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11-16-2009, 11:36 AM
OK, the site was down for DAYS! Made me positively crazy since I can't get to facebook from work. Hopefully this was not the death knell for our great LAWL group. Come back! Come back! (Titanic reference)

This weekend was OK, food-wise. I felt crappy on Saturday, so I didn't really eat much. Yesterday I felt fine. Very odd.

I just found out that a friend of ours from Jamaica was killed in a car accident on Thursday night. So terribly sad - he has 2 small children too. Life is just too short for some.

Barb - I'm glad that DD is seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. It is amazing how far off track the body can get - and how long it can take to get back to normal. I had a friend who slipped down a set of stairs on ice and broke his coccxyx (sp? - i.e. tailbone) and he got very ill - very much like your DD. He finally got back on track by going completely gluten-free and dairy free. It took about a year, but he got better and now eats a normal diet. Both of you hang in there!

Yet again looking forward to weigh-in tomorrow. This journalling thing really helps! LOL.

11-16-2009, 11:38 AM
morning all. down another pound. :) still on the exercise bandwagon. have been for over 6 months now. yay to me!

11-16-2009, 11:39 AM
You got that right Jillian - YAY YOU!

Repo girl
11-16-2009, 12:44 PM
Kim- So sorry about your friend, how sad.

Jillian- Good job! You are rocking the house, as usual.

I am still exercising everday, getting my water in, and being extremely mindful of carbs. I am hoping for a loss tomorrow!

11-16-2009, 12:47 PM
Yes the site is back up again! I couldn't get here either for days and when it did load a couple of times it was all jumbled up and weird looking.

Windy and chilly here today but no snow so I'll take it. It poured like crazy for half the day yesterday. The drops were huge and it was a hard downpour.

Today just did a couple of errands and now back home waiting to see if my ex decides to come and get the dog today or not. He should have yesterday but he never showed and didn't call or text or anything. So we'll see if he shows up after he is done work.

Time for me to start the job search again. Severance time almost up so I need to get back on the wagon again. I am kinda getting tired of being home alone every day now so I hope I can find something even if it has to be temporary until something better comes along. I miss seeing people. I don't miss my old workplace though even one little bit. The people I worked with - yes but not the place itself. I didn't realize how stressful it was and how bad off I was until I didn't have to go there every day.

Diet hasn't been too bad. Not perfect but not bad either. I need to get more exercise in again though. Been slacking in that area again. It's so hard to start once you stop isn't it?

Well, hope everyone has a good monday...I'll check in later.


11-16-2009, 12:48 PM
Jillina- Congratulations are your pound loss and for keeping up the exercise

Kim- great job on the journaling and so sorry to hear about your friend.

Hope everyone is doing well. I am not looking forward to weighing in. I did rake leaves all weekend and my arms are sore so I am positive about the exercise. Also I did not eat any Birthday Cake however I did drink a frozen yogurt shake and not get in my water for the past week. So not positive about that.

Mama Nicole
11-17-2009, 01:07 AM
Hi girls.

Sorry I have been MIA. Life has kind of been a whirlwind...lots going on, but it's all good. I was kind of off plan the last week or so, but did very well today. I may WI for the 100 pound challenge tomorrow......we'll see. TOM is killer this month. Anyway, just wanted to check in so ya'll didn't think I was a gonner forever :)
P.S. I don't really say y'

11-17-2009, 10:04 AM
Hi girls.

Anyway, just wanted to check in so ya'll didn't think I was a gonner forever :)
P.S. I don't really say y'

Sure you do, you big hick!

Good to hear from you. Don't make us hunt you down!

11-17-2009, 12:40 PM
I'm down another 2#. Very happy with that. I have the ability to do this, it just takes willpower! I think that this low-grade headache that I have had fo a few days has scared me straight (I'm pretty sure it is a tension headache - eminating from my neck up). I just don't want to feel crappy anymore. I have always felt that despite being obese (wow - first time I've admitted THAT!) I was healthy. Who have I been kidding (me apparently). I am not healthy, just because I do not have any discernible disease or ailment does not make it OK to be overweight. I actually have been pretty lucky that I do NOT have any illness. Time to stop taking that for granted and take care of this body that I have.

OK, rant over. Sometimes I just feel that if I put it in writing, I make it so.

Now... 6 lbs to make my Thanksgiving for Florida goal. We leave next Wed. That may not be feasible, but I will try! A friend of a friend is letting us use her house in Vero Beach.

11-17-2009, 01:08 PM
great job kim! keep it up!

11-17-2009, 03:47 PM
Kim, Even if you are only down a pound or two more, you'll feel better. Just a few pounds does wonders for my overall feeling of how I'm doing. Of course right now I'm a few pounds up, so I need to get my act together and start putting my health as a priority, since I've not been doing that. My DD started taking some remedies from the naturopath that I took her to, as the naturopath had thought she was having gall bladder difficulties, which does fit into the symptoms that she was having, but the doctors I think have to have things way out of whack before they do anything and then it is generally remove your gall bladder... anyway since she started taking the remedy, her energy level is much improved. She is resuming her life again in many minor but significant ways. It is great that she can start to deal with all those things herself since she was at the point where she could not personally deal with putting on socks for awhile there and needed someone to do it for her. Thank the Lord for her boyfriend. He has been the best. Between him and I we got her through... I just hope now that she is recovered enough to start school again in January. Thankfull she has a some time to continue to get better before then.

Yesterday was our 24th wedding anniversary. We didn't do much... well at least not much that was fun. I went and had a minor surgery done on my toe nail. So that kind of put a damper on anything too much fun last night... although we did manage to go out for a short dinner, which was more soup and one appetizer before I felt that I just needed to go home. I'm sort of out of commision for a few days until the toe heals up. I just thought I might as well take care of any little medical things now that the medical deductible has been hit due to the kid's medical problems (I have a 3000$ deductible!)

So anyway, at least today and tomorrow are going to be no exercise for me that involves your toe (which is pretty restrictive, but I may do some abs and arms work).

11-17-2009, 11:37 PM
Hey guys!

Just saying hey before showering and going to bed. Will catch up with personals!

11-18-2009, 12:12 AM
Hi friends! I haven't logged on here in MONTHS! Miss you all very much! Hoping to get back on the wagon. I'm finally focused.

Oh, and I'm married!

11-18-2009, 09:48 AM
Hey there Amy! Congrats on the wedding. We want pictures!

Repo girl
11-18-2009, 11:31 AM
Hey, I am still here, still plugging along. I did everything right all week, then come WI day, I had not lost a dang thing. I am not giving up though, just more determined now!!

11-18-2009, 12:28 PM
Hey Amy Congratulations

11-18-2009, 01:54 PM
Hey Amy! Nice to see you back! Hope the wedding was wonderful!

11-18-2009, 02:13 PM
Hello Everyone! I was wondering if I could join your thread? This will be my 3rd attempt. I know that seems horrible, but I was working 2 jobs in the past and had only allowed myself 4 hours of sleep, time for 2 meals, barely any work out time and drained myself. Now that I am almost 10 pounds HEAVIER I know that I need this and I need support, DESPERATLY!! :)
I am going to start with 3 times a week work out and with only working part time and going to school full time, I am thinking I should see better results or at least hoping for better results. I was on the LAWL program, until they closed, when I was doing their program I had lost 15 pounds, which seems so far away. (now 25 Ibs more than then) I am just very stressed and basically looking to join a group to discuss progress and just chat about the journey. :)

11-18-2009, 02:25 PM
Amy! Good to see you! Congrats on the wedding and I hope it all was fabulous!

Katie, Keep making your own health a priority. Make time and space to take care of you, so you can do all the many things that you do for others. No one wants you to put them first to the extent that it causes you to be unhealthy. Plus you want to be a good role model for your kids.... 25 years from now, do you want to watch your daughter treat herself the way you are treating yourself now? If it would not be good enough for her, its not good enough for you.... I know this is tons harder to actually do than it sounds like it should be though. It feels really unnatural to have a care for yourself, but we all need to just do it.

11-18-2009, 02:28 PM
Kelly, welcome! Sure join on in! Not sleeping enough is almost a guarantee that you will have a really tough time losing. "only working part time and going to school full time"? That sounds like a lot to me.

11-18-2009, 02:34 PM
Thanks Barbara! Yes, pt work and ft school is alot, but I am trying to think poitive compared to what I was doing and trying to loose. So my goal is to loose 30 pounds total by my birthday end of feb. I think it is totally doable. Just need to get back in the swing of things again, and really stick to it!! I CAN DO THIS. (that's my attitude form now on)!!! ha ha lol:)

Repo girl
11-18-2009, 03:44 PM
Kelly- Welcome! Of course you can join us!

Barbara- Thanks girl, you are a real friend. And totally right. I have got to get this weight under control! I started tracking my calories on Fitday today. I need to see if I am just overeating with being that mindful of it, or if something else is going on.

11-18-2009, 05:32 PM
Welcome Kelly! Don't worry about that "this is my 3rd try" stuff - there are a number of us( I'm first in line there) that have re-started many times. Together we can all make this our last re-start!

Katie - hang in there! Tracking everything really does help - I don't feel like I'm doing anything different, but I've been tracking for 2 weeks now and I've lost weight. Obviously something was getting eaten that shouldn't have!

Well, the holidays are upon us. I for one am going to do my darndest to not make it all about eating. I always fool myself into saying - "It's the holidays!" but when you think about it, it turns into 5 weeks of bad eating. That's a lot! It is going to be tough, but I am determined to make this work.

11-18-2009, 09:01 PM
Kelly- welcome back on the wagon! We're all undertaking this journey, and it's good to be together! We can share tips and everything!

Amylou- so good to see you girl! Girls, she's gorgeous- her wedding pics are AMAZING, I am so jealous! I am so glad you're focused. 3 by Thanksgiving Lady!!!

Katie- I know the feeling of frustration. You're a better woman than I am. I have given up so many times because of that!

Kimphin- 9lbs! YOu rock girl!!!

Hello to everyone else!

11-18-2009, 10:09 PM
Welcome Kelly ...AmyLou welcome back and congratulations!

11-18-2009, 11:01 PM
Welcome Kelly-you will find nothing but support here! Post often and get to know all the lovely ladies! I've been MIA and already welcomed back with no questions asked!

AmyM Krisitn--SO good to see you both here!!!

Hi Kimphin--loving that new pic of you!!

AmyJersey--thanks love! 3lbs by thanksgiving for sure!!!

Hi Barbara! I'm so excited you are still a regular poster!

Today marks three days of POPness for me! Started with a fast forward and today was my first day back on red with lites! What has taken me so long?

I look forward to catching up with all of you!

11-19-2009, 04:34 AM
Hi all, I was so glad to find people in the world that still do LAWL! I hope to join up with you folks for support. A little about me, I originally did LAWL back in 2001 and lost about 100 lbs then gained it back (plus 35 lbs) a year later (totally my fault I went OP in nursing school!). My local center has since shut down and I have gone through many other attempts to lose weight. I had a gastric bypass in October 2007 and contrary to popular belief you can VERY much gain wait afterwards as evidenced by the almost 30 lbs I have gained in the last few monthes. Since LAWL was the most effective diet I have ever been on I was excited at the chance to do it again. So do most of you use the online version? I wasn't aware of any centers still in operation at least in the U.S. but I've heard there are some still in Canada. I'm just interested to find out if anyone thinks the online version is worth the money as I'm currently doing the "free" version by myself with the Level 2 + Luna bars. I'm a pesco/vegitarian so that just complicates things and I'm wondering if one of thier counselors might be helpful. I'd appreciate any tips/stories/warnings, etc regarding doing it this way. Thanks in advance! :carrot:

11-19-2009, 09:23 AM
morning all.
another pound down. :)

11-19-2009, 09:29 AM
Hi Kenya -
Glad you came over to this thread. There are a few of us here that have centers still open (I'm not one of them) but mostly we are all working with the plan info we had before. As I said in your other thread, there are some vegetarians here, so hopefully they can give you some tips.

AmyLou - love YOUR new picture - what a beautiful bride! How's married life treating you?

Ugh - I am totally feeling guilty today. DH and I are going to florida for Thanksgiving, and I just found out that my sister is having her in-laws for dinner on t-day. Because of this, my mom and aunt and oldest sister do not want to 'impose' on her so they have nowhere to go for dinner. (In my sis's defense, I am sure she wouldn't mind having 3 more for dinner - but my Mom is odd). I feel awful, like I should be doing dinner for them. And, knowing my Mom, I am SURE that she is doing 2 things: 1) crying because I am not doing dinner and, 2) badmouthing me because I am not doing dinner. I am going to try very hard to avoid stress eating today. It's gonna be hard!

11-19-2009, 09:56 AM
Wow, lots of catching up to do here!

Jillian- Way to go on another 1lb! You just keep steadily losing!

Hello to everyone else! Hope everyone is well.
As for me...I have my last workout on the 30 day challenge tonight! It has been killing my knees to the point my knee has been giving out on me at times but I've been pushing through! I will have to go back to the specialist sometime about my knees (old dance injury I had back when I was 16 and they wouldn't do surgery then cause I was young and I've just been avoiding it since lol).
Even with the exercise and tracking calories I just don't seem to be losing...frustrating but I will find out tommorrow if I have at least lost inches. Have to try to avoid temptation tonight! Going to see New Moon! Yay! so excited!
Wedding dress shopping begins next week! Here's hoping it's a fun experience!

11-19-2009, 11:22 AM
Kim- it is stressful dealing with families. It frustrating trying to make everyone happy. I know she is your mom and moms are best a guilt trips (at least my mom is) you have had your plans for awhile it is not your fault or your decision whom your sister invites. Just try not to worry and have a great thanksgiving day.

My in laws and my parents and sister all come to my house .. If we did it any other way we would have to split the day between families and we would not be hungry for one meal and eveyrone would be offended so I just put my foot down and invite everyone and anyone who has no place to go is always invited to our home. Last year we had 50+ at our home and it was a madhouse but with our family size of 8 nothing really intimidates me...

Good to see new faces!!! Welcome everyone!!!

11-19-2009, 11:58 AM
50! Yikes.

When I do Thanksgiving it seems like those are the years that everyone comes and I have around 20 or so. I cannot imagine 50! You rock.

Jillian - WTG on the 1lb!

Kristen - Have fun at New Moon. I'm team Jacob, so I liked this book the best. I probably won't see the movie until it comes out on DVD, though.

bradleys mom
11-19-2009, 12:02 PM
Sneaking in to say Hi!! Might be back later! :)

11-19-2009, 02:36 PM
Kristin...I envy you!

I plan to watch New Moon but haven't succeeded in manipulating my DH yet :D....i usually prefer movies with my DH rather than friends.It is usually one for me( chick-flick) and next one his choice(yawn!).The only common genre is Sci-fi...we both love them.

Kim - Jacob is tooo cute...however, i have always been Team Edward :). My favorite book is " Midnight Sun" the 12 chapters of Twilight revisited from Edward's point of view. I believe it is truly a classic...Anne Rice standard...too bad it was never completed...A MUST READ if you love Romantic Tragedies.

I am doing good on slow cooker food :)...I still need to lose few lbs for my Xmas party dress .
Happy Thursday everyone!

Repo girl
11-19-2009, 06:15 PM
Hey Kimberly, long time no see! How is it going?

11-20-2009, 09:32 AM
I am officially frustrated! I said I wasn't going to give up but I kind of feel like giving up. After a month of tracking calories, the 30 day challenge...I have barely lost anything...weight wise. And the measuring wasn't much inch lost on my waist and hips...GAINED half an inch on my thighs and arms...ugh! I am at a loss! I dunno what to do anymore. Perhaps it's time to see my doc...maybe get referred to a dietitian or something.
I know I'm not "perfect" on plan all the time but still...for someone my size and the amount I actually eat I SHOULD be losing

11-20-2009, 09:42 AM
Hey everyone. I am currenlty on a yo-yo trip with my weight loss. I lose a lb and then the weekend hits and my mom cooks dinner for us and then I am up 3lbs. I just can't seem to have a consistent loss. One pound a week loss is so foreign to me. Hope everyone else is doing well.
Jillian-You are totally melting off your baby weight.
Amy-I can't imagine cooking for fifty. Do you have them bring food to help out? That is still a whole lot of people.
Kim-Amy is right. Mom's are the best at guilt, try to enjoy your vacation and then maybe when you get back take mom out for dinner.
OK girls! Heres to a great day! My girls and I are going to make Memory Hand Prints today. Easy and fun!

Repo girl
11-20-2009, 11:13 AM
Morning everyone! I am having Thanksgiving at my house this year too, but it looks like we will only have about 14. That will be perfect. I am making my little sister do the turkey though. My older sis and I are both vegetarians, and so neither of us wants to have to manhandle the meat. I am going the make the stuffing with veggie sausage and cranberries. I am thinking that I should start cleaning now, LOL.

On the WL front, I am doing well. Counting calories and being aware of carbs is helping me a lot. Have you guys tried the Orrowheat Sandwich Thins? They are these great hamburger type buns that are really thin and only have 100 calories. I really like them.

Kristin- It would be worth having your thyroid checked, and maybe blood sugar too. Don't give up. Not losing is also not gaining!!

Michelle- Have fun with the handprints!

Kim- That sucks, sorry you are having Thanksgiving drama. Speaking of which, I should probably invite my BIL, who is going through a divorce. I am trying to talk myself out of it, because he his driving me crazy. He and his soon to be ex are both behaving really badly, and I have just about had enough!

AmyM- 50? You rock! Not that I am suprised.

Have a great day everyone!

11-20-2009, 12:04 PM
morning all. i'm already done running my errands..and all before 10am. i'm quite proud of myself. :)
and i fit into 2 pairs of jeans that i couldn't about a month ago. so that's good too. i've lost about 13 inches since the end of July when i really started working out on a regular basis. so not too bad.
i'm going to be alone for thanksgiving, just me and X. won't get to see DD or DS, which really bums me out. but i guess the bright side is i won't gain anything during the holiday.

anyways, time to feed baby X.
hope everyone has a good weekend.

Repo girl
11-20-2009, 12:10 PM
Jillian, I wish you and X could come to my house for Thanksgiving. Great job on the pants!

11-20-2009, 01:01 PM
Katie - I LOVE the Sandwich Thins. I eat my chicken salad on them almost everyday for lunch. Just make sure you get fresh, soft ones. I made that mistake once!

11-20-2009, 05:07 PM
Hello All.

Welcome to the newbies. You will get good sound advice in this forum. You can also do a search and find most information in some of the older threads.

All this Thanksgiving talk is getting me pumped for the big Turkey day. We always go to my Moms and end up eating way to much.

Kristen: Have you checked your plan number? Are you doing the right plan?

Jillian: Congrats on the jeans. Thats an awesome feeling isnt' it?

I am STILL struggeling with the flip flopping back and forth on the WL front. I don't want to commit to being POP to get it off anymore, but don't want to gain any of it back either. So I am Stuck AND its going the be Holiday Season soon. Maybe I will get my head in the game after Thanksgiving. I ams till down about 25 lbs, but it should be 30. Oh Well.

Good luck with food choices over the weekend ladies. I will see you Monday.

11-23-2009, 06:05 AM
Testing all my add on thingies, avatar etc. Also mourning the death of my treadmill's console (it wasn't cuz of my big butt I swear) and awaiting a new one in the mail to fix it, anyone else started the exercise thing lately? You know I thought I would hate it but I'm feeling good enough that I kind of miss my 35 min walks. I know I could do it outside but it's cold out there. :(