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11-05-2009, 07:35 AM
I had my blood work done two weeks ago and was told I have high potassium. I have checked out the foods that are exceptable for that condition, but I also have high cholesterol levels again, so they said.

I was eating whole grain products and thinking they were soooo good for me, and now I am told to eat white everything! Sure can mess with your diet, and not in a good way. The veggies I relied on are just about a no no as well as most fruit.

If you think you have it bad being on a diet plan, just count your blessing if you can eat a variety of foods. I am having a terrible time deciding what to eat. LOL! I think I am doing well with it though. I have seen sample menus and they look like a lot of food for a day, more than I ever eat!

Just wondering if anyone else has an issue with high potassium. :hug: Ruth