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11-03-2009, 12:34 PM
I really want to challenge myself this month (even though I'm going on holiday for one week of it) and I think posting on here will help me to stay on track and stay accountable for my actions and choices. So I figure I will post the conditions of my challenge up here for you all to see and update my progress (with fun smilies) as each day goes by.

If anyone else wants to create their own challenge for the month then please, post and keep us updated on your progress, there is nothing like a nice support network :D

Maria's Challenge conditions:

* 45 minutes of cardio every day :running:
* Gym ball work out twice a week :lifter: can't do until I buy a new pump :(
* Drink 2 litres of water everyday :coffee:
* No Junk food!! :tape:
* Be alcohol free for 5/7 days minimum :rain: (no booze) vs. :hat: (booze)

(During my holiday I won't be able to do the gym workout and I'll be more relaxed about the alcohol rule, but I'll continue with the other rules)

3/11 - :running: :coffee: :tape: :rain:
4/11 - :running: :coffee: :tape: :hat: (1 glass white wine)
5/11 - :running: :coffee: :tape: :hat: (1 bottle of Peroni)
6/11 - I only got 30 mins of ex :( :coffee: :tape: :rain:
7/11 - bad day... :hat:
8/11 - :tape: :rain:

I let myself go a little this weekend and didn't get any exercise in which is even worse. I'm going to work hard to stay on plan for the whole of this coming week!

9/11 - :running: :coffee: :tape: :rain: (woo, on plan day! :D)
10/11 - :running: :coffee: :tape: :rain: (woo, 2nd on plan day :D)
11/11 - :running: :coffee: :tape: :hat: (I had 2 white wine spritzers)
12/11 - :running: :coffee: :tape: :rain:
13/11 - :running: :coffee: :tape: :rain:
14/11 - :running: :coffee: :tape: :hat:
15/11 - :running: :coffee: :tape: :rain:

I'm really pleased that I've stayed on track the whole week! I couldn't do my gym ball ex's because I lost the pump but a new one is on order so I'll get that in when it comes. Now for another perfect week! :D

16/11 - :running: :coffee: :tape: :rain:
17/11 - :running: :coffee: :tape: :hat: (went out with a friend, had 3 pints)
18/11 - :running: :coffee: :tape: :rain:
19/11 - :running: :coffee: :tape: :rain:
20/11 - :running: :coffee: :tape: :hat: (1 wine spritzer)
21/11 - Hol
22/11 - Hol

23/11 - Hol
24/11 - Hol
25/11 - Hol
26/11 - Hol
27/11 - Hol
28/11 - Hol
29/11 - :tape: :rain: uh, bad post holiday day... my excuse is that I'm still working on egyptian time.

My holiday went well, I didn't over indulge too much, I did treat myself nearly every day and I enjoyed some tasty wine and beer, but overall I think I've done really well :)

30/11 - :coffee: :tape: :hat:

Well, I weighed in at 200lbs today!!! That's a loss of 6lbs and I'm really pleased with how the challenge has gone so I'm bopping on over to the december challenge and hoping I do just as well this month :D

At the end of the challenge I hope to have instilled some great habits and to be fitter and healthier and hopefully weigh less!!

11-05-2009, 05:21 PM
I'll join!

Mauve's plan:

* 30 minutes exercise each day and 30 minute walk each day :exercise:
* Drink water everyday
* Limit caffeine to 1 coffee per day
* Practice portion control :eating2:
* More fruits and veg each day :carrot:

11-05-2009, 06:26 PM
I think I'll join too! :D

Rachel's November Challenge:

Drink at least one water bottle every day (I've been really bad lately about drinking lots of diet soda and crystal light, and not any water)
Start to journal my WW Points again and keep track of what I eat
Try and work out at least 30 minutes, once a week. On the days where I don't actually "work out" I still want to try and be more active then usual. (as of right now, I haven't been working out at all)
Not buy ANY FOOD from "Food Avenue" in Target - where I work. (excluding drinks or baked lays potato chips)
Only weigh myself on Fridays for the whole month. (unless something comes up and I don't have access to a scale on a Friday, then it's okay to do it a day or two later)
No fast food, even if I can fit it into my points. (excludes Subway)
:tape:(P.S. I'll be starting tomorrow since I'm still spending the rest of today in the hospital with mom, and I know I won't be able to eat healthy or journal or anything while I'm here.)

For every day I meet each requirement, I will put that requirement's smiley next to the date. If for any reason I don't meet a requirement, I will explain why. NO EXCUSES!

6/11 - I don't think I should start today. I ended up staying in the hospital with my mom an extra night, and I don't have any of my WW materials or my journal with me...and I KNOW that I won't be eating healthy. I just ordered my breakfast....french toast and hash browns and a cinnamon roll and apple juice. I DID ask for sugar free syrup though...not that it will help much. lol...Did already drink a water bottle though...:drool:
7/11 -:drool::frypan::tape:
8/11 -:drool::frypan::tape:
9/11 -:drool::frypan::goodscale
10/11 -
11/11 -
12/11 -
13/11 -
14/11 -
15/11 -
16/11 -
17/11 -
18/11 -
19/11 -
20/11 -
21/11 -
22/11 -
23/11 -
24/11 -
25/11 -
26/11 -
27/11 -
28/11 -
29/11 -
30/11 -

11-06-2009, 02:56 AM
I like the November challenge in this forum way better than in others, I like the idea of use of symbols to show what we've accomplished. The one I'm working most towards is the working out.
Drink 2 liters of water a day :coffee:
Work out 30 min or more :flow1:
Stay under 1400 calories :queen:
I know my image choices are uninteresting, but I like this concept!
Nov 1st-:coffee:
Nov 2nd-:coffee::queen:
Nov 3rd-:coffee::queen:
Nov 4th-:coffee::queen:
Nov 5th-:coffee::queen:
Nov 6th-
Nov 7th-
Nov 8th-
Nov 9th-
Nov 10th-
Nov 11th-
Nov 12th-
Nov 13th-
Nov 14th-
Nov 15th- -Goal 180- Actual weight:
Nov 16th-
Nov 17th-
Nov 18th-
Nov 19th-
Nov 20th-
Nov 21st-
Nov 22nd-
Nov 23rd-
Nov 24th-
Nov 25th-
Nov 26th-
Nov 27th-
Nov 28th-
Nov 29th-
Nov 30th- -Goal 175- Actual Weight:

11-10-2009, 01:07 AM
I really like the idea of this challenge and being able to easily see what you're accomplishing. I'm glad that it's never too late to join in.

* Exercise 30 minutes a day (at least M-TH) :lifter:
* Don't eat out (unless I'm positive it's healthy) :stir:
* Drink water every day :coffee:

9/11 - :lifter: :coffee:
10/11 - :lifter: :coffee:
11/11 -
12/11 -
13/11 -
14/11 -
15/11 -

16/11 -
17/11 -
18/11 -
19/11 -
20/11 -
21/11 -
22/11 -

23/11 -
24/11 -
25/11 -
26/11 -
27/11 -
28/11 -
29/11 -

30/11 -

11-10-2009, 05:15 AM
It's great other people are joining in and remember everyone, we're only doing this for ourselves :)

I decided to throw in a couple of weigh in posts seeing as it's my weigh in day.

Last week weigh in - 207
This week weigh in - 206

Loss of 1lb

Better than nothing eh?! :D

11-10-2009, 05:25 PM
I need to do this challenge! I have had no motivation to exercise and things need to change.

*30 minutes of exercise each day- :p
*eat clean- :)
*portion control- :devil:

11th-:p :devil:
12th- :p :devil:
13th- :devil:
14th- :p :devil:
15th- :p :devil:
16th- :devil: :p
17th- :devil:
18th- :) :devil:
19th- :devil: :)
20th- :p :devil:
21st- :devil:
22nd- :devil: :)
23rd- :devil: :)
24th- :devil: :)
25th- none, double shift at work
26th- Thanksgiving here, no way no how! : )
27th- :devil:
28th- :p :devil:
29th- :p

Gypsy Severina
11-11-2009, 09:01 PM
I absolutely need this challenge! Every time I start exercising and eating right it all just falls apart.

*30-60 minutes of cardio each day :tread:
*strength training workout twice a week :lifter:
*yoga and/or pilates once a week :yoga:
*water :drool:
*keep track of my calories, fat, and fiber :hun:
*eat up my frickin' store room full of food, so no eating out/junk food! :tape:

11- :drool: :hun: :tape:
12- none
13- none
14- none
15- none
16- none
17- none
18- none
19- none
20- none
21- :hun:
23- 21st BIRTHDAY!!!

11/20: Yeah, week didn't go so well at all... but the start of a new week and I'm on the ball again! Oh, and I quit Weight Watchers, it just wasn't working out. Back to calorie counting! :)

11-17-2009, 07:49 AM
I hope everyone is doing as well as they'd hoped this month!

Another weigh in for me today...

Last week = 206lbs
This week = 204lbs

Loss of 2lbs :D I'm really pleased with that because TOM crept up on me yesterday so if I'm retaining water it didn't affect my weight too much.

Good Luck everyone!

11-28-2009, 03:22 PM
Will there be a December challenge?

11-29-2009, 01:25 AM
Will there be a December challenge?

I'm counting on in! I didn't do a single day of all three of my "guys" but I did better than I had before, just need that extra motivation and accountability.

11-30-2009, 05:40 AM
Sure, if you all want a continuation, I'm more than happy to start one. I like reporting back here everyday, it really helps me keep accountable. There is only one day left of November (today!) so I'm really going to make it count seeing as I was so exhausted yesterday I didn't exercise or drink enough water. I didn't even take off my make up before collapsing into bed! Bring on tomorrow's weigh in for the final verdict!! :D