it seems to miss out on the same brain connection you get with eating solid food. Could be a complete bunch of blather too. :lol: I know if I only "drink" my breakfast, it certainly doesn't last very long.

I'd say grab something solid, the pb toast and apple sounds great. If you want to add some extra protein, you can try a protien shake but Slim-Fast has always been a waste of money IMO. The reason I say this is because you can buy Carnation Instant breakfast mix and add it to skim milk for much less than Slim-Fast costs, yet you get the same amount of nutrition.

11-23-2009, 08:12 AM
Hey! :wave:

Having something for breakfast is a good thing, and it will help get your metabolism going. What you eat is up to you--it doesn't have to be traditional. i like your idea of PB and toast. Not sure I could have an apple that early, but if it works for you, do it.

For a shake, I like to mix some whey protein powder into milk. That's quick and easy. If you care to go the blender route, you can use 1 cup milk, 1 whole egg, and 1/3 banana cut up, or some frozen strawberries. I like to have a few nuts on the side with the shake.


11-23-2009, 08:21 AM
Yoghurt is my favourite fast and easy breakfast. I blitz it with fruit to make it into a drink sometimes. I never used to eat breakfast, and I found the habit quite hard to develop. I still have quite a small breakfast, and hobbit-like, have another small breakfast at morning tea time. I'm not sure whether it helps metabolism-wise, but it does make me more functional in the morning, and stops me from being sooo ravenous at lunch time.

11-23-2009, 02:02 PM
A breakfast shake is perfectly fine. I find I'm hungrier earlier than if I eat something solid in the morning, but your mileage may vary.

I would suggest investing in some high quality protein powder (I use Optimum Nutrition whey protein, but there are lots of good whey proteins on the market) instead of something like Slim-Fast, which has a lot of added sugar. Here's my favorite recipe:

1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1/2 C. milk
1/2 water
1 Tbsp. peanut butter
1/2 banana (frozen)
5 ice cubes

Blend together and enjoy. It's pretty filling and gives you a decent amount of quality calories to start your day.

diabetic z
11-23-2009, 02:32 PM
I have been eating a liquid breakfast for sometime now. Especially since I exercise in the mornings and don't like burping up my breakfast while I workout. I also find that making my own shake allows me to customize it to my taste and dietary needs (low carb & low sugar). Plus, it is cheaper than buying ready made drinks/shakes. The only ready made drink I buy is Muscle Milk Light. If my workout last for more than an hour, then I will take a break, drink the Muscle Milk Light and continue with my exercise. As for revving up your metabolism, my experience has been modifying my meals and staying consistent. In the past, prior to dieting and being diagnosed with diabetes, I would eat the traditional three meals. Occasionally, it might be only two or sometimes one. But since changing my lifestyle, I have stuck with the following pattern. Breakfast, Mid-Morning Snack, Lunch, Mid-Afternoon Snack, Dinner, and on occasion an After-Dinner Snack (when my blood glucose levels are really low). This has helped to increase my metabolism and keep it elevated. It also spreads my calories out over more meals and keeps me satiated. I no longer binge like I did before my diet.

11-24-2009, 12:37 AM
Thanks everyone for the responses! I am ready to start the whole breakfast thing...just need to make a lis and hit the grocery store! Thanks again!

11-24-2009, 02:35 AM
I mentioned I drink EAS strawberry; it's only 110 calories and mostly protein, but it is expensive, about 5.99 for four. Walmart has it a little cheaper.

11-24-2009, 01:23 PM
I drink some kind of shake in the morning, I buy them in bulk at Sams. A little pricier than the powder, but I found that I couldn't get the powder to dissolve very well and I hated the powderiness in my drink... blech. It's also much faster for me to grab & go, so I don't mind paying for that convenience. I actually drink a protein shake (like slimfast, but I switch it up sometimes), and eat a protein bar, like cliff, luna, marathon, zone perfect, etc. You have to be careful though because some of them have quite a bit of sugar. I find that the combo of liquid and bar keeps me full until lunch time, but if I get hungry early I might eat a couple almonds to hold me over.

I like this because it gives me a consistent start to my day, every day. Lunch and dinner are more varied... breakfast is just very utilitarian. Mostly because I'm always getting ready and running out of the door to get to work every day. I am not one of those people who get up hours before they have to leave.