LA Weight Loss - How to maintain weight once you get there?

11-04-2009, 03:43 PM
Hi all,

I'm fairly new, I'm Jo, I'm 22 and from Scotland in the UK.

I've recently lost a stone through a very strict diet. My problem now is, how to I stay here?! I've become to accustomed to this strict diet but surely if I keep eating this way I'll keep losing weight and will eventually disappear? How do I know how much to eat to STAY where I am without putting it all back on?

I'd like to lose a little more but my boyfriend comes back from 5 weeks at sea soon and he's probably going to destroy my diet by cooking me breakfast every day and taking me out for dinner all the time. I need to find a healthy balance of not being on a "diet" but not putting it all straight back on.

Any ideas?

11-04-2009, 03:57 PM
One thing I do when trying to lose weight is set a goal weight and then shoot to get down to a little bit lower than that. You will always fluxiate and if you do this, you're allowing yourself a little bit of wiggle room as you wean yourself off the diet and try something a little bit more every-day friendly.

You might just want to beef up your diet a little, too. Add more protein and a few calories here or there once you get to the weight you've set for yourself.