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07-30-2002, 03:54 PM
I am thinking of purchasing a treadmill. I would like your input on what type.brand to buy. It does not have to be fancy just fairly quiet. I would like to watch tv while on it. I think an incline is good, but otherwise don't need a lot of bells and whistles. Thanks so much!

07-31-2002, 02:12 PM
I'm looking into buying a treadmill myself. It's difficult to walk the track in my city. A lot of "no good" goes on there. :(

Anyhow, I'm not sure of the name brand, but Sears had a really good one for around $400.00 about a week ago. I know that isn't much help, but if there is a Sears around your area maybe they'll have the same one I'm speaking of.

Sorry I can't be of more help. Good Luck!!! :)

07-31-2002, 04:32 PM
Hello. My two cents worth :

When it comes to treadmills, don't buy too cheaply. There is a direct link to quality via price.

Be sure to get one that has a wide enough "track" so you don't feel as if you are going to fall off. Also, it should be long enough so you aren't in danger of zooming off the back end!

Incline is a desired feature as you can set it for a more vigorous workout when you get used to using a treadmill.

Most have calorie counters where you enter your weight and it calculates your calorie expenditures based on the speed, incline and your weight. Really good to have!

There are so many features available but these are the absolute minimum, in my opinion. I have a ProForm 2005 EXL that is many years old and it is still in great shape. It was about $900 when I bought it new (on sale) about 12 years ago. You don't have to go crazy and get every feature available but be sure you get what you want - you don't want to have to get another one when you get tired of an inexpensive one with no features!!!

Some have book racks so you can read as you walk. My feeling is that if you are walking so slowly as to be able to read, don't bother. You aren't getting a workout!!!

I hope this helps some...

08-01-2002, 02:12 AM
I'm looking into replacing my old one also that is about to bite the dust from wear. I was horrified at the prices. Here's a link that gives you some general information about treadmills and things to look for when buying one.

Carnation's right. If you really plan on regularly using it, buy the best you can afford to have it around a good long time.

08-01-2002, 10:56 AM
The prices are horrifying, but I agree that you don't want to go too cheap. I've run on cheap treadmills, and it's not a good experience. The one I have at home is a Pacemaster Pro Plus HR, and I've had no trouble. I paid around $1800 for it a few years ago, but I use it all the time and consider it to be a great investment for me. It has good stability, which is something I really wanted in a home treadmill. It has heat rate monitoring and incline as well as the usual bells and whistles (like programmed workouts). www.runnersworld.com reviews home treadmills, so that might be a good place for you to look for more info. Home treadmills seem to run from $400 to $5000+ . When you determine what you're willing to spend, your best bet is to go to retailers and go for a walk/run on them to see which ones feel good. When I bought mine, I went to several stores and went for runs on several models. In the end, the one I bought was not the most expensive one I tried but the one that felt good for the money.

p.s. When you do find a treadmill, buy a good fan to blow on you while you're exercising - it makes the experience much more pleasant. :)