100 lb. Club - Typical day of food: before and after

11-02-2009, 09:56 AM
Do you ever think of what a typical day's worth of food was before you started trying to be healthy/lose weight compared to after? I do often. It helps me if I falter a little bit, because I know that overall, I'm doing much, much better!

Here's a typical meal not-so-plan before I started trying to lose weight:

Breakfast: Normal, healthy (high fiber) ceral and coffee (for some reason, I always started my day out right)

Lunch: Probably run out for a greasy sandwich with not many veggies and tons of cheese and fats on it. Or I'd just grab a coffee and a BIG pastry.

Plus, in addition to this, I'd be eating whatever came across my path that day. Someone brings in cookies, I eat one, etc.

Afternoon: Some days, go out for drinks. Have, depending on the day of the week, 2-4 beers. Likely share an order of greasy bar food with the table.

Dinner: a box of mac and cheese, those oven mozzerella sticks, chips, dip, ice cream, any kind of pasta and cheese sauce, and it goes on and on. (Dinner was my binge time). This dinner would last from the time I got home (anytime between 1pm and 7pm) until I went to bed.

Now, this is obviously drastically different from what I eat now! How about you?! Do you ever think about this, or is this totally weird!? :dizzy:

11-02-2009, 10:09 AM
I think of this often. I ate a lot of greasy fast food. The vending machine at work was my best friend. I had frozen pizza two or three times a week. I ate few vegetables and fewer fruits. I secretly ate candy, like no one would realize!

The difference in my diet is like night and day. Even if I don't get my weight as low as I would like, I am bound to be healthier.

11-02-2009, 10:09 AM
Yes before I started losing weight I ate completely different, heh

11-02-2009, 10:29 AM
My diet is close to the same. I was vegetarian for 8 years and ate fairly healthy, but with some bad snacks. I've mainly cut down on the bad snacks. No more sneaking a candy bar on the way home from the grocery store.

11-02-2009, 10:31 AM

Breakfast: cereal with full fat milk, coffee
Lunch: sandwhich made on white bread (often cheese), maybe soup, maybe some salad, fruit, maybe some chocolate
Evening meal: Meat and veg mainly and maybe yoghurt or chocolate or fruit (or all those things). Maybe a pasta dish. Takeaway twice a week sometimes, soemtiems nto at all. Sometimes too lazy to cook veg so would grab chips (like fries but better) from the chippy we live near but that wasn't all the time.
Bedtime drink - hot chocolate (with 115 calories)
maybe snack of crisps (chips to US people) or chocolate
Drinks in the day would mainly be pepsi max - very very bad I didn't even like it much was just addicted and needed the caffien boost as daughter used to keep us awake half the night.

Breakfast: cereal with full fat milk (half the quantity as before), coffee
Lunch: something like prawns, mackeral, cottage cheese, occasionally cheese if I weight it, ham, chicken, other meat etc. with salad, sometimes soup too. TOo full for pudding :)
Evening meal: Similar to lunch with either salad or vegtables but really I'm still too lazy to cook vegtables so have been makign salad as long as I can - now it's getting cold will have to cook them I guess. I prefer them raw too so not so motivated to cook them :D
Snacks include: fruit, low fat soft cheese with breadstciks, sometimes soup, yoghurt, etc. sometimes a few pieces of chocolate.
Hot chocolate (30-40 cals rather than the 115 cals one I used to have)
Water is my main drink at the moment - I dont' like it much though but do lose much better when drinking plenty of water.

All takeaways are now planned rather than because we had a bad day, etc.
Overall on an average day I didn't used to eat that unhealthily just sometimes but I was a binge/emmotional eater and would binge at least 3 times a week
We also go past my parents' house most days where they offer us 2 or 3 biscuits - most days now I refuse
I can maintain my weight when eating refined carbs but I don't lose weight well so have cut them down.
Cheese used to be (and still could be) a big problem food for me - I can't control my intake of it at all and I'm sure I added at least 200 calories extra a day eating it in the past - I do crave cheese at TOM though but tend to have pizza or something like that instead as at least the amount of cheese is controlled then.

11-02-2009, 10:33 AM
Oh man this sounds like what I used to do I would have a good breakfast and then it seemed when lunch came I would eat till I go to bed and Boy Now I have changed for the better No More Junk Food.

11-02-2009, 10:59 AM
It's crazy! I think it helps to explain part of why this is so difficult. It's just such a big change in your everday life! And all the planning! Before, there was no planning

11-02-2009, 11:14 AM
For real? I had issues.

Breakfast: 4 pieces of cold pizza, 12 oz Coke, 1 large piece of cake
10am: another piece of cake
11am: bowl of chips and dip, Coke
Lunch: 6 sausages, 4 waffles, "corn syrup" maple syrup, 12 oz Coke
1pm: half bag of Oreos, 4 Reeces' cups
2:30 before picking up kids from school: supersized Big Mac meal with Coke, and 3 chocolate chip cookies
4pm: 3 slices cold pizza, Coke
6pm dinner: 5 hot dogs on buns, lots of crunchy Cheetos, 16 oz Coke, Oreos
8pm: entire pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream
10pm: chips or Cheetos

No, I am not kidding. Issues.

Breakfast: Egg beaters scrambled with spinach and a turkey sausage in a Carb Balance tortilla with green tea
Lunch: bowl of homemade turkey vegetable soup, 6 All-Bran crackers and a wedge of Laughing Cow Light cheese
Snack: apple, berries
Dinner: big bowl of kale with onions & ham
Snack: cup of tea

11-02-2009, 11:20 AM
Oh fun.

Typical Before:

Breakfast: nothing
Lunch: 2 chicken salad sandwiches from the cold case at 7-11, 2 individual bags of Munchos, 2-3 donuts, bag of Double Chocolate Milanos, diet Mt Dew
Snack: King-sized snickers, diet pepsi
Dinner: 4 piece with fries from Popeyes, lg pink lemonade
Snack: double chocolate muffin, glass of whole milk

Typical Now:
Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, one with yolk removed, decaf
Snack: 8 almonds
Lunch: 3 oz grilled chicken + 2 cups romaine, water
Snack: 8 almonds
Dinner: 4 oz pan-seared salmon, 6 pc pan-seared asparagus, club soda
Snack: 8 almonds

Kinda different, no?

11-02-2009, 11:44 AM

B - huge cranberry walnut muffin and a venti caramel latte with whip

L - A big calzone stuffed with cheese and pepperoni

S - chocolate croissant, venti caramel latte with whip

S - either yogurt pretzels or a pack of M&Ms from the vending machine

D - one of my favorite dinners from that time - home made pasta sauce with a HUGE plate of pasta and 5-6 slices of sourdough bread to dip in the sauce

S - bowl of ice cream, topped with chocolate syrup (a full, cereal bowl of ice cream)


B - sliced strawberries, Trader Joe's fat free Greek yogurt with honey

L - big salad with romaine, grape tomatoes, purple cabbage, red onion, carrot shreddies, a little roasted corn, grilled chicken, bbq sauce, a tiny bit of fat free ranch and a very small portion of tortilla strips for crunch

S - tall non fat latte

S - orange

S - string cheese

D - home made pasta sauce with 2 oz of pasta

(I don't eat after dinner anymore, it was a habit, I'm just not hungry after dinner very often, I get snacky in the afternoon)

KaCee J
11-02-2009, 11:53 AM
What a huge difference in before and after food huh? Like many on here, looking back at my before food, well, there wasn't much "food" in there at all. Literally everything I was eating did not exist, I would say, probably a couple hundred years ago. (I just sort of pulled that number out) Which in the scheme of the world is not that long ago. Now that I am eating food, I am losing weight. Go figure. Hunter-Gatherers weren't overweight, and I don't recall any of there meals involving pop tarts, twinkies, or Chef Boyardee! LOL :lol:

11-02-2009, 11:59 AM
Honestly, it is hard for me to remember.

Breakfast - Either nothing or maybe some cereal with milk or possibly bread. This is completey fuzzy and I have a hard time eating breakfast so I'm leaning toward nothing.

Lunch - Usually a deli sandwich or a burrito from Baja Fresh. I would sometimes make my own sandwiches but often just buy them. I would also eat out with coworkers wherever if they were eating out, as long as they weren't eating fast food (I always hated fast food). The burritos were often very cheesy although I was never a fan of sour cream. And even though I don't care for mayo, the sandwiches usually had it.

Dinner/After work - Now this is where I really lost it during the day. I'd buy french bread and brie cheese and have that for dinner. Dreyer's cookies and cream ice cream often was part of dinner. Sometimes I'd go to Baja Fresh or Qdoba to get a burrito on the way home. Also, I'd eat large amounts of fruit too. Wasn't odd for me to eat 6+ plums or what not as part of dinner.

(Of course my now keeps changing but I can give an idea of what I have been doing lately)

Breakfast - water, kind of. I hate eating early in the morning. Sometimes I'll have some tea (like chai) with almond milk.

Mid morning - Brown basmati rice with steamed greens or pumpkin puree with oatmeal, cinnamon, nutmeg and a little ginger.

Lunch - Brown basmati rice with steamed greens, black eyed peas, oven roasted veggies and possibly some oven roasted winter squash.

Mid afternoon - Miso soup with greens, mushrooms and a little tofu.

Dinner - brown basmati rice with steamed greens, adzuki beans, oven roasted veggies and possibly some oven roasted winter squash.

I actually have added more rice to my diet recently and it is working better than I expected. A couple months ago, my diet above wouldn't have been much different other than more beans and less rice.

11-02-2009, 12:24 PM
Oh, I wasn't aware we were listing before so here goes.

A typical day before -

Breakfast - 3 grilled cheese with 6 pieces bacon and 2 pieces of velveeta and tater tots or 3 fried eggs with biscuits, gravy and bacon

Snack - 1 big bag doritos and a huge bowl of rotel cheese dip

Lunch - 20 chicken strips, fried and a huge helping of fries or onion rings

Snack - Ramen Noodles, 2 packs..water drained off and smothered in butter or melted velveeta with a sleeve of crackers

Supper - 2 pieces of fried meat, and mashed potatoes with extra butter or some other high fat side and either cornbread or 3-4 slices white bread

Snack - 2 sandwiches with lots of mayo and cheese

LOL...this is all disgusting now :o

11-02-2009, 03:35 PM
Ugh...this thread is making me aware of a lot of different things. I should preface this by saying that I lived in dorms for the past three years and now dont, so things had to change no matter what.

So on a typical day, i might have...
Breakfast: Nothing. Cause I hate breakfast. Still do, actually. Maybe some coffee, if I got up early enough to buy some.

Lunch: Tuna on dutch crunch with cucumbers, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, salt/pepper and vinegar. 1 bag salt and vinegar chips (the smaller ones). Diet Pepsi. Sometimes: cheesecake.
When I got tired of that (i normally eat the same meal forever) I'd have greek salad wraps: big tortillas, with lettuce, tomatoes, feta cheese, and some sort of creamy sauce. Chips, DP.

Snack: fruit, if I had it. Normally: chips, chex mix, toast...something carby.

If I cooked: Chicken Rice bowls with veggies. Not bad, but HUGE portions.
If I didn't: In-n-Out: Double Cheeseburger with Animal style fries (grilled onions, thousand island, cheese) and more Diet Coke.

Snack: Ice Cream. Haggen-Daz ice cream, normally about half a pint.

11-02-2009, 03:53 PM
Breakfast: nothing
Lunch: nothing
Dinner... reasonable portions of whatever we were eating UNLESS it was pizza or something that I really liked and then I gorged.

After dinner snack? Whole huge bags of chips, cheeto's, dorito's with cheese dips or sour cream dips. Beef jerkey, 2 chocolate bars, some taquito's (often half the box) maybe some jalepeno poppers... ANYTHING that was in the cupboard. Couple bowls of goldfish, some peanuts, spoons of peanut butter and jelly etc... lots of ice cream (entire 1/2 pints) etc. I ate upwards of 5-7000 calories EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

I honestly deserved every single one of those 377 pounds I had.

Breakfast: today was cheerio's, skim milk, small banana
Lunch: HUGE mixed veggie salad with 1 cup chicken, 1/4 cup feta, low calorie dressing and nutritional yeast
Snack: yogurt cup and 1/2 apple
Dinner: 2 salmon fillets and 1 cup steamed broccoli with nutritional yeast

Oh yah... and no bites, snacks, tastes, licks.

11-02-2009, 03:57 PM
Before: (not the same everyday)
B- sausage egg and cheese on a croissant/roll/bagel
L- ham, cheese & salami with mayo on white bread, or Big Mac meal
D- pizza (2 slices) with garlic knots, wendys, BK

drinks were chocolate milk (1-2%), soda, water (ive always loved water) or juice. snacks were cookies, cake, ice cream whenever I wanted...

My big problem is outside food!!!!

B- 1c cheerios, 1/2 c fat free milk
s- fat free yogurt
L- pb & j on whole wheat WW bread, 100 cal pack snack
s- 1 string cheese (90cals), ff yogurt
d- 4oz grilled chicken, tons of veggies
s- skinny cow ice cream sandwich

11-02-2009, 04:13 PM
It's not so much that I ate so UNHEALTHY before...but I definitely had WAAAY to much food in one day.

Breakfast: chick-fil-a bagel sandwich with egg and cheese and chicken OR a bagel with cream cheese
snacks?: no way!
Lunch: an entire chipotle burrito or a foot long subway sandwich or salads from trader joes loaded with dressing
Dinner: some sort of pasta dish where my husband and i split an entire box of pasta or some sort of chicken or pork dish with an entire box of flavored rice with butter
Dessert: Ben and Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough cones

Breakfast: Smart ones breakfast quesadilla with 8oz. of soy milk mixed with instant coffee
Snack: skim milk string cheese
Lunch: Lean Cuisine
Snack: roasted red pepper, hearts of palm, and a couple olives with fat free balsalmic dressing
Dinner: Baked chicken with an artichoke and 1tbs. of olive oil mayo

11-02-2009, 04:27 PM
Before: I'd eat a lot of the same things now, just in MUCH bigger proportions. (Eating that much now would definitely cause me some serious problems.) And on top of that i ate ALL day, when i was bored mostly. Like i always say "If I only ate when i was hungry, i wouldn't be this fat". That's my response to all those "Cuts your hunger by 30%" Shpeals.

After: Quite a bit less proportion wise, but quite a bit more veggies wise :). And control has played a big part in my past constant eating.

11-02-2009, 04:40 PM
A lot of what I ate before is a blur because I didn't care. I could go days without a veggie or piece of fruit.


B: Was usually from the job's cafe. Breakfast sandwich of meat, eggs, cheese, on potato bread. And then since I was special he would toast my bread on the grill. He will grease it up with this fake butter and lay the bread in it to toast. (Oh Yum...NOT!)

L: Was back at the cafe. I did not pack my food at all. It was always the deli special. Sandwich or Burger and ALWAYS got french fries. This is my biggest weakness to this day. No VEGGIE

D: It could be anything that is quick food. We didn't have a lot of money to spend eating out everyday, but bought plenty of hotdogs, hamburgers, frozen pizza, frozen breaded chicken, fish sticks. But we always had money to order from the Pizza place on Fridays. The special 1-lg cheese pizza, 20 buffalo wings, 2-cheesesteaks, large fries. (I am just shaking my head as I type this. It is so SAD)

So sad now that I think about it. I was killing myself and my family!

Today's menu

B:1egg, turkey hotdog, slice of 2% cheese on ww english muffin (or I will have cereal)
S: Fruit mix pineapple and cherries
L: 2 roasted chix drumsticks, 1/2c brown rice, 1c cabbage.
S: Apple
D: will probably be 4oz salmon, cabbage and rice.

Now a days if I want fries I cut up a regular or sweet potato and roast it in the oven. This works GREAT and has saved me many times.

11-02-2009, 07:09 PM
I didn't eat that bad before to be honest. I just ate a LOT. And I ate a lot of snacky stuff. I also love to bake and would eat a lot of what I baked in one sitting.

Like I'd make homemade bagels. Recipe makes 8. I'd easily eat 3 of them in one day in addition to my normal meals that day.

11-02-2009, 07:16 PM
When I think of the way I used to eat, it makes me a little sick.


B: A big bowl of froot loops and 1% milk and some days I would go to work THEN get a muffin and a frozen coffee drink.

L 1/2 a medium pizza or a value meal from burger king.

S: pretzel or perhaps chocolate, or maybe a big cookie from the coffee shop

D: A box of mac & cheese, or half a pizza, or chicken nuggets and tater tots.

S: Half bag of pretzels or chips. and ice cream, or 5-7 oreos and milk

Seriously...no kidding :-(


B: Oatmeal, half a banana, 4oz milk
S: LF string cheese
L: Vegetable soup, LF yogurt, carrots
D: Veggie burger on a whole wheat english muffin, roasted mushrooms and green beans.
S Grapes, FF pudding cup
Wow what a difference.

11-02-2009, 08:37 PM
You know what I wish? I wish I thought all the "before" foods were icky and gross and turned my stomach. But really I would still eat all that greasy fake junky food if I could get away with it and not be unhealthy and overweight.

I do love the foods I am eating now, though... veggies and all!

11-02-2009, 08:49 PM
I also just remembered another habit I used to have and that was a lazy habit. Sometimes I'd buy cans of olives or cans of pineapple and that would be my dinner or just a loaf of bread (fancy, crusty type). So weird that I'd just eat 1 thing. I was pretty lazy. Although some days I'd hardly eat anything and other days I'd go crazy.

11-02-2009, 08:58 PM
You know what I wish? I wish I thought all the "before" foods were icky and gross and turned my stomach. But really I would still eat all that greasy fake junky food if I could get away with it and not be unhealthy and overweight.

I do love the foods I am eating now, though... veggies and all!

Me too! Crazy! I'm reading everyone saying "ugh, this is so gross, I can't believe I ate this" but I'm thinking "Oh, that sounds so great, I need to stop reading this thread because it's going to trigger some nasty cravings!"

I would eat it all if I could. Ah well. The healthy stuff is delicious too, just different.

11-02-2009, 09:13 PM
I don't think I always ate a lot before (now granted, it depends on what point of my life I was at). At my highest weight there was certainly a lot of fast food and junk. Before I started eating better this time around, I was being lazy and concentrated on convenience food.

I still have to force myself to cook and prepare meals, even though it's basically a habit now. I so wish I had a live-in cook. :dizzy:

better health3
11-02-2009, 09:32 PM
Part of my past behavioral eating including skipping meals then lots of bingeing totally overcompensating...

Portions typically 3-5 times a portion size .....I really decreased the amount of fast food and real sugary high caloric pop. It makes me cringe and shutter to think what I have eaten in my past, not to mention--what a waste of money!!!!!

I always of wondered over the years how much money I let pass through my hands on fast food and other garbage....

I would eat whole large pizzas with a 2 liter of pop, or get 2-3 plates at a buffet table. I don't do buffets anymore. When I found out the real serving of pasta, I about passed out, due to I was eating 4c. of pasta plus lots of bread in one sitting.

Now, I physically get ill to think how I abused my body. I am not cured, yet I don't binge like I used to....ugh.

11-02-2009, 09:36 PM
I am right there with ya - greasy hamburgers - lots of red meats and pastas and potatoes.

better health3
11-02-2009, 09:40 PM
I think the great thing is finally--many of us--know why we weighed as much as we did and know what not to do anymore.:carrot:

Also, knowing we aren't purposely killing ourselves feels better too.

11-02-2009, 10:01 PM
Well my before was as recent as three weeks ago, but the way it has been for years now was:

Breakfast- if I cooked for the kids I would eat what they did like pancakes or bacon and eggs. If they had cereal then I typically skipped breakfast.

I would then get busy with my day and start feeling hungry about dinner time. For dinner I would eat huge or double/triple portions of whatever I cooked. Spaghetti would be a huge heap of spaghetti noodles with about 2-3 cups of meat sauce piled on. Half a loaf of garlic bread. Then I would continue eating until I fell asleep. No matter what I was eating it was in excess. Cheese and crackers would be about 10 slices of cheese with one sleeve of crackers. I sometimes bought the frozen cookie dough that makes 1 dozen jumbo cookies and eat them all with several glasses of milk. Hagaan Daaz ice cream, a pint at a time. McDonald's- two Big Macs, Super size fries and Diet Coke (like the diet coke made a difference). If I made a cake I could eat the whole cake in a 4-8 hour period. I am amazed at how much I could eat in such a short period of time.

So, that is why now I am struggling to feel that full feeling and because I don't feel that full feeling I feel like I am hungry. Realistically, I realize I am probably not hungry, but am looking to fill that void I normally stuff with loads of food.

Today I had:
B: 3 Scrambled eggs and 2 round sausages
s: yogurt
L: 1 slice of cheese, 1 cup beans with a dollup of light sour cream
s: single serve pizza slice (was jonesing for carbs or something)
D: 1 boneless skinless chicken breast and 1 cup of chicken rice

Total calories 1750.

11-02-2009, 11:11 PM
i was thinking more about this thread today, and I started thinking about the "outside" food I didn't even consider in what I ate for a day.

There was a period where I would have a Venti Mocha Frappachino from Starbucks every day. 500 calories and 17 grams of fat. Just kinda thrown into my entire day of food. That a meal...and not a very good one at that! There were lots of choices like that, where I wouldn't even consider that "food" in a day, yet it would be a huge calorie source. Its amazing conscious I've become of choices like those, just knowing the caloric information.

11-03-2009, 06:00 PM
This is a typical weekday meal for me before and now.


Wake up: Glass of 2% milk, maybe 2 cups
Breakfast (in car on way to work): Tim Hortons Meduim Tim Iced Cappuccino & a cheese croissant (I ate this most mornings for the past 2 years before I started losing)
Snack: If there was food in the office I would have it before lunch so any kind of cake, cookies, bagels (mind you this wasn't every day but if it was around I'd eat it) or something from the snack machine or some Starbucks drink
Lunch: Any fast food value meal...my favorite Wendy's #4 (Big bacon classic, no tomato, no pickle) and a side of chicken nuggets w/BBQ Sauce, with a diet coke LOL
Snack: Something from the vending machine, I liked to have chocolate in the afternoon
Dinner: Once a week I would make pasta with meat sauce, one of my fav meals! I would cook 1lb box of pasta with one jar sauce and 1lb of ground beef. I think I would eat maybe 1/3 of that, the other 2/3 was for my husband which at times he could finish and there would be no leftovers. I would also make garlic toast and have 2 slices.
Dessert: ICE CREAM!!!! OMG used to eat it almost every night and trust me I wasn't having a single 1/2 cup serving. I would have a like 3 or 4 big scoops. I used to have at least 2-3 1/2 gallon tubs of ice cream in the freezer at all times before I started losing weight. I can honestly say I haven't bought any ice cream in over a year. I can't I'll eat it all. I do have ice cream every now an then but only when I'm out...can NOT have that in the house.

And that is how I gained 80lbs in 8 years...gross now that I look back. I don't even want to count the calories for that mess.

Now (this is what I ate today/will eat today):

Meal 1: Mini Luna Bar & One serving Scivation Xtend
Meal 2: One serving BSN Syntha 6 Protein Shake
Meal 3: 0% Fage Yogurt 6oz w/ strawberries 8oz
Meal 4: Spinach salad with 5oz chicken breast, 1oz feta, 3oz rasberries, .75oz slivered almonds, one serving raspberry viniagrette, some chopped red onions
Meal 5: 1 1/2 cup homemade Bison Chili
Meal 6: 3oz chicken breast, 4oz green beans
Meal 7: One serving BSN Lean Dessert

1795 Calories - Ratio 32F/28C/40P
65g Fat
125g Carb
181g Pro

11-03-2009, 06:02 PM
I am right there with ya - greasy hamburgers - lots of red meats and pastas and potatoes.

Sign my name to that list.

11-03-2009, 07:07 PM
Before, I was a total glutton, anything and everything went in my mouth.

B: 20 oz latte w/ 2% milk and syrup, banana bread (like the stuff you get at a gas station)
L: Take-out, usually chinese, almost always a fatty sugary sauce like general tso's or mandarin plus a tuna or california roll.
D: huge t-bone steak or ny strip w fried potatoes and a veg in a butter or cheese sauce and a bread roll. A

After dinner I'd snack till I went to bed. Sometimes I'd have heart burn all night long and wake up thinking that morning latte from the coffee shop would cure it. *forehead smack*

Now I eat a 100 calorie packet of oatmeal with a little s/f jam in it for breakfast with a coffee and cream brewed here at the office
lunch is almost always a salad, or something with mass amounts of veggies and beans.
Dinner is my "save the day" meal. I can make it really low cal if I had a high cal day or I can make up for a low cal day and have a decent sized meal, but they are usually protein, and veggies with a little bit of controlled carbs thrown in (I'm careful with my carbs).

11-04-2009, 12:00 AM
That is amazing about the heart burn. I've never had heart burn. Does it feel like a heart attack? Because I'd be scared. I had a gall bladder attack a couple times and those felt like heart attacks.

11-04-2009, 03:09 AM
Heartburn... it's hard to explain what it feels like until you have had it. I never had it until I was 19 or 20 - I was getting on a plane and was super nervous and got bad heartburn. It feels... like burning, as dumb as that sounds.

My problem with food is/was 99% quantity and only about 1% quality. So I pretty much eat the same way I used to except a whole lot less.

For dessert tonight I had some applesauce - probably less than what is listed as a serving size - and as I was putting the jar away I remembered being in college and eating a large jar of applesauce in one sitting as a regular thing to do. I asked my husband why the **** we didn't stop each other (because he did stuff like that too) and he didn't have an answer. At least we are stopping each other now.

11-04-2009, 12:30 PM
Heartburn is refluxing acid from your stomach back up into your esophagus - that may better evoke the feeling. I had it pretty bad before I lost weight and now only once in a while!

11-04-2009, 02:31 PM
BEFORE, it was the crap that was killing me. I ate good wholesome food for my 3 meals, lots of fruits and veg even at my fattest just cuz I like 'em :D but portion sizes obviously were too much, and way too often I'd take the easy way out at lunch at get McDonald's double cheeseburger meal!!! but my biggest downfall was the free for all after supper, dessert then chips and dips, more chocolate, maybe some toast before bed, just shovellllll it in there girlie LOL Cutting OUT the snacks (which was made a jillion % easier by cutting out diet coke first) saved my life!!!

11-04-2009, 05:55 PM
Interesting thread.

Let`s see:


Breakfast: none

Mid morning: Sandwich with Mayo filling, several biscuits

Lunch: left overs from previous night (generous portion), yoghurt, fruit

Afternoon: several biscuits or chocolate

Evening: ample portion of pasta and veggie sauce, glass red wine


Breakfast: large muesli or sandwich

Mid-Morning: 1-2 items of fruit, if needed at all

Lunch: small portion of leftover from previous night (with carns, which I`ll have made for husband), yoghurt

Afternoon: 1-2 items of fruit, if needed at all

Evening: protein and veg, minimum carb

Arctic Mama
11-04-2009, 07:23 PM
I'm so glad I am not the only person with pre-diet amnesia... I tended to eat a slightly healthier version of the SAD, from what I remember, but always ALWAYS overate. I could put away the same amount of food as my father, even as a small child.

Breakfasts tended to be cereal, eggs, maybe some fruit, or sometimes I'd skip out altogether.

Lunch was often frozen food like teriyaki bowls or burritos, plus canned soup, some frozen veggies, a sandwich, and some chips or fruit.

Snacks were usually things like chips, icecream, nuts, or leftovers from dinner the night before.

Dinner was heavier things like pot roasts with carrots, potatoes, and gravy, along with homemade bread, or too-large portions of spaghetti, stir fry, cobb salads with homemade ranch.... the list goes on.

I was never much of a dessert eater (more now than I used to be!) but I would eat too much icecream or brownies when I could. I am also a consummate dough/batter fiend and will always be (it's amazing I haven't had salmonella yet!) so that is still a danger zone. Nighttime snacking was also a huge issue, I'd often have second dinners because I'd be awake until 3 or 4 am many nights. It kind of makes me sad now, looking back, but some of those foods I'd still eat huge quantities of if I could. I just love tasty food!


Breakfast: 1 cup of organic cereal, 1 cup soymilk

Lunch: 1 serving fruit (apple, pear, berries, banana, kiwi, canned pineapple, etc etc), 1 cup sprouts, 2 cups salad with 2 tbsp. dressing, 3 oz. turkey, 1/2 cup brown rice

Snack: peanuts, fruit, maybe bread or a baked item

Dinner: turkey barley soup, carrot/apple/pineapple salad, 1 slice bread, 1 oz. carob chips for dessert.

That comes out to around 1500-1700 calories most days, and it's working FINE for me. I still tend to eat the same types of food, but FAR less of them, FAR less grazing (trying not to eat my kids' leftovers), and I make almost everything from scratch now - hardly any frozen food beyond beef, turkey, and salmon we freeze to preserve and frozen fruits/veggies to supplement our weekly CSA box.

What a difference!

11-04-2009, 09:37 PM
Ya, since I stopped overeating so much and lost weight the heartburn has gone away. I get it everyonce in a while now, usually when laying down after eating something, then all I have to do is sit up and drink some water and the sensation goes away.

11-04-2009, 10:42 PM
Crazy. I had to stop reading the befores. I was getting sad that I can't eat that way anymore!! I got a distinct urge to go to the store, buy tubs of ice cream and boxes of cookies and eat them all day long. But I know if I did that ONE time, I'd be off my rocker for WEEKS.

And I gained 80 pounds in less than a year. And another time I gained 40 pounds in 3 months. So I really can't afford to screw around.

I am SO GLAD I am eating better now!

11-05-2009, 02:26 PM
Ya, I just gained 33 lbs in four months by falling back into old habits. Today I 'm wearing my tightest jeans to remind me how far I backslid.

11-05-2009, 05:09 PM
I was really unaware of how much I ate because I used to eat almost constantly-- every single time I walked into the kitchen something went into my mouth. A handful of this, a handful of that all day long. On top of that, I had a secret candy/junk food habit... with little "special treats" scarfed in the car on the way home from the store or on the way to or from work.

Bad habits all around!

Now, the idea of eating like that grosses me out and makes me feel tired and sad.